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Daily Archives: February 27, 2019

Keter 237924 Rockford Duotech Outdoor Plastic Resin Trash Can – Easy to assemble, sturdy, and a great addition to a patio or pool deck

Looks great just a fantastic looking great addition to my yard.

Well made, very sturdy, looks classy.

Unlike many of the keter products, this one uses screws to assemble it but they are simple to install. There are 16 total screws: 8 on the top and 8 on the bottom- two for each side. There are 6 ‘pieces’, 4 panels, a top, and a bottom. You start by placing the l-shaped panels in the bottom, then adding the top and then adding the screws. I had the black version of this too but it does not look as nice as this one. The panels look like grey wood or maybe a concrete with a black top and bottom. It will hold a 30-33 gallon bags nicely and if it leaks, there is a slide out tray on the bottom but i don’t expect this to get much use. The only problem with this can is the latch. (see my photos) the latch for the lid is on top of the latch for the liner. It’s just too easy to grab the wrong one. This will not be a problem if you are the only one using the receptacle but if you have guests, i guarantee they will open it incorrectly and a semi full liner will fall in.

This garbage can had three features that i like. First, i like that there is a sealed pull out tray in the bottom that would hold a decent amount of fluid in the event that a bag was punctured. On a nice deck or nice flooring, this is important to avoid a mess. Second, i like the two part lid that allows me to put the bag in over the inner portion, separate from the snap lid for opening to place trash. Third, i like that you can pull out the garbage bag without hooking onto the edges. I am not happy with the fact you have to assemble this and that it is not very large, but it does say it is only 30 gallon. A standard 30 gallon trash bag is about perfect in height and fits pretty tight around the edges of the inside bin.

This keter trash can was much simpler to assemble than the two outdoor rubbermaid trash cans i bought and assembled. Simply slide and snap the 4 corner pieces onto the base, snap on the top, install the screws and it’s ready to go. I definitely appreciate the smooth interior on these keter trash cans, the other trash cans had sharp edges which ripped my trash bags causing huge messes. 5 stars to keter who also makes very sturdy deck boxes.I intended to use this keter deck box by the front door, however my fiancé decided it’s perfect for inside the camper, our friends loved using it outside the camper at night to keep the critters out of the trash during meals then we set it back inside the camper at night. I appreciated it was easy to move in and out of the camper, as needed :).

This item comes in a few pieces that you need to put together. It will take you probably 15-20 minutes. Its just the top and bottom and 4 sides and then some screws to hold it all together. Once its setup, the size is nice for your deck or porch etc. Its got a lid that pops off so you can fasten the trash bag around it and then you put on the pop up cover lid to secure it. The lid has a clip lock that keeps anything from getting it open. The light grey and black color is really nice (doesn’t match my deck our house but i don’t care). Its sturdy so if its up against a wall or in a corner i doubt it will tip over. If you leave it in the open, yes probably if there’s a storm. There’s a drip pan that slides out from the bottom for easy cleaning with a hose.

  • No more raccoons!
  • Serves the purpose
  • One Nice (and Expensive) Trash Can!

This trash can looks great and it was extremely easy and quick to assemble (it took me approximately 10-minutes). I really like that the sides are reinforced with screws so that they do not pop apart with expansion or contraction due to heat/freezing temperatures. I used a handheld screwdriver for assembly. The photos on amazon are a true representation of what this product looks like. Regular black 30-39 gallon trash bags will fit fine. The slide-out tray at the bottom was a very nice touch that none of my prior trash cans had. You can easily pull out this slide-out tray to clean up leakage. When the lid is closed it is completely water tight and also prevents wasp from nesting inside. Although not heavy, it is also not so lightweight that it is blown around with modest winds. My prior outdoor trash cans were suncast and i believe that the keter brand is far superior (the plastic is thicker, looks more attractive and has more features).

Nice and heavy duty trash can. I know other reviewers were not happy with the snap down lid closure, but i think it’s a plus. Living in a very windy place and with this being a trash can we will use under our gazebo, it is a good feature that keeps the trash from getting blown out of it. This is a little smaller than expected, but will look very nice on a gazebo porch. I like that the trash liner stays in place and is locked down by the lid closure. I deducted a star due to the fact that the trash can is not as big as i was expecting.

We made, exactly what we were looking for our new deck project. Sturdy and attractive trash bin.

The can looks good and wasn’t too difficult to assemble with a cordless screwdriver. The slide out tray is a nice touch and you can stash a few bags in it if you’re not putting leaky stuff in the trash. The exterior is rough, gray and weathered. Looks just like an older trex deck to me. It hasn’t blown over yet and the top has stayed closed. I have pinched myself a couple times though.

Could be a little more heavy duty.

Features of Keter 237924 Rockford Duotech Outdoor Plastic Resin Trash Can, Grey

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  • Dimensions: 16.14 in. L x 16.14 in. W x 34.4 in. H
  • Uses 30-39 gallon trash bags
  • Constructed using duotech, a highly durable resin
  • Convenient plastic fluid tray for easy cleanup
  • Stays shut even when accidentally overturned
  • Double lid enclosure to HID trash bags

From the manufacturer

keter duotech

keter rockford duotech trash can with lid

Keter Rockford

duotech best to build on by keter

Duotech is
  • Easy to modify
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to assembly
  • Has a natural wood look & feel

Keter’s Rockford Trash Can

Made with Duotech

Give your patio or deck the love it needs- keep it looking clean and tidy with new and attractive outdoor waste bin by Keter! Other outdoor trash cans look unattractive and bulky, to say the least, and when they accidentally overturn you are left with broken latches and a fresh mess, inviting pests to your next party. You will not have to worry about that with this outdoor waste bin.

  • Dimensions: 16.14 in. L x 16.14 in. W x 34.4 in. H
  • Uses 30-39 gallon trash bags

keter rockford duotech outdoor trash can with latchable lid

keter rockford duotech outdoor trash can with drip pan fluid drawer

keter rockford duotech outdoor trash can is paintable to match exterior

keter rockford duotech outdoor trash can with attractive texture

Double Lid Enclosure

While the sleek double lid hides the bag inside, it is also keeping the bin shut when completely overturned – keeping your trash secure.

Fluid Tray

Features a dedicated easy-to-remove fluid drawer that makes cleaning the unit as easy as pie.

Paintable for Customization

Accepts outdoor paints so it may be painted to match your house, furniture, or painted just to add a touch of color to your outdoor space.

Natural Wood Look

This bin has a natural wood look and feel, and with its double wall construction, it features the durability you’ve come to expect from Keter products.

Rockford Trash Can Baltimore Trash Can Pacific Trash Can Copenhagen Trash Can
Dimensions 16.14 in. L x 16.14 in. W x 34.4 in. H 16.14 in. L x 16.14 in. W x 34.4 in. H 15 in. W x 15 in. D x 33.3 in. H 15 in. W x 15 in. D x 33.3 in. H
Trash Bag Size Uses 30-39 gal. trash bags Uses 30-39 gal. trash bags Uses 30-39 gal. trash bags Uses 30-39 gal. trash bags
Construction Polypropylene Resin with Duotech Polypropylene Resin Polypropylene Resin Polypropylene Resin
Drip Pan
Removable Liner
Will Never Fade, Rot, Warp or Dent

about keter

Welcome to Keter

The underlying premise behind every Keter product is to improve our customers’ daily lives. Whether it is saving you time, helping you to effectively solve a storage problem or provide a solution to meet a common need, Keter works tirelessly to create one of the best products to make your life better.

Built with style and relaxation in mind, Keter’s whole line is the right addition to any space. All pieces have an attractive natural finish and texture, and are made out of durable, UV protected, weather-resistant resin that won’t rust, peel, rot or decay, making them virtually maintenance-free. In addition, Keter’s Furniture is a breeze to assemble, coming together quickly without the use of extra tools.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The keter rockford duotech outdoor trash can is an odd duck of a product, at least for my household, and more specifically when it comes time to review. When i first received this trashcan and assembled it i was sort of scratching my head about what the big deal is, or maybe better stated, why this is such an expensive trash can. Sure this trashcan is pretty nice, made from some heavyweight resin material, and includes nice touches like the sliding drip tray but at the end of the day, it’s just a trashcan. Then i realized this trashcan really isn’t for me – at least it’s not something i would typically purchase for my home. I think this is a trashcan for folks who keep such an item in highly visible areas such as on a deck or porch and you want something a bit nicer than whatever was on sale from your local big-box store. In our household, our garbage can is kept hidden away in a corner well out of sight and mostly out of mind. Okay, all that to say that this trashcan really isn’t something i’d buy, however, if you’re in a situation like what i described above and have a trashcan in a highly visible area then the keter rockford might just work for you. In the month or so we’ve been using the trashcan, we’ve had absolutely zero problems with it. It performs well as a lined trash can or just holding sealed (full) trash bags awaiting trash day. The lid works well, though with it being plastic i’m wondering how long that will remain true.

Love the size, for our household of 6. And it’s sleek and looks great in the kitchen.

Looks very nice and seems very durable. 80 dollars for a trash can is ridiculous though.

This square outdoor trash can comes in a box ready to assemble. It just requires a phillips screwdriver and about 5 minutes, and instructions are clear and easy to understand. The box came packaged inside of another box and was in perfect condition when opened. Once assembled, you just put a trash can liner inside and close the top lid. A second smaller lid opens to put trash inside, and the outer lid hides the trash bag and it has a really clean look. There is a removable tray at the bottom for any fluids that leak. The trash can is nice and heavy and won’t blow away with strong winds. The top lid snaps closed so if it gets knocked over, it stays shut. I got the rockford color which is a grey and matches my grey trex decking very well. I really like the square shape, it maximizes how much trash it can hold while also easily fitting into corners or against a wall.

 this is large, but sleek and attractive. Very easy to put this together, it will come shipped in flat sections. You will need to screw in a few screws. I am using hefty 33 gal trash bags in this and they work great. Has a little slot you can run the excess bag into to keep the bag securly around the rim. Has a secure snap down lid, will not blow off in winds. Has a slide out bottom tray, sorta like a toaster does, that comes all the way out for cleaning and spraying with disinfectant and odor control sprays. Cant say enough about it, truly a quality, attractive product.

This is a more expensive outdoor trash can than some of the other brands, but it shows. I have a cheaper $30 ish outdoor trash can and it is a cheaper, thinner plastic. This one is constructed of a nice thick plastic, which is secured together by sliding joints and several screws. It actually feels sturdy enough, that i intend to use it as a garbage can to put my scrap wood in as i’m woodworking. I placed a 32 gallon contractors garbage bag in mine, and i have had no issues with the bag slipping. My only complaint is that the bag will show. If i had a smaller bag, it might be possible to hide it. The texture is a bit strange. It pretty much feels like a scraped plastic texture. I wasn’t a huge fan of the feel when i was putting it together, but that’s only cosmetic.

Dimensions: 16.14 in. L x 16.14 in. W x 34.4 in.

It took 15 minutes to assemble and there wasn’t one tricky thing about it. The screws went in easily with a manual screwdriver. If you use a powered screwdriver, you’ll likely cut even more time off as you put it together. This is a sturdy receptacle and heavy enough that it doesn’t get blown over by the stiff winds we often experience on summer afternoons. We happened to have a sudden microburst type of storm just the other day and the bin didn’t budge at all. The drawer on the bottom is a good idea if you have guests who throw liquids in your trash. The drawer fits snugly enough so that i’m not concerned it will attract wasps, which we tend to have in that part of our yard. I particularly like the way the lid is designed to ensure that the bag is secured and won’t slide down inside the receptacle. I’m currently using 30-gallon bags and they work fine.

General satisfied with product, but surprised for exterior product that it comes with steel screws rather than stainless. On my coastal location before assembled changed out screws to stainless.

I was a little skeptical pulling this out the box, it seemed cheap and flimsy, but boy did it fit together well. I currently own 2 suncast, and this can is superior in a few ways. It is larger, looks better, and eliminates the issues i have with my suncast, but also has its own. With the suncast, the interior was jagged, so if the bin was too full, it would rip the bag when pulled out, the interior is smooth on the keter, bags will slide right out. Also with the suncast, if food got to the bottom of the bin somehow, ants would get into it, and it was hard to get in there and scrub. With the removable base, it eliminates this issue. My biggest issue is the lids, the outer lid it has a weird opening latch, it needs to be simplified and the inner lid does not stay closed unless you have a lot of extra bag tied into the groove, not 100% sure if i received a defective lid, or this is normal, but it appears to be normal. Deducted 2 stars for the lid, its a major issue.

This trash can was easy to assemble and looks very nice on our back patio. I feel like our outdoor accommodations are more polished now for guests. This arrives flat-packed and assembles quite easily. It is a matter of sliding the sides into place onto the base, placing the top on, and screwing a few screws in. There is a drip tray, which is a very nice addition. The trash can takes large 30-39 gallon trash bags. We found the perfect green 33 gallon trash bags at ikea for this trash can. It looks great on our back patio, it works, it functions well, it was easy to put together. All things considered, i couldn’t be happier with this outdoor trash can.

The grey keter rockford duotech outdoor plastic resin trash can keeps your yard, deck, or garage looking spiffy. The clean lines present a tidy appearance. It comes disassembled in a somewhat compact, if tall, box. Mine arrived damage-free and was easier to assemble than i expected. The four duotech panels feel quite substantial, yet bend easily when inserting them into the base and locking them together. You can even paint them to keep with a theme. The most difficult part was getting my large drill inside to secure the lid and base with the 16 included screws. Once together, it feels quite solid. The lid snaps down to keep the contents securely inside and the elements and critters out. The latch clicks firmly shut, but it is easy to open one handed.

We recently built a huge deck that i’ve been trying to outfit it with patio furniture. It’s really sturdy and blends in nicely with any color furniture. It was very easy to assemble. All 4 corners snapped together and the top has 2 pieces and the bottom has 1 piece. The bottom also has a tray to catch any liquid which is really cool. On the top there is a spot to loop the garbage bag so it doesn’t fall in. Note: this will not fit your typical 13 gallon kitchen bags. It’s paintable and easily mobile with the side handles.

Uses 30-39 gallon trash bags

We have this out by our pool and love it. It was easy to assemble and included all the hardware you’ll need. It took maybe 15 minutes to install with the instructions, which made it easy. The lid stays on tight and it holds 30-35 gallon trash bags. We use the hefty black bags and it’s been great. They hook around the top edge and stay put. It has a pull out tray at the bottom, which at first i found to be useless. However, we had a hole in the bag with a bunch of leakage. We pulled out the tray, dumped it, washed it off, and voila – no more stinky mess. It’s maintenance free being made of composite material. The colors are a bit odd – would’ve preferred a solid black/brown color. Beyond that, this has been great – love it.

I think it’s a nice trash can, went together easily and seems very sturdy. However, if you tend to squish down your trash, you’ll have difficulty removing the trash bag. There’s an inner lip that the trashbag will catch on and make it very difficult to remove the trash back.

I wanted a trash can for our deck that looked better than the beat up ones in the garage. Once put together this looks sharp. A trash bag folds over and stays in place well with the 2 piece lid. I also like the slide out tray for cleaning out the bottom. This arrives completely unassembled. I was unable to put it together with a manual screwdriver but i lack strength in my hands. My husband put the 16 screws in with his drill/power screwdriver. Assembly is awkward since you are screwing inside the can. Our lid really does not fit true and has a bit of a cant to it despite making sure everything fit well.

This was much easier to put together than the keter trash can i already have. There are just a few pieces with good instructions and it took me 10 minutes at most to have it done. It was together in 5 minutes, but it took another 5 to get the screws into it. I used a cordless drill to put the screws in. The screw holes were already there, so it was a very easy thing and you could easily do it with a screwdriver. It’s very attractive and i like that the top comes up so you can overhang the bag, which then is kept in place by the rim of the trashcan. No bags falling down in the can, making a mess. It doesn’t take custom bags- about any brand of garbage bag you can buy from the store will fit fine. The slide-out tray can make cleaning the can out easier, or you ould put an extra trash bag or two down there if you don’t worry about leaking bags. It shuts water tight so water doesn’t get in when it rains.

The negatives: this definitely has a smaller interior volume than my other outdoor trash bins, and my weekly 30-gal bagfuls are going to be more difficult to get in and out than they normally are. It’s also a stationary bin; no wheels or other locomotion, so it’s not intended to go anywhere. So this is a storage bin that’s completely inappropriate to bring to the curb. Also i didn’t realize i was going to have to assemble it, so that was an unpleasant surprise. It wasn’t terribly difficult, but it would’ve been if i were particularly weak or had wrist issues. On the plus side, however, the locking lid works excellently, and i think this bin might actually be rodent-proof. (finally) the bottom tray slides out for cleaning, and that might allow just enough of an in for a mouse, but i hope not. I tested it in a driving rain that lasted for hours, and nothing got through; the interior was completely dry. So this seems like a rodent-proof and waterproof way to keep my smelly garbage safely outside while waiting for trash day.

I was given a sample of this product in exchange for this unbiased review and it’s the nicest outdoor trash can i’ve ever owned. It came in a 20 pound box that was amazingly flat to conceal a trash can. The secret ingredients are the resin corrugated walls that form the sides of the trash can. There are 4 of them and they fold flat, but are meant to bend in the middle for each for a corner rather than a side of the trash can – they have a kind of tongue and groove connection to join each one to it’s neighbors, then they are fastened to the base and top with 2 screws each – i assembled the whole thing in about 20 minutes. The lid is a double- deal, which allows you access to the inside for inserting trash bags, then emptying them, but also closing in a way that keeps the contents out of site, as well as keeping out rain. The bottom has grooves to minimize fluid collection. For this price, weight and ease of assembly, it’s hard to imagine a better outdoor trash can.

This looks so good, besides holding a thirty plus gallon bag in such a way that it will not leak. Assembly with its sixteen screws was simple, and an electric drill. Hold paint, but we like the gdway. Changing out the bag is also easy. Finally, it is animal proof, either from pets or wild things.

Constructed using duotech, a highly durable resin

Convenient plastic fluid tray for easy cleanup