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Arrow Home Products Arrow Reusable Plastic Storage Container Set : The quality is really good and I can label them for identification and stack

We prefer these contains to the ones offered at the grocery store because they are easier to freeze broth another items.

Not really liking these as much as i thought i would. Especially after reading the reviews. These are super thin, the lids are kind of flimsy and really difficult to snap on and make sure they are on. It’s like there’s not really a lot for the lid to grab on to (the lip of the lid is kind of short). This is the design, but i think it could be better. The lids tend to pop off in the freezer, not sure what that’s all about. And what was in the containers was 100% cold, so heat wasn’t an issue. They wash well in the dishwasher, top rack. Not sure how long these will hold up, but i’d like to try to find another type of bpa free, dishwasher safe freezer containers.

Worked great for what i needed them for.

They last, have a stronger flexible plastic so it doesnt brittle and fall apart like other ones.

I have been purchasing these containers for years. I store all my baking supplies in them, and soup stocks in the freezer. The green lids are a little stiffer then what the old blue ones were but aren’t a deal breaker. The extra little containers were a nice bonus but i just recycled them because i have no use for them.

Excellent, sturdy containers for freezing. The quart size is perfect for me (who lives alone), for the marinara sauce i will use this winter.

Arrow Reusable Plastic Storage Container Set, 6 Pack, 1 Quart / 4 Cup Each – Food, Meal Prep, Leftovers – Freeze, Store, Reheat – Clear Container Set With Lids – BPA-Free, Dishwasher / Microwave Safe

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  • 6 x 1 QUART CLEAR CONTAINERS – these sizes are ideal and you get what you need, don’t pay for container sizes that you have no use for. 1 quart / 32 fl ounce / 946 ml / 4 cups
  • IDEAL FOR MEAL PREPPING & MEAL LEFTOVERS – store your baking / cake supplies, soup stocks or broth, loose tea / coffee, cereal, yogurt, fruit and vegetables, salad, deli meats, snacks, sauces, liquids
  • FREEZE, MICROWAVE, STORE, REHEAT – versatile and multi-use, there are many uses for these airtight containers. They are stackable and nesting, allowing you to save cupboard space. Leak-proof lids included
  • SAFE, DURABLE AND EASY-CARE – the containers are BPA free and dishwasher-safe for your safety, health and convenience. Heavy-duty and designed to last, they are reusable and are fridge / freezer safe
  • FOR ALL YOUR KITCHEN AND HOME NEEDS – the containers help make things easier for you in your busy life, forget searching for a container to keep your food fresh

Works as expected and the lids stay on. I bought these to store homemade ice cream in the freezer for weeks at a time. Perfect portion size and somehow reminds me of the containers granny always kept her jam in.

I bought these containers for the sole purpose of portioning out my ground beef so i can buy large quantities. However, because of the size of these, i sometimes use them to store leftovers in the refrigerater and i’ve had no problems with that as well. They stack very well and seem to be holding up quite well too. Unfortunately, i don’t have a dishwasher. So, i cannot comment on how well they hold up to the heat. For anyone interested in using these for ground beef portions as well, 1 quart (the size of this container) is pretty close to 2 pounds. Note: in the pictures i display 1 pint (0. 5 quart) containers, but those are not included this. However, they are made by the same company.

We use these containers for storing portioned food for our horses to make feeding time easier. They get a lot of wear and tear and hold up great. We have tried many different containers and only these hold up to our requirements. The stack nicely, which is very important when you have a whole feed closet full of them. We will buy them again and again.

I love to entertain and i’ve learned the most important thing about feeding a crowd is prepping ahead of time. These are very convenient for prep as i can chop veg ahead of time and throw them in these containers and put them in the fridge until it’s time to use them.

Just what i was looking for.

Great price, space saving design and is wonderful for freezing/storing family size batches of soup, stews, chili and spaghetti sauce. Holds enough for a meal for 4 people with perhaps some leftovers for lunch. Love it for homemade fast dinners.

These are some of the best containers i have ever purchased. The lids seal nice and easy.

The square shape allows optimum use of space in freezer.

I have ordered these several times. As my garden increases, i use more of these.

These are great for freezer storage because of uniform size. I bought these several times before bith in 1quart and half gallon size.

Arrow Reusable Plastic Storage Container Set, 6 Pack, 1 Quart / 4 Cup Each – Food, Meal Prep, Leftovers – Freeze, Store, Reheat – Clear Container Set With Lids – BPA-Free, Dishwasher / Microwave Safe : I’ve already frozen chili and soup in them. They work wonderfully and i will likely buy more.

These are great for freezing just about anything and it’s hard to find them in the stores these days.

I love these containers, use them all the time, have no problems with them at all.

I bought these for my husband to arrange his nails, screws, etc. They hold a lot, look nice and work beautifully for this.

I have purchased these in the past from other sources. I like them very much and they were what i was looking for.

Not sure how long they’ll last as they do seem a bit thin and flimsy, but they are working well on the first month since arrival for storing home made sorbet in the freezer.

These are hard to find and were just as advertised.

These are the closest containers to the ones my mother and grandmother have owned for generations.

Great for freezing my fresh tomanto sauce.

These quart containers are just what i wanted. I can’t find them in the store and need them to keep my freezer and refrigerator organized. The quality is really good and i can label them for identification and stack them with ease. Thank you for having these classic food containers.

I really like these containers. Wonderful for the freezer or not.

These are simple, easy to use and very strong. They store away better than round or rounded square containers that you see on the grocery store.

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Arrow Reusable Plastic Storage Container Set, 6 Pack, 1 Quart / 4 Cup Each – Food, Meal Prep, Leftovers – Freeze, Store, Reheat - Clear Container Set With Lids – BPA-Free, Dishwasher / Microwave Safe
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