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Outdoor Trash Cans

Keter 237924 Rockford Duotech Outdoor Plastic Resin Trash Can – Easy to assemble, sturdy, and a great addition to a patio or pool deck

Looks great just a fantastic looking great addition to my yard.

Well made, very sturdy, looks classy.

Unlike many of the keter products, this one uses screws to assemble it but they are simple to install. There are 16 total screws: 8 on the top and 8 on the bottom- two for each side. There are 6 ‘pieces’, 4 panels, a top, and a bottom. You start by placing the l-shaped panels in the bottom, then adding the top and then adding the screws. I had the black version of this too but it does not look as nice as this one. The panels look like grey wood or maybe a concrete with a black top and bottom. It will hold a 30-33 gallon bags nicely and if it leaks, there is a slide out tray on the bottom but i don’t expect this to get much use. The only problem with this can is the latch. (see my photos) the latch for the lid is on top of the latch for the liner. It’s just too easy to grab the wrong one. This will not be a problem if you are the only one using the receptacle but if you have guests, i guarantee they will open it incorrectly and a semi full liner will fall in.

This garbage can had three features that i like. First, i like that there is a sealed pull out tray in the bottom that would hold a decent amount of fluid in the event that a bag was punctured. On a nice deck or nice flooring, this is important to avoid a mess. Second, i like the two part lid that allows me to put the bag in over the inner portion, separate from the snap lid for opening to place trash. Third, i like that you can pull out the garbage bag without hooking onto the edges. I am not happy with the fact you have to assemble this and that it is not very large, but it does say it is only 30 gallon. A standard 30 gallon trash bag is about perfect in height and fits pretty tight around the edges of the inside bin.

This keter trash can was much simpler to assemble than the two outdoor rubbermaid trash cans i bought and assembled. Simply slide and snap the 4 corner pieces onto the base, snap on the top, install the screws and it’s ready to go. I definitely appreciate the smooth interior on these keter trash cans, the other trash cans had sharp edges which ripped my trash bags causing huge messes. 5 stars to keter who also makes very sturdy deck boxes.I intended to use this keter deck box by the front door, however my fiancé decided it’s perfect for inside the camper, our friends loved using it outside the camper at night to keep the critters out of the trash during meals then we set it back inside the camper at night. I appreciated it was easy to move in and out of the camper, as needed :).

This item comes in a few pieces that you need to put together. It will take you probably 15-20 minutes. Its just the top and bottom and 4 sides and then some screws to hold it all together. Once its setup, the size is nice for your deck or porch etc. Its got a lid that pops off so you can fasten the trash bag around it and then you put on the pop up cover lid to secure it. The lid has a clip lock that keeps anything from getting it open. The light grey and black color is really nice (doesn’t match my deck our house but i don’t care). Its sturdy so if its up against a wall or in a corner i doubt it will tip over. If you leave it in the open, yes probably if there’s a storm. There’s a drip pan that slides out from the bottom for easy cleaning with a hose.

  • No more raccoons!
  • Serves the purpose
  • One Nice (and Expensive) Trash Can!

This trash can looks great and it was extremely easy and quick to assemble (it took me approximately 10-minutes). I really like that the sides are reinforced with screws so that they do not pop apart with expansion or contraction due to heat/freezing temperatures. I used a handheld screwdriver for assembly. The photos on amazon are a true representation of what this product looks like. Regular black 30-39 gallon trash bags will fit fine. The slide-out tray at the bottom was a very nice touch that none of my prior trash cans had. You can easily pull out this slide-out tray to clean up leakage. When the lid is closed it is completely water tight and also prevents wasp from nesting inside. Although not heavy, it is also not so lightweight that it is blown around with modest winds. My prior outdoor trash cans were suncast and i believe that the keter brand is far superior (the plastic is thicker, looks more attractive and has more features).

Nice and heavy duty trash can. I know other reviewers were not happy with the snap down lid closure, but i think it’s a plus. Living in a very windy place and with this being a trash can we will use under our gazebo, it is a good feature that keeps the trash from getting blown out of it. This is a little smaller than expected, but will look very nice on a gazebo porch. I like that the trash liner stays in place and is locked down by the lid closure. I deducted a star due to the fact that the trash can is not as big as i was expecting.

We made, exactly what we were looking for our new deck project. Sturdy and attractive trash bin.

The can looks good and wasn’t too difficult to assemble with a cordless screwdriver. The slide out tray is a nice touch and you can stash a few bags in it if you’re not putting leaky stuff in the trash. The exterior is rough, gray and weathered. Looks just like an older trex deck to me. It hasn’t blown over yet and the top has stayed closed. I have pinched myself a couple times though.

Could be a little more heavy duty.

Features of Keter 237924 Rockford Duotech Outdoor Plastic Resin Trash Can, Grey

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  • Dimensions: 16.14 in. L x 16.14 in. W x 34.4 in. H
  • Uses 30-39 gallon trash bags
  • Constructed using duotech, a highly durable resin
  • Convenient plastic fluid tray for easy cleanup
  • Stays shut even when accidentally overturned
  • Double lid enclosure to HID trash bags

From the manufacturer

keter duotech

keter rockford duotech trash can with lid

Keter Rockford

duotech best to build on by keter

Duotech is
  • Easy to modify
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to assembly
  • Has a natural wood look & feel

Keter’s Rockford Trash Can

Made with Duotech

Give your patio or deck the love it needs- keep it looking clean and tidy with new and attractive outdoor waste bin by Keter! Other outdoor trash cans look unattractive and bulky, to say the least, and when they accidentally overturn you are left with broken latches and a fresh mess, inviting pests to your next party. You will not have to worry about that with this outdoor waste bin.

  • Dimensions: 16.14 in. L x 16.14 in. W x 34.4 in. H
  • Uses 30-39 gallon trash bags

keter rockford duotech outdoor trash can with latchable lid

keter rockford duotech outdoor trash can with drip pan fluid drawer

keter rockford duotech outdoor trash can is paintable to match exterior

keter rockford duotech outdoor trash can with attractive texture

Double Lid Enclosure

While the sleek double lid hides the bag inside, it is also keeping the bin shut when completely overturned – keeping your trash secure.

Fluid Tray

Features a dedicated easy-to-remove fluid drawer that makes cleaning the unit as easy as pie.

Paintable for Customization

Accepts outdoor paints so it may be painted to match your house, furniture, or painted just to add a touch of color to your outdoor space.

Natural Wood Look

This bin has a natural wood look and feel, and with its double wall construction, it features the durability you’ve come to expect from Keter products.

Rockford Trash Can Baltimore Trash Can Pacific Trash Can Copenhagen Trash Can
Dimensions 16.14 in. L x 16.14 in. W x 34.4 in. H 16.14 in. L x 16.14 in. W x 34.4 in. H 15 in. W x 15 in. D x 33.3 in. H 15 in. W x 15 in. D x 33.3 in. H
Trash Bag Size Uses 30-39 gal. trash bags Uses 30-39 gal. trash bags Uses 30-39 gal. trash bags Uses 30-39 gal. trash bags
Construction Polypropylene Resin with Duotech Polypropylene Resin Polypropylene Resin Polypropylene Resin
Drip Pan
Removable Liner
Will Never Fade, Rot, Warp or Dent

about keter

Welcome to Keter

The underlying premise behind every Keter product is to improve our customers’ daily lives. Whether it is saving you time, helping you to effectively solve a storage problem or provide a solution to meet a common need, Keter works tirelessly to create one of the best products to make your life better.

Built with style and relaxation in mind, Keter’s whole line is the right addition to any space. All pieces have an attractive natural finish and texture, and are made out of durable, UV protected, weather-resistant resin that won’t rust, peel, rot or decay, making them virtually maintenance-free. In addition, Keter’s Furniture is a breeze to assemble, coming together quickly without the use of extra tools.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The keter rockford duotech outdoor trash can is an odd duck of a product, at least for my household, and more specifically when it comes time to review. When i first received this trashcan and assembled it i was sort of scratching my head about what the big deal is, or maybe better stated, why this is such an expensive trash can. Sure this trashcan is pretty nice, made from some heavyweight resin material, and includes nice touches like the sliding drip tray but at the end of the day, it’s just a trashcan. Then i realized this trashcan really isn’t for me – at least it’s not something i would typically purchase for my home. I think this is a trashcan for folks who keep such an item in highly visible areas such as on a deck or porch and you want something a bit nicer than whatever was on sale from your local big-box store. In our household, our garbage can is kept hidden away in a corner well out of sight and mostly out of mind. Okay, all that to say that this trashcan really isn’t something i’d buy, however, if you’re in a situation like what i described above and have a trashcan in a highly visible area then the keter rockford might just work for you. In the month or so we’ve been using the trashcan, we’ve had absolutely zero problems with it. It performs well as a lined trash can or just holding sealed (full) trash bags awaiting trash day. The lid works well, though with it being plastic i’m wondering how long that will remain true.

Love the size, for our household of 6. And it’s sleek and looks great in the kitchen.

Looks very nice and seems very durable. 80 dollars for a trash can is ridiculous though.

This square outdoor trash can comes in a box ready to assemble. It just requires a phillips screwdriver and about 5 minutes, and instructions are clear and easy to understand. The box came packaged inside of another box and was in perfect condition when opened. Once assembled, you just put a trash can liner inside and close the top lid. A second smaller lid opens to put trash inside, and the outer lid hides the trash bag and it has a really clean look. There is a removable tray at the bottom for any fluids that leak. The trash can is nice and heavy and won’t blow away with strong winds. The top lid snaps closed so if it gets knocked over, it stays shut. I got the rockford color which is a grey and matches my grey trex decking very well. I really like the square shape, it maximizes how much trash it can hold while also easily fitting into corners or against a wall.

 this is large, but sleek and attractive. Very easy to put this together, it will come shipped in flat sections. You will need to screw in a few screws. I am using hefty 33 gal trash bags in this and they work great. Has a little slot you can run the excess bag into to keep the bag securly around the rim. Has a secure snap down lid, will not blow off in winds. Has a slide out bottom tray, sorta like a toaster does, that comes all the way out for cleaning and spraying with disinfectant and odor control sprays. Cant say enough about it, truly a quality, attractive product.

This is a more expensive outdoor trash can than some of the other brands, but it shows. I have a cheaper $30 ish outdoor trash can and it is a cheaper, thinner plastic. This one is constructed of a nice thick plastic, which is secured together by sliding joints and several screws. It actually feels sturdy enough, that i intend to use it as a garbage can to put my scrap wood in as i’m woodworking. I placed a 32 gallon contractors garbage bag in mine, and i have had no issues with the bag slipping. My only complaint is that the bag will show. If i had a smaller bag, it might be possible to hide it. The texture is a bit strange. It pretty much feels like a scraped plastic texture. I wasn’t a huge fan of the feel when i was putting it together, but that’s only cosmetic.

Dimensions: 16.14 in. L x 16.14 in. W x 34.4 in.

It took 15 minutes to assemble and there wasn’t one tricky thing about it. The screws went in easily with a manual screwdriver. If you use a powered screwdriver, you’ll likely cut even more time off as you put it together. This is a sturdy receptacle and heavy enough that it doesn’t get blown over by the stiff winds we often experience on summer afternoons. We happened to have a sudden microburst type of storm just the other day and the bin didn’t budge at all. The drawer on the bottom is a good idea if you have guests who throw liquids in your trash. The drawer fits snugly enough so that i’m not concerned it will attract wasps, which we tend to have in that part of our yard. I particularly like the way the lid is designed to ensure that the bag is secured and won’t slide down inside the receptacle. I’m currently using 30-gallon bags and they work fine.

General satisfied with product, but surprised for exterior product that it comes with steel screws rather than stainless. On my coastal location before assembled changed out screws to stainless.

I was a little skeptical pulling this out the box, it seemed cheap and flimsy, but boy did it fit together well. I currently own 2 suncast, and this can is superior in a few ways. It is larger, looks better, and eliminates the issues i have with my suncast, but also has its own. With the suncast, the interior was jagged, so if the bin was too full, it would rip the bag when pulled out, the interior is smooth on the keter, bags will slide right out. Also with the suncast, if food got to the bottom of the bin somehow, ants would get into it, and it was hard to get in there and scrub. With the removable base, it eliminates this issue. My biggest issue is the lids, the outer lid it has a weird opening latch, it needs to be simplified and the inner lid does not stay closed unless you have a lot of extra bag tied into the groove, not 100% sure if i received a defective lid, or this is normal, but it appears to be normal. Deducted 2 stars for the lid, its a major issue.

This trash can was easy to assemble and looks very nice on our back patio. I feel like our outdoor accommodations are more polished now for guests. This arrives flat-packed and assembles quite easily. It is a matter of sliding the sides into place onto the base, placing the top on, and screwing a few screws in. There is a drip tray, which is a very nice addition. The trash can takes large 30-39 gallon trash bags. We found the perfect green 33 gallon trash bags at ikea for this trash can. It looks great on our back patio, it works, it functions well, it was easy to put together. All things considered, i couldn’t be happier with this outdoor trash can.

The grey keter rockford duotech outdoor plastic resin trash can keeps your yard, deck, or garage looking spiffy. The clean lines present a tidy appearance. It comes disassembled in a somewhat compact, if tall, box. Mine arrived damage-free and was easier to assemble than i expected. The four duotech panels feel quite substantial, yet bend easily when inserting them into the base and locking them together. You can even paint them to keep with a theme. The most difficult part was getting my large drill inside to secure the lid and base with the 16 included screws. Once together, it feels quite solid. The lid snaps down to keep the contents securely inside and the elements and critters out. The latch clicks firmly shut, but it is easy to open one handed.

We recently built a huge deck that i’ve been trying to outfit it with patio furniture. It’s really sturdy and blends in nicely with any color furniture. It was very easy to assemble. All 4 corners snapped together and the top has 2 pieces and the bottom has 1 piece. The bottom also has a tray to catch any liquid which is really cool. On the top there is a spot to loop the garbage bag so it doesn’t fall in. Note: this will not fit your typical 13 gallon kitchen bags. It’s paintable and easily mobile with the side handles.

Uses 30-39 gallon trash bags

We have this out by our pool and love it. It was easy to assemble and included all the hardware you’ll need. It took maybe 15 minutes to install with the instructions, which made it easy. The lid stays on tight and it holds 30-35 gallon trash bags. We use the hefty black bags and it’s been great. They hook around the top edge and stay put. It has a pull out tray at the bottom, which at first i found to be useless. However, we had a hole in the bag with a bunch of leakage. We pulled out the tray, dumped it, washed it off, and voila – no more stinky mess. It’s maintenance free being made of composite material. The colors are a bit odd – would’ve preferred a solid black/brown color. Beyond that, this has been great – love it.

I think it’s a nice trash can, went together easily and seems very sturdy. However, if you tend to squish down your trash, you’ll have difficulty removing the trash bag. There’s an inner lip that the trashbag will catch on and make it very difficult to remove the trash back.

I wanted a trash can for our deck that looked better than the beat up ones in the garage. Once put together this looks sharp. A trash bag folds over and stays in place well with the 2 piece lid. I also like the slide out tray for cleaning out the bottom. This arrives completely unassembled. I was unable to put it together with a manual screwdriver but i lack strength in my hands. My husband put the 16 screws in with his drill/power screwdriver. Assembly is awkward since you are screwing inside the can. Our lid really does not fit true and has a bit of a cant to it despite making sure everything fit well.

This was much easier to put together than the keter trash can i already have. There are just a few pieces with good instructions and it took me 10 minutes at most to have it done. It was together in 5 minutes, but it took another 5 to get the screws into it. I used a cordless drill to put the screws in. The screw holes were already there, so it was a very easy thing and you could easily do it with a screwdriver. It’s very attractive and i like that the top comes up so you can overhang the bag, which then is kept in place by the rim of the trashcan. No bags falling down in the can, making a mess. It doesn’t take custom bags- about any brand of garbage bag you can buy from the store will fit fine. The slide-out tray can make cleaning the can out easier, or you ould put an extra trash bag or two down there if you don’t worry about leaking bags. It shuts water tight so water doesn’t get in when it rains.

The negatives: this definitely has a smaller interior volume than my other outdoor trash bins, and my weekly 30-gal bagfuls are going to be more difficult to get in and out than they normally are. It’s also a stationary bin; no wheels or other locomotion, so it’s not intended to go anywhere. So this is a storage bin that’s completely inappropriate to bring to the curb. Also i didn’t realize i was going to have to assemble it, so that was an unpleasant surprise. It wasn’t terribly difficult, but it would’ve been if i were particularly weak or had wrist issues. On the plus side, however, the locking lid works excellently, and i think this bin might actually be rodent-proof. (finally) the bottom tray slides out for cleaning, and that might allow just enough of an in for a mouse, but i hope not. I tested it in a driving rain that lasted for hours, and nothing got through; the interior was completely dry. So this seems like a rodent-proof and waterproof way to keep my smelly garbage safely outside while waiting for trash day.

I was given a sample of this product in exchange for this unbiased review and it’s the nicest outdoor trash can i’ve ever owned. It came in a 20 pound box that was amazingly flat to conceal a trash can. The secret ingredients are the resin corrugated walls that form the sides of the trash can. There are 4 of them and they fold flat, but are meant to bend in the middle for each for a corner rather than a side of the trash can – they have a kind of tongue and groove connection to join each one to it’s neighbors, then they are fastened to the base and top with 2 screws each – i assembled the whole thing in about 20 minutes. The lid is a double- deal, which allows you access to the inside for inserting trash bags, then emptying them, but also closing in a way that keeps the contents out of site, as well as keeping out rain. The bottom has grooves to minimize fluid collection. For this price, weight and ease of assembly, it’s hard to imagine a better outdoor trash can.

This looks so good, besides holding a thirty plus gallon bag in such a way that it will not leak. Assembly with its sixteen screws was simple, and an electric drill. Hold paint, but we like the gdway. Changing out the bag is also easy. Finally, it is animal proof, either from pets or wild things.

Constructed using duotech, a highly durable resin

Convenient plastic fluid tray for easy cleanup

Suncast Outdoor Trash Hideaway, UPDATE-a fix for the bag ripping problem!

Very easy to put together too. I bought an entire corfu set ( 2 chairs/1 sofa, table) including this trash can, and cooler-table. Looks great on my tiny deck. No it not wicker but can not beat the price and just as comfy.

These are very sturdy and only took a minute to snap together. I can’t say how well they hold up outside, but the quality is far better than i expected for the price. I actually bought these as a creative way to sort laundry. I purchased three of these trash hideaways and some cloth liners off amazon for $7. I snap the liners in the lid so that the weight of my husband’s jeans don’t make the liner fall into the bin. The top opening hatch is perfect for my kids to use, as it keeps everything in place during their clumsy sorting. I no longer have to fish out the edges of the hamper lining under a bunch of dirty underwear. That makes this a perfect design for a laundry hamper for any mom (especially with little bed wetters). Standard laundry hampers don’t have this feature because they are not built this way.

Ok i’ve has this trash can for a couple of months now. I wanted to live with it before i reviewed it. I have this inside, in the kitchen, because it does look that nice, and i like a big trash can that i don’t have to empty every 2 days. I love the overall look, the way the lid holds the bag in place, the way the lid locks if you need it. . When i take the full bag out, it’s a struggle, and the bag usually rips because the inside is not smooth, it has ridges made into the resin that catch the full bag and rip it as you pull. If they could make the inside smooth, this would be the absolutely perfect trash can. And i know, you could put less trash in it so the bag wouldn’t be so full and push against the inside as you try to take it out. . But that kind of defeats the purpose of having a large trash can, doesn’t it?.You use a large trash can because you want it to hold a lot of trash so you have to empty it less often and use fewer bags. I do have an idea on how to fix this, and i’ll be trying it out probably in the next few days. I’m either going to cut 4 pieces of either cardboard or flat plastic, and tape it to the 4 inside walls to make them smooth. It won’t change the capacity, and it should make the shredded bag problem go away. But should i have to do this, or should it just be made that way?.With just a little more real world testing, it should have been obvious to the company that it tears the bags when the bag is full.

The photo i have posted, taken today, is of a 5 year, 4 month old suncast outdoor trash hideaway, which i purchased from amazon in april, 2013. Since that time the bin has been sitting on my covered patio in an area that faces the morning sun until at least 11:00 to noon during the long summer months, with temperatures of 90-100 degrees, or higher. Our town requires that all trash be bagged, so we put a 33 gallon trash bag in the bin. Each day we empty the trash bins from the house into the bag in the suncast bin. When the trash bag is full we take it out to the large containers provided by the town that are stored behind our house, usually twice a week. I am writing this review now because we recently purchased a 2nd suncast bin when we found that they also come in a lighter (beige?) color, which matches the patio colors, block wall, etc. , and blends in better than the dark brown. However, our more than 5 year old suncast bin is still in nearly perfect condition. The photo shows that it is kind of dirty/dusty right now because we have had several monsoon dust storms in the last few days, but we normally hose it off once a week and it cleans up like new. It is also almost waterproof.

My dog poops roughly 8 times a day. I needed a place to store this poop that wasn’t inside my house or inside the garbage cans i keep in the garage. This thing sits on my patio and stores my dog poop until garbage day. It contains the smell; there is no odor around or near it. Of course, when you open it up, it smells like dog poop, but how are you going to stop that. It has like a double lid thing going on which is nice. The main opening allows me to put garbage bags in and take them out and also keeps them securely in place. The smaller lid opens up allowing me to dump dog poop straight from the pooper scooper without messing with the bag or worrying about getting my hands dirty. Also, i have had this thing sitting in the sun for more than a year now and it has held its original color. I expected it to fade, but so far, so good.

Handle was missing, had already assembled it now have to tear it apart and send it back. In addition, the price went up and down several times, i bought it, next day price went back down and amazon won’t adjust. While they are sending a replacement trash can for the missing handle, i am aggravated at the hassle plus paying a higher price. As for the can itself, it was easy to assemble and looks nice, but its pretty flimsy plastic. I have two others the same brand different color and the lid peg broke off plus it keeps tipping over when i take out the trash bag. But its the only can i could find that fits in a corner of my porch. So i have mixed feelings right now. Had it not been for the hassle of the new purchase i would have rated it 4 stars.

I love these storage containers. I have purchased 3 sets of them (6) over the past 2 years. I have 2 by our pool – 1 for trash & 1 for cans/bottles. They stay closed nicely so even if the dog finds a way to tip it over he can’t get in it and spread garbage. Two others we use to sort recycles (glass, cans, plastics) for our association at our summer condo. The last set i gave to some friends for their man-cave. They are very attractive, large and well worth the price. I made signs and laminated them for inside the lids to indicate what goes in them.

Key specs for Suncast Outdoor Trash Hideaway:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Durable, contemporary design looks great on patio
  • Keep your area clean while adding style to the ambiance of you outdoor area
  • This trash hideaway features a latching lid
  • Solid bottom panel. Exterior Dimensions- 15-3/4 W x 16 D x 31-5/8 H inches. Interior Dimensions-13 W x 13 D x 26-3/4 H inches
  • Stay dry design
  • Note: This item does not have nuts/bolts

Comments from buyers

“UPDATE-a fix for the bag ripping problem!, Makes the BEST laundry hampers!!!!! Read why, If you are in need of an attractive, large sturdy trash container – this is it!”

Keter Pacific 30 Gal : Great outdoor trash can!

I just unpacked this, and like the appearance but haven’t used it yet. Reason: one of the two screws needed for the handle is missing. Of course, it’s an odd size and none of the 8,000 screws in the home workshop are the same. Sigh – how hard is it to get the three required parts into a package?.Now i have two or three choices – trip to the local hardware store to see if they have the size / thread configuration i need, replace the handle with a different one, contact keter and hope a second screw would get here in a reasonable time. I’ll try the first option tomorrow and see how that works out = “add one thing to the to do list”.

I don’t know about you, but i found it difficult to rationalize spending nearly $70 on a waste receptacle. But, i live in a 1-bedroom apartment and space is limited. I don’t have a garage, so i needed somewhere to put my recyclable items that didn’t look like a waste bin. I am very pleased with my purchase. The only reason it is not 5 stars is the handle could be easier to install. It’s still a little loose and i worked hard to get it like that.

Looks great outside and is sturdy.

The wastebasket itself is nice, but the metal handle had to be screwed onto the front. What should have been a 5 minute job took 45 minutes since the pre-drilled holes in the resin were made too far apart to match the metal handle. And redrilling the holes enough to be used without making the holes too big was a real issue. Won’t buy this product again.

I am please with it except for 2 things. Had i seen this in person, i would have gone with another product. My young kids are rough on everything. And in a high wind this thing will fly open. The lid had no hinge support. The deck box i bought from suncast has them. If you are going to blow that much on an outdoor trash can, it needs to at minimum have strap supports so the lid does not fly open backward and crack the plastic casing holding the main hinge in place. If that cracks, bye-bye, lid. Fortunately my husband can macguiver anything, cheaply. So he will add the support, otherwise i would have probably returned it. The other thing is you will need the drawstring trash bags for the insert, not a big deal.

Wonderful all we had to do was attach the handle.

Other than it’d be great if it came w/ some type of rubber band to put on the outside of the inner basket to hold the bag up. . The hole provided doesn’t really do it. However i just use the paper clip holders you pinch together to hold smaller sets of paper together w/ and it works fine. I bought it when it was much cheaper than this however. . I wanted a second for recycling but won’t pay this amount at the moment.

I am very happy with this resin wicker can. I bought it to put out by the pool when we have family gatherings. However my handle is missingtrying to get in touch with keter to see if they will send me one.

  • Attractive, but hinged lid lacks adequate support.
  • I use them as hampers and I think they look great with my sterilite drawers and bed
  • Couldn’t be happier – sturdy and looks great!

Keter Pacific 30 Gal. Outdoor Resin Wicker Waste Basket Trash Can with Liner

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Removable liner for easy cleanup or removing the trash
  • Includes bag tightening hole eliminating unwanted excess bag draping
  • Weather-resistant, won’t rot, crack, fade, unravel or rust.
  • Attractive brown wicker design fits any indoor or outdoor furniture décor
  • Metal hinged lid for easy access

One for the patio and one for next to the pool. I wanted trash cans, but i didn’t want an ugly trash can sitting out in plain view. All the others i looked at looked like, well trash cans. This looks like a wicker basket. The pool one gets direct sun most of the day. So far after one year there is no sign of discoloring or deterioration which often happens to things in direct sun. I don’t know how, but they don’t seem to get dirty looking either. I bought another one for next to our newly built guest house.

. Hate that it came without the liner or the handle. . Off to call customer service i guess. . Update: called customer service. They are sending out a complete new one. But it looks beautiful, even without the liner and handle.

A winning purchase just for the fact that it is so much nicer to look at than the normal ugly garbage bins, and this one happens to match my deck furniture. I wish it was a little wider rather than tall because it would be a better fit for certain garbage, but i’ll deal with it. Rain has not gotten inside so far. Should last for a long time.

I was looking for something for recycling but most bins were too small or way too big and ugly. Although this tall, it’s footprint is only 16 inches square. It has a full liner which makes it easy to keep clean if a trash liner would leak or tear. We used a 30 gal bag and it fits perfectly. The handle was a snap to attach and the top keeps things neat and odors down. It looks well made and that makes it’s place in the kitchen fit in.

This is a large nice looking trash can and perfect on our deck. It was warped on one side which kept it from closing properly. My husband rigged up some thing with a coat hanger and all is good now. If it had not been for that i would have given it 5 stars.

I use it with a plastic bag for recycling. The only problem is the top of the bag doesn’t secure well.

I am using it on my patio and it looks great with my wicker furniture. As described, it is not wicker but is a molded hard plastic. But looks good (and i am picky). It does come with a full liner and a handle. The screws for the handle were a little long, but i bought a shorter set of screws from the local hardware store (very cheap). The trash bag easily slips into the interior liner and is easy to hide when the lid is closed.

It was nice but the front of the lid was dented inwords a little when i got it it’s fine i guess since i’m using it as a hamper instead of a garbage can so it will be opened quite often and i won’t have to worry about little critters but kind of sucked because i did pay quite a bit of money for it very nice though didn’t know if it would work for what i wanted but totally matched the new decor of my room.

We have had this for over a year. The product has held up well and we are happy with it and bought a second one. The only issue on both is the top does not fit securely as the rest of the can shifts a little bit. Not a big deal but should fit secure to me.

We use this as an indoor trashcan with a big family. Works awesome and takes 30 gallon trashbags. Make sure you wrap bag around interior insert tight then poke bag into the set hole to hold the bag. For the price and size you will not beat this trashcan.

We purchased two of these to keep our home recycling items separated in our kitchen. Since they are made for outdoor, we now placed on our front porch and they look great. I love the inner removable bin with handles so we can easily dump these into our main recycling containers. They are great quality and look fantastic.

I bought 2 of these to match my sterilite drawers. I use them as hampers and i think they look great with my sterilite drawers and bed. Good quality, sturdy and looks like real wicker. Completely in love with my invented bedroom set.

This says outdoor use but believe me it will do for an indoor can as well because it is beautifully made.

The faux wicker looks good, it’s very spacious, and the inner liner fits perfectly within the outer shell. I do plan on using a 40 gallon trash bag inside the liner to keep things clean. No problems with the handle installation; it came with two screws.

Way overpriced for a piece of plastic yet it’s matches my patio set so i bought 2 very nice looking planters.

Perfect taller can to keep dogs out. Only problem is it’s so tall the bag falls on.

It’s exactly what i was looking for. I made my own little makeshift “doggy station” for my backyard. The diaper pail i bought fit great inside it. It matches my existing patio furniture and isn’t an eye sore. . It doesn’t look like a trash can.

It takes up a lot of space in my galley kitchen, but it prevents me from using 4 garbage bags a week. The only negative is that it is very hard to keep the bag around the top of the insert. I am trying a twist-tie this week.

A good looking, functional refuse container for patio or pool. I’m pleased with this item and would recommend it to other interested shoppers.

It was super easy to screw the silver handle onto basket top. Hope it can withstand our houston weather. Using outdoor in our pool area.

I like the garbage can for our pool area. While i like the garbage can, i knocked off two stars as it was missing the handle/hardware. I am going to have to make a trip to the store to buy a handle.

Received my trash bin today and am very happy with it. So glad i decided to buy it. Was hasitent at first but am very happy with it. Match my wicker patio/pool furniture perfect.

I know its just a trash can but for outdoors on my back patio i have gone through other ones that look like this one and this is completely sealed meaning the bucket inside is water proof it will not leak out any liquids that ultimately spill on the floor.

The inner liner is easy to remove and holds a trash bag in place.

This is just the ticket for us living in an apartment. We are older people and do not take the garbage out every day. This hold a ‘ton’of garbage and if we do not put stinky wastes in, we could go almost a week before we need to take out the garbage. Really attractive design and i like that it has a lid. Can use a 33 gal garbage bag just fine.

Seville Classics 17-Gallon UltraHD Commercial Stainless Steel Trash Bin – The best trash bin ive had

My animals tend to knock my trash can over. They cannot knock this one down. You will have to get bigger trash bags with a larger opening but it’s worth it not having to spend my days cleaning up a dumped trash can. I use my old trash can for recyclables.

Update: 1 year later and we have purchased a second one for the officeexactly as advertised. Does not smudge easily and we opted to install it without the wheels. Has held up well in our busy office since we put it in about 6 months ago.

Yes, it looks like a miniature version of something you’d find at micky d’s. But it’s sturdy, holds a lot more than a 13 gallon can with a similar footprint, and is great for both regular trash and recycling (i bought two). With the old 13 gallon cans, my kids often shoved the swinging lids too far back and ended up getting trash on the floor (or the lids in the garbage). That doesn’t happen with this one, because there’s just one hole in front and no way for trash to leak out the sides or the back. While this was the primary reason i bought the can, i’m also enjoying an unexpected bonus. Instead of emptying cans 6-7 times/week, i’m only having to do it twice a week. So, even though the cost of the bags may be more ( i purchased some local 18 gallon compactor bags which fit well), i don’t have to use as many of them. I should have bought this years ago.

Very solid, really like this – and i even get a lot of compliments from houseguests (who compliments a trashcan?. Lol)only problem is that holes for screws in handles won’t take the screws they sent with it, so i can’t add the handles. I even took the handles and screws over to a carpenter friend and he said the plastic was drilled wrong and i should get different screws – too much bother, i’ll live without the handles.

Organize your recycle area with this near professional bucket. The metal is a bit thin so take it easy on the 3 point shots from across the kitchen. Also the screws that hold the handles on are a bit of a pain if you use a liner in the pail. Only use the correctly sized trash bags too (they are bigger than a tall kitchen bag and heavier too). All in all was a good buy that made recycling less messy. It does dent easily we had to send the first one back because it took a hit in shipping and could not be reformed.

I love that you can’t see right into it. I also like that if it is a bit too full, the top keeps it contained. It is sleek, and doesn’t look bulky in my kitchen. The outside has not been dented yet by my two crazy boys (2 and 6).

I really like this trash can. Goes well in my kitchen too. I like the idea trial look of this can with my country, shabby chic, rustic, mid century mod entire house decir. Maybe i should have just said eclectic. I am disabled so the casters help a lot too. You will like this trash can.

Clean lines and a sturdy plastic top make this a winner. Remember to buy 18 gallon trash compactor bags for this bad boy – the regular 13 gallon bags are just a bit too small.  ultrasac extra heavy duty professional quality compactor trash bag with antimicrobial odor control, 40 count.

 * sleek, clean, durable stainless steel, i got this garbage cans for two reasons. * the first, my husband’s dog is a garbage thief, a digger. *the second reason is because we swapped out our range and had a larger area to cover. * the product measurements are absolutely correct. * i thought it was the perfect opportunity to get double cans or an odd shape to enclose the area. * i looked at probably, over 100 garbage cans. * i never thought much about buying one before but there were soooo many considerations. It had to have at least some stainless steel to match my appliances.

This is the best kitchen waste can i have ever bought. I love every thing about it. The size is perfect, it’s easy to clean & it’s on wheels. So, even when it is full you can move it if you have to. I really like the user friendly open face top, which easily lifts off to empty, or to clean. I’ve had it a long time now & hope it lasts forever because i may never be able to find it again.

Super simple to put together. . Need phillips head screwdriver to attach the handles and it comes screw in legs or wheels. It is perfect for my needs in the kitchen. Bigger than a typical plastic kitchen can but not massive like an outdoor can. It’s tall, so if sliding under counter or something be sure to measure first. It’s just what i have been looking for for a long time.

We were looking for a kitchen trash can. It doesn’t seem like that big a problem but finding a quality, stainless steel, large, kitchen trash can turns out to be harder then it looks. Most are small, poorly made, very expensive, or have electronics or lids or other complexities that we don’t want to deal with every time we have to throw a piece of trash away. We have dogs and trash and a small kitchen. This trash can solved all our problems it holds a huge amount of trash (we use the large 33 gallon size), it has a front opening that we can just throw the trash at with one hand (usually hitting it the first time), it has wheels, it has a flat top that we use for extra storage space, and no odors or smells come up from it. The dogs can’t get into it and seem to totally ignore it and the stainless steel is very easy to keep clean. Now no trash can is perfect. There are screws holding it together inside and these have a tendency to catch on the trash bag when you go to remove it, especially if you keep stuffing more and more trash into the can instead of taking it out when you should. This can be solved by putting a small piece of duct tape over the screws or just not putting so much trash in the can at any one time. I would definitely buy this trash can again.

We removed a trash compactor installed in the island in our kitchen, and didn’t want another one. We added a cabinet door and didn’t install a toe kick, so this can fits perfectly (without the lid) and rolls in and out with no effort at all. The kirkland compactor bags work great with it, too. It comes without the handles or wheels put on, but the wheels just snap in (it also comes with little tiny legs you can install instead of wheels). The handles, though, were hard. We had to drill screws into them beforehand to prep the holes before we could then try it when attaching to can. Here are the specifications for the Seville Classics 17-Gallon UltraHD Commercial Stainless Steel Trash Bin:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Dimensions: 17.2″ W x 12.8″ D x 34.5″ H
  • 17-gallon capacity
  • Includes wheels (2 locking) and leveling feet
  • Easy to clean stainless steel body with removable durable resin top
  • Ideal for use in your garage, kitchen, warehouse, office , workspace or man cave

Large, sturdy, and on casters. Opening is big enough to fit a gallon milk container through if you crush it a bit. I love the casters and being able to move the unit with ease. The only negatives are finding the correct size trash bags (i found them on amazon), stretching the bags opening to fit over the sides (often times the bag tears at the top ) and the screws inside sometimes tear the bag during removal of the bag if over-stuffed. I have learned how to avoid or work around these issues easily. Overall i absolutely love this container.

I replaced my previous trash can because the bags were nearly impossible to remove once they were full. With this one, i can easily replace the bags even when they’re over filled. I followed the advice of some other reviewers and put duct tape over the screws on the inside to make sure the screws didn’t snag the bags. It might have been fine without the tape, but it couldn’t hurt. I also love that it rolls smoothly around my kitchen.

The wheels are very easy to install. I put two screws on opposite sides of the handle in the holes loosely. Then tightened them a bit and was able to slide the handle to get the other two holes to match up. Then i tightened all the screws. You will need your own phillips head screw driver for this. I am using it in my closet to store gift wrapping paper rolls upright.

Looked long and hard for a kitchen trash can this good – spent a fair amount of money on others along the way. Who ever made this is a genuis. If you don’t have a ‘trash drawer’ and want a larger trash in the kitchen than fits under the sink this is the way to go. We had constant tension in our house over the lid to the trash. I always wanted the trash covered (looks better, less smell, keeps the trash barrel from being overloaded, etc. ) my husband always hated the cover – no matter what kind we got, (swinging top, step-on raised top, etc. We’ve been in perfect harmony since this arrived a month ago. I was afraid the opening might not be quite large enough for getting the styrofoam bottoms of family sized meat packages and other messy things into – but so far no problems at all. The wheels are a great addition (now the trash barrel gets swept all the way around everytime the floor is swept and mopping the floor is easier too).

Love the size, wheels and the ease of the lid removal. Only drawback is we had to put tape on the inside lip to keep it from tearing the bag when taking it out. We also keep a second ‘liner’ bag in place. It can roll all around my kitchen with ease.

I really like the look, size & function of this trash can. It was easy to put together & i like being able to roll it around. However the wheels are a pain, they don’t stay screwed into place even after i re-tightened them it’s constantly un-level & wobbles. Can’t get all 4 wheels to touch the floor at the same time. Only have had it for a few weeks.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • How Did I Live Without This. Excellent Garbage Can. Convenient Handles. Rolls Smoothly. #Two of The Four Wheels “Lock”. #
  • Should have bought this years ago!!
  • Materials could be more robust but functions well.

I don’t think i have ever felt so ambivalent about a product. The casters are heavy duty and work great. But the metal portion is thin and cheap feeling and the resin top is somewhat thin and a bit warped looking. The handles are placed so low that i can’t imagine anyone actually using them. And apparently the screws needed to install the handles can cause the bag to rip. Despite all this, i give the trash can 4 stars because it functions so well. It easily glides with just a nudge. The opening is just the right size. And odors can be controlled by rinsing off cans, etc before throwing them in.

This is so much better than a garbage can with a closing lid. The access is large, yet still keeps what’s inside fairly well hidden. Seems funny to say about a garbage can, but we tried several in our kitchen. We like this for its capacity and ease of use. We left the wheels off to fit under the lip of our counter. It comes with little feet to use instead of the wheels if your prefer. The wheels would make it easy to use. Bottom line: good design, well made.

I wanted a fast food restaurant style trash can for my kitchen. I thought it would look cool. Wheels work perfectly and can lock so they don’t move. It is so much easier to just throw away the garbage in that hole. I also have the sensor type garbage can, which is cool too but i have to get close to the sensor for it too open. I put the sensor one in the basement.

I have three boys who need an easy to use trash receptacle. It is so much larger than the trash can built into my kitchen cabinetry. I am buying more to put in their bedrooms.The only complaint: the bag is hard to remove when completely full so do not use cheap trash bags. If you do, you will wind up with ripped bags.

If your not looking for any special trash bin that does special tricks that matches your stainless steal appliances, then this is the bin to get in my opinion. I wanted a trash can that i didn’t have to worry about failing after a short time with no moving parts and one that could truly fill a 30 gallon bag. Well i have found what i was looking for. This is a perfect match stainless steal wise and it looks good. The top comes off easily when time to take out the garbage and at the same time it holds the bag in place when perched on top of the can and the bag will not fall into the can even when its full. The hole on the lid is the perfect size. (you can even fit a milk jug threw it) this trash bin is light and easy to clean.

We have a big dog who is very well-behaved except for the occasional stray dog flashbacks where she raids the trash can. She can’t tip this one over because it rolls, and before we leave the house it’s easy to roll it into the bathroom to lock up. We’ve tried several allegedly dog-proof cans and this one although not perfect is the best so far. It takes larger trash bags than kitchen size, and we are finding we like not having to flip open a lid. I would definitely buy again.

It’s big enough to hold enough trash that my teenage boys can throw at it. The wheels were easy to put on but the handles were a little hard to get the screws to thread and attach. Since the trash bag covers it, i figured it wasn’t worth it.

Exceptional commercial style trash can for our kitchen. Easy to assemble and condenses garbage as opposed to our previous 13 gallon stainless trash can. Love the commercial lid design as compared to the noisy step open lid style. Plus it contains the odors and is convenient to remove for large waste disposal. The wheels make for ease of movement if you want trash can near you for messy projects. Best trash can i’ve ever owned.

Have been dealing with our dog getting into the garbage for 6 yrs. I kept it in the pantry but it never failed someone would forget to shut the pantry door and we would be cleaning up trash all over the house. Got this one just because our old one was getting gross and old, and low and behold i don’t have this problem anymore.I leave it out in the kitchen all day, i do think the wheels and the lid freak him out a little which is fine by me lol the only time he touches it is if it’s full and he can easily reach in to grab something. I think this was obviously a style for a shop or garage however if you have dogs this is a definitely huge help. It does have screws on the inside that will snag the bags as other people commented, i just took their advice and put a piece of electrical tape over each one. I wasn’t paid nor did i get a discount to write this review (i wish) :).

This just arrived yesterday and i cant believe how exited i was for a trashcan. The old one was only 11 gallons and easily filled up in a day or two. Plus, the lid to it somehow got lost (don’t ask me), so the dog was always pulling trash out of it. I looked at reviews online for a while and this one seemed to be exactly what we needed. Its 17 gallons so it will take a lot longer to fill up, and the dog cant pull things out now. I liked that it came with wheels and regular feet so you can decide which you want to use. A lot of people say it looks like a commercial trash can, but i personally like the way it looks. The trashcan is great, however, we bought this 3 days ago and paid 62 dollars, and now all of a sudden it’s 31 dollars with free shipping?. We’re pretty annoyed that we just payed double what they’re charging for it now.

Love this – none of that stupid top getting stuck or broken. This is open but keeps the smells contained. Very good quality, durable and actually looks nice.

I’ve actually received compliments on this trash can. People have actually asked me where i purchased this from. Gone are the days of the kids emptying their plates into the trash bin and somehow hurling their food onto the wall behind it; fast forward to the scene of me trying to scrub some crusty god-knows-what off of the wall days later. This baby is shiny, it has wheels and it has a lid, which i liken more to a hood. If this ain’t the best thing i’ve purchased in a great long while i don’t know what is. I feel compelled to buy five more, just in case there’s a run on them, but really just because.

It’s perfect for an average sized family’s kitchen, attractive, easy to change liners and clean, rolls (but can be locked in place), and you can set your recyclables on top. The only thing i didn’t like was trying to put the handles on (i’m old and the bolts were a bit difficult to thread) but you only have to do that once, and it’s an excellent price for an excellent product.

I needed a new garbage can for my kitchen and my criteria was something that was bigger than the average kitchen garbage can that could hold the 30 gallon trash bags, but was not thirty gallon in size. So, i moved up from my old rubber (bland looking) 10-13 gallon to this seville (modern looking) 17 gallon and it fit the bill and then some. I’ve always used the 30 gallon size bags because they hold more, but with the shorter cans the garbage tends to hang over and you only get 2/5ths of the bag full; not anymore. Also with the bigger can you don’t have to take the garbage out as frequent. That was another reason for my choice. It come with 2 sets of feet: (4wheels, or 4pegs); i chose to use the wheels to maneuver back and forth when dumping the smaller garbage cans from various rooms in my home into this larger one. Also the top of the garbage can has a tray area so that you can rest items on as needed when placing items into the disposal section. It really comes in handy when you have lots of food stuff from plates that need to be scraped off into the garbage.

These garbage cans are really nice. They have good casters and can be rolled around instead of lugged around. They have a top that comes on and off. I can’t think of a single thing wrong with the design of this garbage can. My wife originally bought these, and we have one inside for kitchen use and one outside to collect trash (we spend a lot of time outdoors). It seems to hold up to the summer heat of arizona (in shade) for a season so far, however, time will tell.

Solid, portable, looks good. The opening is large, easy to change out the bags. The space on top has come in handy when you need a 3rd hand. Totally happy w this purchase.

Why bother with a trash can with limited capacity and a bothersome mechanical lid?. This can is spacious,easy to remove the bag even when full, easy to dispose of large trash items. Bullet can i would have to remove the top in order to put boxes or bottles in because the swing door in the top was small. This can has a large opening that permits easy access for disposal of anything i choose to chuck in it. This is much bigger than cans that cost twice as much. By the way, a previous reviewer noted that this can does not have the smooth surface pictured, it does have raised ‘ribs’ as shown in one of the alternate photos on the listing. It’s still attractive and does the job.

It has met all my expectations. I highly recommend using a larger bag than the standard 13 gallon, tall kitchen trash bag. Whenever we tried that size it would split around the top and then be very hard to get out and tied up. We switched to the 30 gallon trash bags, which are actually less expensive than the ones we were using. The 30 gallon bag works marvelously. The extra space helps keep at bay the spill-over when removing the full bag from the can. Any remaining space can be packed with garbage on hand while the bag is being taken out to the outdoor curbside cans. I would highly recommend this can. I have had many people admire it and inquire about where i purchased it.

On wheels so easy to maneuver. Lid comes off easy to empty. One thing i like is there is an opening only on the one side (the side pictured) so i can throw trash in and hit the back of the can and the trash falls into the bag. Stupid yes but if there was a hole for depositing trash on both sides it would go through. Also easy to clean and excellent size. Build quality seems quite good. Had this trash can for many months now and no issues.

Wakeman Portable Trash Bag Holder- Collapsible Trashcan : What ever happened to quality control?

I’ve actually been using this inside as a recycle bin. Nothing wrong with it except trying to get a full bag out means i’ve gotta take the front bar off. Not really meant for indoors anyway, so i can’t really complain.

Not as sturdy as i would have liked, but once there are some items (empty cans/bottles or garbage) in the attached garbage bags, they become more stable.

I liked this, and we used it for a recent outdoor party we had. The only thing i didn’t know was the green color would say ‘recycles’ on the lid. I thought i had a choice of blue or green, and i liked green. It didn’t say there was a label on top of lid saying which is for which. Description of the item needs improvement.

I had some difficulty getting the holder to stay together but after that works well. I did have a problem getting the bag out of the holder after it was full. There is an inner rim that holds the bag in place and sometimes that comes up with the lid. It’s made of pvc so is light weight and sturdy enough for recycling plastic bottles.

It seems like cheap plastic, but it holds the garbage bag well. We have it in our garage for parties and such. We even shut the garage door on it by accident. It broke of course, but we are still able to use it and it still holds the bag well. For that reason, i give it 5 stars.

I really like the product and works very well. I have put it in my kitchen for recycle garbage, so it is not mobile. Although we can fold the product, it takes time to assemble or dismantle the product. So, if you want to use it for picnic, you would need extra about 4-5 mins.

Loved it for my recycling bottles. It was easy to put together no need for tools. The holder stands straight and with good weight that it does not tip over during strong winds and rain. Plan to buy another one for my paper produces.

Works great, but you have to be careful putting the pieces together. They break if you insert them in the wrong end, but there is no way to tell which end is the wrong end until you try them. If you notice they are tight, try the other side.

Helps keep the campsite organized and packs down well to not take up too much space. Love the color options to differentiate.

Works as expected, except for the ‘frame’ that is supposed to hold the bag in place. It lifts along with the lid causing the bag to drop. I used an extra-large binder clip to hold the frame in place and now it’s fine. Knowing this easy fix, i would purchase again if needed.

I bought 2 of these for our annual 4th of july party and they worked out great. They are made out thin plastic so not very sturdy but they did the job of what we needed them for.

You really have 3 size/height options here. In the smallest, with one pole height, it fits a plastic grocery sack perfectly, 2 pole height works so great for wet laundry bags for cloth diapering. It disassembles and packs up nearly for travel, which i’ve done twice already. It’s nice to be able to bring my cloth diapers supplies on vacation to family house for 2 weeks, without looking like a crazy person bringing my own giant trash can lol. I also have one in the kitchen under the sink, and will be ordering far least one more for the recycle. I just love the adjustable size, you don’t get the with any other trash/recycle/or laundry hampers.

Bought for camping and really liked it. Love the lid as it keeps the bugs at bay. The only negative i have about it is that the tall kitchen bags do fit it but once they have any weight they pull off. I had to put an upside down pot under the bag to support the bag. I will in the future have full size trash bags to use with it.

I like these (have 2), but the best idea is to glue the parts permanently or it’s a hassle. One mistake is i glued the base upside down, which prevents the base of the bag to be supported. Be aware that the heavier the bag, the more likely the bag will be pulled off the retaining ring. High wind will blow them over too.

The idea behind this trash bag holder is great – but it is really flimsy, and the wind knocks it over very easily. I have since bought metal rods/stakes to hammer into the ground and then slide the poles over it. (i think next time i won’t put the base on at all – that just collects water and dirt when it rains, and with my stakes it doesn’t need it). This works pretty good – or at least it didn’t fall over in the last rain storm. I also need to either find taller bags or only use 2/3 the height of the legs, because the bags can fall out if it get too heavy.

We had a bag hanging fro a ail on the porch for can recycling. So i wanted something covered. This does the trick but it’s rather narrow profile only allows for about half the tall kitchen bag to get full. Wish it were just a big bigger in diameter to accommodate a full bag of beer and pop cans. But that said, it does keep the bees out.

Just what you need to bag returns in oregon since you can’t crush the cans to return.

Wakeman Portable Trash Bag Holder- Collapsible Trashcan for Garbage and Indoor/Outdoor Use Outdoors -Ideal for Camping Recycling and More (Blue) : Good for poop duty in the back yard. Better then just carrying around a bag. This thing adds structure and strength to get the job done.

Perfect for putting 5cent returns in to bring the cans back. We use one for cans and one for bottles.

Buy the other one for $4 more; you’ll be happier. You’ll need a bad to carry the pieces of this one in, whereas the other one stores within itself. I bought both to compare and gave this one away.

Rubbermaid Commercial 3 X FG9S3100GRAY Brute Tote –

Here are the specifications for the Rubbermaid Commercial 3 X FG9S3100GRAY Brute Tote:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Rectangular tote and snap-on lid for storage and transport in a food service facility
  • Made of gray HDPE for recyclability and resistance to wear and certain chemicals Ribbed for strength
  • Handles to facilitate lifting and carrying Has 20-gallon capacity; measures 27-7/8 x 17-3/8 x 15-1/8 inches (L x W x H)

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Rollout Container : A large, sturdy container

Based on the commercial garbage cans that the waste management companies give you in. The plastic construction of it was more flimsy that i thought it would be, based on the commercial garbage cans that the waste management companies give you in our area. Those have a very rigid and solid construction while this has more of a pliable and soft construction to it. Bought it because we moved to a hoa that has it’s own garbage service so we were forced to buy a large garbage can. Would prefer it to be a bit more rigid. Size is good and it does hold a lot of trash. But all in all, it’s a garbage can, so you can’t expect it to be too nice.

I hated my recycling bins even more. They sit in the front of my house and just looked horribly mismatched & ugly. Once, i tried to purchase a recycle bin/trash bin similar to this at lowes (for almost double the price) but when we took it out to the car, it wouldnt fit in the back seat. Hubbs refused to tie it to the roof, so i had to immediately return them. I thought all was lost until i saw this for sale. I jumped at the chance to make my front stoop look more tidy & neat. This toooootally did the trick. They are large enough to hold the week’s rubbish and easy enough to cart out to the sidewalk on trash day.

A perfect recycle bin for two people for a two week pick-up schedule. . I used to use a wagon and empty cat litter containers for recycling when we separated the different items. We aren’t asked to separate items anymore, and just put it all together. This has been perfect for that. It is sturdy and a good size for two people. If you have more people, you may need two. When we put it out for pick up we use a bungie(sp) cord to prevent the lid (it is pretty light) from blowing open. We attach the hook on the cord at the back hinge going over the lid to the front handle and it works perfectly. My mom saw ours and ordered one for herself.

Makes me look forward to taking the trash out (well, almost). I never thought there would be anything compelling about a trash can, but what do i know. These rubbermaid commercial cans are amazing; they hold a reasonable volume (anything bigger would be unmanageable for my wife) and are very easy to maneuver with their large wheels. They are very durable made from a flexible material that easily handles the inevitable beating from our trash collectors. And they are easy to wash out; crude washes off the smooth interior surface easily with a garden hose (our other trash cans seem to provide the perfect surface for things to cling to).

  • HUGE! Not really for a single family home
  • Affordable & Mostly Sturdy
  • Thanks again Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Rollout Container, Square, Plastic, 50 Gallons, Gray (9W27GY)

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Hinged lid fits snugly and swings back to lock into place
  • Imprinted with the universal recycling symbol
  • Molded-in axle and inset wheels enhance strength and improve maneuverability
  • Compatible with automated and semi-automated lift systems
  • Measures 36-1/2″ x 28-1/2″ x 23″

Honestly i bought this because during the last summer i had a really gross issue – maggots. I always put my bags in the garage until garbage day. One day i lifted a bag up and. Eventually i composed myself, got the garbage bags to the curb and then immediately came in and bought this bin.

Easy to move around without breaking any backs or cracking. Got tired of replacing cheaper cans. We need ones that have the wheels and the large handle areas. While we don’t need one that the lid is on with a hinge, this is a big plus. No more chasing lids down the street after the trashmen throw it from the trucks. I would give it a 5+, but honestly, the price is at least $10 too high in my opinion. Otherwise, this rubbermaid is heavy duty as stated, but because of how it is designed, easy to move around without breaking any backs or cracking any knees.

Even if the lid breaks, rubbermaid will replace it. Let me first start out by saying the lid broke in two within the first two months. When taking to the recycling center, however, rubbermaid’s customer service is awesome. They were going to send a new lid, but was back-ordered for a month. Instead of making me wait that long for a lid, they are sending a new container that comes with the lid (without my even asking, at no cost). Even though the product is not as durable as other items i have purchased from rubbermaid, they stand behind their products. If they could come up with a locking mechanism for the lid (when i want to lock it and not lock all the time), it will earn 5 stars.

Totally simplifies my bi-weekly recycling process. Totally simplifies my bi-weekly recycling process. I live in a rural area where it is still a “put recyclables in any plastic tote, and we’ll pick it up” kinda policy, which is fine. . This just makes it much easier to get to the end of my very long driveway, and keeps the animals out of it. We are a family of five, and after two weeks this bin is pretty close to over-flowing. . So we may buy another in the near future. Very happy with the weight of the plastic & durability.

Still needs bungie cord for lid. This is a great trash can, however, the lid is not raccoon proof. I had to go buy a bungie cord. It is that or pouring ammonia around the can everytime i roll it to the end of the driveway. Rubbermaid should include a bungie cord for the price of this trash can. Or the lid should have a locking mechanism. I live in florida and these little(sometimes not)raccoons are smart.

Not really for a single family home. It is replacing all our old barrels. I bought two but i doubt i will ever need both. I wish i had this during the weeks following hurricane sandy. It is sturdy, wide, and deep.

After looking for a new replacement trash can, i came across this one and decided to give it a try, not sure about anyone elese but our garbage men act as if the trash cans can not be broken ( they can and will) this can adds some sturdiness to the game. I also love that the lid is attached great can for the price. After receiving my can i liked it so much i ordered another one.

Heavy duty recycling bin with cover just not blue. . There is really not a lot that one can say about a heavy duty rubbermaid product other than it is well made for its intended use. This one is going into the recycling business to keep things blowing from hither and yon on a very blustery day christopher robin.

In an effort to see just what i can order from amazon, and after i realized my trash company charged a fortune for recycling bins, i ordered this one. I am a little disappointed by the size, but that was my fault. I was expecting a mush larger bin. However, my kids were incredibly excited to see the huge cardboard box that it came inthe cardboard box was more than enough reason to order this trash bin, and the fact that it was $20 cheaper than the trash co wanted only makes it a better deal.

Great trash can for those looking for an affordable rolling can. It’s not as big as i thought it would be (my own fault for not really checking measurements), but it’s bigger than our old cans and easier to get to the road. My only complaint is that it’s extremely unsteady when rolling across the ground when empty. When full, it’s fine, but when empty you’re basically better off carrying it rather than attempting to roll it.

I didn’t realize how bad my old trash bin was until i rolled this one out. Wow, having big, solid wheels really makes a difference. I’m not looking forward to snow, but i know this is going to be a lot easier to drag out when it does snow. Beyond that, what can you say about a trash bin?. It holds a lot, it’s clean and neat, and is definitely value for the money.

Pretty heavy duty and very practical. Pretty heavy duty and very practical. For my family of 5 this 50 gallon barrel on wheels with attached lid has just enough captivity for one weeks worth of trash because we recycle. I purchased one for recycle and this one for trash and they both fit into the back of my honda odyssey at the same time for my weekly trash run. I would recommend this product. The price was very good as well.

Nice tall, rollable trash bin with built-in flip lid. . Strong container with good handles and wheels. It holds a lot and the lid is easy to open and close as it flips, unlike other bins where you have to unlock it, remove it, and put it back– this one has it built in instead, but it doesnt have anything to clamp it, if thats what you are looking for. It is not flimsy plastic, it is durable, and the bucket itself is not too heavy either, which is nice for when lifting, pushing, or pulling the bin.

Perfect for 2 weeks worth of recycling goods. In our community, recycling is only picked up every other week. For an avid recycling household, this is maddening. We have more recycling than trash, so we had overflow problems with our old, smaller bins. The price on this can is great. It’s sturdy, rolls easily, and holds 2 weeks worth of recycling for us.

Easy to move around without breaking any backs or cracking. Got tired of replacing cheaper cans. We need ones that have the wheels and the large handle areas. While we don’t need one that the lid is on with a hinge, this is a big plus. No more chasing lids down the street after the trashmen throw it from the trucks. I would give it a 5+, but honestly, the price is at least $10 too high in my opinion. Otherwise, this rubbermaid is heavy duty as stated, but because of how it is designed, easy to move around without breaking any backs or cracking any knees.

This is a good, very heavy duty trash can. My only caveat is that it is quite heavy. While it wheels fine over level, paved ground, assess whether you are strong enough to move it if you have a slanted or soft area over which you plan to move it. I cannot comment yet on how well it will last in my mid-atlantic climate, but a similar container has stood up well over the four years i have had it.

Excellent but check the rules. We have had this item for only a few weeks. This 50 gallon roll out works just fine and seems sturdy but we forgot to check the rules regarding trash pickup in our county. The result is that they will not take trash from a 50 gallon container. It must be no larger than 30 gallons. So we use it to roll the trash to the curb and then place the trash bags on the curb and we roll it back to our house. They pick up the bags and that settles the issue. The strange thing is they take the same bags from we use from 30 gallon containers. Maybe they are afraid that a bogey man is hiding in big containers. Everything on the rubbermaid product works well so far and it is lighter than we thought it would be which helps when you need to move its’ position without being able to roll it in place.

Been using this for a few months now and so far no complaints. Container has taken a pretty good beating and is still functioning properly. No issues with the wheels or the hinges on the lid. Plastic is sturdy and heavy so it doesn’t blow over even in high winds when it’s empty. For the price, you can’t beat it.

Rubbermaid FG295673 Medium Deskside Recycling Container : Blue recycling container

This looks exactly like the kind of recycle bin you would see used for paper in an office environment, but i’m actually using it as a kitchen recycle bin for cans and bottles. If you go through a lot of recyclables, you might want to consider getting a larger one, but i think this one is right for me. Positives: stylish color and design. Name brand product for a reasonable price. Negatives: too big to use a grocery bag as a liner, but small enough that a 13-gallon bag fits loosely.

Actually a surprisingly sturdy can for the price. I put it in our office to encourage people to recycle bottles and cans. Perfect size to not take up much room but bright blue made it easy to distinguish.

When i moved into my new house i had an ‘under the cupboard’ trash mechanism but no direction on which trash cans i should get. Nothing i already had fit and everything seemed to be too big or the wrong shape. I got this for my office and when i was measuring the under cupboard for size (again) i realized this fit.Maybe someone else would have noticed earlier, i felt kind of dumb, but i was ecstatic to be able to get another and use this space in my kitchen.

This is sturdy, well-made, and great for the simply use that it’s designed for. It’s the perfect size to use paper grocery bags as liners for, and it makes recycling much easier by reminding myself and my guests to recycle more and throw away less. Good for business or home use.

  • I purchased this bin to use in my classroom.
  • Inexpensive, Sturdy and Won’t Take Up Too Much Space.
  • Blue recycling container

Rubbermaid FG295673 Blue Medium Deskside Recycling Container with Universal Recycle Symbol, 28-1/8 qt Capacity, 14.4″ Length x 10.25″ Width x 15″ Height

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 100%Plastic
  • Imported
  • Designed to be used in systems with existing office containers and accessories, placed beside traditional wastebaskets
  • Displays the universal recycling symbol in contrasting white
  • Placed beside traditional wastebaskets, Rubbermaid’s Deskside Recycling Containers make it easy to separate waste paper
  • Contains Post-Consumer Recycled Resin (PCR) exceeding EPA guidelines
  • Made in the USA

It fits perfectly under our sink.

Fine quality recycling container. This sure beats hanging a blue recycling bag off of a door knob. The bin is sturdy yet light and flexible. It fits inconspicuously under my laundry sink. I use it as a temporary place to dump recyclables before taking them to the large bin in the garage. Typical high quality rubbermaid. It arrived in a large cardboard box with seemed like overkill for a garbage can.

Works for what it’s meant for. . What can you say about a recycling bin?. It’s a decent size, sturdy, fits easily under my desk in my home office. The bright blue color and recycle logo easily differentiates where i should put cans, bottles, waste paper, etc. , rather than items i’ll need to put in the trash can next to it. The lips on the side are easily gripped to take it out to empty. I haven’t had to clean it yet, but seems it’d be fairly simple to wash out in the event of spills or the like. Does what it says on the tin for a reasonable price, what else can you ask?.

Inexpensive, sturdy and won’t take up too much space. . There’s not too much to say about this recycling bin. I wanted something on the smaller side to use at my apartment to collect recyclable items to take out to the dumpsters. This is the same size that you would see in an office, it only comes up to about mid-shin and doesn’t take up very much space. It’s as sturdy as every other recycling bin i’ve ever come across and suits my needs perfectly. It’s very inexpensive and is exactly as described. What more can you ask of a recycling bin?. Maybe if it took the items out to the dumpster for me, but then it would be a robot and not a recycling bin.

On the side it would state recyclables must go in it. Strangely enough i have been able to use it as a garbage can. I guess the symbol on the side is not at powerful as one might think. However, i did like it so much that i bought a second one, and it is only used as a recycling can. The universe is balanced out once again.

Save time and helps us save the planet. . We used to keep a card board box on the kitchen counter for all our junk mail. A basket on a counter for our soda cans (which we empited everyday) and our upstairs recycling (shampo bottles and such) often went into the trash, because we’d forget to bring it down. I bought three of these, one for the kitchen, one for the upstairs, and one for the computer desk, and put them right mext to the small trash pails. We now throw out less trash, because everything makes it into recycling, and because of their size, we only empty them once or twice a week, rathen then every day.

Organizing recycling in-one step. I purchased this rubbermaid fg295673 blue medium deskside recycling container with universal recycle symbol as a deskside companion for my rubbermaid commercial plastic 7-gallon trash can, they are both the same height, and hold 7-gallons of trash, this works well, avoiding me from placing recycle items in my trash can. It works best for me when preparing for garbage pick-up, i don’t have to sort recycle from non-recycle trash, everything is prepared easily, organized, and ready to be placed outside for garbage and/or recycle pick-up. The seller identified this product accurately. I like the recycle symbol on the side of the recycle container, and the bright and vibrant blue color. It serves my recycling needs, it is a perfect size, fits well under the desk, and is a sturdy container. I also use to collect my recycle paper for shredding, as well as bottles, containers, and anything recycle. 0 gallons of recycle garbage, a very good size for a container out of the way, and underneath a desk in your home/office. I would recommend to others, as well as amazon customers.

I use this daily and it has held many recyclables. I usually like to line the bin with a used plastic bag so i wish the opening would fit standard plastic shopping bags. Not a deal breaker though as this recycling bin does its job. I only wish the sizing would fit better in my under sink cabinet and had a more uniform rectangular shape.

Durable ones that will last for years. . Just what we need in each of the classrooms in our church. Not sure where other reviewers bought theirs but no these do not smell like smoke or any other odor and the blue is not faded nor is the recycle symbol off center, though it is only on one side. I bought them directly from amazon. They are tough and durable and even though i bought 18 of them for $5. 68 each from amazon in jan 2016 so i’ve only had them for about a year, we’ve had a number of them from 7 years ago that are still working great.

Sustainability mission accomplished. My family is a family that recycles and this blue bin helps us accomplish our mission of sustainability. They’re inexpensive enough that you can purchase multiples to put wherever you need them. I’ve placed these bins in every bedroom in our house, the kitchen and the office for paper recyclables. They’re also very well made and i can’t imagine that i’ll need to replace them any time soon.

Good product for the price. . Very good product for the price. A little bigger than what i wanted. But i am using it by my desk. Takes medium size garbage bags, just so you know.

Surprisingly durable for the price. I love the “recycle blue” color. Worth every penny for a recycle basket for your home or office. I’ve taken my anger out on this poor basket quite a few times and it hasn’t cracked yet.

Clearly labeled recycling can for office or home. I needed a clearly labeled recycling can, as when i have friends over, they could not tell which trash bin was for recycling. The rubbermaid one has done the trick, as it is bright blue with a clearly labeled recycling logo. Update: i have been using the recycling bin made by rubbermaid for the better part of the past several weeks, and i have had no issue with people confusing our trash can for a recycling can or the opposite (recycling can for a trash can). It was a much needed improvement since my last roommate moved out and took the recycling can with him.

I like the plastic is thick enough to no deform. Adequate size for collecting recycling in the kitchen. This is my transfer container to my recycling bins in the garage. I like the plastic is thick enough to no deform, but too heavy. The lip is sturdy enough for me to use to carry the container. Also, the large recycling symbol reminds all this is not a trash container. I was using paper grocery bags before.

This is sturdy, well-made, and great for the simply use that it’s designed for. It’s the perfect size to use paper grocery bags as liners for, and it makes recycling much easier by reminding myself and my guests to recycle more and throw away less. Good for business or home use.

Great size for a small family/individual. For the $5 or so i paid, i’m very happy with this. I live with a roommate and cat, and we go through canned goods/recycled products pretty regularly, and i only have to empty this twice a week. It’s about the size of a deskside trash bin, and the plastic is very durable. We’ve had it for nearly a year, and i haven’t had to scrub the inside once, and it doesn’t smell bad either (i also rinse out all of our canned stuff before putting them in). If this one ever needs replacing, i wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again. I also love this because it’s small enough to go underneath my kitchen sink cabinets if need be.

I got this to put in our kitchen for our recyclables. We had just been putting them in a bag, and the bags just did not look very attractive. So, i got this blue recycling bin. It stands out, and the kids can clearly see what goes in it. I have a lot less trash to filter out when i’m doing the recycling. It is made by rubbermaid, so it’s extremely solid. I’ve had it for a while now, and i can tell you there’s no cracks in it. This recycling bin is a good size for a kitchen.

Not too big for our home and the plastic feels thick and sturdy (i. Not cheap even though the price seemed too good to be true).

Toter 025532-R1BLU Residential Heavy Duty 2-Wheeled Recycling Can – Love Toter containers

But our trash collectors said they are too large to pick up (which is funny, because they never pick up our cans -. We have this same trash can in both the recycling blue and the green for trash. We also have the larger ones, but our trash collectors said they are too large to pick up (which is funny, because they never pick up our cans – they open the lid and grab the bags). This size is perfect, it can be easily picked up and holds 2-3 full bags of trash or recycling. Very high quality and durability. Extremely satisfied with toter products and this can.

Well-constructed problem solver. Despite wm’s new stepped-up emphasis re recycling here, rural areas such as mine have not been issued carts, merely two bins ~ beyond insufficient, having necessitated lugging contractor’s bags down a long driveway out to the road. While not being ‘commercial’ quality (nor carrying the high price-tag), it has held up remarkably well, its sturdy wheels make it a joy to use + find cover more than adequate against our high winds. Although elected to purchase smallest size available with both lid & wheels, a 48 or 64 gal better suited my needs since wm picks up recycling only every other week. Look forward to a time when trash receptacles 32 gal & recycling 64 gal. Here are the specifications for the Toter 025532-R1BLU Residential Heavy Duty 2-Wheeled Recycling Can:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Rugged rim design and bottom wear strip provide added strength where needed; large footprint and aerodynamic design provide stability
  • Toter recycling can design is compatible with automated and semi-automated curbside collection
  • Rugged wheels make Toter cans easy to maneuver; ergonomic design leads to easy to tilt and roll, even when full
  • Toter recycling cans have a 15 to 20 year service life; backed by an industry leading 10 year warranty
  • Distinctive Blue finish masks normal wear and tear and keeps cart looking new for years

Very strong container – will last for many, many years. . Just what we needed and expected. I would have liked to go larger but wm said only standard 32 gallon size containers. This is a great container that replaces two open top recycling bins. Now i can pack my recycling in there and have no fear that paper and other products will blow away at the curb.

Too small for a 2 person household. . If you’re a one person household, then it’ll be perfect for weekly recycling pickup. Otherwise, it’s way too small if you’re an avid recycler.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • but our trash collectors said they are too large to pick up (which is funny, because they never pick up our cans –
  • These are the most durable garbage cans I ever had
  • This recycle container has made our life so much easier.

Well worth the extra money spent. Of sanitation doesn’t roll over it with the truck.

The actual recycling bin i would rate highly but the one i received was definitely used. Had scratchings and scuff marks and dirt on the bottom. It was such a huge item that i couldn’t possible send back and ask for another. Still usable but i was expecting a brand new one as nothing stated it was used when make the purchase. The inside wasn’t gross or anything just noticably dragged prior to my receiving it.

Got a good deal in this can, thrash company loves it. When they saw it they thanked me because it made their job easier with the built in handle & wheels.

The hard plastic wheels are noisy. The hard plastic wheels are noisy. Can’t roll this down my driveway without waking up the neighbors. Very sturdy and nearly indestructible. The size is perfect for just 2 of us in the house.

Too small for a 2 person household. . If you’re a one person household, then it’ll be perfect for weekly recycling pickup. Otherwise, it’s way too small if you’re an avid recycler.

This is a life-saver for my back. This is a life-saver for my back. I no longer have to lift the container-sized recycling bins that i used before.

This is a great toter, solid and strong.

Heavy duty like the bigger toter carts supplied by the city of lexington waste disposal department, but a much better size for two baby-boomers living in an ho-6 maintenance free community. We have a two-car garage but struggled to get the bigger 65-gallon toter carts in and out of the garage on trash day. These toter carts are a breeze to handle and will hold more trash/recycle than we can generate in a week’s time.

Love the fact that the top is attached to the. Love the fact that the top is attached to the bin. This bin is much heavier than i expected. Our refuse collector has indicated to me that they cannot use their automatic bin function due to the fact that the metal bar on the bin is not wide enough for their truck lift.

The size is a great size and so far it’s gotten a beaten from the garbage truck mean it’s really a good sturdy container. I would definitely repurchase if needed to.

Toter recycling container is great. This heavy duty toter recycling container is great. It is sturdy enough to hold lots of recycling items, and it is very easy to push or pull by the handle to the curb and back. I also purchased the green black trash container. You will probably never need to replace them; they’re that great.

But our trash collectors said they are too large to pick up (which is funny, because they never pick up our cans -. We have this same trash can in both the recycling blue and the green for trash. We also have the larger ones, but our trash collectors said they are too large to pick up (which is funny, because they never pick up our cans – they open the lid and grab the bags). This size is perfect, it can be easily picked up and holds 2-3 full bags of trash or recycling. Very high quality and durability. Extremely satisfied with toter products and this can.

Bottles and cans, just clap your hands. Sturdy, thick wall construction. I hate flimsy garbage cans and this is built like a tank. Will last for years, you will only need to buy one of these babies. It’s a bit heavy maybe, but you can push it around on the wheels. Handles all the bottles and cans a regular household tends to generate and looks good doing it.

Recycling only picks up here once every 2 wks.

Toter recycling container is great. This heavy duty toter recycling container is great. It is sturdy enough to hold lots of recycling items, and it is very easy to push or pull by the handle to the curb and back. I also purchased the green black trash container. You will probably never need to replace them; they’re that great.

This product is exactly as described. This product is exactly as described. If i needed more than one, i would definitely purchase another one. Made very well, and is exactly what i was looking for.

Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE Recycling Roll-Out Trash Can – These are nice, however

Good, but not as heavy duty as i thought.

Whell made and tough wheels, but. Really like the construction, but really hate how narrow the wheels are. It falls over very easily because of the narrow spacing. As long as you are not pulling it very far or towing it down a 300 yard drive like i do, you should be fine. It is a lot better made than the other trash bins i have had.

Inexpensive solution for trash handling. Stands up to tenant abuse and garbage truck loading systems. Here are the specifications for the Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE Recycling Roll-Out Trash Can:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • One-piece handle provides large, strong grip area
  • Ground-hugging base enhances stability
  • Inset wheel position prevents damage to walls and doorways
  • Molded-in foot tilter helps maneuver heavy loads
  • Superior strength and durability
  • Measures 41-7/8″ x 32-1/3″ x 25-1/3″

Best deal ever on an awesome garbage can in vibrant colors, sturdy and manageable. Loved it so much, i ordered a second one. Don’t know how they can afford to ship for free, it’s so big. I constantly get compliments, especially living in pittsburgh and coming in the pittsburgh black and gold. Manageable by adults and children. Holds a large amount while being manageable. One of my favorite purchases every on amazon. Comes delivered by fedex in a huge box, which was a bonus ‘toy’ for my kids to play with 😉 price cannot be beat. I never thought i could order a great garbage can online and have it delivered free for a lower price than purchasing in the local big box stores.

Best deal ever on an awesome garbage can in vibrant colors, sturdy and manageable. Loved it so much, i ordered a second one. Don’t know how they can afford to ship for free, it’s so big. I constantly get compliments, especially living in pittsburgh and coming in the pittsburgh black and gold. Manageable by adults and children. Holds a large amount while being manageable. One of my favorite purchases every on amazon. Comes delivered by fedex in a huge box, which was a bonus ‘toy’ for my kids to play with 😉 price cannot be beat. I never thought i could order a great garbage can online and have it delivered free for a lower price than purchasing in the local big box stores.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A Warning to My Fellow Customers
  • Not just for garbage anymore 🙂
  • My girlfriend can very easily roll this when filled

This is just like what the city of chicago issues all their residents. My parents don’t live in chicago, however, and have to supply their own pails. They have to drag the pails back and forth once a week and as a result, the bottoms of their cans have worn out. Sturdy, wheeled so no more dragging (and erosion), this thing is huge. What used to take my parents 3 small, cheapo pails now only requires one of these big boys. My mom took a sharpie and wrote their address on the side. It stands out nicely against the yellow. The lid is attached, so now it’s not getting lost.

It rolls beautifully when stuffed full. The large wheels take the ‘grunting’ out of the job of pulling it to the street. I plan to buy another next spring and toss or give away the old square brown one we purchased locally. Was going to get a blue one but the yellow was 10. I don’t give a hoot about color so got the same thing in yellow. I will use this seller again.

A warning to my fellow customers. If you have purchased any of the ‘rubbermaid commercial brute hdpe 50-gallon rollout trashcans’ you may notice that amazon says that the ‘husky drum liners, 55 gal clear’is ‘frequently bought together’ with that trash can. For that reasoni made that mistake of buying them together. That trash can liner does not fit in that trash can. If you try to stretch it over the top of the trash can, the liner rips. Instead get the ‘tall 65 gallon black trash bags for toter®, 50 per case’.

Great service and quality product. The delivery company had given us a window of 8a-5p. Luckily, i happened to be home all day that day. They arrived early afternoon and were speedy and polite. The trash can came in an enormous box, which my children thoroughly enjoyed. The can is lightweight and sturdy. The blue color is accurately portrayed in the product photo. Prior to use, you have to lock the wheels in place. They are not locked in place during transport due to the amount of space they take up. You have to slide the wheels out and use a rubber mallet to click the bar between the wheels in place.

Even full it’s easy to wheel to the curb. I like that the lid stays attached. I thought about it a long time before buying since it was expensive, but i’m pleased with my purchase.

The lid is heavy enough to where no critters have gotten into it and the color is very attractive. This is perfect size for two people maybe even three with moderate wastefulness however more than this and the trash can would be too small. When it arrived i though it was a bit small as it is smaller than my neighbors but maybe they jyst have jumbo sized one. It seems very sturdy and i love the convenience of this huge item being delivered to my door. It was perfect for the price and could not have been anymore convenient.

The item is ok–it’s just a refuse can, of course–but given the price, i expected it be in excellent condition (that is, all blue). The plastic on the side of this blue can has a kind of rust discoloration to it. I purchased a gray trash can, same rollout model, at the same time. It has the same issueperhaps these cans are remainders?they clearly have flaws. I probably wouldn’t purchase again.

First it came later than expected, then it came all beat up and the lid is bent. I know it’s a garbage can and it’s not ment to look pretty but when i purchase something new i expect it to look new.

Very happy with my purchase.

Actually sturdier than the commercial trash can that. Actually sturdier than the commercial trash can that we had been ‘renting’ from the our disposal company.

Lid is a bit on the flimsy side, dents in very easily when the sun hits it which allows it to pool water inviting mosquitoes, otherwise happy with it. I drilled the bottom up a bit to add drainage/ air holes as i’m using it to store garden soil for our upcoming move, handling the weight very well considering.

Not just for garbage anymore :-). – as you can see i got this not for garbage, as i know it would work great, but our trash pick-up people supply one for us. I got it to put by our door so i can have my delivered packages (amazon) put inside, keeps them safe from the weather. Working out great, no more snow/rain soaked boxes, unless they don’t fit, which rarely happens.

Trash can is of good construction, i ended up returning the product due to its size. I assumed it was larger then what it really is. I would recommend to go to your local lowes or home depot to compare the size of the cans. I thought a 50 gallon can was much larger, which was my fault for not knowing. I ended up buying a 97 gallon trash can.