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Daily Archives: February 19, 2019

Safco Products 9928BB Desk-Side Waste Recycling Trash Can – Great space saver

It is too big for a bedroom or desk. And they don’t stay hooked together very well. I had to pay to return them which sucked. I didn’t read carefully before ordering that returns were not free. I made two work but they were too big for the other places i wanted them in my house.

I bought this duo trash can with the hopes of saving room in my room. Each compartment is bigger than i originally thought. The plastic where the two come together also cracked so for most of the time, these two containers sit separately in my room.

They only issue i have with this is that i think they should have bags that fit for this, since you don’t really want your trash to be directly in the can. Other than that, works as you think it wuld.

So happy to be able to have proper bins to recycle.

These worked, though not the way i thought they would. They fit very well in tight spaces, better separately than clipped together.

Use in smaller spaces and under desk.

  • Works great, with pictures and dimension
  • Who knew a rubbish bin could save time?
  • I love this as a trash for my bedroom

A little bigger than i had thought with the picture. Garbage bags are hard to keep on with this set up, but it works for the filing room we put it in.

Just what i needed, so happy to have both trash and recycling in my home office now. I thought the way the two halves fit together was clever. It turns out i like them even better separated flat against the wall.

So these are recycle bins and i set them in my senior dad’s room for his white and colored clothes. They are the perfect size, not too big. They are a nice thick plastic like the recycle bins from the waste recycle companies.

Perfect for my college son’s room.

The three gallon size is perfect for under my desk, saves time on cleaning day, as no i no longer need to pull recyclables from the bin. As some people complained, the two units slid out of place. So i used a 1′ metal spring clamp to attach to the two units, and snapped arms down. It prevents sliding, and allows me to pick up both sides as one unit to move around. (the dubious instructions claimed a phillips screwdriver was required for assembly, but i can’t see why.

Features of Safco Products 9928BB Desk-Side Waste Recycling Trash Can, 7-Gallon, Black/Blue

  • Make sure this fits
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  • Desk side dual 7-Gallon waste receptacles
  • Use individually or together for waste or recycling
  • Ability to latch two 16 1/2″H recycling receptacles together
  • One blue and one black 7-Gallon receptacle, 14-Gallon total capacity
  • Heavy duty plastic construction

From the manufacturer

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Safco Desk-Side Recycling Receptacles

Where To Use

These wastebaskets are perfect to use at your desk in the office, at home, in the mailroom, front desk and more!

The Desk-Side Recycling Receptacles Advantage

These economical wastebaskets can be latched together or can be used individually for waste or recycling. The black and blue color combination can be used to keep recyclables and waste separate. 3-Gallon and 7-Gallon capacity wastebaskets available.

About Safco Products

For 50 years, Safco has been providing the furniture and office products needed to make a workplace feel like a workplace. But we don’t stop there. Our product offering includes seating (desk and guest), desks (sitting, standing, adjustable-height), organization (desktop organizers, filing, storage), presentation/training, ergonomics (backrests, footrests), work area (bookcases, printer stands), facility (wastebaskets, recycling) and educational solutions. Safco is a Liberty Diversified International company.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I use these against the wall in my tiny kitchen, and they are perfect. Don’t trip over them every time i go into the kitchen. I use a regular kitchen trash bag as a liner on the trash side – it fits perfectly. I don’t line the recycle side. I was afraid the capacity would be too small, but it is just fine.

Easier to use than expected. I thought the link between them would be cheap and silly, but it’s actually really nice.

Got my husband this, to keep recycling from garbage. Can be used hooked together, or apart.

I needed a small recycle bin for my home office and did not want two separate receptacles. This feels like one bin, though is of course both. The two halves are lightly attached and move apart fairly easily, but who moves the bin around?. It sorts my trash and that’s what i needed.

Works perfectly to help me collect my trash and my recyclable waste. I wish it was just a little bigger, but that’s probably because i’m lazy and don’t want to have to empty them often.

I needed a trashcan and recycle can for my home office and this fit the bill perfectly.

Desk side dual 7-Gallon waste receptacles

Seemed like a cool idea when i bought them, but it’s difficult to find bags that fit, and once you do get back in there and the units are connected it’s a little difficult to get the edges of the bags to tuck in tightly.

Nothing wrong with this product functionally, it does have one curious design flaw though. The lips that hold the two cans together aren’t wide enough to ‘center’ them against one another, i could see a couple mm of slack for accommodating a trash bag, but there’s way more than that. Anyhow, good enough for a trash can i guess.

Works great, pictures of the smaller one with dimensions.

Perfect trash/recycle cans for my office.

We have a full sized trashbin and recycling bin upstairs, but this one looks great and works perfectly for the basement. You can fit plastic bags in there to keep things contained.

Bought these for exchange students’ bedrooms as i recycle all that i can. Sturdy and will hold much of school work waste.

Use individually or together for waste or recycling

I bought this for my office. I have a very small space and no extra room for garbage cans. I used to keep the one they provided me under the desk but it was too bulky and got in the way. I keep these separate and backed up against the wall under my desk, side by side. They fit, i can recycle and trash and i haven’t kicked them once. I think it’s obvious i really like this product.

These are much larger than i expected. The diameter is 18 inches when they are combined, so you need an 18’x18′ area to put them. They therefore don’t really fit under my desk like i was planning, so they are being used in a craft room area instead. They are made of relatively thin plastic, but probably no different from other plastic garbage cans. I was able to put a tall kitchen garbage bag in the non-recycle side and still able to hook the two cans together.

Now i have a place to throw my garbage. I had been just throwing my garbage on the floor, but for some reason people don’t like that. Plus, whenever i get bored, i can just turn it around and it’s like a whole new trash can.

(have actually put them in my car, on the floorboard of the passenger side, so i can go through/sort my mail as i’m waiting in the line to pick up my kids from school.

I put this in my bathroom and now i’m recycling more than ever. I never realized how many things can be recycled from bathroom (empty toilet paper rolls, the plastic single serving bags of my vitamins, shampoo bottles, etc).

These are pretty convenient little bins. The size was not quite what i expected. They are too small to use in our kitchen. With 3 of us, it would be filled in one day, max. I now use them to sort odds and ends in the kid’s room. It’s nice they they stick together. The only downside of not using this for a recycling bin is that the recycle symbol is embossed on the side, but you would have to be looking in order to see it.

I was constantly sorting out my bedroom trash on trash night to separate out paper/cardboard/plastic items for recycling while sifting through tissues and such that were trash. I don’t have space for 2 cans though and found this product to work perfectly in my case. I use little bath can style cheap liners on the trash side and they fit great even on the half circle odd shape. Once you slide the 2 sides together the joint holds up the bag to keep it from slipping as well. I was a bit hesitant to spend a bit much for plastic cans, but these are made well and will hold up for many years (even the joint pieces are very sturdy on the plastic). If you need a separated can and are considering this, i’d recommend it. I like that i can also put the trash one separately right next to my bed out of its usual space if i have a cold or something where i’m using more tissues as well. It fits snug and against my lower style platform bed frame perfectly.

Ability to latch two 16 1/2″H recycling receptacles together

Work well against wall but also connected.

One blue and one black 7-Gallon receptacle, 14-Gallon total capacity