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Kitchen Trash Cans

SensorCan Touchless Sensor Trash Can : It is so quiet, you can’t hear it open/close!

Love it, perfect size foe where it at.

Very happy with this trash bin.

This touchless sensor trash can works great. It is very sensitive and the lid opens whenever you get close to it. It makes my kitchen look neater too. I am satisfied with this product.

Bought one as a gift and had to pick up another for myself. I got it with the adapter so i didn’t have to worry about batteries.

The trash can looks very good and works great. The stainless steel is very nice. A friend actually complimented me on it.

Like the fact that i don’t have to buy batteries. I’ve used it for about a week now and have no complaints. It is sensitive to movement, sometimes just walking too triggers the lid to open.

These cans are so nice looking in my newly remodeled kitchen. I love that no one has to touch them, so they stay very clean. Bags stay firmly in cans, no problems with them slipping and falling in the can. Open every time with a wave of the hand.Works great with either the adapter or batteries. Highly recommend these trash cans.

I use the adaptor as opposed to batteries.

  • Looks great but in a small house gets annoying every time
  • Wouldn’t want to do without it!

SensorCan Touchless Sensor Trash Can with Odor Control System, Stainless Steel, 49 Liter / 13 Gallon, Oval

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  • For an Automated and Healthier Home – 100% Touch-free, Sensor-activated Operation Lifts Lid With Just a Hand Movement. That’s Ultimate Convenience and Hygiene
  • Odor Control System – Natural Carbon Filter absorbs and neutralizes trash odors, for a fresh smelling kitchen
  • Sophisticated and Stylish – elegant, smudge-resistant brushed stainless steel can body is easy to clean and complements any décor
  • Slim, yet it holds Lots of Trash – space-efficient, large-capacity 49 Liter / 13 Gallon
  • 2 Power Options – Powered by 4 D size batteries (not included) or optional AC Adapter (sold separately)
  • Versatile and Adaptable – slim, oval design and perfect for kitchen, office, garage, lobby, store, etc.
  • Dimensions – 12 inches Long x 16 inches Wide x 26 inches Tall (33 inches Tall with lid open)

Looks great but in a small house gets annoying every time you walk past it, it opens. Also slightly smaller than a standard trash can.

The sensor on this trash can is a bit slow, but love the look. Sometimes does not open right away and you have to pull it open.

The trash can is good quality and is working great. I have it plugged into the wall so i can’t speak for the battery operation but i am happy with my purchase.

Kind of disappointed in this trash can. The sensor works randomly and i find myself waving wildly at my trash can a lot with my hands full of trash. I ordered this one for the design of the lid. My last trash can, a step on pedal to open, had lid with a lip on it so my very large dog learned to push it open with his nose and spread trash everywhere. . My dog can open it easier than i can. His nose triggers the sensor and the lid pops up. He loves his new automatic trash server.I think if the sensor was on the side of the trash can my dog would not be able to open it.

Works exactly as described, easy to remove plastic bags and holds a lot of garbage.

It looks nice in the kitchen. I love that no battery is needed for this garbage can. The sensored touch free function to open and close the lid is nice too.

I read the reviews concerning this trash can and decided to give it a try. I am very pleased with it thus far. It’s really nice to just walk up with my hands full and it opens for me.

I love this trash can , build quality and finish. I bought mine as a bundle so there will be no battery changing, i have this for a few months and so far so good.

I am recently widowed so it is just me.

I love this trashcan, i just keep my plugged in but easy set up and works very well.

It worked perfect with my garbage can. I vaccume up cord by accident.

Work lik a charm and look good.

I have had the sensorcan for a few weeks now and the operation has been great thus far. Very convenient to have an auto open and close lid. I was hoping it would be bigger but, it is sufficient for household kitchen use. I had previously purchased a battery operated can and it was going through six aa batteries a week, so i returned it. No worries with this one considering it operates on a small ac plug. The can is slightly narrow so you can’t wait too long to dump or keep packing it down or you will struggle getting the bag out. Also, wrapping the bag around the retainer ring when replacing gets a bit cumbersome but, overall it is the best can that i have used for the price.

Makes it easy for my brother to use with only one working arm.

We replaced our ailing sensor trash can with this one. It is much quieter than our previous one. Time will tell if it lasts as long as our previous one (13 years), but so far, so good.

High praise to sensorcan❣️we accidentally clicked one that doesn’t include the charger. We have an outlet behind it, didn’t want to worry with batteries forever, so we contacted the company to rectify our mistake. They shipped the charger for the exact price difference immediately, with no worries to us. It’s been more than 4 months of continuous use and we still haven’t had to use the charger.The d batteries were from the dollar store, bought in a pinch for a just few days, until our charger arrived and we never switched and still cant believe they are still going strong, with perfectly smooth operation on this can. Love we can use our own 13 gallon bags and how easy it is to use and change out. Looks beautiful, easy to clean with stainless appliance spray, and everyone who visits comments on how much they like it. We can’t praise sensorcan enough for offering such a wonderful product and the amazing customer service. Absoloutely love this trash can.

I’ve had these trash cans for a little over 2 mo now and i love them. I use one for recycle and the other for trash. I am using batteries for one and plug for the other. I have not noticed any differences in how they operate. Trash cans arrived on time -well packaged-no damagespros: holds a lot. No a lot of empty space in trash bag when you take the bag out of the trash can. Trash can opens easily with wave of hand or finger (most times i have my hands full) and closes in just enough time. My 4 yr old super hero son treats them like they are villains so he bangs on the top kicks the sides (almost daily) and these cans still work and look brand new. Cons: not really a huge con.

*Hefty Hefty 13-Gallon Step-On Trash Can, Works great in the kitchen

Good quality as hefty usually is.

Put it in a corner as it likes to flop around when its empty.

It’s a great product and does what it says it will. Sometimes, the lid can come off, but it’s really easy to put it back on.

This trash can is a bit on the expensive side. That being said i am still very pleased with the purchase.

Works great in the kitchen, and has a very nice step lid, that closes with the greatest of ease.

I had an ikea trash can for the past 2 years and the 13 gallon bags didn’t quite fit into it properly. I don’t know how we lived with that problem, it was really annoying because we could only fill up the trashcan about 1/2 of the max capactiy. This new hefty garbage bin is simple but 100% functional. The foot pedal works fine, and the space is perfect for the 13gal bags you find at every grocery store.

Nice replacement for our previous kitchen can. Step on works well so far, seems well-built, good capacity.

Key specs for Hefty 13-Gallon Step-On Trash Can, Black Rugged And Durable (1) (1):

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  • 13-gallon/51.103-liter
  • Hands-free use
  • Large capacity

Comments from buyers

“Bravo. Great Can., Much better design at attachment!, Good size for my apartment”

Works exactly like a trash can should work.

After many yrs of use it was time to replace my old hefty step on trash can. This is exactly like the old one except for a the improved top attachment. This one appears to be much more secure & is much easier to attach. I thank this seller for great communication & much faster shipping than expected.

It is a trash can, what can i say?.

Would have rated higher but the foot pedal pops out and has to be popped back in time to time. I added a screw on each side to make the pedal mount wider. Seems to work alot better and not pop out anymore.

Sturdy and well built, haven’t had any issues so far and i’ve had it for 2-3 months.

It opens and closes appropriately. It came much earlier than the predicted delivery date. Collects my trash effectively. I will buy again if i need another trashcan around this size. It’s probably the most cost efficient one i found without hunting for heavy sales that isn’t a finicky/cheap piece of sh*t.

Polder Trash Can – 7 gallon and fits under the counter – Stylish Brushed Stainless Steel : GIANT almost un-removable label sticker.

Came banged up but it’s a good trash can.

I got this for my kitchen because it matches my stainless steel appliances. It is rather small for a kitchen trash can, but i made it work. The construction is not the most heavy-duty, though, and it has a seam along the side that is not all that attractive. I purchased it in july, and here it is the beginning of september, and i noticed last night that there are rust spots on the outside. Obviously, the stainless steel is very low quality. It will do, but i can’t highly recommend this as a quality product. I think i’ll go back to a plastic trash container. Sometimes plastic is just the way to go.

Great size fits perfectly underneath my sink and the quality is good.

There are very visible seams on both sides of the garbage can (i had though it was only one side). In addition, the “fit and finish” is not great. That being said, it is very reasonably priced, so i have to judge it’s quality in that context. Overall, from a distance, it looks fine. At the end of the day, it’s a damn garbage can, right?another thing to mention is that this seems to be the only rectangular or square, open top, stainless garbage can in its size range. I could only find ones considerably larger or small, but nothing similar in size. I would have paid more for better quality, i just don’t think there is anything else out there at this point in time. In the end, i’m satisfied with the product.

We love it – it came dented. My husband stretched it out and tried to reshape it. We didn’t want to return it to get a new one.

The good news is that they must have listened concerning the label removal problem that others have reported, as my label came off easily with no solvent at all. The bad news is that it arrived with three dents. I’m not bothering to return it as i can face the dented side towards the wall, and my guess is that if i get a replacement there is also a chance it would be dented. But obviously it is easily dented. Otherwise, its a trash can, not much to be added except that it looks a lot nicer than a plastic one (i’m planning to use it for recyclables.

It just wasn’t tall enough for my kitchen, so am using it in my bedroom.

Way more sturdy than i thought.

  • Best sized product for small space undersink use. Poor detailing.
  • GIANT almost un-removable label sticker.
  • Looks great from a distance

Polder Trash Can – 7 gallon and fits under the counter – Stylish Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
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  • 7-gallon stylish square trash can with sleek stainless-steel look
  • Rubber base will not scratch floors; rubber band secures bag in place
  • Great for under-the-counter or exposed on the kitchen floor for trash or recycling
  • High- quality stainless steel. Measures 13.5” x 11” x 15”
  • For over 41 years, Polder believes in customer satisfaction and guarantees all of our products. If you are not satisfied, please contact our customer service for a replacement or refund.

Would be a nice looking garbage bin, but construction seems shoddy (blue glue at seams that others have mentioned). Mine also came quite banged up, though packaging looked fine.

It’s a garbage can, it holds garbage. I bought this to replace a plastic garbage can that was tearing apart from use. This can is very sturdy very well made and i like the fact that it has a rubber ring around it to hold a trash bag on it. I have this in my office and i can throw whole sheets of paper and it and stack up a lot of trash before needs to be emptied. What can i say, it’s a garbage can.

Perfect kitchen trashcan if you want to hid your trash out of view. Not too big and not too small.

These trash cans are exactly what i’ve been looking for. The sticker is not hard to remove at all, i peeled two off each in a single piece and they left no residue what so ever. Just peel slowly and everything will be fine. One of the cans arrived without its rubber bag keeper. The rubber bag keeper scratches the steel finish.

Good fit for under the sink.

Be forewarned, it comes with a giant label stuck to it that is not an easy peel off label. It took me three days of soaking and scraping and dissolving the adhesive with oils to get it off. It is a royal pain in the a$$. And i wasn’t able to do it without scratching the surface a little, and i tried very hard not to.

I ordered three and have one in each bedroom and bathroom.

This can is well built, heavy and nice, however, the label is a pain to peel off, it doesn’t. To get the label off i will likely end up marring the finish so i have resorted to keeping the 1/2 label i could not get off on the can, i just turn that side to the back so you don’t see it. The manufacturer needs to either change the label so it can be removed in one piece, or maybe, put the label on the bottom.

Great product and delivered on time.

This is a well-made sturdy can. It’s tall enough to accommodate the size of the normal brown paper “trader joe’s” shopping bag.

The size of this product is perfect for apartment undersink use, and as indicated by other reviewers, eight gallon bags fit this perfectly. It does have highly visible side seams, if appearance will be an issue. This would have been a five star rating for a highly useful product at good value, that fell short on poor detailing from the supplier. The rubber retaining band was missing from the top of can. As reported by many previous reviewers, this arrived with a product sticker that covers a whole side of the can and is impossible to remove without soaking, scraping, and ultimately scratching the product. It would seem that polder products is choosing to turn a deaf ear to their customers and persist in this ridiculous packaging choice. For those concerned with product appearance, this to me is a much bigger issue than the side seams. Had more concern for the consumer been exercised, rather than pasting the brand all over the product, this would have been a home run.

Perfect trash can for kitchen scraps while cooking and small kitchen items. Just don’t lose the rubber strap that holds the bag on, be a little less than perfect. Would have given five stars if the sticker had peeled off without leaving gunk i have to clean from the trash can.

One hour 15 mins with three applications lighter fluid, goo-off, scraper to removesilly large adhesive sticker prominently on front.

Wanted to use this beside my trash can for recycling and it fits perfectly. Easy to use a brown paper grocery sack inside for easy emptying. Wish i’d bought this years earlier.

Bigger than expected and used in my daughter’s room.

Taymor Industries Taymor 02-D8588ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze Pedestal Toilet Tissue Holder – very sturdy, doesn’t fall over when pulling paper

I like these stands because i don’t have to damage walls to attach a tp holder. Unfortunately, with time plastic bottom cracks and exposes concrete weight which starts crumbling and leaving sharp pieces on the bathroom floor. However, it takes awhile for the base to crack and i like the convenience, so i keep buying these stands. I would like it more if the base plastic was sturdier. Meanwhile i applied felt strips to the bottom of the stand to eliminate contact of plastic with tile.

Had a little trouble putting it together as the threads didn’t quite match up on one part of it. My husband was able to fix the problem. Looks great in the bathroom.

This product is average quality. I had to return one due to the chrome peeling off. My family is pretty careful with things but i’m not sure i see this lasting long in a frequently used guest bath. I love the look and it has a heavy base.

Didn’t want to make holes in my new wall and love the ability to move it around. It is even more stable than i thought from the description. I love that the toilet paper is on a roll and can’t come flying off if i pull too hard.

Perfect to sit next to toilet. The toilet paper hoder was put on wall next to tank and was twisting their back now it’s right wher it should be and very nice looking.

  • Pedistal toilet paper holder
  • Let the TP Roll!
  • Oh yeah– it works great!

This is just what i needed in my tiny guest bathroom. It is well balanced, looks good and fills my needs. If your tissue holder is in an awkward place then order this, you won’t be sorry.

When i remodeled my powder room, i no longer had a good space for a toilet paper holder (the last one had been on the side of a vanity that i replaced). The stand is attractive and sturdy enough not to fall over. I am pleased with this purchase.

Very sturdy, doesn’t fall over when pulling paper. Looks very nice, toilet paper holder part seems a little cheap, but works fine.

Put together easily by screwing the pole into the base and the tissue holder. Finish is lovely and delivery was really quick.

This is very attractive and is just the right size for a small bathroom.

Features of Taymor 02-D8588ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze Pedestal Toilet Tissue Holder

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  • Holds one roll of toilet tissue
  • Easy to assemble no tools required
  • Attractive storage solution for the bathroom
  • Available in 8 finishes
  • Wipe with a clean damp cloth, do not use abrasives

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

This item was just as described and was easy to assemble. The base is heavy and we had no problems with it tipping over.

Exactly what i wanted for our bathroom. No more holes in our walls to hang paper holders.

Good quality for the bathroom toilet holder. Wish that these was a paper guard to control the paper after pulling down. It was the only reason i didn’t give it a 5 star rating. The chrome base was well weighted and good looking.

Overall, i am very satisfied with the product. We bought our old one from bed bath and beyond. But, after years of use the cement base just cracked and broke. We sought a replacement and discovered that bbb no longer sold it and now sells the cheaper, lighter and poorer quality ones. After an extensive search, i came across the product on amazon. We were so happy that amazon had it. Unlike other similar products that look the same, the taymore products have a much heavier base being filled with cement. This is a plus, since it keeps the pedestal from moving when pulling or tugging to get paper. In fact our pedestal holder for our other bathroom broke too and we purchased the replacement through amazon too. Though, i really like the product, i recommend taymore make it from stainless steel or some other heavier metal instead of a lightweight aluminum tube filled with a cheap base filled with poor quality concrete that can crack.

Sturdy, functional, looks good. The base is heavy enough that it will not fall over from use or accident. The height is perfect and it is compact enough to stash anywhere you need it. Good buy, good price, fast delivery, very easy assembly.

After redoing out bathroom we no longer had a place to hang a toilet holder. I have to say i didn’t think i’d like this as much as i do. It is nice and heavy so you can tear off the tissue without it tipping over. It has a very nice satin nickel finish on it and looks really good. If you are looking for this type of thing this is the one to get.

Holds one roll of toilet tissue

Love, love, love thisthis by far is such a better way to go to avoid ending up with strained, stretched, loose tp holder that never seems to be able to hold a whole roll of paper without it flying off the wall. This pedestal is heavily weighted and getting your paper, snapping it off is no problem, it doesn’t move or tip and even the kids don’t have a problem using it. I bought two of these and would recommend buying it.

Nice heavy base, won’t be easily knocked over. I do wish the bit that the toilet paper roll rested on wasn’t plastic but metal as well, but oh well. Looks good in my bathroom and matches the other brushed stainless stuff we’ve got going on.

It could be a bit taller is all.

Bought a new house with lovely fresh painted walls. Beautiful white trim in bathroom with eggplant colored walls. No paper holder on the wall, so i decided to purchase a pretty white stand. I like this one because it is very white and weighted. One little bit of metal on the bottom was not flush. I just took a hammer and beat it a few times and it was perfect.

Nice heavy base, study and will not topple over. Reason for 4 stars is that the top is getting a little looser after a few months.

No wall space at all in my bathroom to hang a holder on the wall. This is a nice and heavy item that will not get easily knocked over.

Easy to assemble no tools required

Perfect 👌 and cane as expected.

Works great, it is as advertised. The base is also weighted so that it doesn’t easily fall over.

I bought this product because my guest bathroom has a big window by the toilet and i can’t mount a wall holder at a comfortable level. The pedestal holder matches my other bathroom accessories perfectly and adds a touch of uniqueness to the room. I was worried that it would be too light and fall forward when dispensing the toilet paper but it has a really heavy base and is very well constructed. Please note that the actual roller bar is plastic, not metal – i was prepared for this because i had read reviews on other versions of this product and i have to say it’s not very noticeable. Also, it stands just under 2 feet tall and i wish it was a bit taller (would deduct 1/2 a star for this if i could). Overall, very functional and has a beautiful, shiny sheen that really brings out the facets of the pewter finish. Can’t wait to see what my guests think.

The fitting that holds the upright is not the best design to get it straight. I would have preferred a bolt, nut/washer arrangement instead of that ‘pressure adjusted’ washer thing. Can never really get it to stand exactly straight and moves when changing the paper roll which requires adjustment each time.

I purchased 3 of these for our newly built home.

This is a really useful little item. I previously had a brass pedestal tissue holder, but wanted white to match a little corner cabinet i recently bought. This was just perfect and seems to be very well made; simple in design, but quite attractive. I am well pleased with my purchase.

Looks great and you can use all sizes of toilet paper.

Attractive storage solution for the bathroom

My toilet paper role was located in an inconvenient spot and i needed something i could easily reach. This is a beautiful bathroom accessory and it inspired me to add bronze fixtures to my bathroom. The base is heavily weighted and i can easily see when my husband has not replaced the roll of toilet paper.

This pedestal toilet tissue holder is well made with a heavy base so that it is not easily knocked over. It is especially useful when a space near the toilet is not available on a wall. It takes only minimal space and is easy to move to a convenient distance for it’s function. It’s a simple design that fits many decors.

Available in 8 finishes

Knape & Vogt SBM9-1-20WH In-Cabinet Bottom Mount Pull Out Trash Can – Great for narrow cabinet!

The quality of the hardware and glides was top grade as always with knape & vogt. Installation was extremely simple. . 4 wood screws, and 5 minutes.

This is a very small trashcan but is the only one that would fit in our cabinet, just wish they made a deeper model because there is a foot or more of unutilized space at the back of the cabinet. Anyway, the whole thing is simple but made of good quality materials, the pull out handle is a nice touch, definitely recommended.

Far superior to any other brand.

I am returning this because even though my cabinet is wide enough for the track frame, my cabinet door frame is not wide enough for the tracks to actually slide out. I could have notched them to make it work, but i hate to do that. I bought the same product, just one size smaller and it fits – though i would have preferred this one with the larger bin.

The rails are good, the handle didn’t qork that well, but overall its a good product.

It is unobtrusive and slides in and out of the cabinet with ease and easy to clean. I also like the cover which is a necessity for a garbage pail. It may appear small but can handle the large size garbage bags with no problem. This is a replacement for a similar style pail i was looking to replace for a long time. Thank you knape & vogt for saving the day.

The sliding metal hardware didn’t fit in my small cabinet. Recycled the metal and i’m enjoying the narrow basket for paper recycling under my desk.

Instructions are not clear, was hard to assemble.

I have an old kitchen missing a few modern conveniences. Specifically the trash can situation. I like my trash can inside my cabinets, near the sink, and easy to pull in/out. Previously i was just shoving a standard trash can at an angle inside the double wide cabinets under the sink. But i was butting up to the plumbing and disposal (and after 4 years of use we caused a leak). But i have two tiny cabinets on either side of the sink that were ideal for a trash can. Finding a trash can to fit a 7 3/4′ wide x 17 3/4′ tall cabinet was nearly impossible. Finding a fancy pull out trash can on glides?. Hai found this item when searching for 7′ trash can. Amazon’s q&a was super helpful.

Pleased with the idea of this, being out of the way. Wish it was a little bigger.

The dog figured out he could push the trash can down the stairs to get to the grossness inside, so we had to do something. The only available cabinet we had was tiny (like its only purpose was to hold cookie sheets) and i thought there would be nothing available to install a trash can in there. My cabinet is only 8” wide, and the description of this item said that you need 9” (that’s what she said). I took a chance after reading some hopeful reviews and it will indeed fit those small, awkward cabinets. Yes, it’s small, but not like grandma’s sewing-room-trashcan small. Really it’s about the size you would want your kitchen garbage to be before it starts getting smelly and needs to be taken out. I had a 13 gallon trash can before, and the bags still work in this trash can, with some overhang over the top of the can. Installing is only hard because of the small space trying to fit both your hand, the screw, your other hand, and the drill- it can be daunting. Seems sturdy enough to hold our normal amount of garbage- like it definitely won’t get too heavy for the hardware before it gets too full and needs to be taken out. I put some wd-40 on the track just so it would glide a little easier, but that was just a preference thing.

Not a very smooth track, but good enough for me.

I have a small cabinet and this fit perfectly. 4 screws to install, took about 5 minutes if that. Here are the specifications for the Knape & Vogt SBM9-1-20WH In-Cabinet Bottom Mount Pull Out Trash Can:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • KV heavy-duty ball bearing precision slides
  • Updated wire management system holds bins securely in place
  • Includes a clip-on handle
  • Partially assembled unit with heavy-duty mounting straps installs easily with only 4 screws

It fitted excelent in the spot that we wanted. It was very easy to install and good quality.

Fits perfectly in our tight cabinet area.

We bought this trash can for a narrow kitchen cabinet. I double checked all the measurements with the product specs and when it arrived it fix perfectly. Super simple to install too. My only knock is i wish it was a bit taller, but i can live with it. You have to buy the lid separately.

We have had ‘in cabinet’ trash containers in our kitchen for quite a while. This one has a lift out container (lovely), is larger, and doesn’t feel like it is going to fly out of the cabinet if you pull too hard. The price, compared to a more widely known competitor, is amazingly low priced. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

We tried items from rev-a-shelf and their stuff is so darn cheap. The can in this is small but it’s perfect for the kitchen cabinet that ween need to fit the trash can in. Couldn’t be happier with the quality of this product. Also, the installation was a snap because the quality of the mounting brackets make it easy to install the screws.

Instructions could have been better. Took about 30 mins to install. Not sure about durability but fit perfectly into my under sink cabinet.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great for narrow cabinet!
  • I would also recommend purchasing a behind-the-cabinet-door grocery bag holder (e
  • The can in this is small but it’s perfect for the kitchen cabinet that ween need to fit

Had very limited space to make an under sink trash can work. This fit perfectly and works very smoothly. Slide mechanism seems to be very well constructed. Will try this brand in other applications.

This works very well for the limited space i have under my kitchen sink. My one crticism is that the exposed edges of the pull out mechanism are unfinished and sharp.

The actual dimensions are 8′ inches wide at all widest points (instead of 8. 38 based on product description). If i knew the actual is narrower than described, i would have ordered a wider option. Nevertheless, i found the trash bin to be ideal for grocery bags. I would also recommend purchasing a behind-the-cabinet-door grocery bag holder (e. Interdesign or mdesign product lines on amazon), so there is room to hold grocery bags for use in the trash bin. There should be plenty of room in 24-inch deep cabinets that are standard in u.

We already have two pull out bins in our kitchen, but they are far from the stove – so we converted a cabinet used to store cookie sheets into an extra trash cabinet – it’s been awesome. The bin isn’t large, but it’s perfect for handling food prep trash (empty cans, plastic wrappers) and saves me from repeatedly walking around our kitchen island to get to the primary trash. My only challenge is finding the ideal size trash bag — it’s larger than a ‘waste basket’ that work with the small size bags at the grocery, and the regular tall trash bags work but are a little big. But, the convenience of adapting a wasted cabinet into something really useful has been worth it.

Amazing product for our tiny apartment. Nothing else would fit under our sink. My only issue with this product is the small size of the can itself. Regardless, the bin was easy to install and works very well in our kitchen.

Not the most sturdy thing ever.

Just right size in my small cabinet. However, the installation is tricky. With a small peice of paper instruction with crapy tiny diagrams wasted so much time.

Hefty Touch Lid 13 : “What’s in your can”.

This less than satisfied about the price.

I like the lid, so easy to open, just push the button.

This is the best trash can ever. It really does keep orders in, holds the bag secure, the lid is very sturdy, and the can itself is durable. I would definitely recommend this product and would order it again.

Solid bin with a nice latching top.

The color(red) go great with all the red in my kitchen. It is very hefty,trash does not smell with the top on it.

Great size for various purposes.

Hefty Touch Lid 13.3 Gallon Red Trash Can, Keeps odors in when closed

  • Capacity: 13.3 Gal (50 Liter)
  • Uses 13-Gal tall kitchen trash bags
  • Spring-loaded lid opens with the touch of a button
  • Press lid down to close Red trash can with stylish finish Lightweight, durable plastic construction
  • Keeps odors in when closed

Got this can to replace one that we have had for years. This one is very sturdy and the top is very well made.

Easy to operate lid (push and pops up). Perfect for kitchen but i use mine in my outdoor shed.

The lid never worked, so i threw it away. But the color is perfect in my kitchen, so i’m happy.

The size is perfect for the space and the red is a match.

I had one just like this in white, had it for about ten years, then the spring gave out, if it’s possible to love a garbage can i loved this one, still have it use it for recycling. I couldn’t find one with the spring load in the store, bought one that’s suppose to pop up but only pops up half way. No spring loads anywhere, now i have a brand new red one that will be loved and taken care of.

The part that worried me was the springs in the top; but they work fine. It came fast and package well. If it is still working after 6 months then i will give 5 stars.

I purchased this trash can to keep my dog out of the trash. It is ok (she hasn’t figured out the issue, yet. Where the lid attaches to the can, it only has a catch on the side where to ‘open’ button goes (i purchased 2, they were both the same). So it’s very easy to knock off the lid. It does contain a lot of the odor, though.

I like the red color and how it doesn’t take up much space. I need to keep rodents out of my garbage and this is perfect.

Very sturdy and the color looks amazing in my kitchen.

Great item, arrived earlier than expected.

This arrived today in a walmart box. Didn’t look reused but whatever. Lid is a little gimmicky but i really only cared about the color and i wasn’t disappointed. A nice deep rich red leaning towards burgundy. We’re using it outside on the new covered patio my husband just made us. Fits right in and feels like it’ll last nicely.

Hefty Touch Lid 13.3 Gallon Red Trash Can, Keeps odors in when closed : Keeps pets and toddlers out and smells in.

More durable than i expected.

iTouchless Trash Stickers Premium Vinyl Decals : Nice size, strong colors

Great quality and just as described.

I wish they had a set that had two recycling labels (one for glass/plastic and one for paper/cardboard) since that’s how most cities require recycling to be separated, but i couldn’t find those anywhere. Good quality labels, i expect them to last well.

This is not a “3 pack” of three stickers, but instead one pack of 3 stickers. A little disappointed, as i needed two recycle stickers and one trash sticker. We compost at home, so that goes outside every night. The stickers are a decent size and we’ll printed.

Fast delivery and easy to use.

  • Good quality labels
  • Nice size, strong colors
  • Quality stickers!

iTouchless Trash Stickers Premium Vinyl Decals for Trash Can; 3″ Round Waterproof, Reusable (Set of 3); Indoor/Outdoor

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  • Durable, High-Quality UV-Resistant, Water-Resistant, gloss laminate Vinyl Sticker for Outdoor and Indoor
  • Coordinate your Trash / Recycling / Compost Bins – Quick and easy separation and disposal with clear markings for each bin. 4″ x 4″ diameter with large lettering and picture decals to label each bin.
  • Set of 3 Decals – Includes 1 Recycle sticker in blue, 1 Compost sticker in green, and 1 Trash sticker in black for easy identification. Simply peel and stick the each on the desired bin and smooth out any air bubbles with a credit card or flat object. Perfect as an indoor or outdoor addition to your home, office, company, work, commercial event, apartment, studio, loft, hotel, gym, room, bars, management center, hospital, convalescent home, garden, etc.
  • Made to adhere to surfaces without leaving sticky residue when removed. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor disposal trash waste, compost, and recycle containers. The stickers can be applied straight to any trash can surface or be used on numerous surfaces including but not limited to wood, metal, plastic, paper, ceramic, and glass.
  • 10 Year Guarantee. Made in USA.

Looks good and attaches easily. A little overpriced for what you get, hence the 4 stars.

It took a long time to peal the backing off these labels. Even though there were some perforations in the paper backing, they were not cut all the way through or consistent from label to label so it took more time than necessary to apply these. In some cases, i had to fold the label to get the paper off which made a crease on the label after i applied them. I also wish the labels were larger in diameter but i was not able to find larger ones.

We have identical trash cans for trash and recycling, and they allow us and our guest to dispose of items without having to be reminded over and over. High quality product and very cool.

I just received these stickers and they seem great. I like the icons used and they stuck well. I’m disappointed to realize there’s only one of each sticker. The “3 pack” on the product image made me think there would be 3 of each or 9 stickers total. I see in the detailed description this isn’t the case but for nearly $10 i’m a bit bummed.

Not much wider than a coke can.

Looking for sticker to label the “waste” cans in a rental. These fit the bill perfectly and easy to apply.

simplehuman 50 litre slim open can heavy-gauge brushed stainless steel : but I love this can from Simplehuman

Slim design is nice until you try and empty your vacuum canister and it doesn’t fit.

Gorgeousthis orb trashcan looks great in my newly-remodeled kitchen. I didn’t have the space for hidden-cabinet trash space; however this fits the bill.

How can someone be so excited about a garbage can, i have no idea. I spent some time looking around the department stores and online. I was hoping to find something cheaper and still good quality. But this is the best i have seen. It is an unexpectedly handsome can. The standard grocery store garbage bags fit over the sides nicely and snugly; not too tight or too lose. And, unlike the pails with the pedals that pull out of the can, there is no extra lip into which to tuck the bag. The can is durable and does not tip easily. I have had the pedal cans and found the bags a hassle with their designs.

It’s got that nice added touch (the top) which makes it a really nice looking can. It takes regular tall kitchen bags which makes it all that much better.

  • Money well spent!
  • This is a lifetime purchase
  • with all the positive reviews — this is a sturdy, handsome trash can that looks good almost anywhere

simplehuman 50 litre slim open can heavy-gauge brushed stainless steel + code N 60 pack liners

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  • Open top design: great for high-traffic areas, the lid has an open design so it’s quick and easy to access
  • Large capacity: ideal for large families or busy households
  • Lift-off lid: lid lifts off easily for a quick bag change
  • Hide excess bag: top cover extends to hide messy bag overhang
  • Designed to fit simplehuman trash cans perfectly
  • No bunching, overhang or slipping
  • Extra-durable plastic and thick double seams
  • Tear- and leak-resistant garbage bags

Stable, tall, holds and hides trash till ready to empty. I prefer open-top trash cans so i can toss stuff in from a distance. For a step- on lidded can, you need to actually walk up to it in order to lift the lid. And hidden pull-out trash cans necessitate that you put your dirty hands on the handles of your cabinets. That’s why i love the open top. . Suits my needs, looks great, and hides trash. 5 stars and worth every penny.

We have noticed no smell from the can despite the fact that we use it for all the normal kitchen garbage and an occasional dirty diaper. It stays clean and it fits regular tall kitchen bags quite well. We like the open concept and the oval design lends itself to fitting a dust pan or wide pizza box perfectly. Would buy again or as a gift.

In my 44 years of marriage, i have never paid this much for a kitchen trash receptacle, but i was tired of replacing the cheaper ones that i would purchase, would never like, the lids would break, or the can would crack. I first saw the simplehuman brand at church and knew they were sturdy. Those are still holding up after 6 years even in the youth wing, so i searched amazon. At first the price gave my bank account an asthmatic attack, but after reading the reviews, i decided to order the bronze color ~ i didn’t want the stainless industrial look in my kitchen. The bronze color is true to the color shown online. Shipping was also faster than the estimated date upon checkout ~ no dents, dings, or scratches happened during the shipping. So far the can is perfect with the open top, no lids to work around, and i especially love the slim design. They included a package of their brand of white trash can liners with the order, but regular 13 gallon grocery store ones would also work. Since mine is a darker color, i’m thinking of using the smaller black liners so looking in from the top one doesn’t see all white. Like previous reviews, i think with this high of a purchase cost ~ an additional, removable, and washable inner liner would be best in order to attach, hide and secure the trash bag ~ then slip back down inside the receptacle.

I was looking for garbage can because my dog kept getting into ours. I read in the other reviews that people were able to keep their dogs out with this can. I bought it, and it looks great. It even came with bags that i may actually purchase again because they fit so well. My dog has yet to be able to get into the garbage and he is a weimaraner.

The height, width, and depth were perfect. I am not liking the full open top since you can see the trash, but the most significant disappointment is that is scratches easily when you remove the top to change the bag and with the bronze color it is significant. The bronze color is not a good choice as a result. Way to expensive for this to happen :(.

Got for work to replace a different model by simplehuman. The other one had a step lid with a small opening. These go in a customer waiting area near a coffee area. This one is the one we should have purchased to begin with. The large opening (no lid) make it much easier for customers to use (and somehow more obvious).

I was looking to replace my plastic flip top kitchen trash can. Something tall enough the dog could not get into. My husband and i have both been happy with this purchase. We use glad trash bags in it and they fit fine. We like the open top to just drop stuff in. Best of all the dog can not knock this over and even if she stands on her hind legs she can not reach inside pulling stuff out.

Worth the extra money – cleans up effortlessly, super easy to use (while the risen lid keeps the trash inside from being too obvious), works with my boyscout-troop-fundraiser trashbags beautifully. The slim design makes it easy to fit wherever it’s most needed, and it’s tall enough to keep the contents from the curious gazes of my young children. Definitely recommend*edit*years of use, still absolutely love this product – have only one small complaint to offer, so i’ll post it here in the hopes that simplehuman might take note and come up with a way to tweak the design. The plastic lip that holds the lid onto the can has an upper edge that traps crumbs, but the top of the lid itself is curved, so that when you go to dump these crumbs out, it catches them so you can’t dump them out (see photos – one is of debris as it is shaken just clear of the plastic lip it catches in, and the other is of debris resting in the lid’s curvature so it can’t be dumped out). I have to either take the lid outside and shake it about violently so the crumbs eventually all come out into the yard, go get out the vacuum cleaner and attachment, or use a microfiber cloth and try to wipe it all out a little at a time (tho the shape of the lid makes this approach kinda tedious). Not the biggest deal, obviously, but a little gross and annoying. **2nd edit**yet more years of use – still love this trashcan. Recently noticed i hadn’t had to vacuum/wipe out any crumbs lately – the new factor is a dog: evidently she’s been licking the crumbs out of the lid as i go to fetch a new bag.

I did a lot of looking to find the right trash can and i’m so glad to have found this one. I use it for my kitchen composting. I have no idea how others manage with 3 gallon bio bags. I needed something that would handle a 13 gallon bag and fit in the only available narrow spot. I use a regular 13 gallon tall kitchen bag with a compostable 13 gallon bag inside it. That way there is no problem if the inner bag leaks before i get it to the outside compost trash pail. I have a lab and no food (or semblance of food) is safe around him, the trash can is great. It’s tall, sturdy, easy to use with the open top and impervious to my lab. I had a hard time convincing myself to spend the money on it but i’m glad i did.

This is the best trash receptacle i ever had. It’s sleek and unobtrusive. It’s heavy enough not to get knocked over but pretty enough to look good. It’s easy to empty and can use standard trash bags. I like it being open on top as i don’t have to step on the opener or swing open a top-i can just toss stuff in when my hands are sticky or covered in cooking. Very handy to clean the counter off and dump directly into the trash also.

I agree with all the positive reviews — this is a sturdy, handsome trash can that looks good almost anywhere. I agree also with other reviewers who don’t like the air holes at the bottom. The sieve feature makes it harder to wash the trash can. Strangely, it seems to attract ants, too, though the plastic bag (also sturdy) fits well and keeps garbage well contained. I might use this for recycling instead of for trash.

This is a great trash can, and although it is a commercial trashcan it is nice looking enough for a kitchen. We use it in our downstairs bar area and is perfect, especially when we have people over and they are throwing away a bunch of plates, cups, napkins, etc. This holds more than a regular kitchen trashcan and even though it has an open top, you really don’t see all of the trash inside unless you stand right over it and look down. We love it and wish we had spent the extra money to get this trashcan years ago.

Quick delivery, durable, easy to clean and fits my normal 13 gal trashbags. I call it my ‘grown up trashcan’. It’s pricy but well worth it. I recently bought a new house and i have this awkward under the cabinet space and i felt a ‘fancier’ trash can was in order. I love simple human products.

Spent years designing our custom kitchen. Thankfully i’d bought one of these about five years ago. Loved it so much that i bought a second one last year for recycling when the kitchen was actually built. Hold up well and don’t scratch easily. The best part is that the lid opening is at such an angle that it doesn’t scream ‘garbage’ but is still open enough that it’s easy to drop items in. You never find yourself fighting to open the can while holding something gross. The lid holds the bag in place reliably.

I had another trash can by simple human that i really liked but my ex ruined it. I tried this model/version and like it even better (the other one had a foot-step and a lid. This has no lid and i didn’t think i would like that, but i do. It’s a nice sized opening and with the bags it is supposed to be used with, you can get a lot of trash in one bag, so the number of trips is reduced. You can toss trash from a distance and not have to be in front of it to open any lid. Very happy with this purchase.

I have to say i’ve never spent this kind of money on a trash can but then i’ve never had a trash can of this quality. I use it in my kitchen and absolutely love that it’s always open. It doesn’t smell like garbage in my kitchen and trust me i was concerned about that but it doesn’t. I love the very wide opening so it catches all when i throw things out. It’s easy to clean, no fingerprints and it’s heavy weight (not too heavy to move but heavy enough that my dogs can’t just push it over. I love the slim oblong shape it fits perfectly in my kitchen and the sleek look is decorative so you don’t have to hide it. The can comes with a sample trash bag that the brand makes. Although the can will fit any standard size kitchen trash bag, their bags are also very durable and has a perfect size top so you don’t see the trash bag folded over the top. I loved that because it really helps to keep my kitchen looking clean and orderly.

Very solid, sturdy, and fits into a tight space. I bought it to perform as a laundry hamper, not a garbage can, just so you know. And it fits nicely in the space between my clothes and the door of the closet. I know that simplehuman sells the round can like this specifically as a hamper, but that thing is huge. Just buy a large laundry bag to slide down inside, place the lid on, and you are set. Place for the clothes to be hidden, and it hides in the closet.

It fits perfectly in the narrow space between my refrigerator and door. I like that the top is open so i can toss in stuff from across the room or position it under the counter to drop in fruit or vegetable peels as i’m doing meal prep. Looks high end and nice beside my stainless steel refrigerator. Holds a surprising amount of garbage, too.

Rubbermaid 2806TP-WHT 36QT Open Wastebasket : Throw your trash this way

I did not realize from the description that there were 4 in the package so now i have 2 extra.

Fit perfectly in our new pull drawer.

Rubbermaid 2806TP-WHT 36QT Open Wastebasket, White (Pack of 2)

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  • Durable, lightweight wastebasket
  • Features extra-tough rim and sides that stand up to years of daily use
  • 36 qt Large Open Wastebasket
  • 14.5″ x 11″ x 18″
  • Made in the USA

So hard to find replacements for my pull-out garbage/recycle cabinet. There are plastic tabs on the outside of these that we had to cut off with an exact-o knife to make them fit in the slots – but that cld just be our specific cabinet configuration.

Had to modify the hanger ridges a bit to fit my enclosure.

Rubbermaid 2806TP-WHT 36QT Open Wastebasket, White (Pack of 2) : We purchased a trash/recycle holder to replace the space formerly occupied by our trash compactor. It came with these tiny baskets that barely held anything. These replaced them perfectly at a size that makes sense.

These replace my kitchen recycling bins, the same rubbermaid wastebaskets i purchased in 2000. I hope these last another 18 years.

I wanted to replace my original trash cans that came with my cabinets and these were the perfect replacements. They are durable and fit perfectly.

The width measurements are for the inside of the container, not the outside perimeter, which was fairly annoying, since i was buying them to fit a trash drawer in my kitchen.

Good value and nice to be able to order the exact size i needed.

Love that there are two garbage cans in the order. I use one for garbage and one for recycling.

Great size for our kitchen garbage drawer. Tapered so the sizing is deceptive—seemed too big but fit perfectly whatever standard garbage drawer the prior owner installed.

Product came fast and exactly as described.

The wastebaskets are just as described, genuine rubbermaid and new. An exact replacement for what we had.

Kinda expensive but it fits my kitchen.

Perfect match for the cans in our drawer pull out. The old ones were 22 years old. Rubbermaid makes great products.

Nice quality and fit our built in unit perfectly. Excellent shipping container. But these were 42 dollars for 2 plastic garbage cans when a garbage can a few inches bigger only costs 7.

Works perfect in the cabinets made for baskets, in fact it works much better than the original.

Narrow yet large enough to hold a 13 gallon trash bag. Good set for trash and recycle.

Arrived quickly, package was secured for me on the patio. Quality is good, and they are a perfect fit under my cabinet.

They fit in my existing pull out drawer but one cracked within a few weeks.

I bought another brand wastebaskets and had to replace with the rubbermaid since the other brand cracked with very little usage. Rubbermaid wastebasket fit perfectly into my two trash can cabinet.

BestOffice Touch Free Sensor Automatic Lid Stainless Steel 13-Gallon Kitchen Indoor Home Decor – My wife told me it was the best thing I bought on line

Love, love, love this trash can. It uses ‘d’ size batteries and some reviews stated they did not last long. I have been 3 months using the first batteries i put in, so i am happy.

Very cool and quality trash can. My family loves this trash can. Came quickly and works well. Also seems to hold more trash than our old 13 gallon, possibly due to the shape. Great product at a great price and it’s less expensive than other places on the internet.

Opens and closes perfect each time and a 13 gal. Trash bag fits the interior perfectly. A really great device and a great price. You won’t find a better unit even at a more expensive price.

  • Good trashcan good size almost perfect.
  • Scotty, I need more power!
  • Great idea but it’s a huge pain to change the

Very cool and quality trash can. My family loves this trash can. Came quickly and works well. Also seems to hold more trash than our old 13 gallon, possibly due to the shape. Great product at a great price and it’s less expensive than other places on the internet.

Great idea but it’s a huge pain to change the. Great idea but it’s a huge pain to change the bags out. Works pretty quickly when you put your hand close to the top.

Features of Touch Free Sensor Automatic Lid Stainless Steel 13-Gallon Kitchen Indoor Home Decor

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    to make sure this fits.
  • This makes a perfect addition for your kitchen, living room, dining room, or bathroom.

With new batteries this worked well upon arrival. I think the people who had problems with the top not fitting simply didn’t read the instructions. After a few weeks the sensor seemed to lose sensitivity so, instead of buying more batteries, i connected a switching power supply that produces a number of voltage outputs. I tested the power supply and found that it indeed output a steady 6v. The sensor sensitivity didn’t get any better. After a week of waiting for the lid to notice me, i decided to pump 7. Works just like it did with new batteries.

Love, love, love this trash can. It uses ‘d’ size batteries and some reviews stated they did not last long. I have been 3 months using the first batteries i put in, so i am happy.

My wife told me it was the best thing i bought on line. I really didn’t know that this had a motion sensor lifting lid. My wife told me it was the best thing i bought on line. Not sure what it says for me, but the can is great.

Opens and closes perfect each time and a 13 gal. Trash bag fits the interior perfectly. A really great device and a great price. You won’t find a better unit even at a more expensive price.

With new batteries this worked well upon arrival. I think the people who had problems with the top not fitting simply didn’t read the instructions. After a few weeks the sensor seemed to lose sensitivity so, instead of buying more batteries, i connected a switching power supply that produces a number of voltage outputs. I tested the power supply and found that it indeed output a steady 6v. The sensor sensitivity didn’t get any better. After a week of waiting for the lid to notice me, i decided to pump 7. Works just like it did with new batteries.

My wife told me it was the best thing i bought on line. I really didn’t know that this had a motion sensor lifting lid. My wife told me it was the best thing i bought on line. Not sure what it says for me, but the can is great.

Great idea but it’s a huge pain to change the. Great idea but it’s a huge pain to change the bags out. Works pretty quickly when you put your hand close to the top.

Good trashcan good size almost perfect. . It works properly as it should there’s nothing wrong with the design nor the size. It’s just what was expected. My reasoning for giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the trash can needs huge batteries to run it and does not come with the power adapter. But the delivery was amazing it said it would take 1 to 3 week it came in 2 days.

Good trashcan good size almost perfect. . It works properly as it should there’s nothing wrong with the design nor the size. It’s just what was expected. My reasoning for giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the trash can needs huge batteries to run it and does not come with the power adapter. But the delivery was amazing it said it would take 1 to 3 week it came in 2 days.