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Rev-A-Shelf Replacement Waste Bin -50 Quart, Five Stars

Perfect replacement for the originals that came with my cabinets.

I bought this along from amazon and the lid from the manufacturer. What an awesome combination. It fit into my 10 year old cupboard holder that used to hold an umbra. Love the way the cover flips up towards the cabinet and not to the side so that it can be used from either side.

These cans are as efficient as a kitchen can can be. They have right angles at each corner and are not rounded corners. The sides are basically straight (perpendicular from the floor). I was able to fit two of these into a small cabinet and use one for recycling and one for trash. They fit a standard ‘tall kitchen bag’ (e. , glad tall kitchen drawstring bags). They are much more expensive ($35-40 per plastic can) at stores on on other sites, at least when i was looking.

This was exactly what i expected, it arrived on the last day of expected time, and it was packed just right. It fits perfectly, is good quality and i love it.

Arrived quick, bought to fit wooden trash box we bought that came with small bin.

Looks great and good quality. I bought a different brand and thought this would fit. I will use these somewhere else. Can never have too many trash cans.

Exactly what we needed for a replacement.

Key specs for Rev-A-Shelf Replacement Waste Bin White-50 Quart, White:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Rev-A-Shelf
  • RV-50-8
  • Waste Bins

Comments from buyers

“Five Stars
, Love these!
, Looks great and good quality

Perfect replacement for a broken waste bin.

Needed a very specific size, and this is it, to fit inside of a sunny designs sedona trash box.

Fits perfectly in my built in receptacle.

I fit 2 of these in my drawer for waste and recycle.

Took forever to find it works great.

I love these trash cans, they actually fit in my cabinet drewer that was costume cabinets made from the previous owner, i tried getting standard trash cans thinking they would fit but slightly to big but these fit so perfect and look so sleek and nice. My husband is going to make a devider for them inside the drewer.

. Replacement for 1 of a set of 2 cans. Will order again if necessary.

Perfect replacement for the double 35 quart cans that came with my rev a shelf. Save on shipping by ordering 2 of them now.

Call them and ask for a catalog, great items.

These bins are the perfect size for the pull-out trash drawer in our remodeled kitchen. I got one for trash and one for recycling. So far they have held up quite well after about a year of use.

After several purchases and returns at several stores to find the right fit i finally got smart and measured the space and size i needed in a waste basket. This waste basket fit perfect. I could not believe a 50qt would fit when a 30qt would not. I will promise you that you will not be disappointed in this purchase.

Fits perfect in my slide out cabinet.

Lasts for years and easy to clean.

My husband wanted this for a clients kitchen. Works great, easy to install.

Heavy duty, has a small lip to help carry, a little larger handle would be nice improvement, much better than the one we had previously.

Two fit nicely in a 24′ wide pullout installed where there once a second dishwasher.

It’s a trash can, what can you say?.

Didn’t fit where i needed it so had to find new use for it.

Trash and recycle bins for my custom pull out cabinet.

I needed a taller garbage can for my new full height pull out garbage drawer cabinet. This fit the rev-a-shelf double pullout waste container series rv-18pb-2-s to replace the 35 quart shorter containers.

I ordered 2 of these to replace the cracked originals in my recycling unit. Although they are slightly different from the originals they still fit.

I wanted a large freestanding open inexpensive waste bin for recyclables. This container meets each of these criteria perfectly. Big enough but not overwhelming in the kitchen.

Shipped faster than expected and fits my wooden garbage.

Perfect fit for my wooden trash can that i bought it for.

Fits in my kitchenmaid garbage can cabinet perfectly.

Fits perfectly in the space that i need.

I had been looking for a 2nd bin for my kitchen.

We have a pullout draw next to the sink. There are various systems that involved replacing the pullout draw mechanism, but i didn’t see how to put the drawer’s wood face onto them, so i needed two bins of very specific size: one for non-flat recycling, one for trash. A lot of bins that fit in the drawer were a little short. At one point, i had one size for garbage that was taller, but because of its shape, the recycling bin had to be shorter. They fit the drawer perfectly – mostly because i measured over and over again the footprint, the airspace, the length, height and width. The only unfortunate thing was i didn’t account for the knob on the shallow drawer above the garbage drawer. So, the recycling bin lid opens, but not very wide unless i muscle it around. What i love about having two bins exactly the same is that i can take the garbage and recycling out at the same time, and the recycling bin liner becomes the new garbage bag – i just switch the green and white lids (acquired separately), and i put in a new garbage bag as the recycling bin liner. At first, i was a little disappointed there were no spring loaded lids for these. That is the part that always broke in one way or another with all the prior bins we had, and i was always trying to keep them going as long as i could with new springs or superglue. Also, sometimes the spring wouldn’t catch, and we’d have to open the drawer slowly and get our fingers to push down the spring lid as we opened it further.

Rev-A-Shelf Dbl 35 QT Top Mount Waste Container Quart, The trash/recycle cans are good sized and I love having near the sink

Freed up space and wasn’t too bad to install.

Poor instructions that could be made much easier by the addition of a paper template. Also not as smooth as i expected despite adjusting numerous times.

Takes some time/patience to install, but works great.

The ‘soft close’ is a little stiff initially to pull out/open and does take some effort. It’s worth a little extra money for the hardware to mount directly to the cabinet door, and not have to open the cabinet, then pull your trash can out. Very good design, very clear instructions, very sturdy. If you actually own a drill driver, level, mearsuring tape and carpenter sense ( without having to borrow any of these) you should be able to install within an hour no problem.

The base for the cans, does not butt up against the front door, so i had to seal it myself with some caulking. And it doesn’t close well all the way. Kind of have to give it an extra push. I like the product otherwise, i guess, i mean, my trash isn’t out in plain sight.

It took the place of a compactor. Set up took a little longer than expected, but that was not due to the product, but rather the box that it went in to. I would not hesitate to purchase this.

Would have given 5 stars but the installation directions were very weak and it’s not an easy job. My husband can put together anything but this one was difficult as there was no way to tell how far apart or high up to mount the brackets. Once installed, it’s awesome and works great.

Key specs for Rev-A-Shelf Dbl 35 QT Top Mount Waste Container Quart, Natural:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • (2) Silver 35 quart containers with Wood frame for 1-1/2″ face frame cabinet and mounting hardware. 150lb Full-Extension Soft-Close slide system with over travel. . Adjustable depth from 22-1/2″ to 24-1/2″. Intended for cabinet opening exactly 15″. Note: Top-Mount Waste containers come in many different widths as they are specific to a cabinet opening to function properly. Intended for cabinet opening exactly 15″.

Comments from buyers

“Difficult install, instructions need complete overhaul
, What I knew: My new cabinet was an 18”
, Amazing product! If you close it gently

Good product, but as others mentioned, terrible install directions. They have extra you tube video and a ‘tips & tricks’ sheet you can print, but none of the directions tell you about having to have the rails spaced a specific distance apart. I do a lot of dyi projects, and this install took 3-4 hours, with a lot of trial and error. Revashelf needs better instructions.

What i knew:my new cabinet was an 18′ cabinet. What i did not know:my new cabinet has a 14. 5′ opening and this model will not fit and must be returned for the correct size. I ordered it while the cabinets were still in boxes in my garage prior to being assembled. I suppose it’s not rev-a-shelf’s fault that not all 18′ cabinets are standard 15′ openings, so i’ll just deduct a star – mainly wanted to post a review to save someone else from having the hassle of finding the right trash can fittings.

I like the auto close feature.

5” wide but i just chiseled an opening 15” wide for it to fit (see photo). I had some extra 1/2” cabinet material that i used for a backer plate for the slides (see photo). Directions aren’t that hard if you understand basic math and instructions. The screws aren’t labeled but 3 very distinct types of screws and easy to figure out where they go. Slides very nicely and is soft close.

But, what the instructions noted as an estimated 45 job turned into a head scratching 3 hour job. Our handyman would have done better without their instructions. The first pieces of hardware that was put on (as per the instructions) were the pieces that was preventing the unit from going all the way into the cabinet. So, they were ultimately removed. Now, all is right with the world.

The description of the rear bracket installation was not based in reality. Luckily in the instructions there was mention of a rev-a-shelf youtube channel. Oh wait, this particular model isn’t found there.Well a 40 minute job took 1-1/2 hrs of head scratching and amusement. After erasing them from my mind, i was better off not referring to the instructions. With a little common sense along with some trial and error, the brackets were mounted and the cabinet face installed. The usa distributor should really update the instructions for us poor american folk. Other than that, it works fine. A little stiff on the release, and a bit of slider noise, but functional.

Took a little time to install but works great.

Shameful instructions, not the normal translated from chinese by someone that only speaks 5 words of english instructions, no these seem to be written by someone who has installed this 500 times and assumes you know how to do it and only need a bare reminder. The instructions assume you have stock cabinetry, my standard size cabinet with inset doors (not rare by any means) is not accounted for at all. I went through the instructions several times before i could figure out why they made no sense. Finally figured out the issue and went to the youtube channel it lists on the instructions to pull up the installation video so i could at least see how it should work and was just amazed to find out they do not actually have an installation video for this model, the one they do have a video for installs in a completely different way. Went to the link for the pdf for the helpful hints and found out it only discusses how to get the soft close to work after the install. Useless and a waste of my time – don’t send me to youtube if you do not have anything there for me to watchleft to my own devices, the lack of any proper dimensions on the drawings made it difficult to reverse engineer how to make these work in my cabinets, but i eventually made it work by ripping down a 2×4 to stub out the side of the cabinet. Other no-nos in the instructions include having different dimensions for different models in the same instructions – stop trying to save a dime and have dedicated instructions for this model. It tells you to use certain screws, and the different types of screws come in their own bags, but they are not labeled so you have to pull out your tape measure and try to figure out which screw they are talking about. The instruction step for screwing in the back plate did not say which screw to use at all and i chose the wrong one, leaving me with finding my own screws when attaching the cabinet door. That is actually fine, given the weight of this thing, especially once loaded with trash, i was very wary of the small screws they gave to attach this to the cabinet and went back and used better screws throughout.

This is a bit of a nightmare to install, but once we listened to the other reviews and threw out the instructions, it was much easier. Save yourself the headache and read the installation tips in the reviews, not the instructions that come with the bins. That said, these look great and have functioned very well.

Beautiful and simple to work it.

This product is — mostly — great. I am so happy with the extra space in my small kitchen. The barrels are designed to hold a 13 gallon bag perfectly. We have one 13 gallon plastic bag in the front bin, and in the rear bin i use any old paper bags from the grocery store to easily store and empty my recyclables (see picture). The reason for docking one star is that after about a year the glider mechanism no longer works well. However — i guarantee that this is entirely because my house is full of my kids’ friends most days of the week, and there’s no way i can stand by and police the cabinet, and explain that you do not need to push the trash cabinet all the way closed. It is a soft-close mechanism. So all you need to do is get it mostly closed, then it will glide closed the rest of the way by itself. But most people (adults included) will go to close it, see that it ‘stops’ an inch or two short, and instead of waiting for it to close itself (which it used to do beautifully) will push on the door and force it closed thinking they’re being helpful. So after loads of forced closings, i’m not surprised it’s wearing out.

Difficult to install, but once in – it works great.

Easy to install if you a handy person. Worst part was measuring where to install the brackets. The rails are designed to flex as long as you space them far enough apart. Instructions were minimal, poor in my opinion, and bracket placement only became apparent after i installed. No big deal, i adjusted the rails and the remainder of the install was fine. The product itself is very solid and gets a lot of use in our house.

After reading the reviews i decided to have a trim carpenter install it, which worked out nicely. The soft close feature seems very stiff. You have to give it a good tug to get it open. Overall it seems very sturdy and i’m glad i bought it.

This is a very good product as almost all rev-a-shelf items are. I ended up sending this back because i was trying to step up to wood roll out trash on a project. This application would have been difficult to make it work. We went back to our original plan and used the rv 18kd-18c-s.

Neither myself or my able handyman could get this to fit to the width of our under the counter cabinet. He ended up using some miscellaneous plywood and attaching it to the sides of our existing cabinet walls and then installing this to the plywood. He also did indeed end up using his own hardward as well. All in all it was a difficult installation, but now works well and looks nice. My old set up had three cans which i prefer since we do lots of recycling, but these two cans are somewhat larger reducing trips to the curbside refuse container. Since our old cabinet door was a swing out it had a knob on the side, but we didn’t want to leave a hole there so we just added a cup handle to the middle since it now slides out. So much nicer to slide out then to open a door and then pull a rusty old shelf out just to throw out a piece of trash.

Installation instructions were lacking but the product was very high quality and works great.

My hubby had no trouble installing. The trash/recycle cans are good sized and i love having near the sink. The soft-close, slides work perfectly with the door fully seating.

I’m pretty happy with it so far. I’ve had to adjust it twice since i installed it, and the instructions kind of suck. It’s sleek, and works as it should. Better than a can under the sink.

Directions not good at all but quality product.

Excellent but needed a handyman to instal it.

Paritually my fault for not realizing this would not work in a double door cabinet. It needs side walls inside for rails to mount to. They should provide an adjustable front mount kit so the rails can mount like the rear. Otherwise hardware is good quality and i like the soft close features.

Great product and very easy to install. Well built and will last for years.

Great 2 basket recycle unit for retrofit in kitchen.

Behrens TCC 250-Pound Capacity Dual Trash Can Cart – Good trash dolly with a flaw

This makes taking the trash out easy and quick. I added to wheeled castors on the front and now i can just roll it down the drive for trash pickup. This is good and fairly solid.

It is serving its purpose only because of its price. But, i had to reinforce all the joints as that this is definitely flimsy. You are getting what you paying for. Others out there are much better made and sturdy, but those are 4 to 5 times the cost of this one. We made it work by reinforcing all the joints with duct tape. This would be duct tape usage number 1,052, lol.

My husband has not put this item together yet, but it will be a godsend to get our trash to the curb, especially since we also purchased the behrens trash cans, and they have no wheels,i wanted them because we have racoons in our neighborhood. They really make a mess (as far as our old rubbermaid trashcans were concerned) and since the new ones are steel i am sure those racoons can’t get in them also i am tired of cleaning up behind them (the racoons) thanks guys at amazon for having these behrens trash cans, i don’t know what i would do without them.

The process of putting this together was rather difficult and it arrived with several missing parts as well as instructions that were just awful. Very difficult to read/understand and it used images that were difficult to see as well. We had to jerry rig some parts to make it work. It does keep my cans from flying around when it is windy, which is why i bought it. So i suppose that’s why it gets 3 stars.

I have no idea why people write the reviews they do. For the price, this trash cart is perfect for the job. Believe it or not, you can make some adjustments when putting it together to prevent issues that some people are having. I am using it for two 31 gallon behrens trash cans.

The trash cans can easily ride on top of the wheels in the front. You must secure the cans with bungie cords to push it along. It works best to use the cords to hold the cans back toward you as you move along.

Purchased this product with steel trash cans to replace plastic bins routinely attacked by squirrels. I am pretty handy but these directions are not clear. It took 45 minutes to figure out. Prior reviews are accurate that if you store 2 cans on it, the can closest to the rubber wheels will rub. Need to remove one so dolly can be moved.

The trash can chart was a wise investment. It is quite easy to assemble and the instructions were clear. Generally, we have 2 full trash cans for weekly pickup along with our recycling baskets so it can take a few trips to get them all to the curb. With full garbage cans, it can be a heavy, cumbersome load. The cart is adjustable width-wise so it will fit virtually any size trash container. Cans and they fit with no trouble. Rolling the cart to the curb makes it much easier, both on the back and eliminates carrying them at an angle which lets the lids fall off on occasion. It also serves a purpose i hadn’t anticipated. The cart stops the heavy winds we have locally from knocking over the cans and having them blow and roll all around our driveway.

I actually purchased this item as a beach chair cart. First off, i received the item very quickly and all the parts (plus extras) were included, so i was satisfied with the shipping. Assembly was a piece of cake. Unfortunately, once the side arms were extended out to their maximum position to accomodate the width of the beach chairs, so there was not enough of the tubing left in the support brackets to provide the strength needed to hold the chairs. I took the arms off, inserted a short length of wood dowel into the ends and applied glue to hold the metal tubing over the dowels. After re-assembling, the wood dowels provided the support needed to be able to extend the side arms out far enough out to hold the chairs and still be sturdy. Works pretty well for a chair cart, except that the chairs lean against each other so if you want to get a chair out that’s in the middle of the stack, you have to rearrange the rest of the chairs to get to it. I don’t have to wheel it far, but not sure how it’d hold up if you had a longer distance to cover. Still, for the cheap price, it’s worth the minor hassle.

The product seems to be decent quality and all the parts were there. The best thing you could do with the assembly instructions, however, is wrap fish in them. These might have been the worst instructions i have ever run into on a ‘to be assembled’ product. The images were so poor that you couldn’t see what they were trying to show and they actually left out places where the washers should be put on. So, good product, but forget about the instructions.

We live in a condo complex situated in-between 2 golf courses. Hence, the wind factor causes us to chase down our trash when the garbage cans blow over. We have replaced our cans several times in just 2 years. This can cart holds our cans down nicely. It is great also for getting the cans out of the garage when they are full-it is easy to just pull the cart rather than having to drag them and wear down the bottoms.

This cart is exactly as described. It is sturdy, easy to move, and the instructions were on the mark. The person who mentioned that they adjusted the sides to fit their size trash cans is entirely correct. I was able to purchase the larger size (that i was wanting) instead of the smaller ones and could adjust it so the cans fit snug–even if one can is removed. I would recommend this product without reservation; in fact, am considering ordering another one for use in the yard.

I got the handle on backwards, haven’t had time to change the direction. Here are the specifications for the Behrens TCC 250-Pound Capacity Dual Trash Can Cart:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Cart carries two trash cans, holds 250 lbs
  • Adjustable side Bars, coated with durable epoxy coating, rolls quietly on solid rubber tires, ideal for both home & industry
  • Manufactured in China

My husband was very surprised when this was delivered. It took 3 of them to figure out how to put it together. He has copd, and would struggle to bring the barrel (we are only allowed one) down. He said it was so much easier bringing the barrel down the driveway to the street. He also gets the recycle box in there too.

I am really glad i purchased this product. It holds my garbage cans and keeps my garage neat and tidy. I highly recommend this product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Helps in many ways
  • Decent for the price
  • Hard to put together, cheap product.

Cevillo Mini Trash Can, Like it, it’s cute

It’s a nice little trash can for the car. I just wish it was a little bigger to fit in the cup holders in the middle. It’s in the door holder so i’m the only one that can use it. Other than that, it’s a nice design, comes apart easily for cleaning, and blends in with the interior.

About the size of a can of soda. I thought i wanted it to be taller to fit more in, but i found a cupholder in my door that it wouldn’t fit if it was taller so it is perfect. Holds a lot even if you want to use it in a bigger space. Soft / flexible silicone on top. Easy to poke things into it and clean out.

Small, but good for wrappers and such.

I love the compact size of this trash can. It fits perfectly in the cup holder. I told a friend about it and she ordered one immediately.

This fix well in the car door and holds just the right amount of trash.

Item was as described, very pleased with purchase. Will likely order another one for passenger side.

It’s honestly an amazing addition to my car. No more mess to pick up and it holds a lot of garbage. At most needs to be emptied every 2 weeks. 100% would buy again in a heart beat.

Key specs for Cevillo Mini Trash Can with Lid for Car Cup Holder | Washable Silicone Automotive Kitchen and Office Mini Dust Holder Litter Rubbish Bin (Black):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ✅ SMOOTH SILICONE SURFACE – Non-sticky and non-allergenic environmentally friendly silicone makes clean up fast and easy
  • ✅ COMPACT DESIGN – Fits in most car cupholders and glove compartments. Also great for home and office
  • ✅ MULTI USE – Can be used for small miscellaneous car and household items
  • ✅ DISHWASHER FRIENDLY – Easily washable by hand or dishwasher
  • ✅ STABLE BASE – Will not tilt and spill the trash

Comments from buyers

“This trash can is perfect for your vehicle, Very cute little trash can, Fits perfectly in the cupholder in the car door. “

I absolutely love my mini trashcan. It’s probably the chicest trashcan i’ve ever seen. I definitely will be ordering a few more.

Fits perfectly and inconspicuously in my cup holder and is great for small waste like tissues, candy wrappers, etc.

I love the way it fits in my door and is invisible. I also like that it can be put in my dishwasher to be cleaned.

I just got a new car, and apparently new cars don’t come with small trash bins/’ash trays’ anymore. I bought this, put is in the my drivers side door where there’s an extra cup holder. Fits perfect, easy to put small trash in to. It takes a little oomph to take it apart to throw the trash out, and a little oomph to put it back together, but it’s not bad at all. I’m definitely satisfied with my purchase.

I was in search for a very specific product. I wanted it to be white so it would match the rest of my bathroom, have a lid, and be very small. It is all of those things so i’m pretty happy. It is a hard to use if you are not using it in a car cup holder (as it is designed to, which i understand) because it is very lightweight so you need to hold it in place if you are throwing anything away. If you use it in a car i’m sure you wouldn’t have to do that. Emptying it, as you probably read in the other reviews is a pain. The bottom comes off and you really have to pull everything out. The silicone has a sort of static energy that my hair (again, i’m using it in a bathroom) sticks to it and it’s hard to get off. Overall, i’m keeping the product because i care more about how it looks in my bathroom then the ease of use. A+ for visual design, c for actual functional design.

Very happy with purchase, it is as described and it is a hard item to find. Great merchant, responsive, professional.

I don’t really like the material cause its sticky, in a way, but the trash can is a perfect size and fits in my cup holder.

The item itself it’s designed well, i just wish it was a little bit larger. It seems smaller than a cup so it fits very loosely in my cup holder. I think the way to go is if they had different sizes to fit different vehicles. There aren’t very many vehicle trash cans out there though, so i like the product.

Great product fits well in car cup holder.

Very cute, great idea, just a bit too small.

I love this mini-trash receptacle. It fits perfectly in the car’s cup holder, as advertised, so it is easily accessible, and it is very attractive. The silicone material is great – study but washable.

I love how compact this mini trash can is. I fits perfectly in my cup holder and my car hasn’t looked cleaner since.

Fits perfectly in the cupholder in the car door. It’s not meant to hold a lot of trash, but enough to hold gum wrappers or straw wrappers. . The little things that will drive you nuts if you just toss it around in your brand new car.

It looks sleek and classy in the picture. A lil small for my cup holder not unless if i will use it as a coin bank inside my car and it will not move. If you got an ocd about the lint and the dust this is not for you because its silicone rubberish. It would be nicer if they make a lol more bigger than this one.

You need this its great fist the door hold all your little pieces of trash and dishwasher safe too.

I like it, perfect for small litter. Make the interior cleaner and more organized.

I could not find a decent trash can at any auto parts store. Most were too big i just wanted one that would fit on the console. When i saw this mini trash can i knew this was it.

This trash can is perfect for your vehicle. It sits in a cup holder and holds little random pieces of trash that would otherwise be all over your car. Having 3 kids under 5, i needed something to help hold all the tiny stuff they seem drag in. It’s easy to take out and dump and reuse. I’m thinking about buying 3 more so they can each have one in their cup holder by their seats.

Honey-Can-Do TRS-05085 Square Mesh Trash Basket – use it with a bag inside of it

Cute color, sturdy & great find.

Pretty pink trash can for my at home office.

The perfect addition to my desk area where i combat monotony by having bright pink everything. Stonger than i thoguht it would be, too.

I only put 3 stars on durability because it’s mesh metal, but i know that when purchasing it so i expected that if you fall on it you will crush it like a grape.

Cute pink trash can for little cousins bedroom.

It arrived and was greatly surprised that it came just perfectly.

  • Hold trash perfectly
  • I love this trash can
  • use it with a bag inside of it

Love the color, matches with the decor.

This is a big can and super cute color.

Very cute pink waste basket. It’s great quality, good size.

The item looks just like the picture. It is sturdy with pink mesh. Just perfect for a little girl’s room.

Features of Honey-Can-Do TRS-05085 Square Mesh Trash Basket, 10.5 x 10.5 x 11.7, Pink

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Looks great in kitchens; bathrooms and offices
  • Easy to clean steel may be simply wiped clean to keep a great looking finish
  • Mesh construction helps ventilate and keep odors down
  • Pink finish for coordinating your home or office decor
  • Measures 10.5L x 10.5W x 11.7H

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

It’s a pink square trash bin for my 10 year-old daughter. Not much to say about it except that i got it and she’s happy with it.

Totally cool pink basket for my daughter, happy happy.

All in all this was a great little trashcan for the office.

Cute garbage can although you should use a garbage bag with this so your garbage doesnt fall out of the basket.

It is just the right size for my bedroom and the color goes well with my furnishings. I had an oval can before that kept falling over but because this is square it doesn’t fall over.

Perfect size and nice quality.

Looks great in kitchens; bathrooms and offices

Cute, convenient and as advertised.

Easy to clean steel may be simply wiped clean to keep a great looking finish

Mesh construction helps ventilate and keep odors down

Pink finish for coordinating your home or office decor

simplehuman 30 Liter / 8 Gallon Stainless Steel Round Kitchen Step Trash Can : Highly Recommend!

After purchasing this product i noticed many reviews that stated this trash can arrived very damaged- backed up by photos. Also many said that non simple human bag liners would not work. I felt concerned at that point and was going to cancel my order except that it had already shipped. It arrived in perfect condition and my 13 gallon trash bags work beautifully. There is a hole in the inner bucket where you can adjust the fiti am extremely satisfied and highly recommend this trash can. It is a great size for us and looks nice too.

This is the best trash can i have ever owned (and i am 63 yrs old)easy out inner plastic sleeve that holds the bag. The hard plastic sleeve has holes in it in just the right places to allow easy glide in and out. The bags are well made and don’t tear. I have back problems and pulling the full hard plastic can liner out doesn’t hurt my back like all the others have.

Works well and easy to take apart/clean. Only difficult part can be keeping the tash bag in place. We found either tying the bag handle or pushing some of the outside bag through a little circular whole in the inner plastic piece works nicely. Once you figure this out this is a great trash can.

I really like it haven’t used it yet so not sure about the fitting of the trash bags. Unfortunately it came with a dent. And the top of the lid is misshapen. Just wish it came in new condition.

It has a hole in the side of the inside plastic liner, so you can “stuff” the rest of the garage bag for a tight fit. I do not use the bags that they suggested, just walmart specials.

I use this as a diaper pail in the baby’s room and it works great. Very quiet and so far blocks odors well.

I think this is the cheapest large trash can you can get from simple human. I almost bought a knock off, but then i was afraid i would get a dented dud. I don’t think you can do better for the price of this style of trash.

Lol who thought it was a good idea to have a slow closing lid on a kitchen garbage can. If you got something stinky in there it takes too long to close.

  • Lovely – as far as trash cans go.
  • Narrower and taller then the original trashcan.
  • Quality product, but special bag size needed

simplehuman 30 Liter / 8 Gallon Stainless Steel Round Kitchen Step Trash Can, Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 10-YEAR WARRANTY – We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last in tough environments like your home — for years.
  • ENHANCE YOUR TRASH EXPERIENCE – Extra-strong and durable Code G custom fit liners fit this can perfectly for a cleaner trash experience.
  • CLASSIC ROUND SHAPE – Iconic shape fits just about anywhere.
  • STRONG STEEL PEDAL – Engineered to last 150,000 steps – that’s more than 20 steps a day for 20 years.
  • SILENT CLOSE LID – Patented lid shox technology controls the motion of the lid for a slow, silent, quiet close – no banging or loud noises.
  • SLIM PROFILE HINGE – Slimmer than traditional hinge allows you to place the can closer to the wall.
  • STAY-OPEN LID – The lid stays open for as long as you like — perfect for longer chores.
  • FINGERPRINT-PROOF FINISH – Resists smudges to keep stainless steel shiny.
  • 12.4″W x 15.1″D x 25.6″H – 36.3″ with lid open

I’ve owned this product for several weeks now and it works exactly as advertised. There are several important things to me with trash cans:1. Liners – the liners fit perfectly and are very easy to place. I bought the simplehuman liners so i cannot say if generic liners would fit as nicely. But so far i haven’t had a single liner scrunch up or stick out of the lid like a lot of others do. Smell – i put a fresh salmon container – empty except the juices – into the garbage along with cat litter. After two days you could not smell any hint of odor on the outside. But when you opened it up it was atrocious.That’s critical for a good garbage can.

I don’t have a lot of space in my kitchen so my trash can has to be pretty front and center. This is easy on the eyes as far as trash cans go and works great.

At first i was hesitant to spend so much on a trash can, but after considering that this is an item i will use frequently, i decided to invest in it. I love the fact it has a plastic liner and takes regular 13 gallon tall kitchen trash bags. When necessary, the lid can be raised to remain open. It is attractive and compact. It seems to be decent quality. The only thing that might make this better might be small handles on the sides so it is easier to reposition. That said, i am very satisfied with my purchase.

I do like the can quite a bit, but i did not think about the bags on purchase. Logically, it makes sense, but it is not mentioned: normal bags do not fit this can. It requires specially sized bags. (they do tell you that it needs simplehuman size g, but i wrongfully presumed that would be like a regular kitchen size bag or another standard size. I presumed ‘g’ was their designation for said regular size. ) they give you some samples and offer to sell said bags to you.

Really like the original can, this is the second one for us. The first lasted well past the 10 year warranty. The only problem with this can versus the first is that this is narrower and taller. Standard kitchen bags do not reach the bottom, which cause the bag to come off the rim when full. The easy answer is to buy simplehuman kitchen bags which are much more expensive. I remedied that by getting a rubber band that fit snug around the diameter of the inner trash can and attached regular kitchen bag to it. I’ll use this solution until it irritates me too much, then i’ll find another company’s can that fits standard bags.

There are two huge dents on the sides of the trash can that i noticed when it arrived. Other than that, i appreciate the bag of 10 free bags for the trash can.

I needed a good size bin for my sewing room. One that the dogs can’t stick their noses into it or knock over. When i am sewing, i pop the top open and when done, close it. That keeps the critters out of it and making a mess. Simplehuman have great products.

I rarely write amazon reviews. That’s how much i love this trash can. I bought it last year and the price is a bit steep for a trash can but it is the best trash can i’ve ever had in my life. It’s so simple but because of that it works well. Doesn’t get dirty and if it does, it can easily be cleaned. The stainless steel exterior ensures makes it look clean and simple. The foot pedal works well and you can also prop the top open if you need to. If you want a perfect fit, you have to buy their trash bags, but mines worked fine, and the inner lid was also really handy- it helped ensure that nothing got dirty. The trash can is compact and fits into small spaces, but also holds a lot. It has never caused me any problems and is totally worth the investment.

So, i’m 50 years old, and i only felt like a grownup the day this garbage can arrived. It’s a perfect size, it’s attractive, it keeps smells inside, and the lid closes slowly, and shuts with a whisper-quiet sound that is absolutely beautiful. My family thinks i’m crazy to love it so much, but they secretly feel the same way, i can tell.

Nice trash can but the back dimension is kinda bulky, i returned it.

As other reviewers noted, my simplehuman trash can (round 30l) arrived with a large dent in it near the bottom. I was able to push it back out from the inside, but there’s a remnant of dimpling. I like the simplehuman line of trash cans, but get the rectangular version rather than the round; the lid has a longer hinge and opens more smoothly, whereas the round only connects in a small place, so it flips open with a violence and clangs against the wall if you don’t have it pulled out far enough (didn’t have this problem with the rectangular one). I’ve had it for less than a week, so i’ll try to remember to update this after several months of use.

It’s super sleek and elegant as far as trash cans go. It was delivered in good condition and i got no fingerprints on it despite all the handling during unpackaging. The tall kitchen bags i already had fit it just fine. The lid closes slowly and fully even with a regular bag which doesn’t tuck as nicely as their proprietary liners. I registered the s/n online and i got a $5 coupon for a future purchase and i will have access to the 10 year warranty – no need for safekeeping loose pieces of paper. So far i love it and i can’t wait for my other simple human products to arrive.

simplehuman 45 Liter / 12 Gallon Stainless Steel Semi-Round Kitchen Step Trash Can, Mine started making a loud abnoyin squeak after 3 months

The quality of material has gone down since we last purchased a simplehuman trash can. The stainless steel is thinner. As for easy to clean this model does not have a removable inner bin, so it requires a little more effort to clean. Also the lid has a plastic liner, likely will absorb orders more quickly than our last model, which had a full stainless steel lid. Another dislike the lifting rod is on the outside. . Not really highlighted in the photos. If that matters to you, beware.

Excellent quality and finish, and looks great in the kitchen. I knocked off one star despite all that because the bottom line is that the price is ridiculous for a trash can.

So i don’t know about durability. I set it up and so far i love it. It’s beautiful, it seems good quality.

Very expensive for a trash receptacle but made of quality materials compared to less expensive models. Functions smoothly, easy to change bags. It is not necessary to use bags made specifically by company, use generic 15 gallon bags to save money. Probably worth the investment for everyday, long-term use (or get a cheaper one every 5 years).

This thing is well built and super easy to deal with and keep clean. It is kind of an investment, but worth it i think (as long as they keep it under $100).

Mine started making a loud abnoyin squeak after 3 months. Used wd40 for get rid of it. Lets see how long that lasts.

Looks good, fits in a small space.

Key specs for simplehuman 45 Liter / 12 Gallon Stainless Steel Semi-Round Kitchen Step Trash Can with Liner Rim, Brushed Stainless Steel:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 10-YEAR WARRANTY – We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last in tough environments like your home — for years.
  • CODE J CUSTOM FIT LINERS – Enhance your trash experience with extra-strong and durable trash bags that fit this can perfectly for a cleaner trash experience.
  • LINER RIM – Flips down to hide and secure liner.
  • STRONG WIDE STEEL PEDAL – Engineered to last 150,000 steps – that’s more than 20 steps a day for 20 years.
  • SILENT CLOSE LID – Patented lid shox technology controls the motion of the lid for a slow, silent, quiet close – no banging or loud noises.
  • INTERNAL HINGE – Prevents the lid from bumping or scratching the wall.
  • FINGERPRINT-PROOF FINISH – Resists smudges to keep stainless steel shiny.
  • 15.7″W x 14.2″D x 26.4″H – 37.4″ with lid open

Comments from buyers

“Nice sturdy can!, QUALITY TRASHCAN, Great purchase for people with thieving cats!”

This is our second simplehuman trashcan. This is by far the nicest i’ve seen. Stainless is fingerprint resistant, heavy duty and is overall a very quality piece. The first one lasted us 8 years, but the foot pedal stopped working, but i will say with 2 younger kids at the time, i saw how it got stomped on a few times lol. This one does seem better built, and it has a slow close lid which is a bonus. Also came with their version of a 10 pack of trashbags. Bit expensive, but i can’t stand plain white plastic trashcans :).

I needed a step trash can with at lid that was flush with the rest of the can so that my dog couldn’t push the lid open and get inside. I was loathe to spend this much on a trashcan but simplehuman products never disappoint. This is as pretty of a trashcan as one could hope. The top selling point (besides being etta-proof) is that it really has two lids. The lid rests against a larger rim. That rim serves two purposes, to hold down the bag inside and to hold the lid up if you need it to stay open. I love that my bags no longer slip down and allow trash to fall outside. I use just regular 13 gallon bags but it does come with a neat little spot that a box of their proprietary bags will fit in.

Did not love spending 80$ on it, but for something you use all the time it is worth it. It is a great size, we use regular grocery store bought trash bags, 18 gal i think, and they fit perfectly so no need to buy the fancy simple human bags. I love that the lid covers the bag so you dont see the edges of the trash bag sticking out, love the soft close and the large foot pedal. Very easy to clean and looks really nice in the kitchen. Has a 10 year warranty as well so that makes it a little easier spending the $$ on a trash barrel.

It is had to give a 5 star to something i think is priced too high, but i knew that going in. It functions well, and looks great.

This is the best garbage can that i have every seen. The lids slowly closes and does not just slam shut while trying to put food in it. The part that hold the garbage sack in place fits snugly around and seals the sack in place. This is just an awesome can. It fits flat against the wall and has a type of rubber in the back so it does not scratch the wall. It would work on a flat wall or in the corner.

I was a little hesitant to spend this much for a kitchen trash can. But in my kitchen there is nowhere to hide this and so i wanted something that looked cool and integrated with my appliances and overall look. After reading lots of reviews it seemed like the simplehuman brand was getting the best ratings. This is simply the coolest trash receptacle i have ever owned. It looks awesome, is very well constructed and performs flawlessly. The top lid is controlled by a foot pedal and seals to the top very well so that no smells escape. It is very easy to change trash bags and i find that the regular 13 gallon tall kitchen bags you buy at the grocery work just fine. I wouldn’t hesitate to spend a few extra dollars for a trash can that is quite simply the best i have ever owned. I expect it to last for years and years, the quality is simply that good.

Stylish, smooth, and works great. We actually just replaced a ‘touchless’ sensor-based trash can that ate batteries and would open for passing flies.

I bought this trash can because my cat was once a stray who hasn’t ever managed to break the habit of scavenging, though she’s well-fed. She’s also frustratingly smart and managed to defeat all of our ‘cat-proofing’ efforts on our old trash can. The lid of the trash can is flush with the rim, so cats can’t paw it open, and they’d have to be really heavy/strong to trigger the pedal to open it. It’s also quite stable, so pushing it over isn’t an option.

Like the high end look and performance. Dislike being limited to the manufacturer’s trash bags to attain the best fit. Also, the trash can ‘walks’ when using the foot pedal and clangs agains the wall.

I had to replace my original simple human can that lasted about 10+ years. This one seems to be built to only take the simple human can liners. My last one had a hard plastic second insert that allowed any garbage bag. It does look nice and was packaged exceptionally well but i’d like to be able to use the grocery store liners. It also makes a loud pop when you lift up lid to change liner. Not sure about this and there were no directions enclosed with product. I would expect more at this price.

They try to sell you on using their bags exclusively but it works well with any garbage bags you can find. It has the built in bag holder that makes for a clean install of bag.

This product is worth the money we paid for it. But, it is made to accomodate bags specifically designed for it. That said, with a minimal effort you can make standard 13 gallon store bought bags work just fine. They are just not the neat and clean easy fit that the bags the company sells for this product.

Sometimes a trash can isn’t just a trash can. This can is solidly made, well designed, and stands up to constant use. The shape allows it to fit in a space a round or rectangular one would not work in. The lid mechanism is solid and holds up to daily use. The finish wipes clean and stays clean – no finger print issues.

Seriously, this is the only size you should get if you have a busy family that produces a lot of garbage in the kitchen. Don’t even waste (hee hee) any time with another size waste basket.

Bought this for our inlaws at christmas who have been wanting to upgrade from their tiny plastic bin and it was a huge hit. I cannot stand all stainless steel trash cans because they look so sterile and get dirty easily, but the black finish on this is amazingly slick and operates so smooth and silently. I looks killer in their kitchen with black countertops. We also own a simple human trash can (but a different model in all white) which we have had a few years and stands up to two small children.

I was looking for a larger stainless trash can because it seemed we (two adults), were taking the trash out at least every other day with a smaller can. This unit was more expensive, for sure, but it has a 10-year warranty. The lids on our two (smaller) previous stainless trash cans (expensive cans as well) broke after about 5 years. Anyway, there were no instructions needed for putting the lid on, however, once i separated the lid from the lid rim, it felt like if i forced the lid down, i would break something. I researched online and found i just needed to push it down. Once i did, it closed smoothly (with no horrible sound others have experienced with the older models). So far this trash can has been great, and sometimes we go 5 days or more before taking the trash out. It was kind of funny, because my husband kept looking inside seeing a fairly empty can after two days, and would say, ‘dang, i’m going to need muscles to take this out by the time it is full’. However, we usually toss light-weight items into our cans, so that has not been the case. And even though this can holds a lot more (i still use the same size bags) it doesn’t really appear that much bigger than my previous smaller cans.

I needed something that would fit into a smaller space, and able to hold a decent amount of rubbish. This can looks great, the lid moves silently (no hard crash at it lowers), and fits perfectly (out of the way), into a small corner. It is a bit pricier than i wanted to pay, and still not sure it was worth almost $100. But for a rubbish can it is ‘stylish’ :-).

This is the first garbage can i have bought as an adult (i’m 25). I amazed at how ‘expensive’ i thought garbage cans were. This garbage can is a much better quality than anything you can buy at a local supermarket. I definitely prefer the step feature to the automatic open feature. The 16 gallon size holds so much more, and still isn’t too heavy to lift while taking out the trash. Stainless steel material keeps it looking classy and is easy to wipe down.

I’ve had to return others, then i found simplehuman. Extremely well made, bags fit and fill to perfection, opens and closes easily and without a sound. This company does it right and they also give a 10 year warranty. Looks nice and works even better. Thank you simplehuman for putting out quality cans.

Standard 13 gallon bags don’t fit great but they still work ok.

I really like this trash can. After having an automatic lid stainless steel trash can for the last 5 years, i’m happy to move to one without an automatic open (they always break). This can opens with a simple push of the foot (or you can just lift it open) and has a soft close once released. The top surface of the can is stainless steel and when you open it, the round ring that holds the liner in place stays attached. This makes for a very easy liner change. The large opening makes it easy to pull the full bag out. I appreciate so many practical things about this can. It also has a 10 year warranty.

I have a house with many people including kids. This garbage keeps the garbage bag intact with its tight lid grip. So when u throw food down it, the bag doesn’t slide causing food to go outside the garbage bag. I love it’s stainless steel touch and all. They recommend u buy their bags but i didn’t. I have a whole box of garbage bags i bought from costco the 13 gallon bags, and they work just fine. This garbage can is durable, stainless steel and much reliable when it comes to reducing a smelly garbage and food outside of the bag.

Very well made and good looking item. The only thing is that there is no removable plastic liner (unless it’s sold separately and i’m not aware) so if something leaks, your going dumpster diving. Other than that it’s worth every penny.

Rev-A-Shelf – RV-18KD-18C S – Double 35 Qt : Adore these trash bins!!!

I have been looking into options for storing my garbage container and this product fill my needs. I have limited space in my kitchen and being able to place this into an unused cabinet is great. The product comes with two very sturdy garbage cans that can be easily removed so they can be empties. The product came with easy to follow instructions to put it together and i was able to complete the project in just over an hour. The track moves easily in and out of the cabinet. The other aspect of the system that i like is that it has a handle that you grab to pull the containers out of the cabinet. I will be looking into other products made by this company to help me make my kitchen cabinets more useful. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to store their garbage cans within a kitchen cabinet.

We have two large dogs who are so well-behaved you’d almost think they were trained that way. But we all have a dark side, and for these dogs it’s an affinity for the trash receptacle. I tried everything, including an $80 trash can. Alas, these otherwise dim-witted animals can out-think anything with a latch. Often times the dogs forget where the trash is, and when i open and close the drawer for trash and recycle; it flashes in their goldfish-brains for a second only to out-smart them again by completely disappearing into the cabinets. It’s wonderful and keeps me from losing my cool after a long day at work, whining kids, and a terrible commute home only to find the kitchen trash spread across the entire floor. This rarely happens now, unless someone forgets to close the drawer all the way. Edit:those f&^*&^ng dogs can open this now. Still cool aesthetically in the kitchen, but no longer functions for the reason i purchased it.

We just moved into our new home, and i really love it, but i missed my underneath cabinet trash & recycling drawer. I found this and it was here in 2 days. It installed easily and works great, sliding smoothly and fits perfectly. But i knocked off one star because 1) no screws were included and 2) the handle (pictured) was included but there were no instructions for installation, it couldn’t install as shown as the clips were too big, it wouldn’t have fit anyway if i wanted to close the cabinet.

One bigger size and the next size down. I then purchased the door bracket to have one handle for easy access. We’re still in the process of the remodel but it’s coming together. I will buy rev a shelf items in the future.

If you have the cabinet space this is well worth the investment. I didn’t realize it but the garbage cans are nearly twice the size of our previous under the sink can (using the same bags) so now we can empty the garbage every two or three days instead of every day. I love being able to have recyclables right next to the garbage. The mechanism is incredibly sturdy and much higher quality than what’s pictured. The installation was a breeze with no swearing whatsoever. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough.

This was the best addition to my kitchen so far. We have a kitchen that doesn’t have a convenient place for the garbage or recyclables. Prior to installing this, we had a stand up garbage can that kept banging into the cabinets (and 3 kids creates enough damage as it is) and we had a bag on a door knob for the recyclables – what a drag. Now, it’s all in one place, easy to get to and the right size to reduce taking out the trash/recylables enough to not make it an annoyance but also enough to ensure no smell comes out the cabinet 🙂 super easy 4 screw install. Looking forward to our next rev-a-shelf purchase for our super skinny cabinets to finally make them functional too.

Rev-A-Shelf – RV-18KD-18C S – Double 35 Qt. Pull-Out Black and Chrome Waste Container

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Package Contents:(2) Black 35 quart containers with Chrome frame and mounting hardware
  • Minimum Cabinet Opening: Face Frame(W x D x H) – 14-1/2 x 22-1/8 x 19-3/8 inches, Frameless(W x D x H) – 14-1/2 x 22-1/4 x 19-3/8 inches
  • Assembled dimensions: 14.38″ W x 22″ D x 19.25″ H
  • 100lb Full-Extension Ball-Bearing slide system.Width (min to max)14-3/8 inches. Height (min to max) 19-1/4 inches
  • Removable handle
  • Shelf Weight Rating: 100 lbs. per shelf

Why oh why have i not done this sooner????. I cannot tell you how great these are. We kept out trash can in the pantry for the last seven years. I came across these gems and cannot tell you how much i adore the trash being put away. My husband was able to install them with no issue by himself. Do make note the height of the unit. We placed these under our cabinet that houses the sink and didn’t account for the sink drainage pipes. We found two shorter trash bins at a local hardware store, but they aren’t near the quality of the bins that come with this unit.

We had ordered this for under the sink, but it was just slightly too wide. We were able to use in a different cabinet though. So far (a couple months) this has held up well. The cans are slightly smaller than a traditional kitchen can, but it hasn’t been inconvenient. This works very well to keep children or animals out of the garbage or just to keep it out of sight. The cans lift out separately too making emptying easier.

Who knew i’d be excited about my trash cans?. I just installed this so my review will be mostly based on that. I’m a sahm who occasionally likes to prove to my husband that i can do a diy completely on my own. I was able to install this plus the door attachement in one hour with my 12 mo old crawling all over me. It was really easy and made even easier with an electric screwdriver. Instructions were clear and easy to read. They were written by someone who has a complete understanding of the english language and knows how to explain things. My kitchen now feels high end. I’m glad i spent the money on this.

This thing is rock solid and buttery smooth. If you decide you want to add lift-up lids, just make sure you watch the spacing when you install, or the can in the back won’t come out far enough for you to open/close (the lid). I may have made that mistake for all of you in order to save you all the trouble.

It super easy to install, glides nicely, and two cans is a must for a family. The cans are not full sized cans. I’d say they fill a garbage bag to about 70%. I use the rear one for non yucky items so when the front bag is full, i remove the front bag and finish filling the front bag with stuff from the rear. It was a really great purchase. If you don’t have room for a garbage can or just want to have it hidden, this is a great solution.

I have had this unit previously, although with green and white cans. The old unit i had came with lids. I was not aware that this one did not, although that’s not technically the fault of the unit, as the picture does not show lids. This comes with a lifetime warranty, but mine only lasted 3 years. I do have six children who are hard on things, though.

The rev-a-shelf install was ridiculously easy. From unboxing to installation the process took right at 15 minutes. And the bulk of that was removing a shelf from inside the cabinet. The slides are smooth and the unit itself is sturdy once properly secured. The cans seem durable, and hefty cinch sacks 13gal fit well. I’ve got the door kit as well, so that will be the next mini-project. I’m impressed with the design and i’ll update as needed if there are any build quality issues. So far, this is a must-buy for kitchens where a trash can placement in the open would be an issue.

Good product, just as advertised and a great use of cabinet space. Beware that it allows for absolutely zero clearance to accommodate any ‘lip’ on the bottom edge of the installed cabinet. Out cabinets had bout a 1/16′ smaller front than the cabinet interiorand i had to shim the rail assembly up to allow the sliders to clear. No big deal, but seems like the assembly should allow for what, i’m sure, is a very common occurrence. $50-$75 would be a much more reasonable price for what you get, but i knew that when i made the decision to purchase.

I was looking for something to organize my laundry room double doored cabinet. One that was a disaster with odd socks, cleaning rags and hidden odds and ends. The kind of cupboard where you open the doors and stand back because you know something is going to fall at your feet. Not a pleasant admission for a neat freak. It was essential to get organized. These bins serve so many purposes. All told, i now have 4 bins (two double binned pull-outs). One for odd socks, one for dirty laundry, one for rags and now one for garbage, which was previously on the floor next to our dryer. The best part, it’s all hidden but still easily accessible.The bins are heavy duty and the slide outs are very sturdy and slide out smoothly with ease.

Mounted in conjunction with the dm17 door mounting kit. This easily fits inside my 36′ sink cabinet although i use this on the other side from the sink. You obviously cannot mount it under the sink directly for there would be pipes in the way, etc. The screws that mount the back to the cabinet floor. Way too small as other reviews have pointed out. Those 2 screws will be under the most stress when you slide out the rack all the way and perhaps push down on the trash can to cram it down so you don’t have to be the one to empty the bag 🙂 i replaced those back screws with heavy duty cement backerboard scews. The wood will fail before the screws do. I recommend you do the same. Other than that, it went together in minutes.

This product is very well-made. My daughter installed it for me. What a pleasure to have garbage and recycling hidden from view. I should have done this look ago. I’ve bought other rev-a-shelf products to make reaching everything in my cabinets a snap. As a senior citizen, it’s a blessing not to have to kneel or bend to get to stuff.

Rev-A-Shelf – RV-18KD-18C S – Double 35 Qt. Pull-Out Black and Chrome Waste Container : This trash shelf system replaced the bulky trash can we previously had in the kitchen. I thought, for sure, that i would be unhappy with the size, but it has worked out nicely. I take out the trash at about the same frequency as before so no worries there. The advantage is that we save space and the trash is out of sight.

Fits an 18” base cabinet like a charm. With about 1 3/8” clearance from the cabinet carcass sides. Install such that the rubber bumpers on the front are at the same depth as the back surface of the face frame (if you have face frame cabinets). I highly recommend the adapter brackets that allow you to directly attach the door to the pull out. It gives a much more polished look and removes the step of opening the door first before pulling out the bins (and, the potential for causing damage if you try to close the door without pushing the pullout all the way back in).

 speed of delivery ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ quality of the product ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⏰ minus one star because only time will telll. Ease of install ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ minus one star for incomplete directions – and i get it. . Directions are provided for just about everything else, except the final component. . The handle – but incomplete directions, just feel lazy & unprofessional. By the way putting the handle on just requires looking at the photograph and squeezing the “u” shade connector hard enough.

I love this system and can’t believe i waited so long to buy this. It was fairly easy to install (for a tiny person who fits under the counter easily). It slides nicely and feels sturdy even when both cans are full. After a few days of using this, i broke down and ordered the kit that attaches the cabinet door to the front of the sliding rack, so i don’t have to open the door, slide the rack, then close the door. I highly recommend that if you’re installing this. (rev-a-shelf heavy duty door mount kit)the sliding shelf made a huge difference in our small kitchen. No more ugly trash cans sitting out. (and the door mount kit makes it even better, especially when i’m busy and only have 1 free hand.

We purchased this after moving into a new house. We had the home depot brand one at our old house which i also installed. These are cheaper, bigger, and better quality. The bins themselves are thicker than the others. The track is a lot smoother, and the fold down handle makes pulling them out a piece of cake. The old one we had you just pulled on the front bin itself and it would tip out every other time. This handle is a revelation. The most difficult part of our install was removing the built in shelf in the cabinet. But as far as this product, it took less than 15 minutes to assemble and install. We love it and are very happy with our purchase.

Anything rev-a-shelf worth purchasing just redid whole kitchen installed r-a-s in every base cabinet, pantry and slide out for tray over fridge great product.

I needed a sturdy under-cabinet mounted and slide-out trash can holder and since i had previously bought, installed & used a lighter-weight product for 5 years in another house, am pleased to report that this choice was a major improvement over that one. This is a heavy-duty, well-made product that delivers exactly what i wanted: smooth slide action, trash can capacity (at 35 qts that’s the largest plastic can that will fit inside a cabinet in a slider-13 gal. I wanted double cans since i wanted to recycle in one while using the other for more appropriate trash. It came with an extra feature that wasn’t in the sales information or even in the product sheets in the box when it arrived. It came with a 7′ long u-shaped piece of metal with black clips on the ‘horseshoe’ ends and, in spite of having no direction from the installation manual, i clipped it onto the top front rail of the slider metal body frame. It’s a ‘pull-out’ handle for the whole slider that i never had missed or thought of before since no other products i’ve seen have one. After using this for the past two weeks, what a great feature. No more grabbing the edge of the plastic can to pull the whole thing out, sticking your fingers into old garbage and it rotates up or down, as you want to use it, and then sitting flush with the rest of the fixture so you can close the cabinet door. Now that i’ve used one, i’d never do without it.

This little unit brought a year to my eye. It’s poetic curves, strong silent steel and a smooth glide that will leave you feeling weak in the knees. The plastic bins are trusty classics that never fail. They are elegant and mysterious, and everything that one desires of a plastic bin. I can spend hours pulling this out and pushing it back in. The sound it makes is similar to that of a flight atop and eagle with gossamer wings. I also feel like a secret champion because i got a free handle. Oh how i revel in my own personal rose tinted world. I alone posses the only handle amoung the millions of units sold. For as i peered through the amazingly detailed instructions, for which there is no comparison, i did not find a picture nor a mention of this elusive handle.

This is just what i was needing for an under cabinet trash bin. I was tired of seeing my trash can sitting out on my kitchen floor. I wanted a pull out bin but didn’t want to sacrifice the amount of space for trash. Some of the bins on the pull outs are on the small size, not so on this one. And, i love the fact that this one has two good sized bins and still fits in my standard depth cabinet. I am using the front one for all trash and back one for paper only. Standard 13 gal trash bags fit perfectly in the bins. The handle on the front bracket is great, it keeps you from having to touch the garbage bin.

Great and easy to install product. I got tired of having the trash and recycling cans in the pantry. Everything seems to be heavy and solid quality so i’m happy about that. But the reviews led me in the right direction and i’m so glad i bought it. The only thing i worry about is the weight of the cans if we don’t empty it soon enough. But the cans being a little smaller prob help encourage that so whatever. It’s weird to be this excited over a trash can but i am haha.

I love that it comes with 2 trash cans and they fit perfect under my standard single cabinet. It came in a bunch a pieces in an unidentified box with absolutely no instructions for installation. It was a guessing game that took a few trial and errors to get it to work correctly and we’re handy people. It would have installed in a fraction of the time had it just come with some installation directions. I’m not sure where this is really coming from and i didn’t get an open box price if it was already used and returned. Don’t forget to order the door attachment pieces separately if you want the system to slide out when you open the door. These came in a manufacturer’s box with overly detailed instructions.

This pull-out garbage can / recycling bin combo is perfect. It is exactly as advertised – fits perfectly under my sink cabinet. It’s very easy to install – only took about 5 minutes and didn’t even require any measuring. Just connect two pieces, put under your cabinet, and screw in through the 4 holes. I had a similar model from rev-a-shelf in my last apartment and loved it so decided to upgrade to a larger 2-container size and i love it.

Very easy to asemble, fits perfectly in my cabinate. The material seems very durable and the size of the bins are perfect. The bottom rolling part of the frame is very durable and sturdy, slides in and out with ease. Only concern i had while asembling it was regarding the “frame” around the bins holding the bins in place as well as the handle. You just clip/push them together in place. I was worried about it falling off after a while of use and me needing to put it together again. But nothing of the sorts has happened yet. I’ve been using it for a little while now and its fine. Great way to hide your carbage and keep your kitchen looking neat.

Very little assembly required. One only needs to snap in place the upper bars that keep the containers upright. Per the included instructions, you will need a drill to make pilot holes for the screws that anchor the rev-a-shelf. I’m a big guy so it was a bit of a challenge to screw the two rear screws. Please note that this does not come with covers, so when checking the dimensions of your cabinet door opening, be sure to account for the covers (if you plan to use them). Also, if the cabinet is under a drawer that has a handle, make sure that your depth dimension (from the front of the cabinet to back) accounts for pulling the shelf far enough for the flip cover of the rear container to clear any drawer handles. On mine, the back flip cover does hit the handle, but i can’t bring out the rev-a-shelf any further. This is not a knock on the product. That’s just the limitations of my particular kitchen cabinet.

I’ve been wanting to order this for a while, but recently my dogs have taken an interest in my trash can so i decided it was time to do it. I also have recycling that comes each week, but since i didn’t have a separate container i never really leveraged it except for large items. I also ordered the brackets which attach it directly to the cabinet door which i highly recommend, but the rest of the review is about this product specifically. The installation of this item is super simple.I had this installed in the cabinet of desire in less than 15 minutes. It literally might have taken me as long to get the shelf out of the cabinet because of those darn clips than to install this. Upon arrival, the base unit ships in a single piece, and then you just snap the wire frames for the bins into place. I never measured my cabinet, even before ordering. The awesome part about this being a bottom mount piece is the width of the cabinet isn’t all that important as long as it is minimally wide enough. I’m usually pretty anal about measurements and installations being an engineer, but this looked simple enough i just eye-balled it.

Just received this, pulled out a shelf and installed it by myself. The product seems well made. And i love not having a trash can out in the open in my kitchen.

The company installing our kitchen included a unit with a single trash can, from the same company, with our order. We felt it was a waste of space, so we ordered this one, and the mounting brackets to attach the door, so pulling the door pulls out the trash can. The reason for only three stars is that i believe that as far as convenience goes, this is not a complete unit. You absolutely need the mounting brackets.

Let me first comment on the end product: this is a very high quality pull-out waste basket system that is meant to be installed in an open cabinet with either an existing hinged door or an attached door. I had to do a little bit of research on rev-a-shelf. Com to be sure that i was buying the model that fits my cabinet, since the descriptions here on amazon are less than adequate. So be sure to cross-reference the model number with their website to ensure you are buying the right model. Further, i had to do a little research to find a model that can be used to replace my old pull out system with my old cabinet door. Rest assured, the model i am reviewing can be used for exactly that purpose. Be aware because some of the rev-a-shelf models are made only for swing out doors and are not meant to be attached to a door as this model is. Also, although it looks like this model comes with a door, it only includes the inner system itself and it is meant to be attached to an existing cabinet door. It also comes with two very nice trash bins, all packaged neatly and safely together. When all is said and done, this is a very sturdy and attractive set that looks and feels to be of very high quality.

This product, the pull-out sliding rack and garbage containers are great. I also bought the brackets to mount the cabinet door, and they ended up working well, but they were just **barely** able to reach the cabinet door edges. They need to reach the edges because the screws would go all the way through the thinner middle part. 5′ apart, and this was the most you can possibly go. It does work, and this was able to be aligned/adjusted quite flexibly, and it was a great conversion.

I installed this rev-a-shelf along with the door mount kit and the girlfriend approves. Slides very effortlessly, but i did make sure it was all nice and square before securing the 4 mounting screws to the cabinet base. Make sure you visit rev-a-shelfs website and check the part numbers to make sure you get the right size. Most of my 15′ cabinets which fit the 35qt didn’t have room so i had to return this 35qt and use a 12′ cabinet with the 27qt trash can version of this product. One note to installing, dry mount the door kit for your cabinet if you’re using it before securing it. I took this advice from another review and it made it easier. If you install it, then use the door mount, you can’t easily get the right depth. By putting the door mount kit on first and putting it in the middle adjustment depth you can then install the actual slide rails at the perfect depth for when it closes it actually latches in. This way it doesn’t just bump against the cabinet face as a ‘stop’ point. Mine actually catches and hits the rubber slider ends to ‘hold’ the trash cans in right as the cabinet door goes flush to the cabinet face.

Fits perfectly in our 18′ cabinet. I was under the impression this had a soft self close feature like i saw a review on youtube but i was wrong. That was a bit disappointing but i didn’t want to deal with returning it and paying more for one with that feature so i modified mine. 22′ soft close full extension slides can be purchased at home depot for $20. I purchased those and some bolts and mounted them to mine. Now i have the soft close feature and it took me about 30 minutes to modify them. The cage that the cans sit on unscrew and i drilled holes in the new railing and screwed them back to the cage. The mounts which bolt to your cabinet are riveted to the slides. Drilled those out and use a #8 machined screw and nut.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG295700GRAY Plastic Resin Deskside Wastebasket, Nice Blue Color and Recycle Logo.

It is a trash can, it holds my garbage without complaining. I could not ask for more from a rubber bucket.

It fits perfectly under our sink.

I wanted a recycle bin with a giant recycle symbol on the front of it so that guests would know we recycle in this house. I also wanted my recycle bin to fit under the kitchen sink. Since most kitchen sinks feature a garbage disposal situated smack in the middle of the kitchen sink, there’s usually not a lot of room in the cabinets under that sink — especially if you already have a garbage bin in there. I’m happy to say this compact recycle bin is a great size and it fits perfectly under the sink in front of the garbage disposal, meaning i can have both my garbage bin and recycle bin side by side under the sink. This bin is small, but i only end up needing to empty it about every other day. Which is totally worth it that i can get everything out of sight and tucked away neatly.

This can is amazing, it hasn’t melted, or fallen apart. It’s well built, it hasn’t exploded or changed colors. It’s not gotten itself lost. It’s not frozen and needed a reboot. Also, it’s maintained the same gray color that it came with. It has ample power to collect garbage. It works with all iphones and androids. It works with the earth’s gravity to stay on the floor and not float away — strongly recommended.

This looks exactly like the kind of recycle bin you would see used for paper in an office environment, but i’m actually using it as a kitchen recycle bin for cans and bottles. If you go through a lot of recyclables, you might want to consider getting a larger one, but i think this one is right for me. Positives: stylish color and design. Name brand product for a reasonable price. Negatives: too big to use a grocery bag as a liner, but small enough that a 13-gallon bag fits loosely.

Top opening 15 1/2 x 11 1/4 inches and height is 20 inches. It seems to serve it’s purpose well.

4 gallon recycling bin online because i could not find it in stores. I did find the 7 gallon bin at home depot. I had to go thru a bunch of them before i could find one with a decent print of the ‘recycle’ logo. A lot of them were scratched, smeared or had other cosmetic flaws. So if you can find these bins in stores check the print quality. I was lucky as my online purchase, the 3. 4 gallon bin had a nicely done print. I really like the blue color and recycle logo. The logo is printed and not a decal which is applied on only one side.

Key specs for Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG295700GRAY Plastic Resin Deskside Wastebasket, 10 Gallon/41 Quart, Gray:

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  • Space-efficient, economical, and an easy and an effective way to recycle
  • All-plastic construction won’t chip, rust or dent
  • Fits under standard-height desk
  • Great for conference rooms, registers, admissions, display rooms, gift shops, housekeeping, offices, shops, and more
  • Rolled rims add strength, and are easy to clean
  • A solution for home, office, and more
  • Recycling and side bin options available
  • Made in the USA. Material Type – Resin

Comments from buyers

“Does what it says, This can is amazing, it hasn’t melted, Serves it’s purpose well. Dimensions listed bellow.”

Holds trash and recyclables perfectly. Doesn’t need charging or software updates. Works during power outages and inclement weather. If you turn it upside down, you can sit on it in an emergency. Every house should have one.

In 1977 i bought my first house, and promptly went to a local store and bought two rubbermaid wastebaskets, one for the kitchen and one for the basement. I’ve gotten married, moved, and they followed me through the years to my current kitchen and workshop. The one in the workshop got more abuse and cracked a few years ago. The kitchen trash can is kept under the sink and is dragged in and out of its home 2 or more times a day. Finally, 37 years later (), the top edge began cracking from being grabbed by the rim many times daily. Needless to say, i wanted another rubbermaid. I couldn’t find the right size here in town, but this was perfect. It’s exactly the same height and width as the old one, so it fits perfectly under the sink. It seems even more sturdy than the original, and probably costs about the same, which means in 1977 dollars it’s practically free. The color is a little darker than pictured, more like taupe.

It holds things i put in it. Didn’t come to life and try and kill me.

simplehuman 30 litre round step can fingerprint-proof brushed stainless steel –

Features of simplehuman 30 litre round step can fingerprint-proof brushed stainless steel + code G 60 pack liners

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  • Stay-open lid
  • Silent-close lid
  • Slim profile hinge
  • Fingerprint-proof finish
  • Custom fit liners: simplehuman liners are tailored to perfectly fit our cans so they don’t slip and the bag stays completely hidden when the lid is closed
  • Thick double seams: Extra durable plastic and thick double seams prevent rips and tears
  • Convenient drawstring handles: Easy to lift, tie and carry

From the manufacturer

main image

main image

30 liter brushed round step can

The perfect stainless steel trash can

This trash can is the ideal choice for any home’s kitchen with its iconic round shape that fits in corners, against the wall – just about anywhere.

I’m the strong and silent type

This can features a strong steel pedal that is designed to last and specially designed dampers that control the motion of the lid so it closes quietly.

A simple promise

We use one of the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last in tough environments like your home — for years. We stand by our products. If something goes wrong, we do our best to help solve the problem.

  • Code G custom fit liners
  • Silent close lid
  • Strong stainless steel pedal


Iconic round shape

This 30 liter stainless steel round kitchen step trash can is the ideal choice for any home with its iconic round shape that fits in corners, against the wall – just about anywhere.


silent close lid

fingerprint proof

custom fit liner

Strong steel pedal

Go ahead, step on it as much as you want, since the strong wide stainless steel pedal is engineered to last years — and you’ll never have to get your hands dirty.

Lid shox technology

Our stainless steel lids keep it quiet so there’s no banging or loud noise with specially designed dampers that allow the lid to open easily but provide enough resistance so it silently eases down gently.

Fingerprint-proof coating

Our fingerprint-proof coating protects stainless steel from fingerprints and smudges and helps keep the outside of the garbage can looking spotless and shiny.

Custom fit liners

Complete your rubbish experience with our custom fit liners that are designed to stay neatly hidden but more importantly are strong and durable without tearing or leaks.

30 liter round step can 35 liter round step can 30 liter butterfly step can 30 liter touch bar can 30 liter rectangular step can 30 liter classic rectangular step can
Custom fit liner code Code G Code H Code H Code H Code F Code J
Stainless steel finishes Brushed Brushed Brushed Brushed Brushed, rose gold brushed
Protective coating Fingerprint-proof Fingerprint-proof Fingerprint-proof Fingerprint-proof Nano-silver fingerprint-proof Fingerprint-proof
Strong steel pedal
Touch bar
Liner pocket
Dimensions 12.4″W x 15.1″D x 25.6″H 13.3″W x 16.1″D x 26.2″H 10.4″W x 17.6″D x 26″H 13.3″W x 11.4″D x 28″H 15.9″W x 13.3″D x 18.2″H 15.8″W x 12.5″D x 21.7″H

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Stay-open lid

Silent-close lid

Slim profile hinge

Fingerprint-proof finish