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Daily Archives: February 9, 2019

United Solutions EcoSense WB0084 Blue Twenty Eight Quart Recycling Wastebasket – 28QT Recycling Bin in Blue – Everyone Should Recycle If They Can!

I put cans and bottles in it but i’m still trying to figure out where they go. It’s been a week and the bin is almost full. I’ll update this review as i learn more. Week 2: the bin is full now, there’s a noticeable odor coming from the bin now. Does that mean it’s working?week 3: the bin tipped over and all the cans and bottles fell out. Is this part of “recycling”?. Should i clean it up?week 4: i googled “recycling”. Maybe they were trying to escape. Month 2: i haven’t slept for 6 days, i think the bin is trying to recycle me. If you’re reading this, call the police.

Exactly as described, fits perfectly in wooden trash container.

Not much to get excited about; it’s a waste basket. But it is well-made, sturdy and has no offensive odor. One good thing in particular; the rims are strong, so i’m guessing these baskets will not break/tear as others have done when lifting a full one with one hand.

The product is very small and fits no more than two. It is suggested to throw tissues into it only.

Just wanted a small recycle can to sit by my trash can. A little bigger than a 5 gallon bucket. It easily holds a mix of wine bottles, cans, cardboard boxes and milk jugs at the same time.

Well priced , but still seems to be a nice, quality product, it certainly does what it’s supposed to. I would buy again, and would have no issue recommending to a friend.

  • Everyone Should Recycle If They Can!
  • Awesome Little Recycling Bin
  • High quality and perfectly sized to place in a corner. Love it.

A typical waste bucket that is fairly small but perfect for a small amount of crushed cans. In the pictures i show the actual size compared to a one gallon jug of milk to provide an example to reference. I bought this simply to look clean and show what its purpose was even though it lives in a closet.

Love this recycling receptacle that i purchased off amazon a few weeks ago. The 7 gallon size is a perfect fit for the small nook available in my kitchen. I keep it next to my normal tall size kitchen trash can, which i’ve shown in an image, too, so that you can compare it for true size. I actually recommended it to my best friend since i like it so much. And she purchased one herself the next day. We’re both in agreement that we’d recommend it to our friends and family for purchase.

I kouldn’t find recykling bins a ssymbolikally⁵ aktive as this at lokal stores (target) last time i look. I bought one and loved it so much as a tight-fit into my recykle double-wide ‘grocer’s krate’ that for a time, i didn’t leave it at home but recykled with it within the magikal kingdom. But realizing there was a gap, and a larger gap, at home in recykling, my recykle and my recykling bin had to part ways for a time, and as a result, bins upon bins of recykling are going to the right space at home. I ordered another, a sekond, to fill, space, organize the missing vertikal⁺ on my recykle, and make it easier to port my inventory⁶ (a day of water, a bmr bag, an earth day⁵ renewable bag, a rolled-up grocery⁵ store bag, and whatever other things need karried), and have some spare space beyond for the okcasional need beyond, like a textbook or library⁵ book or two, or general shopping runs. I ordered it late, and it’s presently⁵ arriving at least a day later than their (outer) estimates were for delivery⁵, after there was already a generous margin for delivery⁵. I’d rate this as a 5 simplex, with a 3 for the delivery⁵ error on the sekond arrival. Hopefully⁵ it will be home when i get home. I rarely⁵, very rarely⁵, leave produkt reviews. I love this produkt, partikularly⁵ on the back of a recykle for vertikal storage expansion, but also at home, it helps my family⁵ koreördinate and the sort has been rigorous, klear, and klean, perhaps to some degree in kalmbination with my willingness to go thru the trash, even if it makes me vomit, to resort it as a resort if the mix is a mess.

Does a good job of holding trash. All in all 10/10 for holding trash. Also does a good job of dumping out trash. 10/10 for dumping out trash into trash bin.

Plenty big enough for a single person household, i usually have to empty it once a week or so. I love the bright blue color and the recycling symbol on the bin. It’s sturdy and i expect it to last for years.

Features of United Solutions EcoSense WB0084 Blue Twenty Eight Quart Recycling Wastebasket – 28QT Recycling Bin in Blue

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  • Recycling wastebasket
  • Made in USA
  • Blue 28 quart
  • Dimension:- 14.5 x 10.5 x 15.2 inches

From the manufacturer

About Us

United is dedicated to providing quality, good value plastic items for use in and around the home and office. We have 3 strategically located, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. We are proud that 99% of our sales are generated from products Made in the USA in these facilities. We have top-notch employees, who have years of experience in both blow molding and injection molding of quality, plastic products.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I initally bought it last november. I wanted to buy another, but not for the $20 (currently listed).

The recycling logo is much (a) smaller and (b) higher-up than what’s pictured, to the extent that a bag in the bin does, indeed, cover the ‘recycle’ logo, which has led to creation of alternate signage after folks were putting non-cans in there. Otherwise, a decent purchase.

We have a property that we do some vacation rentals out of and we wanted to be sure tenants were recycling. This fit right behind the trash container in our kitchen and makes it easy to recycle.

We have a big recycling bin that we keep in the garage, but we also needed something for inside the house so when we have guests over they wouldn’t have to ask us if we recycle or not. With this slim bin, that goes well up against any wall or cabinet drawers. All our guests just goes straight to this bright blue bin with the recycle logo without having to hunt us down to ask. We host alot of parties at our house so it’s super helpful. When the night is done, we just simply take this light bin out to the garage and dump it into our big recycling bin.

I keep this next to my garbage bin of the same size, to collect my recycling. My guests used to be confused about which bin was for trash and which bin was for recycling, but now the recycling bin is blue. I like how tall this is, so i don’t have to take the recycling out every day.

A nice plain large trash bin.

Recycling wastebasket

These were exactly what i was looking for. I just wish everyone would recycle like they should.

Perfect lil recycling bin for my kitchen. Plastic has a nice sheen and flex to it. This bin is smaller than the usual size.

This has made our life so much easier. We were using a 5 gal bucket. This looks better and holds so much more at a time.

I needed a thin rectangular recycle bin for my closet. I have a very small kitchen and no room for two garbage cans. After comparing sizes, prices, and reviews, chose this one. High quality and perfectly shaped for my needs. I am so happy to have this because putting recycling in my closet keeps my apartment looking tidy.

The opening is too narrow to hold a substantial amount of recyclables, which tend to be on the larger side. Probably good for small recyclables like cans. I don’t really think it’s worth it to buy it, unless you want to take out the recycling every other day or intend to use it for small items.

Fits under the sink and gives you room above to reach in and deposit the item. Wish i could get a same width/height but deeper version.

Made in USA

I purchased this in addition to the one my h. A gave me because i needed another container for my recyclables. I had a small issue with the waste management picking it up but i got it resolved.

I use this in my home office/art studio. Perfect for my needs: big enough for papers but small enough to not take up too space. I live near border of santa monica, near border of west la. Near a well known chain specializing in household items, esp kitchens, bed, bath and more. None of these stores carry a simple, durable, inexpensive, basic trash container. And most employees, if found, can be snotty, aloof, or busy. Bought two different trash containers via amazon. Let your fingers do the walking.

The only downside is the size really. Would love if it was offered larger, but c’est la vie. Still a good product and has been durable from our experiences so far. Just don’t expect to be able to fit more than a few days’ work of recyclables into it.

This is an industrial/commercial style wastebasket. The color is not quite pitch black – more of a blackish charcoal. It is on the small side and would be suitable for a restroom or desk area where trash will be minimal or removed on a daily basis. I thought it would be more appealing than its photo but i think the photo makes it appear better than it is. It was inexpensive and i was going to place it beside a bed side for tissues or odds and ends, but it is too unattractive for that. Right now i use it as a bucket and it is working out well.

Bigger than expected, it can fit a few wine bottles, cartons of milk, and beer bottles/cans without trouble.

Nice size, don’t know why i could not locate one in a store, but this is just what i wanted.

Measured, and this should’ve fit under the kitchen sink, which it does, but only with a little work and wiggling. Still, it isaí solid, seemingly well-made trash can.

Blue 28 quart

I bought this to put stickers on and they stuck right on no problem. Saving the world one amazon recycling bin purchase at a time.

The wastebasket is sturdy and functional, but smaller than i thought it would be. I ordered this wastebasket for under the sink, and it fits under the sink but does not holding a lot. Its a better fit for a office or bathroom. I will be placing it in the garage for my husband to use as a wastebasket out there.

This is exactly what we were looking for. Fits well in our laundry room and allows us to sort our recyclables easily. Bright blue color makes it easy to distinguish from our normal trash.

Was smaller than expected but i could have overlooked size when ordering.

I agree with all the positive comments and with none of the negative comments. I got this to replace a wastebasket half its size, and it fits under my sink with just the right amount of headroom to spare, and enough space to hold two weeks of recyclables. For the person who complained that it was not large enough to hold cardboard, i suggest this is not made for cardboard or any other kind of paper product which may suffer if it gets wet. This is for plastic and aluminum. For paper, you need a container with a snug fitting lid, or a lid attached to the body. For plastic and cans, this is perfect.

I’m usually stickler for going for big brand names, but i just couldn’t see paying the $$ they wanted for this simple item, not to mention the trashcan i was replacing this with was a big brand name and had broken after several years. This one seem rock solid, nicely made and spot on with the pictures and such.


These 40 quart baskets are just what i wanted. Was looking for 24 quart baskets and ended up with these, what a find this became. My 13 gallon bags fit like a charm in these.

Does what it says on the tin. The recycling truck is happy to treat it just like the official township cans. Beats putting the junk mail into a paper bag.