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Camco Large Pop-Up Utility Container : Perfect for the need

It comes with a stake so if you’re camping, the bin will stay in the ground even if its windy. I like the fact that its a large size. It has 3 comparts, paper, bottles and cans. I use it for all my plastic and tin can recyclables. It has a zipper on top so if you’re going to the recycling station, it will keep the bin from spilling the contents while you’re driving. Its very durable and you can fold it flat for easy storage or if you want to put it in your vehicle to go to an outing.

I used plastic bags to contain and dispose of my recyclables. The problem was the bags didn’t fit much and i was going through them faster than i could replenish them. Also, using the plastic bags seemed to defeat the purpose of having recyclable shopping bags. I felt there had to be a better way. I came across this collapsible container and it has provided a great solution to my dilemma. I keep it in the corner of my apartment and it holds about a week’s worth of recyclable items. I live on the fourth floor, so the handles make it easy to carry the container. I simply take it to the main recycle bin, unload it, collapse it and carry it back. Bonus: since it’s made out of tarp-like material it’s very easy to clean with a wet paper towel if something leaks. In addition, the option to zip the lid close is great for keeping my dog from accessing the items inside.

I find it humorous that this item is named “mini” when, for a vehicle, it is very heavy duty and sizeable. In your house it would be like a mini trash can, but in a vehicle this would hold most if not all of a family’s throwaways for a day trip. I have it sitting in the back seat wedged between the bench and bucket seats in my chevy tracker sport suv. I have never seen a vehicle trash container this big before, and i love it. I have a smaller pop-up called: hopkins pop-up trash can that i keep in the front to drop tiny items in, it is very convenient, and use this camco for larger items like soda cans and cups and items from the weekly ads that i don’t want to keep. ***i’m including two pictures of the tiny one as the third and fourth images to use as a comparison. *** it seems ironic that the tiny one doesn’t say anything about being small and the huge one includes the word mini in the name.

No more tying garbage bags to the canopy arms or pop up tent. Compact, light easy to store and transport. Just make sure you have the correct bags. A standard 13 gallon kitchen trash bags are too small. You’re going to need the larger, outdoor can style bags. 4 stars only because i don’t think it will last that long. It’s very useful and i’d absolutely purchase it again, but it’s flimsy. That being said, i’ve seen other brands that are more expensive, and they’re just as flimsy. Camco makes some good stuff for the prices. I’ve been very happy with almost every camco thing i’ve bought for our trailer.

This item would be better if the compartments weren’t open at the bottom. The opening allows for mixing of the items placed in the container. Still a good idea, you just have to sift through to separate glass/plastic/paper, etc.

Worked like a charm and worked with our leave bags that we normally use. I like the fact that it was collapsible. At night so that animals wouldn’t get in to it or the wind wouldn’t blow it away, i would just collapse it down and slide it under the camp trailer. It worked perfectly and was very reasonably priced.

I avoided getting one of these for years, hanging my trash bag while camping on a tree or table, but the trash bag collapsed in on itself and it was always slightly to moderately annoying to get the trash in. This container is so user friendly, takes up extremely little space to transport, then pops open and stays despite the windiest conditions, it will always go camping with me.

It’s portable, light, but still can hold a lot. I use it at home and as my accessory when i walk around my city as the recycle vigilante ‘kc earth kid’.

  • “mini” is a relative term. they should say sturdy and large
  • Great for camping!
  • Perfect for my needs!

Camco Large Pop-Up Utility Container with and Zip to Close Lid – Holds 33 Gallons- Simple Setup and Easy Storage, Great Reusable Trash Bag, Perfect for Camping, Cookouts, and Outdoor Events (42893)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Stands 2′ tall, collapses down to 2-1/2″ high
  • Includes zippered storage bag
  • A sturdy frame for 33 gallon bags
  • Features a durable liner, padded handles and a lid that zips closed
  • Includes stake to secure it in place against wind, pets and people

We go through a lot of laundry and i was looking for a stand up spring hamper that was as big as my old one–no luck. This “camp trash can” popped up in my suggestions and i decided to give it a shot. Very well made with strong material, this is even better than i was hoping for.

I’ve had this product for about a year. It has held up to occasional use – i don’t use it daily. The size is the main drawback to this container. The product description says it fits a 33 gallon bag. Some reviewers said it fit a 30 gal bag. I can see a couple of aspects regarding ‘fit’. Yes, a 30 gal bag will fit inside and easily wraps around the top edge. Any bag bigger than 30 gal would also fit. The problem is that they are all loose – even the 30 gallon size. The advantage of fitting tightly is that you don’t need to worry about the bag falling into the container.

I love, love, love this product. Comes in it’s own storage bag with stakes. Sections inside for bottles, cans and paper (which i used for plastic). Opens and closes very easily and pops back into the storage bag with ease. Sturdy handles to carry the recyclables wherever you need to. We used it for camping and filled the glass section to the top and half way in the can section and half way in the “paper” section. Then carried it over to the recycle bin at the end of the trip.

Bought this for our camper to have a clearly marked recycling bin. Had to cut out the inner divider as we wanted to co-mingle our glass/plastic and also wanted to put a bag inside to keep the bin clean. It fold flat for easy storage. Have to tuck the lid inside to fit the bag around the top rim. Must use a 30 gallon bag – the rim is too large for a 13 gal.

I personally hate camping and having a garbage bag that is just laying there spilling trash everywhere. I love that this helped keep it contained. My only negative as that it is relatively small to my group’s needs – would love a larger option that supported a really big (not kitchen sized) trash bag.

This is the best collapsible trash bin i have ever purchased. It seems to be made of a canvas-like material, unlike the previous ones i have purchased, but is still very flexible. It is more durable and withstands trimmed tree branches.

I purchased this for my pop up camper. I love the ability to stake it down to keep it from blowing over and from thieving raccoons. The zippered lid keeps the flies away. The velcro will keep it collapsed so you can put it in its storage bag easily. Folds down very small, so its easy to store. I always empty it before bedtime for the animals, but what i didn’t know, was in broad daylight, even with the lid closed, the squirrels will sneak up right behind the trashcan, where you can’t see them, and chew a hole big enough for a basketball to fit through and have there way with the contents. This is my second one because of those crazy squirrels as i was forced to throw away the first one. 4 stars just because its quite thin. And the speed and ease the squirrels destroyed it.

It would work great as a recycle bin but i cut the mesh dividers out to use as a general purpose garbage can for our camper. Line with a garbage bag and then collapses down for easy storage when not in use. For the price a very good buy.

We bought this for a recent camping trip. Normally we just tie a garbage bag to a metal stand but i wanted something with a little more structure (see pic – to the right of the camp stove). This is extremely light weight yet sturdy enough for your typical camping garbage. The 30-gallon black hefty bags are the perfect size for this and there’s enough bag to pull over the sides. I did end up using a binder clip to attach the bag to the container once it started filling with beer cans. :)the zippered cover is a great feature so you can cover the can during the day. We did empty it each night and stored it in the truck since we were in an area with bears. We didn’t get any punctures in the garbage bags so the inside of the container didn’t get dirty, but if it did you could easily wash it out. There are also handles if you want to carry the bag inside the container to dump it out. There are several similar products out there, but i bought this particular one because it has a loop on the bottom and a stake included.

Such a simple little thing that makes life so much better. Love that you can zip the lid closed. Love that i don’t have to bend over to put trash in a bag or find a place to hang your bag. And then it just folds flat for travel with a little velcro to hold it closed.

I have been using this for several weeks on an extended camping trip, and it’s been great. Where to put the garbage has always been an issue while camping, and it’s so nice to have an actual trash can for a change, instead of a garbage bag barely hanging on to the end of a picnic table or tree branch, or even worse, just sitting on the ground. It’s holding up really well even after weeks of daily use, and still looks exactly like it did when i took it out of the package the first time. A garbage bag fits in perfectly, and i add a couple of clips to it to help keep it secure. It comes with a stake in case it’s windy, but i’ve found that the weight of the garbage usually keeps it in place without it. I love that this closes with a zipper, so i can quickly zip it up to keep rain water out, or to help protect it from birds and other small animals if we leave the campsite (of course we still put it in the car at night, since determined raccoons and bears could probably tear it open if they wanted to). I love that it’s collapsible, since we have enough camping supplies as it is without a bulky garbage can to bring with us. It even comes with a little case to protect it, which isn’t very thick, but does the job. Overall, i’m extremely happy with this purchase, and would recommend it to any camper in a heartbeat.

We needed a small garbage can for inside our pop up camper and this works perfectly. We line it with a plastic grocery bag and it works perfect and doesnt take up a lot of space. Then when were ready to pack up, we fold it up, stick it in the drawer and it’s ready to go for the next trip.

I absolutely love this container. It is a part of my camping collection. It is super easy to transport and store. It helps to keep us clean and organized while camping with a very large group. I place a 30 gallon trash bag inside that i keep in place with clips that i bought at dollar tree – but you can also use clothespins or small chip clips, then when the bag is full i just tie it and put in a new bag. The container has a loop at the bottom so that you can use a stake (we use a regular tent stake) to keep it from blowing away. This also comes with a reusable clear plastic bag/case to store it in. I also have a similar pop up container for a trash and even a mini one for my tent.

Who would have thought i would spend so much time looking for a collapsible trash can for camping but in the end i decided on this one because i generally have liked the camco products and ordered. The material looks like canvas and seems pretty heavy so i think it will hold up well. Other collapsibles i looked at came with zipper lids but was surprised this one did not. Guess i did not read the description close enough. I don’t think lack of a lid will be too much of an issue as i am just using it as a garbage can for the campsite and think maybe a lid on it would get all gross from the garbage anyways. The other thing is that i tried a 30 gallon garage bag and it doesn’t fit. I would think that i may need the larger 33 gallon bags – which is just fine by me.

We have a pop up camper, so storage is at a premium. This collapses down in its little bag to take up almost no space. When it sproings up (sproing), it’s a good size. We place a regular, black trashbag in it, and attach it to the side with some cheap binder clips (or when i forgot those, a clothes pin). We use the stake enclosed and it stayed down thru some pretty high winds. We didn’t test it against the raccoons (marauding trash pandas that they are), as we empty the trash every night before we go to bed. I’d say they’d be able to get in it easily enough, as the ones at the last campground we stayed at managed to pull part a yeti cooler a neighbor had. So, yes, i’d empty it and not rely on it to be bomb proof.

I love this for when we go places with our rv or even for just wanting to throw up a receptacle for cans etc at a bbq or other gathering. It’s huge, and i can’t find bags locally that are a great fit but it’s also durable enough that if it’s filled up in my garage i just jump it straight into the dumpster. The fact that it folds and stays in the folded position makes storage easy. When you release the retainers which keep it folded, it springs open easily.

We keep this in our 5th wheel for camp trips. It’s a super easy to store trash can. We usually stick a big rock in the bottom to keep it from going anywhere. It is sturdy but stores really easily. I wish we bought one a long time ago.

I bought this and used it for the first time for week trip at the lake. I used 30 gallon pull-string bags and they fit perfectly, allowing about two inches of fold-over at the top. The only thing i would add is a couple of clothes pins or clips. When we had a heavy storm come through, i just collapsed it enough to get it under the picnic table and that kept it from blowing away. I come with a plastic stake if you care to do that, but i like being able to move it. Once you have a few things in the bottom, it stays in place when it’s breezy. The bag it come with is cheap, but it does the job. Since i only use it 4-5 times a year, i’m sure if i’m careful it will last fine. The container itself is made from tarp type material.

This has been a really useful product. I don’t have recycling in my building so i use it to store recycling before taking it to the recycling center. It’s kind of short but quite round and holds quite a bit. There are three dividers for different types of recycling built in that is probably pretty useful if you are camping or something, but for my purposes i wish it was removable. I think that would be convenient for making this product a little more multi-purpose and that’s there reason for a loss of a star.

Not exactly what i was looking for but it’s a laundry basket and it works. They are not the quality i was hoping for but they will work for now. I will probably try to find one made a little better in the future.

I love this little pop up trash can. It is a part of my camping collection. It is big enough to be useful but still small enough that it doesn’t take up any needed space. The best part of course is that collapses which makes it super easy to take along on a long trip where every inch of space counts and also stores very easily. I also purchased this similar thing in large containers for trash and recyclables while camping.

Bought this for when we go camping. It is compact, light but sturdy. Came with a tent spike to hold it place, but did not need it. Save the spike for a windy day. We filled it with our recyclables, zipped it shut and threw it in back of the truck to dump in our home recycle can. Pretty sturdy, good zipper and storage bag is okay. For the cost it was worth it. It lowers your trash/disposal output and if you like to go green even when camping get it. We’ll give a few months of use and see how it holds up, if it does we’ll be back to give it that final star.

Great for camping or other use.

I purchased this to keep on my rv for camping trips and i love it. I use it every time i go out and always get compliments on it. I can usually go 2 days before having to empty it. It does not have a lid that zips, but that was fine with me. It holds up pretty well and doesn’t collapse when full.

I got this a year ago for our smallish motorhome, and it is perfect. We have limited counter and floor space. This pop-up container can sit on the floor (when the slide is out), but 99. 5% of the time it is on the counter in a corner, or in the sink when traveling. We use the grocery-sized ‘t-shirt’ bags as liners, and they fit well. There is just the 2 of us, so we take the one bag out at night for the dumpster when walking the dogs. If you want lightweight but sturdy, small enough to not be in the way but not a mini – this will work.

We have several of these and they are alright. Just do not load them up with bottles and other heavy stuff as they will collapse to the side. Otherwise they function well and store nicely away when not needed.

We use this as an outside trash can at our rv sites. The product holds a large trash bag just fine, and packs up to an easily storable size when in transit. The only gripes we have with it are the lack of a permanent weight in the bottom, and no built in way to hold trash bags up. If camco would put a small pocket with sand in the bottom of the container it would keep it from blowing around while empty. I know they send a stake with it, but it just gets in the way. Also, the trash bags have a tendency to fall down while in the container. To remedy this the wife and i use 3-4 plastic clothes pins and just pin the bags up to the top rim of the container. Maybe the next iteration of the container can have something like this built in.

After years of hanging garbage bags from trees or propping them up against shade canopies i decided it was finally time to invest in tidying up my campsite. This particular item was fantastic. For our purposes it was the perfect size. It comfortably holds a 30 gallon trash bag. I purchased solid clips to hold the bag in place. We filled it up with a long weekends’ worth of trash with room to spare. It can be staked down on both sides through attached loops. Kept it securely in place during a strong bout of wind and rain that passed through the area. Zips closed to help keep the rain (and any curious passing critters) out. Handles and compactibility make it nice and portable.

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