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Daily Archives: February 23, 2019

simplehuman Swing Top Trash Can : Expected more from

I like it very much as it keeps out odors and there is no peddal to press. My husband though, does not like the fact that ad the can fills up close to the top, the lid really wont swing open so he can cram more garbage in there. That means it needs to be emptied.

What i hate about other trash cans, is that the step eventually breaks, or the automatic sensor breaks, or it’s all plastic and looks gross, which means you usually throw it away, creating a large amount of waste. I don’t foresee this swing arm breaking, so it seems like i will be able to use this for a long long time. The only drawback is that once the trash gets to a certain level, you can swing the top anymore, it’s get stuck.

I have another one made by a different company that i like a little better, but that company no longer makes them. I am very happy that this company makes these. I just wish it had two handles on the side like my other one instead of just one, and that they were a little cheaper since i need about 4 more for our arcade. Other than that they look exactly the same, and to me are the best looking ones on the market. The quality is decent and i have had no issues with them. They are easy to clean and keep clean, and the bags don’t show when properly installed in the can.

Love my trash can, but i wish the top would allow for you to fit more trash in the can.

We went for years without a kitchen garbage because we have large garbage foraging dogs, but finally got sick of having to go to the back hall to toss every little thing, so we invested in this garbage can. We should have done so long ago. It’s large enough that we don’t have to empty it every day, and the swing top keeps odors and dogs out(you should note, if the dogs really wanted to, they could get into it since the lid doesn’t lock shut, but it’s so stable i don’t think they could knock it over). Our regular garbage bags fit inside it, there’s no reason to buy the ones they sell. It’s stylish enough that it doesn’t look out of place in the kitchen. We are very happy with this garbage can.

I ordered 14 of these trash cans last year. The overall look and quality is outstanding. The lid closes every time and the liner make removing bags a snap. Order 2 more this week and need another 16 for another location. I did receive one that was damaged. Due to the size of the boxes i feel it was the carriers fault. They are double boxed in a heavy box. I would recommend for home or office.

simplehuman Swing Top Trash Can, Commercial Grade, Stainless Steel, 55 L / 14.5 Gal

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • BALANCED SWING LID- Center-weighted swing lid opens easily and then gently swings back into place.
  • PERFECT FOR COMMERCIAL SPACES – Large capacity and an open lid make this an ideal choice for coffee shops, hotel lobbies or restaurants.
  • EASY, QUICK LINER CHANGE – Lid lifts off easily for a quick bag change.
  • ENHANCE YOUR TRASH EXPERIENCE – Extra-strong and durable Code P custom fit liners fit this can perfectly for a cleaner trash experience.
  • ADA-Compliant
  • 14.8″W x 14.8″D x 29.2″H

It’s a good thing it’s easy to clean because the lid will get all kinds of nasty on it.

Top of the can gets hung up on the liner and gets dirty.

A little high priced, but is built very good. I bought it for my daughter for christmas, and it looks very nice in her kitchen. I like the idea that it has a liner.

Would love those specific garbage bags to be a bit cheaper by the manufacture but will work with regular bags as well.

Very sturdy, good looking can,=. Simplehuman is pricey, otherwise 5 stars.

Works to keep pets out and keep garbage hidden.

Just bought our second can of this type. The first has held up perfectly for over 13 years. This new one arrived with the swing top lid assembled incorrectly but called simplehuman’s customer service and they shipped a brand new lid asap. We are very happy with their customer service and with the product.

We wanted a trash can with a swing top lid. We had difficulty finding any that fit with our decor. The stainless steel looks institutional, but at least it isn’t plastic. This is recommended until someone comes up with a quality product that doesn’t look so institutional.

Pricey, but stunning looking trash cans and nicely designed. The inside of the lids are convex, as they have a weight to make sure they flip back into the right position, so this can be an issue if the bin gets too full. Other than that, i don’t have any trouble removing the top, cleaning is easy and and the finish is great.

simplehuman Swing Top Trash Can, Commercial Grade, Stainless Steel, 55 L / 14.5 Gal :