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Attach-A-Trash The Hanging Trash Bag Holder : updated

Fantastic product – replaced a conventional metal attached product which was always falling apart. You are only limited to capacity by the size of the bags you use and you can use grocery bags or regular boxed garbage bags.

However, i didn’t think to measure the door it was going to hang on. My cabinet door is slightly thicker so it doesn’t hang snug as you can see in the picture below. It doesn’t move or fall off though so it serves it purpose.

Did not fit any of our cupboard doors in the camper.

Works nice but now i wish i bought one with a attached lid. Sick of the top fallung into the bag.

Not as sturdy as desired so i returned it for refund.

Love it works just as described. I use it for compost and it doesn’t generally fill up to be very heavy so not sure of weight limits yet. But fits well under the sink on the door.

Attach-A-Trash The Hanging Trash Bag Holder

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Hands Free Trash Bag Holder…No Screws or Installation
  • Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags
  • Eliminates Bulky, Dirty Garbage Cans
  • Holds Up to 10 Pounds
  • Great for Kitchen, Bathroom, Garage, Camping, RV’s & More

We rigged this up to hang off my sons pack and play for his diaper changes and it work quiet well.

I used it for trash and without the bottom, it has more spaces for the trash. I can use any types of plastic bags with it so it is a plus.

I have it over the cabinet below the sink. So handy for peeling potatoes and apples.

I like the small nature of this and it’s very strong but it’s small, and i wish it held a little more.

I love these things, i have a childcare and i use it for dirty diapers, just perfect for the jog, i intended it for especially with the lid and being able to use grocery bags, so it gets taken care everyday.

This is an ingenious product, and perfect for our limited space rv.

Works well over a cabinet door and comes in handy at the sink for drain strainer catchings.

Bought this for our travel trailer works great. The cover is a nice touch if anything smelly is in there.

I agree the lid falls off all the time so had to give up on it. A bit difficult to swap out the trash bag but on the other hand it’s good that it is tight. No leakage but still wish it was a little easier to change. Use in my class b motorhome, holds great to the cabinets, brilliant easy and convenient fix for where to put the trash.

This is pretty good idea- the lid does not stay on right but it is a good deal.

This is a good idea but didn’t work for me. I think it would be a good kitchen scrap bag holder. Basically due to the design limits how much you can fit in the bag.

Attach-A-Trash The Hanging Trash Bag Holder : I really like having a trash bin near the kitchen sink, but our new kitchen doesn’t have much extra space. The attach-a-trash provides just enough capacity for meal prepping and clean-up. If you cook most meals, plan to dispose bags every day or every other day.

Never has money been better spent. This trash bin attaches securely to a kitchen drawer by my work area in the kitchen. As i cook, i conveniently put all remains of food in it throughout the day. End of day, i take the bag out, tie it off, and throw it in my kitchen trash can. No more smelly trash odors in the house even when i have put shrimp shells in it. I absolutely love it and plan to buy them as useful christmas gifts for my family.

This is perfect for my camper. Especially when you have limited room.

I have a small rv and this is a great way to have a large trash can that does not consume space. I love the fact that it has a lid and it really grips the bag even when weighted down by heavy glass bottles. The only reason i deducted a star is that the lid doesn’t clip on – it just lies on top and easily ends up inside the trash bag.

Got this for using in the camper. Perfect size and easy to use with those plastic grocery bags.

Only small issue was the over the door piece was bent so we had to heat up the plastic and manually return it to how it appears in the pictures.

I would prefer that it can come in steel frame material, because the plastic bends overtime.

Oh man this thing is awesome it saves me time traveling back and forth between the trash can and the counter when i’m cooking, just having a little bag right there by my hand to just throw things in, i’m now spoiled.

Although, i did get use to this in the kitchen for cooking, lol. Thought it would be nice to have one for our little half bath room as well.

I hang it inside of my cabinet. It keeps the dogs out of the trash. Maybe i’m doing it wrong but the bag hangs out from the top unlike the picture. It’s still exactly what i need so i love it. I don’t think i put more than 10lbs in it. There’s honestly no room for more. But after maybe five or six trash bags it broke. So this may be the first or second product that doesnt have 5 stars from me.

Super handy to have it on the inside of the cabinet door ~ just swing it open and it’s right there, close it and it disappears.

We use this in our rv & really like it.

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