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Rev-A-Shelf – RV-35-LID-17-1 – 35 Qt – Expensive but fits

Fits perfect and works great.

The bins came without covers, so this makes it what i expected–a bin with a cover. Fits well and it of good construction.

This lid itself does it job. It fits onto the unit which came with my rev a shelf product and opens and closes fine. The 3 star review is simply because of the price point. $15 for a trash can lid makes me feel like i’ve been violated, but because i knew it would fit the canister i went ahead and did it. In the end i’ll be glad i did, but i’m certainly bitter about it. I also wish it fit the trash can a little better. I was expecting it to snap on or have some or mechanism which secured it to the container to some degree. It just sits on top of it like any other trash can lid.

Works great on out trash can just wish it didn’t cost so much.

Perfect lid for garbage under sink. Keeps odors out, and don’t have to look at garbage.

This is a well-made, solid product that stands up to rugged usage. It does appear a bit pricey, but we’ve had ours for over a year and it shows no sign of wear and tear. I’ve owned pricier units in the past that cracked or loosened in shorter periods of time, but i don’t think this will. It also does a good job sealing the can to lessen (and usually completely hide) the smell of our garbage.

  • Little pricey but good quality lid.
  • Should be bundled with the garbage. Not seperate
  • Green for recycling?

These were the best priced lids i could find. They work well for what they are designed to do. It would be nice if they snapped into place, but they serve their purpose.

Perfectly fits my rev-a-shelf trash bin. But bit on expensive side just for the lid we are spending money , ideally shouldn’t it be included in the trash bin purchase.

Definitely needed for in cabinet trash can. Shocked at the price for just a cover but is twice as much on the manufacturer website. Our trash was making the cabinet smell. Cannot use in the back can though as the lid cannot open.

Fits the top of my rev-a-shelf trash can perfectly. Haven’t had any failure of the plastic lid components – especially that it’s opened many times daily. Have had mine for 6 months now. I like that it helps keep odors locked inside the trash can.

The lid pops off pretty easily when bumped, but not with simply regular use. I like being able to close my garbage when it’s in the rev-a-shelf drawer system.

Features of Rev-A-Shelf – RV-35-LID-17-1 – 35 Qt. Silver Waste Container Lid

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • (1) Silver 35 quart waste container lid
  • Fits all Rev-A-Shelf 35 quart waste containers
  • Optional Rev-A-Shelf waste container frames and lids available, sold separately

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Installed this in a 24′ cabinet and fit great. Installation took a while loner than anticipated since i mounted the door directly to the sliding shelf. I purchased the shelves from lowes and the lids from amazon.

Perfect fit for a rev-a-shelf trash can that came without lid. Fits snugly and holds trash bag in place. Like the color; it matches pretty closely with gray can. Holds odors in so they don’t permeate through cabinet.

Let me just start out by saying i’m glad i bought this lid and it seems like it is very durable and will last us for a long time. That being said i wish it was spring loaded or better yet, was a no slam lid. There’s no frills about this thing. Just a regular open and shut lid that goes on a great trash can system. I guess i expected just a little more for the price. Seems like two lids should come instead of just one. Four stars for durability and i got exactly what i asked for. Extra bit of advice when installing the sliding trashcan system that goes with this. Is to make sure that you clear the drawer above where the lid is going to open. I didn’t account for this and had to install twice.

Purchased with the waste container. For a few bucks more it should be included with it.

I am so happy about these lids. They fit inside the rim firmly. They don’t snap on but they are still snug fitting. Put your trashbag in the can then push the lid on. They don’t come out after lifting the lid to put trash in.

I bought this one and a black one for the dual pull out i installed. I thought it was better to get to keep the smell contained and not to attract bugs and also to distinguish my trash from recycling. First off, they are awfully expensive for trash can lids. Secondly, the lids work fine unless you have the double unit as i do in which case the lid to the waste container in the back can not be opened because it is stopped by the top of the cabinet as the unit does not pull out far enough for the second one to avoid it. Instead you just end up lifting the entire lid up to throw the trash in rather than use the lift up part of the lid. After receiving it, i also decided it was kind of a pain to have the extra step of opening the trash can to throw out the trash. (here i installed the unit to the cabinet door so that i didn’t have the extra step of opening the cabinet then pulling out the drawer so why would i now want to lift the lid up?)so, i don’t use the lids and i find it easier to just make sure we throw the trash out every night.

(1) Silver 35 quart waste container lid

Perfect for hidden trash/recycling storage. Make sure you install the pull out drawer right up to the front of the cabinet so that the lids will open all the way when you pull out and won’t interfere with the knob in the pullout drawer above.

It works just fine but could be better quality.

I revamped my kitchen, installed the sliding pull-out unit for two 35qt waste bins. I use the silver one for recyclables and the black for regular refuse. Also purchased lids for both. Slightly expensive but worth the money. Sooo convenient and nothing standing around on the kitchen floor taking up space.

But no springs or something, designed to put over garbage bag around rim.

Bought to retrofit an itouchless deodorizer touch-free sensor 13-gallon automatic stainless-steel trash can. Fits perfectly into the rim that holds the bag in.

These should be designed to open on the side, because the average depth cupboard isn’t big enough to mount this so you can extend it fully and open the lid of the back can without hitting the drawer above it. We ended up cutting out the door.

Fits all Rev-A-Shelf 35 quart waste containers

I’ve never been so excited about waste containers. We just bought a double-pull out rev-a-shelf for our new apartment, and we love it. It fits in our cabinet perfectly, including the lids. The lids are well-made and install easily (they just sit inside the opening on the top – no snaps). My biggest source of confusion is why green?. In both california and oregon, the standard color coding is: – black – landfill – blue – bottles and cans (recycle) – green – compost/yard wastethis is how people are used to sorting their waste here. If this was blue, everyone would know exactly what it’s for intuitively. We could have it be the front unit in our pull-out. As it is, even with the little recycling emblem embossed on the top, it’s not obvious to people who haven’t seen it before. My roommates moved the green unit to the back (even though we recycle most of our waste) because guests wouldn’t see the recycling emblem and would presume the front one is trash.

Fits perfectly and makes it easy to access. Seems as though it should be cheaper, when you compare it to the trash can. Anyway, i’m pleased with it. I can’t imagine having the little critters begin to appear with an open trash can.

The rev-a-shelf products are amazing. Just outfitted my kitchen with 4 different ones. The waste basket is my favorite, but i was dissappointed to find that it didn’t come with a lid. The price of the lid alone is almost as much as the entire product.But it’s the only solution to having a covered waste basket.

The lid is great since i hate an open garbage but i think it should come with the garbage when ordered. Not sure why you have to order it separately.

Like a previous reviewer, i found the lid expensive and with my double unit it doesn’t pull out far enough to get the lid off. So i removed the cover from the lid casing and just use the casing to mark the recycling as green. Good quality if it fits your cabinet?.

The only reason these didn’t get a 5 was price. And why is the smaller lid more than the larger?. I had bought custom cabinets from lowes and wanted lids for the trash cans but they could not find them. I stumbled across these looking for something else on amazon. They are the same brand and a perfect fit, go figure. The cabinet purchase was a nightmare. Lowes did their best to help out but i can not recommend diamond cabinets.

Optional Rev-A-Shelf waste container frames and lids available, sold separately

simplehuman 10 Liter / 2, Keeps dog out. Liked it so much we immediately reordered another.

What a beautiful looking trash can. (and how unbelievable that i would ever say something like that. ) the color is perfect and matches the bronze fixtures in our bathroom. I absolutely love the slow quiet close instead of the thump of our previous trash can. It also can go flush against the sink cabinet and flush against the wall, saving room and wear and tear. Now if only i could get the registration to work. . It doesn’t recognize this as a product. Within 5 minutes simplehuman rep contacted me with the registration info and i now have my warranty.

I put bathroom cleaning products that i want handy in it, such as toilet cleaner, bath cleaner and sponge, windex, and scented spray. The long profile allows me to place it in the corner between the wall and the toilet and still have room for a magazine rack. Another good feature is that it opens with a pedal and closes slowly and silently. It would be very difficult for a child to open it. Of course, i wouldn’t put cleaning products in it if i had a young child, but it’s a plus for families with young children as it would be very difficult for them to get into the trash.

At first i thought, ‘am i crazy for paying this much for a trash can?’. But then i noticed that the simplehuman products are all expensive. I tried a different trash can for our bathroom but it didn’t fit in the small tight space. I must say, this trash can fits well, seems to be able to hold a lot of trash for the bathroom, comes with 10 trash bags, and looks great. As long as no one realizes how expensive it was. I think i will not need to buy another trash can again, so it hopefully will be worth it.

My dog is 120lbs and has one weakness, the bathroom trash. It’s really how he deals with being left alone. Yes, we close the door, but again 120lbs and a head of steam, makes short work of the door. So we needed something that could stand up to this beast and be stylish enough not to stand out like a sore thumb. First, the design is ingenious. The clam shell design, is what keeps the pooch at bay. It can’t be opened by licking, nibbling or a nose poke. When this can is closed, it’s closed. It will stay closed, even when knocked over. Due to its design, it is pretty hard to knock over.

Big enough to hold trash from both my husband and myself. Most important the dogs and the baby have not been able to get into it. Definitely a must have if you have a dog and/or baby.

This may sound weird, but i don’t like a lot of loud noises early in the morning. For years, our bathroom’s pedal trash can would ‘clang’. Loudly in the wee hours and echo through the house each time i opened it as its top smacked into the toilet or the wall. It even took off some bathroom paint over the years. I finally decided to look for a replacement, and this is it. Or at least stainless steel. This baby is quiet, attractive and fits easily into difficult small spaces. And simplehuman makes quality stuff (we’ve had a larger version in the kitchen for years). Yes, it’s expensive, but this is one case where you definitely get what you pay for.

An amazing item that is well worth the premium price. I ordered this in white and it looks excellent and low profile placed next to my toilet. The foot pedal is among the highest quality i’ve seen in a product like this and it activates without the creaky whine many others do.

Key specs for simplehuman 10 Liter / 2.6 Gallon Butterfly Lid Bathroom Step Trash Can, White Steel:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 10 -YEAR WARRANTY – We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last in tough environments like your home — for years.
  • CODE R CUSTOM FIT LINERS – Enhance your trash experience with extra-strong and durable trash bags that fit this can perfectly for a cleaner trash experience.
  • INNOVATIVE BUTTERFLY LID – Innovative split doors open from the center for low lid clearance.
  • STRONG STEEL PEDAL – Engineered to last 150,000 steps – that’s more than 20 steps a day for 20 years.
  • SILENT CLOSE LID – Patented lid shox technology controls the motion of the lid for a slow, silent, quiet close – no banging or loud noises.
  • INTERNAL HINGE – Allows you to place this can right up against the wall without scratching.
  • 7.7″W x 15.6″D x 13.7″H – 16.9″ with lid open

Comments from buyers

“The perfect dog proof trash can!, Dog proof so far! (Hooray!), Quiet, solid, adaptable”

This is the perfect waste can for the bathroom. The simple human bags are also great bags, but expensive so i use bargain bags which work great. What i really love is the plastic liner which is like a separate bucket inside which can be taken out and washed. The bags don’t touch the inside of the can, just the liner. I don’t know why i waited so long to buy.

I have larger versions of this for the kitchen, but wanted a similar design for the bathroom. A smaller space with little clearance for a full size round or rectangular lid to rise up and invariably bang the wall or cabinet. The 10l size is made with the same quality as their original, larger ones. While more expensive than other options, it is solid and performs seamlessly. I’ve had others for well over 10 yrs without an issue. Perfect for a small space or where you don’t want it noticed. Opening and closure of the lid(s) is flawless, quiet, and solid. If you have dogs or cats they won’t get into the trash. Mailed direct from simplehuman–arrived in perfect condition; well-protected packaging.

I don’t normally buy more expensive things but this time i’m glad i did. I was impressed by the reviews and they were spot on. I have a tiny kitchen and use this as my kitchen garbage pail. It is as great as everyone says – quiet, roomy for its size, doesn’t slide back when you step on the lever.

This is a really great trash can. I was worried that it would be a tight fit between the toilet ant the wall, but there is room to spare. It is probably double the size of my old can and since the bags fit perfectly there is little wasted space, so it may have effectively tripled the capacity with just a slight increase in footprint. The metal is much easier to wipe down than my old plastic one which had a slight texture. The butterfly opening mechanism is very smooth, does not need much vertical clearance, and the trashcan does not shift when stepping on the lever to open it.

I got this trash can as a used product. It was a little bent in but was pretty easily pushed back into place. I am so pleased i don’t have to remember to shut the bathroom door anymore when we leave. Beagle has not gotten into the trash since we got the thing. Gotta find one that is 13 gallon-sized now for the kitchen.

Love that my dog can’t get into this at all (he already figured out how to get into the kind with the “classic” lid by lifting it up with his nose). It has to be stepped on to open, so it takes a little getting used to, but it so worth it.

Fits in a tiny spot in our kitchen, and is basically dog proof. I had about 8 inches of room to fit a dogproof trashcan in, and this works like a charm. If the mutts ever do decide to knock it over, i’m going to anchor it to the side of a cabinet by drilling a small hole through the can and driving a screw through it into the wood.

Great bathroom trashcan which stays sealed and is easy to change bags. It doesn’t take up much space and has a nice slow close mechanism that prevents getting fingers caught in the opening as it closes. The foot pedal is big and easy to use. Drawstring trash-bags instead of buying the made-to-order ones. Beware: if kids use the pedal, they should really like the space port doors / butterfly wings lid. If they try to pry open the lids without the foot pedal, which you don’t ever need to do, the lids can really pinch fingers to the point of even bleeding.

We have a small pet who won’t leave the trash alone. This is the perfect solution . We reuse plastic grocery bags . They tuck around can liner and do not show. You have to step on foot lever to open can. Because it opens low profile, perfect to sit under sink.

I did my research and i was always pointed towards simplehuman trash cans. I moved into a new house recently and needed trash cans for all of my bathrooms so i decided to buy some of these. What i love about this is how amazing it looks and feels. It is definitely a quality product. First off for a bathroom, you always want to have something with a lid. Nobody wants to see all of the stuff in your bathroom trash cans. It makes the whole room look a lot better. The lid on this trash can has the lid that simplehuman is known for, which slowly releases and closes once you let go of the foot pedal. This means that your lid isn’t going to be slamming down and making a bunch of noise. The butterfly design is also just super cool.

The wastebasket is nice and very quiet and the right size to accommodate what i wanted. I am hoping that regular trash bags will work in it as i don’t like to be tied down to a special trash bag. The only issue was that i ordered it in stainless steel and got white. So, i switched some other trash cans around and put this one in the utility room.

 i decided on this can after reading several reviews on many others. This one was a little more than what i had budgeted for bathroom trash cans, but it had the butterfly lid that makes it more difficult for a dog to open. That is the main reason i gave the first one a try. I also liked the look as we are remodeling our bath and needed the silver. The day i received it, i ordered a second. The quality is good, the soft close lid is a really nice added touch and so far my dog has been unable to open it.

I have another simple human step can but it has a perfect for dog nose lift spot, right in the front. My basenji’s ‘take out the garbage’ if it’s not on the back of the toilet. This one with the butterfly opening has a ‘soft close’ function has no such spot but make sure your dogs aren’t hanging out while it closes, hahaha.It’s a little lighter than rubbed oil bronze fixtures in my bathroom but still looks great. The narrow profile fits in my small bath (5’x7′) between the toilet and the tub, with room to spare. I recommend this toilet roll holder as well though it’s a little darker in shade. My tp and garbage are no longer raidedwall mount oil rubbed bronze finish wall install toilet roll paper holder box 128mm122mm124mm.

Much smaller than i anticipated. I use this in the bathroom for two people so it is emptied often. But the primary purpose of this purchase has been met which was to keep my lab hound from being ‘that dog’ who dumpster dives. Other than the size, the mechanics function smoothly and quietly.

Our dog was constantly getting into the bathroom garbage, pulling out everything he could get his mouth on. I got tired of closing the bathroom doors when nobody was home. In my search for another solution, i came across these. Was not too thrilled about the price tag but figured i’d give it a shot. We’ve had these for several months now and have not had one problem. It’s a great size can and with a family of 5, we can get away with empting these cans every other week. If you’re looking to keep pets out of the trash, i highly recommend this investment.

I didn’t want to spend $50 on a wastebasket but this is as the nicest one i could find. After all i still really like it. It looks great under my desk and holds a lot of waste without taking up too much space. It also comes with 10 free trash bags which were pretty nice. The fact it has a lifetime warranty makes me almost ok with spending the money but it really feels like it should be around $40. That being said i’m really happy with it. The butterfly lid also keeps unsightly trash out of mind and keeps food smells from escaping.

We just built our new spa bathroom. I was a little hesitant to order online but it arrived perfectly packaged, no damage & came w/ a free sample of liners. It fits perfectly in the small space between the toilet and the vanity. It’s beautiful, i love the look of oil-rubbed bronze. The butterfly top goes up smoothly, returns quietly & slowly when released and the inquisitive cats can’t get in it. The inner can is easily removed / replaced to change bags & when closed, you never see the liner bag. Consider this the rolls-royce of bathroom trash bins & it is most definitely well worth the ‘splurge’.

These trashcans are really nice, work very well, and fit perfectly in our narrow space between the toilet and sink in our bathroom. If you don’t have a lot of width available but want to wedge in a trashcan, this should work great. They look nice and seem sturdy. They are also dog-proof, since my dog seems to like to get tissues out of a lidless trashcan and eat them. These also take a few seconds to close, which means they won’t pinch your fingers and are silent. I would recommend using the bags that simplyhuman makes for this trashcan, since they fit perfectly and a regular garbage bag might not fit as snugly. Bottom line, if you just want a basic trashcan and don’t care about aesthetics, buy one for $10 or something. If you want something a bit nicer that fits in a tight space and is pet-proof, get this one.

We had simple human profile 10 liter cans in our bathrooms. Our wily bichon frisee has a taste for used tissues and figured out how to nose the lid open and help himself. We also had issues with the profile cans where the dog would grab the bag where it pokes out under the lid and pull the can over and feast on the contents. After cleaning up the resulting messes one too many times, we went looking for a dog-proof can and read several reviews from people who recommended the butterfly step can. Several weeks later we have had no dog intrusion into the cans. The fact that the lid halves are recessed into the top solves the nosing-open problem. This can also has no protruding bag to bite on. So far he’s been unable to defeat the butterfly step can. Now, if he ever realizes he just needs to step on the little foot pedal, we’ll be in trouble again.

 the beauty in this trashcan is beyond what i can say. The white steel matched my bathroom setup perfectly with the toilet and sink. The soft close in beyond what i expected and it fit perfectly into the space i needed. I actually brought this to replace another simplehuman trashcan (6l semi-round) because it was noisy when closing it (petty i know) but once you experience soft close you will never go back. Best part of all, it takes regular grocery store bags so no need to spend an arm and a leg on custom bags.

My dogs love to dig through the trash cans. It was so bad i had resorted to keeping bathroom can on top of the toilet. I came across this one and even though it was expensive i decided to try it. I purchased a warehouse deal to save some money. It came with a rather large dent but i was able to push it out for the most part and now it is not noticeable unless i really look for it. They haven’t figured out how to get into it. I want this style for my kitchen now. I have the simple human one with the lock in the kitchen now and while it keeps the dogs out when it’s locked sometimes we forget and then i come home to trash everywhere. This one takes no thought, they can’t open it.

I replace my old ones that the top hit the under counter when opened with these and they work great. I can only hope one day there will be a little button also on the side to open so it isn’t totally required to step on it all the time.

I had a cheaper can with a lid but my little dog could still pull the bag out and tear up the trash. This one has no visible bag for him to grab hold of. The can also fits perfectly between the toilet and the vanity. The butterfly style means the lid doesn’t bang against anything when it opens.

This trash can is the best bathroom can i have ever encountered – i can’t think of a single way it could be improved, other than maybe more packaging, since getting a dented can seems to be common. We have two of the white steel (after the first one we had to come back and buy a second) and they are gorgeous – sleek but unobtrusive. It’s a perfect size, and takes much longer to fill that you would expect, for the space it occupies. The can has an interior plastic liner (heavy duty) that makes it easy to put the bag on and hides the edge. The opening mechanism is smooth and mostly silent, with a slow close that isn’t jarring like many cans. The bags don’t get weird suction wasting a bunch of space, either. Also, this is a very stable trash can. Dogs can’t get into it, and it won’t fall on it’s side when you awkwardly try to use the peddle. If you want a bathroom trashcan that feels like quality and that you will want to show off to your friends and family (even though they probably don’t care, because it’s a trash can) – this is your match.

LAROSA MEDICAL Flings Bins POP UP All Occasion – 10 Pack : Easy to setup and place anywhere in the house/yard and

We use these bins at our trade shows and we love them. They are pretty flat so they are easy to ship in our box of other supplies already going out to the show. They don’t look junkie in the booth which is important. And best of all, we don’t have to pay $15-40 just to rent a crappy, tiny cardboard trash can from the show vendor.We save money, it looks nice, and it has a larger capacity than the standard bins provided/rented.

This made camping so much easier. When we go camping, i hate the garbage bag laying on the ground where my dog can get into it. These stood up like a trash can. It was sturdy, and when the bag was full, just tie up the bag and throw the entire thing out. I have used these for camping, and i will use them for picnics, parties and backyard bbqs in the future.

These are quite sturdy, and i definitely recommend lining with a regular trash bag so you can reuse it. I purchased the recycle ones also. One recommendation would be to remind guests to discard food waste separately from the cans.

I love these pop up bins and use them for my can/bottle recycling needs. They are easier to lug around to the grocery store to do my bottle returns to obtain my recycling deposit. They have a heavy duty built in plastic tie which i simply tie in a bow to hold in place so i can reuse these. They come in different styles to suite your needs. The only downside i find is the price – amazon has the best pricing from what i have found overall. The only reason why i gave 4 stars instead of 5 is the limited availability at retailers (only have found at target, amazon, and party city) and the price. It can get quite expensive depending on what and how many of them you will need but overall i am pleased with these and will continue to use them.

My only issue is they did not look like the photo. I thought they were all black but they were black & white in a pattern. I was using them for a 50th birthday combined with a halloween party so i was disappointed in the color.

I thought we’d use one of these per party (also bought the recycle set), but when 40 people showed up for a fourth of july party i’m so glad we had the ten-pack. They’re fairly sturdy – the tops could be better because some ripped and the cardboard wasn’t properly pre-cut on several, but overall we were far better off even considering the price than if we didn’t have them. I think the best part was that with so many distributed around our yard nobody left trash anywhere – it was easy for them to just drop trash and recyclables in the right containers.

That is how i would describe this product. We had a new years day open house and around 100 people attended. Having these bins placed all around the house made clean up so easy.They are a great size (not too big, not too small). We actually placed a trash bag inside the bin just in case they filled up before the end of the party. Most of them didn’t fill so, we are actually able to use them again due to them being lined with a bag. I would purchase these again in a heartbeat.

So convenient – we just keep a few of these on hand for anytime we have a few people over. Easy to setup and place anywhere in the house/yard and easy to pickup, tie off and dump in the trash when you are done.

  • My only issue is they did not look like the photo
  • No more trash bag lying on the floor
  • I’ll keep these on hand from now on

Flings Bins POP UP All Occasion Black – 10 Pack

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Makes clean up a snap!
  • 13 Gallon bags.
  • Container pops open and stands up by itself.
  • Re-usable.
  • Stores flat.

They are great for any kind of entertaining where you have a lot of people around. I love how easy it is to seal the top up and just toss in the trash.

Discovered flings at my local party store and love them. With all my kids i need lots of trash receptacles and these designs are nice in any room. It is great you can just tie and toss, even the kids prefer them to regular trash bags. They actually fill them up and throw them out on their own. I also adore the recycling flings.

InterDesign Una Wastebasket Trash Can 12″ – Inexpensive and look good

I’m giving this 5 stars because it’s what i had expected. When i say cheap it’s not dollar store cheap.

I ordered 10 of these waste baskets. When they arrived they were stacked together so tight it took significant work to get them apart. I thought i wouldn’t be able to do it for a while. Also, one of the basket handles was cracked all the way through but too much of a hassle to return.

This is a great bin for a tight place in need of a trash can. It fits perfectly where i needed it, it seems to be of high quality durable plastic, and it does everything it should. It holds a surprisingly large amount of stuff. So while i was originally concerned about having to constantly empty it into a larger trash can, i don’t find myself making too many trips. It holds plenty of empty soda cans and bottles, papers, etc. Couldn’t be more pleased with it.

The perfect tiny little trash can for small spaces. I ordered the gloss white and its perfect for the little space between my toilet and wall and the dog can’t fit her big head back there to get to it. Its short so don’t expect it to hold alot but its fine for a bathroom.

Kind of thinner and more flimsy than i expected, and the edges of the handles are a bit sharp. But the small size and those handles make it much easier to empty than the hulkingsuper-size rubbermaid basket i used to keep under my desk. This one may not last forever,but it’s perfectly fine for collecting papers.

My trash can was in pretty good shape. It was perfect for me because i intend to use it for paper as well as to soak my bad ankle in ice water. For anyone out there intending to do the same, i wear a size 7 in women’s and it could possibly fit a size 8. Mine just slightly concaves outwards on one side (versus a perfectly straight sides as it looks in the picture). But it is not as severe as the previous reviewer’s pics posted here of the yellow and blue cans by any means. I really had to look at it to see it. I just put the curvier side against the wall. For the money and all the color options i really like this can. The color is bright and exactly as pictured. I love the color, shape and price.

  • White trash can is nice, fits my bathroom vanity much better than the square trash bin
  • I use it to throw in lint and any crap I find in pockets
  • Just what I needed, and yes, it works just fine

I have 2 of these now, and i really like them. The shape goes easily under the sink in the bathroom. They hold a lot, clean up easily, look nice.

Size is true (bigger than what i figured it would be). Holds a plastic grocery bag, if you are using it for a waste basket and you don’t want to worry about cleaning it out.

This is a very small wastebasket. It is perfect for my half bath. I wouldn’t recommend for kitchen or where a larger size would be more practical. It is sturdy and well made hard, plastic with a sheen.

The manufacturing process makes it look cheap.

This white trash can is rather nice, it fits my bathroom vanity much better than the square trash bin that was in there previously as this piece can slide neatly along the side between the sink drain pipe and the vanity wall much nicer. The can is slim and fits better in small vanity cabinets. Handles on both sides, when placing can liner inside the handle openings allow the air to escape from underneath the bag. The sides of the can are somewhat flimsy, they do cave-in a bit because the plastic is thin. The trash can that i received from amazon was not protected in anyway from scratches, and when it arrived it had multiple scuff marks & scratches. Although this is infuriating as i paid full price, there certainly was not a discount provided because of the seller/shipper inability to protect the product from shipping abuse and subsequent damage; it is too much trouble to return this item and it will only be used inside the vanity.

Features of InterDesign Una Wastebasket Trash Can 12″, Navy

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Made of durable, flexible plastic
  • Sleek modern design
  • Integrated handle
  • Great for bathroom, home, office or kitchen
  • 12″ x 6.5″ x 10.8″, 10 quart capacity
  • Proudly made in the USA, BPA free

From the manufacturer

Make sure this fits
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Needed this for a narrow space in a very small bathroom. The stated measurements were accurate, and it fit just right. Hard plastic, and does the job. Exactly what we were looking for.

Needed narrow trash can to fit in rv bathroom. This one worked, durable and it looks good next to darker wood.

Fits perfectly under my sink and i love that it uses the plastic grocery bags as liners. Liked it so well that i bough 2 more, a smaller one for a friend for her small travel trailer.

These are very small but still work fine for my home office, i have one for trash, one for recycling and one for shredding under my desk and they don’t get in the way,.

Not the greatest quality wastebasket. However, it is nice and slim, and perfect for use in the guest bathroom, so i’m happy with it. I’m figuring the guests are not lifting and inspecting the wastebasket anyway, and i like how it stays out of the way, yet convenient to use.

Perfect size that i was looking for my van.

Made of durable, flexible plastic

I bought this trash can as a gift for a co-worker. It matched her décor for her cubicle. I was bit concerned about the shades matching at it was perfect. It’s just so extremely cute. Now i sort of want to do the same and copy. The colors brighten the area. I am glad i chose this for her. I will probably buy one in my color of choice as well.

This trashcan is excellent for small bathrooms or small apartments or just small spaces anywhere. It’s made of quality material, has a great form factor (not too small, not too big, and delightfully rectangular), and does it’s job well. The handles are great and placed well on the sides. We are using this trash can right next to our toilet. It fits between the throne and the sink counter.

This is a nice, slim wastebasket. We bought two for underneath bathroom vanities. We were specifically looking for something with straight sides so it would maximize the use of space. These sides aren’t perfectly straight, but pretty darn close. They are small, though (10′), so keep that in mind. You may have to empty it frequently if you go through a large amount of trash.

I previously ordered desk set and liked it so much i wanted waste basket to match. I would like it to be a bit larger for desk but find it is ok. I think it would have been cheaper to order the full set together. Quality good and handles are nice to have. After shopping around at other stores and either very expensive or cheap quality i liked price and found everything i was looking for.

The interdesign una wastebasket trash can is the prefect size for by my chair in the living room and prefect for by my desk in the office. It comes in a number of colors to go with the home or office decor.

This is just what i was looking for. This is a medium quality trash bin, but it holds trash just fine. And more importantly it fits in the space next to our rv 5th wheel’s toilet. It’s small, but enough for a bathroom trash can and the quality will certainly make it last for years.

Sleek modern design

First and foremost, i don’t get paid to write reviews. I also did not receive this product for free. This trash can looks great and the smaller size does help for places like the bathroom. However, i wish it was a bit bigger. Mainly, i wish it was another inch wider.

I purchased this small wastebasket to sit on back of my shower bench to hold and hide my bottles of cleaning spray. It is a good size for this purpose and holds two bottles. It is a little shorter than the bottles so they show over the top. So far, i am pleased and have had no problem with the shower water getting into the wastebasket. I realize this is not an intended use for this product but it is performing proudly and i am happy to not have the cleaning bottles showing.

We needed a narrow trash can beside our dryer. Fits perfectly and the handle is good.

Super cute and looks just like the pictures. It’s a little smaller than i had imagined but it’s perfect for what i needed it for which was my bathroom. It feels really sturdy and i haven’t had any issues with it. For the bags, i bought these little 4 gallon glade trash bags and they fit perfectly.

Handy and the perfect size for our little bathroom. Even the handhold holes look okay, i don’t know why they are there but what the hey.

Its a trash can and therefore not too much to say. Seems sturdy, i like the slim design and multiple color options (we have 2 side by side- one for trash and one for recycling). These are hidden in a cabinet so design didn’t matter to me. In person it looks just as pictured.

Sturdy, light, and a rich dark blue. Perfect for our nautical themed bathroom. The wastebasket was packed in a ridiculously large box, but it arrived safely and undamaged.

Integrated handle

These simple white wastebaskets perk up any room i’ve put them in. I would have liked a couple other colors, like the coral, but they were out of stock. Still, very simple, clean design.

These are sleek, and look nice in our office. My only complaint is that one side is completely flat, while the other bows quite a bit. Not a huge issue, we just have to make sure it’s turned the right way to sit flush up against the desks.

I never thought i’d be writing a review about how much i love a trashcan but here i am. This can is the perfect size for under a desk, in a bathroom cabinet, the backseat of a vehicle, or anywhere where there aren’t heavy amounts of garbage to be thrown away. My love for this item is unending. We now own 4 of these cans and i keep thinking of new places i can use them.

Purchased the mint and yellow versions of this trash can at the same time. Disappointed to find the sides were misshapen and the yellow trash can looked like there had already been trash in it. Easy enough to wash that out, but it says something about the presentation of their product. They’re a bit flimsy for what they cost, but since i like how the colors match the coordinating shower curtains, i’ll be requesting an exchange. Fingers crossed that the replacements arrive in better condition. The box they arrived in was undamaged. Update: received replacement trash cans quickly. This time they arrived in bags but the sides must not be sturdy enough because they still arrived warped. If you’re going to use a trash bag with these, that might not be a big deal. But for me it defeats the purpose.

I got this for a small space i have in under my desk. It’s the perfect size, and the handles make it easy to pick up and empty out. It holds more than you would think, and it fits perfectly in the small space i bought it for.

I have two of these: one is squished between my dryer and the wall (perfect size for that). I use it to throw in lint and any crap i find in pockets. The other one of these is in my bathroom between the toilet and sink. Again, perfect size for a small bathroom. They are attractive, and when lined with white 2 or 3 gallon bags, they actually look kind of elegant. I’m considering using a command hook at the back of the one in the bathroom to pull the lining tight to make it look more tidy. It’s probably a waste of effort to make a trash can tidy, so i don’t know if i’ll actually do that.

Great for bathroom, home, office or kitchen

Zero Waste Together Mountable Kitchen Compost Bin by – 2 Gal – Great for hiding your compost

Great idea, and useful for collecting for the compost heap, without collecting bugs at the same time.

Needed a larger size as my steel canister was filling up too quickly. This still looks fine on the counter. Use with green bags also bought on amazon.

We had one for years that hung on the wall, off the counter. We don’t have much counter space, so the hanging feature was important, but are hard to find. The only comment i would make is that it is deeper than our last one, and so it is harder to wash in our sink – doesn’t quite fit. As for durability, it’s hard to judge yet as we’ve only had it about a month. But so far, we like it a lot.

Mounts on cabinet door, lid stays up on its own for hands-free use / plate scraping. Detaches from mount so it can be used on counter during food prep. Has a handle so it can be carried outside to compost bin and dumped easily. No smell at all (and it’s summer where i live). I wish i had bought one sooner. Purchased with the recommended unni biodegradable green liners.

This compost bin is very well thought out and designed; i’ve had it for a year and haven’t found anything i don’t like about it. It has lots of useful features built-in that make it one of the best. I design products for a living, i know well thought out design, this is it.

This a well built product, but it does not keep fruit flies out. I placed it under the kitchen sink as suggested. But after several days of not being being used, when it was opened it was full of fruit flies. I had a ton of fruit flies in my kitchen. So this product is going in the garage and will only be opened outside, which is very inconvenient.

  • The WINNER – Green VS Brown
  • This is wide enough that the compost does not go all over the place when I dump it in here from the cutting board.
  • Best compost bin so far!

The zero waste mountable kitchen compost bin was easy to install. It is the perfect size to fit underneath the sink, and holds quite a bit. We only compost plant waste, so there is no smell or insects. It lifts off and returns easily to it’s base. We have limited counter space, so this fits ours needs.

Easy to mount to the cabinet under the sink and incredibly easy to take it off to empty compost. Can’t smell the compost until you open the lid. Pleased with this little bin.

We like the size of this container for capturing compost in the kitchen, and the vented lid is a good touch. We’ve had one of these before, and we were happy with it.

It’s not too small, not too big. Keeps odors in, but also lets fresh air in to avoid immediate decomposition of the scraps. I usually take it to our compost bin to dump it once or twice a week, depending on how full it is. Also don’t need plastic liner bags (trying to be more zero-waste) and it’s super easy to clean.

Great compost bucket, perfect size to mount on cabinet door under our sink. We bought small composting bags to go inside and are very happy with our set up.

Features of Mountable Kitchen Compost Bin by Zero Waste Together – 2 Gal, Under Sink, Countertop, Odor Free, Dishwasher Safe, Bags Ok, Made in Canada

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • EASY to MOUNT and CONVENIENT SIZE – Mount and screw assembly included! Small and perfect fit for most cabinet doors, pantry doors, under sinks and countertops.
  • EASY to CLEAN – Smooth HDPE and BPA free plastic makes it easy to wash and includes recycled content. UV protected. Dishwasher safe. Compostable bag compatible.
  • INSECT and ODOR FREE – Hinged lid which clicks into place ensures a tight seal. Micro-Perforated lid seals out fruit flies and insects and reduces smell with the process of aeration.
  • EASY to FILL, CARRY and EMPTY – Hinged lid which clicks into place allows lid to stay open. Lightweight with a swinging handle. Lip grip, bottom grip and back grip for emptying.
  • PATENTED AIRFLOW CHANNELS – Promotes healthy, PH balanced compost and a more efficient breakdown of food scraps.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Nice and simple, easy to use. Will hold a couple of days of veggie scraps from a family of five. There are a couple of hooks on either side that allow you to attach a bio-baggie which helps keeps the bucket from getting gross. I like that it is slightly larger than other compost bins, and that the opening is large enough to scrape the scraps from a chopping board without spills. The lid can be lock up or pushed down behind the bin. The kid that has to empty this bin likes how easy to empty it is and how much less yukky scraps are. Easy to rinse out as no nooks and crannies. Scraps don’t smell, or barely after a few days and straggler fruit flies gather on the lid, longing to get in. Has definitely improved the fruit fly problems in our kitchen. Only downside is that it doesn’t look very cool or slick, but in the battle against fruit flies and stinky food scraps, utility wins out.

This is a really great sized product. I know that some people have a problem with the lid not staying up. However we’ve been using ours for over a year and we’ve had no problems. You have to push up a little bit further and then it holds in place. You can easily wash it out and i have not had problems with thing smelling in it. If anything i wish it were larger but to be honest if it’s the small bags perfectly and if it were any larger it would getting messy. We often times throw things out that are wet. So on rare occasions are based ripped open but the bottom doesn’t have any wholesale collects all this garbage juice.

Purchased this as a gift for my husband as a father’s day gift. We compost so this was the perfect gift to have. It sits on the counter and helps prevent fruit flies in the warmer months. I would recommend this to others as long as they aren’t expecting to have it compost fast on the counter. This should be solely used as a container to hold the scraps until you can empty them, it isn’t large enough to hold until fully composted. Container is made of durable plastic and lid allows the right amount of air in. I accidentally left it outside for about a day during the winter time and there was no damage done. We have had some of the compost mold in the bottom, easy to clean with hot water.

I like the size of this bin. It is very easy to scrape food off dishes into it. It also has a large capacity which i like. I haven’t noticed any odor either. The large handle makes it easy to carry. The lid stays open when lifted up which is also convenient. The mounting bracket looked a little flimsy and i thought the pail might not be secure but i was wrong. Very easy to put on and very easy to remove. This is the third compost pail i’ve owned and this is by far my favorite.

We like this so much better than the yukchuck. Believe it or not, the aeration holes in the lid keep it from smelling. We’ve yet to go through a summer with it in the kitchen, though, so i’m not sure how the holes in the lid will do with any fruit flies. So far, very happy with this purchase.

For us it has been smell free, currently 3/4 full of wide variety of dated veggies, coffee grounds and the not supposed to compost meat products. No smell, no fruit flies in it, some of their buddies already in the kitchen seem to be attracted to area but the aeration holes do not allow them in. Some have complained about the 2 stop arc of the lid opening but no issue in my use. The first lift will not stay open but i am usually holding the lid with one hand and dumping goop into the container with the other. If indeed i need two hands (and why would i?) then keep opening util it clicks, which will require about the same force to push past the ‘click’ and secure the lid. So much better than the improvised kitchen containers i have used for years.

EASY to MOUNT and CONVENIENT SIZE – Mount and screw assembly included!

I love it, at first i was a little frustrated, but after i finally got it installed, it works like a charm. I added a compostable bag, prevents the bucket from getting grimy and stinky. The handle makes it easy to carry out to the compost pile and i don’t have a bunch of plastic containers to deal with. And it eliminated the fruitflies.

So easy to install and it fits perfectly on the inside cabinet door. When you’re ready to empty it out, it lifts off easily from the attached bracket. It’s so nice to have it hidden and not out on the counter. Overall, very pleased with our purchase.

We have been composting for several years and just used an old tupperware container. It sat on the counter and was gross to look at and to open when we added scraps. Easy installation, just enough room under our kitchen sink for it to mount on the cabinet door. Wide bin makes it easy to just take the cutting board and dump scraps in. It’s fairly big and can hold a lot. I am curious to see what the smell factor is like over time.

It looks nice which is an added benefit. We chose to not use bags and simply rinse out after dumping. However, we noticed they also sell bags which is an option to consider. We haven’t had any problems with leaking unlike other bins we tried in the past. Leaking compost is not fun to clean up ha.

Just got around to installing this today, though i’ve had it for awhile. It fits perfectly inside my cabinet under my sink and is very handy in that location.

Did my research, and this is definitely the best bin for our kitchen setup. Had too many problems with bugs from other bins, but this one works. And very little odor if any at all. Perfect dimensions, handy lid that stays open for two free hands, and very sturdy.

EASY to CLEAN – Smooth HDPE and BPA free plastic makes it easy to wash and includes recycled content. UV protected. Dishwasher safe.

This has a larger capacity than many kitchen compost keepers, which is great, especially because unlike some of them, it doesn’t seem to attract gnats/fruitflies. The holes in this one are very small, just enough for ventilation without letting bugs get in. I like that the lid has different ‘stop’ positions, so it will stay open if i’m peeling lots of veggies, for example. It isn’t the prettiest thing in the world, but it is very practical.

As many reviews have stated, this composter is the perfect transition under the sink to before it heads out to the yimby tumbler in the backyard. I absolutely love this composter and have had zero issues with it. It mounted super easily and stays in place very easily. Highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a small composter to keep under your kitchen sink. The holes are so tiny in the lid that they truly do keep all insects out (including those pesky fruit flies).

Easy to clean and it doesn’t take up too much counter space.

I bought an open box version from a 3rd party. It didn’t come with a mounting kit but they will send me one. Good companyi like the style of this bin. The air holes and latch are creative engineering. I was using a standard metal bin before and it’s handle finally came loose. I’m hoping this bin has greater durability and stays cleaner. This bin has 1/2 gallon larger capacity than my old one. I bought this larger format of bin so i can fit compostable paper plates in it.

The winner: zero waste vs sure closeafter much debate and careful consideration this has every feature needed plus more. Measurements:exterior: 11′ wide (side to side) by 9. 5′ tall (top to bottom) by 8. Interior: 10′ width (side to side) by 9′ deep (top to bottom) by 6. While many communities can use the compostable plastic bags, ours doesn’t have the industrial process to handle them (the green liners) – so we do the cheap and easy alternative; wipe the inside with a dab of carnauba wax (it’s plastic friendly and non toxic) to make the inside slippery non stick surface that rinses right off. Easy to use, clean and store. Well constructed and sooo easy to lift on or off the mounting bracket.

Love the size and having it mounted in a useful location but not in the way. Easy to rinse out when the compost bags leak. A little concerned about the hinges and so on holding up, don’t seem very sturdy.

Gets the compost holder off the counter and out of sight. At the same time it holds a lot, remains convenient, and seems to keep odors in fine. Have not tested the long-term durability yet, but if it lasts like i hope it does, i will order another when can no longer be used.

INSECT and ODOR FREE – Hinged lid which clicks into place ensures a tight seal.

Pros: easy to openeasy to uselarge capacityno stink after over a week with food and banana peels ( left it under the sink when we went out of town)cons: fruit flies got in.

My teenage daughter was giving me grief about not composting, and i was an easy mark because i already felt guilty about it. But my new house has very little kitchen counter space, and i didn’t fancy having a big canister taking up what little spare room i had (i needed a bin with a fair volume because i’m mostly vegetarian so generate a lot of compostable scraps. Didn’t want to be dumping this thing once a day). I was concerned that the scraps would smell a bit and so i didn’t want them right on the counter where i prepare and eat food (or become, as my friend’s wife complains, a fruit fly brothel). And most of the ones i saw had a removable lid, so you’d have to use two hands to open, then put the lid somewhere, scrape, then put the lid back on. Finally i just sat down to look at all the offerings available online and decided this looked like the best option. It’s been two months now and i’ve been super pleased. I mounted it to the inside of the cabinet door under my sink and didn’t have to give up any storage under there to fit it in. Lost no space on my counter. Never smell it except once when i left some juicy stuff in there for over a week.

This plastic bin arrived quickly. The bin appears to be good quality. Unfortunately it is slightly too large for my cabinet door under the kitchen sink. My doors are a little wider than the bin but once mounted the door will not close because of the bin’s depth. The mounting hardware (see photo) states that the cabinet door must be a min of 14′ wide. Sad that i will have to send this back. I wish that the mounting hardware info was shown in the original description.

Great size, not to big or small. My previous bin was stainless to match my kitchen appliances but it started to show rust stains inside and it was impossible to clean. I use this on my countertop rather than on the inside of a closet door.

Easy to open as long as you don’t already have your hands full.

This thing is just perfectly designed. Mounts easily under sink, compact enough to sit on counter, fits in my bike basket and has a handle for when i run it to the compost station. Has ledges to grip it in all the right places, like when emptying the bin. It’s summertime (bug season) and so far no bugs inside. One thing i didn’t expect (being an amateur) was that the food waste would start to smell after a few days if i had lots of wet/moist things inside. So i started putting ‘wet compost’ in a container in the fridge and more ‘dry compost’ in this bin, and then just combining them one per week when i take it to the compost station down the street. This has been working perfectly and i don’t get any odors now and only empty it once per week. Very happy with this product.

EASY to FILL, CARRY and EMPTY – Hinged lid which clicks into place allows lid to stay open. Lightweight with a swinging handle.

Pros: i have not seen a fruit fly coming from it yet. However, in winter, i do not have a problem with them. I can dump scraps in without dropping them getting everywhere on the sink. I have an old-fashioned sink cast iron sink with a built in drainboard on both sides. I keep my bin on the one drainboard. The handle makes it easy for carrying and dumping the debris in the outside compost bin. Con: not really a con, but i have nothing else negative to say. You have to push in on the white part and pull out with the green. But i have trouble opening it with my one hand at a certain angle-i think it is just me. I have no trouble with the other hand.

Larger than i expected, which makes it great for a lazy apartment dweller like me who doesn’t want to hike to the outdoor compost bin too often. I stuck it under the sink, and haven’t had any problems with odors or insects. It’s easy to carry, easy to dump, and generally just rinses clean; anything that sticks is easily removed by soaking in hot soapy water.

Behrens 6106 6GAL Galv Garbage Pail – It keeps the smell of the poop at bay pretty well. Only problem is the lid is pretty

To be honest, i bought this for containing stinky dog poop baggies after walks and trips out to the yard. We store it outside, and it is surviving the rain well without rusting, and no water has gotten in. We also have a baby, so she has a diaper pail, and we call this a doggy diaper pail, because we are gross weirdos. It is a 6-gallon container, but please note that 6-gallon bags did not work in this container — however, the 8-gallon glad trash bags fit it perfectly.

 i have the ‘vittles vault airtight stackable pet food container 60lbs’ and while it does keep a tight air seal, the material its made up of is hard plastic. What i didn’t expected was that the neighborhood mouse was able to chew the lid and the container itself away, like nothing. So there is a big hole for them to enter the dog food that i place in the backyard. It was time to get a metal pet food container and after many searches. This ‘behrens 6106 10 gallon locking lid’ is my pick. I would of bought it locally at my home depot but they only carry the 6 gallon size. This metal container has a very nice galvanized finish smooth finish. The lid is not loose and its not tight either. It does have the ‘seal’ feeling when you place the lid on and take it off. I like the locking features so that no visitors from the backyard can have access to the dog food that is inside.

I ordered the medium size can and use it for dog treats. I can fit a whole costco size box of treats in it and still have space. I also added a vinyl decal on the outside.

I use this to hold the dog poop i pick up. It keeps the smell of the poop at bay pretty well. Only problem is the lid is pretty stiff and i’m sure that at some point i’m gonna be forcing it open and throw poop all over myself.

Over the past year have tried a variety of can types. First tried to go with a less expensive, under $20, hard plastic can. Terrible, those fall over constantly and the lids barely stay on when warm let alone cold. The next type went with a different style but same material and same problems. Then went and spent $40 on a much better ‘soft’ plastic trash can. No issues with that one at all other than it costs so much and that was without a lid. Then two weeks ago after searching the nearby fields for our plastic cans decided to try something different, old school metal cans. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was very pleased once they arrived and i saw what i was getting. Very good quality steel can. A flat bottom with just enough weight so it won’t go flying off or fall over in the wind.

The trash can i had before was too small so i decided to buy this. One of the best decisions i ever made. Instead of of taking out the trash everyday now it’s only twice a week. I included a picture of the garbage can and a 5 gallon water bottle to compare in size. If this review was in anyway helpful make sure to select that it was helpful. I did not receive this item for free or a discount.

This will be a second purchase of a locking lid can of this size. The first lasted 4 years in nc weather, year round. We use them in the dog yard for pet waste and find the size to be perfect. Not too large to be a space taker, but large enough to hold those wonderful doggy droppings from week to week for pick up. We line the can so the waste is not sitting in direct contact with the can and creating a smelly mess and breeding ground for all kinds of yuck. The lid seals nicely onto the can so there is no odor. I am able to remove it with one hand and a good tug or two. Given that the can is exposed to all kinds of weather and we do have a plastic liner that keeps moisture against it, i feel that it holds up well to constant, day to day use. I really have no cons to offer. Hope you find this review helpful and will click yes to rate it.

I painted it a bronze color with rustoleum spray.

This tin looks just as pictured. I was worried because of some of the reviews saying they got an inferior product, but i got exactly what i purchased. It locks and is very sturdy. I purchased it to hold dog food in. I also purchased a cute vinyl decal to go on the outside. I will probably be purchasing more for other storage around the house and outside.

Here are the specifications for the Behrens 6106 6GAL Galv Garbage Pail:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Ideal for pet food, bird seed and grass seed
  • Rust/Fire/Heat Resistant
  • Will not crack or fade like plastic
  • Dry storage only
  • Made in USA

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Big Garbage Can
  • Great price for a durable can, easy to use. Recommended!
  • dog poop container

iTouchless 16 Gallon Dual-Deodorizer Oval Open Top Trash Can – Great size; nice looking

It’s very nice looking and fits well.

After a few months in a commercial building’s ladies room, this can looks great. No dents, rust, visible scratches. I haven’t replaced the deodorizer, but i can see how it could be useful if it were used in a kitchen. Came packaged well with no issues.

It keeps the smell of garbage contained to the garbage can when dealing with smelly garbage.

Very pleased with this purchase. Would have been a 5 star except i felt price was high and disappointed on how expensive replacement carbon deodorizers are.

I thought it had a lid since it said touch less but it is so tall we love it anyway. The dog’s cannot reach it and it holds more trash.

I never thought i would be excited about a trash can, yet here i am. We’ve been using it for a few months now and it is still holding strong. We have 3 children and 3 pets who are all constantly trying to get into the trash. (the pets, not the children. Usually) this has really kept the pups and cat out of the trash. The design of it makes it basically impossible for the dogs to reach anything that’s in the bin. The cat has figured out how to get on top and then balance and attempt to reach in but he’s not nearly as successful as he’s been in the last with other bins. It’s been the perfect kitchen addition, i’m always excited to tell people about this trash can anytime i hear someone is shopping around.

Really nice looking – for a garbage can. 🙂 i hate messing with lids – they eventually break and always get stuff spilled on them. I prefer an open top garbage & this one is really nice looking. The bag says secure & though i haven’t used it long enough to know how effective they are, i like the idea of the charcoal filters to help with odor.

With the rimless top and bottom vent it’s super easy to pull out full bags. I hate waving my hand to try and get the lid to open like my last one.

It is more convenient in the space i have yet larger than my old can. It’s exactly as nice looking as the photo on line. And i tested the finger prints.

Love the way they look in our office.

This is a nice, basic stainless can i was looking for to go in my kitchen. It matches all my stainless appliances, easy to assemble, and i like how the top closes on to secure trash sack. I don’t really know how ‘well’ the scent blocker works. Not saying it doesn’t, i just haven’t noticed a difference yet. Overall i’m very pleased with the purchase.

It’s sturdy, pretty and doesn’t have a lid or peddle which i can’t stand. The bag fits snug under the lid. The only reason i didn’t rate it 5 stars is i don’t like the idea that the deodorizers are very expensive to replace. Is this where the company makes its money. You’re supposed to change the two deodorizers taht snap into the lid, every few months and they’re like $20 something for 3. It’s proprietary to say the least because nothing else on line fits in the holders. I need to figure out another way to do this.

Would buy again excellent product exactly what i expected. Here are the specifications for the iTouchless 16 Gallon Dual-Deodorizer Oval Open Top Trash Can:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY – You get a Full-Service Warranty including Parts and Dedicated Customer Support. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!
  • QUICK & EASY DISPOSAL – Open Top design is perfect for busy homes, restaurants, restrooms, offices, lobbies, stores – quick & easy trash disposal
  • ODOR-STOPPING POWER – 2 Heavy-Duty Odor Filters absorb trash odors so they don’t escape the can
  • ELEGANT & MODERN – Stainless Steel trash can body is fingerprint-proof and smudge-resistant. Durable, silver-colored ABS plastic lid is easy to clean
  • LARGE CAPACITY – Space-saving oval shape makes the most of tight spaces – Large 16 Gal / 60 L capacity – Dimensions: 16 inch W x 11.5 inch D x 28.25 inch H

I wanted a trash can that i could have out in my kitchen that didn’t look horrible, but i also wanted one with an open top. I hate trash cans that have a lid of any kind because they tend to get yucky from being touched all the time. This little guy met both requirements. I keep it on the far side of my island and it is hardly noticeable. I haven’t smelled anything from the trash can so far, so i assume the deodorizing is effective. The only assembly required was putting the deodorizing packets in their compartments in the trash can.

The trash bag leaked into the trash can and the trash can leaked on the floor.

Best trash can for restaurants bathroomsbought 3 of them.

Very well packed and a nice trash can. There was another one that was less expensive by another manufacturer, but i didn’t want to chance it. Sometimes it’s not worth the hassle. This had a nice styrofoam buffer around it, arrived in perfect condition.

Great garbage can with open top. No need to open the trash can so great for older people.

Deodorizers come off too easy. Already lost one in the trash.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great kitchen garbage can
  • With the rimless top and bottom vent It’s super easy to pull out full bags
  • Very tall trash can

Got tired of the cheap office type of trash can we had where the lids would always break. This has been great and my only complaint is that i should had bought the larger one. I haven’t an issue with smell or anything.

Very nice can that is pretty sturdy.

Very happy with the purchase.

We had touchless garbage can that had motion lid. Then it got broken when someone else didn’t know how to get the lid to open apparently. No smells so far and we’ve had it a few months.

Sturdy, tall, like the odor filters, lid covers trash bag top.

This is the perfect trash can. I love the open top, no messy lid to bother with. It cleans easily and lid fits snugly.

I’ve had this for a few months and absolutely love the no lid concept. Food isn’t getting on a lid that i need to constantly wipe down. My toddlers can easily throw away trash without a pedal to fall over, etc. It’s been great for our family.

So far i’m completely in love with this can . Lolbut seriously i’m completely satisfied with everything about it. ****but do not order the suggested bags they are awful.

Clean, tidy, just what i was looking for.

Really wide opening for recycling.

The trashcan is a good one, but the lid’s ‘air freshener’ segments came with stripped screws. Very tough to remove, which is required in order to utilize the air freshener. Poor work on the manufacturer’s part but doesn’t change my review of the actual trashcan.

I love the look, style and height of the trash can. I purposely ordered a 16 gallon can and it almost comes up perfectly to my counter top for easy access when i am cooking/prepping.

Easy access and attractive looking.

Got these for our new church’s restrooms. Classy and easy to change trash bags, light, and best price in the market.

Really nice trash can that i will use at home; one for recycling and one for trash. I would have given 5 stars, but the lid on one of my trash cans arrived scratched up. The quality of the lid is not as good as the can itself. I would still recommend buying, though.

It’s a lidless full size garbage bin that doesn’t crumple under a hard stare— which is exactly what i was looking for. I have no idea why such a thing is so difficult to find, but it is. I found twenty different lidded bins with everything from a voice activated lid to your standard foot operated one. But what if i want to throw in a three-pointer from across the room?sure yours might come with a dent in the side but just exchange it for another— the manufacturer has limited control over damage that occurs during shipping. There’s a nifty looking trap on the side of the lid that you can fill with charcoal filters to keep it smelling fresh. Something i’ll never use and i’m sure hardly works in the first place (it could be nice to fill with lemon rinds or potpourri from time to time).

Home Zone Stainless Steel Kitchen Trash Can – Sleek and it works.

Overall very attractive, but the manufacturers have done one thing that’s not too smart. The inside of the lid comes with two stickers on the inside, which talk about ‘if you have a problem with the item or are missing parts, contact us at this number first, before you try to return the item’. Naturally, before using my new trashcan, i want to remove these two ugly, distracting labels. They are not easy to remove?. They are not coming off in one easy pull?. I must make repeated small pulls, removing bits and pieces of each label. So of course, this in turn means i am putting pressure on the cover, and pressure on the open/close mechanism of the cover, in order to remove these stupid labels. Why not just include a free-standing (not sticky) paper insert inside the garbage can, or inside the box, with this same info??now my inside cover looks even uglier, with bits of ripped labels.

Seems solid, good size for dirty diapers, lever for opening lid easy to use, seals odors well.

It’s much less expensive than others of the size. Only minor negative is that the lid is not dampened, so it closes with a bit of a clang. Still a great value and good looking. Perfect size for a bathroom or home office (unless you generate a lot of paper).

Is perfect for a barbi doll play house kitchen.

The stainless is a good quality and is a perfect size for my kitchen. However, i am so diappointed that there is a dent on the lid.

Fits great in a small space and is extremely quiet. I got this for our nursery so it’s perfect. Changing the bag could be easier, that’s my only complaint.

I’ve been searching for a decent stainless steel trashcan for my kitchen to replace my old plastic one. Now my kitchen feels 100 times modern, really like the design and the overall quality, would definitely recommend to buy.

It had dents on the lid, but it’s a trash bin so it doesn’t matter too much.

Work great as a diaper pail. Doesn’t seal in smell from baby poopies, but we change it out every day.

I can not even say how much this trash can makes me happy. I have a trash digger jack russell. I have spent so much time trying to keep her out of bathroom and bedroom trash cans. This is the first one she can’t nose the lid around to get into the trash. It also looks nice and it is easy to wipe down and keep clean. It is big enough to be useful, but not too big where it doesn’t fit between a sink and toilet.

I’m glad that it has a plastic can liner inside that is made of plastic. I love the slow quiet close. It seals tightly at the top, blocking my dog from getting it open. The only thing i didn’t like was the giant sticker that was on it. Had to resort to peanut butter to get it off.

I use this trash can for my kitty litter. Keeps most of the yucky smells in and very durable and aesthetically pleasing. I’m happy and only have to make trashcan runs every 1. The cats are happier, and so am i.

Sleek and works well for it’s purpose. Here are the specifications for the Home Zone Stainless Steel Kitchen Trash Can:

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  • PERFECT SOLUTION – Store trash, rubbish and waste in your bathroom, office, or elsewhere in your home. The alluring design makes for a great addition to any room or outdoor patio
  • STAINLESS STEEL BODY – Protects against corrosion, rust, finger prints and bacteria growth. Preserving the clean and stylish appearance
  • POLISHED DESIGN – High-quality stainless steel material along with a removable plastic liner and rubber band to hold bag in place
  • HANDS-FREE – Sturdy and sleek pedal design with a stay-open lid makes for convenient disposal
  • SIMPLE TO CLEAN – Very low maintenance makes cleaning easy and minimal, creating a fresh environment
  • DURABLE – Capable of holding up to 12-liters of waste and uses 4-gallon trash bags
  • DIMENSIONS – 11.42″ L x 11.61″ W x 16.46″ H

For what it’s worth, i’m an experienced mechanical design engineer with three patents.

This thing is great to put garbage in.

I purchased this trash can for my daughters nursery. I was looking for something small in size, her room isn’t very big and easy to use. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a nursery trash can. I empty it daily so we never have a stinky trash can.

This is quite small, but it’s perfect in my bathroom. You can use any small size plastic bag and there are interior silicone straps that hold the plastic bag down so it doesn’t slide off. The tap to open the lid is very smooth and has a slow close so no crate dump. Really good quality and like i said, looks pretty sharp for a trashcan.

Good size for a larger bathroom or bedroom trash can. The lid seals perfectly and therefore contains smell well.

Very nice for the bigger space between your toilet and wall.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very nice looking and fit perfectly in a cramped area next to the sink.
  • Perfect for litter dispoal

Has a few dents from over the past few months, but keeps my pets out of the trash.

Smaller than i thought, but gets the job done.

I use this for diapers in the kids room and blows the previous one out the water. Has a good seal to it that doesn’t let the smell out.

I was a bit hesitant to order this because of concern it would be vulnerable to dents in shipping. However, it was exceptionally well packed with an inner box and foam separator to isolate it from rough handling in transit. It arrived in perfect condition even though the outer box had a rough ride. Pro: smooth, quiet operation (lid drop is speed limited). Removable bucket (liner) for easy emptying and cleaning. Attractive appearance, white finish, and black trim go with any decor. Space-saving shape and ‘just right’ capacity for many applications. However, the build quality and features still make it a decent value. We’re buying another, for a guest bath.

This trash can is the perfect size for any bathroom. The capacity it can hold is just right. For my family of three, we only need to remove the trash twice a week at the most. I really like the stainless steel stylish appearance.

I really like this small trash can. I opted to buy used at about half the price of new. It arrived with a small dent on the back that no one will ever see. I can’t rate the durability as it has only been used for about a week. But, there is a large rubber band on one end of the can liner that holds the trash bag in place as the liner is reinserted so that it does not show once the lid is closed. The step-on feature works well. The lid opens a full 90 degrees, then closes softly. It went into a small office restroom. My co-workers called it “fancy. ” 😊i really like this small trash can.

Much better than the walmart equivalent. The foot-operated open/close mechanism works well, and seems sufficiently sturdy. I actually got this for my 92 year-old mother, and it looks so nice in her place that i’m thinking of getting one myself (only in a larger size).

I felt it is good but expensive for the size.

I first ordered another similar item, which amazon informed me was damaged in shipping. They refunded me immediately. Before deciding to reorder that brand, i researched again and decided to order this instead. It is absolutely perfect for kitty litter disposal. I love the rectangular design and after opening by stepping on pedal a slight adjustment to top keeps it open while i’m scooping the litter. I recently changed type of 13 gallon garbage bags i was using and then found a huge box of the old bags i had forgotten i bought, so i am using them for this. The bags are too big but fit fine in the unit. I have been so dissatisfied with the old receptace i was using for the litter and i now could not be happier.

This is very good trash can for tight spaces. It looks nice and it doesn’t move back when you step on it to open the lid. Other trash cans will move backwards as you step on it to empty trash.

Keeps the smell of dirty diapers locked in.

InterDesign Wastebasket Trash Bathroom – Gray Mono Rectangular Can – Nice shape and color

I originally bought this trash can for my son’s dorm room. I liked the color and shape so much i ordered one for my house. Both arrived in perfect condition w no scratches. The navy color is very nice. It will be very easy to wipe clean.

I like this little trash can. It’s a nice shape, thick walls, washable, perfect for a bathroom or office.

Very pleased – i needed this exact size/shape to go beside my desk at the office & could not find it at the local stores.

This wastebasket is perfect for tight spaces. And it will hold quite a bit so you’re not constantly emptying it. Color looks just like it does online.

It’s a trash can and it works at holding trash so it’s hard to complain a lot. There were a lot of scratches all around the outside like other reviewers said. And the picture makes it look like there’s a contrasting color on the top, but there is not.

This is like a small trash for bathroom ect. Not made for a full room or office.

  • For you value seekers out there
  • Pretty, but marred by broken corner
  • However they feel sturdy and they look nice for the price

This is plastic and looks somewhat cheap but serves its purpose. Was thinking it would look a little nicer.

It looks fine, and it has not failed to hold waste. The only annoying thing is that it doesn’t pick up your trash for you; you have to do it manually.

It’s small enough to not be in the way and large enough to actually hold any garbage i need to throw away. The square design is perfect for next to my tv stand.

This is a lightweight item that i use in my bedroom. It is perfect for my needs, but if you’re looking for something that has a heavier weight, this is not the item for you. I found trash can liners that also fit perfectly with this item.

I eventually replaced them and got 2 new ones that weren’t as noticeably broken (but still had damage). However they feel sturdy and they look nice for the price.

Features of InterDesign Wastebasket Trash Bathroom – Gray Mono Rectangular Can

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  • VERSATILE HOME ACCESSORY – Use it in the bathroom, utility room, office or anywhere
  • SLIM DESIGN – Its thin profile makes it easy to discreetly store in tight spaces around the home
  • MODERN STYLING – A neutral color scheme and subtle curves add instant style to a practical storage solution
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Made of durable plastic that stands up to daily use
  • ROOMY STORAGE CAPACITY – Provides ample storage for trash or recycling; Measures 11.25″ Inches x 7.50″ Inches x 12″ Inches
  • Proudly made in the USA, BPA free

From the manufacturer

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Kept even though corner lip was broken off. Pretty, shiny and mostly durable, but the plastic has a small lip around the top and a piece of that at one corner was broken off. Since i’m using it under a table at my bedside, on the far side of the bed i decided to keep it anyway and just turn it so the bad part isn’t easily seen.

A little small compared to other trash cans had. But perfect size for where it was needed.

Utterly gorgeous, sleek, adds a pop to my bathroom love it.

Works well in my modern powder room. It’s got a shiny finish to it which makes it look like it’s made from a better plastic than it really is. For the price, you can’t beat it. I’ve had guests comment on how ‘cute’ the waste basket is. The take home is unless your guests are going to pick up and carry around the wastebasket, they might think it’s ‘fancy’. If you’re on a budget but want a decent, stylish wastebasket, this one works.

This trashcan is a thin almost opaque plastic. It does fit nicely in our bedroom. The plastic had some light scratches on the outside when it arrived. I think it will do, but i wouldn’t buy it again.

This is an adorable little trash can; the color is a little different than it appears; and it’s shape makes it hard to dispose of some trash. However, i would certainly buy it again.

VERSATILE HOME ACCESSORY – Use it in the bathroom, utility room, office or anywhere

Very nice looking deep sky blue & fairly sturdy. Opaque but i use a trash bag in all my waste basket just to keep them cleaner. I like the shape and the size is perfect for my bathroom. Living on an island, it’s not easy to find a good variety of colors and the prices here can be quite high so the price for this was decent comparatively speaking.

Bought to put in my daughter’s bedroom. It is a great size and very functional.

Its a nice color and i like the size. My only complaint is the color is a little see-through as if the material itself is too thin. But for a bathroom trash can it is perfect.

. Great size; not too large, or too small.

Arrived undamaged, color and product as shown. I appreciate the wide choide of colors, so i got the exact color that i was looking for.

SLIM DESIGN – Its thin profile makes it easy to discreetly store in tight spaces around the home

MODERN STYLING – A neutral color scheme and subtle curves add instant style to a practical storage solution

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Made of durable plastic that stands up to daily use

Vremi Kitchen Compost Bin – Worth every penny!

Varying angles to choose from, little arms to hold the pages open, nice stylish wood material. As a nursing student who constantly has her nose in a book, this is a life-saver. I wish i had gotten one of these a year ago.

It holds a lot, i but vegetable peels and coffee grounds in it for my compost. It is cute the handle works carrying it to and fro the compost bin. Oh and i saw one at bed bath and beyond for nearly twice the price last week.

What an attractive compost bin. Nicely constructed, built to last. Very pleased with my purchase.

Our county started collecting scraps for compost, so we needed a way to gather things that didn’t make the place smell. This little can is unobtrusive and does the trick. The carbon filter makes sure that even if it takes us a couple of days to fill it that we don’t smell anything. It does come with one replacement filter. I probably should have gotten the white color, but the black is also fine.

I would love more instructions. Might have missed that, the package was beautiful and the bit is a great construction. My kiddos have helped us learn the dos and don’ts of compost for our garden.

  • Nice beautiful compost bin
  • I choose glossy black and i am very happy with this product
  • Not as great as it could be

Perfect fit in my medium sized kitchen.

I bought one of these bins for me and one as a gift. The bin is really sturdy and pretty. I strongly recommend using a bag as a liner, it will make it easier when handling the fruit peels and other stuff. In order to avoid fruit flies and other pests you must keep the filters on (the ones included with the bin) and understand that this bin is only to collect your compostable rubbish before you take it to the actual compost pile or bin outside.

I have been without one for a while and am so glad i got this one. It’s perfect for my countertop and easy to keep clean.

We brought this to keep used coffee grounds in right next to the coffee pot. It holds quite a few basketfuls and then we can just take it right out to the garden.

We had used a rectangular container about the same size with a locking lid prior. I like that this has a smaller foot print, but still seems to hold about as much compost. I actually prefer the non-locking lid on this, as i’ve often got dirty hands when i’m trying to get at this. The charcoal filter has done an awesome job of containing any smells so far (going on a month now). All in all, it’s easy to clean, easy to access, made of quality parts, and does what it’s made for.

Features of Vremi Kitchen Compost Bin for Counter or Under Sink – 1.2 Gallon Small Metal Indoor Home Apartment Eco Compost Pail for Biodegradable Organic Food Waste with Charcoal Filter – Stainless Steel – White

  • Make sure this fits
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  • COMPOST BIN FOR KITCHEN COUNTER – Perfectly-sized indoor compost bin for kitchen countertop also fits under sink so you can easily store biodegradable food waste for garden fertilizer right from your home or apartment
  • CHARCOAL FILTER FOR NATURAL ODOR CONTROL – Organic activated charcoal filter traps odors naturally so kitchen compost bin has no smell – reusable eco filter can be cleaned with soap and water to last up to 6 months, and purchase also includes 1 filter refill
  • LEAK PROOF STAINLESS STEEL – Metal compost bin bucket is constructed with one piece of durable, rust-resistant stainless steel to prevent leakage and protect against bacteria for lasting quality and convenience
  • FITS UP TO 1 WEEK OF WASTE – Small compost bin is big enough to collect up to a week’s worth of vegetable skins, fruit peels or pits, coffee grounds and other compostable kitchen waste and features a handle on body for easy hanging storage
  • EASY CLEAN 1.2 GALLON CAPACITY – Composting bin measures 6.5 x 11 inches. Stainless steel lid and bin bucket are dishwasher safe (remove charcoal filter from lid before cleaning in dishwasher)

Make sure this fits
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This item holds a good amount of kitchen scraps and is attractive and lightweight.

We had been using an empty plastic ice cream container to hold our food scraps and kept it under the sink. The house we moved into doesn’t have much under sink storage. I searched for a container to keep on the counter that was stylish and affordable. I like that it’s stainless steel and lightweight. So you don’t have to make numerous trips to the compost bin to empty it. Just an fyi: it came in a box so it could be given as a gift.

Blends in well – great compost bin.

This bin is really nicely made and very pretty too. Comes with an extra set of filters as well.

Been through several over the years, this one is perfect. Large capacity, attractive for kitchen countertop, stainless steel so no odors like the ones with plastic inserts. Best of all the lid keeps all odors in but only takes one hand to remove.

I wish i would have bought this years ago.


Extremely satisfied with this item. Well made stronge stainless steel. Not the cheap metal kind, also comes with an extra set of filters. I purchased compost bags for it and they fit perfectly inside. I tried plastic compost bins and i hated it. This also fits great under the sink.

I choose glossy black and i am very happy with this product. The lid forms a tight seal and has several layers of filters to stop the odors from escaping. Kit comes with spare filters. Bugs do not seem to find the bin either. The depth of the container is impressive. See the photo i have attached. Hope this review is helpful.

I’m really excited to start composting with this product. When it arrived, i was very impressed by the quality of the compost bin itself. It was also really nice that it came with extra filters. I’ve started adding waste to it this week and so far i haven’t noticed any smell at all. Love that it fits right under my kitchen sink too.

Have had many types of compost and this is the best. No fruit flies and a carbon filter with enough weight not to slip or tilt. Bought this when we redid the kitchen and we’ll worth it.

This vremi compost bin is perfect for a kitchen. We keep ours under the sink. It has a small footprint and isn’t too tall. The bottom of the bin is made of thick metal. The top is easy to get on and off. I love the handle because it makes the bin easy to pick up and carry. It has been very warm out lately and the charcoal filter keeps the smell inside the can. The filter is washable and it came with a replacement filter. This will hold over a week worth of food scraps. The added bonus is the ability to put the bottom in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

We always compost our kitchen waste. For years, we have used a small trash can, a bucket, a bowl as counter compost bin. Since we go through a lot of veggies that the compost need to be bring out pretty often. That we never really have to deal with the odor problem. First, this bin is very sturdy. The coating is beautiful and shinning. Which would save you the counter space.

CHARCOAL FILTER FOR NATURAL ODOR CONTROL – Organic activated charcoal filter traps odors naturally so kitchen compost bin has no smell –

Does not smell even if i don’t empty it for 2 weeks. I bought the compost-able liners and rarely have to clean to container but when i do, it cleans up beautifully.

I’m in love with this countertop trash bin convenient when cooking in the kitchen i avoid having to walk back and forth to my big trash can i recommend this.

I never thought i would be composting in the house. The first thought that came to my head was, that’s going to smell. Well, this little bin has me completely surprised. It’s perfect for the indoors, i keep it under my kitchen sink. Doesn’t take much room and doesn’t smell at all.

I have tried 3 other compost bins for my kitchen and they were awful. There are no fruit flies 9r bad smells coming from this compost bin. It is sturdy and looks good on the counter.

A few years ago we lived with my in laws, my father in law is quite the gardener, he was always composting, i learned quite a bit. We purchased a house and it had a compost all the way at the edge of our property, at first we had a bucket next to the sink but then we had ants. We gave up a lot of composting last year because we couldn’t figure out a system that worked for us. When we found this i was super excited, it doesn’t smell, i only have to head to the compost outside once a week, it works for us, also its adorable.

Cute little bin that doesn’t stink. I wanted to test it so i’ve thrown in a bunch of scraps (tea bags, coffee grounds, veggie scraps) and left it on the counter for a week. So far i don’t smell it and my husband hasn’t thrown it away yet so it must be working.

My boyfriend was raised with using compost bins but i never was. So he took this clear container we had sitting in storage and was using it to collect his compost. Well personally i do not like looking at his leftover veggies, egg shells, banana peels, etc. So when i found this compost i knew i had to get it. I am so glad i did and so was my boyfriend. This is a much neater and sleeker look and keeps any smells inside. It’s also go the handle which makes it more simple to carry outside and empty into the compost bin he’s started outside. He couldn’t be happier with his new compost bin and i couldn’t be happier with the nice cleaner look.


This is a great looking little compost bin. The charcoal filter works really well. I have had scraps sitting in there for multiple days without any smell. It doesn’t look out of place on my counter and is easy to dump when needed.

This compost bin was very sleek and decorative where it would not be an eyesore sitting in your kitchen collecting those items you were throwing out. I like the handle for easy transportation to the outside site that dump it out into. It saves having to find that empty butter bowl or ice cream container to hold the scraps and looks a mess sitting out on the counter. This tidies it all up and has the lid to keep the smells inside.

Orig comment: within a couple weeks the seam on the lip of the lid split so the lid doesn’t close tightly any more. Would love a replacement but no idea how to contact seller. Otherwise it’s a good compost bin. Updated 11/23/2018: i submitted a request for help due to the above comment, many months after returns were closed. They sent me a new one at no cost. Appreciate the customer service.

After years of using random uncovered bowls and bins, i finally broke down and bought this sweet little compost bin. What in the heck was i thinking waiting so long?. This thing is awesome, holds a bunch, and eliminated bugs and smells. It’s had many admirers when people visit us and would make a great gift for anyone who saves their food scraps.

My husband didn’t want me to have a composter in the kitchen because he was worried about smell and bugs. The man is a freak about bugs in the kitchen. We have been using this for about 2 months now, and there has been absolutely no smell at all. I only empty it about once a week into our outdoor composter, so it does get pretty smelly. But with the lid on, there is no external smell at all. And absolutely no fruit flies around it at all. I have not heard one complaint from him about it. The only reason it didn’t get a 5 star rating from me is that the lid is difficult to clean. There is a rim in the lid for the carbon filter, and dirt and mold accumulates in there, and it is very difficult to get in and clean it. A small issue, but it bothers me regardless of that.

Looks nice enough to keep on your counter if you use it a lot. Love the charcoal filter so it doesn’t stink up the house.


There is zero smell that gets through the filters. It came with an extra filter set, too.

I’m absolutely in love with all my vremi products. It’s great to have a bin in the house that a can compost in with no issues.

Perfect to hold small amounts before i dump into my large composted outside.

I use this bin for composting food waste, my previous ceramic one (loved it) needed replaced. This one is a great size, but the lid does not have a gasket to ensure the closure is air tight. This allows fruit flys and smells to get in and out. Trying to find a gasket to fit and improved charcoal filters. Cleaning the lid is a problem at times especially getting it dry. There is a area where the square filter is inserted and the lip is so deep it is hard to clean inside of it.