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Daily Archives: March 8, 2019

Happy Sale Recycle bin Separate Bag Wastebaskets Trash Can Compartment, Sturdy and convenient

Was having trouble getting everyone to work at recycling (since it’s here to stay); but these really help. They come with a “frame” you put inside the bad to hold it open, wow.They are easy to wipe clean and honestly it’s just easier to get everyoneinvolved because it’s now more like a little game to see which one gets fuller the fast.

Makes sorting the recycling easy. More sturdy than i anticipated.

They don’t have recycling pickups where i live (i live way out in the country) and these make it super easy to take the bins as they fill up to the recycling drop off in town. I have reccomended these bins to all of my friends.

Was expecting it to be a little taller,but it’s functional.

I love this item, everything i expected. My family is now on board for recycling and doing a great job. The size is good-handles and lids are great features for common usage.

I love this recycling center and it works perfect for my husband and i. It looks cute and right now sits in my kitchen where it’s handy but looks neat and organized. I’m finally taking recycling seriously, thanks to this addition to my life.

Love them that are great and hold much more than my old ones.

Key specs for Recycle bin Separate Bag Wastebaskets Trash Can Compartment with Cover and Inner Frame:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Recycling bin – Easy storage solution for your clean environment
  • 3 pieces Separate recycling bags for CAN, PLASTIC, PAPER with sturdy handle and easy carrying
  • PP waterproof coating material, water washable
  • The inner frame makes the bins stand upright
  • The Lid ( Cover ) keeps Neat and Clean looking, Blocking smell going around

Comments from buyers

“These recycling bags are very nice and I like the lids that hide the trash
, Lightweight and cheerful
, Easy to use.

Great bags for your recyclables. Easy to put together, even though it’s not in english.

Awesome durability and design. Simplifies and tidies recycling, especially if you live in an area that doesn’t sort recyclables for you. Only downside is that there isn’t a corresponding bin for glass.

Fits well under the cabinet in the pantry.

Much nicer than the improvised bins we’d been using in our apartment before. They fit nicely in small spots and are very lightweight, easy to carry downstairs to empty out and bring back up. The velcro on the sides of the bags is nice, too – it keeps the paper bin from moving away from its partner when my cat nests in it, lol.

I can’t wait to start recycling. Fits perfectly inns small space or a garage.

Light weight, cheap, just what i wanted. A bit difficult to assemble without much in the way of instructions.

Been using these for a little over a month and they are great.

Excellent product light an easy to carry .

I found it difficult to assemble because the instructions are in korean and nearly returned it. The material is flimsy but sufficient for my kitchen needs. For the price i believe it could have been better made but if you prefer this design and don’t have heavy recycling needs this is suitable. Basically labeled plastic bags.

Nice concept, i wish it was a little taller so i’d be able to fit more items in there.

These are great for keeping your recycling organized. It’s also great because they are the right size for not holding onto too much recycling. I highly recommend this for anyone with children.

They fit perfectly on my porch without taking up too much space. One bags contents fills one clear kitchen sized recycling trash bag. Had to order a separate bag from a different vendor for glass.

Wish they had one for glass. I just used the canned one instead. I stacked mine by the door to save room.

My kids look forward to recycling.

Great purchase for the cost. I was worried it’d be too small going from a standard blue recycling bin, but much more room with all of them. Easy to assemble and has held up.

These are definitely convenient and pretty. I wish they were a bit less wrinkly, but the plastic slats help keep the bags up firmly. They are short (exactly as i expected, though,) so it’s a good idea to have a table or something to put them on, for convenience, rather than putting them on the ground/floor. The only bag missing is one for glass.Be aware that they have some kind of asian language written on the front of them as well. I don’t mind it, but i’m sure someone out there might. I would recommend using these as an inexpensive way to organize your recycling.

These recycling bags are very nice and i like the lids that hide the trash and make for a neat appearance. They stand upright well because of the inner plastic frames that also serve as a barrier for any liquids that may still be in the bottles.