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Rubbermaid Commercial Products Rubbermaid Commercial Slim Jim Swing Lid : Works perfectly, does the job.

I love this lid for my recycling container. I previously had a stack of 5 open bins. I ordered a new recycling container that this lid goes to and am so happy that most of what i recycle fits through the single-stream opening (meaning that we don’t have to sort our recycling anymore–the garbage company does that. ) it also hides the contents and makes our recycling area inside the house look 100 times better.

Top cracked within three months of use in our kitchen (very light use). That’s ridiculous for something that cost $30+ and is meant for commercial use. Update: i contacted rubbermaid and sent them a picture of the crack and they quickly sent out a new lid at no charge. The crack shouldn’t have happened, but it appears that rubbermaid stands behind their product. I’ll bump them from two to three stars for doing the replacement.

This perfectly fits the rubbermaid slim jim garbage cans found locally. The slit in this lid easily fits all paper products and the circle fits most cans and jars. The hole is not large enough to fit 2 liter bottles but is quite large. I just wish there were markings on the lid with the recycling symbol for those who do not recognize blue as recycling.

This accessory lid fit perfectly on my slim jim trash can. I appreciate the style and placement that my can fits in my kitchen. It’s tough and will work well for you although i think the flapping opening could jam in a public situation. I needed a large can for a small kitchen and this lid compliments the can it fits. I highly recommend this lid if you want to complete the ultimate combination of can and lid. Update:11/03/17this lid has proven to be everything i needed. Easy to clean, it functions as described and i am very satisfied with its construction. I only noticed jamming when the can is full. Well common sense tells you then to change the bag. I appreciate the usefulness it provides and i do recommend this product.

I ordered two of these for my middle school classroom to help my students quickly and easily identify the correct place to put their recyclables. The lids have made a huge difference. Before the lids, there was as much trash as recycling in the recycle ♻️ bins. Now, i rarely find trash in the recycling. As a bonus, the lid greatly improves the aesthetics of the recycling area.

I thought this seemed kind of expensive for what it is, but it does make me like my slim jim trash can even more. This lid keeps the bag from shifting or falling into the can, which is great & the lid can either hide the trash from sight, or fold completely out of the way, while still securing the bag. I’m really glad i bought this lid, but i took off one star due to the expense, $32 for a plastic trash can lid just seems high to me.

Rubbermaid Commercial Slim Jim Swing Lid , Gray (FG267360GRAY)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Swing top trash can lid fits Rubbermaid Slim Jim garbage cans
  • Rigid plastic construction for durability
  • Swings open and down for easy trash disposal
  • Closes to hide trash from public view and minimizes odors
  • Measures 5″ x 20-1/2″ x 11-1/3″

I ordered two of these for my middle school classroom to help improve the aesthetics of my space and encourage students to place trash in the appropriate location. It has helped in both cases. The lid is generally sturdy. Unfortunately, one of the sides came loose on one and it took several minutes and some creativity to get the metal rods back in place to restore it back to working order. As mentioned in some other reviews, the swinging lid sometimes gets caught on the plastic can liner.

Good quality lid for commercial can, mine came broken and did not close by itself out of the box. I had to take the one side off and noticed the metal rod inside was not locked into place. I snapped it into place and reassembled and works fine now. We run a licensed daycare from our home so i wanted a good constructed trash can with lid to fit in a small spot, this fitsperfectly but on second thought cause of the way the lid opens not the best for the kitchen. Lid requires frequent cleaning from food getting scraped off plates onto it, but is easy to clean.

These lids matches the color of our trash cans exactly. They have two doors that fold down when you push on them and pop back up when you remove you hand. They do a good job of hiding what’s inside. Their design is unobtrusive like the rubbermaid slim jim trash bins they are made to fit. The only negative that i can offer is that the doors are plastic and noisy when they close. We’re going to put some clear bumpers on them to dampen the noise. All in all, we are pleased with them.

I’m not sure why the slim jim trash can’s don’t come with lids so i had to order these separately. I put the trash cans in our church kitchen which can end up having stuff in them for multiple days before being emptied so we wanted lids. These snap in and hinge on one side so they can be flipped up each time or just flip them all the way over to leave the container open.

It makes no sense why the lid for a recycling bin costs more than the can. However, this one works great, i don’t want an opening that bugs can get in so the one’s with a round hole or slot were out. This one hinges and is easy to open and close. Why can’t this be available in blue?.

This lid was delivered to us with the ‘weight’ bars loose in the lid flaps – which led to the flaps not closing after items were pushed in the trash. If you flip the lid upside down and you can see two metal bars moving around, they are loose – and need to be pushed to the outer edges of the lid where they will snap into plastic clips molded into the lid flaps. Hope this helps anyone who receives the lid in the condition we did (without the weight bars clipped into position).

Sits on top of container- does not snap on.

So i waited to review and after two months of use i can tell you this thing is made for pain. I’ve run in to and knocked it off, i have basically thrown it, in all my gracefulness, while changing the trash and despite having cement floors it hasn’t even flinched. The color has distorted slightly, from the sun or the trash itself, but that is it. So pretty darn pleased with it.

Update: november 2015 i’ve been using this lid with the slim jim trash can for more than a year now. The lid is still tight fitting but i have found a secret to getting it off a bit more easily. Grab the back by the hinges and pull up and to the side then you can pull the front up and off very easily. It sounds like it’s going to break but it hasn’t so far.I change the bag at least once a week. Love it now that i can take it off. End of update:this is a great lid. The hinges seem to be super heavy duty. I really like that i can swing this lid all the way open and to the back of the slim jim trash can.

Sturdy and heavier than i expected. Doors get stuck on my bulky trash bag. I tried the smaller trash bag but it was too small. I’ll keep shopping until i find the right size bag for the can. I’m buying two more for my house. We are thinking of buying more for back yard bbq’s.

We purchased a ‘scratch and dent’ copy from amazon warehouse at a considerable discount. The lid is sturdy, sits firmly in place when in use, and is easily removed and re-installed. It sits on top of the trashcan liner, so it must be removed and re-installed with each change of the liner. If your can liner is only a few inches larger than the can, this lid will also hold the liner firmly in place.

Main/1st image for product is not what you actually get. 1st/main & last image shows a lid with swinging doors on both sides. However all of the other images show the product that you will actually get: a lid with a diagonal line insert for paper and a circle hole in the middle of the lines for bottles & cans. Gave 3 stars only because this is the item i really wanted when i was shopping for lids for my blue slim jim recycling container. For the life of me i could not fine a blue colored lid with the diagonal/circle hole combo, but i could find it in every other color available. So by default i elected to go with this blue lid (with dual swinging doors) as a last resort. And for once in my life, i was happy to see the wrong product was delivered. So for everyone else who really wants the lid with two swinging doors, do not buy this product. For everyone who wants the diagonal/circle hole combo lid, this is the product for youcrazy.

Unfortunately both lids came with bars that help lid swing closed dislodged. Did not realize they were even there until one fell out. Had to take lid apart to get bars in place. Disappointing considering the cost of lids. Concerned they will dislodge again after a while. Happened with both black and tan lids purchased.

My 1st lid was missing 1 of the rods so only one side would close. I am sending it back and i have already received a replacement. . But it also has only 1 rod. I don’t know if i should try to replace it again or just send. Both back ??????i decided to try it one more time. The third lid was the charm and i finally received a lid with both rods and it works well. I don’t ususally return anything but amazon makes it very easy. Rubbermaid needs some quality control. The lids are probably so expensive because only 1 out of 3 lids is made propertly.

The plastic came a little jagged at one location, but it’s on the underside of the lip and i don’t think it will impair the overall function. As many reviewers noted, one of the metal hinge rods on my lid was out of place. After about 20 minutes of trying to get it back in place and only succeeding on one side, i finally used a shower curtain hook to loop through the back and pop the bar in place completely. Any kind of s hook should help you get the pressure you need to pop it back into place. Both sides work as intended now. Definitely would expect better quality when the lid costs as much as it does, but at least it was fixable.

This container is ‘attractive’ as containers go and is very well made. The design is very functional, easy to use and remove contents and cleans easliy. I feel the price is far greater than it should be probably be.

I bought my 2 recycle cans first because i could not believe the lods were almost twice as much as the cans themselves. Finally gave in and bought these lids they snap on for a snug fit and hold the liner in place. Extremely durable very happy with the purchase. They open easily and also snap shut. Very minimal rounded on top so no water will puddle.

Expensive cover for your slim jim trash can. That being said it fits over the can very well when you have a trash bag in the container. Its very sturdy and should last a lifetime. I think this is a better choice than the lids that swing. I saw a lot of bad reviews for the swinging lids, which turned my decision this way. It definitely keep the smell down. I do believe that is was money well spent.

It fits the can i have and keeps my guests from mixing recycle and regular trash. I think it is overpriced for what it is but the market for this product is very small and they can charge what they want. Since there are not a ton of options out there i had to go with this product, at least it is a solid useful item.

I use these for the top of my recycling center bins (slim jims) at home and use a chalk marker to label the top. They go on solidly and allow bag changes over the top as well as clean up easily.

Top fits rubbermaid commercial slim jim recycling container with venting channels, plastic, 23 gallons, blue (354007be) to prompt people to put the right items in the bin.

For the most part, this lid is great. It covers the rubbermaid slim jim garbage cans perfectly. My complaint rests with the flaps not always closing. At times, it gets caught on the garbage bag and at others it seems like the weights aren’t strong enough to close them. A slight tap on the side gets them to close and these garbage cans fit nicely in tight spaces.

mDesign Slim Round Plastic Small Trash Can Wastebasket : Four Stars

Item arrived om time and matches perfectly with my other decor.

Nice item but returned color did not match items in bedroom.

Looks and is exactly as represented.

I bought it for my daughter rooms do it’s a very nice color but it was way smaller than expected.

What can i say, it’s a trash can. I bought this for my daughters pink/elsa room. Doesn’t hold much, which i like because garbage can’t pile up for too long.

I’m using this trash can for my dorm desk and another one for my dorm bathroom. They are the perfect size, nothing massive but not overly small either. The color are as legit as the pictures.

Perfect addition to my daughters room.

The color is exactly as shown and it is the perfect size for my bathroom. The product is solid and sturdy. It is surviving my 3 year old very nicely.

This is perfect for our bathroom.

Color not as shown in photo, it was more of a pale blue.

Perfect for my daughter’s room.

But works for my small apartment.

A little smaller than i was hoping but it does what i needed.

mDesign Slim Round Plastic Small Trash Can Wastebasket, Garbage Container Bin for Bathrooms, Powder Rooms, Kitchens, Home Offices, Kids Rooms – Teal Blue :

Knape & Vogt QT20PB-WH Replacement Trash Can – Good purchase

Fits perfectly in the space between the garbage disposal and the door. The size is good enough for our kitchen trash and it takes the small grocery bags. Sturdy plastic- it should last a long time.

Does what a trash can does best.

Perfect fit for a low/narrow under sink cabinet in kitchen. Great design gives the maximum volume for a small space. Excellent product, very sturdy.

Good quality, well made, great size.

This 20 quart (5 gallon) bin is about half the volume of the typical ‘tall kitchen trash can’. I wanted a regular rectangle shape opening (for dumping cutting board peelings etc. , which would be awkward into a circle opening), and i wanted a smaller total volume capacity because the old-style communal garbage chute in my nyc co-op high-rise (built 1963) is not big enough to handle a fully filled ’13 gal tall kitchen garbage bag’. Simple human code e 20 liter draw-string bag liners fit like they were made for this trash can, and the top is nice and tight around the rim so the bag isn’t going to fall in when you start pushing down to cram in more items. The ‘medium’ trash bags by hefty and glad would probably fit this too, but the mediums don’t come in draw string style, just loose flap tie so you’d probably have to use a giant rubber band to secure the top. The measurements of the top are 14′ x 7. 5′ perimeter), height is just under 16’i included photos beside a blue ‘tall kitchen bin’ for size perspective, and you can also see in the photos how nice the e size bags fit the top rim. I bought and returned a bunch of medium size bins and bags until i found the perfect combination and fit, so you won’t have to.

I had to find something that fit in a tight space under my sink. Others i tried were just too wide.

  • Very happy with it
  • Perfect fit for a low/narrow under sink cabinet in kitchen
  • Overpriced

Love the slender design of this trash can. Only had a 9 inch wide space in my bathroom for a trash can and this works perfect. I use a standard 8 gallon bag in it and it fits fine.

It wasn’t easy finding a slender trash can. This fits perfectly under my sink as a recycle bin. Now my counter tops stay clutter free.

Perfect fit for the cabinet under the kitchen sink, small enough to fit but big enough to not fill up too frequently.

Great for tight budgets and narrow spaces. I put this under the sink counter for our recycles. I have yet to know what size of plastic trash liner to put on it.

This was great just the right size.

Features of Knape & Vogt QT20PB-WH Replacement Trash Can, 16-Inch by 14.25-Inch by 7.25-Inch

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 20-quart capacity replacement bin for waste and recycle pull-out system
  • Durable polypropylene construction
  • Built to last
  • White finish

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The lid that is supposed to match this 20 qt. Rev-a-shelf garbage bin, namely the lid for knape & vogt plastic waste bin 20 quart is not matching. Therefore, if you want to have your garbage enclosed under your counter, which i certainly do, you will have to find something else. Surprisingly enough, rev-a-shelf does not even make the lid; and knape & vogt plastic waste bin 20 quart does not fit rev-a-shelf tray. I wasted money and time for not having anything but an old step-on garbage can aside of my counter, which i wanted to eliminate.

Nice but wrong size for my project.

I needed a bin to this narrow dimension, and it fits the bill. But i do wish i did not have to pay so much money for a simple waste-bin just to get the dimensions i needed.

Perfect for our under the kitchen sink space.

It was hard to find a garbage in this size to fit under my kitchen sink. This one is perfect and made of sturdy material.

Nice color(white)!suitable for small space.

20-quart capacity replacement bin for waste and recycle pull-out system

I got the smallest size for a small space and no one else seems to make such a size. If this is the width you have available then this is what to get.

Absolutely perfect for my small under counter space.

Flexible, durable plastic that does not smell funky. These unconventional garbage can sizes were just what i needed to fix my trash and recycling under the sink.

This fit perfectly in the small space where the garbage can was suppose to go. Made of sturdy plastic able to handle heavy loads.

It is a bit narrow however, it fits in the drawer.

Durable polypropylene construction

Measurements were as advertised.

It fit perfect in the small cabinet.

I have a tiny kitchen and a big round stainless trashcan. Pretty, and the step-to-open was nice, but it generally sucked getting bags out of that thing and was so big. The new one fits nicely in a cramped sink space, comfortably holds grocery bags or larger kitchen bags.

Perfect size but overpriced.

Fit perfectly in the narrow space under our sink.

Wayy smaller than i anticipated. But, at least it fits in my ikea trash bin.

Well, not sure what to say about a trash can other than it does a great job holding trash and it is skinny enough to fit under my sink.

Built to last

White finish

AMG and Enchante Accessories – Excellent for keeping nosy dogs out of the trash!

Works well as a bathroom trashcan.

Perfect size to fit between the toilet and sink in a smaller bathroom.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice looking product. My only issue was just false advertising. This shouldn’t be listed as a kitchen trash bucket because it is far too small.

Fits well in my small bathroom. I like the way you can pull out the liner and can tuck a garbage bag in it, if you don’t want to expose the bag.

Great size for my bathroom, & fits perfectly by the door in the corner.

Small and has a bump when i recieved.

  • It’s a trash can!
  • Excellent for keeping nosy dogs out of the trash!
  • very nice looking garbage container

It’s a trash can, and a pretty decent one. Probably one of the nicer ones i’ve had. The dog still gets to my kleenexes, though, and it tends to move around a lot when you step on it or kick it by accident or otherwise not leave it alone.

I love the compact size and rectangular shape; i use a wheel chair and my able spouse won’t have any reason to fuss about me hitting the big oval bin- much better fit as we are now to down to two adults at home.

Works great for the application.

As other reviewers stated it’s small which wasn’t a big deal for me as we just use it for cat litter scooping. However it retains smells reallllllllly badly. We used plastic liners inside and the inner bucket smells so so so bad even after one use. Haven’t had this problem with other cans but it’s a trash can.Works just three stars for the smell retaining issues.

Love my cute little garbage can. I use it for my bathroom and it fits perfect right next to the toilet. The pale inside has a nice little metal holder which makes it easy to dispose of garbage.

Features of AMG and Enchante Accessories, Rectangular Waste Bin, 5L Garbage Trash Can with Step Foot Pedal, WB01 CHR, Polished Chrome

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Removable inner bucket for ultra-easy cleaning.
  • Hands-free opening with a foot pedal.
  • Made of Long-Lasting Steel with Rust-Free Technology.
  • 5L capacity allows for plenty of convenient space.
  • 11″ H X 5″ W X 12″ L

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Bought for my teens bathroom.

Just the right size and color.

Promt delivery, very nice looking garbage container, well made and strong.

I used it for 1 month, on my baby’s nursery, so maybe 6x a day whenever i changed a diaper. In a month the lid just broke, it’s sad because i kinda liked it, the material seemed good, the size was perfect for a day of diapers and it’s discreet.

We’ve just had our bathroom remodeled, and your little rectangular waste bin fits right in. (color, shape, and functionality). We may have to put some electrical tape on the bottom to prevent its scratching the new flooring, but not sure yet. In any case, not a big deal.

Using this product as a garbage can in my bathroom in a small space between the toilet and the vanity. Easy to remove trash with the handle and bucket inside. Would highly recommend it for a place where you need something small and the lid keeps everything hidden and contained.

Removable inner bucket for ultra-easy cleaning.

I was nervous to buy it by looking at the reviews but it was great. Design, size, price, all good.

Very nicely made and clean looking.

Small and serves its purpose. Feels a bit on the cheap side but as long as you don’t abuse it then it should last.

Excellent for keeping nosy dogs out of the trash. Very sturdy and seals quite well. The removable inner can makes cleaning out very easy. A great find for a great price.

Hands-free opening with a foot pedal.

Made of Long-Lasting Steel with Rust-Free Technology.

5L capacity allows for plenty of convenient space.

STERILITE 12 Qt Swing-Top Wastebasket, Great size!

Got this to replace my bedroom trashcan because my dog kept getting in to my old open trashcan. It’s a perfect size, tucks away nicely, and my dog doesn’t get into it.

This waste basket is exactly what i was looking for in a waste basket. It has all the bells and whistles that a waste basket should have. It holds waste like it was intended. It has an amazing swing-top that swings its top. And to top it off, it holds 12 qts of waste. What more could you ask for in a waste basket?. I look forward to many years of enjoying this waste basket.

Exactly what i was looking for, not real sturdy but small and does the job perfectly. I have in my laundry room for dryer lint clean out.

Perfect for our needs, fits next to the toilet & easy to reach in a fairly narrow space in our small bathroom.

It’s very small, which we need to fit between our toilet and shower. It’s a bit pricier than we would have hoped, but there’s nothing else we’ve found that has the proper size, shape, color, etc.

I have two dogs who love to pull things out of wastebaskets – like kleenex to shred up, papers, you name it. I bought 3 of these to hopefully keep the dogs out of the wastebasket. Didn’t want to spend a lot of money, in case it didn’t work, and we would have to buy something else. These or not fancy or decorative by any means. No more scraps all over the bedroom and bathroom floors.

This was exactly what u was looking for in the bathroom. Keeps my puppy from eating toilet paper lol.

Key specs for Sterilite White 12 Qt Swing-Top Wastebasket:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Lid swings open and closed via a unique indexing feature at the pivot point
  • Easy-to-clean textured surface
  • Accommodates a standard plastic shopping bag or 4-gallon trash liner

Comments from buyers

“Five Stars
, Perfect
, Purchased for a friend with Parkinson’s disease

Cute wastebasket for bedroom, bathroom, or living room. Would be too small for kitchen waste. Sturdy plastic, swivel lid swivels easily, i’m happy with it.

This came with a warped lid and it won’t flip open properly. Also i had to wipe out the inside of the can because it was dirty.

Small just what i needed for small bathroom by toilet.

It works for what we need but the plastic is fairly thin and feels a bit cheap for the price tag of $20 that we paid.

Great for the bathroom; no rusting here. Easy to clean, goes well with everything, and all the of trash is concealed and hidden by the lid.

Made a r2d2 valentine’s box with this and now our son uses it in his room.

I wanted a trash can with a lid to keep my dog from stealing trash and this does the job great. I like that it fits a standard grocery bag, although the larger plastic shopping bags do fit better.

Right size to place outside my kitchen door, in the garage. Like the swinging lid especially.

For use in an older person’s bathroom. Fits perfectly and inconspicuously next to the toilet. I use 4 gal bags with deodorizer built in. Works well to control the smell.

But when i opened the box, the can was deformed (not broken, just squished). So the lid didn’t swing nicely. I am still using it, but i was disappointed that it was not a nice can. It works for what i purchased it for. They should just send it a bit nicer. So it is an ok item, but the packaging was poor. So i really cannot rate it 5 stars because it was deformed on arrival.

This is just the right size for my bathroom. Nothing fancy, it’s a plastic trash can, but it keeps my dog out of the trash.

I already had one that we use for cloth squares. I didn’t really want to spend this much money, but i couldn’t find them cheaper anywhere else so i bought it. I’m pleased i did as we really needed one in the other bathroom. The lid fits snugly but is still loose enough for the cloth bag fit over the top of the bin and then the lid on that.

So much easier for my friend to deal with. He had a unit that you had to push on a button on the lid in order for it to open. That was just too difficult. This was so good we got a smaller one for the bathroom.

Delivered on time, as promised. The purpose of this purchase is to contain soiled adult disposable briefs, for a person with limited walking stability (& avoid the step-on pedal varieties of wastebaskets. )the swing-top doesn’t provide complete odor control. I’ve taped a gel deodorizer to the underside of the swing lid, with the hopes that will control the odor more effectively.

I keep a waste paper basket near my chair where i watch tv. This way no one, including myself, has to look at the garbage in it, and it’s easy enough to get the garbage into it.

Surprisingly difficult to find this style of wastebasket in this size and color. After years of annoyance with a style where the lid would get stuck when it started getting full, this works perfectly.

I have a demon of a dog who takes every open opportunity to eat out of the trash can in our bathroom. It was surprisingly difficult to find a trash can like this one in stores near me but i finally stumbled across this one and it’s perfect. It’s just the right size for a bathroom or bedroom trash can. We have a pretty small bathroom, but this fits between the toilet and the wall with no problems whatsoever.

This is a great little wastebasket. We tend to accumulate a lot of bathroom junk so it is a little small for us, but if you’re looking to hide some dental floss, a tissue or two and a few bags of cat contribution, you’re gonna love it.

It is a very nice size and i don’t have to lose my balance to open the lid by stepping on the pedal like my old one. I wish i had bought this first.

I love my white swing top wastebasket. We had one for years in our house and it didn’t work any more. We searched everywhere local and finally found the exact one we had previously at amazon.

This is a cheap plastic white trashcan. Perfect for my needs in our bathroom.

Nice size and perfect for the bathroom.

This wastebasket serves its purpose well, is lightweight and slim. The cat still gets into the garbage, but the inconvenience caused by the swinging lid makes most prospects unworthy of the effort. The pail is easy to wipe clean and has no stains yet. White seems to be the only color – more color choices would be fun.

I like the design and the concept. However, we don’t think it will work for the location in which i hoped it would work. However, without the nice swing-top, it works well. Trouble is that swing top closes before we can get the refuse in the can. We hoped the swing-top would distract and become uninteresting to our dogs who seem to like ‘garbage picking. ‘ an automatic can would be nice but they are: too big and too expensive for us to use.

It’s been a great addition to our bathroom. Pros:-good material-stain resistant (so far)-top swivels well (important for the chronic fiddler)cons:-none.

I love these small waste baskets, and have them in all three bathrooms. They are extremely well designed, both in their ease and simplicity of putting anything into them, and in changing the plastic liner bags. I used to have a small trash can with a step-on pedal in one of the bathrooms, and it was a pain in the butt to use and to change the liner. The sterilite trash cans are light weight, do not put holes in the walls by getting pushed against them as with the heavier metal step-on pedal type, and are a breeze to keep clean. I was very pleased to find the black colored version as it looks much better in one of my bathrooms than the white one did. If you’re looking for a small trash can that is simple to use; good looking; simple to change liners; well made; won’t dent and scratch; and simple to keep clean; then i highly recommend this great little can.

This is a great trash can for the money. It holds a lot of trash and it is easy to clean.

I looked at quite a few different stores and could not find this trash can, it is perfect- works great -i couldn’t be happier. The lid swings perfectly and keeps my kitty from fishing things out of the trash can he shouldn’t.

Perfect fit for the bathroom. I was worried that it would be too wide for our small space in between the toilet & shower but it’s perfect. The lid is pretty sturdy too and doesn’t slip off or move when you throw something away. Definitely recommend for any room.

Perfect size for the bathroom.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Rubbermaid Commercial Ice Bucket Tote : Going Green

We use it at our restaurant andit’s held up better than the restaurant supply ice bucket. Love the handle so it can hand on the ice maker.

Good size, not too big but not too small either, this would be a good size for small restaurants.

I actually bought this for my outdoor freezer, so i didn’t just have bags of ice in the freezer. It fits perfectly in my outdoor mini fridge, and the shape and handle allow it to be ’tilted out’ to get ice. Much nicer than having just a random bucket in the freezer. Great product, and priced fairly well considering the quality.

This thing holds ice, has a handle, and hasn’t broken. As a bonus it has a plastic hook molded in that lets you hang it upside-down so stuff doesn’t fall into it. The hook goes perfectly onto the end of the chrome wire metro shelving that is right next to the ice machine. This is the ice bucket that i have been dreaming of all these years.

I do not own a restaurant or work in food service. I keep a coleman 50 quart xtreme® 5 wheeled cooler-newly designed dark blue in my office to keep my lunch, drinks and snacks safe and cool. It takes approximately 3-4 10lb. Bags of ice to fill the cooler up once and then i drain the water and add additional ice as needed. I hated having to throw away so many of the plastic bags ice comes in but they are not recyclable in our community. Someone recently installed an ice station locally. It’s one of those serve yourself type systems where you get twice the ice at half the cost. The vendor offers plastic bags to use when you purchase ice but reusable containers are also welcome. I tried a 28 quart cooler but it took up half of my back seat and was just too heavy for me to carry and lift in and out of my vehicle with 20 lbs of ice. The large cooler was also hard to clean due to its size and non-removable lid.

Hangs on the side of a commercial ice maker so you can fill it hands free.

Rubbermaid Commercial Ice Bucket Tote with Bin Hook Adapter, 5-1/2 Gallon, Blue FG9F5400TBLUE

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Angled top reduces spills and serves as a pouring spout
  • Swing handle for easy carrying and integrated handle on bottom allows for easy emptying
  • For use with commercial and industrial ice-making machines
  • Rear hang hook allows bucket to hang upside down
  • Measures 18″ x 13″ x 1-1/2″

It’s a good product but one small piece broke off within less than one hour of usage.

Bought this because i work for a hilton hotel and we were in dire need of a new ice bucket to fill up the display cases. This bucket did just the thing for our restaurant.

Really a great ice tote and it hangs off the side of the ice machine for loading of ice.

Seems like it will break easy.

The wire piece that allows the bin to be hung on a ledge is easily broken.

Great replacement bucket love the square shape.

The bucket itself works great however the metal wire bracket to hang the bucket on the ice maker is not welded together well and broke on the first use.

My employees like this bucket and the rubbermaid scoop better then all others before.

The hanger on the side is convenient to hang on the side of the icemaker. And easy to carry with the handle.

It is an ice bucket, but thought it came with a wall hanger hardware.

Rubbermaid Commercial Ice Bucket Tote with Bin Hook Adapter, 5-1/2 Gallon, Blue FG9F5400TBLUE :

mDesign Decorative Round Small Trash Can Wastebasket : Five Stars

Very pretty and classy looking for a trashcan.

Look great in my bathroom with the matching soap dispensers.

I purchased several pieces of this design bathroom accessories. I like the look and won’t have to change all accessories every time i change shower curtains and towels.

Not boring or too busy looking. The bucket itself is plastic but the bronzed metal around it is quality. I like to put plastic bags in my waste brackets and tie it around on the edge. Since the basket is inside the metal it hides the edge of bag and looks great. I would get more of these if i needed them. I went ahead and got the matching set as well. Can’t wait for them to arrive.

Inner plastic container is removable to make it easy to clean.

Looks exactly like the picture, it’s delicate quality and can handle light trash, preferably for a bedroom space.

Everything turn out great , bathroom looks amazing now.

Perfect for the decor in my bathroom.

  • Love it!
  • Very sturdy looks beautiful
  • Five Stars

mDesign Decorative Round Small Trash Can Wastebasket, Garbage Container Bin for Bathrooms, Powder Rooms, Kitchens, Home Offices – Vanilla Plastic, Steel Wire Frame in Bronze Finish

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: This round can is the perfect size for inside cabinets, under counters, under sinks and other small spaces
  • VERSATILE: The size and style make this can work is so many places throughout your home; Also great for dorm rooms, campers, RVs and apartments
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • FUNCTIONAL & DURABLE: Made of long-lasting vanilla plastic with a solid steel wire frame in a bronze finish
  • THOUGHTFULLY SIZED: Measures 8.5″ diameter x 10.25″ high

This will definitely enhance your area were you are placing this item.

Looks beautiful and great price.

Looks great in our bathroom.

Love the detail and how cute it looks and it’s perfect for my half bathroom.

This is perfect for our new bathroom – great size and color. It is just what i was looking for. I will probably buy another one for a different bathroom.

This adorable waste basket is just what i needed for our bath remodel. It is a two piece design that is quite unique and is not too big for our smallish bathroom. If you have oil rubbed bronze fixtures this is just the ticket. The creamy inner basket is a good contrast without too much orb to overwhelm.

Looks nice and easy to clean.

Looks great in my newly remodeled bathroom.

The Squirm Firm Worm Factory 360 Worm Composting Bin – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WORM FACTORY 360

I have only had this a few days so not sure it is a 5 yet. But it was better than i hoped. Came with lots of goodies and great instructions. Easy to set up and am hoping for great worm castings for fertilizer.

Great worm bin so far and it came with everything in the picture. Well not exactly as the picture shown. I didn’t receive the small bottom of the rock dust but a bag and a twist tie of rock dust. Now i have to find something to store it in. Which is fine but not as you shown.

Very sturdy and easy to put together, the pamphlet had lots of helpful info too. The only thing is that the instructions could use some more explanation regarding the ‘worm ladder’ and the worm catch like which way is up – i’ll be finding out if mine is right or wrong the hard way i suppose haha 🙂 all in all, i’m happy with my purchase starting my first venture into vermicomposting.

If you do it right you can produce amazing compost in only 6 to 8 weeks. We are vegan and eat no processed foods so we have an enormous amount of plant scraps going into it and the trays it came with have been plenty so far because it cooks the compost so quickly. I keep mine outdoors in so cal coastal where temps are about 75 with no issues at all.

Arrived a day earlier than promised. Clear instructions to set things up initially and a downloadable booklet is available on their website with even more information for free. The components are well made and fit together precisely. I set up the two bins i bought and then ordered the worms a couple of days later. Pro tip: don’t get over eager and order your worms at the same time you order the bins. Get the bins first, place the starter bedding and some fruit/veggies into the bin, and then order your worms. Sure, you can certainly put the worms into the bin the same day you get the bin, but what if the bins get lost in shipment, or your worms arrive a day too soon?. Waiting a couple of days also gives the microbial life (which is most of the worm’s diet) time to start reproducing. When putting the worms into their new home, i simply left the bins in the middle of the kitchen floor over night with the light on, and by the next day, everyone was settled in comfortably. I bought the starter kit from the squirm firm for less than most other retailers were selling just the bins alone.

Very comprehensive product package- comes with everything you need to begin worm farming adventures. The one thing i think it misleading about this product (and probably the manufacturer’s problem to solve) is that by looking at the picture online, it looks like there is a window in the front to watch your little worm production. I figured out before purchasing that this was just a product cut-away and no window exists, but i could see how this might confuse people.

So far this seems to be a great bin. Only on the first one as it’s only been going for a week. Honestly, it’s sturdier than i expected for plastic. Everything fits together very well and the worms seem to enjoy it. The only annoyance that i have is you don’t know what accessories you will get. Either a moisturemeter, or thermometer (what i got). I would have preferred a moisturemeter, but it doesn’t seem to difficult and the extra water should drain off. I also got some sort of black gallon bin that has a perferated, slanted area for i have no clue what instead of the little rake. While the variance in accessories is slightly annoying, i bought this for the bin which has more than met expectations. I can still use both accessories i got even if i don’t know how yet.

Easy to put together, seems to work well. I’ve put in more than double the number of worms they suggest and the soil/compost heap looks alive with squirming when i open it to add food. I assume this means the worms are happy. I do keep a small open jar of red cider vinegar with a drop of dishwashing soap near the bin. That captures a drowns a few fruit flies each day that are otherwise attracted to start a family.

I have had my worm factory 360 for about 7 months so i have harvested three bins of worm castings so far. First of all i read a lot before i set up the farm and haven’t had any issues at all. Not only am i recycling all of my appropriate kitchen waste but i am also getting wonderful potting soil. The first batch of soil i mixed up wasn’t good it was too heavy but now i mix the castings with top soil, perlite, sand, and a little peat moss or coconut coir and it is beautiful and my seedlings and microgreens really like it. This time i will be doing precise measurements of the contents of the soil mixture so i can be sure to duplicate it correctly. After my microgreens are eaten i put the remainder back into the worm factory and the worms go crazy for the stems and roots. I am so happy i started my worm farm. I live in south florida and so i keep my worm farm in my second bedroom (i live alone) since the red wigglers can’t really take the high heat here and there is no smell or any other problems – except for the occasional escapee. But they don’t get very far and it hasn’t been a deal breaker.

While i have loved many things i’ve ordered through amazon, this is the first product i’ve been moved to review, much less think of as ‘5 stars’. I decided to begin vermicomposting a couple months ago (i’m a lifelong gardener and composter), i was thinking of some diy designs but time is at a premium and i really didn’t have time to put together the system i wanted. One weekend our local library hosted an event featuring urban farming displays and there was the worm factory. I loved the stacked trays and the compactness of the system. I went home and ordered it that day. This kit is neat – it really has everything you need to get started (except the worms). My particular kit did come with a thermometer. Granted, the shredded paper is not necessary but it’s a nice gesture. I got my worms in there and everything has been going smoothly. The booklet included i felt was really informative and got me off to a good start.

Have been using this for the past 6 months to put coffee grounds/kitchen scraps and newspaper to help balance the moisture. Couple tips, make sure you are draining the worm tea on a regular basis so that there isn’t too much moisture in the container. Don’t add too much material at once. Once you have 2-3 bins going, you will be able to handle a lot more but when you are only doing 1 tray, take your time and allow the materials time to compost. Make sure to mix the material around when adding new compost so that everything has an opportunity to fully compost. This bin will hold a lot of worms as long as you feed them well. I brought it inside and set up in the basement (on concrete floor) during the winter so it wouldn’t freeze.

It has been set up for about a week now. And i think my worms are really happy. The directions are easy to follow. The kit provides all of the supplies needed to make the bedding. And so far i have had no issues. Now i am the weird worm girl. But i think they’re super neat and like to make sure they are happy wigglers.

For anyone that wants to compost indoors there is no other product to use. This not only keeps the 1000 plus worms i have in there working, but there is never an odor, or bugs that come from it. I keep it indoor in my kitchen without any trouble. I highly recommend this factory for composting. Easy to set up, use and maintain. Here are the specifications for the The Squirm Firm Worm Factory 360 Worm Composting Bin:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The Worm Factory 360 has a standard 4-Tray size which is expandable up to 8 trays, giving it the largest volume of any home composter.
  • The redesigned lid converts to a handy stand for trays while harvesting the compost.
  • Includes digital instructional manual with step-by-step guide for managing your Worm Factory 360.
  • Bonus “What Can Red Wigglers Eat?” infographic refrigerator magnet (6″ by 9″) allows you to quickly determine which foods are perfect for your worms, and which you should avoid. Imagine the peace of mind you will feel knowing that your worms are always eating a healthy diet!
  • Built in “worm tea” collector tray and spigot for easy draining.

I’ve used a homemade bin for quite some time and decided to give this a try. This is well made and i love the design. Much easier to maintain as the worms travel upwards eliminating the need to dump the contents and sort the worms.

Item arrived before anticipated date, undamaged and complete. The e-manual is a great option as long as you have a computer, and has very good directions for getting started. When i ordered the worm composter, the details made it clear the worms were not included. The worms are shipped separately to allow you to get the bins set up, so don’t let it sit in the box.Set it up and start collecting your food scraps. Once you get your worms, you are ready to start composting. Download the manual and follow the instructions, you’ll have happy, happy worms shortly.

Happy worms, happy wife, happy life.

Easy to set up and started doing its job the same day the worms were delivered. They like the home and after the first night (a few tried to escape) but all 500 of them settled into the home and are doing the composting work i need of them.

This is a great system for anyone looking to start worm farming. It’s super easy to assemble (however i’d recommend ensuring you have tons of newspaper — they didn’t supply enough). The plastic is a bit thin so over time it will wear out fairly easily. I’d say that’s the only downside to it. I think it’s smart to have the spigot so you can get your worm tea out easily. A suggestion for the company might also be to have a way to lock the top so that raccoons or other animals can’t get in. Also maybe having one of the panels transparent so you can see from the side how the worms are doing or how much breakdown has occurred. We may buy another one, but we’ll probably also make some ourselves. We compost a lot and this isn’t enough for people who do heavy/constant composting.

Package arrived timely and intact. Perfect for what i am trying to do. I have been acclimating the soil and no smell. Worms to arrive in the week and soil should be prepared and ready by then. Easy instructions, easy to set up. Helpful magnetic do’s and don’t’s on the fridge and easy to understand. Am starting with 500 worms because i understand they are prolific easily.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Awesome Composting System for Novice or Advanced Gardeners!
  • Don’t expect to get everything you paid for or a reasonable replacement
  • I love this!

This is going to be a fun worm ‘condo’ project but not before i read through all of the instructions. Who knew that one can’t just throw a bunch of kitchen scraps and worms into this thing and expect the worms to not revolt. Seriously though this does look like a great product after extracting it from a large cardboard box (you might be able to use the cardboard as worm nesting/feeding material). It comes nicely packaged with instructions, all the starter products and tools to begin your own vermicomposting factory. Less the worms though which can be easily ordered when the worm factory goes on line. I actually bought this on the recommendation of my sister liz who does very detailed research of a product before purchasing. Thanks liz and thanks squirm firm for a really nice product.

This is a really good product. Works as described if you follow the instructions. I’m giving 4 stars and not five only because the legs should be stronger to be able to steadily hold all they trays when they are full. Everything else works really well.

We’re being careful not to introduce acidic or bitter things (onions, garlic, fried foods) and the worms are just flying through everything we put in here. We haven’t had a single fly, bug or odor and it’s great watching the worms multiply and get fatter every week.

Works as it is advertised and does not have odor as long as it is closed. But probably it is much better to just buy compost instead of making by yourself, unless you have basement or not so clean place in your house. I am going to put dual sided tape around the bottom tray to prevent in/out insects/mites. In any case, it looks worms are happy with the environment.

The worm factory was very easy to set up; there were no problems with breakage and it seems quite sturdy. You do not have to do any assembly, just stack up the pieces. The information book is well written and helpful. The included supplies for setting up the factory are great to have. The book says you can mix in potting soil/garden soil too and that you need a few sheets of newspaper to line the top and bottom of the bin; might have been nice to know as not everyone has these about (we don’t get a paper). My worms had already arrived so i set up the factory with the first tray and gently added them. I have fed them three times this week and they are swarming happily over the food scraps. They have not tried to escape. The factory is set up in the basement – got a large plastic tray made to put under washing machines to put under it and hold the factory, bins of the paper supplies and the rest of the set-up materials. Just in case there are escapes or leakage.

Easy to set up, and i’m happy with the quality of what i received, but disappointed that no moisture meter or cultivar was included. The last page of the brochure exclaims in large letters ‘our new moisture meter is included in your worm factory 360. Then a note saying ‘due to supply chain issues we are unable to ship the cultivar at this time. ‘so yeah – if you can’t supply everything, then give a discount, or send what is missing later. I can live without both, but it is a quality control issue.

My worm farm arrived well packed and ready for me to set up. I did that easily with the clear instructions enclosed. I like the tips you provided, for example keeping a light on for the first few days in the room where the farm is kept so that the worms stay in the farm. I will pick up my worms tomorrow from a local supplier. I really liked the design and ease of managing this particular worm farm, rather than a large compost bin kept outdoors that i have to figure out how to store during new england’s winter months. By keeping this farm in my cellar next to my cat litter box, it will no doubt receive regular attention. Thank you for a great product at a reasonable price.

If you are interested in taking the time to get into vermiculture (like it were a hobby), then i definitely recommend this product. Every detail has been considered and refined to make it simple, effective and an enjoyable experience. Although, i am only a week into it, (still on my first tray) my worms are thriving and happy. I plan on expanding to a much larger vermiculture compost system outside this summer and sell my product commercially at local farmers markets. Enjoy all the hard work that the worm factory put into this design and purchase this product.

I am very new to vermicomposting and i must say i am in love with raising worms and repurposing my organic food scraps for my indoor garden. This takes up very little space in my apartment and i have had this for a month and my worms are reproducing like crazy. I just say when moving you trays to check for moisture in the bottom be sure to grab any worms on the worm ladder and look before placing your bottom tray back onto it i accidently squished some of my worms. But this comes fully equiped with getting you started on worm composting and with the added information on the dvd, booklet, and pamphlet will gove you the confidence needed for a successful start up. I highly reccomend this product and i definitely see myself having this for the rest of my life, it is so easy to manage and no odor or anything if you follow the directions. Don’t think about it if you considering it get it. It is the best product for beginner worm composters.

Works well but too small if you cook a lot. Immediately i wished compartments were larger and that there would be enclosed ‘bars’ to lift drawers to acomodate more stuff. I ended up using pieces of wood for that. . I also started the same process on a very large (long) regular plastic bin and it is working just as good, or better, without the annoyance of having to undo so many layers of compartments to check things out. I started at the very beginning with all 6 stacks, put some worms on each of them and it is working fine. Otherwise it works ok, other than being too small for me. It is probably a good option for apartment folks, and if you don’t have a lot of plants, or don’t cook a lot like me.

I’ve used the worm factory 360 for about 3 years now and it continues to do the job with little effort, while taking little room and being overall cleaner and easier to manage than other bin systems or diy systems. I’ll try and condense the knowledge i’ve learned to help those looking to start quickly and easily. Here’s what i’ve found are the essentials to a great worm bin:1) quality shredder, i am using a fellows ds-3 but any $50-60 shredder that can do at least 12 sheets should be fine. This allows you to shred all the amazon cardboard boxes, which are great since they have biodegradable tape that doesn’t need to be removed. As mentioned above, i *only* use cardboard as my worm bedding for a few reasons, it doesn’t get all mealy/sticky like newsprint and whitepaper, but it also has glue that apparently the worms love. It also tends to look better while composting being brown and the end compost looks great too. You can use the newspaper and bills/white paper in the outdoor compost bin instead. The kit comes with volcanic rock or pumice that is similar, but you can buy a huge bag of perlite at the big box store for super cheap and its even lighter and more porous than pumice. Perlite allows better drainage and aeration in your worm bin, and prevents the compost from compacting and getting hard which will happen once it is nearly fully composted. If you want to keep the risk of pests down, coffee grounds are pretty much the only food scrap you need to have awesome vermicompost. Worms love it and the grit and texture resembles nearly finished compost as well. The instructions say up to 8 bins, but i have 10 and it is no problem. More bins mean less effort and need to harvest bins to get finished compost. This stuff is great in the winter months when you have fewer fruit scraps and you want to just let your worms live out the winter with minimal effort. Just dust the top of each bin with this every week or two and your worms will stay nice and active through the entire winter.

My wife and i are really enjoying the worm factory. The instructions were simple and easy to follow. I read them a couple of times. The online video was also extremely well done and very helpful.We had been collecting ans composting food scraps for about a month before our worm factory arrived with slow results. We received our worm factory and immediately went to work adding material. We ordered our worms from uncle jim’s worm farm. The worms arrived an we immediately added them to our bedding we had constructed. We then added the composting food that we had been collecting for the last month. The worm took to this combined compost and bedding material like a fish to water.

Disappointing customer service which is why i’m only giving 3 stars, but the product is great. I just received my worm factory 360 yesterday and while i haven’t yet set it up, i can tell its great quality. Its very sturdy so i am confident it will hold up for a long time. I love that it comes with so many great informational things, and has a warranty. However, i received a note in my order that they are out of stock of the thermometers and instead i got a $5 off coupon from their website. The website doesn’t even sell the thermometer unless you buy the entire accessory kit, which is already included in what i bought. And the thermometer is sold on here by them on amazon for $17, so now i have a useless coupon and i’ll be out another $17 to buy something i technically already bought. I understand that things can sell out (even though it seems that its not), but i would have much preferred something along the lines of ‘as soon as it is in stock, here is a code to redeem for your thermometer. ‘ that would have garnered a 5 star rating from me. $5 off to replace a $17 item that has already been purchased is stealing.

I have had no issues with it as of yet. My worms stay in in good and i love the fact that it has the drain valve at the bottom so when i empty the liquids, i just turn it off and empty the pan with no mess.

I have siblings that also have worm farms & mine was definitely the better one (the best ‘factory’ and had more extras than the others at a lower price). I started it 3 days before the worms came. Directions were easy & after 2 days, the worms are happily eating and it is all looking great. I imagine living in the temperate climate of northern california helps. Thanks squirm firm, your packaging was also just right.

I’m very excited about this purchase. It comes with many of the supplies that other composting bins leave out. The only thing i need to get is the worms, and that’s easy breezy. I thought the lid was missing and sent an email to the squirm firm. They got back to me right away and let me know that the lid is tucked inside one of the bins, so it’s easy to miss. Maybe a little post-it note on it to let everyone know that the lid is there?.

 we are first time worm farmers so i loved getting a complete set. The squirm firm has included all you need – even a soil thermometer. I appreciated their instructions and even put my veggie scraps in the blender for a few pulses as they recommended. It took less than an hour to unpack and set up the first tray. We bought the worms separately online and my 7-year-old daughter was so excited when they arrived, and we were ready for them. My pictures and video are from day 1 after they arrived. I am super happy and would recommend worm factory 360 worm composting bin to anyone.

My kit arived as promised with everything need to prepare for the introduction of the red wiglers. I had food (kitchen scraps) waiting to place in the tray. The red wigglers were dehydrataed and scrawny as described in the literature. After 2 days a sneak peak revealed an active colony eating their food and increasing in size. The instructions were easy to follow.

mDesign Small Round Metal Trash Can Wastebasket – Pretty place to put your trash.

Just the right size for my bathroom and reflects my new cement tile flooe design.

It’s the perfect size for our guest bath, and it’s a solid, heavy stainless steel with a modern, polished finish. It’s definitely easy to clean, and looks great. A big improvement over the plastic wastebasket we had before (which eventually cracked), and at a reasonable cost. This one should last forever.

Solid little trash can that looks neat and clean.

Looks very nice, so much better than the ones that are plastic made to look like stainless.

Awesome in looks and functionality aaaaa+.

  • Happy with this
  • Sturdy trash can with nice finish
  • Nice product

Very nice looking in our bathroom.

Perfect size for under my bathroom vanity.

Looks great next to my chrome & glass desk. Can also be used to set a house plant in.

Does the job for which it was meant; however, when i opened the package it was easy to see the rim was bent pretty substantially. Thankfully, it’s just a trashcan.

Trying to all stainless in our bathroom.

Features of mDesign Small Round Metal Trash Can Wastebasket, Garbage Container Bin for Bathrooms, Powder Rooms, Kitchens, Home Offices – Polished Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: This round can is the perfect size for inside cabinets, under counters, under sinks and other small spaces
  • FUNCTIONAL & VERSATILE: The size and style make this can work is so many places throughout your home; Also great for dorm rooms, campers, RVs and apartments
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made of strong stainless steel with a durable rust-resistant finish
  • THOUGHTFULLY SIZED: Measures 9.5″ diameter x 10.25″ high

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Looks nice with my chrome bathroom stuff.

My trash isn’t on the floor.

This is a lightweight stainless trash can. Looks great in my bathroom; however, it could be a little smaller.

Not likely this will dent easily. And a perfect size for my powder room.

Why should anyone pay $25 for a little trash can?. First, it’s not plastic, which is just- nice to have real, quality, enduring things. Second, this is well made (double walled, strong, dent and scratch resistant. Third- i got no end of compliments. (i saw it at a friend’s place, thought it was fancy, looked for cheaper ones. ) this really brings durabilty, and a clean look, to any bathroom, kitchen, etc and – satinelss steel. My friend’s hasn’t rusted etc, and is dent free after years of use. Still shiny and bright, and easy to clean and sanitize.

I ordered this because my toddler broke the porcelain wastebasket i had in our master bath. The finish on this and simple design as well as the great price sold me. So glad i did, it looks great, nice quality and so far unbreakable by little hands.

COMPACT DESIGN: This round can is the perfect size for inside cabinets, under counters, under sinks and other small spaces

Exactly what i was looking for. Priced right, arrived on time and in perfect shape.

It is a bit larger than expected, but that is just fine. It fits perfectly in the small space between the toilet and the vanity in our newly remodeled bathroom. Looks great in there as well.

This is a beautiful garbage can. I can’t believe i just said that about a garbage can. It is actually a bit larger than it looks in the picture.

Excellent bedroom trash can, sooooo much better than settling for plastic or basket.

They are ok better choices im sure out there.

I am ordering more for my other bathrooms.

FUNCTIONAL & VERSATILE: The size and style make this can work is so many places throughout your home; Also great for dorm rooms, campers, RVs and apartments

Perfect size for small office, bathroom, or bedside. I had bamboo ones before, but these are so much easier to sanitize and not be so stinky. Quality is great and i may need a few more. Size is smaller, so read the product dimensions. The seller was great w/ prime shipping.

I love the polished look in my bathroom.

Product arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The trash can is solid, sturdy and perfect for the purpose and is easy to clean.

EASY TO CLEAN: Wipe clean with a damp cloth

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made of strong stainless steel with a durable rust-resistant finish

Home-Like Kitchen Trash Can, decorative and practical

It has a wire you put the bag around so the garbage bag isnt hanging out of it and also doesn’t fall into the can.

Bought 2 – one for trash and one for recycling. Painted mine white for a great farmhouse feel. Came back today for another one to hide dog food in. Only wish it came already white like was mentioned by the seller four months ago.

Wanted a trash can for the kitchen that my dogs couldn’t get into. It’s not too difficult to put together. This is very durable and looks nice in the kitchen. At first i wasn’t aware that you could put trash bags directly inside which is a cool feature along with the metal ring that holds the bag in place.

I bought this for my kitchen. I love the bar that keeps the trash bags from falling in.

It looks great in my kitchen but it was kinda hard to put together.

Looks great in my kitchen and it’s the only one my dogs haven’t figured out how to get into.

I like the way the bag does not move because of the metal piece that holds it in place.

Key specs for Home-Like Kitchen Trash Can with Lid Country Trashcan Wood Trash Bin Garbage Can Wooden Trash Can in-Home Recycling Bins 13 Gallon Outdoor Trash Cans Recycle Bin in White 16”Wx13”Dx26.5”H (White):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Wood
  • ◆Overall assembled size of Kitchen Trash Can:16”Wx13”Dx26.5”H, (40.6x33x67.3cm). Weight:Approx.20.72 lbs/9.42kgs.
  • ◆This wood trash bin is beautifully crafted of low emission sturdy beadboard for durable and lasting use.It is perfect for parties, barbecues, and busy households
  • ◆Features an inner metal ring that secures a 13-gallon plastic trash bag.You can easily take out the trash, replace the garbage bag, clean out the inside.Trash cans are perfect for recycling as well.
  • ◆The lid effortlessly opens with a handle and has a small space to fit your hand to open.Not only does this add an attractive touch, but it is also durable and gives ease of use.
  • ◆Easy to assemble with hardware included.Dear Valued Customer, please do not hesitate to contact us via Amazon Buyer Message for any question or problems.We has been working assiduously in hope of providing our customers high-quality products and best services.Thanks in advance!

Comments from buyers

“Cute Trashcan/Wonderful Company
, Nice trash can
, Cute and sturdy

Love it, only issue is some parts the paint looks different, but overall happy with purchase.

Easy to put together it looks very nice in my kitchen.

Was exactly what i expected.

Garbage can arrived on time. Lid assembly makes for easy use. Didn’t like the directions at all. Front of can has a blemish in the brown strip. Overall i would buy again but not use all of the assembly parts so as not to make a blemish on the front while assembling.

Wish it had a soft-close option though.

I love the bag holder it keeps the bag from falling into the can. I have had a lot of compliments on it.

I like the look and the quality is very good. I’ve had a lot of nice comments on it. I do not care for the wire that holds the trash bag it’s difficult to remove the full bag of trash.

Bought this so my dog will not able to open the trash, so far so good, easy to install by myself.

I never thought i’d be reviewing a garbage can but here i am. It’s modern and fits snugly into my space. I wanted something white and a fan that didn’t scream “garbage can” i feel like this does just that.The lid is a bit heavy and makes a loud slamming noise so we put felt on the edges to soften the noise.

This was fun to put together and when i needed to contact the company i received prompt, courteous service. I love my new trash can and it blends in beautifully with my white kitchen. Two suggestions: put a pad in the bottom so anything heavy tossed in the bag does not make a loud bang, and to avoid the same noise with the top closing you should put one of those rubber/silicone?. Dots on the underside of the lid. Great customer friendly company.

Smaller than i thought but still looks great.

It was super easy to put together. Really only need a screwdriver. All the pieces were labeled and all hardware wrapped and labeled. I thought it would be a little bigger, but it’s very pretty. It’s a nice alternative to a black barrel bin or town/city issued small box. It’s a lttle expensive for a trash can.

Took me about 1/2 hour to put together. Luckily i was familiar with the cam insert method, otherwise it would have been real tricky.

Love the farmstyle country bin but it came damaged on one part, they better send me the e part to replace.

The wire that holds the garbage bag in has already broke it was hard to put in and take out and i put a hinge on the lid to open it and not have it slam back down.

I had to get something that fully kept the trash bag inside because my cats have a tendency to chew any plastic they can find, even if it’s just around the top lip of a trash barrel. This not only does that but it matched my kitchen decor and doesn’t really look like a nasty trash bin. The lid has a little notch that i use to open it more than the handle, especially if my hands are dirty. The lid also helps to keep the stink contained. And now the cats don’t get into the trash or the plastic bag.

Perfect my dog still learned how to open it🤔.

Perfect size for tall kitchen bags.

It matches ny kitchen perfectly and keeps the dog out of the garbage. I cannot recommend this enough.

Ok i am the most instructionally challenged person everit finally came together after a couple of hours but that’s just me i absolutely love this can i just bought a summer cottage with a teeny tiny kitchen and the garbage can needs to be out where everyone can see it it looks so nice.

Keeps the animals out of he garbage and it looks nice.

I wish it came in more colors.

This is the second one i buy. It means i really liked the first one. I fing it good quality for the price.

Color good, quality good, like frame for plastic liner.

Very easy to put together and sturdy.

My dogs kept knocking over my plastic kitchen can. I purchased this home like garbage can and solved my problem. No more returning home to clean up a kitchen covered by trash from an overturned can, i love it.