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Rev-A-Shelf – RV-18KD-18C S – Double 35 Qt : Adore these trash bins!!!

I have been looking into options for storing my garbage container and this product fill my needs. I have limited space in my kitchen and being able to place this into an unused cabinet is great. The product comes with two very sturdy garbage cans that can be easily removed so they can be empties. The product came with easy to follow instructions to put it together and i was able to complete the project in just over an hour. The track moves easily in and out of the cabinet. The other aspect of the system that i like is that it has a handle that you grab to pull the containers out of the cabinet. I will be looking into other products made by this company to help me make my kitchen cabinets more useful. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to store their garbage cans within a kitchen cabinet.

We have two large dogs who are so well-behaved you’d almost think they were trained that way. But we all have a dark side, and for these dogs it’s an affinity for the trash receptacle. I tried everything, including an $80 trash can. Alas, these otherwise dim-witted animals can out-think anything with a latch. Often times the dogs forget where the trash is, and when i open and close the drawer for trash and recycle; it flashes in their goldfish-brains for a second only to out-smart them again by completely disappearing into the cabinets. It’s wonderful and keeps me from losing my cool after a long day at work, whining kids, and a terrible commute home only to find the kitchen trash spread across the entire floor. This rarely happens now, unless someone forgets to close the drawer all the way. Edit:those f&^*&^ng dogs can open this now. Still cool aesthetically in the kitchen, but no longer functions for the reason i purchased it.

We just moved into our new home, and i really love it, but i missed my underneath cabinet trash & recycling drawer. I found this and it was here in 2 days. It installed easily and works great, sliding smoothly and fits perfectly. But i knocked off one star because 1) no screws were included and 2) the handle (pictured) was included but there were no instructions for installation, it couldn’t install as shown as the clips were too big, it wouldn’t have fit anyway if i wanted to close the cabinet.

One bigger size and the next size down. I then purchased the door bracket to have one handle for easy access. We’re still in the process of the remodel but it’s coming together. I will buy rev a shelf items in the future.

If you have the cabinet space this is well worth the investment. I didn’t realize it but the garbage cans are nearly twice the size of our previous under the sink can (using the same bags) so now we can empty the garbage every two or three days instead of every day. I love being able to have recyclables right next to the garbage. The mechanism is incredibly sturdy and much higher quality than what’s pictured. The installation was a breeze with no swearing whatsoever. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough.

This was the best addition to my kitchen so far. We have a kitchen that doesn’t have a convenient place for the garbage or recyclables. Prior to installing this, we had a stand up garbage can that kept banging into the cabinets (and 3 kids creates enough damage as it is) and we had a bag on a door knob for the recyclables – what a drag. Now, it’s all in one place, easy to get to and the right size to reduce taking out the trash/recylables enough to not make it an annoyance but also enough to ensure no smell comes out the cabinet 🙂 super easy 4 screw install. Looking forward to our next rev-a-shelf purchase for our super skinny cabinets to finally make them functional too.

Rev-A-Shelf – RV-18KD-18C S – Double 35 Qt. Pull-Out Black and Chrome Waste Container

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Package Contents:(2) Black 35 quart containers with Chrome frame and mounting hardware
  • Minimum Cabinet Opening: Face Frame(W x D x H) – 14-1/2 x 22-1/8 x 19-3/8 inches, Frameless(W x D x H) – 14-1/2 x 22-1/4 x 19-3/8 inches
  • Assembled dimensions: 14.38″ W x 22″ D x 19.25″ H
  • 100lb Full-Extension Ball-Bearing slide system.Width (min to max)14-3/8 inches. Height (min to max) 19-1/4 inches
  • Removable handle
  • Shelf Weight Rating: 100 lbs. per shelf

Why oh why have i not done this sooner????. I cannot tell you how great these are. We kept out trash can in the pantry for the last seven years. I came across these gems and cannot tell you how much i adore the trash being put away. My husband was able to install them with no issue by himself. Do make note the height of the unit. We placed these under our cabinet that houses the sink and didn’t account for the sink drainage pipes. We found two shorter trash bins at a local hardware store, but they aren’t near the quality of the bins that come with this unit.

We had ordered this for under the sink, but it was just slightly too wide. We were able to use in a different cabinet though. So far (a couple months) this has held up well. The cans are slightly smaller than a traditional kitchen can, but it hasn’t been inconvenient. This works very well to keep children or animals out of the garbage or just to keep it out of sight. The cans lift out separately too making emptying easier.

Who knew i’d be excited about my trash cans?. I just installed this so my review will be mostly based on that. I’m a sahm who occasionally likes to prove to my husband that i can do a diy completely on my own. I was able to install this plus the door attachement in one hour with my 12 mo old crawling all over me. It was really easy and made even easier with an electric screwdriver. Instructions were clear and easy to read. They were written by someone who has a complete understanding of the english language and knows how to explain things. My kitchen now feels high end. I’m glad i spent the money on this.

This thing is rock solid and buttery smooth. If you decide you want to add lift-up lids, just make sure you watch the spacing when you install, or the can in the back won’t come out far enough for you to open/close (the lid). I may have made that mistake for all of you in order to save you all the trouble.

It super easy to install, glides nicely, and two cans is a must for a family. The cans are not full sized cans. I’d say they fill a garbage bag to about 70%. I use the rear one for non yucky items so when the front bag is full, i remove the front bag and finish filling the front bag with stuff from the rear. It was a really great purchase. If you don’t have room for a garbage can or just want to have it hidden, this is a great solution.

I have had this unit previously, although with green and white cans. The old unit i had came with lids. I was not aware that this one did not, although that’s not technically the fault of the unit, as the picture does not show lids. This comes with a lifetime warranty, but mine only lasted 3 years. I do have six children who are hard on things, though.

The rev-a-shelf install was ridiculously easy. From unboxing to installation the process took right at 15 minutes. And the bulk of that was removing a shelf from inside the cabinet. The slides are smooth and the unit itself is sturdy once properly secured. The cans seem durable, and hefty cinch sacks 13gal fit well. I’ve got the door kit as well, so that will be the next mini-project. I’m impressed with the design and i’ll update as needed if there are any build quality issues. So far, this is a must-buy for kitchens where a trash can placement in the open would be an issue.

Good product, just as advertised and a great use of cabinet space. Beware that it allows for absolutely zero clearance to accommodate any ‘lip’ on the bottom edge of the installed cabinet. Out cabinets had bout a 1/16′ smaller front than the cabinet interiorand i had to shim the rail assembly up to allow the sliders to clear. No big deal, but seems like the assembly should allow for what, i’m sure, is a very common occurrence. $50-$75 would be a much more reasonable price for what you get, but i knew that when i made the decision to purchase.

I was looking for something to organize my laundry room double doored cabinet. One that was a disaster with odd socks, cleaning rags and hidden odds and ends. The kind of cupboard where you open the doors and stand back because you know something is going to fall at your feet. Not a pleasant admission for a neat freak. It was essential to get organized. These bins serve so many purposes. All told, i now have 4 bins (two double binned pull-outs). One for odd socks, one for dirty laundry, one for rags and now one for garbage, which was previously on the floor next to our dryer. The best part, it’s all hidden but still easily accessible.The bins are heavy duty and the slide outs are very sturdy and slide out smoothly with ease.

Mounted in conjunction with the dm17 door mounting kit. This easily fits inside my 36′ sink cabinet although i use this on the other side from the sink. You obviously cannot mount it under the sink directly for there would be pipes in the way, etc. The screws that mount the back to the cabinet floor. Way too small as other reviews have pointed out. Those 2 screws will be under the most stress when you slide out the rack all the way and perhaps push down on the trash can to cram it down so you don’t have to be the one to empty the bag 🙂 i replaced those back screws with heavy duty cement backerboard scews. The wood will fail before the screws do. I recommend you do the same. Other than that, it went together in minutes.

This product is very well-made. My daughter installed it for me. What a pleasure to have garbage and recycling hidden from view. I should have done this look ago. I’ve bought other rev-a-shelf products to make reaching everything in my cabinets a snap. As a senior citizen, it’s a blessing not to have to kneel or bend to get to stuff.

Rev-A-Shelf – RV-18KD-18C S – Double 35 Qt. Pull-Out Black and Chrome Waste Container : This trash shelf system replaced the bulky trash can we previously had in the kitchen. I thought, for sure, that i would be unhappy with the size, but it has worked out nicely. I take out the trash at about the same frequency as before so no worries there. The advantage is that we save space and the trash is out of sight.

Fits an 18” base cabinet like a charm. With about 1 3/8” clearance from the cabinet carcass sides. Install such that the rubber bumpers on the front are at the same depth as the back surface of the face frame (if you have face frame cabinets). I highly recommend the adapter brackets that allow you to directly attach the door to the pull out. It gives a much more polished look and removes the step of opening the door first before pulling out the bins (and, the potential for causing damage if you try to close the door without pushing the pullout all the way back in).

 speed of delivery ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ quality of the product ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⏰ minus one star because only time will telll. Ease of install ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ minus one star for incomplete directions – and i get it. . Directions are provided for just about everything else, except the final component. . The handle – but incomplete directions, just feel lazy & unprofessional. By the way putting the handle on just requires looking at the photograph and squeezing the “u” shade connector hard enough.

I love this system and can’t believe i waited so long to buy this. It was fairly easy to install (for a tiny person who fits under the counter easily). It slides nicely and feels sturdy even when both cans are full. After a few days of using this, i broke down and ordered the kit that attaches the cabinet door to the front of the sliding rack, so i don’t have to open the door, slide the rack, then close the door. I highly recommend that if you’re installing this. (rev-a-shelf heavy duty door mount kit)the sliding shelf made a huge difference in our small kitchen. No more ugly trash cans sitting out. (and the door mount kit makes it even better, especially when i’m busy and only have 1 free hand.

We purchased this after moving into a new house. We had the home depot brand one at our old house which i also installed. These are cheaper, bigger, and better quality. The bins themselves are thicker than the others. The track is a lot smoother, and the fold down handle makes pulling them out a piece of cake. The old one we had you just pulled on the front bin itself and it would tip out every other time. This handle is a revelation. The most difficult part of our install was removing the built in shelf in the cabinet. But as far as this product, it took less than 15 minutes to assemble and install. We love it and are very happy with our purchase.

Anything rev-a-shelf worth purchasing just redid whole kitchen installed r-a-s in every base cabinet, pantry and slide out for tray over fridge great product.

I needed a sturdy under-cabinet mounted and slide-out trash can holder and since i had previously bought, installed & used a lighter-weight product for 5 years in another house, am pleased to report that this choice was a major improvement over that one. This is a heavy-duty, well-made product that delivers exactly what i wanted: smooth slide action, trash can capacity (at 35 qts that’s the largest plastic can that will fit inside a cabinet in a slider-13 gal. I wanted double cans since i wanted to recycle in one while using the other for more appropriate trash. It came with an extra feature that wasn’t in the sales information or even in the product sheets in the box when it arrived. It came with a 7′ long u-shaped piece of metal with black clips on the ‘horseshoe’ ends and, in spite of having no direction from the installation manual, i clipped it onto the top front rail of the slider metal body frame. It’s a ‘pull-out’ handle for the whole slider that i never had missed or thought of before since no other products i’ve seen have one. After using this for the past two weeks, what a great feature. No more grabbing the edge of the plastic can to pull the whole thing out, sticking your fingers into old garbage and it rotates up or down, as you want to use it, and then sitting flush with the rest of the fixture so you can close the cabinet door. Now that i’ve used one, i’d never do without it.

This little unit brought a year to my eye. It’s poetic curves, strong silent steel and a smooth glide that will leave you feeling weak in the knees. The plastic bins are trusty classics that never fail. They are elegant and mysterious, and everything that one desires of a plastic bin. I can spend hours pulling this out and pushing it back in. The sound it makes is similar to that of a flight atop and eagle with gossamer wings. I also feel like a secret champion because i got a free handle. Oh how i revel in my own personal rose tinted world. I alone posses the only handle amoung the millions of units sold. For as i peered through the amazingly detailed instructions, for which there is no comparison, i did not find a picture nor a mention of this elusive handle.

This is just what i was needing for an under cabinet trash bin. I was tired of seeing my trash can sitting out on my kitchen floor. I wanted a pull out bin but didn’t want to sacrifice the amount of space for trash. Some of the bins on the pull outs are on the small size, not so on this one. And, i love the fact that this one has two good sized bins and still fits in my standard depth cabinet. I am using the front one for all trash and back one for paper only. Standard 13 gal trash bags fit perfectly in the bins. The handle on the front bracket is great, it keeps you from having to touch the garbage bin.

Great and easy to install product. I got tired of having the trash and recycling cans in the pantry. Everything seems to be heavy and solid quality so i’m happy about that. But the reviews led me in the right direction and i’m so glad i bought it. The only thing i worry about is the weight of the cans if we don’t empty it soon enough. But the cans being a little smaller prob help encourage that so whatever. It’s weird to be this excited over a trash can but i am haha.

I love that it comes with 2 trash cans and they fit perfect under my standard single cabinet. It came in a bunch a pieces in an unidentified box with absolutely no instructions for installation. It was a guessing game that took a few trial and errors to get it to work correctly and we’re handy people. It would have installed in a fraction of the time had it just come with some installation directions. I’m not sure where this is really coming from and i didn’t get an open box price if it was already used and returned. Don’t forget to order the door attachment pieces separately if you want the system to slide out when you open the door. These came in a manufacturer’s box with overly detailed instructions.

This pull-out garbage can / recycling bin combo is perfect. It is exactly as advertised – fits perfectly under my sink cabinet. It’s very easy to install – only took about 5 minutes and didn’t even require any measuring. Just connect two pieces, put under your cabinet, and screw in through the 4 holes. I had a similar model from rev-a-shelf in my last apartment and loved it so decided to upgrade to a larger 2-container size and i love it.

Very easy to asemble, fits perfectly in my cabinate. The material seems very durable and the size of the bins are perfect. The bottom rolling part of the frame is very durable and sturdy, slides in and out with ease. Only concern i had while asembling it was regarding the “frame” around the bins holding the bins in place as well as the handle. You just clip/push them together in place. I was worried about it falling off after a while of use and me needing to put it together again. But nothing of the sorts has happened yet. I’ve been using it for a little while now and its fine. Great way to hide your carbage and keep your kitchen looking neat.

Very little assembly required. One only needs to snap in place the upper bars that keep the containers upright. Per the included instructions, you will need a drill to make pilot holes for the screws that anchor the rev-a-shelf. I’m a big guy so it was a bit of a challenge to screw the two rear screws. Please note that this does not come with covers, so when checking the dimensions of your cabinet door opening, be sure to account for the covers (if you plan to use them). Also, if the cabinet is under a drawer that has a handle, make sure that your depth dimension (from the front of the cabinet to back) accounts for pulling the shelf far enough for the flip cover of the rear container to clear any drawer handles. On mine, the back flip cover does hit the handle, but i can’t bring out the rev-a-shelf any further. This is not a knock on the product. That’s just the limitations of my particular kitchen cabinet.

I’ve been wanting to order this for a while, but recently my dogs have taken an interest in my trash can so i decided it was time to do it. I also have recycling that comes each week, but since i didn’t have a separate container i never really leveraged it except for large items. I also ordered the brackets which attach it directly to the cabinet door which i highly recommend, but the rest of the review is about this product specifically. The installation of this item is super simple.I had this installed in the cabinet of desire in less than 15 minutes. It literally might have taken me as long to get the shelf out of the cabinet because of those darn clips than to install this. Upon arrival, the base unit ships in a single piece, and then you just snap the wire frames for the bins into place. I never measured my cabinet, even before ordering. The awesome part about this being a bottom mount piece is the width of the cabinet isn’t all that important as long as it is minimally wide enough. I’m usually pretty anal about measurements and installations being an engineer, but this looked simple enough i just eye-balled it.

Just received this, pulled out a shelf and installed it by myself. The product seems well made. And i love not having a trash can out in the open in my kitchen.

The company installing our kitchen included a unit with a single trash can, from the same company, with our order. We felt it was a waste of space, so we ordered this one, and the mounting brackets to attach the door, so pulling the door pulls out the trash can. The reason for only three stars is that i believe that as far as convenience goes, this is not a complete unit. You absolutely need the mounting brackets.

Let me first comment on the end product: this is a very high quality pull-out waste basket system that is meant to be installed in an open cabinet with either an existing hinged door or an attached door. I had to do a little bit of research on rev-a-shelf. Com to be sure that i was buying the model that fits my cabinet, since the descriptions here on amazon are less than adequate. So be sure to cross-reference the model number with their website to ensure you are buying the right model. Further, i had to do a little research to find a model that can be used to replace my old pull out system with my old cabinet door. Rest assured, the model i am reviewing can be used for exactly that purpose. Be aware because some of the rev-a-shelf models are made only for swing out doors and are not meant to be attached to a door as this model is. Also, although it looks like this model comes with a door, it only includes the inner system itself and it is meant to be attached to an existing cabinet door. It also comes with two very nice trash bins, all packaged neatly and safely together. When all is said and done, this is a very sturdy and attractive set that looks and feels to be of very high quality.

This product, the pull-out sliding rack and garbage containers are great. I also bought the brackets to mount the cabinet door, and they ended up working well, but they were just **barely** able to reach the cabinet door edges. They need to reach the edges because the screws would go all the way through the thinner middle part. 5′ apart, and this was the most you can possibly go. It does work, and this was able to be aligned/adjusted quite flexibly, and it was a great conversion.

I installed this rev-a-shelf along with the door mount kit and the girlfriend approves. Slides very effortlessly, but i did make sure it was all nice and square before securing the 4 mounting screws to the cabinet base. Make sure you visit rev-a-shelfs website and check the part numbers to make sure you get the right size. Most of my 15′ cabinets which fit the 35qt didn’t have room so i had to return this 35qt and use a 12′ cabinet with the 27qt trash can version of this product. One note to installing, dry mount the door kit for your cabinet if you’re using it before securing it. I took this advice from another review and it made it easier. If you install it, then use the door mount, you can’t easily get the right depth. By putting the door mount kit on first and putting it in the middle adjustment depth you can then install the actual slide rails at the perfect depth for when it closes it actually latches in. This way it doesn’t just bump against the cabinet face as a ‘stop’ point. Mine actually catches and hits the rubber slider ends to ‘hold’ the trash cans in right as the cabinet door goes flush to the cabinet face.

Fits perfectly in our 18′ cabinet. I was under the impression this had a soft self close feature like i saw a review on youtube but i was wrong. That was a bit disappointing but i didn’t want to deal with returning it and paying more for one with that feature so i modified mine. 22′ soft close full extension slides can be purchased at home depot for $20. I purchased those and some bolts and mounted them to mine. Now i have the soft close feature and it took me about 30 minutes to modify them. The cage that the cans sit on unscrew and i drilled holes in the new railing and screwed them back to the cage. The mounts which bolt to your cabinet are riveted to the slides. Drilled those out and use a #8 machined screw and nut.

OXO Good Grips Easy Clean Compost Bin : Perfect for veggie scraps and coffee grounds

No smellthe design is simple and the container is small to remain unobtrusive on the counter. The lid allows for one handed use. Just turn over to dump out, rinse out, and it’s good to gono smell after 4 days of use. Doesn’t attracted gnats or other pests. I feel i could go longer, but with the amount of scrapes my family of 2 discards cooking daily, it is full at about 4 days. We have 2 of these oxo bins: one for composting scraps, and the other to hold certain food scraps for our chickens. Love oxo products and their guarantee.Would definitely purchase this again.

First of all, it’s not a compost bin. It’s a food scrap bucket and you’ll need to empty it frequently. The lid is difficult to remove and if you’re not careful, the bin will spill while you are trying to take the lid off. Not much better than the large yogurt tub i was using previously, but it looks nicer.

This is perfect for my needs. Our family of three fills this compost container every two to four days. We only compost vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, and egg shells (no other animal products). I was pleasantly surprised to find that the lid easily removes from its hinge with one hand and without jostling the full container. I can also snap it back on with one hand. That makes it easy to take the lid off for dumping in my compost pile outdoors, without making any mess. The size is quite unobtrusive on my countertop and the fact that it’s durable plastic makes it easy to clean. I was initially looking at metal compost containers but was dissuaded by reviews reporting rust and separation along the seams, so i went for this one. I am pleased with my choice and think that this would work well for those who compost plant matter only because there is no need for a filter.

After much research and comparison i chose this indoor compost bin for my kitchen and we have been very pleased with it. It was important to me that the bin i chose not have any food catches or difficult to clean grooves. The bottom of this bin is seamless, smooth, and rounded, making this a breeze to clean. It was also important to me that the compost bin did not have a lid with holes and carbon filters. They are impossible to clean and do not deter fruit flies, in fact they are often breeding grounds for the little buggers. Been there, done that, never having one of those compost bins again. And, while i really do prefer the esthetics of the metal bins, they do tend to rust. Enter the plastic oxo compost bin, the answer to my search. It’s not a particularly large but plenty big enough for our family of three’s vegetable scraps & coffee grounds for a day or two which is all we really need. It’s easy to carry down to our big outdoor compost heap and easy to rinse out and clean afterwards.

This compost bin is comparatively affordable, virtually unbreakable, and addresses issues you wouldn’t necessarily even think of until you used a lesser product for some time, (like a gallon-size potato-salad container with a tight fitting lid). To wit, the inside surface is seamless and the walls join the floor in a curve, so very little matter get’s stuck in the bottom and it rinses easier. The tab on the front edge of the hinged lid allow you to add to and dump the contents without touching a surface containing waste. The lid’s hinge permits the lid to travel past 180 degrees and sticks in place at it’s full travel for dumping. The seal of the lid is loose, so you don’t run a risk of splashing or flinging gunk when you open it. The lid is also removable at the hinge, so getting the pail and lid under the faucet for rinsing is eased. I’ve found the shape of the pail to be ideal for fitting under my sink while having a relatively small footprint. Lastly, the handle is adequate for even a child to use. I was initially suspicious of the lack of venting or a filter for odors, but if you empty the pail at the end of the day, it never smells, so save your dough and pass on the expensive stainless steel products. I’m extremely critical of product design.

I bought this bin because my aunt always fussed about my big green one with the charcoal top. I agree it wasn’t pretty, but it was big. Anyway, i tried this one with a lot of skepticism, since it has no seal or filter. It passes the ‘neat and tidy’ test from my aunt. It looks good on the counter. It doesn’t smell up the kitchen at all. I’m not real good at emptying it on a timely basis, so i’m buying another so she can have a new one while i’m procrastinating going to the worm bin. It is smaller, but that’s a good thing for lazy people like me, because i let that big one go to embarrassing lengths. When the top threatened not to close was soon enough. We try to give the worms everything possible, including every napkin or paper towel that has no cleaning products on it. (even using skoy cloths, you still seem to use some consumables).

The compost bucket is reasonable. When you empty the bucket you need to hold the handle back, otherwise it flops down in the way of the scraps that are coming out; no big deal. The bucket is designed with an interior liner and an exterior bucket – they are not quite the same shape. The inside is smoother, without a flat bottom, to avoid having food lodging and sticking. It is a good idea, but the bonding between the two parts is not watertight. I was amazed when i took it out of the dishwasher and there was water sloshing around in there. There is no way to get it out, either, without drilling a hole in it. However the water seeped in, the opening is too small to allow it to drain out.

This is a stylish convenient kitchen accessory. It opens easily and is easy to empty. It has a few problems which are specific to our use, so i’m not going to ding the product for it. Our building doesn’t have a compost bin, so we rely on the city’s weekly curbside compost pickup. Which leads to our problems. Its not big enough to hold a week of our compostable waste. If you could empty more regularly, this isn’t an issue. When you let compost sit in this container for a week, the bottom smells awful, and that stench doesn’t come out easily.

  • Not Dishwasher Safe
  • It’s all the little things adding up to a superb product
  • Shouldn’t work, but it does – beautifully. Always trust OXO.

OXO Good Grips Easy Clean Compost Bin, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Convenient size and design for everyday counter-top use
  • Lid flips up for easy filling and flips down to lock in odors
  • Smooth interior walls prevent foods and liquids from building up
  • Contoured bottom and removable lid makes emptying simple
  • Rotating handle for easy transport of waste to outdoor composter
  • Dimension- 7 x 7 x 7 inch, Capacity – 12 cup

Genuine Joe GJO60465 Plastic Space Saving Waste Container – You won’t be disappointed

I have a bunch of gray rubbermaid tall storage cabinets in my garage and wanted a large recycling bin to match, and this matches perfectly. I know, ‘blue’ is for recycling. But i know what it’s for, and i dump it into a huge wheeled bin outside when full so all i care about is that it blends into my gray garage interior and doesn’t scream ‘look. Here is a big blue bin full of trash’. I don’t need a lid as i rinse my cans but if i did, i would not buy one on amazon, as they cost twice what the bin costs. I did a quick search and found the same genuine joe lids on major chain office supply and ‘mart sites for $10-$20 less than what anyone sells them for here. The bin price is good on amazon, but not the lids. So, shop around if you need the matching lid. Other folks have posted accurate measurements and pix so i won’t reiterate that.

The problem is that it is not nearly as light a gray as is shown in the picture. It is a dark industrial gray. Think the color of wet cinder blocks. It is for my kitchen so this just may not work at all. It is a good item, but doesn’t match the picture.

I really like this trash can. It’s nice and deep and good and sturdy. And it is reasonably priced. And i use 30 gallon trash bags.

Big recycle household and these hold a lot. Love the size because they hold so much but don’t take up much space overall. Had them for over a year and they have not cracked or anything.

I live in a condo so due to a shortage of space i never thought i’d find a reasonable solution that would support recycling. This tucks against the wall behind a closed door in my laundry room perfectly. I crafted laminated recycling labels to cover the joe trademark stamps. They actually work dual purpose as folks can see the waste basket is for recycle rather than trash. We have the name brand solution of these at work and mine looks just as sturdy and is exactly the same size. This was a wise purchase for me in many ways.

Living in a small apartment means optimizing what little space you have. This trash can is a life saver. It fits in the small space between my stove and kitchen wall, leaving the other areas open for me to actually use my kitchen for cooking. It is made of high quality, durable plastic which stands up to the heat coming from my stove/oven when i cook. An excellent investment, especially for those who don’t have all the room in the world.

  • Very nice trash can.
  • So far this was one of the most useful gifts given this year
  • Fits PERFECTLY in the back seat of a Ford F-150

The dimensions are of the inside of the container (at the top), not of the container itself. I had 20′ to fit 2 trash cans, and i purchased 2 of these and they have to stack on each other slightly. I could probably cut off part of each of them, but i don’t care enough.

Many reasons this didn’t work out for me, but for the product/delivery itself, not satisfied. Trash can came as an unboxed item such that the shipping label and at least 7 other bar code labels etc were stuck to the actual trash can. Not sure how easy they will be to remove, or if they will leave a stain, still deciding what to do with it.

We have two of these in our commercial kitchen, and they get really tough use, bordering on abuse. Update – it’s four years later and those two units are still in use. They are subjected to really rough treatment, getting dragged around the kitchen and out to the dumpsters – and they refuse to die. Will buy more to replace thse when (and if) they ever come to the end of their useful life.

I can’t use it for my original purpose, and i haven’t found a use for it yet. I didn’t want to pay to return it so i’m trying to figure out this out.

This can fits perfectly in the back seat of a 2013 ford f-150. You don’t have to move the seat forward or set the seat back up vertically. It just slides right in behind the seat and yet is held there firmly enough not to fall over.

Features of Genuine Joe GJO60465 Plastic Space Saving Waste Container, 23 gallon Capacity, 23″ Width x 30″ Height x 11″ Depth, Gray

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  • Space-saving waste container
  • Made of plastic
  • Space-saving waste container holds 23 gallons of trash, but protrudes less than 1-feet from the wall
  • Sleekly designed container fits under most work tables
  • Measures 23-inches width by 30-inches height by 11-inches depth

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Sadly this was a gift for my wife for her birthday. (i got her other things) but this was what she has wanted in the kitchen for years. It is quite nice and a good sized for our large family full of teens. We use the large 33 gallon bags and it works out well. Great product at a great price. We looked at the other brands and i am glad we went with genuine joe.

Perfect in our garage, i was tired of the large round one that you would have to walk around, this fits snug against the wall. Perfect for what i was looking for and heavy duty too.

It is almost counter height and has a small footprint. For the height i found hefty 33-gallon trash bags fit perfectly. The 30 gal bags are too short.

This garbage can is the perfect height that was needed in my barber shop. It is taller and narrower than the standard garbage cans. It is a fact that clipper blades have to be brushed constantly while cutting the hair. The extra tall height of this can makes it the simple solution to bushing the hair from the blades into the garbage can more easily. I line this garbage can with the large black garbage bags that are scented. And all the little hairs are less noticeable when sticking to the black bags rather than the other shorter white can with white bags that i had used previously. Since there is so much static electricity this time of year. I spray the outside and the inside of the can with static guard and then put the black garbage bag liner in the garbage can and presto, this is the perfect solution for keeping everything clean, neat, and tidy.

I just received this trash can in the mail today. I haven’t gotten around to using it yet but from what i can tell, it’s a very nice trash can. The plastic throughout is thick and sturdy and the handles are durable as well. It is a dark gray, slate color. The ‘genuine joe’ brand logo does appear on the front in black print and it does not come with the lid, you have to buy the lid separately. I’ve seen a few people recommend the rubbermaid slim jim trash can in preference to this one but i say this trash can is definitely the better option. This one is $16 cheaper and perfectly adequate for its purpose. This can’s measurements are: 30′ tall; at the bottom, approximately 7′ by 16′; at the top, approximately 11′ by 20′ (not including the handles); and the handles on both sides stick out about 2′, making the overall width of the top approximately 24′ (including the handles). I’ve attached pictures displaying front, back, side, aerial, and bottom views.

This is a tough trash can and very tall. I have this in the corner of my garage and it holds all of our scrap lumber. We previously had long pieces of lumber, trim and molding propped in the corner, but they’d inevitably fall over if a door closed too hard or big breeze came through. This can is tall enough that it keeps all of it contained and sturdy enough that there’s no chance of it tipping over. And it’s amazing how much we can fit in there.

Space-saving waste container

Durable, nice looking in home. Wished the handles were a little more compact but otherwise worth the price.

I use this for my recycling and it serves its purpose. Easy to tote in and out of the house to empty into my recycle can outside. It doesn’t come with a lid if that’s important to you.

So far this was one of the most useful gifts given this year. Now that we have quite a bit more recycling than traditional trash, we needed to upgrade our outgrown recycling can. We needed something that fit in a thin space beside our refrigerator and it worked perfectly. It arrived well packed in a large box and just feels sturdy. Not flimsy, but not super heavy. The handles on both sides are perfect. We use 30gallon trash bags in it so far and they work. If they don’t have the tie/elastic top built in, we just use a mega rubber band to secure the bag to the can. When full the bags are easy to pull out, even when the contents have been smashed down.

It’s great for being able to fit into the narrow place between my dryer & the wall, but i rated it a 4 because it is heavy, & much more so when filled with paper, metal & plastic trash. It’s quite sturdy, but had i considered the weight i would not have purchased it because it’s difficult for me to lift high enough to empty into the recycle container for the waste truck.

This trash can is the perfect size for between my washer and dryer in my utility room. Lots of capacity (23 gallons).

Very happy with this purchase. Ours is in the kitchen, exactly what we needed for a family of four. I will not go to a big box store or home improvement store for a refuse can again. I have owned probably twenty different cans over the past few years. This one by far is the bestfive stars.

Made of plastic

It doesn’t look that pretty but in a college house of 6 students, we don’t have to take the trash out as often as other households. Using at least 30 gallon bags like the hefty ones are great bc they don’t rip. It is tall so it conserves space. The small dog and cat also don’t get into the trash.

Hugs the wall (space saver) and is great for our family of 4 as a recycling can. I bought 30-40 gal recycling bags and recycling stickers for it.

My boyfriend had an actual outside trashcan in the fridge. He liked having such a big can. I was not a fan so we compromised with the genuine joe and it’s perfect. It’s slender form fits much better in our kitchen than even a normal trashcan would.

Great quality but make sure you know what you are using it for. Does not fit trash bags well but has become good use for a recycler.

I needed a trash container that would fit between my stove and fridge and that would hold a 30 gallon trash bag. The finish is smooth, i would have liked a choice in color but you really can’t see it anyway. And it holds enough stuff that i am not emptying it every day.

Large garbage bag fits perfectly. No more ‘kitchen’ size bags that fill up quickly with a family of 6 (even with recycling cardboard and plastics).

I purchased this product to use for a trash can in my camper. I wanted something slim and narrow to fit in a small space. My concept of measurements wasn’t very good. As it turned out, the container was too large. I ended up using it for it’s intended purpose which worked out great. I would highly recommend this for recycling. They take up less space and the height gives you plenty of storage room. This is the first product i’ve ever received without packaging. The shipping label was attached to the can.

Space-saving waste container holds 23 gallons of trash, but protrudes less than 1-feet from the wall

Very happy with the product, but only gave it four stars because the description is misleading. I bought three of these to use as recycle bins. The space where these were going to live is 30′ wide, so three bins that are 9. 5′ is actually the width of the opening on the inside, not the width of the bin itself. It’s actually closer to 11′ wide. I had to saw the sides of the rim off to get them to fit. Other than that, they work very well. But if you’re buying this particular product for it’s narrow size to fit in a restricted space, beware that the dimensions listed are inside, not outside. 5′ too all dimensions to check against the space you’ll be putting it in.

I bought this to use as a general trash can that i keep near the back porch. I like the fact that it’s tall and narrow so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

It is great at holding trash. It has little plastic pieces under the rim that secure bags.

It’s very tall and well constructed. I wanted it to store all of my rolls of wrapping paper and gift bags. Also, all of my bows and tissue paper fit in there. It stores everything perfectly, and doesn’t take up a lot of room.

Perfect size for what i needed to use this for. I use it in my garage to sort recycling that i do not take in myself. The color is not the same as in display picture, it is darker, and the logo is not printed on it either. But that is unimportant for my needs.

Very rugged and sturdy design, commercial quality. Will not work well with standard, 30 us gal trash bags; you need to use at least 33 gal. A good choice for anyone seeking a large capacity bin that will not need to be emptied every other day.

Sleekly designed container fits under most work tables

It’s nice and narrow, so even though it’s quite large, it takes up relatively little space. It’s also very strong and sturdy.

I love this trash can, if someone can even love a trash can. It’s huge, and i’m not taking garbage out as often as i used too, i also don’t have to worry about the dog getting into the garbage because it’s so tall.

Beacozofu 12 Pack Charcoal Filters – Check for fit when it arrives, Don’t wait like I did.

Just what i needed for kitchen compost bin pail. The large quantity should last for a long time.

These charcoal filters are amazing. Can’t smell the countertop composting jar.

Have only used 1 and it seems to keep the odor at bay.

It’s the correct size but it’s very thin. I had problems with the filter regularly falling into the compost container. I solved the problem with a small strip of tin to hold it in place. I will likely purchase the oem filters when these are used up.

They’re thinner than previous ones we’ve used, and also too small for our bin. Check the size you need before ordering.

I bought a hand-thrown ceramic compost crock, and while these filters are slightly too large for the unusually-sized lid, they are flexible and bend into the sides of the lid perfectly after i wet them. They keep the grody rotty smells in, too.

  • Could fit a bit more snugly
  • Doesn’t fit my composter, very thin.
  • Keep out the stink, but a bit larger than expected

These work well at keeping the rot smell out of my kitchen, except they are a bit too big for my compost bin lid, so i have to trim them with scissors to fit.

Though there are a bit smaller than the lid on my compost bucket, they’re exactly what i wanted and a great deal for the quantity. My only suggestion is to make sure you measure the lid to your compost bucket before purchasing.

I had been looking for a bulk supply of filters for my compost pail.

They fit in the lid of my compost pail and get the job done.

I had previously only found the 2 packs. Now i don’t have to buy any for some time. They are effective at keeping odors from our compost pail from stinking up our kitchen and there does not seem to be the build-up of fruit flies that one might expect from having fruit and vegetable scraps around.

Features of 12 Pack Charcoal Filters for Kitchen Compost Bin Pail Replacement Filter Countertop Home Bucket Refill Sets, Round

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  • Adequate, Set of 12pcs Round Carbon Compost Filters: 6.7″ Diameter.
  • Effective, Made of Activated-Charcoal Material, 5mm In Thickness.
  • Refresh Yourself, Absorbs and Traps Food Odor Inside the Composter Bins, Brings you fresh & clean indoor air.
  • Compatible, Fits with Most Domed Lids Standard-Sized Recycle bins, Cut-to-fit DIY is also so simple.
  • Replacements, Replace Your Stainless Steel Compost Bin Filters Regularly, Do Not Rinse.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Bought this item for the wife as a christmas present. She wanted one as she used one at her daughters house and found it to be very convenient and easy to use. Haven’t really had it long enough for durability testing, but so far so good. Long enough to take outside without thee odor.

I love the capacity and the size of the filters. Perhaps i did not empty it soon enough, but it is attracting gnats.

. Way better than putting the green scrubby ones in.

They do what they are supposed to do.

Perfect for my countertop compost bin. I change it every 2-3 weeks and no smells at all.

Works perfect for composter but be sure and measure to get the right size.

Adequate, Set of 12pcs Round Carbon Compost Filters: 6.7″ Diameter.

Had to double up because fruit flies were getting innot sure if ordered wrong or sent wrong – once doubled it seem to solve issue.

Keeps compost canister odorless on kitchen counter.

I cannot recall the brand, but i have a standard stainless steel composter and these filters do not fit in the lid. They are too small, so they fall out. Also, the filters are so thin you can see through them. There does appear to be at least a minimal amount of carbon in them. I will be unable to use them and too lazy to send them back. I will spend more for better quality next time.

If you use a compost bin with a lid you need this. They really reduce fruit flies in august.

They fit and keep things smelling nice in the kitchen.

I like that they come in a resealable bag so i can store the spares under my sink.

Effective, Made of Activated-Charcoal Material, 5mm In Thickness.

We bought this 12 pack to replace the filters for our linkyo kitchen composter since those are way more expensive. I thought at first they would work fine but they are just too small after all. We’ll retrofit them with some tape for now but won’t order again for linkyo.

This review is for the compost bin i purchased with the filters. I can’t figure out how to get to the bin to review it and not the filters. But, as for the bin i am completely satisfied with the purchase. It is small enough to sit on a countertop but i don’t have it there, i don’t like the clutter. It fits nicely in the pantry. No smells or moisture escape.

Doesn’t fit and return window closed 8 days ago. Make sure you test it right away. I didn’t check until i needed to replace it.

Suppose it’s good for trash/ compost but right now i use it for my indoor grow tent. I have a few 6” vents and theses sit in there well. Aslo use for my cat liter as there is a top vent that this guy sits inside. My filters have only been in use for about a month. Most likely buy these again when i need some.

Refresh Yourself, Absorbs and Traps Food Odor Inside the Composter Bins, Brings you fresh & clean indoor air.

Compatible, Fits with Most Domed Lids Standard-Sized Recycle bins, Cut-to-fit DIY is also so simple.

Household Essentials ML-6692 Woven Water Hyacinth Wicker Waste Basket | For Bathrooms & Bedrooms | Natural – Boho woven bucket

I purchased two of these baskets for display on top of cabinets in the laundry room. They appear to be well-constructed and look nice. Unfortunately, only one of the two baskets had the two darker rows near the bottom, so displaying them together is less than optimal since the two baskets don’t match exactly — that is why i only gave them a 4-star rating.

I put a plastic bag inside of it and throw my trash in it.

A trash can shouldn’t be this pretty. The woven basket even smells good.

Perfect size for grocery bags.

The color is a little bit lighter than pictured but it’s still very cute for the price. It did smell a little bit at first but it totally disappeared within a few hours.

I love this little waste basket. It goes with every color that i have had in my bathroom. It is made so well and looks as though it will last a lifetime. I like to change colors often in my home and i wanted something that would match everything. I am very pleased with it and it will be around for a long time.

  • Not brown as pictured but definitely worth $12
  • Natural grass made for dry waste light weight
  • My gamble paid off

Well constructed but the color of the actual basket is way lighter than it appears in the picture. I was expecting a rich brown but received a very light colored basket (ordered 3 baskets and all 3 are light).

It’s functional and meets the description, and delivery was fast. However, i didn’t read the reviews that mentioned the smell, and that was kind of a shock. Luckily it’s spring where i live, so i can leave windows open in the room where i’m using it until the smell dissipates. Other items shipped with it have picked up the odor, so make sure you don’t order it together with food, clothing, or anything with fabric. It’s also a slightly coarser weave and different color from the photo, and mine is just a little lopsided. That’s not unexpected for the price, but the odor is.

Great price for the baskets, where you’d otherwise pay $35+ for the same thing at pottery barn.

Bought this to go with another small basket that i have in my foyer for shoe covers for house guests. This is used to dispose the shoe covers when guest are leaving. Has a plastic lining that is not the most sturdy but since i only dispose lightweight shoe covers not damage is done. I is very nice looking and the color gives it a rich look.

Lovely, attractive, very sturdy. Dimensions on the product description are fairly accurate. Though it’s a little small — it’s not tiny. I was a little hesitant to purchase it since i was concerned it would be too small, but it’s actually perfect and very serviceable in a bedroom where you don’t have huge amounts of stuff to throw away. It’s big enough to discard old magazines, mail and other papers in it, for example, and other things of that sort (covering plastic from dry cleaning and so on). And still have room for more. I use it in my bedroom with the matching magazine rack and they look great together. I am delighted with it and glad i purchased it.

Features of Household Essentials ML-6692 Woven Water Hyacinth Wicker Waste Basket | For Bathrooms & Bedrooms | Natural

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    by entering your model number.
  • Wicker
  • Imported
  • STYLISH ROUND designer trash can made of natural wicker
  • STURDY METAL FRAME protects basket’s shape
  • BLENDED DECORATIVE weave with protective coding to protect from humidity
  • PERFECT FOR USE in bedrooms, dorms, bathrooms, or offices
  • MEASURES: 10″H x 10″W x 10″D

From the manufacturer

Who is Household Essentials?

Laundry, Ironing, Storage, Organization, Home Decor, European Brands and More!

We are a manufacturing company who is pretty proud of the stuff we make. We strive to provide quality solutions to everyday problems. And sometimes we just make something because it’s beautiful or just really neat! We want to provide the kinds of things we are willing (and do) use in our own homes.

  • Experts in home
  • High standards of customer service
  • Getting it right, or we make it right!
  • Interested in a good customer experience
  • Experts in importing
  • Distributors of European brands

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

No smell like others stated. I love how it looks and very happy with the price. Matches my bohemian decor in the restroom perfectly.

Fits in with my bathroom theme and is just as i expected. These things can run over 20. This is well made and i hope to have it for many years.

These baskets are a great deal for the price. They look stylish in my bedroom. I will say one of them was a little uneven on the bottom making it not sit flat on the floor but for the price, it was a good buy.

Fits well with my natural-themed bedroom composed of fine floral prints, plants, and woods. Typical size for a bedroom or bathroom trashcan. Perfect if you’re looking for something nicer than plastic but not too pricey.

I selected this particular trash can because i liked the color, but instead of getting this warm brown tone, i got a dark blonde colored trash can.

These are super cute and well-made. Nothing particularly amazing about them, but they are exactly what they look like. A neat bathroom size waste bin made of woven something-or-another. Hey, it’s always nice when you buy something online and it’s what you expect it to be.


Would’ve preferred it have been a bit darker but not en.

I read the reviews that mentioned terrible odors as soon as the package was unwrapped and decided to see for myself. I bought two of these waste baskets for an office that i share with my husband. The room is roughly 17×15 and i wanted the color and texture to compliment our wood floors and black desks. They are woven tightly so if you are using for paper waste, there is no need to have a ‘trash bag’ liner.

The brown catail is a natural fibre made of woven grass and has no metal frame support, in contrast to some of the other products by this manufacturer, so it is light and flexible. A litter lighter than expected from the ads picture, but the ad also say cream, which is more accurate. 5 oz and has no liners (others by this manufacturer) do; not a lot of confidence this would be ‘durable’ but it would be dependent on your use. The weave is such that the sides weave in to the bottom such that the bottom isn’t woven in separately such that it might tear out. For me in the bedroom, this should be fine. Dimensions are about 10′ tall, 10′ diameter at the top and 7. Tag says made in china, fwiw. From the q&a section, i would guess this could hold 4-5 rolls of toilet paper.

This trash can looks great and has a removable clear liner inside. Overall, for the price, this is a great trash can.

We were very surprised by the fine quality of these baskets. We almost did want to use them as waste baskets as they are so nice looking. They metal stiffeners are thick and well made, giving the baskets a solid feel.

Tightly woven to hold trash in. No splayed pieces, appears to be of good quality. Even though i measured the baskets i was replacing this one with and they’re the same size, this one is a bit smaller than i expected (the opening doesn’t angle out much further, if at all, than the rest of the basket), but it’ll work out just fine. The color is only a tad darker than the picture, but it’s a great, neutral basket to match any decor.


I love it its perfect for my seashell theme bathroom. The basket is a very good size and it’s made very well.

I bought these for christmas for my mom (don’t you judge me; it wasn’t her only gift and she asked for waste baskets). These were surprisingly sturdy. I think they’ll hold up for a while. They need a liner, but i’m glad i got these.

Common natural weave and fiber. Perfect size for small bathroom trash. It is a natural weave so expect it to have a few small holes in bottoms or sides. Only downside is that the color on the pictures looks like a brown or a natural banana leaf, it is not, it is a tan, very bright color similar to bamboo. (i need brown so i will return) overall i think it’s a good buy.

Look great, very nice look for $9- only giving 4 stars because the bottom weeve was cheaply done and had some bigger holes (but only on the bottom, not on the sides).

This is a very nice and well-made basket. It has a heavy frame and will not tip over. Someone commented that it had an odor and it does but it is a fresh straw or hay odor as one would expect from a newly made wicker basket, no surprise. I think it is well worth the money. You couldn’t find one like this, for this price, in the stores. Very happy with my purchase.

This basket is perfect for the bathroom. Holds a 4 gal bag, you could go another inch to inch and a half larger in diameter and still use a 4 gal bag. Very sturdy construction, almost like its made of wire, but it’s not, should hold up for a long time.

Appears well made, nothing fraying and no holes. I got it to match other water hyacinth decor in a bedroom and it looks great. I definitely waited for it to go on sale due to the small size. It’s nice but not exactly an heirloom.

STYLISH ROUND designer trash can made of natural wicker

This is absolutely beautiful in person. It is exactly as described & was delivered on time. I am really happy with this.

This is the perfect touch of natural in my black and white bathroom. Love that it has a clear plastic insert that can easily be washed.

I use it as a hamper for dirty bibs and burp rags.

It is really sturdy and wasn’t frayed at all. Really great quality and perfect for our bathroom.

STURDY METAL FRAME protects basket’s shape

Suncast Outdoor Trash Hideaway, UPDATE-a fix for the bag ripping problem!

Very easy to put together too. I bought an entire corfu set ( 2 chairs/1 sofa, table) including this trash can, and cooler-table. Looks great on my tiny deck. No it not wicker but can not beat the price and just as comfy.

These are very sturdy and only took a minute to snap together. I can’t say how well they hold up outside, but the quality is far better than i expected for the price. I actually bought these as a creative way to sort laundry. I purchased three of these trash hideaways and some cloth liners off amazon for $7. I snap the liners in the lid so that the weight of my husband’s jeans don’t make the liner fall into the bin. The top opening hatch is perfect for my kids to use, as it keeps everything in place during their clumsy sorting. I no longer have to fish out the edges of the hamper lining under a bunch of dirty underwear. That makes this a perfect design for a laundry hamper for any mom (especially with little bed wetters). Standard laundry hampers don’t have this feature because they are not built this way.

Ok i’ve has this trash can for a couple of months now. I wanted to live with it before i reviewed it. I have this inside, in the kitchen, because it does look that nice, and i like a big trash can that i don’t have to empty every 2 days. I love the overall look, the way the lid holds the bag in place, the way the lid locks if you need it. . When i take the full bag out, it’s a struggle, and the bag usually rips because the inside is not smooth, it has ridges made into the resin that catch the full bag and rip it as you pull. If they could make the inside smooth, this would be the absolutely perfect trash can. And i know, you could put less trash in it so the bag wouldn’t be so full and push against the inside as you try to take it out. . But that kind of defeats the purpose of having a large trash can, doesn’t it?.You use a large trash can because you want it to hold a lot of trash so you have to empty it less often and use fewer bags. I do have an idea on how to fix this, and i’ll be trying it out probably in the next few days. I’m either going to cut 4 pieces of either cardboard or flat plastic, and tape it to the 4 inside walls to make them smooth. It won’t change the capacity, and it should make the shredded bag problem go away. But should i have to do this, or should it just be made that way?.With just a little more real world testing, it should have been obvious to the company that it tears the bags when the bag is full.

The photo i have posted, taken today, is of a 5 year, 4 month old suncast outdoor trash hideaway, which i purchased from amazon in april, 2013. Since that time the bin has been sitting on my covered patio in an area that faces the morning sun until at least 11:00 to noon during the long summer months, with temperatures of 90-100 degrees, or higher. Our town requires that all trash be bagged, so we put a 33 gallon trash bag in the bin. Each day we empty the trash bins from the house into the bag in the suncast bin. When the trash bag is full we take it out to the large containers provided by the town that are stored behind our house, usually twice a week. I am writing this review now because we recently purchased a 2nd suncast bin when we found that they also come in a lighter (beige?) color, which matches the patio colors, block wall, etc. , and blends in better than the dark brown. However, our more than 5 year old suncast bin is still in nearly perfect condition. The photo shows that it is kind of dirty/dusty right now because we have had several monsoon dust storms in the last few days, but we normally hose it off once a week and it cleans up like new. It is also almost waterproof.

My dog poops roughly 8 times a day. I needed a place to store this poop that wasn’t inside my house or inside the garbage cans i keep in the garage. This thing sits on my patio and stores my dog poop until garbage day. It contains the smell; there is no odor around or near it. Of course, when you open it up, it smells like dog poop, but how are you going to stop that. It has like a double lid thing going on which is nice. The main opening allows me to put garbage bags in and take them out and also keeps them securely in place. The smaller lid opens up allowing me to dump dog poop straight from the pooper scooper without messing with the bag or worrying about getting my hands dirty. Also, i have had this thing sitting in the sun for more than a year now and it has held its original color. I expected it to fade, but so far, so good.

Handle was missing, had already assembled it now have to tear it apart and send it back. In addition, the price went up and down several times, i bought it, next day price went back down and amazon won’t adjust. While they are sending a replacement trash can for the missing handle, i am aggravated at the hassle plus paying a higher price. As for the can itself, it was easy to assemble and looks nice, but its pretty flimsy plastic. I have two others the same brand different color and the lid peg broke off plus it keeps tipping over when i take out the trash bag. But its the only can i could find that fits in a corner of my porch. So i have mixed feelings right now. Had it not been for the hassle of the new purchase i would have rated it 4 stars.

I love these storage containers. I have purchased 3 sets of them (6) over the past 2 years. I have 2 by our pool – 1 for trash & 1 for cans/bottles. They stay closed nicely so even if the dog finds a way to tip it over he can’t get in it and spread garbage. Two others we use to sort recycles (glass, cans, plastics) for our association at our summer condo. The last set i gave to some friends for their man-cave. They are very attractive, large and well worth the price. I made signs and laminated them for inside the lids to indicate what goes in them.

Key specs for Suncast Outdoor Trash Hideaway:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Durable, contemporary design looks great on patio
  • Keep your area clean while adding style to the ambiance of you outdoor area
  • This trash hideaway features a latching lid
  • Solid bottom panel. Exterior Dimensions- 15-3/4 W x 16 D x 31-5/8 H inches. Interior Dimensions-13 W x 13 D x 26-3/4 H inches
  • Stay dry design
  • Note: This item does not have nuts/bolts

Comments from buyers

“UPDATE-a fix for the bag ripping problem!, Makes the BEST laundry hampers!!!!! Read why, If you are in need of an attractive, large sturdy trash container – this is it!”

simplehuman 40 Liter / 10 : Space saving workhorse

Truth be told, what i truly desire in the deepest corner of my heart is simplehuman’s stainless steel butterfly step trash can, but i just could not justify (to my bank account) spending $160 on a trash can. Alas, i went with the plastic slim step-child, and although it lacks the diva flair of the butterfly, it’s a sturdy little workhorse that provides maximum capacity in a very slim size. I have a galley kitchen with a narrow floor to ceiling window at one end in lieu of a wall. It provides nice lighting but isn’t a good place for the garbage can, so i needed something that can fit under a sink cabinet or sit against the end of the counters and still be narrow enough not to block the entry way too much. This garbage can fits the bill nicely. The stepping mechanism feels sturdy even when the can is empty, with no wobble to it, and the top stays open if you lift it up by hand to 90 degrees, which is nice when i’m dumping scraps off of the counter into the can. The mouth of it is fairly wide and square, so larger items are easily disposed (fits gallon milk containers easily). It shuts slowly and quietly, no splattering, and seals nicely. The wheels make it easy to move it around. Locking feature is a nice touch to deter small children and pets from getting into the trash.

I thought this stone color would be white or off-white, but it is a mid-tone grey. You can’t tell from the picture, but the top juts back 2-3 inches farther than the body of the can, so it doesn’t sit flush against the wall. The quality seems fine, but it’s not a good trash can if you need it flush again the wall in a narrow space. Very easy returns even though it wasn’t fulfilled by amazon. I would buy from this company again.

The hinge on the back is made of plastic and wears away over time. When the slot gets too big, the lid falls off whenever you try to open it. I don’t see an obvious way to repair it. Edit: simplehuman replaced the lid under warranty.

simplehuman 40 Liter / 10.6 Gallon Slim Kitchen Step Trash Can, Black Plastic Bin With Secure Slide Lock

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  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY – We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last in tough environments like your home — for years.
  • CODE K CUSTOM FIT LINERS – Enhance your trash experience with extra-strong and durable trash bags that fit this can perfectly for a cleaner trash experience.
  • LOCK THE LID SHUT – A slide lock securely locks the lid to help keep pets and curious children from getting into the trash.
  • SLIM, SPACE-SAVING SHAPE – Designed to make the most of tight spaces.
  • BUILT-IN WHEELS – Built-in wheels make the can easy to move.
  • SILENT CLOSE LID – Patented lid shox technology controls the motion of the lid for a slow, silent, quiet close – no banging or loud noises.
  • 10.2″W x 19.2″D x 25.2″H – 42.3″ with lid open

Umbra Brim 13 Gallon Trash Lid-Large Kitchen Garbage Can : Great while it lasted

I like that the lid closes on its own. I dislike that the garbage bag prevents the lid from closing all the way.

It was perfect — bags easy to change, looked nice, blocked odors — everything you’d want. But after less than six months, the hinge broke so the step pedal no longer works. For the price of this thing it should be much more durable.

Keeps pets out of the trash and the oder gone.

I guess it’s my own fault for not combing the description with a fine tooth comb, but i typed in “locking trash can” and this came up, i saw that it said locking lid, so i bought it. I received the trash can, it’s just fine, but when i went to lock it, i found that it doesn’t lock. I came back and noticed that they way the description is worded is deceiving, it locks open, not closed. I’m not returning it because it’s a bigger hassle than it’s worth, but beware if you’re looking for a locking trash can, this isn’t it. Hopefully my great danes behave.

While the size and color are great, they break easily. One was actually delivered to me broken but when i sent it back, the replacement was quick and easy.

Though the components are all lightweight plastic and don’t feel particularly sturdy to the touch, they wind up doing a great job a) securing the trash bag to the rim of the bin, regardless of how heavy the trash bag gets b) holding in scent c) opening and closing without delay or too much force. I can never justify how much trash cans cost but at least this one performs perfectly.

Cant tell if it broke before or after the first customer had it,but this should have been seen upon return. Wont mess with shipping it back as it worked (once) when i tried it the first time,and already ripped the boxes. Seems to be a decent unit, but not willing to spend 40-50,when others offer better units with pretty good soft-close.

I’m glad i was not put off by all the bad reviews. Straight out of the box i stepped on the steel-clad, plastic pedal. The lid raised about 10′ (at the front) then gently, slowly settled back down. No tipping, even completely empty.

  • A few major flaws in the design, all of which I have remedied. I currently like the can
  • Mechanics need to be sturdier.
  • Light and functional

Umbra Brim 13 Gallon Trash Lid-Large Kitchen Garbage Can with Stainless Steel Foot Pedal, Stylish and Durable, Black

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  • FUNCTIONAL AND EASY-TO-USE: Brim Kitchen Trash Can features a locking lid that stays open for easy trash bag removal, then quietly closes once triggered by the stainless steel foot pedal
  • DURABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN: The durable polypropylene construction and satin finish is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • CONCEALED BAG AND LARGE CAPACITY: Brim trash cans feature a unique inner bag ring that conceals the top of the garbage bag, preserving it’s sleek, attractive appearance. Brim measures 17 inches by 25 ½ inches by 13 inches and was designed to hold large 13-gallon garbage bags – meaning you won’t have to take out the trash quite as often
  • SUITABLE FOR RESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL USE: Designed by David Quan for Umbra, Brim’s sleek appearance make it the ideal kitchen garbage can – but it’s durable enough for commercial use as well
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK: Umbra is committed to the highest levels of quality and excellence and stand behind every product we make. We know you’re going to love your purchase but if you’re not completely thrilled for any reason (or even no reason at all), simply contact us within 30 days of receiving your order and we’ll happily resolve the matter or issue a full refund

When my fiance picked out this garbage can i was extremely skeptical. Our last garbage can was metal and the mechanism that held the bag expanded and contracted until we couldn’t get the bag out and we actually broke the can trying. When he chose this one i thought it was simply going to be a can where you placed the bag around the rim and shut the lid, there is a separate bag holder on this garbage can that lifts with ease. And makes it easy to take out and replace the bag without touching the garbage by accident. I love this new garbage can.

After first pulling can from its shipping box, i notice three things amiss(an yes, it is a design flaw, not my specific can). The can will not open correctly, when it does open, it won’t close all the way, and the hinge at the lid keeps coming disingaged. Being the type of person i am, this simply won’t do. I flip the can over, remove the two retaining screws an pull off the bottom plate. There is a white plunger with an o-ring there(for holding the lid open i guess?. Put the can back together, an now it opens an shuts beautifully and the lid hinge stays engaged. (you do still have to manually insert the mechanism back in the hinge, when changing bags sometimes, but not a big deal for me). Granted, it only stays open as long as my foot is on the pedal, but that is all i need.

I marked the easy to assemble as a 4 only because the inner ring on mine was stuck and cracked a little when we freed it. Other than that it is a better garbage can than the last one that i paid more for. The lid opens easily but it must be a couple inches from wall.

It’s okay in durability, my kid (10year old) was trying to put the lid on and it already broke, so either my kids are really strong or it’s really cheap. The lid has a really funky set up too it. But anyway the color is nice and overall the trash can is fine, so we will keep its.

Great quality overall- the cover takes a little long to close and at first wasn’t closing. Now if you’re patient, it eventually does. I love the ring on the inside that holds the bag in place. Could be a little taller to maximize the kitchen trash bags to full capacity, a bit short compared to our last can.

Just a little bigger than the usual 13 gal with the tapered bottom and all but makes it real easy to remove it does not stick in can and wide mouth is easy to access. The only problem was the bubble wrap with big bubbles that the manufacturer used does not pop.

It’s ok, looks nice enough but somewhat cheaply made.

We have standard poodles and we were tired of putting the trash can on the counter, so this was the answer to our problem. It is sturdy, durable and i especially like the way it has the ring that holds the top of the trash bag in place.

I really love the look of this trash can. It’s a good size and good height. But something in the mechanics stopped working after a few times of using the foot press. It’s like it always hesitated to open because maybe the lid was too heavy and would also pull the ring that holds the bag in place up with the lid. Now it only opens up at about a 30 degree angle and i have to keep it lightly closed so the ring doesn’t pull up when i manually open the lid. But it still does it’s job as a trash can.

Garbage can makes too much noise. Every time that i use the foot pedal to open the can, it makes this extremely loud popping noise. The components in the lid opening mechanism are not aligned or were manufactured with large tolerances. This also makes the can hard to open before the popping noise.

Received this yesterday and used it all day today, seems of great construction and durability. It’s plastic but pretty durable plastic. The lid doesn’t come all the way up with the foot pedal but it does the job. I can see this being pretty hard to clean, however, as there are many very small nooks and crannys in the inside. If anything is spilt inside of the trash can/lid there’s a great possibility that you’d have a hard time getting it completely clean. Came fully assembled in one piece. Very convenient and exactly what i was expecting. Fits a regular kitchen trash bag perfectly.

The trash can came boxed in a box within a box and it must have gotten tossed around during shipping or damage prior because when i unloaded it from the second smaller box inside the larger one, the lid was cracked. It is not bad enough to feel the need to return it however. The lid lifts easy, the bag changes easily, and i love that i don’t have to stretch the bag to the point of tearing to get it around the lip of the can. It is the perfect size, it’s very durable feeling, and the darker brown will hide spills until i can clean them. Overall a very great product for the price, just check for cracks when unpacking.

Really good quality product i had reserves after reading some of the reviews but the product is very functional works great looks good and i’ve had no problems with the lid or any other issue with a can i would highly recommend as it looks much more expensive than what it is.