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Brabantia Step Trash Can newIcon : Nice looking!

I really like this trash can, i may end up getting another.

I think this is a nice trash can. I was very disappointed to order a clay pink trash can and receive a stainless steel can. I am not sure if it is worth the effort to exchange the trash can, but i wish i would have received what i ordered. It makes me less likely to order from this distributor/retailer again.

Normally i don’t write reviews, but when i do it’s definitely for a cute dustbin. This is the most adorable looking bin i’ve ever used and the bags that come with it are even cuter lol i might have to order brand bags from now on. Pros:astheticreally nice finish and shine, high quality interiorlid closes slowly and elegantlyslim(is this a con for you?)cons:they might steal your partner since they’re too cute.

One for my kitchen in the 8 gallon size and one for my bathroom in the 1. The only problem is that the inner liner can does absorb odors a bit. . Not the worst thing in the world because you don’t smell it when the trash can is closed but it would be nice if they used a non-porous plastic.

I read all the reviews and was resigned to possibly having to exchange a few times to get one in decent shape, but mine arrived packaged well and in perfect condition. The moss green is gorgeous, just like it looks online. The foot pedal works well, very quiet and the soft close is great. I will use waterproof tape to cover the ventilation holes in the liner so that i can use this for recycle without a plastic bag. It won’t work for cardboard or big pieces, but for cans and bottles it will be plenty big enough, and that is what i wanted it for.

It looks great and it keeps odors in. I’m getting another one for my friend as a house warming gift.

Brabantia Step Trash Can newIcon with Plastic Inner Bucket, 8 Gal. – White

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    by entering your model number.
  • Foot operated pedal opening with odor-proof soft closure lid
  • Made from durable corrosion resistant materials with sturdy carry handle and protective floor ring
  • Removable inner bucket with matching size Brabantia trash bags available
  • Dimensions: 15 x 11.5 x 26.7 inches; Easy to move around – smart grip in lid hinge
  • 10 year Brabantia guarantee

Exactly like the picture and super nice. All the reviews about the poor packing got me nervous but i think they learned their lesson because mine came in three boxes and was in perfect shape.

My friend recommended this can to me, i really like it. It doesn’t look like a clunky garbage can, and it works great. Also i don’t think you can get better value for something that looks this good.

Another pricey trash can but i really liked the color, which is the main reason i bought it. I wanted something feminine to go into my office/loft space. I will say this can is bigger than i thought it would be (my mistake completely). I’m giving it only 4 stars because, unlike my simplehuman can (also recently bought and reviewed), i don’t think this one is quite as sturdy. Plus the couple of times i did have to put something that had an odor in it, it didn’t do a great job at masking the smell. Of course, that issue could be caused by the liner. This can only came with 3 sample liners. Due to its height and width (quite skinny),i’m finding it challenging to get liners that don’t peek out from the lid and drape over the sides of the can. However, as far as its looks, it’s a very attractive soft pink with a slight sheen–i never thought i’d use the word ‘pretty’ with a trash can, but that’s exactly what this is.

Love the green color (is as pictured). Pedal makes lid open easily so dirty hands don’t have to touch the lid. The special bags work a lot better but it’s been okay using regular kitchen bags too.

Brabantia makes wonderful stuff. But my bin arrived with a dented lid. The new bins are made from flimsy thin metal that seemingly cannot survive shipment to a customer. Meanwhile, brabantia’s box and packaging doesn’t take into account how amazon will ship it. Mine arrived inside an amazon box with lots of room to swim around in. Just minimal paper packing tossed in around the brabantia box. When it arrived, the outer amazon box was undamaged, as was the inner brabantia box. However, one only has to look at how brabantia protects the lid inside its box to see the problem. If ups tosses the amazon box around, the brabantia lid will get dented, even though it’s inside the brabantia box.

Great colors, great height, great shape. I ordered three of these trash cans in different colors. No fingerprint smudging, stays super clean. The dogs can’t get the lids open. Great overall size to fit bathroom trashes in. I bought one for each bathroom and my camper. Such a great space saver also. I have a smart human trashcan from bed bath & beyond, and these trash cans are so similar.

I bought this to replace an older version of brabantia’s small step trash can. The plastic bucket in the old one (decades old, as i inherited it from my parents) had gotten badly pitted, so that it was impossible to clean. That may happen to this one too over time, but if it lasts me for a couple of decades first, then i can live with that. While it’s not designed to be used as a compost bucket, it’s a perfect size for it, and you can scoop up two handfuls of veggie scraps and open it with the foot-pedal. After having that available to me for a few years, i couldn’t imagine having to do it one-handed as all the compost buckets require. And it fits nicely in a corner instead of taking up valuable counter space.

I love the green color; it looks great in our kitchen, but the lid has a great big dent in the top. Unsure yet if i will keep it.

This stylish item was the perfect addition to our kitchen. And the soft close lid prevents clangy closures.

I hate the dent that came with it. This is more like art work than just a normal trash can and i believe it’s worth the price. I was truly heart broken when i saw the huge dent on the lid. I’ll try for a replacement and hope for the best.

No comparison in quality, like the one i bought 20 years ago, and this new one, the lid cannot be made to stay open on its own, and you must push the pedal down in order to take out or put back in , the inner garbage pail, which is a hassle and i never would have bought it, had i known that.

Brabantia Step Trash Can newIcon with Plastic Inner Bucket, 8 Gal. – White : I took a long time searching for this garbage can. Just the right size and color for my kitchen in my new apartment — and i love the liner which fits into the outer shell. The custom made bags fit just right and prevent any food from sliding down between the liner and the bag.

Its a very nice garbage can and matches our room decor perfectly. It’s actually a perfect fit. It seems to be very high quality also.

All i want to share is what i said out loud when i opened the box upon receipt. ‘wow-that is one beautiful garbage can’everything about it-it’s weight, the slow closing lid, the finish.

Need a taller trash for kitchen. So far dogs can not opeyit yet.

I love this trashcan so much. In fact, when my fiancé and i were splitting up our furniture (we’re fine we just got temporary jobs on opposite sides of the country), i let him keep the electric trash can and i kept this one. It’s got a great shape, slim profile, and holds quite a lot of trash. Yellow is my favorite color, but i have to say it was kind of difficult to choose from the variety of colors they offer. The pedal is very sturdy and you can’t beat the soft close lid. The plastic insert is great and doesn’t hold odors and has suction release holes (something you don’t know you want until you accidentally rip a trash bag trying to get it out). At first it seems pricey, but it comes with a warranty and is a great quality product that is definitely worth the money.

Everything about it was perfect, except it arrived with a dent in the lid. You can only see if from a certain angle, though. Its a beautiful color, though, and everything works perfectly– it’s easy to change the trash bag and the little step thing opens it great. It’s easy to wipe spills off as well.

Big old dent right in the side, even though the packaging was fine. Other then that it’s okay, it’s the right size and it’s light weight. Looks good (aside from the dent) and it’s easy to clean.

I replaced a 16 year old brabatania with this. The original had a metal inner lining with a removable handle. I was very concerned that the bag (i don’t use their brand) wouldn’t stay up without that handle, but after a week of use, i’m comfortable with letting the trash collector take away the boxes from the new one and take the old one. I’m only giving 4 stars because i didn’t have a lot of heavy items – i hope i don’t regret it. I had no issue with dents in the outer can – it was double boxed. I love the quiet close feature, but don’t like that the top doesn’t stay open all the way unless i step on the pedal – not always convenient. I like the idea of a plastic inner pail – easier to wash than the metal one that eventually rusted and stained.

Everyone loves my new trash can.

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Brabantia Step Trash Can newIcon with Plastic Inner Bucket, 8 Gal. - White
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