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Daily Archives: September 11, 2018

Wakeman Portable Trash Bag Holder- Collapsible Trashcan : What ever happened to quality control?

I’ve actually been using this inside as a recycle bin. Nothing wrong with it except trying to get a full bag out means i’ve gotta take the front bar off. Not really meant for indoors anyway, so i can’t really complain.

Not as sturdy as i would have liked, but once there are some items (empty cans/bottles or garbage) in the attached garbage bags, they become more stable.

I liked this, and we used it for a recent outdoor party we had. The only thing i didn’t know was the green color would say ‘recycles’ on the lid. I thought i had a choice of blue or green, and i liked green. It didn’t say there was a label on top of lid saying which is for which. Description of the item needs improvement.

I had some difficulty getting the holder to stay together but after that works well. I did have a problem getting the bag out of the holder after it was full. There is an inner rim that holds the bag in place and sometimes that comes up with the lid. It’s made of pvc so is light weight and sturdy enough for recycling plastic bottles.

It seems like cheap plastic, but it holds the garbage bag well. We have it in our garage for parties and such. We even shut the garage door on it by accident. It broke of course, but we are still able to use it and it still holds the bag well. For that reason, i give it 5 stars.

I really like the product and works very well. I have put it in my kitchen for recycle garbage, so it is not mobile. Although we can fold the product, it takes time to assemble or dismantle the product. So, if you want to use it for picnic, you would need extra about 4-5 mins.

Loved it for my recycling bottles. It was easy to put together no need for tools. The holder stands straight and with good weight that it does not tip over during strong winds and rain. Plan to buy another one for my paper produces.

Works great, but you have to be careful putting the pieces together. They break if you insert them in the wrong end, but there is no way to tell which end is the wrong end until you try them. If you notice they are tight, try the other side.

Helps keep the campsite organized and packs down well to not take up too much space. Love the color options to differentiate.

Works as expected, except for the ‘frame’ that is supposed to hold the bag in place. It lifts along with the lid causing the bag to drop. I used an extra-large binder clip to hold the frame in place and now it’s fine. Knowing this easy fix, i would purchase again if needed.

I bought 2 of these for our annual 4th of july party and they worked out great. They are made out thin plastic so not very sturdy but they did the job of what we needed them for.

You really have 3 size/height options here. In the smallest, with one pole height, it fits a plastic grocery sack perfectly, 2 pole height works so great for wet laundry bags for cloth diapering. It disassembles and packs up nearly for travel, which i’ve done twice already. It’s nice to be able to bring my cloth diapers supplies on vacation to family house for 2 weeks, without looking like a crazy person bringing my own giant trash can lol. I also have one in the kitchen under the sink, and will be ordering far least one more for the recycle. I just love the adjustable size, you don’t get the with any other trash/recycle/or laundry hampers.

Bought for camping and really liked it. Love the lid as it keeps the bugs at bay. The only negative i have about it is that the tall kitchen bags do fit it but once they have any weight they pull off. I had to put an upside down pot under the bag to support the bag. I will in the future have full size trash bags to use with it.

I like these (have 2), but the best idea is to glue the parts permanently or it’s a hassle. One mistake is i glued the base upside down, which prevents the base of the bag to be supported. Be aware that the heavier the bag, the more likely the bag will be pulled off the retaining ring. High wind will blow them over too.

The idea behind this trash bag holder is great – but it is really flimsy, and the wind knocks it over very easily. I have since bought metal rods/stakes to hammer into the ground and then slide the poles over it. (i think next time i won’t put the base on at all – that just collects water and dirt when it rains, and with my stakes it doesn’t need it). This works pretty good – or at least it didn’t fall over in the last rain storm. I also need to either find taller bags or only use 2/3 the height of the legs, because the bags can fall out if it get too heavy.

We had a bag hanging fro a ail on the porch for can recycling. So i wanted something covered. This does the trick but it’s rather narrow profile only allows for about half the tall kitchen bag to get full. Wish it were just a big bigger in diameter to accommodate a full bag of beer and pop cans. But that said, it does keep the bees out.

Just what you need to bag returns in oregon since you can’t crush the cans to return.

Wakeman Portable Trash Bag Holder- Collapsible Trashcan for Garbage and Indoor/Outdoor Use Outdoors -Ideal for Camping Recycling and More (Blue) : Good for poop duty in the back yard. Better then just carrying around a bag. This thing adds structure and strength to get the job done.

Perfect for putting 5cent returns in to bring the cans back. We use one for cans and one for bottles.

Buy the other one for $4 more; you’ll be happier. You’ll need a bad to carry the pieces of this one in, whereas the other one stores within itself. I bought both to compare and gave this one away.