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Daily Archives: February 1, 2019

Umbra Brim 13 Gallon Trash Lid-Large Kitchen Garbage Can : Great while it lasted

I like that the lid closes on its own. I dislike that the garbage bag prevents the lid from closing all the way.

It was perfect — bags easy to change, looked nice, blocked odors — everything you’d want. But after less than six months, the hinge broke so the step pedal no longer works. For the price of this thing it should be much more durable.

Keeps pets out of the trash and the oder gone.

I guess it’s my own fault for not combing the description with a fine tooth comb, but i typed in “locking trash can” and this came up, i saw that it said locking lid, so i bought it. I received the trash can, it’s just fine, but when i went to lock it, i found that it doesn’t lock. I came back and noticed that they way the description is worded is deceiving, it locks open, not closed. I’m not returning it because it’s a bigger hassle than it’s worth, but beware if you’re looking for a locking trash can, this isn’t it. Hopefully my great danes behave.

While the size and color are great, they break easily. One was actually delivered to me broken but when i sent it back, the replacement was quick and easy.

Though the components are all lightweight plastic and don’t feel particularly sturdy to the touch, they wind up doing a great job a) securing the trash bag to the rim of the bin, regardless of how heavy the trash bag gets b) holding in scent c) opening and closing without delay or too much force. I can never justify how much trash cans cost but at least this one performs perfectly.

Cant tell if it broke before or after the first customer had it,but this should have been seen upon return. Wont mess with shipping it back as it worked (once) when i tried it the first time,and already ripped the boxes. Seems to be a decent unit, but not willing to spend 40-50,when others offer better units with pretty good soft-close.

I’m glad i was not put off by all the bad reviews. Straight out of the box i stepped on the steel-clad, plastic pedal. The lid raised about 10′ (at the front) then gently, slowly settled back down. No tipping, even completely empty.

  • A few major flaws in the design, all of which I have remedied. I currently like the can
  • Mechanics need to be sturdier.
  • Light and functional

Umbra Brim 13 Gallon Trash Lid-Large Kitchen Garbage Can with Stainless Steel Foot Pedal, Stylish and Durable, Black

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  • FUNCTIONAL AND EASY-TO-USE: Brim Kitchen Trash Can features a locking lid that stays open for easy trash bag removal, then quietly closes once triggered by the stainless steel foot pedal
  • DURABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN: The durable polypropylene construction and satin finish is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • CONCEALED BAG AND LARGE CAPACITY: Brim trash cans feature a unique inner bag ring that conceals the top of the garbage bag, preserving it’s sleek, attractive appearance. Brim measures 17 inches by 25 ½ inches by 13 inches and was designed to hold large 13-gallon garbage bags – meaning you won’t have to take out the trash quite as often
  • SUITABLE FOR RESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL USE: Designed by David Quan for Umbra, Brim’s sleek appearance make it the ideal kitchen garbage can – but it’s durable enough for commercial use as well
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK: Umbra is committed to the highest levels of quality and excellence and stand behind every product we make. We know you’re going to love your purchase but if you’re not completely thrilled for any reason (or even no reason at all), simply contact us within 30 days of receiving your order and we’ll happily resolve the matter or issue a full refund

When my fiance picked out this garbage can i was extremely skeptical. Our last garbage can was metal and the mechanism that held the bag expanded and contracted until we couldn’t get the bag out and we actually broke the can trying. When he chose this one i thought it was simply going to be a can where you placed the bag around the rim and shut the lid, there is a separate bag holder on this garbage can that lifts with ease. And makes it easy to take out and replace the bag without touching the garbage by accident. I love this new garbage can.

After first pulling can from its shipping box, i notice three things amiss(an yes, it is a design flaw, not my specific can). The can will not open correctly, when it does open, it won’t close all the way, and the hinge at the lid keeps coming disingaged. Being the type of person i am, this simply won’t do. I flip the can over, remove the two retaining screws an pull off the bottom plate. There is a white plunger with an o-ring there(for holding the lid open i guess?. Put the can back together, an now it opens an shuts beautifully and the lid hinge stays engaged. (you do still have to manually insert the mechanism back in the hinge, when changing bags sometimes, but not a big deal for me). Granted, it only stays open as long as my foot is on the pedal, but that is all i need.

I marked the easy to assemble as a 4 only because the inner ring on mine was stuck and cracked a little when we freed it. Other than that it is a better garbage can than the last one that i paid more for. The lid opens easily but it must be a couple inches from wall.

It’s okay in durability, my kid (10year old) was trying to put the lid on and it already broke, so either my kids are really strong or it’s really cheap. The lid has a really funky set up too it. But anyway the color is nice and overall the trash can is fine, so we will keep its.

Great quality overall- the cover takes a little long to close and at first wasn’t closing. Now if you’re patient, it eventually does. I love the ring on the inside that holds the bag in place. Could be a little taller to maximize the kitchen trash bags to full capacity, a bit short compared to our last can.

Just a little bigger than the usual 13 gal with the tapered bottom and all but makes it real easy to remove it does not stick in can and wide mouth is easy to access. The only problem was the bubble wrap with big bubbles that the manufacturer used does not pop.

It’s ok, looks nice enough but somewhat cheaply made.

We have standard poodles and we were tired of putting the trash can on the counter, so this was the answer to our problem. It is sturdy, durable and i especially like the way it has the ring that holds the top of the trash bag in place.

I really love the look of this trash can. It’s a good size and good height. But something in the mechanics stopped working after a few times of using the foot press. It’s like it always hesitated to open because maybe the lid was too heavy and would also pull the ring that holds the bag in place up with the lid. Now it only opens up at about a 30 degree angle and i have to keep it lightly closed so the ring doesn’t pull up when i manually open the lid. But it still does it’s job as a trash can.

Garbage can makes too much noise. Every time that i use the foot pedal to open the can, it makes this extremely loud popping noise. The components in the lid opening mechanism are not aligned or were manufactured with large tolerances. This also makes the can hard to open before the popping noise.

Received this yesterday and used it all day today, seems of great construction and durability. It’s plastic but pretty durable plastic. The lid doesn’t come all the way up with the foot pedal but it does the job. I can see this being pretty hard to clean, however, as there are many very small nooks and crannys in the inside. If anything is spilt inside of the trash can/lid there’s a great possibility that you’d have a hard time getting it completely clean. Came fully assembled in one piece. Very convenient and exactly what i was expecting. Fits a regular kitchen trash bag perfectly.

The trash can came boxed in a box within a box and it must have gotten tossed around during shipping or damage prior because when i unloaded it from the second smaller box inside the larger one, the lid was cracked. It is not bad enough to feel the need to return it however. The lid lifts easy, the bag changes easily, and i love that i don’t have to stretch the bag to the point of tearing to get it around the lip of the can. It is the perfect size, it’s very durable feeling, and the darker brown will hide spills until i can clean them. Overall a very great product for the price, just check for cracks when unpacking.

Really good quality product i had reserves after reading some of the reviews but the product is very functional works great looks good and i’ve had no problems with the lid or any other issue with a can i would highly recommend as it looks much more expensive than what it is.