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Daily Archives: February 21, 2019

Rev-A-Shelf – RV-15KD-17C S – Double 27 Qt – The chrome finish looks great and the bottom glides smooth

My cabinet had a lip at the bottom-front so i had to put some folded cardboard under the rails to that the rails can extend out fully. Wish some triangular plastic ramps were provided instead of this mcgyver technique. Without this modification the rail only extended 12′ and i could only use one bin. The instructions are really bad, its just pictures. Someone spent a lot of time optimizing them and made them the hardest they needed to be. All i did was lay the rail and bin-try in the cabinet and mark out where the screws go in (bottom and door). Do this before you remove the door.

We have separate trash and recycling. This rack maximizes the usable space inside one of our kitchen cabinets. This is far more efficient and confenient than when we had two shorter containers under the kitchen sink. We were constantly emptying these and it wasted the storage space under the sink. It is pretty straight forward to install. I think it took me about an hour to install it, (including the time to remove what was in the cabinet previously. ) i highly recommend this rack with its two baskets.

I remodeled a kitchenette in a basement for a 80 year old grandmother. I bought and installed these for her as my gift to her. To show my appreciation for hiring me and being easy to work with. And for a little old gramma they should be the perfect size. One for garbage and one for recycles. The ‘clips’ are a little cheap and don’t have a solid click when they lock. And the directions say to be sure to face the clips outward ( common sense ) but the pictures show it the other way.

I should have got these a long time ago. A little pricey, but worth the convenience. Many apartments and houses are built with cabinets that are too small for conventional garbage cans, and the ones you can fit in are just too small. This solves all of that, with two bins that glide out oh-so smoothly on a high-quality bearing-lined track. Another tip for renters: rather than screw into the cabinet, i just used some 3m double-sided tape (the thick, sticky one known as ‘vhb’). That does the trick, and with no damage. The bottom mounting is also very convenient for me as i could not mount to the sides, there being no divider between doors in my cabinets. I highly recommend this purchase if you need to save space.

It works really well and does pretty much exactly what we expected (not really sure how you can be surprised by what this does if you ordered it). The only thing that’s a little bit of a bummer is that these aren’t super big trash cans, so they fill up quickly. That’s obviously not the company’s problem because they have to be able to fit under the cabinet. It’s more for anyone debating whether or not to stick with a regular, free-standing garbage can. The only other thing is that it feels a little pricey for basically 2 trash cans. But again, it works well and we knew the price when we got it so this does everything we had expected.

  wow, was this easy to put in. I was actually a little scared, because this kind of project usually takes hours, what with measuring or having to install screws at weird angles or behind pieces of inconveniently placed metal, but i literally sat down with this and 10 minutes later it was installed. It’s also much sturdier than the custom cabinetry accessory it replaced. I love that it installs with screws to the base of the cabinet so that you don’t have downward force pulling on screws mounted to cabinet sides as with some other slide accessories. The chrome frame is simple and elegant, and i like the black containers, as they go well with a stainless steel kitchen. As someone else mentioned, the pull-out handle is a welcome addition. It not only means i don’t have to grab the side of the garbage can (not knowing what might be lurking at the top edge) to pull it out, but also because the handle is mounted at the frame and swivels, it eliminates the downward force applied to the slides which you get when you pull from the top of the can, which should make it last longer. One thing the images don’t make clear is that the handle moves. The image makes it look like it might be permanently sticking out from the frame, and i was nervous that might make it too deep so i couldn’t close the cabinet door, but it does rotate around the bar of the frame to which it is attached so you can just push it up against the side of the can and it doesn’t make the accessory any deeper (see video).

  • A cost-effective space-saver, with reasonably reduced capacity.
  • Hours of custom work saved!!
  • Much Improved Over Previous Versions!

Wish i bought this sooner, it fits perfectly in my cabinet and is exactly what i wanted. The only downside is that the bins are small, but for the small cabinet space that i have, and wanting 2 bins in the same spot, they have to be small. Even small, this was so worth it.Recommend the door kit as well, feels like a high-end cabinet that i got for fairly cheap.

This product is heavy weight (seems sturdy like it can handle some cabinet door slamming). It’s also ridiculously easy to install. The instructions did not tell me to drill holes into the plywood bottom of my cabinet, but i had to. Used a 3/8 drill bit and everything went in like a dream after that. I feel like a professional-ha. I also bought the door mounting brackets. That only slightly trickier to install, but just because you have to place the door so that it will hang exactly. It helps to have a 2nd person at that point, but not necessary due to the double sided tape that’s provided in the bracket kit. I’m very pleased with my under $100 (slider + brackets) trash upgrade and i enthusiastically recommend it to others.

Works very well, i have not had it long at all, but is exactly what i expected. Be aware it is small, i got the double 27 qt version, each bin is just under 7 gallons. As for mounting, i did not use the screws that it came with, i used 1′ cabinet screws and put 1 in each hole in the front centered in the slot, then 2 in each of the rear holes angled away from each other (yes you can fit 2 screws in each hole). I also have placed a 1/4′ mdf board on the bottom of the cabinet to repair the cabinet from water damage, so the screws actually go through 2 boards. With all this i could compact the trash really hard and it will withstand the pressure.

Easy to install under my kitchen sink. It fits perfectly under a standard ikea kitchen counter. I use one for garbage and one for recycling.

I’ve been using just a trash can in the (under the sink) cabinet for years and thought these installed versions were overrated. My husband installed it last night — it took him about 15 min from beginning to end. Saves floor space and because i have two cans, it makes it so much more convenient to recycle. Will be looking at other rev-a-shelf products. Definitely measure before ordering. We did not need to modify it.

Features of Rev-A-Shelf – RV-15KD-17C S – Double 27 Qt. Pull-Out Silver and Chrome Waste Container

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Package Contents:(2) Silver 27 quart container with Chrome frame and mounting hardware
  • Designed for a Cabinet that is 15″ width (B15) from outside to outside, with a 11-1/2″ or wider opening
  • Assembled dimensions: 11.81″ W x 22.25″ D x 19.25″ H
  • 100lb Full-Extension Ball-Bearing slide system
  • Removable handle
  • Shelf Weight Rating: 100 lbs. per shelf

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The directions tell you to assemble it all the way then place it in the cabinet to screw down. You can’t reach over the side bars to the back of your cabinet, so i took the side bars off then screwed it to the bottom of the cabinet then put the sides back on. Ps use a hammer to gently tap the curved part of the brace into the hole.

I replaced a previous sliding unit i had for years that was still good but but just getting a bit worn out. This is a bit pricier than most but worth every penny. Heavier steel, two solid buckets and nice smooth rolling action on quality parts. I’m a pretty good diy person but i think even for a novice this would be an easy install ( i did it in about 15 minutes).

This is the third rev-a-shelf set i’ve bought (i keep coming back for more because it’s one of the only ones that will fit in my cabinet). The first two lasted just a 2-3 years each then got bent up and quit sliding properly. I am very happy to say the this latest version looks to be much higher quality. For starters, the metal is much heavier and this version has cross supports to maintain the proper distance between the two horizontal rails (the old version had two separate rails that tended to bend out away from each other and cause the basket rails to ‘jump the tracks’. Secondly, the new rails have really nice ball-bearing slides that are super-smooth and look to be fairly heavy duty. Finally, because the base is now one piece it’s much easier to install. Literally a minute or two with a cordless drill. Oh, and i like the the chrome and black look.

I had a whimpy little basket under the cabinet that was further hampered by a useless little shelf. I banged out the shelf and installed a double barrel slide out. I can fit a lot more trash and i use one for the nasty stuff that has to go out more often. No more using my foot as a trash compactor.Way install took me an extra 5 min to whack out the shelf i had.

Unit purchased: double 27-qt. Great, sturdy, heavy-duty product which makes use of the useless space behind your current garbage bin and keeps your garbage and recycling in one compact space. It fits as described, it’s very easy to install, and it’s very sturdy. The 27-qt bins fit regular large garbage bags quite nicely, with about 6 inches hanging on the sides. The sliding mechanism is very smooth and doesn’t make any noise. It’s not ‘soft close’ but it almost has the same feel. The only think i would warn you about is the kit to affix it to the door (sold separately). The instructions in the kit sold by rev-a-shelf are not written for the 27-qt unit, and the parts are not made for it either, so expect adjustments to have to be made.

Works as advertised and operates smoothly. The only knock against it is that it doesn’t pull out far enough to be able pull out the back container without first removing the front container without a bit of a struggle. It would also be better if there was some kind of hold down mechanism to keep bags from sliding into the containers when they start getting full, but that can be diy’d in various ways.

Package Contents:(2) Silver 27 quart container with Chrome frame and mounting hardware

The pull out waste containers seems to be working great thus far but it’s been a few days since i have it. The installation process was fairly easy and did not take too much of my time. The one thing i am really disappointed about is that the waste canisters came in all scratched. One might say that it’s only a pull out garbage but if i pay then i expect the product to be in a perfect condition when it arrives at my doorsteps.

Installation is relatively easy with a drill, i had to take out the slide out holders to install rear screws. It was just easier, be careful taking them out they’re greased. These use all available space in my cabinets that they were designed for which is great. They slide easily, hold a decent amount of trash and seem to be very durable. Great for having one for trash and one for recycling. Would recommend to anyone, only con i could see is that sometimes its hard to take out trash bag of rear can. Maybe i installed them too far back?.

The chrome finish looks great and the bottom glides smooth. Great diy under sink trash containers. Make sure you use a leveler so it stays flush with the door. I added the door kit to make it a cabinet door pull out. No need to move or add another door knob.

Looking for a trash shelf kit that fit well and this was well worth the purchase. Tried one from bb&b and it wasn’t sturdy and the trash cans seemed cheap. The rails on this are strong and glide well. I did have to place wood under the rails to raise the height so it cleared the cabinet lip but that was an easy fix. Just check you measurements for proper fit.

I never thought i’d ever say this but i’m totally in love with this trashcan. I needed a setup for trash and recycling that i could hide from my dog. It was easy to install with the bracket fully assembled. The trashcans are the perfect size that we don’t have to empty daily. I love that you use a standard trash bag.

We just bought a new house and i swear, this is the best purchase we made so far. This roll-out trash solution fits perfectly in our standard sized cabinet, narrowly clearing the pipes that hang down under the sink and would have gotten in the way of other similar options i compared. We use one bin for trash and one for recycling, and they’re just the right size for our two-adult household. They fit a standard size 13-gallon trash bag (it’s a little big, but works fine) and keep the garbage out of sight while minimizing smell. We take the trash out about every other day, and the recycling weekly. They also make great use of what would otherwise be wasted cabinet space, and free up precious area in the kitchen.

Designed for a Cabinet that is 15″ width (B15) from outside to outside, with a 11-1/2″ or wider opening

Im a 58 year old widowed women and installed this in 30 minutes. I have a incredibly small kitchen and i now do not trip over my trash can nor do i have to see it. Truly this product makes my life easier and i was extremely blessed that the price was right and i did it myself a win win ferrrrr shurrr.

These rev-a-shelf hideway bins are a simple and smooth solution for those who want to hide the trash and take back some floorspace in the kitchen. It is a great solution because it hides both the look and the smell of a trashcan that sits on the floor. Getting the space back is worth any inconvenience of capacity. The slides move easily, without running all the way to the end and slamming to a stop, while the bins remain stable in their yoke while moving. Furthermore, it slides about 96% out so you can place items in the rear bin easily. This makes these a good choice if you do not produce copious amounts of trash. It fits easily into a standard cabinet, but measure carefully to prevent swearing. Also, if you empty three gallons of soda every day, or feed multiple teenagers, this may not be enough trash storage for you. In fact, my biggest concern was having my freedom to pollute the planet with trash restricted in any capacity. It seemed like a lot but doubts remained whether these would fit as much trash as a single canister.

Great addition to our kitchen. Was relatively easy to install and saved me hours of custom work needed to make a pull out garbage/recycling area. We also purchased the mounting brackets for the door and they worked very well for adjusting the door fit the space once mounted to the rack. I do wish that rev-a-shelf offered this in a self/soft close mechanism option, even if at a higher cost. Com/gp/product/b000mf272w?redirect=true&ref_=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_40.

This product was very easy to install. I had it in my cabinet in less than 30 minutes. I’m pretty handy when it comes to house projects, but this would be easy even for someone who isn’t. I was a little concerned with the size of the bins when i ordered this because my previous stand alone garbage can was much bigger. But it ended up not being a big issue at all. You can fit plenty of trash and recycling in both bins before you have to switch out the bags. It holds a lot of weight and stays in place without fail. Definitely would recommend this.

Great product, easy install, and works in undivided cabinets thanks to not needing to connect to walls. Very handy if you have the cabinet space, but lack in floor space.

It was easy to install, functions perfectly and is sturdy and oh so convenient. It is right up there near the top of my list of favorite things about our kitchen remodel project. I couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase.

From someone who originally had regular (non-soft close) version of this pull out, be aware that the rails are shorter. Based on my installation, i cannot install the rails out any further and the back pail cannot be removed without the front pail coming out first. I have no idea how they’re able to get the pull out extended so far in the picture, because that’s not what mine looks like. I’ll post pics later for reference. I love the soft close feature, but there’s this weird banging sound when closing of the lower rail hitting the front of the door. I can add a felt pad to soften the banging sound, but surprising that rev-a-shelf did not address this at the time of manufacturing.

Assembled dimensions: 11.81″ W x 22.25″ D x 19.25″ H

100lb Full-Extension Ball-Bearing slide system