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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Bath Bliss Bliss Waste Bin/Kitchen Trash Can – Recycle Bin Office – The trash can was as expected, except there was

The trash can was as expected, except there was a big ole sticker on it that i can’t get off.

It’s sturdy, seems high quality, and good looking. I like that it’s non porous, so it can be properly disinfected. I do wish it was a bit bigger.

I wanted a small trash can but check to see if it fits your needs.

Serves its purpose but not worth $15.

Smaller than i thought it would be.

My daughter loves for her ‘marble’ room.

Perfect and exactly what i was looking for.

They’re easy to clean and look great.

This is perfect because it’s small & has rubber on the bottom, so it doesn’t scratch my tile floor in the bathroom.

Very light weight, was expecting a heavier quality.

A little small for a wastebasket, should have measured first.

The trash cans are small but fine for a bath. They are very nice quality and attractive. I was surprised by how small they were but i now think that they are the perfect size. Here are the specifications for the Bath Bliss Bliss Waste Bin/Kitchen Trash Can – Recycle Bin Office:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • GREAT USAGE AND LOOKS: If you like working in the attic and need a nearby garbage bin, or you have a tiny cute bathroom that doesn’t fit a regularly-sized can then don’t worry because you have found the perfect bathroom trash.
  • SLEEK and ARTISAN DESIGN: Not only use the kitchen trash can but also add this beauty to your decor. No matter where you decide to put it, outdoor trash can will surely compliment your surrounding decor.
  • DURABILITY AT ITS BEST: Metal trash can made of premium, high-end quality marble, iron and plastic, this fantastic garbage bin is very sturdy, super durable and is bound to last you for a long, long time of daily usages.
  • AFFORDABLE: The wastebasket offered by bath bliss is a chick 5L marble design piece provided to you at an affordable price. Having one from our collection to add the beauty to decor. Not only use it as waste bin but also add decor to the place.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: As a premium brand, we adhere to the best product delivery and the most uncompromising quality. The trust placed by our discerning customers earned over the years and fulfillment of their needs are the core of our vision.

Just purchased it but looks nice in my bathroom.

The mix reviews worried me at first, but mine came just as the picture showed (marble).

Good quality, perfect size, looks great.

Very cute and made well but i have to dump the trash a lot because it’s so small, spend a few more bucks for the bigger one.

I thought it would’ve been heavier duty.

Dark color hides typical stains from trash, and blends well with dark wood furniture. We bought two, and are happy with the purchase.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice looking trash can
  • It is very good quality and will definitely serve its purpose well
  • It’s sturdy, seems high quality

Not at wide as i thought it would be but it makes up for that in depth.

I ordered this stainless trash can to replace what we lost when our house flooded in august 2016. This trash can is just the right size for the space that i had for it to sit. It is very good quality and will definitely serve its purpose well.

BINO Stainless Steel 1 : Well Made Product

Was delivered with the lid dented. If i wasn’t in dire need of a garbage can i would have replaced it.

Perfect slim profile trash can for my small bathroom. Looks great and is functional.

Perfect size for small bathroom space, but noisy when closing.

I have a very small bathroom and needed a small trash can to go with. This is compact, but holds enough trash for a week at a time. However, what everyone else is saying is true. It’s really loud when it is shutting. It looks nice and does its job.

Perfect for small space, very well made,.

It’s nice and slim, perfectly fit into our bathroom between toilet and sink. After using it for around one year, the top surface aged and getting rusted spots. Not very bad, but still, it shouldn’t have this issue, since it supposes to be full stainless steel.

BINO Stainless Steel 1.3 Gallon / 5 Liter Rectangle Step Trash Can, Brushed Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • REMOVABLE INNER BUCKET – BINO’s trash cans feature a removable inner bucket with a carrying handle that makes trash disposal easy
  • HANDS FREE – BINO’s hands-free design includes a durable and strong foot pedal engineered to last. Hands-free operation helps prevent the spread of germs
  • SMALL FOOTPRINT – Perfect for smaller spaces such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, under desks or wherever space is limited
  • HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL- BINO’s trash cans are made from premium grade stainless steel in colors beyond the classic stainless steel. BINO’s propriety matte finish results in a stylish and contemporary design while staying rust and fingerprint proof.

Never thought my bathroom trashcan would be a thing that brings me joy.

Nice size for my laundry room. Found it a week later for half the price at homegoods.

It’s not the highest of quality, but i wouldn’t call it bad quality either. It seems sturdy and well serviceable. However, it looks great and most importantly, it fits perfectly in the minuscule space between my toilet and the adjacent wall—it’s absolutely the only pedal can that i’ve found that fits. The removable inner bin easily fits a plastic grocery bag and cleanly hides any overhang although the inner bin’s handle is unusable if you use a bag with the can. Lastly, the lid does not open a full 90 degrees, at maximum, it opens about 60 degrees. This is actually excellent for my situation as if the lid opened a full 90 degrees, it would slam against the wall behind it whenever i used the can. However, i can imagine that some people might find it a little bit annoying that the lid doesn’t open further. There is no soft closing mechanism for the can, so it does tend to slam shut with a loud clunk. Using a bag with the inner bin does soften the noise a little bit.

This will last, it is portable. And useful without taking up space.

Great little can for my partner’s desk.

A negative is it closes with a very loud bang.Another negative is the pedal seems a little short.

I expect that it will be durable.

This is a solid and adorable trash can. It fits great in my tiny bathroom. Yet, it is comparable to a grocery store bag in size. So, no need to buy special bagshighly recommend.

I love this can its rectangle and it fits perfectly in the space that i have. I imagine it would also fit perfectly between the tub and toilet or tub and cabinet. Plus it’s shiny so it looks clean.

Love the design and the stainless steel look- love the removable inner container for easy cleaning. I wish there was a larger size available.

BINO Stainless Steel 1.3 Gallon / 5 Liter Rectangle Step Trash Can, Brushed Steel :

SensorCan Touchless Sensor Trash Can : It is so quiet, you can’t hear it open/close!

Love it, perfect size foe where it at.

Very happy with this trash bin.

This touchless sensor trash can works great. It is very sensitive and the lid opens whenever you get close to it. It makes my kitchen look neater too. I am satisfied with this product.

Bought one as a gift and had to pick up another for myself. I got it with the adapter so i didn’t have to worry about batteries.

The trash can looks very good and works great. The stainless steel is very nice. A friend actually complimented me on it.

Like the fact that i don’t have to buy batteries. I’ve used it for about a week now and have no complaints. It is sensitive to movement, sometimes just walking too triggers the lid to open.

These cans are so nice looking in my newly remodeled kitchen. I love that no one has to touch them, so they stay very clean. Bags stay firmly in cans, no problems with them slipping and falling in the can. Open every time with a wave of the hand.Works great with either the adapter or batteries. Highly recommend these trash cans.

I use the adaptor as opposed to batteries.

  • Looks great but in a small house gets annoying every time
  • Wouldn’t want to do without it!

SensorCan Touchless Sensor Trash Can with Odor Control System, Stainless Steel, 49 Liter / 13 Gallon, Oval

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • For an Automated and Healthier Home – 100% Touch-free, Sensor-activated Operation Lifts Lid With Just a Hand Movement. That’s Ultimate Convenience and Hygiene
  • Odor Control System – Natural Carbon Filter absorbs and neutralizes trash odors, for a fresh smelling kitchen
  • Sophisticated and Stylish – elegant, smudge-resistant brushed stainless steel can body is easy to clean and complements any décor
  • Slim, yet it holds Lots of Trash – space-efficient, large-capacity 49 Liter / 13 Gallon
  • 2 Power Options – Powered by 4 D size batteries (not included) or optional AC Adapter (sold separately)
  • Versatile and Adaptable – slim, oval design and perfect for kitchen, office, garage, lobby, store, etc.
  • Dimensions – 12 inches Long x 16 inches Wide x 26 inches Tall (33 inches Tall with lid open)

Looks great but in a small house gets annoying every time you walk past it, it opens. Also slightly smaller than a standard trash can.

The sensor on this trash can is a bit slow, but love the look. Sometimes does not open right away and you have to pull it open.

The trash can is good quality and is working great. I have it plugged into the wall so i can’t speak for the battery operation but i am happy with my purchase.

Kind of disappointed in this trash can. The sensor works randomly and i find myself waving wildly at my trash can a lot with my hands full of trash. I ordered this one for the design of the lid. My last trash can, a step on pedal to open, had lid with a lip on it so my very large dog learned to push it open with his nose and spread trash everywhere. . My dog can open it easier than i can. His nose triggers the sensor and the lid pops up. He loves his new automatic trash server.I think if the sensor was on the side of the trash can my dog would not be able to open it.

Works exactly as described, easy to remove plastic bags and holds a lot of garbage.

It looks nice in the kitchen. I love that no battery is needed for this garbage can. The sensored touch free function to open and close the lid is nice too.

I read the reviews concerning this trash can and decided to give it a try. I am very pleased with it thus far. It’s really nice to just walk up with my hands full and it opens for me.

I love this trash can , build quality and finish. I bought mine as a bundle so there will be no battery changing, i have this for a few months and so far so good.

I am recently widowed so it is just me.

I love this trashcan, i just keep my plugged in but easy set up and works very well.

It worked perfect with my garbage can. I vaccume up cord by accident.

Work lik a charm and look good.

I have had the sensorcan for a few weeks now and the operation has been great thus far. Very convenient to have an auto open and close lid. I was hoping it would be bigger but, it is sufficient for household kitchen use. I had previously purchased a battery operated can and it was going through six aa batteries a week, so i returned it. No worries with this one considering it operates on a small ac plug. The can is slightly narrow so you can’t wait too long to dump or keep packing it down or you will struggle getting the bag out. Also, wrapping the bag around the retainer ring when replacing gets a bit cumbersome but, overall it is the best can that i have used for the price.

Makes it easy for my brother to use with only one working arm.

We replaced our ailing sensor trash can with this one. It is much quieter than our previous one. Time will tell if it lasts as long as our previous one (13 years), but so far, so good.

High praise to sensorcan❣️we accidentally clicked one that doesn’t include the charger. We have an outlet behind it, didn’t want to worry with batteries forever, so we contacted the company to rectify our mistake. They shipped the charger for the exact price difference immediately, with no worries to us. It’s been more than 4 months of continuous use and we still haven’t had to use the charger.The d batteries were from the dollar store, bought in a pinch for a just few days, until our charger arrived and we never switched and still cant believe they are still going strong, with perfectly smooth operation on this can. Love we can use our own 13 gallon bags and how easy it is to use and change out. Looks beautiful, easy to clean with stainless appliance spray, and everyone who visits comments on how much they like it. We can’t praise sensorcan enough for offering such a wonderful product and the amazing customer service. Absoloutely love this trash can.

I’ve had these trash cans for a little over 2 mo now and i love them. I use one for recycle and the other for trash. I am using batteries for one and plug for the other. I have not noticed any differences in how they operate. Trash cans arrived on time -well packaged-no damagespros: holds a lot. No a lot of empty space in trash bag when you take the bag out of the trash can. Trash can opens easily with wave of hand or finger (most times i have my hands full) and closes in just enough time. My 4 yr old super hero son treats them like they are villains so he bangs on the top kicks the sides (almost daily) and these cans still work and look brand new. Cons: not really a huge con.

mDesign Oval Slim Decorative Plastic Small Trash Can Wastebasket, I love my new Oval Wastevasket

Very attractive and sturdy for reasonable price.

As described, color matched the bathroom tiles.

Fits my needs for a guest bathroom. Safe to have when small children are present.

A compact bin that looks just okay. I was expecting a better quality for the price. It’s flimsy and doubt it will be durable.

It’s nice but looks a lot cheaper when seen in person. It’s small so fits in the small space between the toilet and the wall. That’s what i was looking for anyway.

I can dispose of a small kleenex box inside.

Matches the colors of the bathroom it is in.

Key specs for mDesign Oval Slim Decorative Plastic Small Trash Can Wastebasket, Garbage Container Bin for Bathrooms, Kitchens, Home Offices, Dorm Rooms – White/Chrome Finish Base:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: This oval can is the perfect size for inside cabinets, under counters, under sinks and other small spaces
  • VERSATILE: The size and style make this can work is so many places throughout your home; Also great for campers, RVs and apartments
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • FUNCTIONAL & DURABLE: Made of durable shatter-resistant plastic in white and chrome finish base; Made In USA
  • THOUGHTFULLY SIZED: Measures 10.9″ x 6.4″ x 10″ high

Comments from buyers

“Great little trash can!, Pay attention to specs!, Perfect size for small space”

Really nice looking product. Just a tad large for table top but easy to clean & stable even althonits an oval.

Good looking but very small.

The white plastic bin in so practical for a bathroom, and the silver metal bottom adds just the right amount of class.

This is indeed a small, slim wastebasket, perfect, in my opinion, for a guest bathroom, or any bathroom. It is sturdy, well made, and i am glad i got it.

Nice and small / narrow design for small spaces, yet still provides enough space for bathroom trash. And the color is a very pale gray, which goes with my decor. However, i feel it’s overpriced at $15. It’s just thin cheap plastic and not very well made. The silver base seems attached securely enough, yet it does still jiggle around when the can is handled.

I love the clean lines of this waste basket. It replaced a old braided waste can and looks stunning. Husband still has his old one and does not appreciate this new one however; i think he thinks it’s “girly”.

Nice looking basket but way too small. Should’ve paid more attention to measurements. My fault but love color & style.

For the narrow space i have for putting a wastebasket, this one was perfect. Perfect color for my bathroom too.

I like the look and the shape of this waist basket. However it seems a bit cheaply made to me. I will do for now but i think i prefer something a bit higher quality. At least it has that going for it.

Nitpicky – wish the inside bottoms were better finished since looks plastic-y when empty.

This wastebasket is stored in a small space under a bathroom sink and it does its job. It’s certainly attractive enough to keep out on view, but the bathroom layout makes an under sink use easier.

I love my new mdesign oval wastevasket. It’s the perfect size for a small space in a small bathroom.

Perfect size, color, and design for a small desk space. Very pleased with this purchase.

It’s perfect for my new bathroom.

What can you say about a trashcan?. It arrived on time, in good condition and is exactly as advertised. Nice looking, good quality, and fits in the narrow space i need it for.

Light plastic but over all good for a bathroom.

Needed a waste basket for a narrow space in a guest bathroom and this fit the space perfectly. The silver band gives it some style. Even though the top is plastic i don’t feel it looks ‘cheap.

Small plastic oval trashcan looks nice and works in small bathroom.

If you’re looking for a nice looking, narrow bathroom trashcan, look no further. This fits perfectly into my small space and looks nice too.

Excellent product for price i bought two of these fits perfect in the bathroom not to small or to big.

Perfect size for a petite bathroom.

Great waste basket for my bedroom. Looks much nicer than the plain plastic ones at discount stores. Slim size fits next to the nightstand.

Remember this is a trash can but it is elegant. Hate to put it back by the toilet it looks so nice. The trim matches the faucet so in my tiny bathroom, it really fits nicely.

Just the right size for my bathroom.

Feels nice an solid and should last a long time and it’s pretty.

We use it as a bedside trash can.

Nice looking and fits well where i wanted to put it.

InterDesign Spa Mono 11L Rectangular Can – Great for putting garbage in.

This is a basic, no frills can that can blend into nearly any decor. It is lightweight, but not flimsy.

I use this product to put my garbage, trash, refuse, detritus, and litter in on a daily basis. Ps: a good bathroom trashcan.

I love the shape of this garbage can. It is a great color, great price and great design. I ordered 4 and liked them so much i ordered 3 more.

The size is perfect for both the bathroom and by each side of the bed in my bedroom. Didn’t want a huge wastebasket for either area, so this is the perfect size.

I am going to use it im my pop-up-trailer. Where there is large tempture changes, thats why i hope it can take these changes, so far it has.

I thought this was going to be more than it was. I could have bought the same thing at target for $ 5.

I got these for our oceanfront vacation rental condo for the bathrooms, and love the size, and the fact that they are not really heavy to pick up but do stay where you place them.

Very nice trash cans, perfect size for my bathroom and nice and heavy, not cheap feeling at all.

Slim so it fits next to the toilet. Large so you don’t have to constantly empty it. It’s also sturdy enough to use as a bucket.

Exactly as described/pictured.

It is frosty yet clear/white and sturdy. It is perfectly shaped to fit in the corner of our bathroom.

The trash cans themselves are great. However, packaging was so bad that all 3 i ordered were chipped or broken in some way.

Perfect fit and size for bathroom.

They are the perfect size for the bathroom.

I don’t know how much you expect from a trashcan, but this one works just fine. The bin is not clear– it is white, but you can see the contents of the bin (i added a picture to by the main picture). The mouth is a little wider than the base and it really doesn’t seem like it was built for a trash bag so i don’t know if i would recommend it for a bathroom or kitchen use unless you want to really clean it out regularly. I use mine in my craft room and i put vinyl lettering on it to spice it up so it works perfectly for me. It is a good size– not too small and not too big. I’m happy especially considering the cost.

I was wanting something that was not wicker or stainless steel and this worked perfect in my bathroom. Very sturdy and nice looking.

This is a nice small trash can that fits right between my bedroom end table and bed. I wish it was slightly larger, but it’s a good size for small spaces and not a lot of use. The plastic is thicker/more durable than i was expecting, which was a pleasant surprise. The frosted white is a nice color. It’s a 5-sided trash can, not much else to say.

Good shape for hard to fit places.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Strong trash can
  • Very nice trashcan
  • Great for putting garbage in.

Is a good size for a small bathroom, like the one in my apartment.

I was happy to find a small waste bin that has a strong frame. The plastic is thick and not thin like some other products. These are are a perfect size for small spaces.

Hardware Resources CAN-35 Plastic Waste Container : It does not come with the coveryou have to buy it seperately!

Fits out pull-out garbage slot perfectly and is a whole lot sturdier than the original container.

I bought this can because it fit the standard trash bags i had been ueing. It was a good purchase because it takes up very little room andis easy to use.

Received damaged from the manufacturer and had issue resolving it for return. Ultimately had to throw the container away because it was unable to me. The whole corner had been broken off in transit. That leaves me to question the durability of the product.

The plastic seems very heavy weight and durable. We have been using this for a few months and i have had no problems with it. I had been having a hard time finding one that would fit under the sink, and this is perfect. I would definitely buy again.

Good quality and fits well in my cabinet drawer.

Fits under the sink perfectly.

I have an odd sized garbage ‘tray’ in my custom cabinets that is only 10′ wide. Hence i always had a really small garbage can as it was ‘all’ that i though would fit there. Then i found this which seems to be what my kitchen cabinets were designed for but i never had. It fits perfectly and allows me to fully use the space. Can is sturdy and holds regular kitchen bags well.

The handles are included in the measurement of 9. This takes off 2 inches in space when it comes to filling the trash can, meaning. . I’m going to go through garbage bags more often. The garbage can is a shiny black and that i do like because it matches my shiny black stove and refrigerator.

  • Awesome product!
  • It does not come with the coveryou have to buy it seperately!
  • Dimensions are misleading

Hardware Resources CAN-35 Plastic Waste Container, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Fits double and single 35qt pull-out waste container kits
  • Made from high quality polymer
  • 9 7/16 in. W x 14.1/2 in. D x 18 in. H

Fit perfectly into out dual pull out situation.

Quick ship & great trash for house party.

We purchased these as part of a pull out unit for the kitchen. They work great for the trash and recycle.

Just the right height for my trash pullout system.

I had a difficult time finding an under sink trash can that fit the space between the trash compacter, pipes, and smaller recycling container. After looking at about a hundred different types, this one is exactly what i was looking for. No frills, right dimensions, sturdy plastic, and a good price.

This waste can came wrapped in bubble wrap and cushioned in butcher paper. It’s wonderfully sturdy and fits perfectly under my kitchen sink.

Great trash cans for under the cabinet. Moved into a new house that had the correct equipment for the trash cans. But the trash cans were missing.

It is (nearly) narrow enough to fit in the spot under my kitchen sink – it fits, but it is tight. It is made of a fairly rigid plastic and would be ideal if it were a little more flexible. Much better than the one i had been trying to force into the confined spot.

Fits great, will be buying another, as 2 can fit. I wish they sold the trash can with the cover so i didn’t have to buy the cover seperate, not to mention it’s a bit pricey for such a small, skinny trash can. I don’t like that you can’t fill a standard kitchen trash bag to the max, the bin is simply too small. Other than that it’s made very well and does not seemto absorb trash odors like cheaper plastic does. I hope they make a listing for the trash can and cover together. I understand selling it seperately as one may need only the can, or a replacement cover, but why not sell it together too?. I’m assuming most folks want both.

As described and well priced.

I have cats and needed a place for holding their litter. I hated dragging the bag around and now this is so nice looking i can leave it out all the time.

Not as sturdy as i had thought it would be.

We just remodeled our kitchen with ikea cabinets. We bought two 12′ cabinets (ikea part 49823464) for track and recycle. This container fits perfectly and it very sturdy. It’s not like the soft-sided rubbermaid trash bins, this one is stiff abs.

This fits perfectly in our pull out garbage. Great price, great quality and amazingly fast delivery and well as very secure packaging. My husband said ‘all that for a trash can’. (it was in a big box wrapped with bubble wrap as well as being overfilled with packing paper. We are going to order another one.

Perfect size for under sink and very sturdy.

2 of these fit perfectly in our drawer and under another drawer.

Rubbermaid Dual-Action Wastebasket : Good-looking – but some design flaws

Good quality and size, it fit my kitchen and i like the way it designed, save space and just do what’s for. Just as described, i recommend.

We bought this to replace our trusty 24-year-old rubbermaid kitchen trash can, and we wanted something identical. The size and shape are comparable and it’s reasonably attractive (by trash can standards). Four issues: 1) the lid doesn’t fit on well – the old one snapped into place and this one just ‘sits’ on the lid-holes. Consequently, 2) the lid falls off easily. 3) you have to have the can an inch or so from the wall to accommodate the lid-lifting. Finally, 4) see that space that is the ‘handle’ to open the lid?.That means it’s open to any random insects that happen to fly in (not that i have a buggy home, mind you).

How can you go wrong with rubbermaid.

I’m not sure i would call the lid ‘dual action’ – it either dips in on one side, or you lift the whole lid up. Bags can kind of obstruct the range of motion for ‘dipping’. It’s the right size, a good shape, and it holds trash.

I bought this seven years ago merely because i needed a covered wastebasket for my kitchen. I was unaware of the cleverness of the tilt-top mechanism it employed. But a day later i marveled at its niftiness. It has these advantages over the old foot-pedal style of kitchen garbage pail:1. Opening the lid requires no skill, unlike a foot-pedal, which is a smaller and more distant target. Opening the lid places ones hand inside the top of the bucket, making it impossible for a fluttery item like a piece of paper towel to drift off-target after it has been released. The lid closes itself noiselessly, unlike the crash of a foot-pedal can’s. The lid stays open once raised to its fully upright and locked position. The back edge of the can’s lid can must be 3/4 inch away from the wall for this to work. (rubbermaid should stress this in its instruction leaflet, and include a picture, because other reviewers appear unaware of this quirk. Maybe the can should include a swing-up-and-lock spacer to keep the back sufficiently clear of the wall–the customer could fold it down out of the way if he doesn’t intend to fill the can beyond ¾ full. The lid’s greater height means cats & dogs are less likely to nose around its rim. Clean-up is simpler, primarily because of the lid’s removability. Its plastic construction and simpler mechanics mean there’s no chance of it rusting or needing lubrication.

If you do not use a liner, the lid can still swing down as well as lift up. With a liner, it blocks the swing down so you will have to lift each time. Also, the color for the lid is whiter than the bottom (bottom is bisque and top is white). Not so different that everyone would notice but not perfect. If i had it to do over, i would get a wastebasket that has the foot pedal.

Rubbermaid Dual-Action Wastebasket, Bisque, 45-quart (FG280300BISQU)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Lid swings in for quick disposal or lifts up for larger disposal items.
  • Accommodates a standard 13-gallon tall trash bag.
  • Large size makes it perfect for use in the kitchen or nursery.
  • Durable construction cleans easily.
  • Made in the USA.

I thought this trashcan’s lid would swing to put in trash, and it would if there were no trash bag in it, but when i use a trash bag the lid catches on the bag so i wind up having to lift it to put the trash in. It’s the right size to fit underneath the lip of the counter to our breakfast bar-type countertop (which i use for food prep), so that’s good, but i wanted something i could more easily dump trash into as i’m doing prep work. I think it’s pricey for what you get. I could have picked up a free pickle bucket and lid for nothing and had a better setup. I wish now that i had purchased something else.

I have had this before and like it. It’s just right for my kitchen. I got it timey and in good shape.

Exactly like my old one, wish it was blue though.

You can press it down, or you can put it up.

Good quality, but this is not a tall kitchen trash can.

Rubbermaid Dual-Action Wastebasket, Bisque, 45-quart (FG280300BISQU) :

*Hefty Hefty 13-Gallon Step-On Trash Can, Works great in the kitchen

Good quality as hefty usually is.

Put it in a corner as it likes to flop around when its empty.

It’s a great product and does what it says it will. Sometimes, the lid can come off, but it’s really easy to put it back on.

This trash can is a bit on the expensive side. That being said i am still very pleased with the purchase.

Works great in the kitchen, and has a very nice step lid, that closes with the greatest of ease.

I had an ikea trash can for the past 2 years and the 13 gallon bags didn’t quite fit into it properly. I don’t know how we lived with that problem, it was really annoying because we could only fill up the trashcan about 1/2 of the max capactiy. This new hefty garbage bin is simple but 100% functional. The foot pedal works fine, and the space is perfect for the 13gal bags you find at every grocery store.

Nice replacement for our previous kitchen can. Step on works well so far, seems well-built, good capacity.

Key specs for Hefty 13-Gallon Step-On Trash Can, Black Rugged And Durable (1) (1):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 13-gallon/51.103-liter
  • Hands-free use
  • Large capacity

Comments from buyers

“Bravo. Great Can., Much better design at attachment!, Good size for my apartment”

Works exactly like a trash can should work.

After many yrs of use it was time to replace my old hefty step on trash can. This is exactly like the old one except for a the improved top attachment. This one appears to be much more secure & is much easier to attach. I thank this seller for great communication & much faster shipping than expected.

It is a trash can, what can i say?.

Would have rated higher but the foot pedal pops out and has to be popped back in time to time. I added a screw on each side to make the pedal mount wider. Seems to work alot better and not pop out anymore.

Sturdy and well built, haven’t had any issues so far and i’ve had it for 2-3 months.

It opens and closes appropriately. It came much earlier than the predicted delivery date. Collects my trash effectively. I will buy again if i need another trashcan around this size. It’s probably the most cost efficient one i found without hunting for heavy sales that isn’t a finicky/cheap piece of sh*t.

Rubbermaid Large Rectangle Wastebasket 36 Quart : Perfect Wastebasket !!!

Love the rubbermaid trash can. We are so glad you still have the trash can in the bisque color, as it goes with our kitchen decor.

We have looked everywhere to find the right size wastebasket for our kitchen built in trash drawer. Finally this was the one to fit. They are durable and were exactly like the ones from the builder. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a sturdy, nice wastebasket.

Replacement can and is exactly as expected.

Been looking for two years for a replacement waste basket for my pull out garbage cabinet in my island at home stores and retailers. I have brought home at least 4 of the wrong cans. Finally decided to search the web, fortunately my 19 year old can still had the label on it that gave a product number. So this time i knew i was getting the right one. Thank you rubbermaid, for awhile i thought i was going to have to replace the pull out in the island.

It is much better than original containers. A small thing about the item is that saves tearing finger nails loose as it is molded using a 1/2 ‘ or so clearance between the barrel and lip when in the under counter carrier. Very difficult at times to get hold of the old containers.

Had to replace the two in my house from the original owners. The only thing i hate is that the ends have a little bigger edge for picking up. Which doesn’t fit too well in my drawer pullout.

Rubbermaid Large Rectangle Wastebasket 36 Quart (Bisque)

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  • Durable, lightweight wastebasket
  • Features extra-tough rim and sides that stand up to years of daily use
  • Color: Bisque
  • Size: 14.5″ x 11″ x 18″   36 Quart
  • Size: 14.5″ x 11″ x 18″   36 Quart

What can you say about a trash can?. The only one that fits under the kitchen sink in my apartment perfectly and no longer sold in stores – so thank you for selling it here.

Its just a can, but the one we had we used as a g. The last one only lasted for 20 yrs. Luckily the label was still on it and that’s how i was able to order this one. Sadly they have dropped the med. Plastic garbage bag fits perfect.

I love that it is cream colored and matches my new kitchen perfectly. Would definitely buy it again.

Fits perfect in our new ikea kitchen cabinet with two drawers and only 19′ space in height.

Pain in the butt to find this exact size so you need to deal with the ridiculous doing costs. Only place to find this size.

Perfect fit under the kitchen sink.

These are classic waste baskets. The size is nice – not to small, and not too large. I bought this to replace one that finally died after too many years outside in the sun. I’m happy to report that the the materials and design have not changed in any way.

Just the perfect size to fit in my kitchen cabinet under the sink for daily garbage collection.

I couldn’t find the 36 quart size anywhere and that is the size i need since i had a cabinet made to hold two of these back to back for garbage and recycle. I can’t thank you enough for having these for me.

Delivered via usps without problem.

Perfect size, well constructed, color was exactly what i hoped for. Very happy with this purchase.

Rubbermaid Large Rectangle Wastebasket 36 Quart (Bisque) : We had purchased a home built waste bin at a fair a number of years ago. Since then, the inserted bin had broken and we couldnot find a replacement. We discover a couple of code numbers on the bin and did a search of rubbernaid and there it was.

Perfect size for a double-bin pull-out garbage.

Very sturdy and fits perfectly under my new utility sink in our laundry room. Couldn’t find rubbermaid wastebasket in any of our stores. So happy that i found it on amazon.

Fits underneath the sink, yeah its not fancy but you never see this trash can its under the sink. Trash bags fit perfectly in it.

This is too pricey, but need this size, and could only find here. It has not cracked and is good quality.

Works perfect in my pull-out trash cabinet.

Needed a bin that would fit in our custom made cabinet and it works.

Just right for under my sink.

Polder Trash Can – 7 gallon and fits under the counter – Stylish Brushed Stainless Steel : GIANT almost un-removable label sticker.

Came banged up but it’s a good trash can.

I got this for my kitchen because it matches my stainless steel appliances. It is rather small for a kitchen trash can, but i made it work. The construction is not the most heavy-duty, though, and it has a seam along the side that is not all that attractive. I purchased it in july, and here it is the beginning of september, and i noticed last night that there are rust spots on the outside. Obviously, the stainless steel is very low quality. It will do, but i can’t highly recommend this as a quality product. I think i’ll go back to a plastic trash container. Sometimes plastic is just the way to go.

Great size fits perfectly underneath my sink and the quality is good.

There are very visible seams on both sides of the garbage can (i had though it was only one side). In addition, the “fit and finish” is not great. That being said, it is very reasonably priced, so i have to judge it’s quality in that context. Overall, from a distance, it looks fine. At the end of the day, it’s a damn garbage can, right?another thing to mention is that this seems to be the only rectangular or square, open top, stainless garbage can in its size range. I could only find ones considerably larger or small, but nothing similar in size. I would have paid more for better quality, i just don’t think there is anything else out there at this point in time. In the end, i’m satisfied with the product.

We love it – it came dented. My husband stretched it out and tried to reshape it. We didn’t want to return it to get a new one.

The good news is that they must have listened concerning the label removal problem that others have reported, as my label came off easily with no solvent at all. The bad news is that it arrived with three dents. I’m not bothering to return it as i can face the dented side towards the wall, and my guess is that if i get a replacement there is also a chance it would be dented. But obviously it is easily dented. Otherwise, its a trash can, not much to be added except that it looks a lot nicer than a plastic one (i’m planning to use it for recyclables.

It just wasn’t tall enough for my kitchen, so am using it in my bedroom.

Way more sturdy than i thought.

  • Best sized product for small space undersink use. Poor detailing.
  • GIANT almost un-removable label sticker.
  • Looks great from a distance

Polder Trash Can – 7 gallon and fits under the counter – Stylish Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 7-gallon stylish square trash can with sleek stainless-steel look
  • Rubber base will not scratch floors; rubber band secures bag in place
  • Great for under-the-counter or exposed on the kitchen floor for trash or recycling
  • High- quality stainless steel. Measures 13.5” x 11” x 15”
  • For over 41 years, Polder believes in customer satisfaction and guarantees all of our products. If you are not satisfied, please contact our customer service for a replacement or refund.

Would be a nice looking garbage bin, but construction seems shoddy (blue glue at seams that others have mentioned). Mine also came quite banged up, though packaging looked fine.

It’s a garbage can, it holds garbage. I bought this to replace a plastic garbage can that was tearing apart from use. This can is very sturdy very well made and i like the fact that it has a rubber ring around it to hold a trash bag on it. I have this in my office and i can throw whole sheets of paper and it and stack up a lot of trash before needs to be emptied. What can i say, it’s a garbage can.

Perfect kitchen trashcan if you want to hid your trash out of view. Not too big and not too small.

These trash cans are exactly what i’ve been looking for. The sticker is not hard to remove at all, i peeled two off each in a single piece and they left no residue what so ever. Just peel slowly and everything will be fine. One of the cans arrived without its rubber bag keeper. The rubber bag keeper scratches the steel finish.

Good fit for under the sink.

Be forewarned, it comes with a giant label stuck to it that is not an easy peel off label. It took me three days of soaking and scraping and dissolving the adhesive with oils to get it off. It is a royal pain in the a$$. And i wasn’t able to do it without scratching the surface a little, and i tried very hard not to.

I ordered three and have one in each bedroom and bathroom.

This can is well built, heavy and nice, however, the label is a pain to peel off, it doesn’t. To get the label off i will likely end up marring the finish so i have resorted to keeping the 1/2 label i could not get off on the can, i just turn that side to the back so you don’t see it. The manufacturer needs to either change the label so it can be removed in one piece, or maybe, put the label on the bottom.

Great product and delivered on time.

This is a well-made sturdy can. It’s tall enough to accommodate the size of the normal brown paper “trader joe’s” shopping bag.

The size of this product is perfect for apartment undersink use, and as indicated by other reviewers, eight gallon bags fit this perfectly. It does have highly visible side seams, if appearance will be an issue. This would have been a five star rating for a highly useful product at good value, that fell short on poor detailing from the supplier. The rubber retaining band was missing from the top of can. As reported by many previous reviewers, this arrived with a product sticker that covers a whole side of the can and is impossible to remove without soaking, scraping, and ultimately scratching the product. It would seem that polder products is choosing to turn a deaf ear to their customers and persist in this ridiculous packaging choice. For those concerned with product appearance, this to me is a much bigger issue than the side seams. Had more concern for the consumer been exercised, rather than pasting the brand all over the product, this would have been a home run.

Perfect trash can for kitchen scraps while cooking and small kitchen items. Just don’t lose the rubber strap that holds the bag on, be a little less than perfect. Would have given five stars if the sticker had peeled off without leaving gunk i have to clean from the trash can.

One hour 15 mins with three applications lighter fluid, goo-off, scraper to removesilly large adhesive sticker prominently on front.

Wanted to use this beside my trash can for recycling and it fits perfectly. Easy to use a brown paper grocery sack inside for easy emptying. Wish i’d bought this years earlier.

Bigger than expected and used in my daughter’s room.