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Daily Archives: January 2, 2019

Rubbermaid 21 Quart Wastebasket in : Perfect size, couldn’t find in store

I purchased this as a under the counter waste basket that fits in a track. It was a little too small, but i will use it.

I use three 21 quart wastebaskets – one holds my garbage, one for my recyclables and one holds my small container for compostables. When the small container is full i close it, reline it with a new compostable bag and place the full compostable bag below the small bin in this third 21 quart wastebasket. I use liners on all three 21 quart wastebaskets. Tip: when the garbage basket is nearing full, i fold over the liner and step into the basket to compact the garbage. The container is very strong and will withstand this pressure without damage. The 21 quart wastebasket in white is tapered from top to bottom. 75 inches wide by 9 inches deep.

Perfect size , couldn’t find in store.

They are exactly as described and just what i wanted.

So happy rubbermaid is still making this durable wastebasket for recycling grocery store plastic bags.

Basket fits space available.

21 Quart Wastebasket in White

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  • Rubbermaid
  • 280500-WHT
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  • White

It’s just the right size for my small kitchen.

One of our original bins was cracked, this was the perfect replacement.

After looking all over trying to replace my old trash basket that used grocery store plastic bags, i found this one, it is perfect. Actually, i like it better then my old one which i’ve had for about 25 years.

Exactly what i was looking for, perfect size.

Purchased this trash can specifically as a replacement to the identical one we have had under our sink for the last 8. Well that one finally got a crack in it and we replaced it with this one off amazon, its a perfect fit for under our sink and am hoping i get the same value out of it that i did with the last one. A great value for nearly a decade of use.

Last one held up for twenty years.

Our very old under counter, pull out trash/recycling baskets were breaking.

Only size wastebasket that fits under my sink. Still have to cut top edges to fit. Last one i had lasted for 10+ years. This one seems to be just as good.

As much as one can ‘love’ a garbage can, this one fit my slide-out cabinet unit perfectly, which took a lot of searching to find one narrow enough.

This is a perfect size trashcan for a narrow space, like in a bathroom or laundry.

Fits well into under counter rolling holder.

21 Quart Wastebasket in White : I could not find this wastebasket anywhere locally so for years i duct-taped/repaired my old rubbermaid basket. It fits perfectly in my cabinet under the kitchen sink. The pipe configuration and having a reverse osmosis system requires that the basket sit under the cabinet with the widest portion facing forward. I am able to open the door and actually reach in to deposit trash without having to pull it out. I’m glad rubbermaid still makes this size.

I have a small space under my kitchen sink for a garbage can because of the size of the garbage disposal and pipes. I had looked at several stores and could not find a wastebasket that would fit. The measurements on this wastebasket were accurate and it fits perfectly under the sink.

I’m very happy with this product. It was a heavier gauge plastic than i expected. I gave it 4 stars because it’s a little small. It would be better if it were at least 1-2 inches higher and wider.

What really could be said about a wastebasket?. Sturdy, easy to clean, what else can i say to get 20 required words in.

It is narrower than many other baskets i found and fits well in the space i needed it in.

Not much to say, there are not a lot of 20-21 quart wastebaskets and this one is a nice one for us because it’s not too wide at 9′ and not too deep (the dimensions are 12. 9′ depth x 9′ wide x 15′ tall), perfect size for a skinny not too deep cabinet (like a cabinet with a shelf in it). Other 20-21 quart wastebaskets were a tad too deep to comfortably fit in such a cabinet.

Sturdy and efficient – had to cut the edge to make it work. Have a very small area under our sink.

See my review for rubbermaid trash basket in blue, same product but in white.

Perfect size for under my sink. Fits grocery store plastic t-shirt bags perfectly.

I ordered it to replace a same exact model, fits perfectly under sink. Impossible to find it in stores around,.

I looked in every store in our area to find a waste basket that would fit under my sink cabinet. This is the only one i could find. I give it 5 stars or what ever is the most.

Just the right size for under the sink, and fits my supply of 500 liners. Holds just enough to take out the trash before it stinks.