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Daily Archives: January 18, 2019

YukChuk Under-Counter Indoor Kitchen Food Waste 1 – I’m happy with it.

Big enough for our household of 5 to get a couple of days of compost space, but not so big that it encourages waiting for ‘compost soup’. It really is amazing at blocking smells and keeping insects out (did a great job of cutting down our fruit fly population :-), and installed quickly and easily in our under-sink kitchen cabinet without getting in the way of the door closing, or necessitating a massive overhaul of the bottles and bags and etc. Down there – its slim profile means that it doesn’t get in the way as i initially feared. The rectangular body is designed just right for putting next to the kitchen counter to scoop scraps into, and it’s wide enough that it prevents spills effectively, which had been a problem with our previous square countertop bin. One handed operation is a literal snap, both to open the bin and to get it off the bracket. Re-hanging it is a bit more of a pain, but not too bad. Long story short, this little wonder has cleared up a bunch of counter space, keeping the nasty bits away from our utensils and cookware, and also made composting an easier, simpler process overall.

Really does seal in odors and prevent fruit flies. Maybe not a whole watermelon’s rind, but it fits a lot more than i expected. I use it without bags so i just carry it to outdoor compost to dump it and then rinse it out. It is not mold resistant but probably if it were that would mean it’d been treated with some kind of chemical, so that’s ok by me. Again, because it locks in odors it won’t make your kitchen smell moldy if mold does grow in it. It’s also very quick and easy to open and close the lid. I do not have mine mounted to the door it simply sits on the base of the lower cabinet. Narrow enough to sit in front of my cleaning supplies and not interfere with door closing.

This kitchen compost bin is pretty much exactly what i was looking for. We just started composting and it was a real pain to have to carry my scraps out each time i was finished in the kitchen. Because of the slim design, i was able to hang it on the inside of the cabinet under the sink without loosing much cabinet space. This keeps it out of sight and reach of the dogs.It’s super easy to open and close with one hand. It doesn’t smell and it’s really easy to clean. I usually just hose it out whenever i carry waste out to the compost pile.

I don’t like to keep a lot of things on the countertop and the old plastic paint can i had in the sink not only was ugly and got in the way, i kept getting fruit flies with the plastic can because it was too inconvenient to re-seal several times a day. Because of the placement of the sink & garbage disposal, i have very limited space under the sink, but this fit and works perfectly for me. I mounted it as high as possible under the sink so i don’t have to bend over. I like the fact that it seals tight enough to keep the fruit flies out and also that i do not need to worry about replacing or cleaning a filter. I just throw everything directly in the bucket, dump the contents into the compost pile once or twice a week and rinse it out using the faucet outdoors. When needed, i use the sprayer in my kitchen sink and/or an old sponge to wipe out any remaining gunk. The smooth plastic cleans right up.

Growing up we used a plain rubbermaid container under the sink for our edible waste before disposal into the compost pile and it was stinky and cumbersome and hard to clean. This little pail is awesome, it was installed easily to the inside of the cabinet, fits neatly under the sink, the latch is secure and there is even a rubber seal. I have not had any issues with oders or spills. Not to mention this is the perfect size for my small family to accumulate our food waste- it usually fills in 2-3 days and makes us empty into the compost at appropriate intervals.

Easy to use, like the bags so i don’t have to wash out the container after emptying. Can was easy to mount on the inside of the door under the sink. Bags fit securely over little hooks and don’t sink down in the bin. Have already emptied once, no problems. Container is smaller than the one i had before so i have to empty it more often but that’s ok. I always had problems with the compost smelling before the can was full.

  • How many yucks could a Yuk Chuck, chuck?
  • I’m happy with it.
  • Keeps compostable debris outta site

I preferred the green ones as they blended in with the compost better. We do not attach our bin to the cabinet door so the front for us is the part where it would be hanging on the door, and the back is the side where the lid is attached. When i attach the bag, i hook it onto one spike first, stretch it around the back (part where the lid is attached), hook it onto the other spike, and then gather all the excess and tie a knot in the center which i stuff under the lip. This holds the bag so securely that it frequently doesn’t come out when we empty the bin and if it isn’t too gunky i can get a second use out of it. Even when it takes me 2 weeks or more to fill the bag, it has never leaked, but at the same time the bags we tossed last fall have not yet decomposed and it’s been over 6 months. Granted, it’s been winter, and i don’t know if that slows down decomposition or not. Most of the time, i carry the bin to the pile and empty the contents, then remove the bag so that at least the veggies are composting even if the bag isn’t. On occasion, when it’s been too wet or too cold to make the trek to the bin, i’ll tie the top and leave the bag in the garage for a day or two. Edited to add: i contacted the company about the white bags and they say they are going back to green.

   how many yucks could a yuk chuck, chuck, if a yuk chuck could chuck yuck?. Well this yukchuck has been chucking all of our yuck for nearly two years without complaint. Chuckyuk has created a clever yet simple latch design that makes for easy one handed chucking. Surprisingly, no odors escape the closed bin, even when food scraps are stored for up to a week, or longer. About once a week we empty the bin into our compost heap. It feels good to chuck things in, knowing that all of our organic food scraps are going back into the soil, and are not going into a landfill; to be preserved for hundreds of years for future archeologists to ponder confusedly on. I just wish our community would have mandatory separation of food scraps for the town’s yard compost site. There are so many soil nutrients being lost to landfills across the country. Thank you yukchuck for doing your part to help us do ours, in helping to preserve this world. Be sure to check out the related video and turn up the volume loud, to marvel at the thunderous sound of stale christmas cookies sailing into the yuk chuck.

This thing fits well in a cabinet, locks securely and we never smell it regardless of what is in it.

My wife and i just completed a remodel and debated whether to have a nice looking countertop waste holder, or a hidden one. Went for this bin to hide it away. Smart design to have the lid open away from the cabinet door. Keeps the whole bin from lifting up. Takes a little practice to open it with the hooks that hold it closed. I hold the handle with my thumb and index finger to ‘assist’ the release of the lid. We only hook it on the one side, which is plenty to keep it sealed. We use compost waste bags in it. When it’s time to take out to our outdoor compost bin for pickup, we just lift out the bag. When it does need to be cleaned, very easy to lift the bin off the plate attached to the inside cabinet door.

I think that some of the 1 star reviewers have valid points but are a bit harsh. The plastic appears to be a cheaper plastic which may be more prone cracking if mishandled which makes this a little over priced. If you do have weak/cheap cabinet hardware, it may not properly support the bucket when full or opening. I drilled small pilot holes and screwed it on in a few minutes time. I do like the bag anchors which hold the bag up and in place. They’re sharp but face the cabinet but one needs to take care while dumping the compost not to scratch themselves. I do like the fully closing lid to keep fruit flies out along with containing the odors. Why table top compost bins have holes in them, i’ll never quite understand. The locking top is a trade off. It’s kind of clunky to open but i’m getting used to it. Off hand, i’m not sure how i would improve it. There is a training curve on the user part to become proficient at opening the top while it hangs on the door. I was very clumsy at it, at first but after a few tries, i figured out the correct way to do it.

Features of Under-Counter Indoor Kitchen Food Waste 1.5 gal Compost Container/Bin System by YukChuk

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  • UPGRADE to a YUKCHUK under counter food scraps bin and ‘presto ’NO odors, No fruit flies. No charcoal filter replacement costs, NO need. Made from high-density polypropylene, (HDPP), the same material used in milk containers and other food containers. HDPP is known for its non-leaching characteristics.
  • FREE up your valuable COUNTER SPACE with a behind the cabinet door YukChuk. Our design is specifically functional for ease of filling and storing food waste. Little effort was made to produce a kitchen decoration when function was deemed the most critical need.
  • Mounts behind kitchen sink cabinet door for easy out of sight access, easy one-handed use for loading and just lift to carry. Bracket and stainless steel screws included. And the bracket serves as a liner bag hold down at the back.
  • HOT wash and HOT cycle Dishwasher safe, not like the other guys who’s material will withstand Cold in dishwasher. Great fit for YukChuk BIO-BAG Liners.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Perfect for our household of 2 adults who cook and eat most meals at home. We live in an apartment and this keeps smell away and helps to keep our counters clutter free.

There aren’t a lot of non-vented compost buckets on the market but if i did’t vent my trash (before i composted) and tried to seal it up tight, why would i want to vent my compost?. This is meant to be used with compostable bags and i won’t vouch for use without them. This is small enough to mount inside a cabinet and easily removes for cleaning. It is small enough to fit in my dishwasher when inevitably it gets dirty (usually the top from opening/closing it. ) unless you have a huge family you don’t want a larger size because it will get gross before it is full. Also, the compostable bags a size up are gigantic and expensive. We had a minor issue with ours but customer service was great, really great. My only issue with it is that the bags don’t stay up well. I wish they had one of those pull-through-and-pinch things that some commercial trash cans have to prevent the bags from falling down.

My husband is not to sure about this whole composting thing. So it’s been my job to pull the bag full of veggie scraps and throw this into our outdoor composting bin. But i can tell you it keeps sealed, there is no odor and funny even throughout the week when you open and close it, it doesn’t stink. . But when i go to empty it into the compost bin. Wow, those veggies are for sure composting and stink with alot of liquid in the bottom of the bag. So you do need to use the composting bags and empty into an outdoor compost pile or bin each week. Saves a ton of scraps from going into the trash or garbage disposal.

Our city collects ‘organic material’ along with our recyclables and trash. They provided a countertop bin but it was no good. We have been using the yukchuk for about a year and really like it. We use bio bag liners and experience no smell and no bugs. The only thing, and this could be user error, is that it seems like the little ‘thorns’ should be on the other side. On the side they are on, the bag is already secured by the hanging mechanism. On the other side, the hinge side, the bags sometimes slip down into the bin, causing a mess. Putting the thorns on the hinge side would alleviate this. As i said, this could be user error but since both of us are pretty intelligent, i would then have to say that it is not very intuitive.

Great to hold compost, convenient mounting on cabinet door under sink, no smell even when it’s full. 4 stars because it’s a pain in the neck to attach the bags so they don’t sink into the binupdate 10/19/15this worked great until the handle broke. Now the lid separated from the body. We’re also getting some fruit flies, perhaps because the replacement handle was not sealing the lid well. Company is sending out a whole new replacement unit. It’s nice that they have a lifetime warranty. I looked into stainless, ceramic, and other plastic bins but every one had some reviews that complained of fruit flies. The ‘yukman’ i just spoke with was very nice and very responsive. Hope the replacement until seals well.

This has been a great addition to my apartment. My roommates and i were constantly battling smelly garbage cans that we’d have to empty prematurely just because of smell and not because its full. Now i mounted this under our sink in the cabinet (just barely fits in our setup) and its so convenient. I line it with a bag and with 3 of us we fill this up in about 7-10 days. And we really over stuff this thing to be honest, but as long as we get the top locked down it stays odor and fruit fly free in our apartment. Good for the environment, save money by avoiding throwing away half full smell normal trash bags, and my kitchen smells normal now too. May not be as fancy looking as counter top ones, but i don’t want my compost on my counter, i want something practical and hidden.

UPGRADE to a YUKCHUK under counter food scraps bin and ‘presto ’NO odors, No fruit flies. No charcoal filter replacement costs, NO need. Made from high-density polypropylene, (HDPP), the same material used in milk containers and other food containers.

. Just kiddingif we must have a business man as president, i nominate gordon newman of the yukchuk party – king of kustomer satisfaktionwe have been using our yukchuk steadily for several months and must agree with all the positive comments you’ll find in other reviews. No insects, odor stays in the bucket, sized right for our family of 3 ( we empty it daily, no need to let that stuff ripen in the bucket. Get it to the composter ), handy mounting for ease of access back of the under sink door. (our old ceramic cookie jar used to work well, but nice having less counter clutter and it was a pain to empty and clean). Just the right size to place in the sink so we can slide scraps right in. Rinses easily, easy to open and close and empty. We’re very happy with our choice – highly recommended.

At first the locking lid was a little off-putting. I was used to containers with a simple lit to place on top. However, the absence of any odour made me love this little bucket. I use old newspaper to line mine so there’s almost no cleaning.

I have two diabetic cats and three litter boxes. I needed something to hold scooped litter while i went from litter box to litter box, and to hold it until i filled a bag. This has done the job extremely well. The one-handed open/close/carry design makes it easy to move between litter boxes with this in one hand and the scooper in the other. The lid fits tightly so there’s no odor escape between scoops. I use grocery bags to line it. Even though there’s nothing to ‘hook’ the bag on, if the bag is well situated when i first put the bag in, i haven’t had any problems with the bag slipping. Not it’s intended purpose, but it works very well for this.

It hangs on the inner door beneath our kitchen sink– its slim frame allows for a plethora of other things to be stored alongside it. The hinged lid forms a complete seal; no odor has ever escaped from the bin. The handle is comfortable to hold, and due to its unique design, the yukchuk always remains securely closed as i deliver the compost to our outside bin. The yukchuk is the perfect size for a 3-person family’s weekly load of egg shells, coffee grounds and various vegetable peels. After using it daily since 2014 the lid became damaged; customer service was quick to respond with a replacement. I can’t imagine a better compost container.

I waited a while to write this review to see how this worked out. We’ve been using this for over a year now and we have a lot of compostables (we can and freeze a lot of our own produce) and this is still working like a champ. The lid fits tightly so we have had no problems with odor or flies. It is a little tall for my sink, and since i don’t use bags in it i do have to wash it regularly. Luckily i have a sprayer, so it being so tall isn’t really a problem. We mounted it inside the cupboard door beneath the sink, and i remove it if i’m using it a lot. I also remove it when it gets 2/3 full and just set it on the counter because i don’t want the weight of the full bin to pull the hinges out of alignment–it does hold a lot.

I had a little trouble figuring out where to put it because my sink is extra deep and hangs down further than i wanted to mount the bin, and my cabinet doors are shaker style, so i needed to attach it to the top brace or i’d have had to put another board across to attach the bin to. I was able to put it in my trash cabinet – which works better anyhow since it is higher ( less bending over) i am reminded when i toss the trash to put the compost in the bin instead. I’ve loaded over a week’s worth of garbage in it several times and it never leaks any smell. It is easy to carry out to my compost dump and everything slips out easily, even the bottom corners. I don’t use bags, just rinse it when needed. I’m trying to reduce waste and it seems a little ridiculous to spend money on bags. I have run it through the dishwasher a couple times and it came out great. I kept it on the kitchen counter for the first week, though, and that worked very well too.

FREE up your valuable COUNTER SPACE with a behind the cabinet door YukChuk. Our design is specifically functional for ease of filling and storing food waste.

I like it and it works very well. It’s well made sturdy and closes tight keep smells in and bugs out. As a single guy it is a good size to hold a weeks worth of food scraps generated from food prep while cooking. The only negative i can give it is i wish there was some way to secure the trash bag on the back by the hing. When tossing in say carrot peals and such you have to be careful to avoid it falling behind the bag and into the bin. Not a big deal but it would be nice and far more convenient.

The best compost bucket yet. The lid snaps shut very well. I have no fruit flies with this product. I use my kitchen compost bucket every day and then transfer it to my worm bin when the yukchuk gets full enough. I admit there is a smell that builds up if i don’t either transfer to the worm bin when it’s about 1/4 full or if i put some citrus fruit of some kind in there with the other kitchen scraps. The smell is a small price to pay for no fruit flies. I don’t use a plastic bag insert at all as i don’t want to dump more plastic into the environment. I just wash it with soap and water every time i transfer it to the worm bin and it cleans up like a charm. I’m thinking of giving several away to friends. I highly recommend this product.

Great design for a food waste container. 1) i like how easily it attaches / detaches from the wall mount2) i like that the lid securely locks down, to prevent fruit flies from getting in — yet the top can also be removed very easily at the same time3) the mounting hardware that was included was great, and i appreciated the warning about making sure the screws were not too long for the under-sink cabinet door (lest they poke through and/or destroy the cabinet door in the process of putting them in). After reading the warning, and checking, i decided to mount it to my wall instead.

I bought the yuk chuk, which by the way is wonderful, it’s hidden in a cabinet instead of a bucket on my countertop. Bought these bags to try and they are wonderful. They are way better than the bio bags, they are a bit thicker and don’t leak or smell. The bio bags leak and i sometimes have to double or triple the bag but not these yuk chuk bags they work like they are suppose to,.

This addresses our two main requirements for our next compost bin (first completely exclude fruit flies from our kitchen compost bin and second free up our counter space currently occupied by the compost bin. )our old compost bin was a cut ceramic counter top bin that we had been using for years, despite the fact it had been broken and glued back together multiple times. It had served us well through 5 different homes, but the most recent location has a fruit fly issue and so we decided to upgrade. If you are considering this and already have a compost bin i recommend upgrading to this (it is not as cute, but it keeps the flies out and hold more.

Its slim design allows it to fit easily under my sink. I ended up deciding not to hang it on the door but i’m sure it would work well that way, too. When the bucket is closed, there is absolutely no odor. I may buy a second one for those snowy days when i don’t want to truck out to the compost pit every day or two. Update: i am soooo disappointed because this has been my favorite in-kitchen compost bucket, yet i’m going to have to switch to something else. It’s slim design allows it to easily sit under my sink. There’s no filter to replace, yet it keeps odors away as if it had one. And, the lid design allows easy one-handed opening and closing. Yet it’s the lid that’s the problem.

My compost process is three step and was getting short shift until i found this great gadget. It has several advantages for me over my previous efforts. First is that it’s easy and intuitive to open and close tightly so there is no odor or mess. The bin has little hooks on the sides that hold a biodegradable bag securely which makes transferring the contents to my larger deck compost holder much nicer and leaves me with a clean container for my next load. This unit a good size and not in my way in the kitchen. I have little counter space so i’m happy that this can sit inobtrusively next to my trash can on the floor. I can bring it up to the counter to load if i’m prepping salad ingredients, peeling apples or shucking corn and i can hold it under the countertop lip to scoot in smaller amounts of scraps. When the bin is closed the handle is really nice for moving it and tipping the handle forward unlocks the sealed closure and opens the container. The bin comes with mounting hardware if you want to put it inside a cabinet door, but i didn’t use that and am happy with it on the floor or counter as my work dictates. I did have a big bowl i was using for kitchen scraps since i could easily empty that into the larger closed bucket on my deck, but the bowl not only took up too much counter space, it was a pain to use if i only had a few scraps at a time since it was open.

Mounts behind kitchen sink cabinet door for easy out of sight access, easy one-handed use for loading and just lift to carry. Bracket and stainless steel screws included.

Upon receiving our yukchuk nine months ago, i poured water into it and upended it. Distressed that it leaked, i contacted gordon newman at [email protected] He promptly responded, explaining that water is heavier than air and that odors would not leak when the yukchuk is closed (of course they waft out when its open). He requested we try it and stated that we could return it if not fully satisfied. So here i am, nine months later, finally getting around to writing my first ever-review. We love the yukchukodors do not leak from our closed yukchuk and after years of having various kitchen food waste containers sitting on the counter, it is wonderful to have it hang discretely on the inside of a cabinet door (the bracket was very easy to install). The sturdy container is easy to open and close with one hand. The only warning we have is that during the summer, we have to be more vigilant about emptying the yukchuk because of fruit flies.

After having this thing for over a year, i have mixed feelings. It stores our compost and keeps the stink in. It cleans up reasonably easily. Our first problem was with the mounting bracket, there was no way that it could mount on the thin wood of our cabinet door under our sink. Not a big deal since there was an available space next to our recycle bin. The second problem was with the little plastic tab that holds the lid closed. One of them snapped off very soon after we bought the thing. Customer service was great and sent us a new handle very promptly. About a year later, the same plastic piece broke again and i replaced it by drilling a small hole in the handle and inserting a small wood screw. While this may have voided any sort of warranty, the screw is much more durable than the twice-broken plastic pivot.

HOT wash and HOT cycle Dishwasher safe, not like the other guys who’s material will withstand Cold in dishwasher.