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Daily Archives: January 22, 2019

InterDesign Patton Wastebasket Trash Can, Good choice for a bath waste paper basket

Had looked at several at local stores. All were heavier tha this one but the price was 2-3 times more expensive. For guest bathroom it’s perfect.

It lloks nice but it is to small for a trash can.

Very light and a bit cheap feeling. They’re only for guest rooms.

It’s a trash can, what else can i say?. Fits over the head if desired.

Carefully look at the size of this thing before you buy it. It is a really small garbage can – really for q-tips and cotton balls, and nothing of size. Perfect for a small powder-room or area where you need a little wastebasket but don’t have much space. The stainless steel is attractive, both to the eye and to fingerprints. It would have been nice if the basket had some coating to prevent smudging so easily. If you like the look and the size, this could be perfect for you. Just note it is incredibly small and also shows smudges quickly. However, it seems reasonably durable and should work fine for many light-uses.

This did arrive a little bent, but it was easy to straighten out.

Seriously, not a whole lot to analyze here. This is a small, attractive, cheaply-made, steel wastebasket. It’s reasonably attractive, and definitely preferable to plastic. It’s not big enough to be, say, your kitchen garbage bin for a family of five. It is, however, perfect for the small office or bedroom corner where you need to throw away a very small amount of trash. I live in the super-humid pacific northwest currently, so i wouldn’t put this in my tiny bathroom for fear it would quickly rust. For my wife’s office corner though, it’s perfect because its small enough to fit under a low table. This item does not get five stars because while it’s reasonably attractive it’s not exactly beautiful, and it’s a bit pricey for the quality and size in my opinion.

Key specs for InterDesign Patton Wastebasket Trash Can for Bathroom, Office, Kitchen – Brushed Stainless Steel:

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  • USE THROUGHOUT YOUR HOME: Perfect for use in bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, and more
  • DURABLE: Steel construction make the waste can durable for years of use
  • STYLISH: Modern stainless steel matches a variety of bathroom decors
  • STURDY BASE: Base prevents can from tipping over or sliding on a wet floor
  • IDEAL SIZE: Each trash can measures 8″ x 8″ x 9.7″ to fit in small spaces throughout your home

Comments from buyers

“Cheap but usable, Good choice for a bath waste paper basket, It is a trash can”

Who doesn’t need a modern shiny stainless steel wastebasket for the office or bathroom?. It measures 8 inches diameter by 9. Perfect for those small areas. Will this nicely brushed stainless steel wastebasket with the bright shiny inside hold up to water or will it rust?. That is a question that remains to be answered. Not knowing the other metal used to make this line, i presume iron is used, since it is magnetic. Magnets will not stick to all stainless steel depending on the other metal used to make the stainless, like chromium. Since this one is magnetic, i can almost guarantee you that somewhere along the line, i will see rust, especially along the weld marks on the base. But, by the time this happens, i will most likely want a new can anyway.

Read the dimensions before you order.

Cute but small, in the end we are happy with it.

Looks great in our remodeled bathroom.

This is an attractive and well built wastebasket that is ideal beside (or under) a desk or perhaps in a bathroom – particularly those with a modern decor. However, the suggestion on the amazon page that it could be used in a kitchen is wishful thinking – it is far too small for that (9. Particularly in the right setting, it could blend right it and go well with its surroundings as well as being functional and solidly constructed.

I have a ton of interdesign products that are wonderful, but. This trash can is notthis silver trash can arrived bent in a box and is made of thin metal. It is easily dented, bent out of shape or marred. I was able to mostly bend the trash can back into a reasonable circle but it is so flimsy that when my kids empty it, it gets askew and dented. I don’t often have to give a negative review but i would not recommend this trashcan unless it is just for decoration and will not be used.

Holds garbage, perfect for dirty tampons and used flushable wipes. Has a very noticeable seem on one side but wasn’t so bad after you had some junk inside.

I think i received two for the price of one. I would send them back except it’s not worth the trouble. I will be looking for a couple of larger ones. They are just plain silver, very light.

Check the measurements: it is a little smaller than i expected, smaller than all my other mini trash cans around the house. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, because it’s easier to clean if you don’t use a bag, and being stainless, it shouldn’t get mucked up if you do throw stuff besides paper in there. It does have a seam on one side, as i guess it has to. But that doesn’t look bad for a seam. The metal is thin, as you can imagine, but it’s thick enough and it looks really goodnice trash can. It’s the little things that make a house look better sometimes.

Goes perfectly in our redone bathroom.

Standard stainless wastebasket. We use ours in our guest bathroom where the finish matches our fixtures. It seems wider than our old one – but otherwise it’s pretty basic – which is exactly what we were looking for. No distracting patterns or designs.

Nice item that matches in with the brushed nickel decor of my recently renovated master bath.

This is your basic stainless steel waste basket. Quality seems pretty good and it looks nice.

Nice, well built, and good looking trash can. It is not made of stainless steel. Brushed metal finish on the inside and outside. Product photo appears like polished on the inside, but it is really not. There is a seam on one side. The trash can does leak, so it cannot be used as drinks cooler. I was hoping that it would be leak-proof and can offer multi-purpose use, but it doesn’t.