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AMG and Enchante Accessories Round Waste Bin, Using it outside

Cute little bucket with handles in a can with foot pedal. It is a bit smaller than i expected.

If that’s what you’re going for then cool.

Size is just right so scooper fits in when dumping.

Key specs for AMG and Enchante Accessories Round Waste Bin, 5L Garbage Trash Can with Step Foot Pedal, WB07A GRY, Grey:

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  • Removable inner bucket for ultra-easy cleaning.
  • Hands-free opening with a foot pedal.
  • Made of Long-Lasting Steel with Rust-Free Technology.
  • 5L capacity allows for plenty of convenient space.
  • 12″ H X 8″ W X 8″ L

Comments from buyers

“perfect for my outside dog poo can and it’s cute , We love the size and style, Using it outside”

This can is lightweight but has a nice plastic liner can inside. There is no shortage of handles, even the plastic can inside has a handle.

I’ve seen many trash bins in my life:1-the red big plastic one in my second childhood house. I thought it was huge back then. I realized later on in my adulthood that the it just looked huge cause i was shorter than the bin. It was the first object that was carved in my mind. Wasn’t aware of the trash concept. Took me years to get that we throw things away. We used to have chickens in the backyard so leftovers would be put aside for them not the big red. 2-the metal grey one with the crooked lid. The trash bin was made of some coarse trash. Was at the house my uncle owned in the village i loved as a kid. 3-the very tall/slim modern black and white bin. It was attached on the cabinet’s door. Have no more to say about it. 4-i still hear the noise it’s lid would make everytime gobbleing my trash. 5-and the white trash bin we owned at the basement. Wasn’t that affectionate about it. I realized throughout my life that i’m not that crazy about plastic. So i that’s why i chose amg waste bin and i’m lovin it.It’s 5 gallons and is more than enough for me (i live by myself and don’t get many visitors cause i live in queens.

I bought two of these, one for each bathroom. They hold enough without being too bulky. And we love the lid because it keeps our small dog out of the trash.

It looks like the oscar the grouch trashcan ? very durable, bucket is handy & there is room to hide extra bags in the bottom.Great price compared to lowe’s & walmart fancier trashcans ?.

This is the cutest can ever. It goes with almost any decor & any room. I think it’s totally urban chic.

Perfect for my outside dog poo can and it’s cute enough that it doesn’t look tacky on my front steps.

Just got it but it is exactly what was expected. Going to leave it outside, so hope it survives the changing weather. It is small capacity but just right for what i wanted. It’s cute and there is a pull out liner that is useful, as well.

This is a super cute, well made trash can. It’s a bit smaller than i expected, only as tall as my kitchenaid mixer, but it’ll work well for a bathroom trash can.

I would give it 5 stars but it came dented so it doesn’t close right, but we’re overseas and have no choice so i kept it.

It’s beautiful, love my little retro can trash.

I love the look and concept of this bin. It is a little on the thin side (the exterior) and isn’t as heavy as i had hoped. Also, after using it one week, the foot lever is already rusting (have in in my garage to hold dog poop bags). It comes with a very nice removable interior pail and i use a plastic grocery sack to line it. The size is perfect for our small dog’s waste and it is full after one week. The four stars are because it is somewhat light – i wanted to keep it outside but i think it will blow away on windy days and because of the rusting foot petal. But, it holds dog waste, so not really deal breakers.

So far so good, has been outside as a dog waste can, has held up to the elements and done it’s job.

This can is very cute and i love the the inside come out for cleaning. The lid is essential for keeping my dog out. I would like it to be slightly larger though. It’s just a bit too small to look right and hold enough for a week between cleanings.

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AMG and Enchante Accessories Round Waste Bin, 5L Garbage Trash Can with Step Foot Pedal, WB07A GRY, Grey
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