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Trash, Recycling & Compost

Thornton’s Office Supplies Mini Curbside Trash and Recycle Can Set Pencil Cup Holder – Cute, and very small

These are definitely not a necessity for anyone, except maybe for the young kids mentioned in other reviews (fun is definitely a necessity for little kids, and for some not so little kids, like me). I purchased simply because they were cute and unique. I was surprised by the realism (detail) and quality of the product they make a nice addition to my hobby work bench to hold pens, pencils, scissors, small screw drivers, tweezers and the list goes on. The price is a little heavy, but not bad.

I am a bit puzzled why recycle is blue and trash is green, but that’s as it is with the big ones, too. These make a nice pair of desk accessories or conversation pieces. Sturdy plastic,large enough for a fistful of writing implements and what not, the tops and wheels move freely. I could see the garden gnome trundling them down to the curb for pickup.

Cute – i use them as sugar glider toys but i suppose they’d work fine as pen holders too.

Adorable little novelty trash cans. I can see them being fun to hold pencils or something on a desk, but i’m using them on my sewing table. Thread bits and unusable fabric scraps go into the trash can, and reusable scraps go into recycling. When i’m done my project i dump them both out.

Cute but wheels come off easily, not designed for much use. Was hoping to get more use out of them, my toddler loves to play with garbage trucks and needed someplay trash bins. The recycling & trash decals come unmarked and hidden in packaging with no instructions – almost got thrown away and i thought the bins came unmarked at first so hunt them down if you decide to buy.

I bought these for my sewing table trash collection – the threads that get snipped go into the trash, and things that can be recycled go into the blue bin. My inner child is delighted when i have to keep my space tidy.

So we bought these for my garbage truck loving 4 yr old son and he’s in heaven. One of the flip tops gets stuck but he works around it. He will probably break it off in a matter of weeks anyways so no one’s concerned. Wheels are more durable than the last set we got from a different place that snapped off on a day, so he’s happy about that.

Very cute, but won’t serve my intended purpose of actual desktop trash and recycling bins. They are way too small for my needs. I will use them as storage for smaller items.

My 3 year old son is obsessed with mini trashcans. Even with him dropping and throwing them they still last a few months. My first delivery there was a mistake with sending two blue trashcans instead of one blue and one green. So i talked to junipers costumer service and they were great. They shipped me out new ones with no problem at all.

They are ok, the plastic is kind of cheap & thin wish it was a little thicker plastic, bigger and taller. But i still like them , love the colors.

You could use it to hold things on your desk – pens, paper clips, staples, sticky tabs, etc.

I use these for trash cans in my car. One sits in the center console and the other is in an organizer that hangs on the back of my car seat. I know they are pencil cups but they work perfectly as car trash cans and i get many compliments from my uber riders.

I purchased these as a garbage and recycle can for my 2 year old who loves garbage trucks. They were much bigger than the ones that come with existing toys and he needed a few more for all of his ‘trash’. He tends to play with the more appropriate sized bins that come with the toys since they work better with the trucks they come with, but does use them, especially since they hold so much. Here are the specifications for the Thornton’s Office Supplies Mini Curbside Trash and Recycle Can Set Pencil Cup Holder:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Each set includes 2 adorable mini storage containers that stand over 5-inch tall
  • One is a mini curbside trash can, the other, a mini recycle bin
  • Complete with closable tops, and real wheels
  • These are higher quality than the other brand mini trash can pencil cup holders
  • Each pencil trash can holder is: 5.9 x 3.55 x 5.00 inches

These are big cans normally used for pencils and pens, but i use them with my toy garbage trucks. I cut up paper and cardboard for pretend garbage.

5yo son loves these trash cans. We use them as toys and not pencil holders. The wheels broke off from crazy trash truck and trash play but it still gets five stars because we use them: outside in the dirt, inside for shoving toys and crumpled paper in for disposal in our toy trash trucks, for snacks, in the bath (water play and also i use for dumping water on him to rinse soap suds off), for cuddles at bed time (i know. It’s not cuddly but this is what he wants to cuddle with), and for keeping busy at restaurants and in the car. Just give the kid a napkin and he will rip it up and put it in these trash cans. Great size for putting hot wheels in too. He’s the envy of kids everywhere when we go out. Never knew my kid or other kids would be so obsessed and intrigued by trash can toys.

I love these little recycle and garbage cans. They are quite the conversations starters on my desk at work plus they work great for my pencils and pens. They are made with sturdy plastic and the lids and wheels are fully functional.

My son has a garbage truck obsession and they get played with every single day. They have held up well considering how much they are used.

Comes nicely packaged, in a manner that you could gift it to someone and not have it look to cheap. Print quality on the bins is good.

I used them for my daughter’s paw patrol party (representing rocky). I filled them with sour cherry flavored bottle shaped candies. After the party, i gave one to my niece for her pens and my daughter kept one to play with.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great quality and such fun for my Garbage Truck obsessed son!
  • Add interest to your desk/workbench
  • Multifunctional toddler use

I bought them for my grandkids who love garbage trucks. Now they are using these when they play with the new trucks santa brought them. They fill them up with all sorts of ‘trash’ that then gets dumped into the trucks. You may think these are just for pencils, pens and such but no.

These are much better quality than others being sold on amazon. I bought 2 sets and my son has so much fun with them. He is obsessed with garbage trucks and playing garbage day.

The kids are really in to them as art supply holders. Had them a few weeks and the novelty hasn’t worn off. Holding up to my kids manhandling them so far.

I’m really glad i got these because i use them as decorations for my work desk and write mini signs on it with ‘complaints’ or ‘suggestions’ to poke fun at the workplace. My coworkers get a laugh at them and suggest that i search for a dumpster one too. 🙂 they are big and hold a lot of pens or whatever assortment you want to put there (thinking of putting candy in one of them).

She loves these she uses them as toy trash cans instead of pencil holders 🙂 very bright, would easily work as pencil holders ,, or as barbies trash can haha.

If i could give ten stars i would. These were purchased for a two year old, who loves all things trash related. He plays with them all day every day. He lines them up and drives his toy garbage truck up to ’empty them’. One for trash, one for recycling :). We were so lucky to find them online. The wheels did break off a couple of them kind of quickly though (they are plastic, so not unexpected). It has not hampered our little guys enjoyment in playing with them at all though. If you have a ‘trash lover’ like we do, get these.

My son, who is obsessed with everything trash, loves these trash cans. They are durable and have survived being dropped (and thrown). We have washed these in the dishwasher (top shelf) after using outside with dirt and mud. These appear to be the best trash cans we have purchased to date for our toddler.

I get so many compliments on these. They are great for pens and scissors and stationary. Mine came with a yellow lid on the green can, but sounds like some people got green lids on theirs.

Bath Bliss Bliss Waste Bin/Kitchen Trash Can – Recycle Bin Office – The trash can was as expected, except there was

The trash can was as expected, except there was a big ole sticker on it that i can’t get off.

It’s sturdy, seems high quality, and good looking. I like that it’s non porous, so it can be properly disinfected. I do wish it was a bit bigger.

I wanted a small trash can but check to see if it fits your needs.

Serves its purpose but not worth $15.

Smaller than i thought it would be.

My daughter loves for her ‘marble’ room.

Perfect and exactly what i was looking for.

They’re easy to clean and look great.

This is perfect because it’s small & has rubber on the bottom, so it doesn’t scratch my tile floor in the bathroom.

Very light weight, was expecting a heavier quality.

A little small for a wastebasket, should have measured first.

The trash cans are small but fine for a bath. They are very nice quality and attractive. I was surprised by how small they were but i now think that they are the perfect size. Here are the specifications for the Bath Bliss Bliss Waste Bin/Kitchen Trash Can – Recycle Bin Office:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • GREAT USAGE AND LOOKS: If you like working in the attic and need a nearby garbage bin, or you have a tiny cute bathroom that doesn’t fit a regularly-sized can then don’t worry because you have found the perfect bathroom trash.
  • SLEEK and ARTISAN DESIGN: Not only use the kitchen trash can but also add this beauty to your decor. No matter where you decide to put it, outdoor trash can will surely compliment your surrounding decor.
  • DURABILITY AT ITS BEST: Metal trash can made of premium, high-end quality marble, iron and plastic, this fantastic garbage bin is very sturdy, super durable and is bound to last you for a long, long time of daily usages.
  • AFFORDABLE: The wastebasket offered by bath bliss is a chick 5L marble design piece provided to you at an affordable price. Having one from our collection to add the beauty to decor. Not only use it as waste bin but also add decor to the place.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: As a premium brand, we adhere to the best product delivery and the most uncompromising quality. The trust placed by our discerning customers earned over the years and fulfillment of their needs are the core of our vision.

Just purchased it but looks nice in my bathroom.

The mix reviews worried me at first, but mine came just as the picture showed (marble).

Good quality, perfect size, looks great.

Very cute and made well but i have to dump the trash a lot because it’s so small, spend a few more bucks for the bigger one.

I thought it would’ve been heavier duty.

Dark color hides typical stains from trash, and blends well with dark wood furniture. We bought two, and are happy with the purchase.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice looking trash can
  • It is very good quality and will definitely serve its purpose well
  • It’s sturdy, seems high quality

Not at wide as i thought it would be but it makes up for that in depth.

I ordered this stainless trash can to replace what we lost when our house flooded in august 2016. This trash can is just the right size for the space that i had for it to sit. It is very good quality and will definitely serve its purpose well.

BINO Stainless Steel 1 : Well Made Product

Was delivered with the lid dented. If i wasn’t in dire need of a garbage can i would have replaced it.

Perfect slim profile trash can for my small bathroom. Looks great and is functional.

Perfect size for small bathroom space, but noisy when closing.

I have a very small bathroom and needed a small trash can to go with. This is compact, but holds enough trash for a week at a time. However, what everyone else is saying is true. It’s really loud when it is shutting. It looks nice and does its job.

Perfect for small space, very well made,.

It’s nice and slim, perfectly fit into our bathroom between toilet and sink. After using it for around one year, the top surface aged and getting rusted spots. Not very bad, but still, it shouldn’t have this issue, since it supposes to be full stainless steel.

BINO Stainless Steel 1.3 Gallon / 5 Liter Rectangle Step Trash Can, Brushed Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • REMOVABLE INNER BUCKET – BINO’s trash cans feature a removable inner bucket with a carrying handle that makes trash disposal easy
  • HANDS FREE – BINO’s hands-free design includes a durable and strong foot pedal engineered to last. Hands-free operation helps prevent the spread of germs
  • SMALL FOOTPRINT – Perfect for smaller spaces such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, under desks or wherever space is limited
  • HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL- BINO’s trash cans are made from premium grade stainless steel in colors beyond the classic stainless steel. BINO’s propriety matte finish results in a stylish and contemporary design while staying rust and fingerprint proof.

Never thought my bathroom trashcan would be a thing that brings me joy.

Nice size for my laundry room. Found it a week later for half the price at homegoods.

It’s not the highest of quality, but i wouldn’t call it bad quality either. It seems sturdy and well serviceable. However, it looks great and most importantly, it fits perfectly in the minuscule space between my toilet and the adjacent wall—it’s absolutely the only pedal can that i’ve found that fits. The removable inner bin easily fits a plastic grocery bag and cleanly hides any overhang although the inner bin’s handle is unusable if you use a bag with the can. Lastly, the lid does not open a full 90 degrees, at maximum, it opens about 60 degrees. This is actually excellent for my situation as if the lid opened a full 90 degrees, it would slam against the wall behind it whenever i used the can. However, i can imagine that some people might find it a little bit annoying that the lid doesn’t open further. There is no soft closing mechanism for the can, so it does tend to slam shut with a loud clunk. Using a bag with the inner bin does soften the noise a little bit.

This will last, it is portable. And useful without taking up space.

Great little can for my partner’s desk.

A negative is it closes with a very loud bang.Another negative is the pedal seems a little short.

I expect that it will be durable.

This is a solid and adorable trash can. It fits great in my tiny bathroom. Yet, it is comparable to a grocery store bag in size. So, no need to buy special bagshighly recommend.

I love this can its rectangle and it fits perfectly in the space that i have. I imagine it would also fit perfectly between the tub and toilet or tub and cabinet. Plus it’s shiny so it looks clean.

Love the design and the stainless steel look- love the removable inner container for easy cleaning. I wish there was a larger size available.

BINO Stainless Steel 1.3 Gallon / 5 Liter Rectangle Step Trash Can, Brushed Steel :

Hardware Resources CAN-35 Plastic Waste Container : It does not come with the coveryou have to buy it seperately!

Fits out pull-out garbage slot perfectly and is a whole lot sturdier than the original container.

I bought this can because it fit the standard trash bags i had been ueing. It was a good purchase because it takes up very little room andis easy to use.

Received damaged from the manufacturer and had issue resolving it for return. Ultimately had to throw the container away because it was unable to me. The whole corner had been broken off in transit. That leaves me to question the durability of the product.

The plastic seems very heavy weight and durable. We have been using this for a few months and i have had no problems with it. I had been having a hard time finding one that would fit under the sink, and this is perfect. I would definitely buy again.

Good quality and fits well in my cabinet drawer.

Fits under the sink perfectly.

I have an odd sized garbage ‘tray’ in my custom cabinets that is only 10′ wide. Hence i always had a really small garbage can as it was ‘all’ that i though would fit there. Then i found this which seems to be what my kitchen cabinets were designed for but i never had. It fits perfectly and allows me to fully use the space. Can is sturdy and holds regular kitchen bags well.

The handles are included in the measurement of 9. This takes off 2 inches in space when it comes to filling the trash can, meaning. . I’m going to go through garbage bags more often. The garbage can is a shiny black and that i do like because it matches my shiny black stove and refrigerator.

  • Awesome product!
  • It does not come with the coveryou have to buy it seperately!
  • Dimensions are misleading

Hardware Resources CAN-35 Plastic Waste Container, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Fits double and single 35qt pull-out waste container kits
  • Made from high quality polymer
  • 9 7/16 in. W x 14.1/2 in. D x 18 in. H

Fit perfectly into out dual pull out situation.

Quick ship & great trash for house party.

We purchased these as part of a pull out unit for the kitchen. They work great for the trash and recycle.

Just the right height for my trash pullout system.

I had a difficult time finding an under sink trash can that fit the space between the trash compacter, pipes, and smaller recycling container. After looking at about a hundred different types, this one is exactly what i was looking for. No frills, right dimensions, sturdy plastic, and a good price.

This waste can came wrapped in bubble wrap and cushioned in butcher paper. It’s wonderfully sturdy and fits perfectly under my kitchen sink.

Great trash cans for under the cabinet. Moved into a new house that had the correct equipment for the trash cans. But the trash cans were missing.

It is (nearly) narrow enough to fit in the spot under my kitchen sink – it fits, but it is tight. It is made of a fairly rigid plastic and would be ideal if it were a little more flexible. Much better than the one i had been trying to force into the confined spot.

Fits great, will be buying another, as 2 can fit. I wish they sold the trash can with the cover so i didn’t have to buy the cover seperate, not to mention it’s a bit pricey for such a small, skinny trash can. I don’t like that you can’t fill a standard kitchen trash bag to the max, the bin is simply too small. Other than that it’s made very well and does not seemto absorb trash odors like cheaper plastic does. I hope they make a listing for the trash can and cover together. I understand selling it seperately as one may need only the can, or a replacement cover, but why not sell it together too?. I’m assuming most folks want both.

As described and well priced.

I have cats and needed a place for holding their litter. I hated dragging the bag around and now this is so nice looking i can leave it out all the time.

Not as sturdy as i had thought it would be.

We just remodeled our kitchen with ikea cabinets. We bought two 12′ cabinets (ikea part 49823464) for track and recycle. This container fits perfectly and it very sturdy. It’s not like the soft-sided rubbermaid trash bins, this one is stiff abs.

This fits perfectly in our pull out garbage. Great price, great quality and amazingly fast delivery and well as very secure packaging. My husband said ‘all that for a trash can’. (it was in a big box wrapped with bubble wrap as well as being overfilled with packing paper. We are going to order another one.

Perfect size for under sink and very sturdy.

2 of these fit perfectly in our drawer and under another drawer.

Rubbermaid Dual-Action Wastebasket : Good-looking – but some design flaws

Good quality and size, it fit my kitchen and i like the way it designed, save space and just do what’s for. Just as described, i recommend.

We bought this to replace our trusty 24-year-old rubbermaid kitchen trash can, and we wanted something identical. The size and shape are comparable and it’s reasonably attractive (by trash can standards). Four issues: 1) the lid doesn’t fit on well – the old one snapped into place and this one just ‘sits’ on the lid-holes. Consequently, 2) the lid falls off easily. 3) you have to have the can an inch or so from the wall to accommodate the lid-lifting. Finally, 4) see that space that is the ‘handle’ to open the lid?.That means it’s open to any random insects that happen to fly in (not that i have a buggy home, mind you).

How can you go wrong with rubbermaid.

I’m not sure i would call the lid ‘dual action’ – it either dips in on one side, or you lift the whole lid up. Bags can kind of obstruct the range of motion for ‘dipping’. It’s the right size, a good shape, and it holds trash.

I bought this seven years ago merely because i needed a covered wastebasket for my kitchen. I was unaware of the cleverness of the tilt-top mechanism it employed. But a day later i marveled at its niftiness. It has these advantages over the old foot-pedal style of kitchen garbage pail:1. Opening the lid requires no skill, unlike a foot-pedal, which is a smaller and more distant target. Opening the lid places ones hand inside the top of the bucket, making it impossible for a fluttery item like a piece of paper towel to drift off-target after it has been released. The lid closes itself noiselessly, unlike the crash of a foot-pedal can’s. The lid stays open once raised to its fully upright and locked position. The back edge of the can’s lid can must be 3/4 inch away from the wall for this to work. (rubbermaid should stress this in its instruction leaflet, and include a picture, because other reviewers appear unaware of this quirk. Maybe the can should include a swing-up-and-lock spacer to keep the back sufficiently clear of the wall–the customer could fold it down out of the way if he doesn’t intend to fill the can beyond ¾ full. The lid’s greater height means cats & dogs are less likely to nose around its rim. Clean-up is simpler, primarily because of the lid’s removability. Its plastic construction and simpler mechanics mean there’s no chance of it rusting or needing lubrication.

If you do not use a liner, the lid can still swing down as well as lift up. With a liner, it blocks the swing down so you will have to lift each time. Also, the color for the lid is whiter than the bottom (bottom is bisque and top is white). Not so different that everyone would notice but not perfect. If i had it to do over, i would get a wastebasket that has the foot pedal.

Rubbermaid Dual-Action Wastebasket, Bisque, 45-quart (FG280300BISQU)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Lid swings in for quick disposal or lifts up for larger disposal items.
  • Accommodates a standard 13-gallon tall trash bag.
  • Large size makes it perfect for use in the kitchen or nursery.
  • Durable construction cleans easily.
  • Made in the USA.

I thought this trashcan’s lid would swing to put in trash, and it would if there were no trash bag in it, but when i use a trash bag the lid catches on the bag so i wind up having to lift it to put the trash in. It’s the right size to fit underneath the lip of the counter to our breakfast bar-type countertop (which i use for food prep), so that’s good, but i wanted something i could more easily dump trash into as i’m doing prep work. I think it’s pricey for what you get. I could have picked up a free pickle bucket and lid for nothing and had a better setup. I wish now that i had purchased something else.

I have had this before and like it. It’s just right for my kitchen. I got it timey and in good shape.

Exactly like my old one, wish it was blue though.

You can press it down, or you can put it up.

Good quality, but this is not a tall kitchen trash can.

Rubbermaid Dual-Action Wastebasket, Bisque, 45-quart (FG280300BISQU) :

Mind Reader Mini Counterop Trash Can – I’m using it on my desk in my home office

This mini counter top trash can is pretty cute and is actually functional. The lid is easy to push to put things inside and small grocery bags work great for liners since it is so small.

Super cute mini counter top trash can that is perfect to toss empty sugar packets at a coffee station, straw wrappers at a soda fountain, or just for desktop storage. The lid slides off so you can add a mini trash bag. I ended up using it to toss my stevia packets in at my coffee station. My husband consistently complains about the packets i leave behind after i make my giant iced coffee in the morning (typically i leave it on the dish that holds the spoon)- this was a quick, clean, and easy solution he does not mind.

It can use gallon size baggies to line it with, and they are a bit large. It is perfect to keep under my outside grill to put american cheese cheese wrappers in as i cook. It is stainless steel and it looks a bit medical. It would be great for holding straw papers on a counter top too. 2 points off though for sharp edges. While i’m not finding it sharp enough to cut, it is too sharp for people who have thin skin or for people on blood thinners. It would be so much nicer if the edges were finished properly by being rolled. Instead they cut the pieces out and didn’t seam to do anything else to blunt them. It is cute, but i would not recommend it for any commercial use or in homes with the elderly or anyone else who might have thin skin. Here are the specifications for the Mind Reader Mini Counterop Trash Can:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Stainless steel construction, elegant satin finish trash can with swing lid
  • Great for Breakroom, home, office even bathrooms
  • Helps keep your Coffee Station clean and organized
  • Holds most trash including stirrers, sugar packs, Coffee grounds, even Coffee pods
  • Easy to clean and built to last with attention to detail and superior materials
  • Compact size will save space on your desk

I run a retreat with a busy coffee/tea table (typically 30-36 guests at a time) and this is great tabletop bin for packet wrappers. It will hold a busy day’s wrappers & tea bags (though most guests leave those in their cups; and we use a sugar bowl, so wrappers are from artifician sweetener and individually-wrapped tea bags). It would also be suitable for home use by a few keurig users (my mom uses a keurig and always seems to have stray pods and stevia packets on her counter in the morning, which makes me bonkers), but the size woukd be inadequate for more than a few coffee drinkers. The main can (without lid) is about the size of a large can of tomatoes (not the 15-oz can; the 32-or-whatever-it-is size); the swing top lid ads several inches and will hold more, but that makes emptying clumsier. The only think i don’t like is that the edge of the flap is a tittle untidy; it coukd be sleeker, but for the price, it’s good. Not sure why it’s ‘desktop’–seems more a breakroom than personal item. It wouls also be handy for taster spoons at a farmer’s market or convention, makeup sample spatulas/cotton balls, etc.

This is a spiffy little can that looks really nice sitting on a desk or counter. As long as you can keep fingerprints off of it. For me, it got set next to my pod coffee machine, as a place to drop the pods after use. This works out reasonably well, with two caveats: (1) it’s difficult to sort out a trash liner, so damp objects like the pods will drip and leave residue, and (2) its size is such that it honestly doesn’t have great capacity (at least for pods). These two little complications means, for me, that it might not stay next to the coffee pot for long, and it will have to live on my computer desk, a bin for crumbled up postit notes and candy wrappers.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • can’t get the top off
  • Cool design but too short
  • good looking can (that’s what she said)

At only about 6 inches tall i’m not sure how much use this really is. I guess you can put small bits of paper like old receipts or candy wrappers in there. The edges on top aren’t machined all that well so they’re almost sharp.

It is exactly what it says it is. It is a miniature garbage can, in my case, stainless steel. It is intended for use in small work areas, perhaps a craft or kitchen area, where you end up with lots of scraps. The can is constructed very well and the lid comes off.

Holds trash like a can should. To empty it, i just squeeze the round shape until the lid comes out. May recommend some pads on the bottom surface so that the metal doesn’t scratch/rub against whatever surface you put it on.

I’m using it on my desk in my home office to throw out post-its. The black part has a glossy finish. I think it’s cute and functional.

That said it is not very functionable as there is nothing i can find to line it for teabags or k cups that have water leaking from them so a liner is a must and the edges (*if you can get the top off) are very, very sharp. This could have been so perfect if they just addressed these 2 issues.

I love this little trash can. It is small but it’s perfect for trash by my sink. I put compost stuff in there and small/wet things. The lid comes off easy for easy cleaning. I put a small plastic bag in there and take it out and throw stuff away.

Swell little can for tabletop trash. Lots of compliments, good looking can (that’s what she said).

I got this for my husbands work space and he loves it. It is bigger than i thought it was going to be, but it also fits more than i thought it was going to. The top swivels just like a regular trash can and the aluminum design makes it look very sleek. I really like it and would highly recommend.

Like 1 banana peel and a tissue small. I also find this kind of metal very hard to clean and it gets fingerprints very easily. If the size meets your need, it’s durable and the lid closes well enough to keep my lunch food smells contained while i work at my desk.

Wish this was a little taller. The way the lid is designed it doesn’t allow for a lot of trash to be placed in it.

This is a simple and basic brushed stainless steel can. I say basic because the lid around the opening is simply cut metal. While it is smoothed out, there are no rounded edges around the inner lip of the can. I imagine that is to maintain a streamlined look. The lid is simply welded on and is level. As for size, even among desktop cans, this is petite, but its functional. It is about the size of my hand – perfect for my desk. I feel like it would be perfect for other uses such as a change bin or binder clips, etc. The can has no information about the country of origin, which is rare. It didn’t have any dents and while it was definitely basic i think it is going to last for a long time.

I have this beauty on my bathroom counter. It’s great for small trash (i.

It looks okay — shiny, not matte — but it’s a little more impractical than i was expecting. The lid is not removable, so you expect to shove your hand into it to clean it. Note that the metal edges are a little sharp. But it’s nice to have for a little space. (see photo for reference next to keurig b70 both on a mini-fridge.

This mind reader desktop mini trash can (silver) is a cute little swing-lid trash can, made of lightweight stainless steel. 99 on amazon) seems a little high, because there are ripples on the edges of the lid (as seen in the product page photos if you zoom in). As a trash receptacle, this will hold only seven (7) used k-cups. If filled full of k-cups, it is hard to empty. It strikes me as useful for collecting makeup waste like used cotton balls, but i use a small powder-room wastebasket for this kind of thing. I am a loss for how to use this on my office desk, because i have a medium-sized trash can underneath the desk. Maybe kids would have fun with it in their room?if you need a mini trash can, you could do worse. However, i don’t think this item is very practical or useful.

Nice small tabletop trash can, the lid and holder come off as well so you can easily dump it out. I got a stainless steel one, and it looks just like the photo (i know someone had gotten one that didn’t match). Swinging lid is nice, but also means you can’t get it too full. It’s found a home next to my coffee machine to collect random small trash.

The top is not removeable, so i ended up fighting to get awkward shaped items out around the lid.

simplehuman 40 litre slim step can grey plastic : Quick solution to snap on the lid!

Overall: it’s a good quality, well made trash can. Made of durable plastic with a sleek design; this trash can is a great product. I especially appreciate the locking lid design that holds up to a growing toddler. It has good foot pedal mechanism. Give it a light tap and it opens and softly closes giving you enough time to toss something in and keep going. Hold down the foot pedal and it will stay open until you manually shut it. I’ve read other reviews that said that the lid after a while just pops off the mechanism and the foot pedal stops working, this is not the case for us. We haven’t had any problems with the lid detaching, and i have checked out the area when it attaches and the plastic and metal rod seem very solid. I am not worried and i think that might be a flaw that occurred in the manufacturing that has since been resolved. I also love that it streamlined to fit into small spaces and just an overall great size for the kitchen.

This is the best kitchen garbage can i’ve ever had. I ordered it in feb 2015 and have been happily using it ever since. Pro*space-saving–it’s a little over 10′ wide*the lid goes up easily with a foot on the pedal, which after over 2 years, still works just fine. *the wheels are a great feature*it holds a lot*grey is not exactly a designer color, but if there are any smudges, they don’t show up*it doesn’t need special bags. Pretty much any bag that says ‘tall kitchen bag’ is fine. Right now i’m using goodsense drawstring tall kitchen bags, 13 gallon. These fit nicely around the lip of the can and don’t need a band to hold it on. *i don’t know why, but it doesn’t seem to hold odors. Conthe only drawback for me is that if it happens to get locked, it’s hard for me to unlock.

simplehuman 40 litre slim step can grey plastic + code K 60 pack liners

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Secure slide lock
  • Great for tight spaces
  • Strong steel pedal
  • Lid shox technology for a smooth, silent close
  • Designed to fit simplehuman trash cans perfectly
  • No bunching, overhang or slipping
  • Extra-durable plastic and thick double seams
  • Tear- and leak-resistant garbage bags

I ended up returning this item. Unfortunately, as soon as i took it out of the box i knew it didn’t weigh enough. My first impressions:1) very light2) seems top heavy3) lid didn’t close all the way when i released the pedal4) pet lock seemed to jam when pressed ini think i’d be willing to give it a shot if the purpose of our purchase wasn’t to keep the dog out of the garbage. He’s quite funny about it, he won’t tear at the garbage can or try to pry it open, so a lock isn’t necessary (not that this thing plastic would stop him anyway), he really just wants to ‘pick’ the exact thing out that smells good and only that one thing. So a lid is all we needed, but i also didn’t want him to knock it over on accident or to have to deal with an annoying lock every time i open/close the garbage. Anyway, this just wasn’t the garbage can for us. I gave 3 stars because i like the modern design and the pet lock and lid may resolve itself with consistent use — as plastic will do — but i thought the plastic would be thicker and the whole thing weigh a bit more.

To put on the lid fast, you must turn it upside down and hold the can at a 40 degree angle with the lid flat to the floor. Push down (one side at a time) until you here it snap on one side, then snap on the other. It will be extremely difficult to put on the lid any other way. Do not forget to hook the center piece first before you flip it over. It honestly doesn’t save much space for me; i live in an apartment with very little floor space in the kitchen so mine went into a corner in the dining room. The trash can is very front heavy due to the pedal. It’ll lean forward when you step on it and not stay grounded in the back. I’m a little bit concerned it’ll flip over one day but it hasn’t yet. I use generic 13 gallon trash bags from walmart with no problems. No need to buy brand specific bags.

I purchased this last month when i moved into my new apartment. I have a small kitchen and could save floor space if i could find a trash can narrow enough to fit into a cabinet with an 11′ inch frame. The problem i found was most 13 gallon trash cans were 11′ wide or more and would rip the sides of the bag when i removed it. I ordered simplehuman slim plastic step trash can(40 litre/10 gallon). It is a bit tapered (narrowest at the back) and found even at the widest point with the lid shut, it is 10′ inches wide. It is about 24 1/2 inches high and 19 inches deep. Best of all it fits great in my cabinet. (see my video)the lid helps keep odors down.

simplehuman 40 litre slim step can grey plastic + code K 60 pack liners : The plastic is very thin, if there’s no garbage in it, my cat or anyone bumping into it can knock it over. The lid comes detached when it arrives. Putting it on is a bit confusing, also, it doesn’t lock properly. You can close the lid and push the lock in and it will stay locked when you step on the foot pedal, however while in locked position, you can easily just lift the lid up and it’s unlocked, what’s the point then?. My dog is not going to step on the foot pedal, shes’s going to use her nose to nudge the lid open, and that’s the end of that. I had to sign up on simple human’s website to purchase a new lid to see if the one i received was defective. Customer service was easy to work with and it arrived in a good amount of time, however still doesn’t solve the issue of being completely locked.

For it’s price range, this is a fairly attractive trash can which fits in some tight spaces – but because of the way the hinge works, it needs to be spaced a small distance from the wall. The pedal on the bottom front activates the lid but the pedal mechanism works through a connector on the back concealed under a cover extending back from the lid, which, when the pedal is depressed, will tip the can forward from contact with the wall. Not really a big deal, but this will probably wear the paint off the wall over time. Regular use of the can will also cause it to migrate back into the wall, so, though minor, it’s an issue. The lock on the front is the far more annoying issue. It’s what initially prompted the purchase and is convenient for keeping dogs out. It works very well for that – our dogs have knocked it over several times but have never been able to get into it when it was locked. However, the lock is completely manual in operation, not connected to the pedal in any way. With dogs sneaking around looking for scraps, we keep it locked virtually all of the time so using the can requires a little planning. To explain – if we plan to work in the kitchen, we have to remember to unlock the can before we need it so we can use the pedal when we need to put something into the can.

However, one said 65lb black mouth cur baby loves to dumpster dive. I mean, who can blame her with all that aromatic trash in one place to explore, right?.So the cycle of coming home to an overturned trash and a guilty pup on her back wiggling with remorse was getting fairly old. I bought this to hopefully deter her. The latching feature prevents my trash monster from gaining access. The first day i came home to the trash on its side and the liner that was visible half destroyed.

The hinge on the back is made of plastic and wears away over time. When the slot gets too big, the lid falls off whenever you try to open it. I don’t see an obvious way to repair it. Edit: simplehuman replaced the lid under warranty.

This trash can is a must if you have ‘deprived’ dogs that must supplement their high dollar, grain free, all natural bison meat kibble diet with the detritus of our rather wasteful human existence. The attached image is an excellent example of what happens when you spend the $40 on this nearly perfectly designed trash can and forget to lock the lid. Buy it if you have trash loving dogs (i swear they are dogs, and not raccoons as the photo might suggest) like mine, and just remember to lock up this trash fortress from would be invaders. It probably works well for small children too.

It was great for a 6 months now the lid won’t stay put. If you step on the pedal the lid just falls right off. [edited feb 2016 after i wrote this review and gave a 1 star review, i sent a complain to simple human. They sent me a replacement lid and since then it has worked perfectly. I think that the lid that came with the can was just a faulty one. ]

I have had it for a month and am glad that i got it vs. My target up&up trash bags have just the right amount of stretch to remain secure without undue struggle to install. The bag is fully filled when the trash can is full. No extra space to try and fill. Tapered shape makes the bag pretty easy to withdraw. Step on mechanism works well with automatic closing after stepping on. The lid can remain open if pushed fully open by hand.

I was very reluctant paying $40 for a plastic trash can, but with the impeccable reviews, i knew i was making a good decision. I’ve had mine for one month now and it’s been great. The step to open the lid is as reliable as it was the first day i used it and the lid closes super quietly. It’s a perfect trash can for those who live in a small space. The glad tall kitchen bags (13 gallon) fit this trash can perfectly. I am very happy with my purchase.

I purchased this for a narrow space in my kitchen. The color is a matte gunmetal color with silver accents. I did have a brief tussle when putting to put the lid on but got it on the forth try. I love it’s depth which allows larger items to be disposed of without trouble compared to the round trash can that this replaced. I have no problem with it moving around when i use the pedal to raise the lid as some have reported. I really like the quiet close feature. I use generic 13 gallon trash bags with ties and they fit perfectly. A note to those who order white. That was my first color choice but i returned it because it did looked more like an dingy white or ivory color when i placed it next to my white appliances.

When i was waiting for this garbage can to arrive, i bought a hefty locking garbage can hoping to save some money. My dogs managed to knock over & unlock the hefty and still eat trash. I finally pulled this one out (which was 2x the price of the hefty), and tried it out. My dog hasn’t managed to open this one since i took it out a few months ago. This can is definitely worth paying the extra $20 since it actually gets the job done. I forget to lock the can sometimes, but my dogs have given up on their nighttime ritual since they know the trash treats will not come easily to them anymore. This garbage can is different than others bc the latch lock is much stronger than others. I sometimes have to use two hands to lock and unlock the can.

I’m very satisfied getting this trash can for our kitchen. I was looking for something slim with big capacity. Also the direction which the lid opened was important to me, so i could put two trash can next to each other. One for regular trash and one for recycling. My first choice was stainless steel, but couldn’t justify the price, so i decided to go with this plastic one. (i could get 2 for the price of 1 stainless steel trash can. ) i actually feel very comfortable with this. The plastic is very sturdy, and after using it for a year i still don’t have any scratch or dents (see picture). The wheel on the bottom makes it easy to pull out while i’m cleaning the kitchen floor. Also having a step pedal to open the lid makes it easy to throw away stuff when your hand isn’t clean, thus keeping the lid clean.

I use this to store cloth diaper laundry. Pros:-contains odors-locking lid-fits well in small places while still having a large capacity-i use this paired with fuzzibunz hanging diaper pail and the planetwise wetbag and it fits both styles-great pricecons:i don’t have any complaints.

 i spent a while searching amazon and in-stores for the perfect trash can that would fit properly in my small kitchen, and let me say i am thrilled with my purchase of the simplehuman 40 liter / 10. 6 gallon slim kitchen step trash can, grey plastic with secure slide lock. This trash can is very aesthetically pleasing, and in my opinion, looks nicer than a stainless steel can that costs triple the price. It’s easy to keep looking clean because the matte finish helps disguise smudges. The foot pedal works flawlessly and the lid closes very quietly. I use kirkland’s 13-gallon drawstring trash bags from costco and they fit this can just fine. This is a great space saving trash can that looks stylish and modern. It appears to be made of high quality materials, and comes with a five year warranty so you know you are getting your money’s worth with this purchase.

I selected this trash can mainly based on its slim profile. My kitchen is very awkwardly-shaped, and it only had one narrow space to put a full-size garbage can, so after reading the other reviews, i chose this. It fits the space well, and the step works well. The color choices are also great–it’s nice to be able to choose something that more attractive than shiny white plastic. The reason i rate this at four stars instead of five is the price point. At the end of the day, it is still just a plastic step trash can, so if the space in my kitchen had allowed me to be more flexible with the size, i would not have paid this much. However, since i did need a slim can, and since the company offered some attractive color options, i’m still happy with my purchase.

Truth be told, what i truly desire in the deepest corner of my heart is simplehuman’s stainless steel butterfly step trash can, but i just could not justify (to my bank account) spending $160 on a trash can. Alas, i went with the plastic slim step-child, and although it lacks the diva flair of the butterfly, it’s a sturdy little workhorse that provides maximum capacity in a very slim size. I have a galley kitchen with a narrow floor to ceiling window at one end in lieu of a wall. It provides nice lighting but isn’t a good place for the garbage can, so i needed something that can fit under a sink cabinet or sit against the end of the counters and still be narrow enough not to block the entry way too much. This garbage can fits the bill nicely. The stepping mechanism feels sturdy even when the can is empty, with no wobble to it, and the top stays open if you lift it up by hand to 90 degrees, which is nice when i’m dumping scraps off of the counter into the can. The mouth of it is fairly wide and square, so larger items are easily disposed (fits gallon milk containers easily). It shuts slowly and quietly, no splattering, and seals nicely. The wheels make it easy to move it around. Locking feature is a nice touch to deter small children and pets from getting into the trash.

If you buy this retail it comes preassembled, but thankfully another reviewer described how to put it together. So i followed his directions with one modification. First put the foot peddle metal attacher through the center hole in the lid. Then turn upside down at an angle (about 40 degrees) and snap in each side separately until you hear the snap. It does require a little muscle. I gave it a 4 star because i felt for the price you pay the lid should come attached. Once you put it together right, it’s pretty much as described.

I’ve had this trash can for about two years now. It works well in small spaces – mine fits perfectly in a little nook between the kitchen, laundry room, and pantry. The wheel makes it easy to pull the whole trashcan outside to transfer trash to the outside bin, which helps avoid any leaky trash bag disasters. The foot thing for opening it works well and makes it easy to toss in food scraps or whatever without making a mess. The trash can has held up fine; i don’t expect to need to replace it any time soon. The trash can is a little smaller than the standard 13-gallon kitchen trash can and trash bags, which i love. I use 13 gallon bags with handles, and having a little extra space makes it easy to close the bags on trash day and be sure they aren’t overfilled, and there’s always extra space in the bag for the random stuff i always gather up while i’m trying to take the trash out. So, even though not being a perfect fit for standard trash bags might not seem like an advantage, that’s what i love the most.

simplehuman 46 litre dual compartment rectangular step can brushed stainless steel | plastic lid – I like this trash can overall

I was tired of having a separate bin for recyclables so i loved this idea. The can is a nice glossy metal that doesn’t show finger prints and is easy to wash. The trash bin is adequate size, but i do wish the recycle bin was just a tad larger. It comes with 10 bags for each can that fit perfectly. I use my regular trash can bags from costco and they fit fine. Product is a little pricey for a trash can, but it is quality and i love having the ugly recycling bin out of my kitchen.

Our city requires that we place compost items in a separate trash can, so this handy duo trash can helps us separate food trash (compost) from everything else. We use the smaller side for the compost type stuff. Even though it looks as it might not hold a lot of trash, we actually go about 5-6 days without having to take the trash out because it holds a lot.

I love all things simplehuman. We own several of their trash cans and a few soap dispensers, and i am always amazed at the simplicity and functionality of their products. We recently moved to an area that actually has weekly recycling collection, so i wanted to be able to have a nice contained place to put trash and recycling in the kitchen (instead of having our huge bulk bins in the side yard). This dual-compartment trash can fit the bill. We use the can as intended with trash on the left, recycling on the right. We’ve been using it for about two months now, and we love it. Like every other simplehuman product we own, this can is easy on the eyes and very durable. We also buy the fitted simplehuman trash bags (size h and v) and they fit really well. My only complaint is that i wish i could prop each plastic trash bin up so i could more easily put on and take off the trash bags. Every other simplehuman trash can i own has a little ridge inside the can that allows me to prop up the plastic bin. Here are the specifications for the simplehuman 46 litre dual compartment rectangular step can brushed stainless steel | plastic lid:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Recycle it: Neatly sort your trash and recyclables in this dual-bucket recycler It makes eco-friendliness very space efficient
  • Our strong steel pedal is engineered to last over 150,000 steps a” that’s more than 20 steps a day for 20 years
  • Our patented lid shox technology controls the motion of the lid for a slow, silent close
  • The lid stays open for as long as you like a” perfect for longer chores
  • Custom fit liners: simplehuman liners are tailored to perfectly fit our cans so they don’t slip and the bag stays completely hidden when the lid is closed
  • Thick double seams: Extra durable plastic and thick double seams prevent rips and tears
  • Convenient drawstring handles: Easy to lift, tie and carry

The only to make this better would be to manufacture it in the us. I hesitated choosing this product because if the price, but am so glad i bought it. This is a quality, we’ll-designed, heavy duty kitchen trash can. The metal and plastic used is thick and sturdy. Every piece is designed to fit snugly together to maximize the disposal areas while reducing the overall footprint. The shapes of the containers will hold significant sizes and amounts of trash. This was also a concern of mine since i was transitioning from a 30 gallon, hand crafted receptacle. The foot lever to open the lid has little to no slack so very little pressure will smoothly open the lid. I love that the lid slowly lowers itself down to close (silence) and that there is a lever that will also hold it open. The bags that come with it are even high quality, heavy duty products.

I love this trash and recycling can. I use the large side for recycling and the small side for trash. It fits nicely against my stove and takes up little room. I added a recycling symbol on the inside of the lid on the left side so people could determine where to put things. The recycling side has used only one bag in a year. I just dump it out and if it isn’t torn or dirty, leave the same bag in and reuse it. The trash side uses v size and i love that they fit perfectly. I use one bag a week here, so it costs me about $15/year in bags. Overall, i can’t rave about this can enough. It works well – my grandkids have learned to use it easily and to let the lid close by itself.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Worth the price, but makes you question the direction of your life
  • High Quality And a Stylish Garbage Can
  • Excellent Trash Can! Good Value for High Quality Product

I put the time in doing my homework on spending this amount of money on a kitchen garbage can. After reading other reviews on cheaper models i decided to bite the bullet and go for it. It arrived yeasterday and i am impressed with the compact design and streamlined look. The lid opens and closes quietly and does not hit the wall. The only negative is the side for regular garbage is small but i always have more recycling than regular trash anyway. This can will last for years and it’s worth the extra $$.

I like this trash can overall. I have another simplehuman can that has lasted for many years and love it. However i wanted one with a recycling bin. I don’t understand why the manufacturers all make the recycle bin so small. You can barely fit a few bottles and a few cans in it. Other than that it is a great bin. The mechanism is smooth and it is a nice looking can.

Pros: garbage and recycling all under one lid, easy step to lift lid, switch to keep lid open for longer uses, looks nicecons: doesn’t hold smells completely in; difficult to get garbage can out when full as there’s only a finger indent on one side; recycling side is pretty tiny; recycling liners are made of plastic and are not recyclable, so have to leave liner in and empty recyclables out of it; definitely not fingerprint proof haha.

Not only is this product awesome – but when the lid clip broke, they replaced it under the warranty. It was super easy to replace, and really value companies that stand behind their products. When it came the shipping box was pretty beat up – but i took pictures before opening, and everything turned out fine. It’s the perfect size for a family of two and a dog (we use the bigger side for recycling).

The garbage can was delivered in original product box only. It was beat up and actually open upon delivery. After reading some of the reviews, i expected the product to be dented. We live in a three story townhouse that makes recycling a hassle. We use the larger blue side for garbage and the smaller side for recycling (mostly cans and water bottles). I owned a simple human garbage can prior to this one that lasted almost 6 years. One thing i will miss from my previous version are the wheels. It was nice to move the garbage can to where i was cutting to easily dispose of waste without having to walk across the kitchen. I also wish it was a little bit larger. It is for those two reasons i have a 4/5 stars.

Love the red ‘hold the lid open’ button, and that the foot pedal opens the entire lid (i. , access both compartments simultaneously). Love not having to carry recyclables to the garage every time anymore. I’m a single male and the capacity (both sides) is adequate for 1 week’s stuff. The white ‘h’ liners are a really tight fit over the top of the larger compartment, so i’m still getting the hang of it. My old 13-gal trash bags from the grocery store are, like, 25% wider than the ‘h’ liners, and are do-able with difficulty, since the bins are a tight fit into the top of the shell. The blue ‘v’ liners are thinner than the white, but not unsatisfactorily so. My recyclables are primarily junk mail and plastic food containers- nothing sharp or particularly heavy. I think the blue ‘v’ liners are fine for recyclables.

Very nice trash can (and how weird is it to say that?. It’s a trash can for pete’s sake). Wanted something that could sit alongside our cabinets in the kitchen and not look ratty plus we recycle so this was a win-win. Yep, kinda pricey (the most i’ve ever paid for a trash can without a doubt) but i guess you get what you pay for. We’ve ‘flipped’ and are using the trash side as our recycling side (since we recycle more than we throw away) and even throwing the occasional gallon milk jug in there, we can go about a week before we have to empty it into our garage recycling can. I like the bags that are tailored to fit and when you do a price comparison, they aren’t that much different in price than glad drawstring bags so happy with those too.

It looks nice but it doesn’t fit as much garbage/recycling in it as i was hoping it would. Also, after a couple of weeks, the lid quit going down all of the way. I went to send it back but was too late. I now have to look into the 10 year warranty that it comes with in order to send it back. In hindsight, i should have just stuck with the simplehuman garbage can and not done a 2-in-1 recycle/garbage can. The amount of garbage and recycle that each container holds is not worth the price to me.

Well, we hesitated for weeks before dropping $150 bucks on a kitchen trachcan but have to say so far it seems worth it. Other less expensive similars had various complaints and less than stellar reviews. We replaced one of those automatics with sensor, that just didn’t hold up well after about a year. This one looks like it will last a loooong time. Arrived with no dents or scuffs. Wipes off fingerprints easily. The double bins are just the right size to hold enough recycle and trash to take out once a week. Will probably end up using larger bin for recyclables since each side can be emptied separately and we don’t like to keep trash in the house more than a few days.

I use the large side for recycling and the small side for trash. It is actually disturbing to visualize how much that i was previously throwing in the trash that could have been recycled. I saw these everywhere in europe but not so much in the usa. My housekeeper is german and she also recognized it only from europe. This is beautiful in my kitchen and makes it so much easier to recycle so many things. I highly recommend this item.

I love the trash can – extremely sleek, fits our small space well and doesn’t look like a nasty trash can. The other reviews made me giggle – it is absurd to spend this much on a trash can and do this much research. You want your kitchen to look nice. The only reason i don’t give this 5 stars is the fact that the recycle part is so small, i don’t have a bag that will really fit it. It comes with a few sample bags that are made for the trash can, but i won’t be spending that much money just to have bags that fit perfectly. A regular trash bag works for the trash can side. Not sure what i am going to use for the recycle side yet.

Perfect size that i was looking for. The other receptacles had too large of containers for both refuse and recycle. I was in search for months both in store and online as i am just that particular. Finally, i found this gem that had a decent sized refuse container (30l) and a smaller recycling bin (16l) totaling 46l combined sized. It’s a bit pricey i must say, however it looks great in the kitchen and is exactly what i was in search for.

This is exactly what i was looking for. This can is compact, very functional, and very well built. It looks 1000 times better than my old can and doesn’t scoot around on my laminate floors and mark up my wall like the old one. It is definitely worth every penny. The only problem is an existential one. I just spent $150 on a trash can and was genuinely excited when it was delivered to my door. What happened to the young man that spent his dollars on booze, trendy clothes, and video games?. Replaced by a man that reads reviews on trash cans online, comparing warranties and features. Then there is the giddy excitement when his expensive waste receptacle finally arrives, punctuated by the time spent writing another review for some poor soul like me. Some poor soul with a very nice trash can.

I had to use the larger side for recyclables and the smaller side for trash. I would have like to have one with same size on each side so that i could use the same bags. I ordered bags and the one or smaller one cane in blue for recyclable that i use for trash. I would like to have a choice of what color bag i could order for all if my other simplehuman trash cans that i have i love the can but i have to order 4 different size bags and some are trash and others are recycle that only come in white. I have to put sticky notes on the trash cans when my house keeper comes in to remind them of the ones that is trash or recycle.

I love my simplehuman 46 liter kitchen garbage/recycling can. It’s taking a bit of getting used to using a smaller garbage area that i’m used to, but having a place all for those recycleables makes up for it. Not having a line of recyclables on the counter or a bag of them to go out to the garage is nice. I have a huge box of 15 gal kitchen garbage bags that i will continue to use, but when they are gone, i will purchase the ones that fit in this can. There is a lot of wasted space left in the bags when it’s pulled out of the can, so i continue to use it outside of the garbage can until full. The can fits nicely under my kitchen island. When i step on the lid release, the top comes up gently and hits the underside of the counter. It is only an issue when i have to remove the bags and the lid needs to come all the way up hitting the underside of the counter. When i change the bags, i have to slide slide the can out from under the counter. I have a hardwood floor, so i will be putting felt pads on the bottom to prevent scratching the floor.

This is made very well and looks great in the kitchen. The soft shut of the lid is my favorite aspect. They are wayyyyy too expensive.

simplehuman 45 litre rectangular step can white plastic : Perfect Trash Can!

I was afraid when i let off the opening peddle it would slam shut, but it’s really smart. It slowly closes, really gently & there’s not a chance that fingers will get smashed. It comes with liners but i also read the we can use our own trash bags, which is what we will end up doing. I love that you put the liners under the edge of the lid where it is not seen from the outside. I definitely recommend this one.

Never thought i’d be someone writing a 5 star review for a garbage can, but here i find myself doing just that. ’80 bucks for a garbage can?’. I thought to myself, but alas, i’m a firm believer in that you often get what you pay for. I did my research, and honestly, the reviews don’t lie. Sure its a little much, and i’m a little wary of step garbage cans, but the first thing that actually sold me was that this model comes with a 5 year warranty, so that helps a lot right there. But honestly this thing is amazing. It looks nice, it functions smoothly and quietly, and its actually too good at keeping the smell in the can. A few times now i’ve let it fill up and been unpleasantly surprised by the powerful smell that comes out when i open it. All kidding aside, i know that that means its doing its job, and i’m very impressed because i smell things when the lid is open that i dont even get a hint of when the lid is closed. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is tired of buying a cheap garbage can every year or so and doesn’t mind investing a few bucks in a great garbage can.

simplehuman 45 litre rectangular step can white plastic + code K 60 pack liners

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Easy liner refills: Built-in liner pocket stores code K liner refill packs and dispenses liners one by one effortlessly – no perforations or unraveling
  • Neat and secure: Stainless steel liner rim flips up for a quick and easy liner change, then closes over the liner to hold it tightly in place and keep it hidden from sight
  • Strong wide steel pedal: Our extra-wide steel pedal is engineered to last 150,000 steps – that’s more than 20 steps a day for 20 years
  • Designed to fit simplehuman trash cans perfectly
  • No bunching, overhang or slipping
  • Extra-durable plastic and thick double seams
  • Tear- and leak-resistant garbage bags

Very sturdy – does not slide around. I like the bag holder inside the can. I would definitely buy it again.

I thought it was a bit crazy at first, paying this much for a garbage can. 7 months later though and i consider it one of the better purchases i’ve made. The good: bags never fall into the container (unlike most garbage bins for 13 gallon tall kitchen bags) tapered design means i’ve rarely had a full bag get struck when trying to remove it, let alone rip. The little bag dispenser is convenient, if a bit silly. Finally it just looks goods. The bad: it’s expensive, as are the custom fit bags. I could see them becoming an issue for a large family, however for a childless couple that recycles a lot this hasn’t been much of an issue. This will fit 13 gallon tall kitchen bags, mostly just at the cost of capacity.

It is the standard for this product and excellent. Caveat their bags do not meet specs for recycling. For garbage in my state you need black bags. White clear bags are for recycling. Simple human bags are of a heavy material and not clear. The company welcomes comments.

simplehuman 45 litre rectangular step can white plastic + code K 60 pack liners : Holds bags really well because the top lip folds up for bag installation. The soft close is nice although there is no lock like my previous simple human so be aware if that is necessary. We use regular trash bags (not the simple human ones) and they work fine. It’s a tight fit aground the lip, but they haven’t broken or torn so we are very happy.

I bought two and set them side-by-side at my furnished rental property. They’re beautiful and practical, and the step-to-open mechanism seems sturdier than others i’ve bought in the past. The hidden pocket for storing a bag supply is ingenious. These are great, and my renters love them as much as i do.

This trash can is very modern as well as practical for everyday use in the kitchen. I love the fact that the trash bags fits perfectly and does not slide into the can. The slow closing feature is nice also.

Who knew a trashcan could be so terrific. Unlike the steel one that we tried first (thinking it would be sturdy for longtime kitchen use, wrong) that one arrived dented all over, fortunately amazon made the return ez, this simplehuman trashcan though is terrific.Less than half the price of the supposedly sturdy steel one, this thing arrived in perfect condition, works beautifully. . The only thing that could improve it, febreeze trashbags. Fortunately i have a box of those, will use them instead of the simplehuman ones that came with, just don’t like that whiff of garbage smell when the thing pops open.

Ok, i couldn’t believe that i bought a trash can that cost so much. I had regret the second i pushed the complete purchase. I kept thinking, ‘ i’ll just return it and pay the shipping. ‘ then it came, opened the box, and it was instant love. The lid is sturdy, the materials are smooth and nicely finished. The action on the lid is, well almost calming. I felt the same way when i got my dyson vacuum. Good design does cost more, and it’s worth it.

The top always comes unattached and you have to fight with it to get it back on. Also difficult to remove the bags in the back in the space they give you to put the package.

This is a really great trash can with bag storage in the back. I didn’t want another stainless trash can because it never stayed clean looking. I was worried this would look cheap being plastic but it doesn’t. It looks great, up to date with the ‘matte’ trend. Only issue has been it shifts backward occasionally & leaves a mark on my floor.

I didn’t realize it till i got it which is no problem. A handy feature is the garbage bags are dispensed from inside the unit, all you do is pull them out. It’s kind of neat the way the top closes like slow motion. Simple human is a great company with a large selection of unique & quality products.

Would have been better if there was an indent in the top so you could manually open the top. Good design, sturdy construction and useful product. Keeps my dog out of the kitchen garbage. We dont purchase the associated bags for this product. Simply use the cheaper generic tall kitchen bags.

We have stainless appliances but our last stainless garbage can was impossible to keep looking clean. These cans are easy to clean and look very nice. As silly as it sounds, we always get compliments on themlove the bag insert inside but after we used up the bags that were included, we’ve just been using 13 gallon costco bags which fit perfectly.

Very nice, super wide opening. Had it only one day, but seems to work well. We had the itouchless before this – the lid got too dirty and was hard to clean. The opening was too small, and eventually the automatic sensor stopped working. It only lasted under one year. We replaced it with this one after seeing it at our local ice cream shop. Seems to be just what we were looking for. Will report back in a few weeks to update. 6/27/16: have now had this a few weeks and it’s wonderful.The thing i’ve noticed (using the simple human trash bags), is that the shape of the trash can allows the bag to completely fill so i find i don’t have to empty this as often as with my itouchless.

I got one of these december 2016 after seeing my sister’s can & it’s the best garbage can i’ve ever had. The lid firmly sits inside of a lip so smells are contained in the unit. Tall kitchen drawstring bags with febreze and they fit just fine. I bought this after pricing different brands at walmart. It cost a few dollars more than the bh&g brand & i got a significantly better unit delivered in perfect condition to my front door. The bag doesn’t show when the lid is closed because of the 2 piece lid & this makes for a neat look. A 5 yr warranty is nice too 🙂 if i change my mind i’ll update this but i don’t know how something could go wrong.

Oh my goodness, yes it’s just a trashcan, but this is the best trashcan ever. I never thought i could get excited over a trash receptacle but i have. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it is plenty spacious while being just the right shape to not take up too much room. This is a must-have trashcan for all households.I will be purchasing more for our house soon.

I’ve never been so in-love with a trash can. I read reviews that you can utilize other ‘normal’ trash bags with this can, i tried once, and didn’t have success so i gave up. Not sure what other people are using – but i don’t care. I love the special bags that they design for this. You can put in the compartment inside the trashcan; reminds you when you’re getting low; they’re not even that expensive.

Brought this trash can to replace the old simplehuman swing lid can. (old one was fine, i was doing moving and sell it to my friend). New one is pretty good, lid close softly, if you want lid hold in place you gonna lift the entire chrome ring up. So far i am still using the trash bags come with the can, big and durable, reach all the way to the bottom and you not gonna fill it way too full because bags hold up to 13 gallon but trash can is about 11 gal. A bit complain is it takes some effort to step on, if simplehuman can make it ‘just need a tap’ that will be better. But that may require external force to open the lid (like battery) and increase costs.

Just received trash can and love it. First ordered a black one and received a white one. Returned and ordered another black one and just received it. The lid wasn’t on but it just popped on. Put a bag in and ready to go. I didn’t really want to spend $80 for a trash can but i went with the reviews and i’m glad i did. Since i just got it i will add to review if anything is bad about it.

Can’t say enough about how much i love this design. The bag holds open and can be filled all the way, no wasted bags and no need to constantly empty the trash for bulky items. The liner refills built in seems like no big deal but it’s huge. Convenient instead of going to the cabinet for a refill it’s easy and a reminder sitting right there to just replace the emptied bag. Stays clean, smooth operating. My curious pug can’t knock it over.

AMG and Enchante Accessories Round Waste Bin, Using it outside

Cute little bucket with handles in a can with foot pedal. It is a bit smaller than i expected.

If that’s what you’re going for then cool.

Size is just right so scooper fits in when dumping.

Key specs for AMG and Enchante Accessories Round Waste Bin, 5L Garbage Trash Can with Step Foot Pedal, WB07A GRY, Grey:

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  • Removable inner bucket for ultra-easy cleaning.
  • Hands-free opening with a foot pedal.
  • Made of Long-Lasting Steel with Rust-Free Technology.
  • 5L capacity allows for plenty of convenient space.
  • 12″ H X 8″ W X 8″ L

Comments from buyers

“perfect for my outside dog poo can and it’s cute , We love the size and style, Using it outside”

This can is lightweight but has a nice plastic liner can inside. There is no shortage of handles, even the plastic can inside has a handle.

I’ve seen many trash bins in my life:1-the red big plastic one in my second childhood house. I thought it was huge back then. I realized later on in my adulthood that the it just looked huge cause i was shorter than the bin. It was the first object that was carved in my mind. Wasn’t aware of the trash concept. Took me years to get that we throw things away. We used to have chickens in the backyard so leftovers would be put aside for them not the big red. 2-the metal grey one with the crooked lid. The trash bin was made of some coarse trash. Was at the house my uncle owned in the village i loved as a kid. 3-the very tall/slim modern black and white bin. It was attached on the cabinet’s door. Have no more to say about it. 4-i still hear the noise it’s lid would make everytime gobbleing my trash. 5-and the white trash bin we owned at the basement. Wasn’t that affectionate about it. I realized throughout my life that i’m not that crazy about plastic. So i that’s why i chose amg waste bin and i’m lovin it.It’s 5 gallons and is more than enough for me (i live by myself and don’t get many visitors cause i live in queens.

I bought two of these, one for each bathroom. They hold enough without being too bulky. And we love the lid because it keeps our small dog out of the trash.

It looks like the oscar the grouch trashcan ? very durable, bucket is handy & there is room to hide extra bags in the bottom.Great price compared to lowe’s & walmart fancier trashcans ?.

This is the cutest can ever. It goes with almost any decor & any room. I think it’s totally urban chic.

Perfect for my outside dog poo can and it’s cute enough that it doesn’t look tacky on my front steps.

Just got it but it is exactly what was expected. Going to leave it outside, so hope it survives the changing weather. It is small capacity but just right for what i wanted. It’s cute and there is a pull out liner that is useful, as well.

This is a super cute, well made trash can. It’s a bit smaller than i expected, only as tall as my kitchenaid mixer, but it’ll work well for a bathroom trash can.

I would give it 5 stars but it came dented so it doesn’t close right, but we’re overseas and have no choice so i kept it.

It’s beautiful, love my little retro can trash.

I love the look and concept of this bin. It is a little on the thin side (the exterior) and isn’t as heavy as i had hoped. Also, after using it one week, the foot lever is already rusting (have in in my garage to hold dog poop bags). It comes with a very nice removable interior pail and i use a plastic grocery sack to line it. The size is perfect for our small dog’s waste and it is full after one week. The four stars are because it is somewhat light – i wanted to keep it outside but i think it will blow away on windy days and because of the rusting foot petal. But, it holds dog waste, so not really deal breakers.

So far so good, has been outside as a dog waste can, has held up to the elements and done it’s job.

This can is very cute and i love the the inside come out for cleaning. The lid is essential for keeping my dog out. I would like it to be slightly larger though. It’s just a bit too small to look right and hold enough for a week between cleanings.