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Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG263100GRAY Rubbermaid Commercial Round Brute Container Lid – As usual Amazon sells just about everything

I’m using this as a container garden for tomatoes and it is working out quite well (i bought 6). Drilling drain holes was easy and did not pose a problem for the integrity of the can. The white plastic reflects the hot sun and the 20-gallon capacity gives plenty of room for root development. The integral handles make for easy relocation, even loaded with soil and a huge tomato plant over 7 feet tall. I’ll definitely buy more for other vegetables next growing season. Research currently available on lldpe shows this plastic to be food-safe, and should be chemically stable in the sun.

Love the new design notches that hold the bag. I wanted a tampa bay bucs trash can. I looked all over and could not find one. The decals are 12′ from etsy.

The trash man or someone in the neighborhood absconded with one of my lids. I got tired of pouring rainwater out of the can. This beats drilling holes in a perfectly good can. Fits a ‘brute’ commercial 32gal can perfectly. It also fit an old rubbermaid 32gal (brown) home can. The lid(s) i received were different from the picture. There are two patterns shown for the various colors. The pictured one was flat (this is what i had). The one’s i got are slightly domed with segmented ridges (the other picture).

How much can you love a large blue cycling bin?. How much more can you love it over the standard-size recycling bin?. Our family recycles a lot of material. The city-issued bins were overstuffed and had to be balanced when putting them out. I purchased blue storage bins and labeled them recycling. I wondered if they sold them. Additionally, when they are dumped in the trucks, there is less spillage. Yes, one can love a recycling bin.

My garbage can lid blew away in a windstorm last week. I immediately went online to try to replace it rather than buy a whole new can and lid. While this does not look like my old lid (this one is flat, the other was dome shaped), this does fit and lock in place – so i am very happy.

Item is durable and as described except it does not have the recycling symbol as shown in the picture.

  • As usual Amazon sells just about everything
  • Five Stars for a Trash Barrel?

Features of Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG263100GRAY Rubbermaid Commercial Round Brute Container Lid, Gray, 32G

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  • All-plastic, professional-grade construction will not rust, chip or peel; resists dents. Reinforced rim, and double-ribbed base add strength.
  • Strong, snap-on lids are available for secure, stable stacking.
  • Certified to NSF Std. #2 (gray, white and yellow) and Std. #21 to all colors
  • For Rubbermaid 2632 Brute containers.
  • 22.913 inches long by 22.598 inches wide by 1.5 inches high. 2.058 pounds. Made in the USA.

From the manufacturer

Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Trash Can Garbage Container Recycling Bin Durable Plastic Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Trash Can Recycling Bin Waste Container Plastic Durable Lid Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Trash Can Recycling Bin Waste Container Plastic Durable Lid Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Trash Can Recycling Bin Waste Container Plastic Durable Lid Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Trash Can Recycling Bin Waste Container Plastic Durable Lid Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Trash Can Recycling Bin Waste Container Plastic Durable Lid
Mobility Dollies Commercial Dome Top Lids Cleaning Caddie Bags Cleaning Rim Caddies Outdoor & Multi-surface Dollies Dirt & Concrete Anchor Bases
Description Provides easy mobility and maneuverability when collecting and transporting heavy loads. Built tough with a snap-lock design for a perfect fit. A spring door makes trash disposal easy and separates waste from the outside. Turn your BRUTE container into a cleaning cart with storage and transport for cleaning supplies. Keeps all cleaning supplies at an secure and ergonomic height, for ease of use. BRUTE Outdoor & Multi-surface Dollies are built to easily maneuver over rough terrain for superior handling of heavy loads. Structural foam base plus rust and corrosion resistant steel hardware secure the base to any dirt, sand, grass, or concrete surface.
Compatible BRUTE Sizes: 20G, 32G, 44G, 55G 32G, 44G, 55G 32G, 44G 44G 32G, 44G, 55G 20G, 32G, 44G, 55G

Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Trash Can Recycling Bin Waste Container Plastic Durable Lid Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Trash Can Recycling Bin Waste Container Plastic Durable Lid Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Trash Can Recycling Bin Waste Container Plastic Durable Lid Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Trash Can Recycling Bin Waste Container Plastic Durable Lid Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Trash Can Recycling Bin Waste Container Plastic Durable Lid Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Trash Can Recycling Bin Waste Container Plastic Durable Lid
BRUTE Trash/Recycling Cans & Lids BRUTE Square Containers BRUTE Rollout Trash/Recycling Cans Untouchable Trash/Recycling Systems Slim Jim Trash/Recycling Containers Deskside Recycling/Wastebaskets
Use Space Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Indoor Indoor
Lids Available N/A
Lifting Handles N/A N/A
Bag Removal Venting Channels N/A N/A
Integrated Bag Cinches N/A N/A N/A

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

All-plastic, professional-grade construction will not rust, chip or peel; resists dents.

Strong, snap-on lids are available for secure, stable stacking.

Certified to NSF Std. #2 (gray, white and yellow) and Std.

For Rubbermaid 2632 Brute containers.

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Rubbermaid Commercial Products Rubbermaid Commercial Slim Jim Swing Lid : Takes a licking and keeps on ticking

I bought my 2 recycle cans first because i could not believe the lods were almost twice as much as the cans themselves. Finally gave in and bought these lids they snap on for a snug fit and hold the liner in place. Extremely durable very happy with the purchase. They open easily and also snap shut. Very minimal rounded on top so no water will puddle.

Sits on top of container- does not snap on.

Good quality; my wife and i just didn’t like the way it looked on our new slim jim trash can. It is way too top-heavy to look pleasing, so we sent it back. Your tastes may vary, of course.

Main/1st image for product is not what you actually get. 1st/main & last image shows a lid with swinging doors on both sides. However all of the other images show the product that you will actually get: a lid with a diagonal line insert for paper and a circle hole in the middle of the lines for bottles & cans. Gave 3 stars only because this is the item i really wanted when i was shopping for lids for my blue slim jim recycling container. For the life of me i could not fine a blue colored lid with the diagonal/circle hole combo, but i could find it in every other color available. So by default i elected to go with this blue lid (with dual swinging doors) as a last resort. And for once in my life, i was happy to see the wrong product was delivered. So for everyone else who really wants the lid with two swinging doors, do not buy this product. For everyone who wants the diagonal/circle hole combo lid, this is the product for youcrazy.

Top fits rubbermaid commercial slim jim recycling container with venting channels, plastic, 23 gallons, blue (354007be) to prompt people to put the right items in the bin.

This accessory lid fit perfectly on my slim jim trash can. I appreciate the style and placement that my can fits in my kitchen. It’s tough and will work well for you although i think the flapping opening could jam in a public situation. I needed a large can for a small kitchen and this lid compliments the can it fits. I highly recommend this lid if you want to complete the ultimate combination of can and lid. Update:11/03/17this lid has proven to be everything i needed. Easy to clean, it functions as described and i am very satisfied with its construction. I only noticed jamming when the can is full. Well common sense tells you then to change the bag. I appreciate the usefulness it provides and i do recommend this product.

So i waited to review and after two months of use i can tell you this thing is made for pain. I’ve run in to and knocked it off, i have basically thrown it, in all my gracefulness, while changing the trash and despite having cement floors it hasn’t even flinched. The color has distorted slightly, from the sun or the trash itself, but that is it. So pretty darn pleased with it.

These lids matches the color of our trash cans exactly. They have two doors that fold down when you push on them and pop back up when you remove you hand. They do a good job of hiding what’s inside. Their design is unobtrusive like the rubbermaid slim jim trash bins they are made to fit. The only negative that i can offer is that the doors are plastic and noisy when they close. We’re going to put some clear bumpers on them to dampen the noise. All in all, we are pleased with them.

  • Perfect fit, works perfectly and I like how it looks.
  • Aesthetic & sturdy with minor issues
  • Good lid, maybe best in non kitchen environment.

Rubbermaid Commercial Slim Jim Swing Lid , Black (FFG267360BLA)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Easy access for trash disposal.
  • Swings back to hide refuse from view.
  • Offers 61% more handsfree disposal area than earlier version.
  • Dimensions – 20.5″ * 11.6″ * 5″

Top cracked within three months of use in our kitchen (very light use). That’s ridiculous for something that cost $30+ and is meant for commercial use. Update: i contacted rubbermaid and sent them a picture of the crack and they quickly sent out a new lid at no charge. The crack shouldn’t have happened, but it appears that rubbermaid stands behind their product. I’ll bump them from two to three stars for doing the replacement.

I love this lid for my recycling container. I previously had a stack of 5 open bins. I ordered a new recycling container that this lid goes to and am so happy that most of what i recycle fits through the single-stream opening (meaning that we don’t have to sort our recycling anymore–the garbage company does that. ) it also hides the contents and makes our recycling area inside the house look 100 times better.

Expensive cover for your slim jim trash can. That being said it fits over the can very well when you have a trash bag in the container. Its very sturdy and should last a lifetime. I think this is a better choice than the lids that swing. I saw a lot of bad reviews for the swinging lids, which turned my decision this way. It definitely keep the smell down. I do believe that is was money well spent.

Good quality lid for commercial can, mine came broken and did not close by itself out of the box. I had to take the one side off and noticed the metal rod inside was not locked into place. I snapped it into place and reassembled and works fine now. We run a licensed daycare from our home so i wanted a good constructed trash can with lid to fit in a small spot, this fitsperfectly but on second thought cause of the way the lid opens not the best for the kitchen. Lid requires frequent cleaning from food getting scraped off plates onto it, but is easy to clean.

I ordered two of these for my middle school classroom to help my students quickly and easily identify the correct place to put their recyclables. The lids have made a huge difference. Before the lids, there was as much trash as recycling in the recycle ♻️ bins. Now, i rarely find trash in the recycling. As a bonus, the lid greatly improves the aesthetics of the recycling area.

I ordered two of these for my middle school classroom to help improve the aesthetics of my space and encourage students to place trash in the appropriate location. It has helped in both cases. The lid is generally sturdy. Unfortunately, one of the sides came loose on one and it took several minutes and some creativity to get the metal rods back in place to restore it back to working order. As mentioned in some other reviews, the swinging lid sometimes gets caught on the plastic can liner.

Sturdy and heavier than i expected. Doors get stuck on my bulky trash bag. I tried the smaller trash bag but it was too small. I’ll keep shopping until i find the right size bag for the can. I’m buying two more for my house. We are thinking of buying more for back yard bbq’s.

I’m not sure why the slim jim trash can’s don’t come with lids so i had to order these separately. I put the trash cans in our church kitchen which can end up having stuff in them for multiple days before being emptied so we wanted lids. These snap in and hinge on one side so they can be flipped up each time or just flip them all the way over to leave the container open.

Works great after being used a lot. Only issue is when it arrived, one of the flaps didn’t go back into place after being pushed down. It still doesn’t bounce back up all the time after someone puts trash thru it but it’s only that one flap.

This perfectly fits the rubbermaid slim jim garbage cans found locally. The slit in this lid easily fits all paper products and the circle fits most cans and jars. The hole is not large enough to fit 2 liter bottles but is quite large. I just wish there were markings on the lid with the recycling symbol for those who do not recognize blue as recycling.

I use these for the top of my recycling center bins (slim jims) at home and use a chalk marker to label the top. They go on solidly and allow bag changes over the top as well as clean up easily.

This lid was delivered to us with the “weight” bars loose in the lid flaps – which led to the flaps not closing after items were pushed in the trash. If you flip the lid upside down and you can see two metal bars moving around, they are loose – and need to be pushed to the outer edges of the lid where they will snap into plastic clips molded into the lid flaps. Hope this helps anyone who receives the lid in the condition we did (without the weight bars clipped into position).

This is the lid to my favorite slim line kitchen trash can. The can holds a large outdoor trash bag so i don’t have to take the trash out as often as most people. This lid is very convenient too because it keeps the food hidden and i don’t have to step on a can to open it and wait for the lid to rise up.

It fits the can i have and keeps my guests from mixing recycle and regular trash. I think it is overpriced for what it is but the market for this product is very small and they can charge what they want. Since there are not a ton of options out there i had to go with this product, at least it is a solid useful item.

We purchased a ‘scratch and dent’ copy from amazon warehouse at a considerable discount. The lid is sturdy, sits firmly in place when in use, and is easily removed and re-installed. It sits on top of the trashcan liner, so it must be removed and re-installed with each change of the liner. If your can liner is only a few inches larger than the can, this lid will also hold the liner firmly in place.

The plastic came a little jagged at one location, but it’s on the underside of the lip and i don’t think it will impair the overall function. As many reviewers noted, one of the metal hinge rods on my lid was out of place. After about 20 minutes of trying to get it back in place and only succeeding on one side, i finally used a shower curtain hook to loop through the back and pop the bar in place completely. Any kind of s hook should help you get the pressure you need to pop it back into place. Both sides work as intended now. Definitely would expect better quality when the lid costs as much as it does, but at least it was fixable.

This container is ‘attractive’ as containers go and is very well made. The design is very functional, easy to use and remove contents and cleans easliy. I feel the price is far greater than it should be probably be.

Works well but the spring tension could be higher. We have another rubbermaid commercial lid in a square shape and the resistance is very nice and high which helps keep it closed. This one gets stuck very easily and remains open. For the price i’d expect the tension to be better suited for the task.

Unfortunately both lids came with bars that help lid swing closed dislodged. Did not realize they were even there until one fell out. Had to take lid apart to get bars in place. Disappointing considering the cost of lids. Concerned they will dislodge again after a while. Happened with both black and tan lids purchased.

It makes no sense why the lid for a recycling bin costs more than the can. However, this one works great, i don’t want an opening that bugs can get in so the one’s with a round hole or slot were out. This one hinges and is easy to open and close. Why can’t this be available in blue?.

For the most part, this lid is great. It covers the rubbermaid slim jim garbage cans perfectly. My complaint rests with the flaps not always closing. At times, it gets caught on the garbage bag and at others it seems like the weights aren’t strong enough to close them. A slight tap on the side gets them to close and these garbage cans fit nicely in tight spaces.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Round Bucket, Nice heavy quality

Very so quality , super thick and the handle sturdy.

Nice sturdy bucket, i bought it mainly for cleaning my fish tanks. The one i bought from petco cracked after just a few months. The plastic in this one is nice and thick, no cracks to speak of after months of use. I wish the handle grip was a bit more comfortable but that was easily modified with a roll of med wrap.

Nice sized bucket and heavy duty, should last a long time.

Heavy duty, well worth the price differential over a basic light duty bucket.

Thick plastic but not heavy. It holds up well to daily use.

Large enough but not too heavy when full.

Typical well made product –very recomended.

Key specs for Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Round Bucket, 14 Quart, Red, FG261400RED:

  • Holds 14 quarts.
  • Comes with sturdy handle
  • Includes spout for easy pouring
  • Molded-in graduations
  • Measures 12″ x 11-1/4″

Comments from buyers

“The quality is very evident. Costs more but you get what you pay for., One tough bucket., Nice sturdy bucket”

Perfect size for me, excellent quality.

Nice and sturdy and well formed with pouring spout. Love the comfy plastic grip on the metal handle so it does not hurt my hands to pick it up. Thankfully read many reviews on the cheaper brands and learned they do not hold up. This is strong and i expect it to last a long time.

Strong, sturdy bucket, and the spout was surprisingly useful.

I did not realize plastic buckets could be so substantial. This is a well made product and the best plastic bucket i have ever seen. You will not be disappointed.

Great cleaning bucket for my saltwater tanks.

I have used these buckets for years. In fact, the original ones lasted almost 10 years, until the plastic started to crack. I am really impressed by their construction. Hopefully, these new buckets will last as long. One minor negative: they don’t nest easily.

Great name and a good product. I like it sdo much i bought another one.

🙂 used it on my last camping trip to haul water, and it did the job.

It does the job and is much stronger than your typical ones at a hardware store.

Love this bucket – i use it exclusively for my aquarium water changes. Easy to read measurements inside bucket – gallon and liters.

We use it to collect shower water.

Not like the cheapies that the retail stores sell .

Heavy duty – sturdy handle – should work well for a long time.

Bright fire engine red color. Handle is well balanced to prevent spills and spout pours very evenly. Another terrific product from rubbermaid. I purchased the identical bucket some 15 years ago from another retailer and was glad to see it still being sold here on amazon.

Heavy duty construction with very study handle.

Just the right size for washing windows or the car. Bought for doing vinegar wash on my tile floors.

Those homer buckets tremble in fear when this bucket walks down the hallway.

What’s not to like about a good sturdy bucket that’s red and therefore easy to find.

Good materials and it doesn’t bend when transporting with water. The spout is perfect for easily dumping water.

It is not ‘6 per carton’ – that is an error. But it is a very nice bucket.

We have been using this to fill water buckets in a horse barn. Handle and bucket seem durable, even under below zero weather conditions.

Does what its suppose to do and has a handle that seems like it will last.

This bucket has been a pleasure to work with for about 2 years now. Robust and brute when you need it yet sensitive and precise for chemical mixing. It has stood the test of time tucked away in my chlorine shack where it has faced threats of hurricanes and regular fowl weather with nothing more to show for it then a rusty handle. I was thinking of purchasing another but it has been so good to me i feel i owe it a custom stainless steel handle.

I have the big and small size. I’ve had many lesser buckets, including lesser rubbermaid models, crack or have the handle break but i can’t see that happening with this product as the handle is heavy duty and the plastic is much stronger and of better quality. I have a red-themed garage so i got the red but i think the grey looks perfect with the red handle contrast. That model seems to be back-ordered all the time though.

Thought i was ordering one pail and it turned into 5 pails. My siblings got their christmas presents inside a really nice pail this year.

Carlisle 34103203 Bronco Round Waste Container Only – Nice Durable MultiPurpose Bucket

I used these cans as planters for some larger citrus trees i have been growing for over 5 years now. Drilled holes in the bottom of the cans, filled them with potting soil and added the trees. They work great, lots of room for the them to grow into, the best part is the handles which allow moving them to easier. The cans are heavy duty and are working great. I figured if they are used for garbage then they should be great for a planter.

I would have preferred if it came with a lid.

I was very happy with quality, size, and price. They are the perfect size for container gardening.

This is the 10 gallon bucket that other 10 gallon buckets wish they were. It didn’t have any holes in it. I filled it with water and carried it across a room, and it didn’t burst into flames and disintegrate like my last bucket. But if that does happen, i am immediately coming back to change this review.

It fits perfectly in my coat closet so i can keep my recyclables out of the way (that’s what i bought it for-recyclables). Nice, bright color and standard bags fit just fine. I’m thinking about getting another one for my detached garage. I just love that there are so many fun colors to choose from.

Awesome no one will ever mistake who’s garbage can this is. The box though is about twice the size kind of cool that they do that. But just be ready to come home to a box bigger than the door no matter great product.

This is the most heavy duty container i’ve ever had the pleasure to own. It kept a mother cat and her three babies warm and dry all winter so far. I put a big pet bed and sheepskin inside. Also put a blanket over it to cover doorway, and an umbrella over the top so water would run off to side. These are wild kitties i’m trying to tame or they would be inside. Thank you for keeping my babies cozy.

Holds a lot but is pretty heavy so it’s a little difficult to carry up my steps when taking he garbage out to the curb.

Good construction as i fill all the way to the top with water to mix saltwater for my aquarium.

I use it for baseball, during drills it helps keep the balls off the files and in one place. I’ll have the players put the balls in the can after which rep instead of just throwing it on the ground. It helps with moving the practice faster. Great for storing baseballs after practice.

Trash can comes without lid. I was ok with this i didn’t want the lid anyway. Can is solid heavyweight and can take some bumps and backs around the office. I was looking for a can the i could use 13 gallon trash bags with and this is perfect.

I wanted a barrel without vented sides or latching lids, something big enough to take a big trash bag and effectively hold it so that there isn’t a ton of empty space in the bag when the can fills up. This fits the bill perfectly. The carlisle 34102103 bronco round waste container lid, 20 gal, black will fit it perfectly. Other than that, this is a trash can. The lid seals well if you buy it, and it holds trash/trash bags just fine.

The specs say it is 20′ diameter, but it is actually 19′, and thus too small for my new cyclone dust collecting lid. I have made do with insulating foam but it is annoying. Here are the specifications for the Carlisle 34103203 Bronco Round Waste Container Only:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Sturdy Construction – High-strength plastic walls and double reinforced stress ribs withstand daily use in commercial environments
  • Food Safe – NSF certified for food contact provides a cost-effective alternative to large food prep and storage containers
  • Ergonomic Handles – Integrated Comfort Curve handles offer a comfortable grip while helper handles on the base allow for secure maneuvering for overhead tipping
  • Tight Sealing Lids – Coming in a variety of styles, each lid (sold separately) offers a secure fit to keep odors in and contaminates out

Listing did not show the text on the side of the can which made me uncomfortable. Using for winemaking but after some research the nsf 2 and 21 ratings are good and no worries about the ‘condemned’.

A good height to make lifting bags out easy. The weight is moderate too where it would have a tough time blowing away but its still capable of being lifted. It was also delivered to me in sub zero temperatures and left at my door for hours. The plastic was frozen but did not become brittle. The shipping stickers came off very easily and didn’t leave any sticky areas or remnants of the label which was very nice and unexpected.

This little 10 gal can was the perfect thing for me to use for yard work. I have 80′ pine trees in my yard and they drop a ton of huge pinecones that i have to pick up before mowing the grass. The size of this garbage can makes it perfect to carry and it let’s me make fewer trips to empty it than my much smaller laundry basket i used to use.

I give the container 5 stars, but it came without a lid, so 1-star for that. Lid sold separately for this size?. And when i went back to order the lid, they were out of the same color, so now i have a green bin with a blue lid.

A little bigger than i wanted, but as long as i can fit a kitchen sized garbage bag in it, that’s okay. I keep it in the yard to pick up dog waste.

Like the color selection and priced out fairly.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Different use for the big blue cans
  • A great no frills bucket.
  • Bakers – here is your perfect cake “dome” for protecting a tall cake on a 20″ diameter cake platter

Came with a lid because i was smart enough to read that it didn’t come with one and i needed to order it. Came in a box, unlike another review i read.

Hey, it’s a good quality container that i can throw things in.

I line the container with plastic bags when i gather tree leaves in the yard. Easy to remove bag from container, secure, and put on the curb for garbage pickup.

This is better than any other trash can. Sure it not space server but think about how much more time and money save by using up max space in a trash bag. So i got a 32gal trash can and find my self-buying 39gal trash bag. Anyway, this trash can make so much better dealing with cat littler.

We use this for our kitchen/ living room trash can. We live in an apartment with shared living and kitchen space and found even the bigger trashcans for kitchens were too small. We also needed a lid that would lock and the lid for this trash clips on securely so we don’t have to worry about our pets getting into our trash. Perfect size to fill, we take it out about 2x weekly.

Bought 3 of these to plant tomatoes. I drilled holes in the bottom, filled with soil and planted one tomato plant in each. Chose the white one so the soil stays cool (rather than getting black which would absorb more heat). Love having the handles to move it around if needed.

Perfect price, hard to miss color, very thick plastic.

There’s not too much a person can comment on when it comes to a garbage can other than its durability, whether it’s accurately depicted as advertised, and/or whether there are any problems with its design, composition, etc. With that being said, the price is great, the item is extremely well-made, durable and strong, yet not heavy. I found no problems with my order; hence, when i go to purchase more in the future, it will be these garbage cans which i will purchase.

Just wish the lids were part of the package. You should not have to pay extra for a lid to your trash can.

Heavy duty and a bargain at this price. Bought this for our baseball camp to hold balls.

I bought these for mixing self leveling concrete. I had read that 5 gallon buckets were just a tad too small for a 50 pound bag and i thought this would be better. Very sturdy, love the handles. Way easier to pour with them than the standard 5 gallon bucket with metal handle. The best part – for those of you thinking construction – is that the bottom is perfectly flat. Other trash cans often have ridges that would’ve been difficult to mix concrete in.

Thank you for my itemit was what i need. I truly recommend this seller.

I use them mostly for my yard debris and lawn clippings. They might be a bit too large for the clippings though, as they get very heavy when completely filled. I occasionally use them when we have friends and family over to entertain outside. I drilled a few 1/4′ holes in the bottom to help when i go to pull out a bag a bag in them for the parties.

I bought it for one reason, but it is so nice, durable, and cute that it has become a multipurpose bucket in my kitchen. I will have to buy more for other uses.

It got lost for weeks, which had me sweating bullets, but thankfully, amazon was on top of it. It arrived exactly on the day it was needed. It served as a wedding cake safe – i needed something food-safe and impermeable to put over a 4-tier wedding cake sitting on a 20′ diameter cake board overnight in the reception hall. I hate refrigerating a cake – dries it out – but i don’t want to risk bugs and vermin or stray fingers in the frosting. First, the shipping screw up, and secondly, in my epic search for something that would work, most of the photos and descriptions showed this with a lid and spoke to how you kept the lid from going astray. I never noticed that it had to be purchased separately. But i made do by securely taping the bottom to the table cloth with packing tape, and it did the job.

Nice size for what i needed, very sturdy trash can. It was weird to me that the lid was sold separately but when the lid did arrive (about 4-5 days after the trashcan arrived) the lid had a tight fit and was just what i needed. I needed something for indoors that had a very tight well sealed lid. That is exactly what i gotsturdy and solid, small enough for inside but with the feel of a heavy duty outside trash can. Very happy with this purchasemust add: the only con – that the lid was not included, instead of selling separately, why not adjust the price and send both together. That part was odd to me, and caused me to worry about a proper fit. Glad for a happy outcome of the lid fitting very well.

It is not too large, and not too small. But the best thing is it is very sturdy, and for some reason much more less expensive than other similar heavy-duty trashcans.

Just like i remember the trash cans in school, very sturdy and durable. I will purchase the larger sizes next. These were great to put alongside a crab boil table with a trash bag in them.

Unlike a 55 gallon cantough, rubbery, hard plastic.

This is a very durable trash can. I use it for 1/2 barrels at picnic, fermenting grapes, to name a few. This item was priced right on amazon. All the other sites wanted 20+ dollars more.

Hardware Resources CAN-35GRY Plastic Waste Container – It works just fine

Fits perfectly in small kitchen cabinets too.

Durable construction and great fit.

Very nice waste basket-super great seller.

Heavy weight and very sturdy.

This trash can fits into the wicker trash can i have in the kitchen, and does the job it needs to. It is not overly heavy-duty, but for me and what i put into it, this is a fine plastic waste container.

Perfect size for my under cabinet trashcan.

  • It’s not a perfect replacement to their older green model of the same
  • It works just fine
  • Durable, great quality, fits perfectly under sink

Fits perfect in the space i needed.

This is a tougher quality garbage can than i expected. Just the right height to go under my sink cabinet. Will definitely last a long time.

And comes in several colors for those that are ocd.

Perfect perfect perfect for under the sink.

Smaller bucket to the right is this product. Perfect fit for the space, in wanted a smaller trash bin so i would take out the trash more often. Bigger bucket cane with cabinet, i use it for recycling. Whole in the cabinet i store my extra bags.

Features of Hardware Resources CAN-35GRY Plastic Waste Container, Gray

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • One – 35-Quart Polymer Waste Container
  • 9-7/16″ Width x 14-1/2″ Depth x 18″ Height
  • Constructed of high quality polymer
  • Fits double and single 35qt pull out waste container kits
  • ~ Quick FREE Shipping

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by entering your model number.

It’s not a perfect replacement to their older green model of the same model # but it is satisfactory.

We have been searching for a long time for a specific size waste container for a looong time so that it can fit under the cabinet. We would keep a tape with us to measure the basket size whenever we went to a store. After more than a couple of years i am happy to say that we found the exact match.

It fit our pull out drawer perfectly.

One –

9-7/16″ Width x 14-1/2″ Depth x 18″ Height

Constructed of high quality polymer

Fits double and single 35qt pull out waste container kits

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Rubbermaid Commercial FG295573BLUE Plastic Deskside Recycling Container : Strong, durable and just fit to replace the 10 gallon trash bin

Fits perfectly in the trash can holder that i purchased here: https://www. Com/gp/product/b01ebvnqr2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=utf8&psc=1.

I needed to replace my kitchen trash can but was unwilling to pay the steep prices that are currently being charged for 13 gallon trash cans so i decided to try this one. I was pleasantly surprised as the trashcan did end up being larger than i expected as i really thought it would almost be too small. I would highly recommend this as it is sturdily made and the price is very reasonable.

Rubbermaid Commercial FG295573BLUE Plastic Deskside Recycling Container, Small, 3.4 gallons, Blue (Pack of 12)

  • Make sure this fits
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  • All-plastic construction won’t chip, rust, or dent
  • Fits snugly under standard desk heights
  • Rolled rims add strength
  • Easy to clean
  • Measures 12-1/8″ x 11-1/5″ x 8-1/4″

For the size and durability, this trash can is perfect. I haven’t bought a trash can for a while, and was searching for the perfect one to fit my space and also was a good quality item. I had bought trash cans in the past that were less than this but not by much and were really cheap quality. What i mean by the cheap quality is the mushy,and flimsy feel that when i would try to empty the trash it actually bends. I have emptied this trash can three or four times already and even when it is rather full it still doesn’t lose it’s shape. I highly recommend this trash can, even if it means spending a little more than you would.

I know it probably doesn’t make sense to compare the greatness of a plastic trash can to the great pyramids. But i do expect my trash cans to be almost as great as a bic pen, and they must be much greater than, say, a top notch golf tee or a half chewed pack of bubble yum. This trash can fits that bill perfectly. A 13 gallon hefty pull string bag fits perfectly into the can’s rectangular body. The color of the canister is dull gray, and that kind of reminds you of the dusty sand paint color they put on the pyramids.

I was under the impression this would fit in a standard trash can, not just the recycle under the desk type, i was incorrect. Not really sure what i am going to do with it. Not really worth paying the shipping cost to send it back.

Rubbermaid Commercial FG295573BLUE Plastic Deskside Recycling Container, Small, 3.4 gallons, Blue (Pack of 12) : Although, to be fair, bosses got where they are by not taking trash from no one. So, this product takes trash like a new hire, who probably over-exerts himself to impress a powerless figurehead who’s easily influenced by a trip to the gentlemen’s club. Life ain’t fair, rubbermaid soft molded plastic wastebasket, but at least you’re by my side. Here’s a soiled paper towel.

I have one of these at work and find it so helpful that i got this one for home to use when going through mail. I tear off the mailing label and any order blanks with identifying information on it and put it in the side bin, the remainder of the junk mail goes in the larger trash can. When the small one is full, i take it and shred the items or burn them in our wood stove.

Sturdy as heck and a perfect size for it’s use.

This can is amazing, it hasn’t melted, or fallen apart. It’s well built, it hasn’t exploded or changed colors. It’s not gotten itself lost. It’s not frozen and needed a reboot. Also, it’s maintained the same gray color that it came with. It has ample power to collect garbage. It works with all iphones and androids. It works with the earth’s gravity to stay on the floor and not float away — strongly recommended.

It is a trash can, it holds my garbage without complaining. I could not ask for more from a rubber bucket.

Just what the doctor ordered. We’re using these for recycling heavy glass that bows out most recycling bags. These have the rubbermaid logo embossed on the bottom, so assuming they are genuine rubbermaid commercial waste baskets and will hold up to the test of time. I will amend this review if they don’t. Very happy with this purchaes.

Purchased this to use as a liner for a family size clothing hamper. The hamper needed something inside that could hold wet laundry and that i could easily clean. I placed it inside this hamper lamont home carter family hamper, cappuccinoand it fit well.

In my kitchen, we’ve been using an old paper shredder bin as a trashcan for at least 15 years. A holiday guest using my kitchen observed that the bin was way too small and inefficient, so i bought this trashcan on amazon to replace it. This rubbermaid trash can is rectangular and slim, and takes up less floor space even though it holds way more trash than the old one.

We have composting services through our city. But i didn’t have a great place to store another bin in the kitchen. This hooks into our existing trash can making it easy to sort items into compost. I suggest the glad brand compost bags to fit inside this container.

As a receptacle for refuse, the shape is ideal. Items naturally fall to the bottom and cannot escape. If you prefer to avoid having to hose smelly gunk out of your trashcan periodically, you can use 13 gallon trash bags as a liner, as they fit this apparatus quite well. The material and construction seems durable and resilient. I am quite happy with this investment, and i recommend that if you are in the market for a trash can of approximately this size, you give due consideration to this specific model.

As with most of my reviews, i am again going to reference price. This is not a fancy can, (foot lift lid), and so forth. At this price point, how can you miss?.

Taller than the standard ‘office’ waste basket which is good for making less trips to empty it.

I poked a hole in the lower side to allow air into the basket while i remove a full bag of trash. Otherwise, you may have to pull harder to overcome the vacuum when you remove a bag.

A well-made, ‘made in usa’ product for only $7 (price around 8/20/15). Accommodates a 13 gallon trash bag well. It’s sturdy enough for medium heavy household use. The $10 rubbermaid commercial gallon deskside large trash can doesn’t seem necessary for household use- and it costs $10 and holds slightly less (10 v.

Top opening 15 1/2 x 11 1/4 inches and height is 20 inches. It seems to serve it’s purpose well.

Although i thought i ordered white , oops, i like the color and it was originally meant for my laundry room but it’s such a good color and is really nice i might just switch my bathroom trash can for this one. Very sturdy and is really good pricing considering i bought my white one which does come with a lid for 15$ at dollar general and it’s pretty cheap.

It didn’t bother me that i received a blue version of this, but it might be an issue for someone else. I’m posting this review to let people know that the item shipped to you may not be the same color as the one shown. It’s a trash can, the bags fit it, and most people will probably have the same reaction i did upon receiving it. Well, some people will, so warning issued.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Slim Jim Trash Can Waste Receptacle – The trashcan of my dreams!

Love this trash can and the lid we purchased separately. Expensive, yes but all good trashcans are. (just take a look at simplehuman prices, ick). Everything works great and it fits perfectly in my small trash spot, its just we are having issues finding a bag that fits. The 13 gallon certainly doesn’t fit so i got 20 gallon. Even the 20 gallon doesn’t have a mouth wide enough to go around the top. I’m wondering if its the drawstring kind thats the issue as it doesn’t stretch enough. So we’ll try 30 gallon, but in a 16 gallon trash bin it seems a waste. I wonder if i can find a non drawstring wide mouth 20 gallon?.

Perfect size for under my desk. I needed to keep the dog from getting in my office trash (he likes eating recyclables) and comes up to the top of the underside of my desk, not allowing him to sneak in for a treat.

We bought several of these slim jim containers for recycling different materials. They seem sturdier than they are. One was blown across the lawn into a wall and the corner cracked. For the money, and from the feel of the can, i expected better. Here are the specifications for the Rubbermaid Commercial Products Slim Jim Trash Can Waste Receptacle:

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  • Venting channels make removing liners from the trash can up to 60% easier, improving productivity and reducing the risk of worker injury
  • Four bag cinches secure liners around the rim of the receptacle and create quick, knot-free liner changes
  • Robust handles at the base and rim of the garbage can resist tearing and improve control while lifting and emptying
  • Rib-strengthened rim resists crushing while the step design prevents jamming when nested
  • Crafted of the highest quality commercial-grade materials for superior durability

This slim jim trash can is perfect for a small kitchen. It holds a 30 gallon trash bag perfectly. The brown color looks good with wood floors. The only downside is it does not have a top. Overall a great trash container that doesn’t take up a lot of space and manages to look stylish.

I bought this for a thin cabinet pull out trash can. Still had to trim the edges to fit my thin cabinet. But it is a good quality can and the trash bag comes out easily even when compacted.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Exactly what we needed!
  • Bought two to organize gardening tools
  • Awesome trash can is awesome

If i could rate this 10 stars i would. My kitchen is a glorified closet, actually a glorified closet is like the vast serengeti compared to my kitchen. Not only does this hold a week’s worth of garbage but it’s slim design is perfect. I am so happy that i can open my fridge with a trashcan in my kitchen.

Didn’t notice until i started shopping around for bags that it is really difficult to find bags that are made for this can. I ended up settling on 55 gal bags that do the job, but just don’t seem to work like bags made for the can. Other than that it’s a great trash can.

For a large family who cares more about function than style this is an awesome trashcan. Combined with the lid it has managed to keep the dog and kids from dumpster diving for interesting things. The lid also comes in handy to let you know when it needs to be empty because it will no longer shut. It uses large size trash bags. We buy the clear ones from costco. I love the system for securing the bag and the holes on the bottom that allow for easy removal. With the lid it is only a couple of inches shy of the counter top. At first i didn’t like that fact but now i find it is one of its’ best qualities. It is very easy to remove scraps and trash from food prep without making a big mess.

Have this on my front porch for recyclables. It fits on the side of a bench and holds a lot of coke and beer bottles. I don’t like them amassing in my kitchen so outside the door is a perfect spot. When full i just take the whole thing to the side of my house where the separate bins are and sort. It is heavy duty and i expect it to last quite long.

Rubbermaid trash cans work and last a long time.

So tired of the traditional small kitchen bins that basically fill up every couple of days. This bin holds a 33 gallon trash bag perfectly, with enough overhang to use the built-in cinches on the sides. The venting channels also seem to help the bag slide out more easily. The plastic is also very heavy-duty. This is not the $10 bin you can get at walmart – it’s way better. I chose the grey color, as it’s in the neutral palette for my house.

Bought for work and it hasn’t cracked or anything after being super used.

We replaced a couple large round trash cans with these slim units. They don’t hold as much but they take up a lot less space in the kitchen and the bags aren’t so large and heavy. That said, they hold a surprising amount for the floor space they take up.

Who knew trash cans cost so much?. I must say that i should never have to replace this trash can because it is a very sturdy trash can. It is the perfect size as well. Bags from any store, which fits perfect. I have bought 3 trash cans in the last 5 years that turned out to be utter junk (step pedal trash cans). So in the long run i will be saving money by not having to buy another can. I suggest getting the lid that you place on top of the can that does not swing. The lid is called ‘handle top’ for slim jim trash can. I read a lot of bad reviews on the swinging lids.

Very well construction, heavy duty. I use a regular, hefty, 30 gallon, draw string liner. They are a good fit but, being ’round bags’ they are a little tight over the rectangle trash can. I need to find the correct ‘slim jim’ liners.

This thing is actually pretty nice when you have a larger family. Our kids are younger and we end up with a lot of trash.

We bought it because our little dog kept knocking over every other kitchen waste can we used. The little monster can’t knock this over. Yeait is a great counter height and depth, and bottom heavy enough to keep it really stable. One thing to consider is trash bag options. Since it has a 33′ perimeter opening, we need to buy a pretty large trash bag.

If you live in the country and like to reuse empty feed bags as your trash bags this is the perfect size container. I also like that this is a much heavier plastic than anything you’ll find at wally world or target.

Bought two to organize gardening tools – rakes, hoes, brooms – anything with a long handle. You will need to weight it down but it does the trick and keeps the garage tidy.

Ok for $30 on sale, but definitely not the regular price of almost double that. It should at least come with a basic flat lid that is made of the same material and thickness. I made the mistake of buying the ‘flap’ lid that was cheap quality and $33.

Suncast Commercial TCNLID03BK Slim Trash Can – Quality product!

It’s affordable and matched the side of my fridge perfectly. The swing lid sometimes gets stuck down which is really annoying, but overall a decent product.

Works well and is heavy duty, should last for many years.

Suncast commercial tcnlid01bk slim trash can, double flip lid, black.

  • Excellent performance and function; bumpers recommended
  • These are worth the price!
  • Quality product!

Despite the price, it is exactly the right companion piece to the suncast line of commercial slim trash cans. If you get one of those, you really should also spring the extra 30 or so to get this as well; it is certainly worth it.

Bought one of these trashcans for use in my kitchen and chose this lid style. It’s wonderful, and does a fantastic job keeping odors in the trash can. When the lid closes, the clatter of plastic hitting plastic was a bit much. I bought some small felt bumpers softtouch self-stick 3/8′ furniture felt pads value pack for hard surfaces (84 piece) – oatmeal, round and installed four of them on the inside of the lid where the doors hit. Sound is now muffled and the color matches, too2. Very infrequently, one of the doors gets stuck open. It only takes a moment to give it a little nudge and it pops closed, but it does happen sometimes. Overall, i’m very happy with the function and performance of this lid.

Features of Suncast Commercial TCNLID03BK Slim Trash Can, Paper Recycling Lid, Black

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  • Durable resin constructions
  • Opening allows for both paper and bottle recycle
  • Available in 5 corresponding colors

They are working great as recycle cans for our church.

My kitchen now has an in house recycle bin that matches all my other appliances.

Suncast Commercial BMTCU32W Utility Trash Can 32 gal : am not going to rant and rave over a garbage can. The Suncast can is ideal for the

I’m giving it 4 stars because it doesn’t engage the rolling base very well, but it’s otherwise excellent and high quality.

There is much to recommend this trash can. It is very sturdy and strong, yet relatively lighweight when empty. I sometimes have trouble schlepping a full can to the curb, and often the can itself adds to the weight, but this product is lighter than others and doesn’t unnecessarily add to the load. The handles are colorful and large and make the can easy to move and carry. The contour of the can is good, with indentations to prevent trash bag cling. I live in a cold clime, so the jury is out on how this can’s plastic will perform in winter (some plastics become brittle and crack or break). I will keep an eye on this as the cooler air approaches and will be back to update this review once winter performance has been determined.

Suncast Commercial BMTCU32W Utility Trash Can 32 gal, White

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Easy grab base handle for effortless handling
  • Strengthened base to reduce wear and tear from dragging
  • Air channels allow for easy bag removal
  • Heavy duty construction for durability
  • Drain holes in handles to avoid pooling water
  • Lid sold separately

Incredibly sturdy trash can. I was really impressed by the strength of it when i first felt it. This can requires a lot of pressure to even bend it or effect it in any significant way. By far the strongest can i now have in my house, but not too heavy. In other words, reasonable weight, amazing strength, solid design.

Just perfect for all our fallen leaves.

This review is for the 32 gallon size and lid, that was bought on sale at a local home depot. Very well made, thick plastic, sturdy handles and the base is thicker in order to deal with any scraping. The lid is easy to put on and take off, also water has not yet been able to get in. Can also get a dolly for the base. Got the suncast commercial heavy duty dolly[tcudollyhd fits the base easily, once on this dolly is not going anywhere. ]

Suncast Commercial BMTCU32W Utility Trash Can 32 gal, White : I am not going to rant and rave over a garbage can. The suncast can is ideal for the situationat my home. Four adults can generate a pile of trash if they put their mind to it. Its a well made can,and the color was definitely a major selling point. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

Good trash can, but i wish i didn’t have to pay so much extra for a lid. I would have given it 5 stars if it had a lid.

What can i say about a trash can?. We are happy to have it as our other one was ready for the ‘trash’ can. . Lolwell made and came ready to go,.

I needed a trash can for my potting shed, so decided to try this one to see how well it would do for all of my potting needs. One of the best features is being able to snap the handles in place which holds the trash bag so it is not always falling to the bottom – that is a huge positive for mewhen working in the potting shed, it is nice to be able to simply toss something in the bag and keep working. I use it in the yard for clearing up weeds and limbs from trees. It is very sturdy and easy to move to the trash pick up location – no matter how full it may be. You can purchase a rolling platform to go under it for easier movement from place to place. I recommend this to anyone looking for an everyday outside trash can – really stands up well to heavy usage.

Using for storage of golf clubs and other type items.

Top drawer, does everything i wanted: substantial enough to lean on, fill full, and drag around. I use it in the garden, and would buy again.

A nice heavy duty trash can that fits conveniently in the back of my smaller suv. It holds 2 of our under counter filled trash bags.

This commercial trash can is made of high quality ‘commercial grade’ plastic and it looks and feels like it will last a long time in any environment. As an initial test, the way these are shipped is amazon places a shipping label on the can and sends it off. So it will arrive all scratched and dirty. Fortunately, it cleaned up ok and it only looks semi used instead of completely damaged. Not great if you want to use this in a really nice shop or lab. Another bummer is although the price is pretty good for this can, the will have to cough up more than $20 if you want a lid, and at least $40 for the optional dolly wheels. Still, for under $100 total it’s a long lasting trash can that should last many years. The red handles are interesting and the design is a little more unique than the standard large trash can if that matters to you. It does have a smaller bottom part which is meant to hook into the dolly, and because of that it can tip over more easily than a traditional rubbermaid style can. While i wasn’t impressed with the shipping method, it’s somewhat understandable considering the size.

Great product , i would buy again.

This is a nice, sturdy commercial grade trash can. Since it did not come with a lid (i knocked a star off for this because it seems ridiculous not to include it) or wheels we are using it to store shipping peanuts in our ebay packing room. It is nice and the red handles are ergonomic and certainly aid in hoisting the can (for the garbage collection). There are also slots at the bottom that further assist in hoisting and leveraging the can. Comparing it to the commercial grade rubbermaid brute is comparable rubbermaid commercial fg263200gray brute heavy-duty waste/utility container (vented, 32-gallon, gray) – but they don’t include the lid or wheels either. I do like the colored handles of the suncast, if trash cans can have an aesthetic quality – there it is with the colored handles. Nice can, functional – it does what it needs to. To do it better, purchase the lid and wheels along with it.

There are several things i like about this trash can. One the handles are comfortable to grip and make the can easy to lift and the can weighs less than 10 pounds on its own. There are holes in the bottom of the can that allows for vent but also make removing a full bag easier. While the can doesn’t come with a lid, you can buy a lid separately. The can is made of a thick plastic and i haven’t had an issues with the can. The bags fit securely over the rim of the can and i have not had the bags falling in on the can like i have with some other cans. Overall, the can lives up to its purpose and is utility can that can be used for multiple purposes. The can arrived clean inside so you can feel comfortable using it inside your house or outside. I would recommend getting the matching lid if you are going to use it outside.

This task can is heavyweight and hopefully the garbage men won’t crush it as they did my last trash can, from the store (cheap).

This is a cylindrical bin with practical features. It is made of sturdy material and it is comfortable to lift. You can buy it incrementally, meaning you can have as much or as little of it as you want. If you want the wheels and the lid, buy the whole package, but if you just need a standing bin without a lid, then you are not stuck with the unneeded parts lingering in your garage for years. I did not much care for the shipping method. The bin arrived a little dirty with torn labels stuck to it. I didn’t think i would have to wash the bin and soak off the labels on arrival. I would have preferred if the bin had arrived in a nicer condition. So, i would say, if i needed a bin and there is a hardware store nearby i would rather go there to get a bin.

People are complaining about there not being a lid, well read the description as it clearly states it doesn’t come with a lid like duhhh. People learn how to read before umorder something and then complain about it because u didn’t read it properly.

It’s large and made of thick plastic. We recycle religiously, and also have our kids in 4h, our kids raise funds by recycling aluminum cans and this behemoth container holds a lot.

simplehuman Under-Counter Pull-Out Trash Can : They stand behind their product

We’ve been using it for over a year now and it still works just like new. We have 2 kids in the house who pull it open, dump heavy things into it, and slam it shut multiple times a day, and it is still perfect. It was easy to install also. It’s so nice to find a product that is actually of good quality – so many things sold nowadays are just junk. Highly recommend**update: it’s been 4 years, and this is just as sturdy now as the day i installed it. My kids abuse it, i bang plates against it to clean them off, and it’s been an absolute champ. There are so few products of quality made nowadays, and this is a rare one of them.

Solid, moves well, doesn’t require ginger treatment. I don’t want to have to worry about breaking a trash can. You’ll install this trash can (which was easy for me, someone who’s been called “handy” but not by any means an expert with a screwdriver), you’ll slide it in and out to throw things away, and because of how sturdy it feels, you won’t ever have to be ginger with the thing. (not saying to test how much abuse it can take, everything has it’s limits, but the quality of this product’s rails are apparent). If you need an under-the-counter trash can and want to just get a quality one that’ll be around for many years, rather than spending less for multiple trashes you’ll have to. Trash, you can do worse than this one.

The right size and easy to install. This thing high quality, the right size and easy to install. Take your time to ensure basket can be pulled complete out. We had to put ours in at an angle due to design of counter.

For some reason screws would go into. For some reason screws would go into the area where i wanted to install it so i used 3m mounting tape and it works well. Also, i didn’t think i would get suckered into this but it came with a trial pack of the perfect fit liners and i have to say i’m hooked. Great item to help in a small apartment.

  • Very smooth and easy to install
  • I have two of these for years in my old house; bought a new one when I moved to a new house.
  • Slick under-cabinet trash system

simplehuman Under-Counter Pull-Out Trash Can, Commercial Grade, 30 L / 8 Gal

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Glides out smoothly on commercial-grade ball-bearing tracks
  • Extends out up to 3 feet for easy access
  • Easy to install
  • 5-year warranty
  • Available custom fit liners for a perfect fit – Code K

The best kitchen accessory you’ll never see. This purchase is my 6th simplehuman purchase from amazon, and i couldn’t be happier. It is solidly built, and comes with easy-to-read instructions. This kind of quality doesn’t come cheaply, but it is well worth the price. If the directions are followed precisely, the mounting position of the frame will accommodate easy removal of the trash container. Simplehuman is all about efficiency – in design, as well as instruction. I would recommend this product to all those who like their kitchens uncluttered and classic. I’ve found that you never see trash containers displayed in the most stylish kitchens.

This slide out trash can is fantastic. This slide out trash can is fantastic. Totally durable, sized exactly as stated and functions perfectly. I was a bit concerned because the interior of my cabinet is slightly lower than the frame, and i was afraid it might hit the edge as i pulled it out. The design allows for at least 1/4 inch of space between the bottom frame and the sliding frame, if not more. It’s sturdy, simple and super easy to install, with only 8 screws drilled straight down into your cabinet floor. I loved it so much, i immediately ordered a second one to install as a recycling bin. I’ve purchased another pullout can from lowe’s, and it was extremely awkward to install, did not slide smoothly and was nearly impossible to get the can itself out of the cabinet without scraping the wood.

I never thought i’d say these words: i love this trash can. I use regular 13 gal trash bags in it, they work just fine. I keep my trash can in a cabinet to keep the dogs out of it, so i would have to pull the trash can forward to put larger items in the trash. I didn’t think the arm/bracket thing it slides on would make such a big difference, but it really makes the trash can less cumbersome to deal with. It’s such a simple little thing, but it really is just better to have this trash can than one without the arm.

Strong, thick and sturdy materials. Bought this trash can setup for a neighbor that i was helping out. The quality of the roller bearings are really good. The unit rolls smooth and is quiet. I was a bit concerned that the metal housing around the trash can was going to be thin and cheap but when it arrived it was actually a thick and sturdy setup. It came all assembled and i only had to screw it into the bottom of the cabinet (with the supplied 8 screws) and it was good to go. It even comes with a 10pack of bags. The plastic trash can is very sturdy and not thin plastic. For the price of this setup compared to others its a great value and i see it lasting a long time.

Slick under-cabinet trash system. This product is pretty great. Of course, as the other review suggest, make sure to measure the space so you have enough room for the trash can. We did and installation was a snap. We had to remove a similar system that involved a mounted base in the floor of the cabinet and the wire basket slid off and on of that mounted base. Needless to say, the wire basket finally broke after being slid in/out for years. I was optimistic this item would be a good replacement and even an upgrade compared to what we used to have. Simplehuman did not disappoint. The track system is smooth and so far does not catch. I like that there is an actual trash can vs my old one was just a wire basket you put a trash bag in and the trash inside always got caught on the basket when removing. The thing i love the most is the special sized trash bags that came with the system. They are specially designed to fit the trash can.

If you have an empty cabinet, this is perfect. It’s incredibly heavy weight, easy to install, rolls in and out really smoothly, and best of all. You can get rid of the trash can.

Great design and functional. . Rolls out to take the trash bag out.

Strong, thick and sturdy materials. Bought this trash can setup for a neighbor that i was helping out. The quality of the roller bearings are really good. The unit rolls smooth and is quiet. I was a bit concerned that the metal housing around the trash can was going to be thin and cheap but when it arrived it was actually a thick and sturdy setup. It came all assembled and i only had to screw it into the bottom of the cabinet (with the supplied 8 screws) and it was good to go. It even comes with a 10pack of bags. The plastic trash can is very sturdy and not thin plastic. For the price of this setup compared to others its a great value and i see it lasting a long time.

Simply love this new pullout trash can. I had the cabinet company install a pull out can and they installed a rev-a-shelf brand 2 bin unit that barely fit into the opening. It was unwieldy and i did not need two smaller sized bins. So i purchased this one from amazon and absolutely love it. It was very easy to install with only 8 screws into the base of the slide mechanism. I love the looks and the build quality is outstanding. There is even a curved pull out handle on the front. I really puts all the others that i’ve seen to shame. Simple human is a good brand.

I never thought i’d say these words: i love this trash can. I use regular 13 gal trash bags in it, they work just fine. I keep my trash can in a cabinet to keep the dogs out of it, so i would have to pull the trash can forward to put larger items in the trash. I didn’t think the arm/bracket thing it slides on would make such a big difference, but it really makes the trash can less cumbersome to deal with. It’s such a simple little thing, but it really is just better to have this trash can than one without the arm.

I found this trash can after realizing my cabinet maker wasn’t able to include a slide out trash can. Somehow this was lost in the. We assumed for quite awhile we wouldn’t be able to get a slide out trash can because of our cabinet maker’s advice, but i was so tired of having a trash can out in the kitchen that we looked again and found this. It fits in a very small area, but holds a large kitchen trash bag very nicely. It slides in and out smoothly no matter how much i put in it, which is often quite heavy. Installation was great, really straight forward. I do recommend you pull it out and consider taking the can in and out after it is installed. I almost installed it too far back and would have had to redo it.

I found this trash can after realizing my cabinet maker wasn’t able to include a slide out trash can. Somehow this was lost in the. We assumed for quite awhile we wouldn’t be able to get a slide out trash can because of our cabinet maker’s advice, but i was so tired of having a trash can out in the kitchen that we looked again and found this. It fits in a very small area, but holds a large kitchen trash bag very nicely. It slides in and out smoothly no matter how much i put in it, which is often quite heavy. Installation was great, really straight forward. I do recommend you pull it out and consider taking the can in and out after it is installed. I almost installed it too far back and would have had to redo it.

I have an old house with narrow (almost useless) lower cabinets. This fit perfectly into one of the cabinets. It was easy to install and works great.

Easy to install, looks nice, smooth track. It only took me 10 minutes to install under the sink. I didn’t bother removing the frame from the slider prior to installation. It seemed like an unnecessary step. For comparison, we had installed the rev-a-shelf – rv-18kd-18c s – double 35 qt. Pull-out black and chrome waste container at our previous home. The simple human version is significantly easier to install as the screw holes are easier to reach and the frame is all one piece. If you’re trying to decide between the two, go with the simple human. The trash can comes with a trial pack of 10 k liners. However, our standard kitchen-size bags fit just fine.

We had a place under our counter where a pair of ‘under-counter pull out trash can’ resided. One for trash and one for recycling refuse. The units were worn out and falling apart. The simplehuman product was a perfect replacement and they operate perfectly. My wife even mentioned after a couple of weeks that she really liked the product. It operates easily and smoothly. We now hope for long life of carefree operation.

Very smooth and easy to install. Very smooth operation and easy to install. The roller bearings are well greased and the installation was about as smooth as could be expected. The one suggestion i might make is to have hardware to allow for the cabinet door to be mounted to the frame. I drilled some holes in the steel frame so i could screw the cabinet door to it so you just pull the knob and the trash comes out with the door in one simple operation. Since the pull handle and the lower cross brace are not vertically aligned, i needed to put in some spacers on the lower mount on the cross brace to make the door even. If they had included mounting hardware for that, it would be worth a few extra bucks and make it perfect.

Simplehuman under-counter pull-out-trash can. Can’t believe how easy it was to install, my sister screwed all screws on the bottom of my sink cabinet. Doesn’t take a handyman to do the job. So happy finally got rid of my trash can in the kitchen floor.

Simplehuman under-counter pull-out-trash can. Can’t believe how easy it was to install, my sister screwed all screws on the bottom of my sink cabinet. Doesn’t take a handyman to do the job. So happy finally got rid of my trash can in the kitchen floor.