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Daily Archives: January 23, 2019

iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can – Many years WITHOUT problems!!

I first purchased this item in september 2009 it is used many many times a day and it work very well without any problems and the batteries really do last for a very long time. I used four duracell batteries and wrote the date on them and got almost 2 years used out of them, for me there is no reason to buy the a/c adapter the batteries will work just fine. This can is in my kitchen so it open and close many times a day without problem. I just notice a problem with the closing of the lib after eight years of use, so did not even give it a second though went on amazon to see if it was still out there and ordered my replacement can. I like also that you can use any brand of can liners with it and the ring that the liners hang on will keep it from falling into the can. It was money very well spend.

After about a month with it we give it 5 stars. Works perfectly, you figure out pretty quickly what motions open the lid. Designed so typical kitchen bags are filled completely before needing emptying. Love the touch-free and the fact top closes tightly afterwards. No odors unlike the under counter one we had previously used. Update: 6 months in and still love it. Bought it for the convenience, but noticed can hold much more than plastic trash receptacles can because you can compress trash into it with its rigid metal sides. Other advantages: tops seals nicely when closed, so no odors, batteries last a long time. Haven’t needed to replace yet.

I bought this to use as a diaper bin and it’s been a true blessing. Even with it filled to capacity we only smell the nastiness for the brief moment the lid is open. Otherwise you’d never know the horrors that awaited inside lol. It’s been running strong on the same batteries since i bought it. Bags are easy to replace and the removable bag ring is fantastic. With the top back on the bag is secure and completely concealed. I’m not sure how much the charcoal filter helps, but my main concern was odor when the can is closed, and for that purpose it works perfectly. As an added bonus the unit looks fantasticupdate: i’ve been using this daily for six months or so and it is a workhorse. Still running on the same batteries i purchased when i received it and blocking diaper odor just as effectivelyupdate: so, after working perfectly since last november, a couple weeks ago the lid decided to give up on me suddenly and completely.I figured the batteries had finally died, so i swapped in a fresh set and nothing happened.

I’ve waited almost a year to write this review because i wanted to be sure this product was long-lasting. We have a tiny kitchen in our beach house and a tiny and weirdly shaped space for a trash can. I researched forever (just ask my husband) and finally settled on this one. It fits perfectly in the space and has surpassed my expectations in every way. It’s attractive and fits a ton of trash in a very discreet way.

I waited to review to make sure it works. After having a cheap plastic can with a lid that wouldn’t stay shut for weeks i broke down and ordered this. I just hold whatever is getting tossed over it and it opens. It also closes when you are done. The bad reviews about the bags slipping in are user error. Read the directions and install the bags properly with the ring update: it is about 5 months later and i still have not had to replace the batteries. And i open and close this can a lot. Very happy with this purchase.

I bought this trash can 8 years ago. At the time, it was hard to find any stainless steel trash can for an affordable price, so the fact that this was the most reasonable and it had the automated lid seemed like a pretty easy choice. It still looks great and works great. You can wave over the sensor to open the lid, or there is a button on the front of it to open the lid and keep it open. The lid does a great job of holding any odors in while its closed. Honestly i’ve never bothered trying to change out the carbon filters in it to use the advertised ‘deodorizer,’ and looking at the price right now, i wouldn’t start either. Some review mentioned the cord not being included – there is no ac adapter, it’s battery powered, and states that in the review. It states that the batteries last for up to a year, but personally, i find they last much longer than that for us and we use it regularly. Standard kitchen bags are used. There is a plastic ring inside that tucks the top of the bag in, so you don’t have bag hanging out over the edges.

I never thought i’d actually be excited about a trash can. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and it still amazes me. The sensor is great and if you want, there’s a manual open/close button. The only downside is you have to purchase the power adapter separately if you choose not to use batteries. Other than that it’s amazing.

Update 7/18/2018i’ve now owned this product for a couple of years. Pros:the dimensions are perfect for a small to medium household. Given the square-like shape, particularly on the top opening, allows for larger trash pieces to be seeded into the trash can. Guests always comment on this trash can – for its simplistic and modern appeal, but also for the automated sensor that opens the lid. It’s incredibly smooth and easy to operate, and once you go this route – you’ll probably won’t ever want to go to a manual trash can again. In addition, the filter provides great odor management. The batteries lasted over 8 months for me before having to change them out. Cons:the filter (housing unit for the activated charcoal bag to reduce odor) can become dislodged and lost in the trash. I’ve mysteriously lost and have had to replace the filter three times now. Despite this, i still love this trash can and would recommend it.

I just love my new trash can. I absolutely love that it is touch free. I do not have to step on any pedals, or open any lids with messy hands. Touch free has been around for faucets now finally i have my touchless trashcan. I also love that the bag does not get suck in the can when you remove it when it is full. There are air holes in the bottom that allow the can to vent so that it does not create a vacuum and you can remove the bag easily. There is also a ring at the top of the can that holds the bag onto the can to prevent the bag from slipping down inside the can (how cool is that?) there is a charcoal filter to help keep odors down and the large top opening is big enough that i can fit an empty gallon jug of milk or a folded pizza box into the can. The stainless steel design makes cleaning the outside a breeze. It came right on time and was packaged well. Just insert your ‘d’ sized batteries and you are ready to go. If you do not want to go with the battery option, there is a wall adaptor you can purchase. This is a great all around trash can. I am giving one to a friend for a baby gift as a diaper pail.

 update september 25, 2018:in 2015 i purchased the product and after 3+ years i received their newer model. I am very impressed with that. I have made a quick test and raised the review to 5 stars. However, i see a lot of people found my review useful so want to give my honest review after using it a few more months. Mechanical unit improvedi have used the same battery in both old and new system. New model trashcan opens the lid fast and closed automatically. Old model could not open the lid. Sensor seems to be more sensitive.  itouchless deodorizer touch-free sensor 13-gallon automatic stainless-steel trash canread it before you buy it. I purchased first one in 2013 then when it broke, i considered it as bad luck. My second stopped worked a week back. It makes humming noise but lid does not open. I changed batteries but still no luck. I assumed the lid opening mechanism is broken. However since it was purchased only few month back, i called the itouchless customer service. They wanted to leave my no and never contacted. Eventually i decided to disassemble the header part.

Here are the specifications for the iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY – You get a Full-Service Warranty including Parts and Dedicated Customer Support. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!
  • 100% Touchless – Just the motion of your hand opens the lid automatically! It’s the hygienic and convenient choice.
  • Control Odors – 1 Natural Carbon Odor Filter is included to absorb and neutralize trash odors, for a fresh and clean smelling home
  • Extra-Long Battery Life – Only draws power as needed. 3X battery life of other sensor cans. 4 D size batteries (not included) can last up to 1.5 years
  • 2 Power Options – Powered by batteries (not included), or optional AC Adapter (sold separately, see other product variation) for battery-free power
  • Stainless Steel – Germ-resistant, fingerprint-proof surface is easy to clean. Modern design is perfect for any kitchen or office décor
  • Space + Money Saver – Efficient rectangular shape fits in tight spaces and corners. Fits common 13 Gal trash bags, no expensive custom bags required
  • Large Capacity – Efficient design requires no inner bucket, providing 25% more capacity than similar cans. Extra-Wide 12″ lid opening for bulky items
  • Premium Features – Retainer Ring prevents bag falling in. Air Vents create air flow to ease bag removal. Non-Skid Base. Manual open/close buttons
  • With the new Reflx quick open technology, during Lid closing, it will instantly open again if objects are detected in Sensor Zone

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Stopped Working!! Called Customer Care!
  • LOVE IT. Fits a ton of trash in an attractive trashcan!
  • 8 years later, and still looks and works as well as day 1!