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Daily Archives: July 1, 2018

simplehuman 50 litre semi-round step can mocha plastic, Pedal Keeps Breaking

We purchased this trash can to stop our medium sized dog from getting in. The lid of the first unit we ordered was not properly aligned with the bin so that it would not lock. The second one came the same way, possibly even worse. We ended up applying some force to bend the bin plastic so that the lid would lock and left it locked for 3 days straight. This seemed to have forced it to the correct shape. Now it works well, the lock is pretty tight and so far our dog has been unable to open the lid. There’s nothing really fancy about this bin and in my opinion it’s not worth $50. Even though it does it’s job.

I got this can to replace my simplehuman stainless steel one i have had for about 8 years. Nothing wrong with my old can except it is too small for my household needs and a small pain to change bags. So i went bigger with this one which was way over due. I have to say i expected the gray to be a bit darker. I saw a gray one same brand, different model at lowes, and the finish was nicer and color darker. So i ordered this one, especially since the photo looked darker, and was a bit let down. Maybe should have gone with the black to match my stove and dishwasher. Easy assembly with only the lid to attach. I read others that said it was horrible, but only took me about 5 minutes. Trick is to pull the lever up and put the lid on the lever first, then apply hard direct pressure to each attachement bar seperately. You really got push hard and directly over the bar. And once it snaps in, you are donei am hoping this one holds up as well as my last simplehuman one. Update****the handles finish is coming off fast. Very disappointing bc it looks horrible.

We’ve had this trashcan for about 2. 5 years, bought it from amazon in august of 2014. Pros: it’s been mostly great, a big step up from the basic rubbermaid we had before with no lid. Our kids were toddlers at the time and have mostly grown out of the ‘throw everything away’ phase of toddlerhood, but the lock was amazing at deterring them. Nowadays we don’t lock it because we have no pets and the kids are old enough that they know what’s trash and what isn’t. It’s nice looking, and it sits somewhat prominently in our kitchen area, so that’s a big plus. It’s also sturdy and has a wide base, so there have been no tipping over issues. Regular generic box brand bags have fit great. It’s against the end our cupboards/counter, and no matter how hard we try to keep it from hitting up against the counter, it always migrates.

Key specs for simplehuman 50 litre semi-round step can mocha plastic + code P 60 pack liners:

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  • Secure slide lock
  • Large capacity for high-traffic areas and busy households
  • Strong steel pedal
  • Lid shox technology for a smooth, silent close
  • Designed to fit simplehuman trash cans perfectly
  • No bunching, overhang or slipping
  • Extra-durable plastic and thick double seams
  • Tear- and leak-resistant garbage bags

Comments from buyers

“Great except for one annoying thing, Stone=Gray, Not White, Beware: Recently-manufactured gray versions of these have weird marks on the top and down the side”

We had first looked at the auto-sensing trash bins (we are technology buffs), but since our bin sits next to our pantry door we figured a sensor would ‘auto-open’ every time we opened the pantry door itself. Glad we decided on this instead, since it is a perfect balance of style, price, and function. About 2 other reviewer’s comments:i read another reviewer’s post about ’13 gallon bags not fitting’ but we’ve tried several brands and they all fit just fine. Currently we buy a huge roll of standard trash bags from target for $4 and have no issues. I will say that you do have to stretch the top 1/2′ to fit the bag over the rim, but i believe that is by design because it holds there perfectly. The bags never tear at the rim, and the bags never sag into the can. Another reviewer also said the top of the lid flopped about every time they pressed the pedal down, and would never close correctly. I think this is because, when the can arrives it is already connected to the base via the lifting bar that extends up the back from the pedal. What the other reviewer failed to realize (most likely), is that the lid still has two clips on it that need to be snapped into place once you receive it. Once attached properly it functions perfectly.

This is the best trash can i’ve ever had. It’s sturdy, my dog can’t open the lid, the lid stays closed, and the trash bags are awesome and worth the extra money. My one issue is with the chrome handle on the lid. As you can see, it’s discolored pretty bad. This started happening less than a month after i got the can and has only worsened over time. I have no idea what is causing the issue and when i try to clean it off, it just gets worse. For a $50 trash can, i didn’t expect something like this to happen.

I had one of these (in black) for years and loved it. Ordered a replacement (in gray) a few weeks ago and noticed it had weird scratch-like marks on the lid and down the side. I know it’s just a trash can, but it’s really noticeable – i expect a new trashcan to not look scratched when i’m paying this much money for one. I ended up getting 3 different replacements (thanks, amazon customer service), and they all had the exact same marks, clearly due to some defect with the plastic molding. In fact, if you look closely on the image on the amazon page, you can see the marks there, too. I contacted simplehuman, and their response is that these marks are ‘normal. ‘ however, my old can had no such marks, and anyone looking at it can see that mistakes were obviously made, probably on a large scale, and they’re just hoping most people won’t notice or care. So – if this sort of thing bothers you, consider yourself warned about the gray color.

This was my christmas present for my cat. He might not appreciate it much, but we sure do. Until this came in the mail, mr. Tapeworm mcrabies (aka tapers the cat) got put in the bathroom every night since thanksgiving when he assisted the turkey carcass in climbing out of its plastic sterilite grave the day after thanksgiving and spreading its bones all over the floor even though we’d had a rube goldberg chair trap in place against the lid to prevent just that. That was pretty much the last straw for tapers vs. Sterlite garbage can, so off to the internet i went. The stainless steel ones really look nice, but at $180 for this size in metal, i just could not justify it, so i ended up with this plastic one. (and really, $50 seems like so much for plastic, doesn’t it?)i ordered the grey one directly from the website (figured it would show dirt less) but so far am very happy with it. If you order from the simplehuman website they’ll let you include a personalized gift card. Mine said ‘hey cat, good luck getting into the garbage now that it locks.

When they are new, stainless steel appliances look great. But if the manufacturer uses a low-grade steel, the appliance will eventually tarnish. And if stainless steel becomes dented, you can see the dent from a mile away. I bought this plastic unit for those reasons. It is very tough and strong and will never show any ugly dents. You can use the foot pedal to open the lid or you can lift the lid manually (which i prefer). If the lid is lifted with the foot pedal (or lifted manually part way), it will close by itself. If the lid is opened manually to it’s fully open position, it will stay open. There is no removeable inner sleeve or canister.

I thought this stone color would be white or off-white, but it is a mid-tone grey. You can’t tell from the picture, but the top juts back 2-3 inches farther than the body of the can, so it doesn’t sit flush against the wall. The quality seems fine, but it’s not a good trash can if you need it flush again the wall in a narrow space. Very easy returns even though it wasn’t fulfilled by amazon. I would buy from this company again.

I was looking for a solution to keep my dogs out of the trash. I found these, read all the reviews, and decided this was the trash can that would make my families dreams come true. The can arrived in a huge box, but i was disappointed to see that it was not assembled. Putting the lid on was fairly easy. The 13 gallon kitchen bags we have always used fit perfectly. The step pedal works fine for opening the lid, although the slow close feature is slightly annoying. Pet people will pay extra for stuff. So it was a stroke of marketing genius that this can was marketed specifically toward people with trash-digging dogs. I am not sure what i was expecting.

I absolutely love the look of this trash can, but it is not stable enough to stay in one place. As soon as someone pushes down on the pedal, it starts scooting, and quickly finds itself pressing against whatever is behind it. For me, that is a wall, which it has scratched so much that we have had to paint the area. If it was made with the bottom a bit heavier, i don’t think this this would be a problem, because as it gets filled with trash it moves less. We even attempted to make it stop scooting by adding a rug beneath it, but it still seemed to be very unstable and moved over time (though it did take longer. ) i am currently looking to replace it with something that won’t move about and scratch my wall.

I’ve owned two of these over the years, one of them is in my bathroom and one is in the kitchen. I love them exceptboth have had one side of the foot pedal break, the same side, looking at the front, the right side of the pedal breaks on the inside. It still works, still opens if i press on the left side, if i put my foot near the middle. It’s just annoying thath this has happened to two of them. I’m going to take one apart and try to fix it, the problem is the little piece that holds the pedal in has snapped. Not sure if i’ll be able to fix it, however it’s worth a shot.

This is my second trash can from simple human, and it’s fine as trash cans go. The reason for the lower rating here on amazon is that it ships without the lid attached for some strange reason. When i bought this the first time years ago, i bought it at bed bath & beyond, and the lid was attached. The picture that comes with this unit regarding the attaching of the lid is ridiculous, making it look like, once you get the long metal hook in the right slot (connects with foot opener below), you just slide the two other lid stabilizers onto the little plastic bars to secure them. Well, let me tell you, there is no easy sliding on there. You have to use quite a bit of force to get them in position. I finally just smashed them in place with the lower part of my palm, and they finally sat correctly. Next time, it’s bed bath & beyond, for sure.

The mocha color is really nice. It closes quietly and locks shut. I would like to address the issue people have with it moving when it is opened and scratching the wall behind it. There is a ‘wall bumper’ on the back of the can that swings up and locks into place (we thought it was a handle at first). When the bumper is against the wall the trash can doesn’t move and the hinge doesn’t scratch the wall. Mine had a sticker on the bumper that identified it’s use. While this is an expensive trash can it is very attractive, closes quietly, and locks to keep animals and small children out.

In and of itself, this is a nice trash can. I ordered it because i have one dog who was able to unlock the mechanism on my old trash can and i needed to be able to keep him out of the trash. I am pleased with the overall look and working mechanisms of the trash can, and would probably give it at least a 4 star rating, if not a 5 star rating, if it weren’t for the price. The materials and basic construction of the trash can do not warrant a $50. I would have rather spent that kind of money locally and bought a nicer trash can for the same amount of money. Typically returning a product to amazon is relatively smooth and painless, at least in my experience, but timing was not on my side. I will keep this trash can and endeavor to get my $50.