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Kitchen Art KitchenArt 18530 Scrap Trap With Scraper : Great kitchen gadget

This was an impulse buy that turned out better than expected. There are only two downsides, but they don’t decrease my satisfaction. I have very little counter space in my prep area and being able to scrape off the leavings of my fruits and veggies as i ready them for my smoothie maker or food processor is a giant plus. The little scraper works perfectly to scrape the remains into the bin and nothing falls on the floor. This is particularly appreciated when pealing garlic and onions as their skins on the floor are hard to get up with my swivel sweeper. Unfortunately, because the bin is rather large, it keeps me from getting as close the counter as i need to to reach certain items or get full use of the limited space. Because of that there’s only one drawer i can attach it to and that is not the ideal one for quickest cleanup. The other downside is storage. Since i can’t leave it on my drawer, i have to put it somewhere easy to access but out of the way when i don’t need to use it and i don’t have many storage options. Still the item is so useful, i’ll find a solution.

It really helps with the cleaning process and is also easy to clean itself. Running it through the wash is fine, or just by hand as well. I wouldn’t use any other products. The convenience of it as well is perfect.

My wife and i love this product. We use it all the time when cooking. The only thing i’ll say that’s a downside is that it’s kind of easy to lose the little scraper piece. Since they get washed separately, sometimes the scrap trap itself is put away without the scraper, and then who knows where that goes (we’re currently looking for it from thanksgiving). This isn’t a big enough headache to deduct a star, though.

I saw this on buzzfeed and said, “that’s brilliant. ” i immediately ordered one. It hangs off one of my drawers all the time (except when it’s in the dishwasher). Fill it with scraps, trash the scraps and throw it in the dishwasher. I kind of wish the scraper tool wasn’t so loose. My girlfriend’s mother accidentally threw that part away.

This is a really handy gadget for not having to throw out my scraps into the kitchen garbage constantly (which is hidden away in my pantry). The one problem i had with it is that the brush/scraper that came with it was thrown away by mistake when i was cleaning it out. Did not even notice until it was too late. I have started to put left over grocery plastic bags within the scrap trap for easy removal of the garbage. It works great so i don’t have to clean it all the time. Before purchasing, i measured my drawer to make sure it would fit. Even if did not, amazon has a great return policy. I have had it for nearly two years now, it has held up great.

Is a small thing but it is really nice to sweep cooking debris into this container. It is well designed so it sits firmly attached to the top of a drawer. Mine is placed right under my counter. I can sweep everything into it from the counter (rather than my hand) and use it as as small trash can as i cook. It’s a small step taken out – having to sweep into my hand and walk to the trash can all of 5 feet away, but it makes a difference. It is very easy to clean even if you leave debris in it for a few days. The surface cleans quickly and easily in the sink. Occasionally i put it in the dishwasher and it stands up well, no warping etc.

I was looking for a waste bin to put food scraps in when i’m cooking and this was perfect. Our garbage disposal is okay, but can’t handle certain food like vegetable peels, etc. I cook at least 5 nights out of the week and am constantly chopping and peeling veggies for dishes. It’s a pain to corral all of the mess but with this life got a lot easier. I love that it hooks right onto my drawer directly below the counter. That way i can chop at my normal height and just push everything into the bin with the scraper. It holds quite a bit; i can usually get most of the vegetables for a recipe taken care of with just one trip to the garbage using this scrap trap. Great purchase for the money.

I am a kitchen gadget addict. Many of my purchases go unused, but this is a keeper. We compost, so it’s convenient to carry to the compost bin after veggies are trimmed. And we eat a lot of veggies. I like the ease of sweeping scraps off the counter into the trap. I store my oven mitts in it for easy access near the stove when i’m not using it for scraps.

  • Love it! I’m back to buy a second one for a friend!
  • This is so handy!
  • Best Kitchen Gadget in Years!

KitchenArt 18530 Scrap Trap With Scraper, Plastic, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 6.25 x 11 x 4.5 inch
  • Made of durable ABS plastic
  • Holds up to 2 quarts of crumbs and food pieces for easy cleaning and disposing of mess
  • Includes brush/scraper that fits in front pocket, so you can easily sweep away mess without getting your hands dirty
  • Conveniently fits under the counter, over the drawer or door to save countertop space

I like the scrap trap pretty well so far. The hook that is used to attach to the drawer under the cabinet lip is a little bit too big for our drawer, so the trap kind of hangs down a bit. I think it’s a bit bigger than it really needs to be, and you have to stand away from the counter more than you usually would. Overall, it’s a great idea, i just wish it were a little smaller. The depth of it is great and i love that i can throw egg shells, veggie scraps, etc, in it without having to constantly walk to the trash can. I just throw it in the dishwasher with everything else when i’m done.

I live in a small nyc apartment, so counter space is always at a premium. This handy little trash bin hangs on any door or drawer, and is both more convenient and more sanitary than a conter-top garbage bowl or sink basket. I position it so that my cutting board is at its lip, making it easy to sweep in little bits and crumbs. Between this and the equally useful progressive international 11-inch by 15-inch counter edge cutting board with collapsible scrap bin, my counter space is freed up for ingredients and tools. It cleans up nicely in the dishwasher, and the included scoop is useful too. I’m completely happy with this purchase – highly recommended.

Yes, if your drawer knobs are too big, it may not work, but it will fit the vast majority of drawer knobs. There is a rather wide area for the knob to fit into. I have not sent it through the dishwasher, but after 2 years of use, it’s never been that nasty that i’ve felt the need to do so. The finish on the plastic makes it super easy to clean/wipe out after use. We use it less for food scraps and more for crumb scraps when we wipe down our kitchen island. And, i’ll admit we don’t clean/dump the crumbs on a daily basis. I don’t ever recall using the scraper, but it may prove useful to some cooks. The depth of the scrap trap is not a burden. Before purchase, i was concerned that i would be bumping it to it frequently. That is no issue for us as it is relatively sleek along the cabinet line.

It’s so convenient for me since i use a lot of fresh produce and fruit when i cook. Before i got this i would tie a plastic bag onto a drawer pull on a nearby drawer which would make a mess since half of the scraps would end up on the floor as i transferred them from the counter to the bag with two hands. With the scrap trap i just cut and drag it toward me. I really don’t use the scraper until i’m all done since i just use the knife i’m cooking with to scrape it in. It makes prep actually a little quicker since i’m not taking handfuls of pepper guts and other scraps to the trash can just to make room for the next thing i’m chopping up. It’s not really effective for big things like watermelon, but otherwise it’s the perfect size. Plus, you just take it and dump it out if you fill it up. So many people see it and do the, ‘what a great idea. Needless to say i will be buying several for christmas, birthday, housewarming and other gift giving occasions.

So nice for a sidekick when chopping fruits or vegetables. And the little scraper thing is useful for gathering up the chopped veggies and tossing into a pan, or clearing off the cutting board. There is a flat side that also works as a dough cutter/scraper.

This thing is so simple but so smart. It’s perfect for separating scraps from foodstuff quickly. I just position the front edge of my cutting board so it hangs slightly over the counter edge above the scrap trap and then get to work, scraping scraps off the board as i go. Not only does it eliminate multiple trips to the trash, it also keeps the cutting board clear as you work so there’s more useable space. It’s especially good for repetitive tasks like hulling strawberries where each small piece has a section to be discarded. And then there’s the added benefit that all of the scraps end up in one place, making it easy to empty the container into a compost bin when you’re done. No sweet scraps from that fruit salad you made sitting around in the kitchen trash to attract ants. Although this item is a unitasker, it’s one that has definitely earned its place in my small kitchen. Once you’re in the habit of using it, you won’t be able to go back to working without it. A quick note on measurements: the back side of the scrap trap has a lip that fits over and slightly down the back edge of the drawer it’s hung on.

This is the 2nd scrap trap i’ve bought. It matches my white cabinets so it doesn’t stand out. The scraper is a nice detail. My only wish is that it would have a kid. I can’t always take it out to the compost after i’ve added to it and it sits there looking nasty and stinking until i do.

I’ve had one of these before but lost it in my move. It’s very convenient when your cooking eggs or chopping vegetable. You don’t have to keep running to the trash can or deal with a big trash can in the way if you pull it out to be in the kitchen.

I know some reviews say it is an uneccessary gadget; however, i find it very useful. When cleaning off a dirty counter, my children very rarely get the crumbs into their hands, which leads to a needed sweep too. Having them push the crumbs into this and rinse out works well. Also, great for messy peelings, eggs, or drippy things that end up dripping all the way to the trashcan. Put it in the dishwasher and it is sterile enough to use when i’m chopping vegetables and pototoes on the same chopping board and need room; just sweep the cut up veggies into the scrap trap/or the scraps to make room. Its easier to empty this into a pan instead of pushing items off a wide cutting board into a pan. If you like to cook with your children, this is a great tool as well. It extends out from the counter a bit, so i wouldn’t want it right in front of me while working; i have mine out to my right side as i cook; it is in a corner area of my cabinets and out of my way,so i leave it there all the time.

This is by far one of the handiest kitchen gadgets i own. I keep it on a kitchen cabinet drawer between the sink and the keurig coffee maker (i put the empty coffee pods in there). Only problem i’ve had is i asked hubby to dump the scraps out into trash and he dumped the little scraper thing out and i didn’t notice until the trash had already been taken away 🙁 i’ve had this for over a year now and it’s still used daily.👍🏼👍🏼two thumbs up from me.

It’s much larger than i thought it would be, however it does hold a lot. It does not fit very well on my drawer because the size is so big 8 3/4″ wide hanger, the bowl is larger yet. My drawer is 21 1/2″ wide with a 5 1/4 inch drawer pull. It hits the drawer pulls, so i have to hang it from two drawers which is somewhat of a hassle when you have to open the drawer. If it fit my single drawer i would give it 5 stars, but it doesn’t so i would look for something smaller in the future.

The scrap trap is a wonderful aid for anyone who cooks, or even likes to eat fresh veggies and fruits. This is my 2nd one and i am afraid i killed the first one myself by laying it on a hot stove top. I had the first one for years and loved it so much that i bought a second one. I also sent my sister one and i am giving a friend one next month. It allows you to peel and chop anything and then scrap the peels and rejected items into the scrap trap hanging on a drawer right in front of you. Does not take up space like a “garbage bowl” on your counter. You do not have to walk back and forth to a trash can. I use mine multiple times everyday. I even put paper towels or napkins i have used into it. Fill it up with anything: food, trash, etc.

This is a great contraption and we use it daily in our kitchen. Pros:- can go over most knobs and handles- has a nice scraper brush- very handy and minimizes trips to the dustbin during cooking and prepping- perfect sizecons:- the scraper brush performs well on the kitchen counter, but i wish it could also scrape things out of the scrap trap. The brush is too wide to get all the food residue out (especially if you have garlic or onion peels in the trap) and i end up using my hand every time. – the brush is not tightly secured inside the scrap trap and falls in the dustbin if you don’t hold it while emptying the trap. However, the pros outweigh the cons and i still like using this item.

I appreciate it’s functionality. It seems to add ‘counter space’. You can simply brush the scraps into the trap. It’s scrapper has a slot to be placed quickly back into as you continue to work. It cleans up with ease, no matter how sticky the mess. It does have a slight hue of pink, but not drastic enough to make a fuss about. Thank you for this handy helper for the kitchen.

Read about this from good housekeeping for top ten must haves for a small kitchen. It was on hold or out of stock on amazon forever. I could put in a order but i had to wait at least 1 month which is crazy since i have the free 2-day prime shipping. I put it on my wish list and waited. It finally came back and very very worth it. It was a lot bigger than i realized it was. Fits my drawers perfectly which is awesome because my drawer width is very narrow. Better than rachael ray’s waste bowl for the wive’s with limited counter space.

I absolutely love my scrap trap. I used to use plastic grocery bags, but they took up precious counter space. The scrap trap hangs on my cupboard door or drawer. I use it in the morning to contain my used k cups and sweetener packets. I use during the day for food scraps and other debris during my cooking adventures. I also use it when cooking at the stove to place my dirty spoons, knives, etc. So my counter doesn’t get dirty. I liked this product so much, i bought two, one for my home and one for my vacation home. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a little more counter space, or wants to contain dirty cooking utensils.

I saw this thing on ‘i want that,’ and you know, i thought to myself, i want that. So i looked for it on amazon, found it, and ordered it. Wow, where has this thing been all my lifethis product is made of durable plastic that doesn’t feel cheap or brittle. It’s roomy, so it holds lots of cooking scraps, packaging, zip tops – loads of room to hold, and takes up zero counter space.That’s really important for people like me, who have not so much a kitchen as a galley. It’s like living on a boat, and counter space is at a huge premium, so a thing like this which allows me to just brush stuff from counter into the bucket without having to hold it or make room for it while i’m trying to prep my meals – man, it’s awesome. The design is smart – the lip is narrow, however, so do measure the width of your drawers to be sure that they are not too wide. I expect this will be remedied in a later iteration of the product, but for now, be aware that if your drawers are thicker than about 7/8′, this will not fit. However, there’s a nice cutout (well, an indent) to accommodate your drawer handles, and a built-in pocket to hold the scraper that comes with it: it’s a sturdy plastic card with a brush on one end for crumbs and flour or sugar, and a tapered side for sweeping bigger bits into the bowl. When you’re done, you just pop the card back into the slot, and it’s always where you need it.

I was a little worried about it fitting on my cabinets because of the handles but it has this good size indentation on the back of it and it fits perfectly. It looks as though it will fit over a wide variety of handles. It also holds quite a bit of scraps and trash for it’s size. I have bumped into it a few times and even knocked it off of the drawer and it went noisily crashing to my hard tile floor. I thought for sure i broke it. To my surprise it was perfectly fine. It’s great when i have a bunch of fruits or vegetables to cut up and i can put all the scraps inside this without leaving a mess on the way to my trash can. I would definitely recommend buying this.

I love this, just simply love the look and the practicality of it. Smart looking addition to our kitchen, have washed in dishwasher with no issues of color and quality change whatsoever. I would recommend this product. Durable, strong plastic, not a cheap feel or look. Fits over drawers and cupboard door with no problem.

Handy little invention, wonder why nobody ever thought of this before. Not sure about the slightly cheaper knock-offs that i also saw on amazon, but decided to buy this one based on a blog article i read. The plastic is thick and solid, comes with a scraper / brush. Not much more to say about a garbage collector bin other than to say it works, it’s super convenient and i’m glad i bought it. More important my wife really liked it as a surprise happy wednesday impulse gift.

I sometimes get suckered into kitchen gadgets that i never use, but this thing is awesome. Keeps the counter clean, you can either scoop the parts you want to put in the trash into this (strawberry stems, onion peels, etc. ), or you can put the parts you want to use in here to make them easier to dump into the pan (broccoli florets, chopped peppers and onions, etc. Makes it so much easier than trying to scrape chopped veggies off the cutting board into the pan and spilling them all over.

We recently moved to a house with a large, open kitchen. The trash can needs to stay in the corner, far away from the prep zone, otherwise it’s in the way. I cook mostly with fresh ingredients and after spending a day carting stuff back and forth to the trash can, i looked for alternative solutions. This fit well with my cabinets and has ample space for scraps when preparing a family meal. I’ll continue to use it when we get our compost bin set up because this is far easier to gather scraps than picking them up and placing them into the compost bin.

This is one of my absolute favorite kitchen gadgets. It is also the one i get the most comments about when people come over. I bought it thinking i would only scrape scraps from chopping food into it, but i also use it for a stove-side trash can for butter wrappers, twisty ties, and other things that would just end up on the counter until i carried it all to the pantry garbage can. It fits easily over a kitchen cabinet door and is very easy to clean. Every couple days i just hand wash it in the sink. The included scraper is very handy for scraping the food bits from the counter, but i haven’t used the white plastic brush side. If you’re debating getting this, just do it- you’ll find all sorts of things to use it for.

Keter 237924 Rockford Duotech Outdoor Plastic Resin Trash Can – Easy to assemble, sturdy, and a great addition to a patio or pool deck

Looks great just a fantastic looking great addition to my yard.

Well made, very sturdy, looks classy.

Unlike many of the keter products, this one uses screws to assemble it but they are simple to install. There are 16 total screws: 8 on the top and 8 on the bottom- two for each side. There are 6 ‘pieces’, 4 panels, a top, and a bottom. You start by placing the l-shaped panels in the bottom, then adding the top and then adding the screws. I had the black version of this too but it does not look as nice as this one. The panels look like grey wood or maybe a concrete with a black top and bottom. It will hold a 30-33 gallon bags nicely and if it leaks, there is a slide out tray on the bottom but i don’t expect this to get much use. The only problem with this can is the latch. (see my photos) the latch for the lid is on top of the latch for the liner. It’s just too easy to grab the wrong one. This will not be a problem if you are the only one using the receptacle but if you have guests, i guarantee they will open it incorrectly and a semi full liner will fall in.

This garbage can had three features that i like. First, i like that there is a sealed pull out tray in the bottom that would hold a decent amount of fluid in the event that a bag was punctured. On a nice deck or nice flooring, this is important to avoid a mess. Second, i like the two part lid that allows me to put the bag in over the inner portion, separate from the snap lid for opening to place trash. Third, i like that you can pull out the garbage bag without hooking onto the edges. I am not happy with the fact you have to assemble this and that it is not very large, but it does say it is only 30 gallon. A standard 30 gallon trash bag is about perfect in height and fits pretty tight around the edges of the inside bin.

This keter trash can was much simpler to assemble than the two outdoor rubbermaid trash cans i bought and assembled. Simply slide and snap the 4 corner pieces onto the base, snap on the top, install the screws and it’s ready to go. I definitely appreciate the smooth interior on these keter trash cans, the other trash cans had sharp edges which ripped my trash bags causing huge messes. 5 stars to keter who also makes very sturdy deck boxes.I intended to use this keter deck box by the front door, however my fiancé decided it’s perfect for inside the camper, our friends loved using it outside the camper at night to keep the critters out of the trash during meals then we set it back inside the camper at night. I appreciated it was easy to move in and out of the camper, as needed :).

This item comes in a few pieces that you need to put together. It will take you probably 15-20 minutes. Its just the top and bottom and 4 sides and then some screws to hold it all together. Once its setup, the size is nice for your deck or porch etc. Its got a lid that pops off so you can fasten the trash bag around it and then you put on the pop up cover lid to secure it. The lid has a clip lock that keeps anything from getting it open. The light grey and black color is really nice (doesn’t match my deck our house but i don’t care). Its sturdy so if its up against a wall or in a corner i doubt it will tip over. If you leave it in the open, yes probably if there’s a storm. There’s a drip pan that slides out from the bottom for easy cleaning with a hose.

  • No more raccoons!
  • Serves the purpose
  • One Nice (and Expensive) Trash Can!

This trash can looks great and it was extremely easy and quick to assemble (it took me approximately 10-minutes). I really like that the sides are reinforced with screws so that they do not pop apart with expansion or contraction due to heat/freezing temperatures. I used a handheld screwdriver for assembly. The photos on amazon are a true representation of what this product looks like. Regular black 30-39 gallon trash bags will fit fine. The slide-out tray at the bottom was a very nice touch that none of my prior trash cans had. You can easily pull out this slide-out tray to clean up leakage. When the lid is closed it is completely water tight and also prevents wasp from nesting inside. Although not heavy, it is also not so lightweight that it is blown around with modest winds. My prior outdoor trash cans were suncast and i believe that the keter brand is far superior (the plastic is thicker, looks more attractive and has more features).

Nice and heavy duty trash can. I know other reviewers were not happy with the snap down lid closure, but i think it’s a plus. Living in a very windy place and with this being a trash can we will use under our gazebo, it is a good feature that keeps the trash from getting blown out of it. This is a little smaller than expected, but will look very nice on a gazebo porch. I like that the trash liner stays in place and is locked down by the lid closure. I deducted a star due to the fact that the trash can is not as big as i was expecting.

We made, exactly what we were looking for our new deck project. Sturdy and attractive trash bin.

The can looks good and wasn’t too difficult to assemble with a cordless screwdriver. The slide out tray is a nice touch and you can stash a few bags in it if you’re not putting leaky stuff in the trash. The exterior is rough, gray and weathered. Looks just like an older trex deck to me. It hasn’t blown over yet and the top has stayed closed. I have pinched myself a couple times though.

Could be a little more heavy duty.

Features of Keter 237924 Rockford Duotech Outdoor Plastic Resin Trash Can, Grey

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Dimensions: 16.14 in. L x 16.14 in. W x 34.4 in. H
  • Uses 30-39 gallon trash bags
  • Constructed using duotech, a highly durable resin
  • Convenient plastic fluid tray for easy cleanup
  • Stays shut even when accidentally overturned
  • Double lid enclosure to HID trash bags

From the manufacturer

keter duotech

keter rockford duotech trash can with lid

Keter Rockford

duotech best to build on by keter

Duotech is
  • Easy to modify
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to assembly
  • Has a natural wood look & feel

Keter’s Rockford Trash Can

Made with Duotech

Give your patio or deck the love it needs- keep it looking clean and tidy with new and attractive outdoor waste bin by Keter! Other outdoor trash cans look unattractive and bulky, to say the least, and when they accidentally overturn you are left with broken latches and a fresh mess, inviting pests to your next party. You will not have to worry about that with this outdoor waste bin.

  • Dimensions: 16.14 in. L x 16.14 in. W x 34.4 in. H
  • Uses 30-39 gallon trash bags

keter rockford duotech outdoor trash can with latchable lid

keter rockford duotech outdoor trash can with drip pan fluid drawer

keter rockford duotech outdoor trash can is paintable to match exterior

keter rockford duotech outdoor trash can with attractive texture

Double Lid Enclosure

While the sleek double lid hides the bag inside, it is also keeping the bin shut when completely overturned – keeping your trash secure.

Fluid Tray

Features a dedicated easy-to-remove fluid drawer that makes cleaning the unit as easy as pie.

Paintable for Customization

Accepts outdoor paints so it may be painted to match your house, furniture, or painted just to add a touch of color to your outdoor space.

Natural Wood Look

This bin has a natural wood look and feel, and with its double wall construction, it features the durability you’ve come to expect from Keter products.

Rockford Trash Can Baltimore Trash Can Pacific Trash Can Copenhagen Trash Can
Dimensions 16.14 in. L x 16.14 in. W x 34.4 in. H 16.14 in. L x 16.14 in. W x 34.4 in. H 15 in. W x 15 in. D x 33.3 in. H 15 in. W x 15 in. D x 33.3 in. H
Trash Bag Size Uses 30-39 gal. trash bags Uses 30-39 gal. trash bags Uses 30-39 gal. trash bags Uses 30-39 gal. trash bags
Construction Polypropylene Resin with Duotech Polypropylene Resin Polypropylene Resin Polypropylene Resin
Drip Pan
Removable Liner
Will Never Fade, Rot, Warp or Dent

about keter

Welcome to Keter

The underlying premise behind every Keter product is to improve our customers’ daily lives. Whether it is saving you time, helping you to effectively solve a storage problem or provide a solution to meet a common need, Keter works tirelessly to create one of the best products to make your life better.

Built with style and relaxation in mind, Keter’s whole line is the right addition to any space. All pieces have an attractive natural finish and texture, and are made out of durable, UV protected, weather-resistant resin that won’t rust, peel, rot or decay, making them virtually maintenance-free. In addition, Keter’s Furniture is a breeze to assemble, coming together quickly without the use of extra tools.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The keter rockford duotech outdoor trash can is an odd duck of a product, at least for my household, and more specifically when it comes time to review. When i first received this trashcan and assembled it i was sort of scratching my head about what the big deal is, or maybe better stated, why this is such an expensive trash can. Sure this trashcan is pretty nice, made from some heavyweight resin material, and includes nice touches like the sliding drip tray but at the end of the day, it’s just a trashcan. Then i realized this trashcan really isn’t for me – at least it’s not something i would typically purchase for my home. I think this is a trashcan for folks who keep such an item in highly visible areas such as on a deck or porch and you want something a bit nicer than whatever was on sale from your local big-box store. In our household, our garbage can is kept hidden away in a corner well out of sight and mostly out of mind. Okay, all that to say that this trashcan really isn’t something i’d buy, however, if you’re in a situation like what i described above and have a trashcan in a highly visible area then the keter rockford might just work for you. In the month or so we’ve been using the trashcan, we’ve had absolutely zero problems with it. It performs well as a lined trash can or just holding sealed (full) trash bags awaiting trash day. The lid works well, though with it being plastic i’m wondering how long that will remain true.

Love the size, for our household of 6. And it’s sleek and looks great in the kitchen.

Looks very nice and seems very durable. 80 dollars for a trash can is ridiculous though.

This square outdoor trash can comes in a box ready to assemble. It just requires a phillips screwdriver and about 5 minutes, and instructions are clear and easy to understand. The box came packaged inside of another box and was in perfect condition when opened. Once assembled, you just put a trash can liner inside and close the top lid. A second smaller lid opens to put trash inside, and the outer lid hides the trash bag and it has a really clean look. There is a removable tray at the bottom for any fluids that leak. The trash can is nice and heavy and won’t blow away with strong winds. The top lid snaps closed so if it gets knocked over, it stays shut. I got the rockford color which is a grey and matches my grey trex decking very well. I really like the square shape, it maximizes how much trash it can hold while also easily fitting into corners or against a wall.

 this is large, but sleek and attractive. Very easy to put this together, it will come shipped in flat sections. You will need to screw in a few screws. I am using hefty 33 gal trash bags in this and they work great. Has a little slot you can run the excess bag into to keep the bag securly around the rim. Has a secure snap down lid, will not blow off in winds. Has a slide out bottom tray, sorta like a toaster does, that comes all the way out for cleaning and spraying with disinfectant and odor control sprays. Cant say enough about it, truly a quality, attractive product.

This is a more expensive outdoor trash can than some of the other brands, but it shows. I have a cheaper $30 ish outdoor trash can and it is a cheaper, thinner plastic. This one is constructed of a nice thick plastic, which is secured together by sliding joints and several screws. It actually feels sturdy enough, that i intend to use it as a garbage can to put my scrap wood in as i’m woodworking. I placed a 32 gallon contractors garbage bag in mine, and i have had no issues with the bag slipping. My only complaint is that the bag will show. If i had a smaller bag, it might be possible to hide it. The texture is a bit strange. It pretty much feels like a scraped plastic texture. I wasn’t a huge fan of the feel when i was putting it together, but that’s only cosmetic.

Dimensions: 16.14 in. L x 16.14 in. W x 34.4 in.

It took 15 minutes to assemble and there wasn’t one tricky thing about it. The screws went in easily with a manual screwdriver. If you use a powered screwdriver, you’ll likely cut even more time off as you put it together. This is a sturdy receptacle and heavy enough that it doesn’t get blown over by the stiff winds we often experience on summer afternoons. We happened to have a sudden microburst type of storm just the other day and the bin didn’t budge at all. The drawer on the bottom is a good idea if you have guests who throw liquids in your trash. The drawer fits snugly enough so that i’m not concerned it will attract wasps, which we tend to have in that part of our yard. I particularly like the way the lid is designed to ensure that the bag is secured and won’t slide down inside the receptacle. I’m currently using 30-gallon bags and they work fine.

General satisfied with product, but surprised for exterior product that it comes with steel screws rather than stainless. On my coastal location before assembled changed out screws to stainless.

I was a little skeptical pulling this out the box, it seemed cheap and flimsy, but boy did it fit together well. I currently own 2 suncast, and this can is superior in a few ways. It is larger, looks better, and eliminates the issues i have with my suncast, but also has its own. With the suncast, the interior was jagged, so if the bin was too full, it would rip the bag when pulled out, the interior is smooth on the keter, bags will slide right out. Also with the suncast, if food got to the bottom of the bin somehow, ants would get into it, and it was hard to get in there and scrub. With the removable base, it eliminates this issue. My biggest issue is the lids, the outer lid it has a weird opening latch, it needs to be simplified and the inner lid does not stay closed unless you have a lot of extra bag tied into the groove, not 100% sure if i received a defective lid, or this is normal, but it appears to be normal. Deducted 2 stars for the lid, its a major issue.

This trash can was easy to assemble and looks very nice on our back patio. I feel like our outdoor accommodations are more polished now for guests. This arrives flat-packed and assembles quite easily. It is a matter of sliding the sides into place onto the base, placing the top on, and screwing a few screws in. There is a drip tray, which is a very nice addition. The trash can takes large 30-39 gallon trash bags. We found the perfect green 33 gallon trash bags at ikea for this trash can. It looks great on our back patio, it works, it functions well, it was easy to put together. All things considered, i couldn’t be happier with this outdoor trash can.

The grey keter rockford duotech outdoor plastic resin trash can keeps your yard, deck, or garage looking spiffy. The clean lines present a tidy appearance. It comes disassembled in a somewhat compact, if tall, box. Mine arrived damage-free and was easier to assemble than i expected. The four duotech panels feel quite substantial, yet bend easily when inserting them into the base and locking them together. You can even paint them to keep with a theme. The most difficult part was getting my large drill inside to secure the lid and base with the 16 included screws. Once together, it feels quite solid. The lid snaps down to keep the contents securely inside and the elements and critters out. The latch clicks firmly shut, but it is easy to open one handed.

We recently built a huge deck that i’ve been trying to outfit it with patio furniture. It’s really sturdy and blends in nicely with any color furniture. It was very easy to assemble. All 4 corners snapped together and the top has 2 pieces and the bottom has 1 piece. The bottom also has a tray to catch any liquid which is really cool. On the top there is a spot to loop the garbage bag so it doesn’t fall in. Note: this will not fit your typical 13 gallon kitchen bags. It’s paintable and easily mobile with the side handles.

Uses 30-39 gallon trash bags

We have this out by our pool and love it. It was easy to assemble and included all the hardware you’ll need. It took maybe 15 minutes to install with the instructions, which made it easy. The lid stays on tight and it holds 30-35 gallon trash bags. We use the hefty black bags and it’s been great. They hook around the top edge and stay put. It has a pull out tray at the bottom, which at first i found to be useless. However, we had a hole in the bag with a bunch of leakage. We pulled out the tray, dumped it, washed it off, and voila – no more stinky mess. It’s maintenance free being made of composite material. The colors are a bit odd – would’ve preferred a solid black/brown color. Beyond that, this has been great – love it.

I think it’s a nice trash can, went together easily and seems very sturdy. However, if you tend to squish down your trash, you’ll have difficulty removing the trash bag. There’s an inner lip that the trashbag will catch on and make it very difficult to remove the trash back.

I wanted a trash can for our deck that looked better than the beat up ones in the garage. Once put together this looks sharp. A trash bag folds over and stays in place well with the 2 piece lid. I also like the slide out tray for cleaning out the bottom. This arrives completely unassembled. I was unable to put it together with a manual screwdriver but i lack strength in my hands. My husband put the 16 screws in with his drill/power screwdriver. Assembly is awkward since you are screwing inside the can. Our lid really does not fit true and has a bit of a cant to it despite making sure everything fit well.

This was much easier to put together than the keter trash can i already have. There are just a few pieces with good instructions and it took me 10 minutes at most to have it done. It was together in 5 minutes, but it took another 5 to get the screws into it. I used a cordless drill to put the screws in. The screw holes were already there, so it was a very easy thing and you could easily do it with a screwdriver. It’s very attractive and i like that the top comes up so you can overhang the bag, which then is kept in place by the rim of the trashcan. No bags falling down in the can, making a mess. It doesn’t take custom bags- about any brand of garbage bag you can buy from the store will fit fine. The slide-out tray can make cleaning the can out easier, or you ould put an extra trash bag or two down there if you don’t worry about leaking bags. It shuts water tight so water doesn’t get in when it rains.

The negatives: this definitely has a smaller interior volume than my other outdoor trash bins, and my weekly 30-gal bagfuls are going to be more difficult to get in and out than they normally are. It’s also a stationary bin; no wheels or other locomotion, so it’s not intended to go anywhere. So this is a storage bin that’s completely inappropriate to bring to the curb. Also i didn’t realize i was going to have to assemble it, so that was an unpleasant surprise. It wasn’t terribly difficult, but it would’ve been if i were particularly weak or had wrist issues. On the plus side, however, the locking lid works excellently, and i think this bin might actually be rodent-proof. (finally) the bottom tray slides out for cleaning, and that might allow just enough of an in for a mouse, but i hope not. I tested it in a driving rain that lasted for hours, and nothing got through; the interior was completely dry. So this seems like a rodent-proof and waterproof way to keep my smelly garbage safely outside while waiting for trash day.

I was given a sample of this product in exchange for this unbiased review and it’s the nicest outdoor trash can i’ve ever owned. It came in a 20 pound box that was amazingly flat to conceal a trash can. The secret ingredients are the resin corrugated walls that form the sides of the trash can. There are 4 of them and they fold flat, but are meant to bend in the middle for each for a corner rather than a side of the trash can – they have a kind of tongue and groove connection to join each one to it’s neighbors, then they are fastened to the base and top with 2 screws each – i assembled the whole thing in about 20 minutes. The lid is a double- deal, which allows you access to the inside for inserting trash bags, then emptying them, but also closing in a way that keeps the contents out of site, as well as keeping out rain. The bottom has grooves to minimize fluid collection. For this price, weight and ease of assembly, it’s hard to imagine a better outdoor trash can.

This looks so good, besides holding a thirty plus gallon bag in such a way that it will not leak. Assembly with its sixteen screws was simple, and an electric drill. Hold paint, but we like the gdway. Changing out the bag is also easy. Finally, it is animal proof, either from pets or wild things.

Constructed using duotech, a highly durable resin

Convenient plastic fluid tray for easy cleanup

Behrens TCC 250-Pound Capacity Dual Trash Can Cart – Good trash dolly with a flaw

This makes taking the trash out easy and quick. I added to wheeled castors on the front and now i can just roll it down the drive for trash pickup. This is good and fairly solid.

It is serving its purpose only because of its price. But, i had to reinforce all the joints as that this is definitely flimsy. You are getting what you paying for. Others out there are much better made and sturdy, but those are 4 to 5 times the cost of this one. We made it work by reinforcing all the joints with duct tape. This would be duct tape usage number 1,052, lol.

My husband has not put this item together yet, but it will be a godsend to get our trash to the curb, especially since we also purchased the behrens trash cans, and they have no wheels,i wanted them because we have racoons in our neighborhood. They really make a mess (as far as our old rubbermaid trashcans were concerned) and since the new ones are steel i am sure those racoons can’t get in them also i am tired of cleaning up behind them (the racoons) thanks guys at amazon for having these behrens trash cans, i don’t know what i would do without them.

The process of putting this together was rather difficult and it arrived with several missing parts as well as instructions that were just awful. Very difficult to read/understand and it used images that were difficult to see as well. We had to jerry rig some parts to make it work. It does keep my cans from flying around when it is windy, which is why i bought it. So i suppose that’s why it gets 3 stars.

I have no idea why people write the reviews they do. For the price, this trash cart is perfect for the job. Believe it or not, you can make some adjustments when putting it together to prevent issues that some people are having. I am using it for two 31 gallon behrens trash cans.

The trash cans can easily ride on top of the wheels in the front. You must secure the cans with bungie cords to push it along. It works best to use the cords to hold the cans back toward you as you move along.

Purchased this product with steel trash cans to replace plastic bins routinely attacked by squirrels. I am pretty handy but these directions are not clear. It took 45 minutes to figure out. Prior reviews are accurate that if you store 2 cans on it, the can closest to the rubber wheels will rub. Need to remove one so dolly can be moved.

The trash can chart was a wise investment. It is quite easy to assemble and the instructions were clear. Generally, we have 2 full trash cans for weekly pickup along with our recycling baskets so it can take a few trips to get them all to the curb. With full garbage cans, it can be a heavy, cumbersome load. The cart is adjustable width-wise so it will fit virtually any size trash container. Cans and they fit with no trouble. Rolling the cart to the curb makes it much easier, both on the back and eliminates carrying them at an angle which lets the lids fall off on occasion. It also serves a purpose i hadn’t anticipated. The cart stops the heavy winds we have locally from knocking over the cans and having them blow and roll all around our driveway.

I actually purchased this item as a beach chair cart. First off, i received the item very quickly and all the parts (plus extras) were included, so i was satisfied with the shipping. Assembly was a piece of cake. Unfortunately, once the side arms were extended out to their maximum position to accomodate the width of the beach chairs, so there was not enough of the tubing left in the support brackets to provide the strength needed to hold the chairs. I took the arms off, inserted a short length of wood dowel into the ends and applied glue to hold the metal tubing over the dowels. After re-assembling, the wood dowels provided the support needed to be able to extend the side arms out far enough out to hold the chairs and still be sturdy. Works pretty well for a chair cart, except that the chairs lean against each other so if you want to get a chair out that’s in the middle of the stack, you have to rearrange the rest of the chairs to get to it. I don’t have to wheel it far, but not sure how it’d hold up if you had a longer distance to cover. Still, for the cheap price, it’s worth the minor hassle.

The product seems to be decent quality and all the parts were there. The best thing you could do with the assembly instructions, however, is wrap fish in them. These might have been the worst instructions i have ever run into on a ‘to be assembled’ product. The images were so poor that you couldn’t see what they were trying to show and they actually left out places where the washers should be put on. So, good product, but forget about the instructions.

We live in a condo complex situated in-between 2 golf courses. Hence, the wind factor causes us to chase down our trash when the garbage cans blow over. We have replaced our cans several times in just 2 years. This can cart holds our cans down nicely. It is great also for getting the cans out of the garage when they are full-it is easy to just pull the cart rather than having to drag them and wear down the bottoms.

This cart is exactly as described. It is sturdy, easy to move, and the instructions were on the mark. The person who mentioned that they adjusted the sides to fit their size trash cans is entirely correct. I was able to purchase the larger size (that i was wanting) instead of the smaller ones and could adjust it so the cans fit snug–even if one can is removed. I would recommend this product without reservation; in fact, am considering ordering another one for use in the yard.

I got the handle on backwards, haven’t had time to change the direction. Here are the specifications for the Behrens TCC 250-Pound Capacity Dual Trash Can Cart:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Cart carries two trash cans, holds 250 lbs
  • Adjustable side Bars, coated with durable epoxy coating, rolls quietly on solid rubber tires, ideal for both home & industry
  • Manufactured in China

My husband was very surprised when this was delivered. It took 3 of them to figure out how to put it together. He has copd, and would struggle to bring the barrel (we are only allowed one) down. He said it was so much easier bringing the barrel down the driveway to the street. He also gets the recycle box in there too.

I am really glad i purchased this product. It holds my garbage cans and keeps my garage neat and tidy. I highly recommend this product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Helps in many ways
  • Decent for the price
  • Hard to put together, cheap product.

Rev-A-Shelf – RV-12KD-17C S – Single 35 Qt : This is hands down one my favorite upgrades in our kitchen

This product screws into the bottom of the cabinet in 4 locations. At that point, the ‘hard’ part is over. Its quick and easy to install. It comes out 100% and very sturdy when it’s out. I used the brackets kit to install the cabinet door to the shelf. This was still very easy but did take patience. I marked where my door sat before i took it off, so putting it back on in the right place was simple. I highly recommend this product. My only regret was i didn’t purchase this sooner.

Can’t say enough about this hardware. Dimensions in description are accurate. The stainless steel finish is polished and professional looking. Sliding action is rock solid. The bracket arms take some elbow grease to install, but the unit is rock solid holding the can once installed. The basket in the rear for holding your trash bag box is a welcome surprise. Buying another for my recycling now.

My double sinks were in the way and the doors wouldn’t shut, but another reviewer suggested cutting it, and even though i hadn’t installed the frame yet, i took a gamble. The trash can has a 4 in u cut in the back to make way for my pipes, but the frame is so smooth and my goal of having a hidden trash can under the sink is achieved.

I’ve installed a lot of things in my 54 years on this planet and this by far was the easiest thing i have ever installed. Was a bit critical the price before i bought it, but after installation and seeing the quality of the product. It even has a basket behind it which i am using for trashbags so they are close by. I’m going to get another one for my recycle items. Now i’m going to start looking at other slide-outs for pans.

Great solution to put a small trash bin into a cabinet. I could get this to fit under the sink although i have a garbage disposal in the same space. Overall, this is a product i can recommend. The only little surprise that has an impact on the space requirements and installation is that the slide has a catch mechanism: you have to push the slide with some extra force through a barrier so that it goes fully back. It’s a bit awkward to pull it back out over the barrier, so it would be easier not to push it past that barrier, but then the slides stick out a bit further. It’s less than an inch and probably not an issue for most installation. In my case, it was very tight in the space and it fits down to a fraction to an inch, so this means that it doesn’t fully side in and pushes against the door a bit. Not a biggy – just a little wrinkle in what is a nice product.

This product makes using the garbage fun. We had a cheap metal pull out that never fit right and had to be repaired by my husband countless times. I was determined to find a better quality option and this was it. This is a very nice product; sturdy, well made. It took my husband a while to get it flush and level, but once installed in worked extremely well. The little box in the back is great for storing the garbage bags. And i love that it connects with the door.

Rev-A-Shelf – RV-12KD-17C S – Single 35 Qt. Pull-Out Silver and Chrome Waste Container with Rear Basket

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Package Contents:(1) Silver 35 quart container with Chrome frame and mounting hardware
  • Designed for a Cabinet that is 15″ width (B15) from outside to outside, with a 11-1/2″ or wider opening
  • Assembled dimensions: 10.62″ W x 22″ D x 19.25″ H
  • 100lb Full-Extension Ball-Bearing slide system
  • Rear basket for extra storage
  • Removable handle

This is a well made product, looks solid and installs with only 4 screws that are provided. The track is on ball bearings so it slides easily in and out from under the sink. The pull handle is a nice addition that makes easier and more hygienic to pull the trash can. The small basket in the back is useful to place extra trash bags box. The construction is heavy steel that makes durable. The plastic trash can is a bit tall for location i have in due to the garbage disposal pipe, which is something i expected, so i replaced the trash can with a slightly shorter one. In general i am very please with it.

 i wish i had done this soonerinstallation is straight forward with the clear instructions, the mechanism is smooth, and the trash basket is good quality. Can’t ask for much more than that. Please watch the video if you’d like to see this in action.

My mom has parkinson’s and has to remove her trash can from under the counter to empty it. I thought this would be better for her (plus i might inherit the place) so i installed this as a christmas surprise. It works great and i did not even bother to look at other brands because i own a double rev-a-shelf pull out rack for my heavy pans and love it. The quality is excellent and i am taking it with me when i move. You can use reg 13 gallon trash bags with this and there is no need to pay more for the smaller bags that fit smaller cans. Money is tight in our family so whenever we can do something to be helpful all year round, it means more than a bottle of perfume. She seems to like the waste can.

We had to remove the shelf inside our cabinet, but we cut it and hammered it out lol. Then we installed the slider which only takes 4 screws and the basket behind it with 2 which is super handy for bags or any type of storage. We also got the cabinet door adapter and that was as well super easy to install. Wished we would have done this upgrade sooner. We put away the big trashcan and the area looks bigger.

Very smooth sliding mechanism, easy to install. I also got the rev-a-shelf under sink plastic drip tray insert (rev-a-shelf – sbdt-3336-s-1). I installed that first and then when i drilled the hole to screw in the garbage can pull out, i just drilled right through the drip tray. It looks great, if i do say so myself. By the way, the installation was easy and i’m a 54 year old woman. The only thing that was somewhat confusing is they didn’t specify which size drill bit to use. I just used a really skinny one to err on the side of caution and it was only necessary to drill a starting hole. At that point i used a handheld screwdriver to put in the 4 screws. They went in easily to my starter holes.

I hesitated to trade existing storage space for a trashcan but i am so glad i did. The rev-a-shelf was easy to install and worked exactly as i expected. The instructions were a bit lacking but a quick check on you-tube is all you need. Just four easily placed screws to your cupboard bottom and project complete. Now my only problem is continually going back to my old trashcan space instead of my cupboard. The fact that the kitchen trash is not the first thing guests see when they enter my house is awesome. I should have done this upgrade years ago. You won’t be sorry if you purchase this unit.

It was easy to install and it glides smoothly. The feature that makes it one step better is the handle. The handle makes it really easy to reach to pull out and even to push back in. This is one of those items you never knew you needed until you got it. It has made a difference for me anyway.

This is hands down one my favorite upgrades in our kitchen. It is so nice to have the trash can hidden away (which also hides any unpleasant odors). We are not diyers but we did tackle installing this on our own. Wasy easy to install and works wonderfully (can even use your foot to slide it out). The only issue we have is that we ended up having to use bungee cords around the outside edge to keep our trash bags from falling in (maybe smaller bags would solve this, but we have just been using what we had for our previous can). This isn’t a deal breaker because the bungees work well and no one sees them.

Only four stars because the brackets that support the bin do not hold it snugly and the bin slides back and forth a bit when opening and closing. Almost seems like it is for a bigger bin. Nonetheless, it is well made and suits our needs. Basket in back is handy for utilizes space that would be otherwise hard to access behind the bin.

This is the best invention since sliced bread. It took all of five min’s to screw in. It fits well under my cabinets and it pull’s out easily so i can get to the trash, plus. The garbage pail isn’t a focal point in the kitchen anymore.I knew it would be smaller than my regular kitchen garbage pail so i actually paid attention to how much trash ended up in the pail on a daily basis and realized the size of this one would hold a decent amount before i had to throw the trash out. It could last me 3 days as long as the trash isn’t smelly. I measured first to make sure it fit but didn’t take into acct the pipes that were on the wall underneath the sink so i wasn’t able to use the little shelf attachment that sits behind the pail. It’s no biggie though as it’s in such an odd place that i probably never would have used it anyway. I have a lip on the bottom of my cabinet and it fits right over that with no problem.

Received the product and it is well made. I like the having the larger size pail 35qt as well. Couple of things to note if it helps anyone. It is tall and will always need to be pulled out to toss garbage. Although it does come with a handle i tend to simple use the top of the pail to slide it out (its the highest point and i don’t feel like bending if i have too. Maybe its an aversion to exercise or being lazy some might say 🙂 but because the brackets that hold the pail is not tight and snug on the pail it wiggles some as i slide it out. Kind of feels like the pail might pop out ) but it doesn’t. I would prefer that it would be a tighter fit to avoid the pail from being loose.

Rev-A-Shelf – RV-12KD-17C S – Single 35 Qt. Pull-Out Silver and Chrome Waste Container with Rear Basket : I am not a handy person (at all) and i installed this myself. I didn’t have a drill, so i just hammered a nail partially in the spots and screwed the rest of the way in. Make sure to leave enough room in the front for the handle. You don’t install it until last based on the instructions, and it adds to the length just a bit. Also, the slides on the bottom rack were partly stuck together so when i first tried to install it, it didn’t extend as far out. Because of this, i almost put holes in the bottom of my cabinet a little too close to the front, where the door wouldn’t shut all the way. I’ve been using for a couple weeks now. It’s great because i never have to touch the can when filling it. I sometimes use the handle, but most of the time i use my foot to slide it out.

The glide is so smooth and so convenient. We love this and are going to buy another one for our recycling. Cons: the instructions could be more descriptive with measurements. We had to add more spacers than were provided in order to attach it to the thickest part of the door (see photos) but we made it work. We didn’t realize it was an extra order or $25 to get the door mount kit (https://www. Com/gp/product/b000mf272w/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=utf8&psc=1). It took us about 30-45 minutes to install because we are perfectionists. Even though the instructions were annoying and that could be improved, i’m still rating it 5 starts because we love it so much.

 if you want a large under your sink trash can with the ability to purchase a lid, a handle , ease of use and assembly, able to fit under a very deep sink with a basket in back for your trash bags this is the one. I had looked endlessly for one with all of the above features and am extremely pleased with this purchase. If you are looking for what i was searching for look no further.

This is the absolute best trash can ever. The rollers slide out and in perfectly. The handle folds up or down easily, there is a little basket that holds trash bags and i can buy the big pack with the 2 big rolls of trash bags and they both fit back there. The cabinet door really traps the smells inside so your kitchen doesn’t smell like trash anymore, and if you’re worried about your cabinet smelling icky, you can just open a box of baking soda and stick it close to the trash can. I will never display my trash can ever again.

I was tired of having a garage can sitting in my kitchen visible to everyone but it seemed like i couldn’t find a pullout can small enough for my 11′ cabinet. . I couldn’t be more excited that i found this full kit after months of research and searching. It slides smoothly and works like a charm, definitely worth it.

I tried the double container, but didn’t work due to pipes. I ordered the single one and it fits perfect. I just moved to a studio in nyc, needless to say, new yorkers are always looking out to save space. It’s great even if you don’t leave in a cramped apartment. I highly recommend you measure well and take into account the pipes as it will seriously reduce the space.

I like this shelf but found if very difficult to mount the basket (in fact decided not to for now). The very small screws that fasten the basket to the frame are preinstalled and must have been installed via a machine. Found it impossible to remove the screws with screwdriver and started to strip the head when attempting to unscrew with small battery operated drill. I’ll figure out an alternative way to mount the basket but am disappointed that could not do as proscribed in instructions. I suggest to the manufacturer to just ship the shelf screws – do not install them before shipment.

I almost skipped this one because they seem so expensive. We had a similar plastic tray and it finally wore out (or my wife ripped it out). This was very easy to install and i upgraded to the get the door mounts so the cabinet door now pulls straight out with the can. My family loves it and says its actually easier to use since the can slides out with the door in one motion. My wife is happy so that equals money well spent.

Everything went together quickly and works the way it should. The tray in back is good for replacement bags or whatever. I purchased this to replace a ‘two basket’ version i’ve had for years. I never left garbage inside long enough to use the second basket; plus, i wanted to use garbage space more efficiently.

1st thing i bought when i moved into condo, keeps garbage out of site. I recommend you also buy the door kit which allows you to pull out without opening cabinet door and then sliding out can. With door kit you just pull on door and it slides out.

This works fairly well for our needs. It loses one star due to the awkward installation. As part of that, the basket in the rear to hold the bags had the screws screwed into the base so you had to unscrew them, place the basket in place and then screw the basket in. Unfortunately the screws were tightly screwed into place that i only managed to get one one unscrewed so the basket just kinda hangs there from one screw. Would have been much better if these screws were just with the other hardware, rather than having to be removed and put back in place.

Very happy with this purchase. The roller mechanism is heavy and solid unlike my old white particle board roll out bins. This looks like it will last much longer probably forever. Very easy to install i unscrewed by old one put this in so that itwas butted against the front lip of the cabinet and drilled 8 holes 4 for each one as this unit is wider and the holed did not match up. Super easy few parts to put together. One of the easiest things to install and gives you great bang for the buck as you are always using the trash and recycle bins i also notice these trash/recycler bins are larger ie wider than the ones they replaced even though they easily fit into my space. Always wanted larger bins as they fill up so fast and now i have them don’t hesitate to buy these .

I installed this on one side of the double door cabinet under the kitchen sink. You need a drill and a screwdriver and about 15 minutes. Due to my double sink design, i had to set it at a slight angle in order to clear both the cabinet door frame and the drain pipe from the sink. We use the small wire basket attached behind the waste basket to hold a box of trash bags.

Lamont Home LaMont Home Carter Round Wicker Waste Basket, Just what I was looking for

A sturdy little wicker basket perfect in the bathroom.

Exactly what i wanted, i might buy another one in white if they have any. I love it because of its basket look, well made, nicely finished, nice size too, and looks great. Recommend for any room, den, bathroom.

This is a functional white waste basket, i hope it will easier to keep clean than the white cane wicker baskets i had before — the paint over the paper wicker is so thick i thought it was plastic. It is not an entirely convincing replica of cane wicker, but good enough to pass for a place where you want a white basket.

I really liked this trash pail, the color was subtle and the weave or pattern on it was really good looking and it was a perfect size. It was just what i was looking for to put in my guest room. Unfortunately my young nephew got very ill when he was staying in my guest room and this was the only thing around and it got ruined. I will buy another because it is very good looking and the picture doesn’t do it justice.

Looks good – matches the hamper.

It’s easy to clean and looks great. I purchased a few expensive trash cans from lowes that were brushed nickle or bronze. They look great but you can’t get them wet. In less than a year, they rust on the inside and look awful. No problem with this trash can.

Key specs for LaMont Home Carter Round Wicker Waste Basket, White:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Made from high-quality paper wicker creates a waste basket that’s beautiful and durable enough to withstand frequent and heavy use
  • The generous size (12-3/4-inch high by 10-3/8 diameter) and ultra sturdy construction makes it ideal for everyday use
  • Convenient snag proof design means even light tissues will empty with ease
  • Conveniently cleans up with a simple wipe of a damp sponge or cloth; To ensure high quality and durability we’ve designed this waste basket so no assembly is required
  • Carter apartment size hamper, upright hamper, family hamper and bench hamper also available on amazon

Comments from buyers

“Very pretty little waste basket you could use in any room and the color and weave are beautiful in person., Just what I was looking for, DURABLE, EASY TO CLEAN, LOOKS GREAT!”

This is a perfect trash can for a bedroom or office that will have trash items like paper goods. Naturally you wouldn’t want this in a kitchen without a bag but i feel like putting a bag in it would cover up up the beauty of it.

This waste basket is roomy, yet fits in a small space. It is an attractive, well made,round, white wicker design. Some wicker baskets have rough, unattractive pieces sticking out. This basket does not have that.

This is a reasonably price small waste basket for my bathroom. It is made of paper and plastic with a durable coating that appears to be water resistant. Another person posted that the bottom rusted. That is nonsense since there is no metal in this product. It came with a made in the usa hang tag and sticker on the bottom.

Wicker plastic, not for trash heavy items.

I’d give it five stars, but that means i ‘love’ it, and i think that loving a wastebasket would be odd indeed. It is stylish enough, seems well made,unobtrusive, and does what it’s supposed to do—-at a reasonable price.

Great waste basket for the price. Just what my bathroom needed.

Very cute, perfect bathroom size.

Smooth all around, perfect white color inside and out and a good size. I needed the basket quickly and chose to order through amazon and pay a bit extra.

Would have preferred real wicker, but molded wicker is more practical for our needs. Arrived timely and in good condition.

Overpriced for the quality of the product.

This is a cute little trash can. It feels solid enough to withstand regular use but is kind of delicate at the same time. It wouldn’t withstand being accidently knocked over and having any sort of pressure put on it, for example, unlike a metal one. I have this in my 4yr old daughter’s room because she’s gentle on her things and there isn’t a lot of crazy play in there for it to get messed up. She loves how ‘pretty’ it looks and it matches her white furniture nicely. It looks prettier in person for sure. Something to note, though, it is not completely sealed on the bottom (as in i can see light coming in around the edges of the circular bottom piece) so if your trash bag leaks it will get on your floor, not just the bottom of the trash can.

Its exactly the size i wanted and it’s so lightweight. Also looks very nice in the bedroom. The stores have not had anything that remotely resembles a basket like this one.

I all most sent it back because they did not box it very well. They put it with a big hamper it almost got wreck.

This basket is used in our bedroom.

Nice basket that matches our bathroom hamper.

simplehuman Swing Top Trash Can : Expected more from

I like it very much as it keeps out odors and there is no peddal to press. My husband though, does not like the fact that ad the can fills up close to the top, the lid really wont swing open so he can cram more garbage in there. That means it needs to be emptied.

What i hate about other trash cans, is that the step eventually breaks, or the automatic sensor breaks, or it’s all plastic and looks gross, which means you usually throw it away, creating a large amount of waste. I don’t foresee this swing arm breaking, so it seems like i will be able to use this for a long long time. The only drawback is that once the trash gets to a certain level, you can swing the top anymore, it’s get stuck.

I have another one made by a different company that i like a little better, but that company no longer makes them. I am very happy that this company makes these. I just wish it had two handles on the side like my other one instead of just one, and that they were a little cheaper since i need about 4 more for our arcade. Other than that they look exactly the same, and to me are the best looking ones on the market. The quality is decent and i have had no issues with them. They are easy to clean and keep clean, and the bags don’t show when properly installed in the can.

Love my trash can, but i wish the top would allow for you to fit more trash in the can.

We went for years without a kitchen garbage because we have large garbage foraging dogs, but finally got sick of having to go to the back hall to toss every little thing, so we invested in this garbage can. We should have done so long ago. It’s large enough that we don’t have to empty it every day, and the swing top keeps odors and dogs out(you should note, if the dogs really wanted to, they could get into it since the lid doesn’t lock shut, but it’s so stable i don’t think they could knock it over). Our regular garbage bags fit inside it, there’s no reason to buy the ones they sell. It’s stylish enough that it doesn’t look out of place in the kitchen. We are very happy with this garbage can.

I ordered 14 of these trash cans last year. The overall look and quality is outstanding. The lid closes every time and the liner make removing bags a snap. Order 2 more this week and need another 16 for another location. I did receive one that was damaged. Due to the size of the boxes i feel it was the carriers fault. They are double boxed in a heavy box. I would recommend for home or office.

simplehuman Swing Top Trash Can, Commercial Grade, Stainless Steel, 55 L / 14.5 Gal

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • BALANCED SWING LID- Center-weighted swing lid opens easily and then gently swings back into place.
  • PERFECT FOR COMMERCIAL SPACES – Large capacity and an open lid make this an ideal choice for coffee shops, hotel lobbies or restaurants.
  • EASY, QUICK LINER CHANGE – Lid lifts off easily for a quick bag change.
  • ENHANCE YOUR TRASH EXPERIENCE – Extra-strong and durable Code P custom fit liners fit this can perfectly for a cleaner trash experience.
  • ADA-Compliant
  • 14.8″W x 14.8″D x 29.2″H

It’s a good thing it’s easy to clean because the lid will get all kinds of nasty on it.

Top of the can gets hung up on the liner and gets dirty.

A little high priced, but is built very good. I bought it for my daughter for christmas, and it looks very nice in her kitchen. I like the idea that it has a liner.

Would love those specific garbage bags to be a bit cheaper by the manufacture but will work with regular bags as well.

Very sturdy, good looking can,=. Simplehuman is pricey, otherwise 5 stars.

Works to keep pets out and keep garbage hidden.

Just bought our second can of this type. The first has held up perfectly for over 13 years. This new one arrived with the swing top lid assembled incorrectly but called simplehuman’s customer service and they shipped a brand new lid asap. We are very happy with their customer service and with the product.

We wanted a trash can with a swing top lid. We had difficulty finding any that fit with our decor. The stainless steel looks institutional, but at least it isn’t plastic. This is recommended until someone comes up with a quality product that doesn’t look so institutional.

Pricey, but stunning looking trash cans and nicely designed. The inside of the lids are convex, as they have a weight to make sure they flip back into the right position, so this can be an issue if the bin gets too full. Other than that, i don’t have any trouble removing the top, cleaning is easy and and the finish is great.

simplehuman Swing Top Trash Can, Commercial Grade, Stainless Steel, 55 L / 14.5 Gal :

Cevillo Mini Trash Can, Like it, it’s cute

It’s a nice little trash can for the car. I just wish it was a little bigger to fit in the cup holders in the middle. It’s in the door holder so i’m the only one that can use it. Other than that, it’s a nice design, comes apart easily for cleaning, and blends in with the interior.

About the size of a can of soda. I thought i wanted it to be taller to fit more in, but i found a cupholder in my door that it wouldn’t fit if it was taller so it is perfect. Holds a lot even if you want to use it in a bigger space. Soft / flexible silicone on top. Easy to poke things into it and clean out.

Small, but good for wrappers and such.

I love the compact size of this trash can. It fits perfectly in the cup holder. I told a friend about it and she ordered one immediately.

This fix well in the car door and holds just the right amount of trash.

Item was as described, very pleased with purchase. Will likely order another one for passenger side.

It’s honestly an amazing addition to my car. No more mess to pick up and it holds a lot of garbage. At most needs to be emptied every 2 weeks. 100% would buy again in a heart beat.

Key specs for Cevillo Mini Trash Can with Lid for Car Cup Holder | Washable Silicone Automotive Kitchen and Office Mini Dust Holder Litter Rubbish Bin (Black):

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    by entering your model number.
  • ✅ SMOOTH SILICONE SURFACE – Non-sticky and non-allergenic environmentally friendly silicone makes clean up fast and easy
  • ✅ COMPACT DESIGN – Fits in most car cupholders and glove compartments. Also great for home and office
  • ✅ MULTI USE – Can be used for small miscellaneous car and household items
  • ✅ DISHWASHER FRIENDLY – Easily washable by hand or dishwasher
  • ✅ STABLE BASE – Will not tilt and spill the trash

Comments from buyers

“This trash can is perfect for your vehicle, Very cute little trash can, Fits perfectly in the cupholder in the car door. “

I absolutely love my mini trashcan. It’s probably the chicest trashcan i’ve ever seen. I definitely will be ordering a few more.

Fits perfectly and inconspicuously in my cup holder and is great for small waste like tissues, candy wrappers, etc.

I love the way it fits in my door and is invisible. I also like that it can be put in my dishwasher to be cleaned.

I just got a new car, and apparently new cars don’t come with small trash bins/’ash trays’ anymore. I bought this, put is in the my drivers side door where there’s an extra cup holder. Fits perfect, easy to put small trash in to. It takes a little oomph to take it apart to throw the trash out, and a little oomph to put it back together, but it’s not bad at all. I’m definitely satisfied with my purchase.

I was in search for a very specific product. I wanted it to be white so it would match the rest of my bathroom, have a lid, and be very small. It is all of those things so i’m pretty happy. It is a hard to use if you are not using it in a car cup holder (as it is designed to, which i understand) because it is very lightweight so you need to hold it in place if you are throwing anything away. If you use it in a car i’m sure you wouldn’t have to do that. Emptying it, as you probably read in the other reviews is a pain. The bottom comes off and you really have to pull everything out. The silicone has a sort of static energy that my hair (again, i’m using it in a bathroom) sticks to it and it’s hard to get off. Overall, i’m keeping the product because i care more about how it looks in my bathroom then the ease of use. A+ for visual design, c for actual functional design.

Very happy with purchase, it is as described and it is a hard item to find. Great merchant, responsive, professional.

I don’t really like the material cause its sticky, in a way, but the trash can is a perfect size and fits in my cup holder.

The item itself it’s designed well, i just wish it was a little bit larger. It seems smaller than a cup so it fits very loosely in my cup holder. I think the way to go is if they had different sizes to fit different vehicles. There aren’t very many vehicle trash cans out there though, so i like the product.

Great product fits well in car cup holder.

Very cute, great idea, just a bit too small.

I love this mini-trash receptacle. It fits perfectly in the car’s cup holder, as advertised, so it is easily accessible, and it is very attractive. The silicone material is great – study but washable.

I love how compact this mini trash can is. I fits perfectly in my cup holder and my car hasn’t looked cleaner since.

Fits perfectly in the cupholder in the car door. It’s not meant to hold a lot of trash, but enough to hold gum wrappers or straw wrappers. . The little things that will drive you nuts if you just toss it around in your brand new car.

It looks sleek and classy in the picture. A lil small for my cup holder not unless if i will use it as a coin bank inside my car and it will not move. If you got an ocd about the lint and the dust this is not for you because its silicone rubberish. It would be nicer if they make a lol more bigger than this one.

You need this its great fist the door hold all your little pieces of trash and dishwasher safe too.

I like it, perfect for small litter. Make the interior cleaner and more organized.

I could not find a decent trash can at any auto parts store. Most were too big i just wanted one that would fit on the console. When i saw this mini trash can i knew this was it.

This trash can is perfect for your vehicle. It sits in a cup holder and holds little random pieces of trash that would otherwise be all over your car. Having 3 kids under 5, i needed something to help hold all the tiny stuff they seem drag in. It’s easy to take out and dump and reuse. I’m thinking about buying 3 more so they can each have one in their cup holder by their seats.

Rev-A-Shelf – RV-15KD-17C S – Double 27 Qt – The chrome finish looks great and the bottom glides smooth

My cabinet had a lip at the bottom-front so i had to put some folded cardboard under the rails to that the rails can extend out fully. Wish some triangular plastic ramps were provided instead of this mcgyver technique. Without this modification the rail only extended 12′ and i could only use one bin. The instructions are really bad, its just pictures. Someone spent a lot of time optimizing them and made them the hardest they needed to be. All i did was lay the rail and bin-try in the cabinet and mark out where the screws go in (bottom and door). Do this before you remove the door.

We have separate trash and recycling. This rack maximizes the usable space inside one of our kitchen cabinets. This is far more efficient and confenient than when we had two shorter containers under the kitchen sink. We were constantly emptying these and it wasted the storage space under the sink. It is pretty straight forward to install. I think it took me about an hour to install it, (including the time to remove what was in the cabinet previously. ) i highly recommend this rack with its two baskets.

I remodeled a kitchenette in a basement for a 80 year old grandmother. I bought and installed these for her as my gift to her. To show my appreciation for hiring me and being easy to work with. And for a little old gramma they should be the perfect size. One for garbage and one for recycles. The ‘clips’ are a little cheap and don’t have a solid click when they lock. And the directions say to be sure to face the clips outward ( common sense ) but the pictures show it the other way.

I should have got these a long time ago. A little pricey, but worth the convenience. Many apartments and houses are built with cabinets that are too small for conventional garbage cans, and the ones you can fit in are just too small. This solves all of that, with two bins that glide out oh-so smoothly on a high-quality bearing-lined track. Another tip for renters: rather than screw into the cabinet, i just used some 3m double-sided tape (the thick, sticky one known as ‘vhb’). That does the trick, and with no damage. The bottom mounting is also very convenient for me as i could not mount to the sides, there being no divider between doors in my cabinets. I highly recommend this purchase if you need to save space.

It works really well and does pretty much exactly what we expected (not really sure how you can be surprised by what this does if you ordered it). The only thing that’s a little bit of a bummer is that these aren’t super big trash cans, so they fill up quickly. That’s obviously not the company’s problem because they have to be able to fit under the cabinet. It’s more for anyone debating whether or not to stick with a regular, free-standing garbage can. The only other thing is that it feels a little pricey for basically 2 trash cans. But again, it works well and we knew the price when we got it so this does everything we had expected.

  wow, was this easy to put in. I was actually a little scared, because this kind of project usually takes hours, what with measuring or having to install screws at weird angles or behind pieces of inconveniently placed metal, but i literally sat down with this and 10 minutes later it was installed. It’s also much sturdier than the custom cabinetry accessory it replaced. I love that it installs with screws to the base of the cabinet so that you don’t have downward force pulling on screws mounted to cabinet sides as with some other slide accessories. The chrome frame is simple and elegant, and i like the black containers, as they go well with a stainless steel kitchen. As someone else mentioned, the pull-out handle is a welcome addition. It not only means i don’t have to grab the side of the garbage can (not knowing what might be lurking at the top edge) to pull it out, but also because the handle is mounted at the frame and swivels, it eliminates the downward force applied to the slides which you get when you pull from the top of the can, which should make it last longer. One thing the images don’t make clear is that the handle moves. The image makes it look like it might be permanently sticking out from the frame, and i was nervous that might make it too deep so i couldn’t close the cabinet door, but it does rotate around the bar of the frame to which it is attached so you can just push it up against the side of the can and it doesn’t make the accessory any deeper (see video).

  • A cost-effective space-saver, with reasonably reduced capacity.
  • Hours of custom work saved!!
  • Much Improved Over Previous Versions!

Wish i bought this sooner, it fits perfectly in my cabinet and is exactly what i wanted. The only downside is that the bins are small, but for the small cabinet space that i have, and wanting 2 bins in the same spot, they have to be small. Even small, this was so worth it.Recommend the door kit as well, feels like a high-end cabinet that i got for fairly cheap.

This product is heavy weight (seems sturdy like it can handle some cabinet door slamming). It’s also ridiculously easy to install. The instructions did not tell me to drill holes into the plywood bottom of my cabinet, but i had to. Used a 3/8 drill bit and everything went in like a dream after that. I feel like a professional-ha. I also bought the door mounting brackets. That only slightly trickier to install, but just because you have to place the door so that it will hang exactly. It helps to have a 2nd person at that point, but not necessary due to the double sided tape that’s provided in the bracket kit. I’m very pleased with my under $100 (slider + brackets) trash upgrade and i enthusiastically recommend it to others.

Works very well, i have not had it long at all, but is exactly what i expected. Be aware it is small, i got the double 27 qt version, each bin is just under 7 gallons. As for mounting, i did not use the screws that it came with, i used 1′ cabinet screws and put 1 in each hole in the front centered in the slot, then 2 in each of the rear holes angled away from each other (yes you can fit 2 screws in each hole). I also have placed a 1/4′ mdf board on the bottom of the cabinet to repair the cabinet from water damage, so the screws actually go through 2 boards. With all this i could compact the trash really hard and it will withstand the pressure.

Easy to install under my kitchen sink. It fits perfectly under a standard ikea kitchen counter. I use one for garbage and one for recycling.

I’ve been using just a trash can in the (under the sink) cabinet for years and thought these installed versions were overrated. My husband installed it last night — it took him about 15 min from beginning to end. Saves floor space and because i have two cans, it makes it so much more convenient to recycle. Will be looking at other rev-a-shelf products. Definitely measure before ordering. We did not need to modify it.

Features of Rev-A-Shelf – RV-15KD-17C S – Double 27 Qt. Pull-Out Silver and Chrome Waste Container

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Package Contents:(2) Silver 27 quart container with Chrome frame and mounting hardware
  • Designed for a Cabinet that is 15″ width (B15) from outside to outside, with a 11-1/2″ or wider opening
  • Assembled dimensions: 11.81″ W x 22.25″ D x 19.25″ H
  • 100lb Full-Extension Ball-Bearing slide system
  • Removable handle
  • Shelf Weight Rating: 100 lbs. per shelf

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The directions tell you to assemble it all the way then place it in the cabinet to screw down. You can’t reach over the side bars to the back of your cabinet, so i took the side bars off then screwed it to the bottom of the cabinet then put the sides back on. Ps use a hammer to gently tap the curved part of the brace into the hole.

I replaced a previous sliding unit i had for years that was still good but but just getting a bit worn out. This is a bit pricier than most but worth every penny. Heavier steel, two solid buckets and nice smooth rolling action on quality parts. I’m a pretty good diy person but i think even for a novice this would be an easy install ( i did it in about 15 minutes).

This is the third rev-a-shelf set i’ve bought (i keep coming back for more because it’s one of the only ones that will fit in my cabinet). The first two lasted just a 2-3 years each then got bent up and quit sliding properly. I am very happy to say the this latest version looks to be much higher quality. For starters, the metal is much heavier and this version has cross supports to maintain the proper distance between the two horizontal rails (the old version had two separate rails that tended to bend out away from each other and cause the basket rails to ‘jump the tracks’. Secondly, the new rails have really nice ball-bearing slides that are super-smooth and look to be fairly heavy duty. Finally, because the base is now one piece it’s much easier to install. Literally a minute or two with a cordless drill. Oh, and i like the the chrome and black look.

I had a whimpy little basket under the cabinet that was further hampered by a useless little shelf. I banged out the shelf and installed a double barrel slide out. I can fit a lot more trash and i use one for the nasty stuff that has to go out more often. No more using my foot as a trash compactor.Way install took me an extra 5 min to whack out the shelf i had.

Unit purchased: double 27-qt. Great, sturdy, heavy-duty product which makes use of the useless space behind your current garbage bin and keeps your garbage and recycling in one compact space. It fits as described, it’s very easy to install, and it’s very sturdy. The 27-qt bins fit regular large garbage bags quite nicely, with about 6 inches hanging on the sides. The sliding mechanism is very smooth and doesn’t make any noise. It’s not ‘soft close’ but it almost has the same feel. The only think i would warn you about is the kit to affix it to the door (sold separately). The instructions in the kit sold by rev-a-shelf are not written for the 27-qt unit, and the parts are not made for it either, so expect adjustments to have to be made.

Works as advertised and operates smoothly. The only knock against it is that it doesn’t pull out far enough to be able pull out the back container without first removing the front container without a bit of a struggle. It would also be better if there was some kind of hold down mechanism to keep bags from sliding into the containers when they start getting full, but that can be diy’d in various ways.

Package Contents:(2) Silver 27 quart container with Chrome frame and mounting hardware

The pull out waste containers seems to be working great thus far but it’s been a few days since i have it. The installation process was fairly easy and did not take too much of my time. The one thing i am really disappointed about is that the waste canisters came in all scratched. One might say that it’s only a pull out garbage but if i pay then i expect the product to be in a perfect condition when it arrives at my doorsteps.

Installation is relatively easy with a drill, i had to take out the slide out holders to install rear screws. It was just easier, be careful taking them out they’re greased. These use all available space in my cabinets that they were designed for which is great. They slide easily, hold a decent amount of trash and seem to be very durable. Great for having one for trash and one for recycling. Would recommend to anyone, only con i could see is that sometimes its hard to take out trash bag of rear can. Maybe i installed them too far back?.

The chrome finish looks great and the bottom glides smooth. Great diy under sink trash containers. Make sure you use a leveler so it stays flush with the door. I added the door kit to make it a cabinet door pull out. No need to move or add another door knob.

Looking for a trash shelf kit that fit well and this was well worth the purchase. Tried one from bb&b and it wasn’t sturdy and the trash cans seemed cheap. The rails on this are strong and glide well. I did have to place wood under the rails to raise the height so it cleared the cabinet lip but that was an easy fix. Just check you measurements for proper fit.

I never thought i’d ever say this but i’m totally in love with this trashcan. I needed a setup for trash and recycling that i could hide from my dog. It was easy to install with the bracket fully assembled. The trashcans are the perfect size that we don’t have to empty daily. I love that you use a standard trash bag.

We just bought a new house and i swear, this is the best purchase we made so far. This roll-out trash solution fits perfectly in our standard sized cabinet, narrowly clearing the pipes that hang down under the sink and would have gotten in the way of other similar options i compared. We use one bin for trash and one for recycling, and they’re just the right size for our two-adult household. They fit a standard size 13-gallon trash bag (it’s a little big, but works fine) and keep the garbage out of sight while minimizing smell. We take the trash out about every other day, and the recycling weekly. They also make great use of what would otherwise be wasted cabinet space, and free up precious area in the kitchen.

Designed for a Cabinet that is 15″ width (B15) from outside to outside, with a 11-1/2″ or wider opening

Im a 58 year old widowed women and installed this in 30 minutes. I have a incredibly small kitchen and i now do not trip over my trash can nor do i have to see it. Truly this product makes my life easier and i was extremely blessed that the price was right and i did it myself a win win ferrrrr shurrr.

These rev-a-shelf hideway bins are a simple and smooth solution for those who want to hide the trash and take back some floorspace in the kitchen. It is a great solution because it hides both the look and the smell of a trashcan that sits on the floor. Getting the space back is worth any inconvenience of capacity. The slides move easily, without running all the way to the end and slamming to a stop, while the bins remain stable in their yoke while moving. Furthermore, it slides about 96% out so you can place items in the rear bin easily. This makes these a good choice if you do not produce copious amounts of trash. It fits easily into a standard cabinet, but measure carefully to prevent swearing. Also, if you empty three gallons of soda every day, or feed multiple teenagers, this may not be enough trash storage for you. In fact, my biggest concern was having my freedom to pollute the planet with trash restricted in any capacity. It seemed like a lot but doubts remained whether these would fit as much trash as a single canister.

Great addition to our kitchen. Was relatively easy to install and saved me hours of custom work needed to make a pull out garbage/recycling area. We also purchased the mounting brackets for the door and they worked very well for adjusting the door fit the space once mounted to the rack. I do wish that rev-a-shelf offered this in a self/soft close mechanism option, even if at a higher cost. Com/gp/product/b000mf272w?redirect=true&ref_=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_40.

This product was very easy to install. I had it in my cabinet in less than 30 minutes. I’m pretty handy when it comes to house projects, but this would be easy even for someone who isn’t. I was a little concerned with the size of the bins when i ordered this because my previous stand alone garbage can was much bigger. But it ended up not being a big issue at all. You can fit plenty of trash and recycling in both bins before you have to switch out the bags. It holds a lot of weight and stays in place without fail. Definitely would recommend this.

Great product, easy install, and works in undivided cabinets thanks to not needing to connect to walls. Very handy if you have the cabinet space, but lack in floor space.

It was easy to install, functions perfectly and is sturdy and oh so convenient. It is right up there near the top of my list of favorite things about our kitchen remodel project. I couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase.

From someone who originally had regular (non-soft close) version of this pull out, be aware that the rails are shorter. Based on my installation, i cannot install the rails out any further and the back pail cannot be removed without the front pail coming out first. I have no idea how they’re able to get the pull out extended so far in the picture, because that’s not what mine looks like. I’ll post pics later for reference. I love the soft close feature, but there’s this weird banging sound when closing of the lower rail hitting the front of the door. I can add a felt pad to soften the banging sound, but surprising that rev-a-shelf did not address this at the time of manufacturing.

Assembled dimensions: 11.81″ W x 22.25″ D x 19.25″ H

100lb Full-Extension Ball-Bearing slide system

BLOSSOMZ’ BLOSSOMZ Hefty Swing-Lid 13 : Good, BUT hate the handle in the lid

Good looking trash receptacle.

Everything is good except for being a bit light so it has a tendency to move out of place with a slight bump.

Really nice to have a trash can that opens from the front in our cupboard where we place it, vs. Only funny thing was we asked for it in black – which it’s pictured in – and received a red one. Even so, we kept the red one because it fits our kitchen colors too.

I bought two of these and both came scratched up. One of the lids was the wrong lid. I contacted the seller and was told they were sorry but they could not send me a new lid as they were sold out. They did give my a refund for one trash can so i did give them one more star for that. I have a red one of these in my kitchen and loved it but wanted one for my bathroom and bedroom. They are good sturdy cans if you get them not scratched up and all the correct parts.

As others mentioned, really terrible design, but gets the job done for cheap.

Not bad, i’ve come to hate the handle in the lid. Keep in mind that the handle will pretty much suck in all the trash you throw out, getting filled instantly.

BLOSSOMZ Hefty Swing-Lid 13.5-Gallon Trash Can (13.5 Gallon, Black) (13.5 Gallon)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • This black trash can holds 13.5 gallons or 51 liters
  • Prevents insects and elements from getting in
  • Lid swings back to closed position / Uses 13-gallon trash bags
  • Push trash through center of lid / Hands free operation
  • Durable plastic construction / Black glossy finish

I wanted to keep my dog out of the garbage can and this can works perfectly.

I love this garbage can, it’s just the right size and works perfectly.

I thought it would be bigger.

I was a bit worried about ordering this can after reading some of the reviews. But it came in perfect condition, with the correct lid. I do not worry about the handle slot getting dirty as i rinse off the lid each time i empty the can. Heavy duty construction and perfect size for my trash area.

My only complaint is that when you go to throw things out, sometimes they’ll get stuck in the little space on the lid and it’s kinda gross to get out.

This is a nice heavy duty trash can…bags fit nice and tight around the top of the trash can so the bag won’t fall in.

Would be very nice except for two things, doesn’t need that little carved out handle on top just a place for things to get caught in, and mine came all scratched up, scratches look terrible on black.

Very nice looking trash can goes with décor of kitchen area. A good fit for area of location.

It’s a good deal(quality/price).

Nice trash can, lid shuts properly. Like the other reviews, dirt seems to get into the handle on the top of the lid, but no big deal, would buy away.

BLOSSOMZ Hefty Swing-Lid 13.5-Gallon Trash Can (13.5 Gallon, Black) (13.5 Gallon) : Kind of bigger than i thought in my small kitchen it’s like a piece of furniture.

Good for 1 bed room apartment. Size is large enough and easily can be placed in any corner.

Nice size and easy to clean. Keeps smells inside better than expected.

What can i say, it’s a garbage can. My only complaint is that when your bag get about 3/4 of the way full the lid interferes with the garbage. We end up taking the lid off for the last day or so before we take the bag out. And one more thing, the lid has a handle where crumbs and dust collect.

We liked the size and shape of this trash can, but there is a small ‘handle’ on top of the lid that collects crumbs and such. We ended up not liking the lid type and bought a new trash can.

Good size and the 13 gal bags fit nice and snug.

Safco Products 9928BB Desk-Side Waste Recycling Trash Can – Great space saver

It is too big for a bedroom or desk. And they don’t stay hooked together very well. I had to pay to return them which sucked. I didn’t read carefully before ordering that returns were not free. I made two work but they were too big for the other places i wanted them in my house.

I bought this duo trash can with the hopes of saving room in my room. Each compartment is bigger than i originally thought. The plastic where the two come together also cracked so for most of the time, these two containers sit separately in my room.

They only issue i have with this is that i think they should have bags that fit for this, since you don’t really want your trash to be directly in the can. Other than that, works as you think it wuld.

So happy to be able to have proper bins to recycle.

These worked, though not the way i thought they would. They fit very well in tight spaces, better separately than clipped together.

Use in smaller spaces and under desk.

  • Works great, with pictures and dimension
  • Who knew a rubbish bin could save time?
  • I love this as a trash for my bedroom

A little bigger than i had thought with the picture. Garbage bags are hard to keep on with this set up, but it works for the filing room we put it in.

Just what i needed, so happy to have both trash and recycling in my home office now. I thought the way the two halves fit together was clever. It turns out i like them even better separated flat against the wall.

So these are recycle bins and i set them in my senior dad’s room for his white and colored clothes. They are the perfect size, not too big. They are a nice thick plastic like the recycle bins from the waste recycle companies.

Perfect for my college son’s room.

The three gallon size is perfect for under my desk, saves time on cleaning day, as no i no longer need to pull recyclables from the bin. As some people complained, the two units slid out of place. So i used a 1′ metal spring clamp to attach to the two units, and snapped arms down. It prevents sliding, and allows me to pick up both sides as one unit to move around. (the dubious instructions claimed a phillips screwdriver was required for assembly, but i can’t see why.

Features of Safco Products 9928BB Desk-Side Waste Recycling Trash Can, 7-Gallon, Black/Blue

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  • Desk side dual 7-Gallon waste receptacles
  • Use individually or together for waste or recycling
  • Ability to latch two 16 1/2″H recycling receptacles together
  • One blue and one black 7-Gallon receptacle, 14-Gallon total capacity
  • Heavy duty plastic construction

From the manufacturer

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Safco Desk-Side Recycling Receptacles

Where To Use

These wastebaskets are perfect to use at your desk in the office, at home, in the mailroom, front desk and more!

The Desk-Side Recycling Receptacles Advantage

These economical wastebaskets can be latched together or can be used individually for waste or recycling. The black and blue color combination can be used to keep recyclables and waste separate. 3-Gallon and 7-Gallon capacity wastebaskets available.

About Safco Products

For 50 years, Safco has been providing the furniture and office products needed to make a workplace feel like a workplace. But we don’t stop there. Our product offering includes seating (desk and guest), desks (sitting, standing, adjustable-height), organization (desktop organizers, filing, storage), presentation/training, ergonomics (backrests, footrests), work area (bookcases, printer stands), facility (wastebaskets, recycling) and educational solutions. Safco is a Liberty Diversified International company.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I use these against the wall in my tiny kitchen, and they are perfect. Don’t trip over them every time i go into the kitchen. I use a regular kitchen trash bag as a liner on the trash side – it fits perfectly. I don’t line the recycle side. I was afraid the capacity would be too small, but it is just fine.

Easier to use than expected. I thought the link between them would be cheap and silly, but it’s actually really nice.

Got my husband this, to keep recycling from garbage. Can be used hooked together, or apart.

I needed a small recycle bin for my home office and did not want two separate receptacles. This feels like one bin, though is of course both. The two halves are lightly attached and move apart fairly easily, but who moves the bin around?. It sorts my trash and that’s what i needed.

Works perfectly to help me collect my trash and my recyclable waste. I wish it was just a little bigger, but that’s probably because i’m lazy and don’t want to have to empty them often.

I needed a trashcan and recycle can for my home office and this fit the bill perfectly.

Desk side dual 7-Gallon waste receptacles

Seemed like a cool idea when i bought them, but it’s difficult to find bags that fit, and once you do get back in there and the units are connected it’s a little difficult to get the edges of the bags to tuck in tightly.

Nothing wrong with this product functionally, it does have one curious design flaw though. The lips that hold the two cans together aren’t wide enough to ‘center’ them against one another, i could see a couple mm of slack for accommodating a trash bag, but there’s way more than that. Anyhow, good enough for a trash can i guess.

Works great, pictures of the smaller one with dimensions.

Perfect trash/recycle cans for my office.

We have a full sized trashbin and recycling bin upstairs, but this one looks great and works perfectly for the basement. You can fit plastic bags in there to keep things contained.

Bought these for exchange students’ bedrooms as i recycle all that i can. Sturdy and will hold much of school work waste.

Use individually or together for waste or recycling

I bought this for my office. I have a very small space and no extra room for garbage cans. I used to keep the one they provided me under the desk but it was too bulky and got in the way. I keep these separate and backed up against the wall under my desk, side by side. They fit, i can recycle and trash and i haven’t kicked them once. I think it’s obvious i really like this product.

These are much larger than i expected. The diameter is 18 inches when they are combined, so you need an 18’x18′ area to put them. They therefore don’t really fit under my desk like i was planning, so they are being used in a craft room area instead. They are made of relatively thin plastic, but probably no different from other plastic garbage cans. I was able to put a tall kitchen garbage bag in the non-recycle side and still able to hook the two cans together.

Now i have a place to throw my garbage. I had been just throwing my garbage on the floor, but for some reason people don’t like that. Plus, whenever i get bored, i can just turn it around and it’s like a whole new trash can.

(have actually put them in my car, on the floorboard of the passenger side, so i can go through/sort my mail as i’m waiting in the line to pick up my kids from school.

I put this in my bathroom and now i’m recycling more than ever. I never realized how many things can be recycled from bathroom (empty toilet paper rolls, the plastic single serving bags of my vitamins, shampoo bottles, etc).

These are pretty convenient little bins. The size was not quite what i expected. They are too small to use in our kitchen. With 3 of us, it would be filled in one day, max. I now use them to sort odds and ends in the kid’s room. It’s nice they they stick together. The only downside of not using this for a recycling bin is that the recycle symbol is embossed on the side, but you would have to be looking in order to see it.

I was constantly sorting out my bedroom trash on trash night to separate out paper/cardboard/plastic items for recycling while sifting through tissues and such that were trash. I don’t have space for 2 cans though and found this product to work perfectly in my case. I use little bath can style cheap liners on the trash side and they fit great even on the half circle odd shape. Once you slide the 2 sides together the joint holds up the bag to keep it from slipping as well. I was a bit hesitant to spend a bit much for plastic cans, but these are made well and will hold up for many years (even the joint pieces are very sturdy on the plastic). If you need a separated can and are considering this, i’d recommend it. I like that i can also put the trash one separately right next to my bed out of its usual space if i have a cold or something where i’m using more tissues as well. It fits snug and against my lower style platform bed frame perfectly.

Ability to latch two 16 1/2″H recycling receptacles together

Work well against wall but also connected.

One blue and one black 7-Gallon receptacle, 14-Gallon total capacity