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Daily Archives: February 7, 2019

OXO Good Grips Easy Clean Compost Bin : Perfect for veggie scraps and coffee grounds

No smellthe design is simple and the container is small to remain unobtrusive on the counter. The lid allows for one handed use. Just turn over to dump out, rinse out, and it’s good to gono smell after 4 days of use. Doesn’t attracted gnats or other pests. I feel i could go longer, but with the amount of scrapes my family of 2 discards cooking daily, it is full at about 4 days. We have 2 of these oxo bins: one for composting scraps, and the other to hold certain food scraps for our chickens. Love oxo products and their guarantee.Would definitely purchase this again.

First of all, it’s not a compost bin. It’s a food scrap bucket and you’ll need to empty it frequently. The lid is difficult to remove and if you’re not careful, the bin will spill while you are trying to take the lid off. Not much better than the large yogurt tub i was using previously, but it looks nicer.

This is perfect for my needs. Our family of three fills this compost container every two to four days. We only compost vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, and egg shells (no other animal products). I was pleasantly surprised to find that the lid easily removes from its hinge with one hand and without jostling the full container. I can also snap it back on with one hand. That makes it easy to take the lid off for dumping in my compost pile outdoors, without making any mess. The size is quite unobtrusive on my countertop and the fact that it’s durable plastic makes it easy to clean. I was initially looking at metal compost containers but was dissuaded by reviews reporting rust and separation along the seams, so i went for this one. I am pleased with my choice and think that this would work well for those who compost plant matter only because there is no need for a filter.

After much research and comparison i chose this indoor compost bin for my kitchen and we have been very pleased with it. It was important to me that the bin i chose not have any food catches or difficult to clean grooves. The bottom of this bin is seamless, smooth, and rounded, making this a breeze to clean. It was also important to me that the compost bin did not have a lid with holes and carbon filters. They are impossible to clean and do not deter fruit flies, in fact they are often breeding grounds for the little buggers. Been there, done that, never having one of those compost bins again. And, while i really do prefer the esthetics of the metal bins, they do tend to rust. Enter the plastic oxo compost bin, the answer to my search. It’s not a particularly large but plenty big enough for our family of three’s vegetable scraps & coffee grounds for a day or two which is all we really need. It’s easy to carry down to our big outdoor compost heap and easy to rinse out and clean afterwards.

This compost bin is comparatively affordable, virtually unbreakable, and addresses issues you wouldn’t necessarily even think of until you used a lesser product for some time, (like a gallon-size potato-salad container with a tight fitting lid). To wit, the inside surface is seamless and the walls join the floor in a curve, so very little matter get’s stuck in the bottom and it rinses easier. The tab on the front edge of the hinged lid allow you to add to and dump the contents without touching a surface containing waste. The lid’s hinge permits the lid to travel past 180 degrees and sticks in place at it’s full travel for dumping. The seal of the lid is loose, so you don’t run a risk of splashing or flinging gunk when you open it. The lid is also removable at the hinge, so getting the pail and lid under the faucet for rinsing is eased. I’ve found the shape of the pail to be ideal for fitting under my sink while having a relatively small footprint. Lastly, the handle is adequate for even a child to use. I was initially suspicious of the lack of venting or a filter for odors, but if you empty the pail at the end of the day, it never smells, so save your dough and pass on the expensive stainless steel products. I’m extremely critical of product design.

I bought this bin because my aunt always fussed about my big green one with the charcoal top. I agree it wasn’t pretty, but it was big. Anyway, i tried this one with a lot of skepticism, since it has no seal or filter. It passes the ‘neat and tidy’ test from my aunt. It looks good on the counter. It doesn’t smell up the kitchen at all. I’m not real good at emptying it on a timely basis, so i’m buying another so she can have a new one while i’m procrastinating going to the worm bin. It is smaller, but that’s a good thing for lazy people like me, because i let that big one go to embarrassing lengths. When the top threatened not to close was soon enough. We try to give the worms everything possible, including every napkin or paper towel that has no cleaning products on it. (even using skoy cloths, you still seem to use some consumables).

The compost bucket is reasonable. When you empty the bucket you need to hold the handle back, otherwise it flops down in the way of the scraps that are coming out; no big deal. The bucket is designed with an interior liner and an exterior bucket – they are not quite the same shape. The inside is smoother, without a flat bottom, to avoid having food lodging and sticking. It is a good idea, but the bonding between the two parts is not watertight. I was amazed when i took it out of the dishwasher and there was water sloshing around in there. There is no way to get it out, either, without drilling a hole in it. However the water seeped in, the opening is too small to allow it to drain out.

This is a stylish convenient kitchen accessory. It opens easily and is easy to empty. It has a few problems which are specific to our use, so i’m not going to ding the product for it. Our building doesn’t have a compost bin, so we rely on the city’s weekly curbside compost pickup. Which leads to our problems. Its not big enough to hold a week of our compostable waste. If you could empty more regularly, this isn’t an issue. When you let compost sit in this container for a week, the bottom smells awful, and that stench doesn’t come out easily.

  • Not Dishwasher Safe
  • It’s all the little things adding up to a superb product
  • Shouldn’t work, but it does – beautifully. Always trust OXO.

OXO Good Grips Easy Clean Compost Bin, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Convenient size and design for everyday counter-top use
  • Lid flips up for easy filling and flips down to lock in odors
  • Smooth interior walls prevent foods and liquids from building up
  • Contoured bottom and removable lid makes emptying simple
  • Rotating handle for easy transport of waste to outdoor composter
  • Dimension- 7 x 7 x 7 inch, Capacity – 12 cup