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Daily Archives: February 26, 2019

Behrens TCC 250-Pound Capacity Dual Trash Can Cart – Good trash dolly with a flaw

This makes taking the trash out easy and quick. I added to wheeled castors on the front and now i can just roll it down the drive for trash pickup. This is good and fairly solid.

It is serving its purpose only because of its price. But, i had to reinforce all the joints as that this is definitely flimsy. You are getting what you paying for. Others out there are much better made and sturdy, but those are 4 to 5 times the cost of this one. We made it work by reinforcing all the joints with duct tape. This would be duct tape usage number 1,052, lol.

My husband has not put this item together yet, but it will be a godsend to get our trash to the curb, especially since we also purchased the behrens trash cans, and they have no wheels,i wanted them because we have racoons in our neighborhood. They really make a mess (as far as our old rubbermaid trashcans were concerned) and since the new ones are steel i am sure those racoons can’t get in them also i am tired of cleaning up behind them (the racoons) thanks guys at amazon for having these behrens trash cans, i don’t know what i would do without them.

The process of putting this together was rather difficult and it arrived with several missing parts as well as instructions that were just awful. Very difficult to read/understand and it used images that were difficult to see as well. We had to jerry rig some parts to make it work. It does keep my cans from flying around when it is windy, which is why i bought it. So i suppose that’s why it gets 3 stars.

I have no idea why people write the reviews they do. For the price, this trash cart is perfect for the job. Believe it or not, you can make some adjustments when putting it together to prevent issues that some people are having. I am using it for two 31 gallon behrens trash cans.

The trash cans can easily ride on top of the wheels in the front. You must secure the cans with bungie cords to push it along. It works best to use the cords to hold the cans back toward you as you move along.

Purchased this product with steel trash cans to replace plastic bins routinely attacked by squirrels. I am pretty handy but these directions are not clear. It took 45 minutes to figure out. Prior reviews are accurate that if you store 2 cans on it, the can closest to the rubber wheels will rub. Need to remove one so dolly can be moved.

The trash can chart was a wise investment. It is quite easy to assemble and the instructions were clear. Generally, we have 2 full trash cans for weekly pickup along with our recycling baskets so it can take a few trips to get them all to the curb. With full garbage cans, it can be a heavy, cumbersome load. The cart is adjustable width-wise so it will fit virtually any size trash container. Cans and they fit with no trouble. Rolling the cart to the curb makes it much easier, both on the back and eliminates carrying them at an angle which lets the lids fall off on occasion. It also serves a purpose i hadn’t anticipated. The cart stops the heavy winds we have locally from knocking over the cans and having them blow and roll all around our driveway.

I actually purchased this item as a beach chair cart. First off, i received the item very quickly and all the parts (plus extras) were included, so i was satisfied with the shipping. Assembly was a piece of cake. Unfortunately, once the side arms were extended out to their maximum position to accomodate the width of the beach chairs, so there was not enough of the tubing left in the support brackets to provide the strength needed to hold the chairs. I took the arms off, inserted a short length of wood dowel into the ends and applied glue to hold the metal tubing over the dowels. After re-assembling, the wood dowels provided the support needed to be able to extend the side arms out far enough out to hold the chairs and still be sturdy. Works pretty well for a chair cart, except that the chairs lean against each other so if you want to get a chair out that’s in the middle of the stack, you have to rearrange the rest of the chairs to get to it. I don’t have to wheel it far, but not sure how it’d hold up if you had a longer distance to cover. Still, for the cheap price, it’s worth the minor hassle.

The product seems to be decent quality and all the parts were there. The best thing you could do with the assembly instructions, however, is wrap fish in them. These might have been the worst instructions i have ever run into on a ‘to be assembled’ product. The images were so poor that you couldn’t see what they were trying to show and they actually left out places where the washers should be put on. So, good product, but forget about the instructions.

We live in a condo complex situated in-between 2 golf courses. Hence, the wind factor causes us to chase down our trash when the garbage cans blow over. We have replaced our cans several times in just 2 years. This can cart holds our cans down nicely. It is great also for getting the cans out of the garage when they are full-it is easy to just pull the cart rather than having to drag them and wear down the bottoms.

This cart is exactly as described. It is sturdy, easy to move, and the instructions were on the mark. The person who mentioned that they adjusted the sides to fit their size trash cans is entirely correct. I was able to purchase the larger size (that i was wanting) instead of the smaller ones and could adjust it so the cans fit snug–even if one can is removed. I would recommend this product without reservation; in fact, am considering ordering another one for use in the yard.

I got the handle on backwards, haven’t had time to change the direction. Here are the specifications for the Behrens TCC 250-Pound Capacity Dual Trash Can Cart:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Cart carries two trash cans, holds 250 lbs
  • Adjustable side Bars, coated with durable epoxy coating, rolls quietly on solid rubber tires, ideal for both home & industry
  • Manufactured in China

My husband was very surprised when this was delivered. It took 3 of them to figure out how to put it together. He has copd, and would struggle to bring the barrel (we are only allowed one) down. He said it was so much easier bringing the barrel down the driveway to the street. He also gets the recycle box in there too.

I am really glad i purchased this product. It holds my garbage cans and keeps my garage neat and tidy. I highly recommend this product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Helps in many ways
  • Decent for the price
  • Hard to put together, cheap product.