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Daily Archives: March 9, 2019

InterDesign Wastebasket Trash Bathroom, Great compact trash can

This is a nice trash can, shiny high gloss plastic. Has more weight than my old metal can and looks great in my bathroom. Understated, not cheap looking. Would also make a good bucket for bath toys, etc.

This trash can is great for the price. Looks elegant and easy to clean.

This is a little trash can that’s perfect for a bedroom or bathroom. It’s made of plastic and has a oval shaped design. My son was happy to trade it for an old wicker basket in his room. ‘ nothing fancy, but will do the trick.

This is just what i was expecting, so five stars. It’s a nice compact trash can, made of sturdy plastic. The dimensions are as provided: 11. I was wondering if the height was the 10 and the width was the 11. 5, and that turns out to be the case. Obviously, this is mportant only if you’re trying to fit into a specific space. It’s very shiny, and i expect that it will get easily scuffed, is my only concern.

The oblong design fits very well in the limited space between my toilet and vanity cabinet. The black color hides stains and helps it to blend in, not stand out. This plastic trashcan is lightweight but not too flimsy, and fits 4 gallon trash bags perfectly. I buy the colored ones, and it looks great, but would also be fine with white bags. Finally, i appreciate that the sticker that came on the trashcan when it was new was easy to peel off and didn’t leave an obnoxious film or glue behind as can happen with cheaper ones.

This wastebasket is sleek and stylish. It is not too big, so it can’t hold large items. However, it will look good in a bathroom, office, or bedroom. It is sturdy and doesn’t seem like it will crack easily. I will be using this in my home office/guest room.

It isn’t anything special, but it works perfectly for my purposes. We needed a trash can for our bedroom. It is thin and fits perfectly in the small space between the wall and my nightstand. It is a glossy, shiny black. It doesn’t hold a ton of trash, but it is great for middle of the night tissues and socks that have holes in them. I would recommend it if you are looking for a small, thin trash can to hold occasional trash. It is great for bedrooms, or a small office area without too much trash.

Key specs for InterDesign Wastebasket Trash Bathroom, Bedroom or Office – Navy Nuvo Waste Can:

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    by entering your model number.
  • COMPACT TRASH CAN – Use it in the bathroom, den, bedroom, office or anywhere to conveniently dispose of trash
  • CLASSIC DESIGN – Subtle curves around the rim and base provide a classic look; Its neutral color palette blends into any décor instantly
  • SLIM PROFILE – The slender profile of the waste basket offers a perfect fit into tight spaces around the home for discreet disposal of trash
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Made of durable plastic that stands up to daily use; Wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • ROOMY STORAGE CAPACITY – Provides ample storage capacity for trash or recycling; Measures 11.50″ Inches x 6.78″ Inches x 10″ Inches
  • Proudly made in the USA, BPA free

Comments from buyers

“Great compact trash can
, Fits perfectly in tight areas
, Great price and looks nice!

This is a really nice waste basket. It is slender in design and works well.

Perfect and durable lightweight trash can for my navy blue bathroom, and its oval shape makes it fit perfectly in smaller bathrooms.

It’s a great little wastebasket. It’s very narrow so it’s very useful in tight spaces such as a small bathroom where the toilet is really close to the cabinet next to it. I thought from the picture that it had handles, but it doesn’t. Now i realize it’s just a shadow in the photograph that looks like a hole. This doesn’t impact anything for me. For its small size, it’s nice and sturdy.

Nice high gloss oval shaped can is perfect for bathroom or office use. The plastic composition appears to be durable. Capacity is not great, but i empty cans frequently.

I needed a little garbage can for our master bathroom. This one works perfectly and there are many colors to choose from. The bin is a durable, hard plastic and a cute rectangle shape and is easy to clean. We have very small bathrooms and the areas between the toilet and our counter is pretty tight. To change out the bag normally, i have to essentially slide from the front area of the toilet rather than being able to just get to it from the top like normal people. This garbage can is perfect if you have a tight space due to small bathrooms or larger toilets. I plan on getting 1 for each of our bathrooms.

I have a minuscule half bath downstairs and there is seriously no room for a normal sized trash can. This nuvo wastebasket from interdesign fits perfectly between the toilet and the sink. It would also work well under a small desk – anyplace where space is minimal. This is a very petite trash can but because of the narrow, oval shape, it holds more than it looks like it will. It’s made of thick, glossy, black plastic. There is little flex in the sides but it’s not that brittle plastic. It’s good, high quality plastic. The top flares out a little from the base and there is a thicker lip around the top. I love that the glossy black matches the glossy black of my toilet seat but it’s neutral enough to go with anything.

I received the nuvo wastebasket from interdesign. It is a very short, oval-shaped, plastic, shiny, black wastebasket. If i had received it in a blue color, i would have loved to have put it in one of my bathrooms. Instead, i took it to my office at the shipyard where i am an administrative officer. The wastebasket takes up very little space and fits perfectly between the shredder and the copier/printer. My co-workers and i remove staples, paper clips, binding clips, etc. , from documents that are about to be shredded. We toss these items into the wastebasket. The wastebasket is not intended for someone’s trash. If left inside their documents, these staples, paper clips, binding clips, etc.

If you have a tiny space between your toilet and a tub or cabinet, you’ll love this. It just slides into almost any space. It will hold a grocery store shopping bag as a trash bag also.

Product is as described and looks great. My only complaint is that i wish it was a little wider. This would be great for small spaces but looks a little out of place in my larger bathroom. That’s my fault for not paying closer attention but i am keeping it since it still looks good.

Small, compact trashcan for small spaces. It has a very solid construction and handles to carry it easily. Great for the bathroom or the bedroom. The price is also on point for the solid construction and quality of the trash can.

This fit the bill perfectly for a small bathroom waste basket, in a small bathroom with little space. It fits very neatly in the space between the commode and the cabinet where there isn’t a lot of room to spare. It looks nice enough without a liner, but holds just about any small bag if you choose. The design is also a bit different than the ordinary round or rectangle waste basket. Overall, an in-expensive, but simple staple in a guest bath.

This trash can is small and made out of sturdy plastic. It’s perfect for a bathroom or bedroom but probably not big enough for an office. The sleek oval design makes it easy to fit into small spaces, like between the toilet and the wall or sink in a bathroom. And it has handles to make it easy to carry and empty.

Nice little plastic wastebasket. It’s oval in shape and relatively narrow which makes it great for my tiny guest bathroom. For scale, i put a standard 3-wick candle next to it in the picture.

I love the way this basket fits in a small place without taking up extra space.

Best darn small trash can i’ve bought. As elegant as a trash can can look). It’s weighted on the bottom so it doesn’t tip easily and that’s a very good thing. It would look great in the bathroom (and she who must be obeyed has ordered a couple more in white to do just that). For ten dollars you can’t get a better durable plastic trash can. It’s got a narrow profile which means it’ll fit in those tight spaces. I’m using mine beside my computer desk and it looks great and doesn’t get kicked over by my foot like the other one before it did (constantly). It can take the taps and stand upright without spilling the contents.

I really like this wastebasket. It is small enough to fit into my office but large enough to hold a fair amount of trash. It is very sleek looking and fits just about anywhere i put it.

What can i really say about a trash can?. I stuck a bumper sticker on this can to match the décor in my bathroom and it stayed.

As wastebaskets go, the only things that make one distinct from another is size and appearance. This is a plain wastebasket, sleek and shiny, and really quite small. The thing i love about it is that it fits on the *other* side of the toilet, where there is no room for most sizes of wastebaskets. This frees up space in our small bathroom for a scale that didn’t fit there before. The wastebasket draws no attention to itself wherever it happens to be placed. This is a great wastebasket to place in any small nook or cranny where one is needed.

It’s a wastebasket, so nothing fancy. But there’s a small space between my counter and the toilet, which is why i was looking for a slimmer wastebasket. This one looks nice and fit perfectly.

Only thing is, i wish it was about 3 inches taller as it seems to look so low to the floor.