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In-Home Composting Bins

YukChuk Under-Counter Indoor Kitchen Food Waste 1 – I’m happy with it.

Big enough for our household of 5 to get a couple of days of compost space, but not so big that it encourages waiting for ‘compost soup’. It really is amazing at blocking smells and keeping insects out (did a great job of cutting down our fruit fly population :-), and installed quickly and easily in our under-sink kitchen cabinet without getting in the way of the door closing, or necessitating a massive overhaul of the bottles and bags and etc. Down there – its slim profile means that it doesn’t get in the way as i initially feared. The rectangular body is designed just right for putting next to the kitchen counter to scoop scraps into, and it’s wide enough that it prevents spills effectively, which had been a problem with our previous square countertop bin. One handed operation is a literal snap, both to open the bin and to get it off the bracket. Re-hanging it is a bit more of a pain, but not too bad. Long story short, this little wonder has cleared up a bunch of counter space, keeping the nasty bits away from our utensils and cookware, and also made composting an easier, simpler process overall.

Really does seal in odors and prevent fruit flies. Maybe not a whole watermelon’s rind, but it fits a lot more than i expected. I use it without bags so i just carry it to outdoor compost to dump it and then rinse it out. It is not mold resistant but probably if it were that would mean it’d been treated with some kind of chemical, so that’s ok by me. Again, because it locks in odors it won’t make your kitchen smell moldy if mold does grow in it. It’s also very quick and easy to open and close the lid. I do not have mine mounted to the door it simply sits on the base of the lower cabinet. Narrow enough to sit in front of my cleaning supplies and not interfere with door closing.

This kitchen compost bin is pretty much exactly what i was looking for. We just started composting and it was a real pain to have to carry my scraps out each time i was finished in the kitchen. Because of the slim design, i was able to hang it on the inside of the cabinet under the sink without loosing much cabinet space. This keeps it out of sight and reach of the dogs.It’s super easy to open and close with one hand. It doesn’t smell and it’s really easy to clean. I usually just hose it out whenever i carry waste out to the compost pile.

I don’t like to keep a lot of things on the countertop and the old plastic paint can i had in the sink not only was ugly and got in the way, i kept getting fruit flies with the plastic can because it was too inconvenient to re-seal several times a day. Because of the placement of the sink & garbage disposal, i have very limited space under the sink, but this fit and works perfectly for me. I mounted it as high as possible under the sink so i don’t have to bend over. I like the fact that it seals tight enough to keep the fruit flies out and also that i do not need to worry about replacing or cleaning a filter. I just throw everything directly in the bucket, dump the contents into the compost pile once or twice a week and rinse it out using the faucet outdoors. When needed, i use the sprayer in my kitchen sink and/or an old sponge to wipe out any remaining gunk. The smooth plastic cleans right up.

Growing up we used a plain rubbermaid container under the sink for our edible waste before disposal into the compost pile and it was stinky and cumbersome and hard to clean. This little pail is awesome, it was installed easily to the inside of the cabinet, fits neatly under the sink, the latch is secure and there is even a rubber seal. I have not had any issues with oders or spills. Not to mention this is the perfect size for my small family to accumulate our food waste- it usually fills in 2-3 days and makes us empty into the compost at appropriate intervals.

Easy to use, like the bags so i don’t have to wash out the container after emptying. Can was easy to mount on the inside of the door under the sink. Bags fit securely over little hooks and don’t sink down in the bin. Have already emptied once, no problems. Container is smaller than the one i had before so i have to empty it more often but that’s ok. I always had problems with the compost smelling before the can was full.

  • How many yucks could a Yuk Chuck, chuck?
  • I’m happy with it.
  • Keeps compostable debris outta site

I preferred the green ones as they blended in with the compost better. We do not attach our bin to the cabinet door so the front for us is the part where it would be hanging on the door, and the back is the side where the lid is attached. When i attach the bag, i hook it onto one spike first, stretch it around the back (part where the lid is attached), hook it onto the other spike, and then gather all the excess and tie a knot in the center which i stuff under the lip. This holds the bag so securely that it frequently doesn’t come out when we empty the bin and if it isn’t too gunky i can get a second use out of it. Even when it takes me 2 weeks or more to fill the bag, it has never leaked, but at the same time the bags we tossed last fall have not yet decomposed and it’s been over 6 months. Granted, it’s been winter, and i don’t know if that slows down decomposition or not. Most of the time, i carry the bin to the pile and empty the contents, then remove the bag so that at least the veggies are composting even if the bag isn’t. On occasion, when it’s been too wet or too cold to make the trek to the bin, i’ll tie the top and leave the bag in the garage for a day or two. Edited to add: i contacted the company about the white bags and they say they are going back to green.

   how many yucks could a yuk chuck, chuck, if a yuk chuck could chuck yuck?. Well this yukchuck has been chucking all of our yuck for nearly two years without complaint. Chuckyuk has created a clever yet simple latch design that makes for easy one handed chucking. Surprisingly, no odors escape the closed bin, even when food scraps are stored for up to a week, or longer. About once a week we empty the bin into our compost heap. It feels good to chuck things in, knowing that all of our organic food scraps are going back into the soil, and are not going into a landfill; to be preserved for hundreds of years for future archeologists to ponder confusedly on. I just wish our community would have mandatory separation of food scraps for the town’s yard compost site. There are so many soil nutrients being lost to landfills across the country. Thank you yukchuck for doing your part to help us do ours, in helping to preserve this world. Be sure to check out the related video and turn up the volume loud, to marvel at the thunderous sound of stale christmas cookies sailing into the yuk chuck.

This thing fits well in a cabinet, locks securely and we never smell it regardless of what is in it.

My wife and i just completed a remodel and debated whether to have a nice looking countertop waste holder, or a hidden one. Went for this bin to hide it away. Smart design to have the lid open away from the cabinet door. Keeps the whole bin from lifting up. Takes a little practice to open it with the hooks that hold it closed. I hold the handle with my thumb and index finger to ‘assist’ the release of the lid. We only hook it on the one side, which is plenty to keep it sealed. We use compost waste bags in it. When it’s time to take out to our outdoor compost bin for pickup, we just lift out the bag. When it does need to be cleaned, very easy to lift the bin off the plate attached to the inside cabinet door.

I think that some of the 1 star reviewers have valid points but are a bit harsh. The plastic appears to be a cheaper plastic which may be more prone cracking if mishandled which makes this a little over priced. If you do have weak/cheap cabinet hardware, it may not properly support the bucket when full or opening. I drilled small pilot holes and screwed it on in a few minutes time. I do like the bag anchors which hold the bag up and in place. They’re sharp but face the cabinet but one needs to take care while dumping the compost not to scratch themselves. I do like the fully closing lid to keep fruit flies out along with containing the odors. Why table top compost bins have holes in them, i’ll never quite understand. The locking top is a trade off. It’s kind of clunky to open but i’m getting used to it. Off hand, i’m not sure how i would improve it. There is a training curve on the user part to become proficient at opening the top while it hangs on the door. I was very clumsy at it, at first but after a few tries, i figured out the correct way to do it.

Features of Under-Counter Indoor Kitchen Food Waste 1.5 gal Compost Container/Bin System by YukChuk

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  • UPGRADE to a YUKCHUK under counter food scraps bin and ‘presto ’NO odors, No fruit flies. No charcoal filter replacement costs, NO need. Made from high-density polypropylene, (HDPP), the same material used in milk containers and other food containers. HDPP is known for its non-leaching characteristics.
  • FREE up your valuable COUNTER SPACE with a behind the cabinet door YukChuk. Our design is specifically functional for ease of filling and storing food waste. Little effort was made to produce a kitchen decoration when function was deemed the most critical need.
  • Mounts behind kitchen sink cabinet door for easy out of sight access, easy one-handed use for loading and just lift to carry. Bracket and stainless steel screws included. And the bracket serves as a liner bag hold down at the back.
  • HOT wash and HOT cycle Dishwasher safe, not like the other guys who’s material will withstand Cold in dishwasher. Great fit for YukChuk BIO-BAG Liners.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Perfect for our household of 2 adults who cook and eat most meals at home. We live in an apartment and this keeps smell away and helps to keep our counters clutter free.

There aren’t a lot of non-vented compost buckets on the market but if i did’t vent my trash (before i composted) and tried to seal it up tight, why would i want to vent my compost?. This is meant to be used with compostable bags and i won’t vouch for use without them. This is small enough to mount inside a cabinet and easily removes for cleaning. It is small enough to fit in my dishwasher when inevitably it gets dirty (usually the top from opening/closing it. ) unless you have a huge family you don’t want a larger size because it will get gross before it is full. Also, the compostable bags a size up are gigantic and expensive. We had a minor issue with ours but customer service was great, really great. My only issue with it is that the bags don’t stay up well. I wish they had one of those pull-through-and-pinch things that some commercial trash cans have to prevent the bags from falling down.

My husband is not to sure about this whole composting thing. So it’s been my job to pull the bag full of veggie scraps and throw this into our outdoor composting bin. But i can tell you it keeps sealed, there is no odor and funny even throughout the week when you open and close it, it doesn’t stink. . But when i go to empty it into the compost bin. Wow, those veggies are for sure composting and stink with alot of liquid in the bottom of the bag. So you do need to use the composting bags and empty into an outdoor compost pile or bin each week. Saves a ton of scraps from going into the trash or garbage disposal.

Our city collects ‘organic material’ along with our recyclables and trash. They provided a countertop bin but it was no good. We have been using the yukchuk for about a year and really like it. We use bio bag liners and experience no smell and no bugs. The only thing, and this could be user error, is that it seems like the little ‘thorns’ should be on the other side. On the side they are on, the bag is already secured by the hanging mechanism. On the other side, the hinge side, the bags sometimes slip down into the bin, causing a mess. Putting the thorns on the hinge side would alleviate this. As i said, this could be user error but since both of us are pretty intelligent, i would then have to say that it is not very intuitive.

Great to hold compost, convenient mounting on cabinet door under sink, no smell even when it’s full. 4 stars because it’s a pain in the neck to attach the bags so they don’t sink into the binupdate 10/19/15this worked great until the handle broke. Now the lid separated from the body. We’re also getting some fruit flies, perhaps because the replacement handle was not sealing the lid well. Company is sending out a whole new replacement unit. It’s nice that they have a lifetime warranty. I looked into stainless, ceramic, and other plastic bins but every one had some reviews that complained of fruit flies. The ‘yukman’ i just spoke with was very nice and very responsive. Hope the replacement until seals well.

This has been a great addition to my apartment. My roommates and i were constantly battling smelly garbage cans that we’d have to empty prematurely just because of smell and not because its full. Now i mounted this under our sink in the cabinet (just barely fits in our setup) and its so convenient. I line it with a bag and with 3 of us we fill this up in about 7-10 days. And we really over stuff this thing to be honest, but as long as we get the top locked down it stays odor and fruit fly free in our apartment. Good for the environment, save money by avoiding throwing away half full smell normal trash bags, and my kitchen smells normal now too. May not be as fancy looking as counter top ones, but i don’t want my compost on my counter, i want something practical and hidden.

UPGRADE to a YUKCHUK under counter food scraps bin and ‘presto ’NO odors, No fruit flies. No charcoal filter replacement costs, NO need. Made from high-density polypropylene, (HDPP), the same material used in milk containers and other food containers.

. Just kiddingif we must have a business man as president, i nominate gordon newman of the yukchuk party – king of kustomer satisfaktionwe have been using our yukchuk steadily for several months and must agree with all the positive comments you’ll find in other reviews. No insects, odor stays in the bucket, sized right for our family of 3 ( we empty it daily, no need to let that stuff ripen in the bucket. Get it to the composter ), handy mounting for ease of access back of the under sink door. (our old ceramic cookie jar used to work well, but nice having less counter clutter and it was a pain to empty and clean). Just the right size to place in the sink so we can slide scraps right in. Rinses easily, easy to open and close and empty. We’re very happy with our choice – highly recommended.

At first the locking lid was a little off-putting. I was used to containers with a simple lit to place on top. However, the absence of any odour made me love this little bucket. I use old newspaper to line mine so there’s almost no cleaning.

I have two diabetic cats and three litter boxes. I needed something to hold scooped litter while i went from litter box to litter box, and to hold it until i filled a bag. This has done the job extremely well. The one-handed open/close/carry design makes it easy to move between litter boxes with this in one hand and the scooper in the other. The lid fits tightly so there’s no odor escape between scoops. I use grocery bags to line it. Even though there’s nothing to ‘hook’ the bag on, if the bag is well situated when i first put the bag in, i haven’t had any problems with the bag slipping. Not it’s intended purpose, but it works very well for this.

It hangs on the inner door beneath our kitchen sink– its slim frame allows for a plethora of other things to be stored alongside it. The hinged lid forms a complete seal; no odor has ever escaped from the bin. The handle is comfortable to hold, and due to its unique design, the yukchuk always remains securely closed as i deliver the compost to our outside bin. The yukchuk is the perfect size for a 3-person family’s weekly load of egg shells, coffee grounds and various vegetable peels. After using it daily since 2014 the lid became damaged; customer service was quick to respond with a replacement. I can’t imagine a better compost container.

I waited a while to write this review to see how this worked out. We’ve been using this for over a year now and we have a lot of compostables (we can and freeze a lot of our own produce) and this is still working like a champ. The lid fits tightly so we have had no problems with odor or flies. It is a little tall for my sink, and since i don’t use bags in it i do have to wash it regularly. Luckily i have a sprayer, so it being so tall isn’t really a problem. We mounted it inside the cupboard door beneath the sink, and i remove it if i’m using it a lot. I also remove it when it gets 2/3 full and just set it on the counter because i don’t want the weight of the full bin to pull the hinges out of alignment–it does hold a lot.

I had a little trouble figuring out where to put it because my sink is extra deep and hangs down further than i wanted to mount the bin, and my cabinet doors are shaker style, so i needed to attach it to the top brace or i’d have had to put another board across to attach the bin to. I was able to put it in my trash cabinet – which works better anyhow since it is higher ( less bending over) i am reminded when i toss the trash to put the compost in the bin instead. I’ve loaded over a week’s worth of garbage in it several times and it never leaks any smell. It is easy to carry out to my compost dump and everything slips out easily, even the bottom corners. I don’t use bags, just rinse it when needed. I’m trying to reduce waste and it seems a little ridiculous to spend money on bags. I have run it through the dishwasher a couple times and it came out great. I kept it on the kitchen counter for the first week, though, and that worked very well too.

FREE up your valuable COUNTER SPACE with a behind the cabinet door YukChuk. Our design is specifically functional for ease of filling and storing food waste.

I like it and it works very well. It’s well made sturdy and closes tight keep smells in and bugs out. As a single guy it is a good size to hold a weeks worth of food scraps generated from food prep while cooking. The only negative i can give it is i wish there was some way to secure the trash bag on the back by the hing. When tossing in say carrot peals and such you have to be careful to avoid it falling behind the bag and into the bin. Not a big deal but it would be nice and far more convenient.

The best compost bucket yet. The lid snaps shut very well. I have no fruit flies with this product. I use my kitchen compost bucket every day and then transfer it to my worm bin when the yukchuk gets full enough. I admit there is a smell that builds up if i don’t either transfer to the worm bin when it’s about 1/4 full or if i put some citrus fruit of some kind in there with the other kitchen scraps. The smell is a small price to pay for no fruit flies. I don’t use a plastic bag insert at all as i don’t want to dump more plastic into the environment. I just wash it with soap and water every time i transfer it to the worm bin and it cleans up like a charm. I’m thinking of giving several away to friends. I highly recommend this product.

Great design for a food waste container. 1) i like how easily it attaches / detaches from the wall mount2) i like that the lid securely locks down, to prevent fruit flies from getting in — yet the top can also be removed very easily at the same time3) the mounting hardware that was included was great, and i appreciated the warning about making sure the screws were not too long for the under-sink cabinet door (lest they poke through and/or destroy the cabinet door in the process of putting them in). After reading the warning, and checking, i decided to mount it to my wall instead.

I bought the yuk chuk, which by the way is wonderful, it’s hidden in a cabinet instead of a bucket on my countertop. Bought these bags to try and they are wonderful. They are way better than the bio bags, they are a bit thicker and don’t leak or smell. The bio bags leak and i sometimes have to double or triple the bag but not these yuk chuk bags they work like they are suppose to,.

This addresses our two main requirements for our next compost bin (first completely exclude fruit flies from our kitchen compost bin and second free up our counter space currently occupied by the compost bin. )our old compost bin was a cut ceramic counter top bin that we had been using for years, despite the fact it had been broken and glued back together multiple times. It had served us well through 5 different homes, but the most recent location has a fruit fly issue and so we decided to upgrade. If you are considering this and already have a compost bin i recommend upgrading to this (it is not as cute, but it keeps the flies out and hold more.

Its slim design allows it to fit easily under my sink. I ended up deciding not to hang it on the door but i’m sure it would work well that way, too. When the bucket is closed, there is absolutely no odor. I may buy a second one for those snowy days when i don’t want to truck out to the compost pit every day or two. Update: i am soooo disappointed because this has been my favorite in-kitchen compost bucket, yet i’m going to have to switch to something else. It’s slim design allows it to easily sit under my sink. There’s no filter to replace, yet it keeps odors away as if it had one. And, the lid design allows easy one-handed opening and closing. Yet it’s the lid that’s the problem.

My compost process is three step and was getting short shift until i found this great gadget. It has several advantages for me over my previous efforts. First is that it’s easy and intuitive to open and close tightly so there is no odor or mess. The bin has little hooks on the sides that hold a biodegradable bag securely which makes transferring the contents to my larger deck compost holder much nicer and leaves me with a clean container for my next load. This unit a good size and not in my way in the kitchen. I have little counter space so i’m happy that this can sit inobtrusively next to my trash can on the floor. I can bring it up to the counter to load if i’m prepping salad ingredients, peeling apples or shucking corn and i can hold it under the countertop lip to scoot in smaller amounts of scraps. When the bin is closed the handle is really nice for moving it and tipping the handle forward unlocks the sealed closure and opens the container. The bin comes with mounting hardware if you want to put it inside a cabinet door, but i didn’t use that and am happy with it on the floor or counter as my work dictates. I did have a big bowl i was using for kitchen scraps since i could easily empty that into the larger closed bucket on my deck, but the bowl not only took up too much counter space, it was a pain to use if i only had a few scraps at a time since it was open.

Mounts behind kitchen sink cabinet door for easy out of sight access, easy one-handed use for loading and just lift to carry. Bracket and stainless steel screws included.

Upon receiving our yukchuk nine months ago, i poured water into it and upended it. Distressed that it leaked, i contacted gordon newman at [email protected] He promptly responded, explaining that water is heavier than air and that odors would not leak when the yukchuk is closed (of course they waft out when its open). He requested we try it and stated that we could return it if not fully satisfied. So here i am, nine months later, finally getting around to writing my first ever-review. We love the yukchukodors do not leak from our closed yukchuk and after years of having various kitchen food waste containers sitting on the counter, it is wonderful to have it hang discretely on the inside of a cabinet door (the bracket was very easy to install). The sturdy container is easy to open and close with one hand. The only warning we have is that during the summer, we have to be more vigilant about emptying the yukchuk because of fruit flies.

After having this thing for over a year, i have mixed feelings. It stores our compost and keeps the stink in. It cleans up reasonably easily. Our first problem was with the mounting bracket, there was no way that it could mount on the thin wood of our cabinet door under our sink. Not a big deal since there was an available space next to our recycle bin. The second problem was with the little plastic tab that holds the lid closed. One of them snapped off very soon after we bought the thing. Customer service was great and sent us a new handle very promptly. About a year later, the same plastic piece broke again and i replaced it by drilling a small hole in the handle and inserting a small wood screw. While this may have voided any sort of warranty, the screw is much more durable than the twice-broken plastic pivot.

HOT wash and HOT cycle Dishwasher safe, not like the other guys who’s material will withstand Cold in dishwasher.

Zero Waste Together Mountable Kitchen Compost Bin by – 2 Gal – Great for hiding your compost

Great idea, and useful for collecting for the compost heap, without collecting bugs at the same time.

Needed a larger size as my steel canister was filling up too quickly. This still looks fine on the counter. Use with green bags also bought on amazon.

We had one for years that hung on the wall, off the counter. We don’t have much counter space, so the hanging feature was important, but are hard to find. The only comment i would make is that it is deeper than our last one, and so it is harder to wash in our sink – doesn’t quite fit. As for durability, it’s hard to judge yet as we’ve only had it about a month. But so far, we like it a lot.

Mounts on cabinet door, lid stays up on its own for hands-free use / plate scraping. Detaches from mount so it can be used on counter during food prep. Has a handle so it can be carried outside to compost bin and dumped easily. No smell at all (and it’s summer where i live). I wish i had bought one sooner. Purchased with the recommended unni biodegradable green liners.

This compost bin is very well thought out and designed; i’ve had it for a year and haven’t found anything i don’t like about it. It has lots of useful features built-in that make it one of the best. I design products for a living, i know well thought out design, this is it.

This a well built product, but it does not keep fruit flies out. I placed it under the kitchen sink as suggested. But after several days of not being being used, when it was opened it was full of fruit flies. I had a ton of fruit flies in my kitchen. So this product is going in the garage and will only be opened outside, which is very inconvenient.

  • The WINNER – Green VS Brown
  • This is wide enough that the compost does not go all over the place when I dump it in here from the cutting board.
  • Best compost bin so far!

The zero waste mountable kitchen compost bin was easy to install. It is the perfect size to fit underneath the sink, and holds quite a bit. We only compost plant waste, so there is no smell or insects. It lifts off and returns easily to it’s base. We have limited counter space, so this fits ours needs.

Easy to mount to the cabinet under the sink and incredibly easy to take it off to empty compost. Can’t smell the compost until you open the lid. Pleased with this little bin.

We like the size of this container for capturing compost in the kitchen, and the vented lid is a good touch. We’ve had one of these before, and we were happy with it.

It’s not too small, not too big. Keeps odors in, but also lets fresh air in to avoid immediate decomposition of the scraps. I usually take it to our compost bin to dump it once or twice a week, depending on how full it is. Also don’t need plastic liner bags (trying to be more zero-waste) and it’s super easy to clean.

Great compost bucket, perfect size to mount on cabinet door under our sink. We bought small composting bags to go inside and are very happy with our set up.

Features of Mountable Kitchen Compost Bin by Zero Waste Together – 2 Gal, Under Sink, Countertop, Odor Free, Dishwasher Safe, Bags Ok, Made in Canada

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    by entering your model number.
  • EASY to MOUNT and CONVENIENT SIZE – Mount and screw assembly included! Small and perfect fit for most cabinet doors, pantry doors, under sinks and countertops.
  • EASY to CLEAN – Smooth HDPE and BPA free plastic makes it easy to wash and includes recycled content. UV protected. Dishwasher safe. Compostable bag compatible.
  • INSECT and ODOR FREE – Hinged lid which clicks into place ensures a tight seal. Micro-Perforated lid seals out fruit flies and insects and reduces smell with the process of aeration.
  • EASY to FILL, CARRY and EMPTY – Hinged lid which clicks into place allows lid to stay open. Lightweight with a swinging handle. Lip grip, bottom grip and back grip for emptying.
  • PATENTED AIRFLOW CHANNELS – Promotes healthy, PH balanced compost and a more efficient breakdown of food scraps.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Nice and simple, easy to use. Will hold a couple of days of veggie scraps from a family of five. There are a couple of hooks on either side that allow you to attach a bio-baggie which helps keeps the bucket from getting gross. I like that it is slightly larger than other compost bins, and that the opening is large enough to scrape the scraps from a chopping board without spills. The lid can be lock up or pushed down behind the bin. The kid that has to empty this bin likes how easy to empty it is and how much less yukky scraps are. Easy to rinse out as no nooks and crannies. Scraps don’t smell, or barely after a few days and straggler fruit flies gather on the lid, longing to get in. Has definitely improved the fruit fly problems in our kitchen. Only downside is that it doesn’t look very cool or slick, but in the battle against fruit flies and stinky food scraps, utility wins out.

This is a really great sized product. I know that some people have a problem with the lid not staying up. However we’ve been using ours for over a year and we’ve had no problems. You have to push up a little bit further and then it holds in place. You can easily wash it out and i have not had problems with thing smelling in it. If anything i wish it were larger but to be honest if it’s the small bags perfectly and if it were any larger it would getting messy. We often times throw things out that are wet. So on rare occasions are based ripped open but the bottom doesn’t have any wholesale collects all this garbage juice.

Purchased this as a gift for my husband as a father’s day gift. We compost so this was the perfect gift to have. It sits on the counter and helps prevent fruit flies in the warmer months. I would recommend this to others as long as they aren’t expecting to have it compost fast on the counter. This should be solely used as a container to hold the scraps until you can empty them, it isn’t large enough to hold until fully composted. Container is made of durable plastic and lid allows the right amount of air in. I accidentally left it outside for about a day during the winter time and there was no damage done. We have had some of the compost mold in the bottom, easy to clean with hot water.

I like the size of this bin. It is very easy to scrape food off dishes into it. It also has a large capacity which i like. I haven’t noticed any odor either. The large handle makes it easy to carry. The lid stays open when lifted up which is also convenient. The mounting bracket looked a little flimsy and i thought the pail might not be secure but i was wrong. Very easy to put on and very easy to remove. This is the third compost pail i’ve owned and this is by far my favorite.

We like this so much better than the yukchuck. Believe it or not, the aeration holes in the lid keep it from smelling. We’ve yet to go through a summer with it in the kitchen, though, so i’m not sure how the holes in the lid will do with any fruit flies. So far, very happy with this purchase.

For us it has been smell free, currently 3/4 full of wide variety of dated veggies, coffee grounds and the not supposed to compost meat products. No smell, no fruit flies in it, some of their buddies already in the kitchen seem to be attracted to area but the aeration holes do not allow them in. Some have complained about the 2 stop arc of the lid opening but no issue in my use. The first lift will not stay open but i am usually holding the lid with one hand and dumping goop into the container with the other. If indeed i need two hands (and why would i?) then keep opening util it clicks, which will require about the same force to push past the ‘click’ and secure the lid. So much better than the improvised kitchen containers i have used for years.

EASY to MOUNT and CONVENIENT SIZE – Mount and screw assembly included!

I love it, at first i was a little frustrated, but after i finally got it installed, it works like a charm. I added a compostable bag, prevents the bucket from getting grimy and stinky. The handle makes it easy to carry out to the compost pile and i don’t have a bunch of plastic containers to deal with. And it eliminated the fruitflies.

So easy to install and it fits perfectly on the inside cabinet door. When you’re ready to empty it out, it lifts off easily from the attached bracket. It’s so nice to have it hidden and not out on the counter. Overall, very pleased with our purchase.

We have been composting for several years and just used an old tupperware container. It sat on the counter and was gross to look at and to open when we added scraps. Easy installation, just enough room under our kitchen sink for it to mount on the cabinet door. Wide bin makes it easy to just take the cutting board and dump scraps in. It’s fairly big and can hold a lot. I am curious to see what the smell factor is like over time.

It looks nice which is an added benefit. We chose to not use bags and simply rinse out after dumping. However, we noticed they also sell bags which is an option to consider. We haven’t had any problems with leaking unlike other bins we tried in the past. Leaking compost is not fun to clean up ha.

Just got around to installing this today, though i’ve had it for awhile. It fits perfectly inside my cabinet under my sink and is very handy in that location.

Did my research, and this is definitely the best bin for our kitchen setup. Had too many problems with bugs from other bins, but this one works. And very little odor if any at all. Perfect dimensions, handy lid that stays open for two free hands, and very sturdy.

EASY to CLEAN – Smooth HDPE and BPA free plastic makes it easy to wash and includes recycled content. UV protected. Dishwasher safe.

This has a larger capacity than many kitchen compost keepers, which is great, especially because unlike some of them, it doesn’t seem to attract gnats/fruitflies. The holes in this one are very small, just enough for ventilation without letting bugs get in. I like that the lid has different ‘stop’ positions, so it will stay open if i’m peeling lots of veggies, for example. It isn’t the prettiest thing in the world, but it is very practical.

As many reviews have stated, this composter is the perfect transition under the sink to before it heads out to the yimby tumbler in the backyard. I absolutely love this composter and have had zero issues with it. It mounted super easily and stays in place very easily. Highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a small composter to keep under your kitchen sink. The holes are so tiny in the lid that they truly do keep all insects out (including those pesky fruit flies).

Easy to clean and it doesn’t take up too much counter space.

I bought an open box version from a 3rd party. It didn’t come with a mounting kit but they will send me one. Good companyi like the style of this bin. The air holes and latch are creative engineering. I was using a standard metal bin before and it’s handle finally came loose. I’m hoping this bin has greater durability and stays cleaner. This bin has 1/2 gallon larger capacity than my old one. I bought this larger format of bin so i can fit compostable paper plates in it.

The winner: zero waste vs sure closeafter much debate and careful consideration this has every feature needed plus more. Measurements:exterior: 11′ wide (side to side) by 9. 5′ tall (top to bottom) by 8. Interior: 10′ width (side to side) by 9′ deep (top to bottom) by 6. While many communities can use the compostable plastic bags, ours doesn’t have the industrial process to handle them (the green liners) – so we do the cheap and easy alternative; wipe the inside with a dab of carnauba wax (it’s plastic friendly and non toxic) to make the inside slippery non stick surface that rinses right off. Easy to use, clean and store. Well constructed and sooo easy to lift on or off the mounting bracket.

Love the size and having it mounted in a useful location but not in the way. Easy to rinse out when the compost bags leak. A little concerned about the hinges and so on holding up, don’t seem very sturdy.

Gets the compost holder off the counter and out of sight. At the same time it holds a lot, remains convenient, and seems to keep odors in fine. Have not tested the long-term durability yet, but if it lasts like i hope it does, i will order another when can no longer be used.

INSECT and ODOR FREE – Hinged lid which clicks into place ensures a tight seal.

Pros: easy to openeasy to uselarge capacityno stink after over a week with food and banana peels ( left it under the sink when we went out of town)cons: fruit flies got in.

My teenage daughter was giving me grief about not composting, and i was an easy mark because i already felt guilty about it. But my new house has very little kitchen counter space, and i didn’t fancy having a big canister taking up what little spare room i had (i needed a bin with a fair volume because i’m mostly vegetarian so generate a lot of compostable scraps. Didn’t want to be dumping this thing once a day). I was concerned that the scraps would smell a bit and so i didn’t want them right on the counter where i prepare and eat food (or become, as my friend’s wife complains, a fruit fly brothel). And most of the ones i saw had a removable lid, so you’d have to use two hands to open, then put the lid somewhere, scrape, then put the lid back on. Finally i just sat down to look at all the offerings available online and decided this looked like the best option. It’s been two months now and i’ve been super pleased. I mounted it to the inside of the cabinet door under my sink and didn’t have to give up any storage under there to fit it in. Lost no space on my counter. Never smell it except once when i left some juicy stuff in there for over a week.

This plastic bin arrived quickly. The bin appears to be good quality. Unfortunately it is slightly too large for my cabinet door under the kitchen sink. My doors are a little wider than the bin but once mounted the door will not close because of the bin’s depth. The mounting hardware (see photo) states that the cabinet door must be a min of 14′ wide. Sad that i will have to send this back. I wish that the mounting hardware info was shown in the original description.

Great size, not to big or small. My previous bin was stainless to match my kitchen appliances but it started to show rust stains inside and it was impossible to clean. I use this on my countertop rather than on the inside of a closet door.

Easy to open as long as you don’t already have your hands full.

This thing is just perfectly designed. Mounts easily under sink, compact enough to sit on counter, fits in my bike basket and has a handle for when i run it to the compost station. Has ledges to grip it in all the right places, like when emptying the bin. It’s summertime (bug season) and so far no bugs inside. One thing i didn’t expect (being an amateur) was that the food waste would start to smell after a few days if i had lots of wet/moist things inside. So i started putting ‘wet compost’ in a container in the fridge and more ‘dry compost’ in this bin, and then just combining them one per week when i take it to the compost station down the street. This has been working perfectly and i don’t get any odors now and only empty it once per week. Very happy with this product.

EASY to FILL, CARRY and EMPTY – Hinged lid which clicks into place allows lid to stay open. Lightweight with a swinging handle.

Pros: i have not seen a fruit fly coming from it yet. However, in winter, i do not have a problem with them. I can dump scraps in without dropping them getting everywhere on the sink. I have an old-fashioned sink cast iron sink with a built in drainboard on both sides. I keep my bin on the one drainboard. The handle makes it easy for carrying and dumping the debris in the outside compost bin. Con: not really a con, but i have nothing else negative to say. You have to push in on the white part and pull out with the green. But i have trouble opening it with my one hand at a certain angle-i think it is just me. I have no trouble with the other hand.

Larger than i expected, which makes it great for a lazy apartment dweller like me who doesn’t want to hike to the outdoor compost bin too often. I stuck it under the sink, and haven’t had any problems with odors or insects. It’s easy to carry, easy to dump, and generally just rinses clean; anything that sticks is easily removed by soaking in hot soapy water.

Vremi Kitchen Compost Bin – Worth every penny!

Varying angles to choose from, little arms to hold the pages open, nice stylish wood material. As a nursing student who constantly has her nose in a book, this is a life-saver. I wish i had gotten one of these a year ago.

It holds a lot, i but vegetable peels and coffee grounds in it for my compost. It is cute the handle works carrying it to and fro the compost bin. Oh and i saw one at bed bath and beyond for nearly twice the price last week.

What an attractive compost bin. Nicely constructed, built to last. Very pleased with my purchase.

Our county started collecting scraps for compost, so we needed a way to gather things that didn’t make the place smell. This little can is unobtrusive and does the trick. The carbon filter makes sure that even if it takes us a couple of days to fill it that we don’t smell anything. It does come with one replacement filter. I probably should have gotten the white color, but the black is also fine.

I would love more instructions. Might have missed that, the package was beautiful and the bit is a great construction. My kiddos have helped us learn the dos and don’ts of compost for our garden.

  • Nice beautiful compost bin
  • I choose glossy black and i am very happy with this product
  • Not as great as it could be

Perfect fit in my medium sized kitchen.

I bought one of these bins for me and one as a gift. The bin is really sturdy and pretty. I strongly recommend using a bag as a liner, it will make it easier when handling the fruit peels and other stuff. In order to avoid fruit flies and other pests you must keep the filters on (the ones included with the bin) and understand that this bin is only to collect your compostable rubbish before you take it to the actual compost pile or bin outside.

I have been without one for a while and am so glad i got this one. It’s perfect for my countertop and easy to keep clean.

We brought this to keep used coffee grounds in right next to the coffee pot. It holds quite a few basketfuls and then we can just take it right out to the garden.

We had used a rectangular container about the same size with a locking lid prior. I like that this has a smaller foot print, but still seems to hold about as much compost. I actually prefer the non-locking lid on this, as i’ve often got dirty hands when i’m trying to get at this. The charcoal filter has done an awesome job of containing any smells so far (going on a month now). All in all, it’s easy to clean, easy to access, made of quality parts, and does what it’s made for.

Features of Vremi Kitchen Compost Bin for Counter or Under Sink – 1.2 Gallon Small Metal Indoor Home Apartment Eco Compost Pail for Biodegradable Organic Food Waste with Charcoal Filter – Stainless Steel – White

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  • COMPOST BIN FOR KITCHEN COUNTER – Perfectly-sized indoor compost bin for kitchen countertop also fits under sink so you can easily store biodegradable food waste for garden fertilizer right from your home or apartment
  • CHARCOAL FILTER FOR NATURAL ODOR CONTROL – Organic activated charcoal filter traps odors naturally so kitchen compost bin has no smell – reusable eco filter can be cleaned with soap and water to last up to 6 months, and purchase also includes 1 filter refill
  • LEAK PROOF STAINLESS STEEL – Metal compost bin bucket is constructed with one piece of durable, rust-resistant stainless steel to prevent leakage and protect against bacteria for lasting quality and convenience
  • FITS UP TO 1 WEEK OF WASTE – Small compost bin is big enough to collect up to a week’s worth of vegetable skins, fruit peels or pits, coffee grounds and other compostable kitchen waste and features a handle on body for easy hanging storage
  • EASY CLEAN 1.2 GALLON CAPACITY – Composting bin measures 6.5 x 11 inches. Stainless steel lid and bin bucket are dishwasher safe (remove charcoal filter from lid before cleaning in dishwasher)

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This item holds a good amount of kitchen scraps and is attractive and lightweight.

We had been using an empty plastic ice cream container to hold our food scraps and kept it under the sink. The house we moved into doesn’t have much under sink storage. I searched for a container to keep on the counter that was stylish and affordable. I like that it’s stainless steel and lightweight. So you don’t have to make numerous trips to the compost bin to empty it. Just an fyi: it came in a box so it could be given as a gift.

Blends in well – great compost bin.

This bin is really nicely made and very pretty too. Comes with an extra set of filters as well.

Been through several over the years, this one is perfect. Large capacity, attractive for kitchen countertop, stainless steel so no odors like the ones with plastic inserts. Best of all the lid keeps all odors in but only takes one hand to remove.

I wish i would have bought this years ago.


Extremely satisfied with this item. Well made stronge stainless steel. Not the cheap metal kind, also comes with an extra set of filters. I purchased compost bags for it and they fit perfectly inside. I tried plastic compost bins and i hated it. This also fits great under the sink.

I choose glossy black and i am very happy with this product. The lid forms a tight seal and has several layers of filters to stop the odors from escaping. Kit comes with spare filters. Bugs do not seem to find the bin either. The depth of the container is impressive. See the photo i have attached. Hope this review is helpful.

I’m really excited to start composting with this product. When it arrived, i was very impressed by the quality of the compost bin itself. It was also really nice that it came with extra filters. I’ve started adding waste to it this week and so far i haven’t noticed any smell at all. Love that it fits right under my kitchen sink too.

Have had many types of compost and this is the best. No fruit flies and a carbon filter with enough weight not to slip or tilt. Bought this when we redid the kitchen and we’ll worth it.

This vremi compost bin is perfect for a kitchen. We keep ours under the sink. It has a small footprint and isn’t too tall. The bottom of the bin is made of thick metal. The top is easy to get on and off. I love the handle because it makes the bin easy to pick up and carry. It has been very warm out lately and the charcoal filter keeps the smell inside the can. The filter is washable and it came with a replacement filter. This will hold over a week worth of food scraps. The added bonus is the ability to put the bottom in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

We always compost our kitchen waste. For years, we have used a small trash can, a bucket, a bowl as counter compost bin. Since we go through a lot of veggies that the compost need to be bring out pretty often. That we never really have to deal with the odor problem. First, this bin is very sturdy. The coating is beautiful and shinning. Which would save you the counter space.

CHARCOAL FILTER FOR NATURAL ODOR CONTROL – Organic activated charcoal filter traps odors naturally so kitchen compost bin has no smell –

Does not smell even if i don’t empty it for 2 weeks. I bought the compost-able liners and rarely have to clean to container but when i do, it cleans up beautifully.

I’m in love with this countertop trash bin convenient when cooking in the kitchen i avoid having to walk back and forth to my big trash can i recommend this.

I never thought i would be composting in the house. The first thought that came to my head was, that’s going to smell. Well, this little bin has me completely surprised. It’s perfect for the indoors, i keep it under my kitchen sink. Doesn’t take much room and doesn’t smell at all.

I have tried 3 other compost bins for my kitchen and they were awful. There are no fruit flies 9r bad smells coming from this compost bin. It is sturdy and looks good on the counter.

A few years ago we lived with my in laws, my father in law is quite the gardener, he was always composting, i learned quite a bit. We purchased a house and it had a compost all the way at the edge of our property, at first we had a bucket next to the sink but then we had ants. We gave up a lot of composting last year because we couldn’t figure out a system that worked for us. When we found this i was super excited, it doesn’t smell, i only have to head to the compost outside once a week, it works for us, also its adorable.

Cute little bin that doesn’t stink. I wanted to test it so i’ve thrown in a bunch of scraps (tea bags, coffee grounds, veggie scraps) and left it on the counter for a week. So far i don’t smell it and my husband hasn’t thrown it away yet so it must be working.

My boyfriend was raised with using compost bins but i never was. So he took this clear container we had sitting in storage and was using it to collect his compost. Well personally i do not like looking at his leftover veggies, egg shells, banana peels, etc. So when i found this compost i knew i had to get it. I am so glad i did and so was my boyfriend. This is a much neater and sleeker look and keeps any smells inside. It’s also go the handle which makes it more simple to carry outside and empty into the compost bin he’s started outside. He couldn’t be happier with his new compost bin and i couldn’t be happier with the nice cleaner look.


This is a great looking little compost bin. The charcoal filter works really well. I have had scraps sitting in there for multiple days without any smell. It doesn’t look out of place on my counter and is easy to dump when needed.

This compost bin was very sleek and decorative where it would not be an eyesore sitting in your kitchen collecting those items you were throwing out. I like the handle for easy transportation to the outside site that dump it out into. It saves having to find that empty butter bowl or ice cream container to hold the scraps and looks a mess sitting out on the counter. This tidies it all up and has the lid to keep the smells inside.

Orig comment: within a couple weeks the seam on the lip of the lid split so the lid doesn’t close tightly any more. Would love a replacement but no idea how to contact seller. Otherwise it’s a good compost bin. Updated 11/23/2018: i submitted a request for help due to the above comment, many months after returns were closed. They sent me a new one at no cost. Appreciate the customer service.

After years of using random uncovered bowls and bins, i finally broke down and bought this sweet little compost bin. What in the heck was i thinking waiting so long?. This thing is awesome, holds a bunch, and eliminated bugs and smells. It’s had many admirers when people visit us and would make a great gift for anyone who saves their food scraps.

My husband didn’t want me to have a composter in the kitchen because he was worried about smell and bugs. The man is a freak about bugs in the kitchen. We have been using this for about 2 months now, and there has been absolutely no smell at all. I only empty it about once a week into our outdoor composter, so it does get pretty smelly. But with the lid on, there is no external smell at all. And absolutely no fruit flies around it at all. I have not heard one complaint from him about it. The only reason it didn’t get a 5 star rating from me is that the lid is difficult to clean. There is a rim in the lid for the carbon filter, and dirt and mold accumulates in there, and it is very difficult to get in and clean it. A small issue, but it bothers me regardless of that.

Looks nice enough to keep on your counter if you use it a lot. Love the charcoal filter so it doesn’t stink up the house.


There is zero smell that gets through the filters. It came with an extra filter set, too.

I’m absolutely in love with all my vremi products. It’s great to have a bin in the house that a can compost in with no issues.

Perfect to hold small amounts before i dump into my large composted outside.

I use this bin for composting food waste, my previous ceramic one (loved it) needed replaced. This one is a great size, but the lid does not have a gasket to ensure the closure is air tight. This allows fruit flys and smells to get in and out. Trying to find a gasket to fit and improved charcoal filters. Cleaning the lid is a problem at times especially getting it dry. There is a area where the square filter is inserted and the lip is so deep it is hard to clean inside of it.

The Relaxed Gardener Kitchen Compost Bin –

Features of The Relaxed Gardener Kitchen Compost Bin (0.8 Gallon) – Rust Proof and Leak Proof – Built Tough to Last a Lifetime

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  • OPEN WITH ONE HAND! If you have been looking for a compost bin with a lid that you can open with one hand, then your search is over! Our unique design means that you will be able to open the lid with one hand. This is great for you because it makes adding scraps to your bin quick and easy!
  • LEAK PROOF! The problem with other composting bins is that they are made of stainless steel. When acidic foods are added directly to the metal bin, over time they can eat through the metal and cause rust and leaks. Our bin solves that problem. It has a plastic liner bucket which means that food does not touch the powder-coated steel outer bin and prevents it from rusting and leaking. Never suffer from your bin leaking on your kitchen counter again!
  • NO SMELLS! Unlike other bins that need two filters to control odors, our bin needs only one. We include two carbon filters with each bin. Each filter can last up to 6 months with proper care. This means that you get up to 1 years worth of filters when you purchase your bin making this bin a great value. Replacement filters are available on Amazon.
  • PERFECT FIT! Our bin is compact in size allowing it to fit under most upper kitchen cabinets which means that it does not take up too much of your valuable countertop workspace. And the neutral cream color looks great in most kitchens. The bin is 9.5 inches high with lid. Inner bucket is 6 inches in diameter. 0.8 Gallon Capacity (3 Liter)
  • MADE BY GARDENERS FOR GARDENERS! So this makes the perfect gift for the gardeners on your list. And it’s 100% Guaranteed. If you ( or your favorite gardener) aren’t happy, we don’t want your money!

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OPEN WITH ONE HAND! If you have been looking for a compost bin with a lid that you can open with one hand, then your search is over! Our unique design means that you will be able to open the lid with one hand.

LEAK PROOF! The problem with other composting bins is that they are made of stainless steel. When acidic foods are added directly to the metal bin, over time they can eat through the metal and cause rust and leaks. Our bin solves that problem. It has a plastic liner bucket which means that food does not touch the powder-coated steel outer bin and prevents it from rusting and leaking.

NO SMELLS! Unlike other bins that need two filters to control odors, our bin needs only one. We include two carbon filters with each bin. Each filter can last up to 6 months with proper care. This means that you get up to 1 years worth of filters when you purchase your bin making this bin a great value.

PERFECT FIT! Our bin is compact in size allowing it to fit under most upper kitchen cabinets which means that it does not take up too much of your valuable countertop workspace. And the neutral cream color looks great in most kitchens. The bin is 9.5 inches high with lid. Inner bucket is 6 inches in diameter.

Silky Road Compost Bin : Excited with product

This is a nice little bin that i keep in my kitchen for scrapes that i will later use as compost in my garden. It is large enough to hold a few days of kitchen scraps before i move them outside to a bigger bin, but small enough and attractive enough to sit on the kitchen counter. I like that it came with additional filters.

This bin looks great on the counter. We haven’t noticed any odor, and we empty it every 2-3 days.

This compost bin looks great sitting on the counter and the quality is very good. There is no smell at all thanks to the filter in the lid. I have noticed tiny fruit flys when i open the lid to add more scraps. I think a silicone gasket would eliminate this issue. All in all i love it and would buy it again.

I have friends that have this most concern was that it was going to smell and advice would be attracted to it this is not the case at all. No flies no bugs no nats no smell.

After reviewing all the compost bins available, this ingot chosen because of the great reviews & the fact that it would look really nice on my counter. It arrived within the last week, shipped very promptly & very well packaged. Looks great on my counter next to the sink, the compost bags i usually buy fit very nicely and the top fits tightly & securely. It looks so much better on my counter than the plastic bin given out by denver’s composting program.

This bin is well made and super cute. Looks great on my kitchen counter and fits my style perfectly.

Compost Bin with 7 FREE Charcoal Filters by Silky Road | 1.3-Gallon / 5-Liter | Vintage Cream Powder-Coated Carbon Steel | Kitchen Pail with Lid, Trash Keeper Container Bucket, Recycling Caddy

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  • BEAUTIFUL AESTHETIC: Do you love composting and want your kitchen to look good while doing it? Then look no further! This stylish, rustic, vintage cream-colored composter will look awesome in your home, countertop, office or anywhere! Any guests, friends or family will be sure to compliment you on this luxurious looking indoor compost can: Who knew a compost bin could be so enviable and actually look good in your kitchen!? This compost container looks even better in real life! You will love it!
  • CONVENIENT SIZE: 8.25″ Tall (9″ tall with stainless steel lid-handle). 9″ Wide/Deep. 1.3-Gallon. Large enough to fit a few days worth of food-scraps – but small enough not to get in the way! Will fit just about anywhere: on counter, under sink cabinet or any corner of your kitchen – while enhancing any decor.
  • CONVENIENT and STURDY BOLTED HANDLES in Lid and Pail: Easy to transport to your garden or take outside to empty out into larger composting bin. Made of the highest quality, sturdy, rust-proof powder-coating solid single piece of carbon steel. Quality and craftsmanship you could rely on. Guaranteed!!!
  • FUNCTION AND FASHION: Close fitting lid with bolted-in handle and tight-fitting charcoal filter will keep in smell, prevent bacteria and detract flies. INTERIOR COATING prevents corrosion or rusting and is easy to wipe clean with soap and water. SOLID Carbon STEEL construction: This bin will last for ages! EASY! Simply put fruit and vegetable scraps, egg shells, coffee grinds, filters and tea bags into the composter and dump into outside compost when full.
  • 7 FREE WASHABLE CHARCOAL REPLACEMENT FILTERS and 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Filters will keep you composting for at least a year before you need to buy more. And, for peace of mind, you have a 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee if you don’t absolutely love this compost bin.

It’s super cute but we needed to cut a cardboard ring to put under the charcoal filter because it wasn’t a tight fit and fruit flies were coming in and out.

Painted steel compost bin is perfect for counter availability. It is not easily tipped and will not leave rust marks on the counter. Very happy with this purchase.

This compost bin is the perfect size, big enough for larger clippings and not too big that it overhelms the space. The efficient packaging allowed no dings or scratches. The lid fits snuggly and the handle makes transporting it to the outside compost very easy and spill proof. The filters fit securely in the lid. With a compostable bag (2 gallon is a generous size), you are all set to start filling up this country kitchen bucket.

Its all enameled so its easy to clean, but the metal is a little thin and be flexed out of shape. This can cause small openings that ants and gnats can fit through.

Excellent product, exactly what we needed in a kitchen for two people. Lid fits tight, no smells, handle is perfect for carrying out to the garden. I’ve included a picture with a coffee can for comparison.

We are a family that is big on recycle and composting this is perfect. Small compost bags fit perfect and no odors.

Love the look of this compost bin. Fits in my kitchen counter, contains any smells with the filter and i can easily empty and rinse out every few days.

It fits nicely on the counter, doesn’t take up a lot of space, and looks good. The charcoal filter absorbs the odor well so it doesn’t knock you over when you pick up the lid to add something for the compost pile. Easy to take out and dump and cleans well with soap and water. Wish we had had this sooner.

The bin is really attractive on our kitchen counter and the perfect size. I’m not sure if we are not doing something right with the filter, but once food has been in the bin for over 3 days, there is a smell when you open the lid and add more items. Also, we did get baby fruit flies during that time. We emptied the compost bin, washed it out, and sprinkled a tad of diatomaceous earth on top of some crushed egg shells. Since then, no smell and no fruit flies.

I looked for a long time for a counter-top container for compost, and this is the closest i found. It’s far more attractive than the plastic ice cream buckets i’ve been using. My primary complaint is the size. Unless you’re really generating compost in your kitchen, there’s no way you’d fill this before it needs emptying for smell alone. A smaller bucket would take up less counter space as well. I always put an unbleached coffee filter in the bottom as it makes emptying into the outside compost much easier (nothing sticks to the bottom), but this bin is too large a diameter to fully cover with one. A smaller one would solve both problems. Other than size, it seems well made. Will update my review after i’ve used it a year.

I’ve just begun to use the compost holder, but it’s working as i expected it to. It holds a few days scraps; my composting bags fit it very well; easy to clean. I really wanted a red one, but none of those were of the same quality as this one. Perhaps more colors could be a future consideration.

Compost Bin with 7 FREE Charcoal Filters by Silky Road | 1.3-Gallon / 5-Liter | Vintage Cream Powder-Coated Carbon Steel | Kitchen Pail with Lid, Trash Keeper Container Bucket, Recycling Caddy : Before purchasing this, we had a large unsightly bowl on the kitchen counter that items for the compost bin got dumped in, it was ugly and occasionally smelled bad. This bin solved that issue, not only is it a nice looking bin, its covered, and the charcoal filters eliminate odor (even from onions). The capacity is sufficient for our family of four to go 3-5 days between trips to the outside bin.

Charcoal filter literally traps 100% of the decomposing food smell. We are a family of 8 and this container holds up to 5days worth of our scraps, zero smell. My mother came in to town and liked it so much she ordered one. Compostable bags make cleanup/transport easy (bought separately on amazon). Cape cod white tray also bought on amazon.

. I empty my veggie peelings and coffee grounds in mine and empty in my composite pile at the end of the week. The filters are great at keeping the smell down. Thinking of purchasing for my kids for christmas presents.

Outstanding product in appearance and usefulness. It is perfect for our use–no need to change a thing.

This is so nice, great weight, size, and structure. I bought the biodegradable compost bags so i don’t have to touch anything slimy or smelly.

Instead of daily trips to the compost pile, we just keep adding to this beauty.

This bin is such a cute and functional addition to my kitchen. We compost for our garden and the bin has made it so much easier and less messy. It is larger than i expected but that’s my fault for not checking the dimensions. My only complaint is that when it arrived there was a big dent on the bottom and the paint is chipping.

I’m giving it a 3 because it could be user error but we got a horrific fruit fly infestation from this thing, yuck.

The filters work great – no odor.

The compost bin works extremely well. The charcoal filters that came with it do an excellent job of keeping orders in the can and not in the kitchen.

I like that it is light weight, easy to clean and has no smell. I dislike that it does not keep out the fruit flies.

Perfect size for my apartment, and it looks super cute. It is small enough to fit comfortably in the corner of my kitchen counter but large enough to hold our food scraps (primarily fruit, veg, and egg shells so far), coffee grounds, and shredded paper & newspaper. There are 3 of us in the house and we have been composting in it over the last 12 days yet it’s only about 1/3 full. Every household is different, of course, but i hope that gives you an idea of how much it can hold. I also like that it came with extra filters – they will last us years and work perfectly. So far there has been no smell at all while the lid is closed. For anyone wondering about packaging, it shipped in mostly cardboard with one piece of styrofoam at the top. The extra filters are wrapped in plastic.

This product got rave reviews, so i’m just adding my voice to the chorus. It’s sturdy and extremely cute. I’m purposefully letting it sit with scraps in it, to see how well the charcoal filter works. It’s been 3 days and no smells. I resisted buying a specific compost bin for years, because i figured a bowl next to the sink would work just as well. After dropping the bowl down into the compost bin twice, i decided to spend the money and get something with a handle. This little ceramic pot is attractive and useful and will definitely prevent having to scuffle around in the big compost for a dropped bowl.

The lid does not have a perfect fit. It’s a tiny little bit imperfect so it doesn’t really do that snap tight firm fit. The 6l oggi composting liners fit perfectly and help close the tiny lid fit gap. Not perfect but nowhere near ineffective.

Bought this as a gift and it was packaged beautifully and perfectly. Product is just as advertised and looks great. Has extra filters and you don’t even need them, just rinse with soap and water when it smells and let air dry.

I have owned 2 other stainless compost canisters. One developed a pin hole leak and the other rusted on the outside. I bought this one specifically because of the coated surfaces. In addition it is wider than the previous one making it easier to add scraps without making a mess. The 7 carbon filters were a bonus. The styling is cute and i leave it out on the counter next to the sink.

Chef’s Star Stainless Steel Compost Bin 1 Gallon : Hide yo scraps, hide yo peels

Very high quality stainless steel compost pail. The gallon size is just enough space for a couple of days. The lid has multiple filters in it and there are replacement filters included in the box. I would say it is more a ‘lifetime’ product than a throwaway in two or three years type product.

So you’ve got flies and dog feces smell. You searched for bug zappers and found they’re great for mosquitoes, but the flies bask in the light, dancing and laughing in your face. Your wife says you can’t dispose of the dogs and you love them anyway, so it was really just a joke. You’ve come to terms with the fact that you’re just gonna have to actually be proactive about picking up after your dogs. Now you’re asking what in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks am i gonna use?. You don’t wanna walk a pile to the dumpster every single time, and you don’t want a 13 gallon bag full of poop that starts to breed even more flies and stench. So here it is, i promise you. The can for human and dog backyard harmony. This holds standard plastic grocery bags so you can reuse them for a good purpose. The dirt and leaves scooped up with the poo create nice little bio-bombs so i feel like it’ll eventually make up for that plastic you’re throwing out.

Chef’s Star Stainless Steel Compost Bin 1 Gallon

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  • CONTROL ALL ODORS: With the airtight lid and replaceable activated-charcoal filter working together, they trap and control odors naturally. This makes it so your kitchen compost bin can just sit right on your countertop or wherever you need it. Say goodbye to the smell!
  • TRUE QUALITY: The stainless steel bin is molded in one piece. This prevents rust and leaks. Many other bins are welded, and prone to rust and leakage at the weld points as time goes on. No need to worry about nasty bacteria while handling your bin.
  • PLACE IT ANYWHERE: The bin is 1 gallon in size. This is easily big enough to hold several days worth of your compostable organic kitchen waste. This includes vegetable peels, eggshells, fruits, coffee grounds, and much more. It is still small enough to fit on countertops, without looking out of place.
  • DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Made of premium, rust-resistant 304 grade stainless steel. Your bin Won’t scratch, crack, or chip. It will also never leach any toxic chemicals into your compost.
  • REPLACEABLE CHARCOAL FILTER INCLUDED: Your bin comes complete with a specially designed activated-charcoal filter. This is the key to an odorless indoor compost bin. Just like your bin, the filter can be cleaned with soap and water. It Will easily last more than 6 months with careful handling.

Had it two weeks and it works perfectly. Easy to take off lid with one hand and put scraps in with the other, my average household fills it up in about a week. The hardest part is trudging through 3 ft. Of snow to get to compost pile.

I’ve had this compost bin for just over a year now. I really like it, however it is showing signs of rust. I just take a scrubber and most of them come off, but now there’s a dime-size rust spot that can’t be removed. I keep this in the kitchen, but it’s far from the sink. So i don’t know how to prevent it from rusting more.

I am brand new to composting. I started out with a coffee can for my kitchen scraps which you learn in a hurry just isn’t going to cut it long term. I ordered this and it arrived quickly. It’s ready to go out of the box, which includes an extra filter. The build quality is excellent and it looks good, too. I have no room under counter to store this pail so it sits top-side. I’ve now had it long enough to make my first deposit in the compost pile. The only time i smell the muck inside is when i put more scraps in. The lid comes off easily and its wide enough to scrape into without any of the scraps falling outside the pail. The lid doesn’t lock but the pail is such that it won’t tip on its own.

Chef’s Star Stainless Steel Compost Bin 1 Gallon : I like everything about this compost bin. It is good and sturdy and has a large capacity. The handle is strong and the filters are relatively easy to swap out. It is just what i needed to collect the vegetable scraps and eggshells, and there is no smell.

This has holes in the lid and a built in filter under the holes so you don’t smell your kitchen scraps. The perfect size to collect your daily composting in the kitchen until you empty it outside.

This is exactly what i was looking for. We use it to collect compostable waste in the kitchen to transport to the composter out back. The size is perfect to collect material for a few days before transporting it out to the composter. This reduces the trips out nicely. The filter lid is a nice touch and does the job. We have this can under the kitchen sink so it is closed up in the cabinet. I have not smelled any hint of the waste under the sink except when i open the lid. The finish and style is nice enough to use counter top but that is not what we had in mind.

This product is really a must for anyone who dislikes throwing away food. Plus, my garden has benefited from coffee grounds, egg shells, banana peels, vegetable waste, etc. I always feel so good when i see how healthy my plants are from the addition of organic material from my kitchen. I have two of these pails–one at my lake home and one in my city home. Both of them are put to good use because i cook a variety of vegetables and love coffee. I’ve actually rooted squash varieties, potatoes, and other plants from my compost pails. Fruit peels and egg shells are also so good for roses.

I’ve had this for over a year. I love that it doesn’t smell and it’s very easy to clean. I throw mine in the dishwasher. Because its odder less i keep it near my sink and use it daily. Other products i’ve tried eventually smell so i put them someplace less noticeable and thus used them less frequently. I also love the look as it matches my appliances which is nice when i leave it sitting out.

Love, love, love this counter-top compost bin. I bought it to replace a ceramic composter which broke, cracked—not practical. But this one is stainless steel. It blends in well with my other ss appliances in my kitchen. Looks great on my counter top and holds lots more than my old one. Fewer trips to the compost pile outside to empty it. Also, the carbon filters eliminate any odors.

This is a great way to collect compost in the kitchen. Perfect size, keeps smells at bay easy lid to remove. I keep it both on my counter and under the sink. A practical gift from my husband i didn’t mind receiving for christmas.

An attractive way to deal with compostable materials in the kitchen. Really does eliminate any smells. I love that you can lift the lid with one hand as i usually don’t have two free hands while cooking.

Not exactly what i had in mind, i guess i was expecting it to be something different. You must empty this everyday. It’s a cute place to put your compost while you are cooking but honestly you could just use a bowl and dump it after your done and have the same effect achieved. The reason you have to dump it every day and not wait is because the gnats and ants waste no time feasting on your gift to them. It is not sealed so tight that they can’t get in. So, really having the charcoal scent remover is nice, but not neccessary bc you need to empty it right away anyways. Perhaps in the winter time you wouldn’t have the bug issue so bad?. I’d rather not attract bugs, it just wasn’t something i thought of when i purchased it, i thought hey this will save me a trip to the compost every night, and maybe i can go every 2 or 3 nights. Wrong don’t do it, i tried and then freaked out when i opened it and there were gnats and ants in there 🙁 i battle ants in my house anyways so perhaps that is not all the compost bins fault lol but, i definitely don’t need to give those pests another source to come after.

Beautiful container for countertop compost storage. We had fruit flies when we used the charcoal filters that came with the bin. Once we put a little duct tape on the inside of the lid to stop air/fly flow through the holes, we’ve not had an issue. We can go 4-5 days before emptying this and get zero odor. I know we’re not using it as advertised anymore (not promoting air/fly flow), but we’re very happy with it and recommend it.

This compost can is better than expected. It comes with spare filters and closes nicely. I keep mine in the frig between dumping.

After years of using repurposed plastic or metal containers, this bin has made our lives so much easier when it comes to composting. The satin steel finish blends nicely with all my kitchen fixtures, and the filtered top seals in all smells. I can even easily wash the entire unit (after removing the carbon lid filters). And, instead of buying expensive replacement carbon filters, i make by own by the dozen just by cutting to fit a carbon pre-filter (honeywell c-6005, 38002 enviracare universal replacement pre-filter made by all-filters, inc. In this way i can inexpensively change the lid’s carbon filter to ensure odor-free composting whenever needed.

+ looks nice+ keeps the smell out really well+ much sturdier than the plastic ones- lid is a little snug so you can’t open one handed. This will probably get better with time. Updateall the above positives still hold. The lid comes off a bit easier. One negative that i have found is that a lot of moisture builds up inside. The filter at the top doesn’t allow for much of the humidity to escape and the result is that the bio-bags start to break down pretty quickly. I’m sure there is a trade off between how smelly and humid it is. It still works great and is worth it, but just a heads up.

About 4 weeks into my ownership. The stainless steel pail improves the looks of our kitchen counter quite a bit2. The depth of the pail allows throwing cut-offs from a distance without bouncing back out3. The size is sufficient, even for a vegetarian4. The odor suppressing charcoal filter works like a charm. I cook with garlic, onions, mushrooms, and tons of herbs and the house smells much better since i have this fancy compost bucket. Straight walls allow quick disposal and easy rinsingnot 5 stars because i believe a compost bucket should be made from recycled materials and i know that i am getting spoiled by the charcoal filter and that i will buy the replacement filter when need arises.

I keep it by my sink and can keep adding to it for about a four days before it starts to smell. I like the unassuming style as well. I even put a used dryer sheet with some essential oils in with the filter, and that helps to stretch its use for a few more days. I love the idea of composting, but am nauseated by the process- this is a great compromise.

Looks as described and is solid. Stores a good amount and is quite attractive on my counter. The reason i took off one star is because gnats can get in to the container. Luckily i visit my composter often enough to not have anything ‘wriggly’ develop in my bin but there is nothing more disturbing than opening up the can and gnats flying out. Never happened when i used my old 5 gallon mayonnaise jar with lid. I wanted something that did not display the refuse and that is what prompted this purchase.

Holds a few days worth of garden scraps, eliminating the need to walk to the big bins in the garden. Stainless steel blends into the kitchen, making it somewhat attractive. Shocked and amazed at the lack of smells when the lid is closed. Filling it up with scraps, i do catch an occasional whiff of leftover vegetables/fruit/eggs/coffee grounds getting ripe, but it’s a small price to pay to not have to walk to the back of our property on a nightly basis to fill the compost up. I would say this is an absolute must for anyone who gardens and composts. They do make compost friendly bags for the inside that i haven’t used but i would imagine would make clean up and smell control easier. Will probably give them a try soon just to see if it makes a difference.

Gold Star Kitchens Compost Bin – Premium Quality SAE304 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Pail – 1, EXCELLENT product, very sturdy and clean appearance

Im in love with my compost bin. I’ve had it a few months and it works great. It’s attractive in my kitchen and a good size and most importantly it never smells. I also found some nifty compost degradable bags to line it with so i just remove the bag when full and place it in my compost bin. I’m glad i read the reviews as i was trying to select the right bin. Very happy with this and will order another one as well.

Keeps compost smells and bugs from overtaking our kitchen. Should’ve purchased this years ago.

Composer been not only looks great it is the perfect size. My likes it so much, primarily how it looks, that she doesn’t want to even mess it up by putting scraps in it.

Key specs for Gold Star Kitchens Compost Bin – Premium Quality SAE304 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Pail – 1.3 Gal – Double Carbon Filters Eliminate Odors – Deluxe Silicone Handle – Includes 2 Bonus Filters:

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  • SURGICAL GRADE SAE304 STAINLESS STEEL: Beautiful brushed satin finish for a perfect compliment to any kitchen decor. No vertical ribs or “trash can” look, no ceramic to break, but this seamless material is extra thick and strong. Fits any kitchen counter top for convenience when cooking. The custom metal alloy and precision fit lid were specified by a Registered Professional Engineer (PE)
  • PREMIUM COMPOST BIN: TWICE THE CORROSION RESISTANCE (superior 18/10 chromium/nickle alloy) compared to other brands for peak performance — no rusting, pitting, or leaking. No need for expensive and wasteful pail liners or bags. No clumsy plastic insert buckets with floppy loose-fitting lids. All natural in-home composting convenience
  • DUAL CARBON FILTERS: TWO FILTERS IN THE LID (not just 1 like the leading brand). That means TWICE the air filtration of the major brands. RESULT: No odors or fruit flies. If flies can’t smell the bin, they’re not attracted to it
  • DELUXE SILICONE HANDLE: Our engineers didn’t want a “cheap bent metal rod” handle for our premium bin, but a deluxe thermofused silicone handle for extra durability and a comfortable grip — not to mention protection of the luxurious satin finish. This product is exclusive to the Gold Star Kitchens brand as we hold the USPTO REGISTERED TRADEMARK for this product
  • BONUS FILTERS: TWO EXTRA FILTERS in every box for worry-free use. Genuine Gold Star Kitchens replacement filters are ready and available now online — search Amazon above for stock No. B073DK96QT. The bin, lid, and 4 filters come complete with a clearly written Care & Instructions Guide all securely packed inside a beautiful, full-color, 4-sides glossy-photo box suitable for the PERFECT GIFT. Products and packaging are designed & specified in the USA. Bin is approx 7″ diameter and 11″ high

Comments from buyers

“GREAT BIN NO SMELL WHATSOEVER!, Great quality, looks good, no odor or flies, a great counter top size”

Excellent product, very sturdy and clean appearance. And it seems to not have any problems with rust or corrosion like some of our others have. The customer service is absolutely great. Answered all my questions and even sent me a set of filters. Great experience and product.

Item as advertised and delivered on time.

I looked at many compost bins before settling on this one as it had everything i wanted and great reviews. Looks great on my kitchen counter and is extremely convenient to use.

I’ve been using it for over a month. It is durable, the lid opens freely, the filters block out smell and bugs and i like the rubber padding on the handle. The deliver was quick as well.

Absolutely no odor love this composter.

Well made, attractive, a great counter top size, and comes with excellent customer support. Just what i was looking for.

Solid container and works and looks good on the counter.

Do not smell anything with the lid on.

It is easy to clean and smells fresh. It is large enough to handle the compost from chicken piccata dinner. No plastic bin to harbor smells. It has two filters in the lid and an extra set of filters.

I love how much it can hold. We use this to hold our kitchen compost before adding it to our larger compost outside. There is absolutely no odor (even with banana peels). We can use it for a full week before emptying it into the larger compost bin. I would definitely recommend this product for those who want a clean and easy way to compost.

Good quality, we added the disposable bags to make cleaning easier.

The bin and other orders came right on time and i really like this bin. We have just gotten a new cat who is 6 1/2 months old and the bin keeps her out of the garbage. I would tell anyone that they can and should use this.

Prompt deliveryattractive kitchen compost binextra filters.

Love this, it is the perfect size, easy to empty and clean and looks good on the kitchen counter.

Exactly as stated really nice addition.

Looks great on the counter next to the sink. The cushioning material on the handle protects the bin and does away with bothersome clangs if the handle is accidentally allowed to dropped. Filters are easy to replace.

Perfect size for the counter, looks great and no smell at all with all the peelings etc. In there for several daysi would recommend this product for sure.

It arrived quickly and i love the big size plus the silcon grip on the handle is an extra nice touch in additionto the extra filters.

Compared to our ceramic one that broke this is real good so far. Empties easily and cleans up well. Time will tell if the durability is there.

Wish i found this years ago.

Hoop The Ultimate Compost Bin Alternative & Compostable Bags : Pretty cheap. Plastic insert doesn’t hold the bag very

After our town switched to composting, i spent an embarrassingly long time researching various compost bin options. This is great, keeps the trash from smelling, and is easy to adjust and change. The screws on the top make it easy to adjust and take out, and it’s never felt gross or slimy like some of the other options.

Great solution for composting in a household with a small kitchen. We don’t have much room for additional bins and the countertop option would take up too much valuable counterspace. This clips right to the side of your current bin, and the bags are easy to load and unload.

It’s been a great bin so far. The close feature is my favorite part.

My city just started collecting compost and i was looking for a way to collect organic rubbish. My kitchen is tight on counter and cabinet space so that was why i purchased the hoop. It has performed its function perfectly. After reading other reviews that said it broke, i have handled it carefully but it hasn’t shown any signs of stress even when supporting a fully loaded bag. The only issue i have had is that the screws that are meant to tighten the hanging brackets to the garbage can don’t stay tight so i occasionally have to adjust them. I just ordered a second hoop for my guest house.

  • Excellent idea, but time will tell if it is built well enough
  • Great concept, iffy quality–good service, though.
  • This works great in my small kitchen!

The Ultimate Compost Bin Alternative & Compostable Bags, For Kitchen Organic Waste Collection, By Hoop Compost (White)

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  • Simplifies in-home organic waste collection for compost
  • Out of the way & less visible in kitchen (alternative to a traditional compost bin)
  • Improves cleanliness, reduces odor & limits fruit flies
  • Fits existing trash can and is easy to install & clean
  • Includes 3 month supply of certified compostable bags (25 count)

I love that it doesn’t take up much room and fits off to the side in the kitchen trash can.

Not big enough or sturdy enough. Only ended up using it once and then going back to my old under counter canister. I was really hoping it would work.

This handy little gadget does its job collecting scraps for my worm bin. One of the plastic tabs broke and the seller provided replacement parts free of charge and was very responsive.

I really love this idea, but i fight with the bag every day to stay in.

Simple solution to having a smelly compost can in the kitchen taking up spacei just wish the ring that holds the bag in place were a bit boot rugged. My kids throw stuff in there and sometimes it becomes a little jostled. Overall, a great user-friendly solution.

This product is great, but instead of putting it on the trashcan, i put it on the outside of my kitchen cabinet right under the sink. I fill it up and after a few days i toss it in my compost bin. I have not noticed any odd smells, so it seems to do a great job at containing odors. The fastener/click-to-close ring is a bit on the light side as far as construction is concerned, so be aware that it will probably wear and tear and not want to close. In the case that this does happen, i can imagine it is nothing that a little moldable plastic (sugre??) cannot fix.

Plastic insert doesn’t hold the bag very well. Plus it falls off the trash can a lot.

Allowed me to get the compost bucket off my small counter top. Would be great if the opening was a bit larger. Hard to bang out the sink drain with food scraps through the opening.

But my only suggestion is the part you add bag to the clip to the hanging part secured better fall off . I hang it on my sink faucet. My garbage pail it fell off to much .

This product is great in theory but the black piece doesn’t stay put very well and the bag gets buried under the other trash- i have attached it so it faces the outside of the can so it’s a bit easier to fill.

Update: after i posted my first review, the manufacturer contacted me directly and offered a replacement. While the current version of this product isn’t right for our needs–i appreciate their commitment to service. The idea behind this composter is great–it keeps the bag inside your main garbage pail, it isolates the compost in the bag (no bin to rinse or clean), and it shuts tight to reduce smells/bugs. But the quality is not good–within two weeks of regular use one of the “clips” snapped in two. Fine–i rigged up another from an old shelf bracket. A week after that, the entire “hoop” assembly snapped off. The plastic used is simply too thin and brittle for something that is supposed to support wet food garbage and open/close several times a day.

Bought this to start composting. I actually put it on the front and outside of my garbage bin as apposed to the inside as i didn’t want it touching our other trash. Clamps hold well but it’s also secured under the trash bag so it’s even more. Really like the design so far and hope it all holds up.

It’s been about a month of using the product and i love it. I’ve used compost bins before and it was such a smelly hassle that took up more space. I think this solution is perfect for someone who is composting through a city wide program wants to do the right thing, but doesn’t want to have to clean or deal with a smelly compost bin. I like how it’s an easy reminder of how many things that go in the trash are actually compostable. The only thing that would make it better if it was made out of metal to be more sturdy. The only issue i had was when someone accidentally threw away in inner ring when taking out the trash. Luckily, i reached out to the company and they sent replacement parts right away.

I am really pleased with the hoop. I have very limited counter and floor space in my kitchen, so this solution appealed to me. I actually sometimes just take the whole thing off to remove a full bag because reattaching it is so easy. But lifting just the hoop part up and leaving the frame attached works as advertised. The only ‘con’ i have personally experienced is that sometimes i wish the hoop were a little rounder or larger to let me dump awkward stuff in it more easily. But for most things it’s just perfect. If you are looking for a solution that doesn’t take up space on your counter or floor, or even in a cabinet, this is definitely worth trying.

This is an inexpensive and convenient way to keep composting materials out of sight in the kitchen. I agree with other reviewers that a steel frame would have been a great idea, but this concept is smart and the unit is easy to set up. Time will tell about durability.

I recently started composting with my trash service and i was really worried about having my food scraps just out in my kitchen. The hoop is a great item to help mitigate that. I really like that it fits in my existing trashcan under the sink, even though it isn’t rock solid – sometimes it falls off because of the rim of my trashcan. I also love that i can close it when i’m not using it – i haven’t noticed a smell yet. The only thing that is a little awkward for me is the ring for the bag – it is hard to get it on the first try, and it doesn’t really ‘snap’ in, which would make me feel much more secure that it won’t just fall into my trash can. Overall, though, it is a great product.

I think that this product works really well. -saving space on the countertop-hold tight-enables me to prep and drop the food directly in it (and if it falls around it, it is in the trash anyway)-and it comes with compostable bags.

Our city just started bundling compost service in with our trash’s monthly price. So i started looking at options to reduce our trash can size and divert organics to compost. I like the hoop’s solution of putting compost in your regular trash can. I don’t know who came up with the idea of storing rotting food in a counter top composter, right next to food prep areas that should be clean. This is a much better idea, the inventor of hoop gets an a+ from me on the idea itself. I do have a couple issues with this implementation. First, quality wise, i agree with a previous reviewer and i wish they used metal instead of plastic. The plastic seems flimsy and fragile, particularly the clasps on the inner hoop that holds the bag. I’ve used it for about a week and it’s been fine, but you can just tell it’s a matter of time before it will break. Second, it is not a great fit for my simplehuman trash can. I have the 55l rectangular can and the lid doesn’t completely close with it on. Also, keep in mind that it’s inherent to this design that regular trash will build up around the compostable bag. Once this happens, you have to pick up the hoop and lay the bag on top of the trash in the can. This is one of the tradeoffs of the design, but not a big deal, imo.

Joseph Joseph 30002 Intelligent Waste Totem Kitchen Trash Can and Recycle Bin Unit, I was looking for a garbage can for easy sorting for recycling vs

I was looking for a garbage can for easy sorting for recycling vs. This does it, and so stylishly. Most other units for sorting are way too large in terms of space it takes in a kitchen. This unit is pretty compact yet holds quite a bit. Already i’m noticing that i recycle most items that i was previously just throwing in the trash. I also love the little basket and place it on the counter during food prep. At first i was like – the cost of this can is ridiculous. But after looking around, it’s actually about the same price as many of the stainless steel brands that are more stylish- like- simple human. The extra cost compared to other brands i think is worth it.

This trash can is everything i was looking for in terms of making trash sorting easier and all in one unit. Good luck training your family not to screw up your new sorting procedure though. I put cans and bottles in the bottom drawer. It’s easily lined with paper bags from the grocery store, i just trim the top couple of inches off. Then i can throw the entire thing into the big recycling bin for trash day. The larger trash section works just great with my usual kitchen bags. The compost bin fits the compost bags i had already been using, so you don’t have to buy theirs. At first it seemed like i was going to have to empty this thing constantly because the trash section is smaller than my old can. It turns out i actually only have to empty it once a week now since we are composting , most paper and cardboard and produce trash gets composted. So there’s not much actual waste left when everything else gets sorted out.

Lid lock is broken (see pic). I bought this unit through amazon in september, 2016 so i’m aware it’s already out of guarantee. I am willing to pay for the replacement part but my request on the manufacturer’s website has gone unanswered for 3 months. I like the unit very much but there’s no need to buy a new one just to fix its smallest/weakest part.

Key specs for Joseph Joseph 30002 Intelligent Waste Totem Kitchen Trash Can and Recycle Bin Unit with Compost Bin, 16 gallon/60 liter, Graphite:

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  • Totem 60 combines all your waste and recycling requirements in one stylish unit, whilst taking up the same amount of space as a conventional kitchen bin. Dimensions of Totem unit with lid closed (inches): 15.7 L x 11.8 W x 31.5 H
  • 9.5-gallon general waste compartment at the top of the unit is removable and has liner-retaining holes and breather vents that make bag removal easier
  • 6.3-gallon multi-purpose drawer at the base of the unit includes a removable drawer bin with hooks for securing trash liners and a removable divider for separating different types of recycling
  • 1-gallon removable food compost bin can be stored in the general waste compartment, the multi-purpose drawer, or on a kitchen counter
  • Carbon filter inside the lid helps eliminate odors. 10-year guarantee included.

Comments from buyers

“But as I was researching trashcans turns out they are all pretty pricy. I was stuffing all my recycling into , Good compact waste solution; has shipping and manufacturing issues, Item damaged multiple times”

This trashcan had to satisfy three adults (my mother, my husband, and me). And it did the impossible: it made everyone happy. Initially, i thought the little compost bin would be an annoyance but it’s become my favorite kitchen helper and sits neatly on the countertop awaiting prep and table scraps. My only complaints are that the stainless steel lid fingerprints and the compost bags are difficult to find. Other than that, it’s perfect.

I don’t always read product descriptions carefully and thought this was a hard high quality plastic version, even if a bit pricey but i had a gift card. So i was shocked when the very heavy box arrived. The entire thing is a heavy graphite colored metal. I didn’t buy the special garbage bags they recommend and my standard 13 gallon glad force flex drawstring garbage bags fit fine and is snug at the top so it won’t slip or show when the lid is closed. The interior compost feature i use for ‘wet garbage’ (food remnants or anything smelly) and i keep it on my countertop while cooking (instead of rachael ray’s famous garbage bowl). I can use a grocery bag to line it and it fits well though not perfect. You don’t need a bag because it washes easy, but i prefer a bag. The recycling part is about the size of a file drawer. It won’t hold as much as a standard recycling tote but it does hold a fair bit. It is vey tall – almost as high as my countertop (which are rather high).

While this three compartment trash can is perfect for what we need, it did arrive with a dent on the side. Unfortunately for us, it is on the side that is visible. Since we need more space for recycling and less for trash, we decided to use the bottom drawer for trash and the top for recycling. If you are ok with the can possibly being dented (and at this price point, most people aren’t) then i would recommend it.

Never thought i would use love and trash can in the same sentence, however i have to. It is so nice to have it all in one clean space. I was really on the fence since i have never spent this on a trash can before but i’m glad i did it.

I have limited space in my kitchen to fit both a recycling bin and reg trash and this fit perfect. Plus the composting bin is a fabulous lil feature.

Absolutely love this garbage / recycle can. . With the exception that the filter in the lid keeps falling out and i keep finding it mixed in with the garbage.

I really wanted to like this item. There were a few things i didn’t like about it, however. Everything worked as described, and there were no real problems with it. But i didn’t like having to use two hands to throw something away every time–one to open and close the lid, the other to hold the trash and throw it away. I also simply don’t like touching the trash can lid–too germy while i’m cooking. I really liked the composting compartment and that you can lift it out and set it on the counter while you’re cooking, but while nesting in the trash can it did choke off the opening for the place where you throw the trash. I loved the built in recycle bin–this is the main reason i wanted it. But i throw so many bits and pieces of recycling away throughout the day, stooping over to roll the recycle bin in and out each time was too much of a chore. Finally, i had a problem with the smell. When you open the trash can it stinks 🙁 for people living in an apartment where it is more of a hassle to take the trash out, this would probably be a great solution.

Arrived brokent but my husband said he could fix it.

The first one arrived with large denting in the front, due to both amazon’s poor packaging but also the manufacturer packaging, which is utterly lacking on the sides. It’s probably not intended for individual shipping but rather purchases at a bricks & mortar retailer. Ship-back was easy and the replacement arrived quickly, but after two weeks of normal use, the large press-button that opens the lid simply fell off. It’s stainless steel that is (poorly) glued to plastic underneath. It would not be hard to glue back on, but then again, i paid $240 () for this trash can and i expect more for the money i spent. I applaud the industrial design of this product: it functions well and looks good. I’m going to try a third replacement, and it’s nice that there is a 10 year warranty. But overall, this product feels overpriced given the construction. If you’re expecting a handcrafted, artisan, made-in-small-batches-with-love trash solution, looks elsewhere; this is just another thing made in china. If there were other options on the market — and i suspect there will be more soon — i would look at those instead.

This has been the best purchase we have made in a long time. The garbage part hold more then our regular kitchen garbage can. The recluciling part is also good sized. We just love the look and it completes our kitchen. Will defiantly recommend this to anyone ? we are so happy.

Bottom drawer does not line up perfectly. Other than that, it is a great trash can.

Never thought i would love a trash can, but i do. For a city apartment, this is a dream. Holds a lot of trash and recycling in a compact package and truly smudge/fingerprint proof.

Was embarrassed to spend this much ona trash receptacle, it is perfect for my needs. We seaoarate yard waste+ food, recycling, compost and just plain trash. Well constructed, easy to clean. Standard kitchen trash bags fit in upper trash compartment.

I love how this trash bin allows me to organize everything. The bins are spacious & i love the color. The bottom drawer doesn’t lineup perfectly but it is a minor flaw.

Looks great but it came with a dent. Not sure it’s worth the price but once i figure out where it will go will probably change my mind.

It holds everything and logically sorts four ways perfectly. In my community we have to keep the paper separated from the plastic. And we keep compost and garbage too. So this is the perfect solution for the way we need to keep our trash. Sorting it as we toss it, prevents the need to stand and sort on trash night. I love the colors and the style of the waste totem. I had intended on putting it in my pantry but it is so cool looking that i have it at the end of the kitchen counter.

This is a fantastic all-in-1 trash unit that makes great use of space. I got the biggest one, and wish there was one just a tad larger so i don’t have to empty the recycling so often. The body is nice gray-painted metal, the top is stainless steel, and a bit of green and gray plastic round it out. The recycled bin at the bottom is on wheels and easily comes out/in of the unit. The best part (compared to my old trash can) is that you can leave the top open while preparing meals and put things into either the compost bucket or regular trash easily without opening the can again and again. It comes with some specially sized bags which, which they hope you’ll reorder, which is why i gave it 4 stars instead of 5. I’ll surely substituted more reasonably prices bags.

Expensive yes but if you are composting and recycling it a charm to get it alltogether and out of site. Trash area isn’t big but the can would be huge if it were larger.

It was heavier and sturdier than i thought. All metal outside and the plastic inside is very sturdy, thicker than my current plastic kitchen garbage can. I was disappointed that amazon shipped the wrong color, but i understood why. I finally found the color on the very bottom of the joseph joseph box along with a bar code. I’m still deciding whether to keep it or exchange it. The stone color is not bad, just not what i ordered. I’m really looking forward to using this. I currently have three containers: garbage, compost (to go out to pile) and recycle.

Was skeptical about the cost/design value of this trash can – but after 6 months+ of using it i have to say it was a great purchase. Having the top a foot higher than our last trash can, it’s just easier to deal with loading and pulling out the garbage. The recycling bin on the bottom holds more than i expected, and the wheels on the bottom make it easier to pull and and carry the can to our household recycle cans outside. Love the design and functionality of this product and would recommend it to all – it’s worth the $$.

I wasn’t sure i wanted to spent $200+ on a kitchen garbage can, but i’ve had this a year now and it is really great. Works perfectly for the amount of trash and recyclables that we have in our household. We usually put a paper towel down in the compost bin which prevents stuff from sticking to the bottom. That works well so we don’t need to buy compost bin liners.

Estilo Stainless Steel Compost Pail, Great for the kitchen.

I have needed something like this for a long long time. It looks nice sitting on the counter too. No my little fruit flies is a huge plus.

Handy in the kitchen and takes up little counter space.

Updated review: i took a chance and ordered a replacement since the first one was damaged on delivery. The replacement arrived next day (thank you amazon) and was undamaged. On this one, the lid could be properly & easily used. Both the charcoal filter and the bonus spare filter were stored inside the filter holder, although it seems odd (and a bit cheap) that while the filter is round and matches the circumference of the lid, the spare filter was just a small square shape. Having both filters the full round size would’ve earned 5 stars. I’ve used the container now for a couple of weeks and love it. The size is much larger than my old one which means fewer trips to the outside compost to empty it. What i like most about this container is the filtered ventilation. My old container was just a stainless bin with a tight fitting lid. The vegetable trimmings that went in would start anaerobic decomposition, getting slimy, moldy and smelly after just a few days.

Key specs for Estilo Stainless Steel Compost Pail, 1 Gallon Compost Bin, 2 Free Odor Absorbing Filters Included:

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  • A stylish environmental solution for recycling your kitchen waste for composting
  • Convenient size and sleek stainless steel design for everyday counter-top use
  • Charcoal filters prevent odors from escaping (2 included). Smooth interior walls prevent foods and liquids from building up. Won’t leach chemicals into your compost
  • Rotating handle for easy carrying and emptying
  • Holds approximately 1 gallon of waste. Dimensions: 7.2 inch diameter x 11 inch high. Body height: 8.6 Inch. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning (remove filters). Use the following ASIN for purchasing a new replacement filters: B00X6FPVCS

Comments from buyers

“Absolutely love this, I’m pretty terrible about taking my compost out when I should, Kind of disappointed, but it is a huge compost pail and “

I have been impressed with this quality is top notch. I can go a week or more before taking it to the flower bed. No odor and looks great on the cabinet.

Larger than expect but perfect. We have been composting for a number of years and we were using old plastic coffee containers. This looks great on my kitchen counter and holds enough so we are running back and forth to the compost. The only improvement i would like to see made, is an easy way of putting in the charcoal filters. We haven’t had to change them yet, but i have read the other reviews and the questions about the product and it seems a little weird. I am sure i will figure it out.

I like it, can’t say i am crazy about it, for the simple reason that i can’t see the need for the holes, it isn’t that big that you won’t have to empty it almost daily, so there is no smell developing. Eventually you need to buy new filters to block out those holes and that’s just another thing to think about and buy.

Very happy with this purchase. The container is a great size and doesn’t look out of place on a kitchen counter. The lid fits well and the shape of the container makes removing the contents easy. We use compostable bags with the container and could’t be happier.

Got a for a little less than the other identical bins out there. Looks good and matched the kitchen decor. A little bigger than i thought but i found a good spot for it nonetheless.

This is exactly what i was looking for as a counter top composter. Large enough to hold quite a bit of refuse, but not so large as to overwhelm the kitchen counter. The in-lid carbon filter is great, too.

I’m impressed with how nice this compost bucket is. Good quality stainless steel, fairly heavy. Matches stainless kitchen appliances well. Very pleased, highly recommend this.

A great addition to your kitchen that blends in with sinks and appliances.

Came with scratches and only one filter. Kind of disappointed, but it is a huge compost pail and is in fact stainless steel. If it came new (not scratched) with two filters as described, i’d say five stars.

Attractive sitting on my counter; big enough to hold a lot of scraps but not so big as to be obtrusive. Contains all odors very well.

Way easy to clean, holds a lot. Keeps the smell out of the kitchen. Handle is stable and long enough for carrying to the outside compost pile.

This is a very nice product. The steel is a good weight and it is nice looking. It is a good size for me because i don’t have to empty it a lot since it’s just me. I am curious how well the filters will work in the heat of the summer, though.This year, the fruit flies were crazy in my kitchen without the compost.

Have had this for a few weeks now, so far, so good. I had a ceramic one previously with an i smooth interior which would catch food constantly and became a breeding ground for fruit flies no matter how many times i washed it. Thankfully this looks like it will avoid that problem. Nice color, doesn’t get fingerprints.

This temp mulch container is exactly what we were looking for. It is handy and good looking to find its place on the kitchen counter. The lid with charcoal filters eliminate the smell of the mulch that hasn’t been transferred to the large mulch pile/container and the gnats are gone.

Although i do not use it for composting, i absolutely love this item because i do not normally put out a large amount of waste so the larger trash cans do not work for the household. This is a great addition to the kitchen.

My compsting wife could not be happier. Looks much better on our counter, too, than the old plastic one. Charcoal filter really works well, too.

Hey, it’s a stainless steel bucket. Actually, the odor filter does work — it sits in the counter til it’s full and then it’s carried out, no issues with odor.

Fits on counter and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

I’ve been using this for almost 2 years and still love it – cute, clean, handy & sturdy.

Beautiful addition to kitchen. The charcoal feature which i really didn’t want actually seems to work.