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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Chef’s Star Stainless Steel Compost Bin 1 Gallon : Hide yo scraps, hide yo peels

Very high quality stainless steel compost pail. The gallon size is just enough space for a couple of days. The lid has multiple filters in it and there are replacement filters included in the box. I would say it is more a ‘lifetime’ product than a throwaway in two or three years type product.

So you’ve got flies and dog feces smell. You searched for bug zappers and found they’re great for mosquitoes, but the flies bask in the light, dancing and laughing in your face. Your wife says you can’t dispose of the dogs and you love them anyway, so it was really just a joke. You’ve come to terms with the fact that you’re just gonna have to actually be proactive about picking up after your dogs. Now you’re asking what in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks am i gonna use?. You don’t wanna walk a pile to the dumpster every single time, and you don’t want a 13 gallon bag full of poop that starts to breed even more flies and stench. So here it is, i promise you. The can for human and dog backyard harmony. This holds standard plastic grocery bags so you can reuse them for a good purpose. The dirt and leaves scooped up with the poo create nice little bio-bombs so i feel like it’ll eventually make up for that plastic you’re throwing out.

Chef’s Star Stainless Steel Compost Bin 1 Gallon

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • CONTROL ALL ODORS: With the airtight lid and replaceable activated-charcoal filter working together, they trap and control odors naturally. This makes it so your kitchen compost bin can just sit right on your countertop or wherever you need it. Say goodbye to the smell!
  • TRUE QUALITY: The stainless steel bin is molded in one piece. This prevents rust and leaks. Many other bins are welded, and prone to rust and leakage at the weld points as time goes on. No need to worry about nasty bacteria while handling your bin.
  • PLACE IT ANYWHERE: The bin is 1 gallon in size. This is easily big enough to hold several days worth of your compostable organic kitchen waste. This includes vegetable peels, eggshells, fruits, coffee grounds, and much more. It is still small enough to fit on countertops, without looking out of place.
  • DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Made of premium, rust-resistant 304 grade stainless steel. Your bin Won’t scratch, crack, or chip. It will also never leach any toxic chemicals into your compost.
  • REPLACEABLE CHARCOAL FILTER INCLUDED: Your bin comes complete with a specially designed activated-charcoal filter. This is the key to an odorless indoor compost bin. Just like your bin, the filter can be cleaned with soap and water. It Will easily last more than 6 months with careful handling.

Had it two weeks and it works perfectly. Easy to take off lid with one hand and put scraps in with the other, my average household fills it up in about a week. The hardest part is trudging through 3 ft. Of snow to get to compost pile.

I’ve had this compost bin for just over a year now. I really like it, however it is showing signs of rust. I just take a scrubber and most of them come off, but now there’s a dime-size rust spot that can’t be removed. I keep this in the kitchen, but it’s far from the sink. So i don’t know how to prevent it from rusting more.

I am brand new to composting. I started out with a coffee can for my kitchen scraps which you learn in a hurry just isn’t going to cut it long term. I ordered this and it arrived quickly. It’s ready to go out of the box, which includes an extra filter. The build quality is excellent and it looks good, too. I have no room under counter to store this pail so it sits top-side. I’ve now had it long enough to make my first deposit in the compost pile. The only time i smell the muck inside is when i put more scraps in. The lid comes off easily and its wide enough to scrape into without any of the scraps falling outside the pail. The lid doesn’t lock but the pail is such that it won’t tip on its own.

Chef’s Star Stainless Steel Compost Bin 1 Gallon : I like everything about this compost bin. It is good and sturdy and has a large capacity. The handle is strong and the filters are relatively easy to swap out. It is just what i needed to collect the vegetable scraps and eggshells, and there is no smell.

This has holes in the lid and a built in filter under the holes so you don’t smell your kitchen scraps. The perfect size to collect your daily composting in the kitchen until you empty it outside.

This is exactly what i was looking for. We use it to collect compostable waste in the kitchen to transport to the composter out back. The size is perfect to collect material for a few days before transporting it out to the composter. This reduces the trips out nicely. The filter lid is a nice touch and does the job. We have this can under the kitchen sink so it is closed up in the cabinet. I have not smelled any hint of the waste under the sink except when i open the lid. The finish and style is nice enough to use counter top but that is not what we had in mind.

This product is really a must for anyone who dislikes throwing away food. Plus, my garden has benefited from coffee grounds, egg shells, banana peels, vegetable waste, etc. I always feel so good when i see how healthy my plants are from the addition of organic material from my kitchen. I have two of these pails–one at my lake home and one in my city home. Both of them are put to good use because i cook a variety of vegetables and love coffee. I’ve actually rooted squash varieties, potatoes, and other plants from my compost pails. Fruit peels and egg shells are also so good for roses.

I’ve had this for over a year. I love that it doesn’t smell and it’s very easy to clean. I throw mine in the dishwasher. Because its odder less i keep it near my sink and use it daily. Other products i’ve tried eventually smell so i put them someplace less noticeable and thus used them less frequently. I also love the look as it matches my appliances which is nice when i leave it sitting out.

Love, love, love this counter-top compost bin. I bought it to replace a ceramic composter which broke, cracked—not practical. But this one is stainless steel. It blends in well with my other ss appliances in my kitchen. Looks great on my counter top and holds lots more than my old one. Fewer trips to the compost pile outside to empty it. Also, the carbon filters eliminate any odors.

This is a great way to collect compost in the kitchen. Perfect size, keeps smells at bay easy lid to remove. I keep it both on my counter and under the sink. A practical gift from my husband i didn’t mind receiving for christmas.

An attractive way to deal with compostable materials in the kitchen. Really does eliminate any smells. I love that you can lift the lid with one hand as i usually don’t have two free hands while cooking.

Not exactly what i had in mind, i guess i was expecting it to be something different. You must empty this everyday. It’s a cute place to put your compost while you are cooking but honestly you could just use a bowl and dump it after your done and have the same effect achieved. The reason you have to dump it every day and not wait is because the gnats and ants waste no time feasting on your gift to them. It is not sealed so tight that they can’t get in. So, really having the charcoal scent remover is nice, but not neccessary bc you need to empty it right away anyways. Perhaps in the winter time you wouldn’t have the bug issue so bad?. I’d rather not attract bugs, it just wasn’t something i thought of when i purchased it, i thought hey this will save me a trip to the compost every night, and maybe i can go every 2 or 3 nights. Wrong don’t do it, i tried and then freaked out when i opened it and there were gnats and ants in there 🙁 i battle ants in my house anyways so perhaps that is not all the compost bins fault lol but, i definitely don’t need to give those pests another source to come after.

Beautiful container for countertop compost storage. We had fruit flies when we used the charcoal filters that came with the bin. Once we put a little duct tape on the inside of the lid to stop air/fly flow through the holes, we’ve not had an issue. We can go 4-5 days before emptying this and get zero odor. I know we’re not using it as advertised anymore (not promoting air/fly flow), but we’re very happy with it and recommend it.

This compost can is better than expected. It comes with spare filters and closes nicely. I keep mine in the frig between dumping.

After years of using repurposed plastic or metal containers, this bin has made our lives so much easier when it comes to composting. The satin steel finish blends nicely with all my kitchen fixtures, and the filtered top seals in all smells. I can even easily wash the entire unit (after removing the carbon lid filters). And, instead of buying expensive replacement carbon filters, i make by own by the dozen just by cutting to fit a carbon pre-filter (honeywell c-6005, 38002 enviracare universal replacement pre-filter made by all-filters, inc. In this way i can inexpensively change the lid’s carbon filter to ensure odor-free composting whenever needed.

+ looks nice+ keeps the smell out really well+ much sturdier than the plastic ones- lid is a little snug so you can’t open one handed. This will probably get better with time. Updateall the above positives still hold. The lid comes off a bit easier. One negative that i have found is that a lot of moisture builds up inside. The filter at the top doesn’t allow for much of the humidity to escape and the result is that the bio-bags start to break down pretty quickly. I’m sure there is a trade off between how smelly and humid it is. It still works great and is worth it, but just a heads up.

About 4 weeks into my ownership. The stainless steel pail improves the looks of our kitchen counter quite a bit2. The depth of the pail allows throwing cut-offs from a distance without bouncing back out3. The size is sufficient, even for a vegetarian4. The odor suppressing charcoal filter works like a charm. I cook with garlic, onions, mushrooms, and tons of herbs and the house smells much better since i have this fancy compost bucket. Straight walls allow quick disposal and easy rinsingnot 5 stars because i believe a compost bucket should be made from recycled materials and i know that i am getting spoiled by the charcoal filter and that i will buy the replacement filter when need arises.

I keep it by my sink and can keep adding to it for about a four days before it starts to smell. I like the unassuming style as well. I even put a used dryer sheet with some essential oils in with the filter, and that helps to stretch its use for a few more days. I love the idea of composting, but am nauseated by the process- this is a great compromise.

Looks as described and is solid. Stores a good amount and is quite attractive on my counter. The reason i took off one star is because gnats can get in to the container. Luckily i visit my composter often enough to not have anything ‘wriggly’ develop in my bin but there is nothing more disturbing than opening up the can and gnats flying out. Never happened when i used my old 5 gallon mayonnaise jar with lid. I wanted something that did not display the refuse and that is what prompted this purchase.

Holds a few days worth of garden scraps, eliminating the need to walk to the big bins in the garden. Stainless steel blends into the kitchen, making it somewhat attractive. Shocked and amazed at the lack of smells when the lid is closed. Filling it up with scraps, i do catch an occasional whiff of leftover vegetables/fruit/eggs/coffee grounds getting ripe, but it’s a small price to pay to not have to walk to the back of our property on a nightly basis to fill the compost up. I would say this is an absolute must for anyone who gardens and composts. They do make compost friendly bags for the inside that i haven’t used but i would imagine would make clean up and smell control easier. Will probably give them a try soon just to see if it makes a difference.

Mind Reader Mini Counterop Trash Can – I’m using it on my desk in my home office

This mini counter top trash can is pretty cute and is actually functional. The lid is easy to push to put things inside and small grocery bags work great for liners since it is so small.

Super cute mini counter top trash can that is perfect to toss empty sugar packets at a coffee station, straw wrappers at a soda fountain, or just for desktop storage. The lid slides off so you can add a mini trash bag. I ended up using it to toss my stevia packets in at my coffee station. My husband consistently complains about the packets i leave behind after i make my giant iced coffee in the morning (typically i leave it on the dish that holds the spoon)- this was a quick, clean, and easy solution he does not mind.

It can use gallon size baggies to line it with, and they are a bit large. It is perfect to keep under my outside grill to put american cheese cheese wrappers in as i cook. It is stainless steel and it looks a bit medical. It would be great for holding straw papers on a counter top too. 2 points off though for sharp edges. While i’m not finding it sharp enough to cut, it is too sharp for people who have thin skin or for people on blood thinners. It would be so much nicer if the edges were finished properly by being rolled. Instead they cut the pieces out and didn’t seam to do anything else to blunt them. It is cute, but i would not recommend it for any commercial use or in homes with the elderly or anyone else who might have thin skin. Here are the specifications for the Mind Reader Mini Counterop Trash Can:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Stainless steel construction, elegant satin finish trash can with swing lid
  • Great for Breakroom, home, office even bathrooms
  • Helps keep your Coffee Station clean and organized
  • Holds most trash including stirrers, sugar packs, Coffee grounds, even Coffee pods
  • Easy to clean and built to last with attention to detail and superior materials
  • Compact size will save space on your desk

I run a retreat with a busy coffee/tea table (typically 30-36 guests at a time) and this is great tabletop bin for packet wrappers. It will hold a busy day’s wrappers & tea bags (though most guests leave those in their cups; and we use a sugar bowl, so wrappers are from artifician sweetener and individually-wrapped tea bags). It would also be suitable for home use by a few keurig users (my mom uses a keurig and always seems to have stray pods and stevia packets on her counter in the morning, which makes me bonkers), but the size woukd be inadequate for more than a few coffee drinkers. The main can (without lid) is about the size of a large can of tomatoes (not the 15-oz can; the 32-or-whatever-it-is size); the swing top lid ads several inches and will hold more, but that makes emptying clumsier. The only think i don’t like is that the edge of the flap is a tittle untidy; it coukd be sleeker, but for the price, it’s good. Not sure why it’s ‘desktop’–seems more a breakroom than personal item. It wouls also be handy for taster spoons at a farmer’s market or convention, makeup sample spatulas/cotton balls, etc.

This is a spiffy little can that looks really nice sitting on a desk or counter. As long as you can keep fingerprints off of it. For me, it got set next to my pod coffee machine, as a place to drop the pods after use. This works out reasonably well, with two caveats: (1) it’s difficult to sort out a trash liner, so damp objects like the pods will drip and leave residue, and (2) its size is such that it honestly doesn’t have great capacity (at least for pods). These two little complications means, for me, that it might not stay next to the coffee pot for long, and it will have to live on my computer desk, a bin for crumbled up postit notes and candy wrappers.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • can’t get the top off
  • Cool design but too short
  • good looking can (that’s what she said)

At only about 6 inches tall i’m not sure how much use this really is. I guess you can put small bits of paper like old receipts or candy wrappers in there. The edges on top aren’t machined all that well so they’re almost sharp.

It is exactly what it says it is. It is a miniature garbage can, in my case, stainless steel. It is intended for use in small work areas, perhaps a craft or kitchen area, where you end up with lots of scraps. The can is constructed very well and the lid comes off.

Holds trash like a can should. To empty it, i just squeeze the round shape until the lid comes out. May recommend some pads on the bottom surface so that the metal doesn’t scratch/rub against whatever surface you put it on.

I’m using it on my desk in my home office to throw out post-its. The black part has a glossy finish. I think it’s cute and functional.

That said it is not very functionable as there is nothing i can find to line it for teabags or k cups that have water leaking from them so a liner is a must and the edges (*if you can get the top off) are very, very sharp. This could have been so perfect if they just addressed these 2 issues.

I love this little trash can. It is small but it’s perfect for trash by my sink. I put compost stuff in there and small/wet things. The lid comes off easy for easy cleaning. I put a small plastic bag in there and take it out and throw stuff away.

Swell little can for tabletop trash. Lots of compliments, good looking can (that’s what she said).

I got this for my husbands work space and he loves it. It is bigger than i thought it was going to be, but it also fits more than i thought it was going to. The top swivels just like a regular trash can and the aluminum design makes it look very sleek. I really like it and would highly recommend.

Like 1 banana peel and a tissue small. I also find this kind of metal very hard to clean and it gets fingerprints very easily. If the size meets your need, it’s durable and the lid closes well enough to keep my lunch food smells contained while i work at my desk.

Wish this was a little taller. The way the lid is designed it doesn’t allow for a lot of trash to be placed in it.

This is a simple and basic brushed stainless steel can. I say basic because the lid around the opening is simply cut metal. While it is smoothed out, there are no rounded edges around the inner lip of the can. I imagine that is to maintain a streamlined look. The lid is simply welded on and is level. As for size, even among desktop cans, this is petite, but its functional. It is about the size of my hand – perfect for my desk. I feel like it would be perfect for other uses such as a change bin or binder clips, etc. The can has no information about the country of origin, which is rare. It didn’t have any dents and while it was definitely basic i think it is going to last for a long time.

I have this beauty on my bathroom counter. It’s great for small trash (i.

It looks okay — shiny, not matte — but it’s a little more impractical than i was expecting. The lid is not removable, so you expect to shove your hand into it to clean it. Note that the metal edges are a little sharp. But it’s nice to have for a little space. (see photo for reference next to keurig b70 both on a mini-fridge.

This mind reader desktop mini trash can (silver) is a cute little swing-lid trash can, made of lightweight stainless steel. 99 on amazon) seems a little high, because there are ripples on the edges of the lid (as seen in the product page photos if you zoom in). As a trash receptacle, this will hold only seven (7) used k-cups. If filled full of k-cups, it is hard to empty. It strikes me as useful for collecting makeup waste like used cotton balls, but i use a small powder-room wastebasket for this kind of thing. I am a loss for how to use this on my office desk, because i have a medium-sized trash can underneath the desk. Maybe kids would have fun with it in their room?if you need a mini trash can, you could do worse. However, i don’t think this item is very practical or useful.

Nice small tabletop trash can, the lid and holder come off as well so you can easily dump it out. I got a stainless steel one, and it looks just like the photo (i know someone had gotten one that didn’t match). Swinging lid is nice, but also means you can’t get it too full. It’s found a home next to my coffee machine to collect random small trash.

The top is not removeable, so i ended up fighting to get awkward shaped items out around the lid.

simplehuman 40 litre slim step can grey plastic : Quick solution to snap on the lid!

Overall: it’s a good quality, well made trash can. Made of durable plastic with a sleek design; this trash can is a great product. I especially appreciate the locking lid design that holds up to a growing toddler. It has good foot pedal mechanism. Give it a light tap and it opens and softly closes giving you enough time to toss something in and keep going. Hold down the foot pedal and it will stay open until you manually shut it. I’ve read other reviews that said that the lid after a while just pops off the mechanism and the foot pedal stops working, this is not the case for us. We haven’t had any problems with the lid detaching, and i have checked out the area when it attaches and the plastic and metal rod seem very solid. I am not worried and i think that might be a flaw that occurred in the manufacturing that has since been resolved. I also love that it streamlined to fit into small spaces and just an overall great size for the kitchen.

This is the best kitchen garbage can i’ve ever had. I ordered it in feb 2015 and have been happily using it ever since. Pro*space-saving–it’s a little over 10′ wide*the lid goes up easily with a foot on the pedal, which after over 2 years, still works just fine. *the wheels are a great feature*it holds a lot*grey is not exactly a designer color, but if there are any smudges, they don’t show up*it doesn’t need special bags. Pretty much any bag that says ‘tall kitchen bag’ is fine. Right now i’m using goodsense drawstring tall kitchen bags, 13 gallon. These fit nicely around the lip of the can and don’t need a band to hold it on. *i don’t know why, but it doesn’t seem to hold odors. Conthe only drawback for me is that if it happens to get locked, it’s hard for me to unlock.

simplehuman 40 litre slim step can grey plastic + code K 60 pack liners

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Secure slide lock
  • Great for tight spaces
  • Strong steel pedal
  • Lid shox technology for a smooth, silent close
  • Designed to fit simplehuman trash cans perfectly
  • No bunching, overhang or slipping
  • Extra-durable plastic and thick double seams
  • Tear- and leak-resistant garbage bags

I ended up returning this item. Unfortunately, as soon as i took it out of the box i knew it didn’t weigh enough. My first impressions:1) very light2) seems top heavy3) lid didn’t close all the way when i released the pedal4) pet lock seemed to jam when pressed ini think i’d be willing to give it a shot if the purpose of our purchase wasn’t to keep the dog out of the garbage. He’s quite funny about it, he won’t tear at the garbage can or try to pry it open, so a lock isn’t necessary (not that this thing plastic would stop him anyway), he really just wants to ‘pick’ the exact thing out that smells good and only that one thing. So a lid is all we needed, but i also didn’t want him to knock it over on accident or to have to deal with an annoying lock every time i open/close the garbage. Anyway, this just wasn’t the garbage can for us. I gave 3 stars because i like the modern design and the pet lock and lid may resolve itself with consistent use — as plastic will do — but i thought the plastic would be thicker and the whole thing weigh a bit more.

To put on the lid fast, you must turn it upside down and hold the can at a 40 degree angle with the lid flat to the floor. Push down (one side at a time) until you here it snap on one side, then snap on the other. It will be extremely difficult to put on the lid any other way. Do not forget to hook the center piece first before you flip it over. It honestly doesn’t save much space for me; i live in an apartment with very little floor space in the kitchen so mine went into a corner in the dining room. The trash can is very front heavy due to the pedal. It’ll lean forward when you step on it and not stay grounded in the back. I’m a little bit concerned it’ll flip over one day but it hasn’t yet. I use generic 13 gallon trash bags from walmart with no problems. No need to buy brand specific bags.

I purchased this last month when i moved into my new apartment. I have a small kitchen and could save floor space if i could find a trash can narrow enough to fit into a cabinet with an 11′ inch frame. The problem i found was most 13 gallon trash cans were 11′ wide or more and would rip the sides of the bag when i removed it. I ordered simplehuman slim plastic step trash can(40 litre/10 gallon). It is a bit tapered (narrowest at the back) and found even at the widest point with the lid shut, it is 10′ inches wide. It is about 24 1/2 inches high and 19 inches deep. Best of all it fits great in my cabinet. (see my video)the lid helps keep odors down.

simplehuman 40 litre slim step can grey plastic + code K 60 pack liners : The plastic is very thin, if there’s no garbage in it, my cat or anyone bumping into it can knock it over. The lid comes detached when it arrives. Putting it on is a bit confusing, also, it doesn’t lock properly. You can close the lid and push the lock in and it will stay locked when you step on the foot pedal, however while in locked position, you can easily just lift the lid up and it’s unlocked, what’s the point then?. My dog is not going to step on the foot pedal, shes’s going to use her nose to nudge the lid open, and that’s the end of that. I had to sign up on simple human’s website to purchase a new lid to see if the one i received was defective. Customer service was easy to work with and it arrived in a good amount of time, however still doesn’t solve the issue of being completely locked.

For it’s price range, this is a fairly attractive trash can which fits in some tight spaces – but because of the way the hinge works, it needs to be spaced a small distance from the wall. The pedal on the bottom front activates the lid but the pedal mechanism works through a connector on the back concealed under a cover extending back from the lid, which, when the pedal is depressed, will tip the can forward from contact with the wall. Not really a big deal, but this will probably wear the paint off the wall over time. Regular use of the can will also cause it to migrate back into the wall, so, though minor, it’s an issue. The lock on the front is the far more annoying issue. It’s what initially prompted the purchase and is convenient for keeping dogs out. It works very well for that – our dogs have knocked it over several times but have never been able to get into it when it was locked. However, the lock is completely manual in operation, not connected to the pedal in any way. With dogs sneaking around looking for scraps, we keep it locked virtually all of the time so using the can requires a little planning. To explain – if we plan to work in the kitchen, we have to remember to unlock the can before we need it so we can use the pedal when we need to put something into the can.

However, one said 65lb black mouth cur baby loves to dumpster dive. I mean, who can blame her with all that aromatic trash in one place to explore, right?.So the cycle of coming home to an overturned trash and a guilty pup on her back wiggling with remorse was getting fairly old. I bought this to hopefully deter her. The latching feature prevents my trash monster from gaining access. The first day i came home to the trash on its side and the liner that was visible half destroyed.

The hinge on the back is made of plastic and wears away over time. When the slot gets too big, the lid falls off whenever you try to open it. I don’t see an obvious way to repair it. Edit: simplehuman replaced the lid under warranty.

This trash can is a must if you have ‘deprived’ dogs that must supplement their high dollar, grain free, all natural bison meat kibble diet with the detritus of our rather wasteful human existence. The attached image is an excellent example of what happens when you spend the $40 on this nearly perfectly designed trash can and forget to lock the lid. Buy it if you have trash loving dogs (i swear they are dogs, and not raccoons as the photo might suggest) like mine, and just remember to lock up this trash fortress from would be invaders. It probably works well for small children too.

It was great for a 6 months now the lid won’t stay put. If you step on the pedal the lid just falls right off. [edited feb 2016 after i wrote this review and gave a 1 star review, i sent a complain to simple human. They sent me a replacement lid and since then it has worked perfectly. I think that the lid that came with the can was just a faulty one. ]

I have had it for a month and am glad that i got it vs. My target up&up trash bags have just the right amount of stretch to remain secure without undue struggle to install. The bag is fully filled when the trash can is full. No extra space to try and fill. Tapered shape makes the bag pretty easy to withdraw. Step on mechanism works well with automatic closing after stepping on. The lid can remain open if pushed fully open by hand.

I was very reluctant paying $40 for a plastic trash can, but with the impeccable reviews, i knew i was making a good decision. I’ve had mine for one month now and it’s been great. The step to open the lid is as reliable as it was the first day i used it and the lid closes super quietly. It’s a perfect trash can for those who live in a small space. The glad tall kitchen bags (13 gallon) fit this trash can perfectly. I am very happy with my purchase.

I purchased this for a narrow space in my kitchen. The color is a matte gunmetal color with silver accents. I did have a brief tussle when putting to put the lid on but got it on the forth try. I love it’s depth which allows larger items to be disposed of without trouble compared to the round trash can that this replaced. I have no problem with it moving around when i use the pedal to raise the lid as some have reported. I really like the quiet close feature. I use generic 13 gallon trash bags with ties and they fit perfectly. A note to those who order white. That was my first color choice but i returned it because it did looked more like an dingy white or ivory color when i placed it next to my white appliances.

When i was waiting for this garbage can to arrive, i bought a hefty locking garbage can hoping to save some money. My dogs managed to knock over & unlock the hefty and still eat trash. I finally pulled this one out (which was 2x the price of the hefty), and tried it out. My dog hasn’t managed to open this one since i took it out a few months ago. This can is definitely worth paying the extra $20 since it actually gets the job done. I forget to lock the can sometimes, but my dogs have given up on their nighttime ritual since they know the trash treats will not come easily to them anymore. This garbage can is different than others bc the latch lock is much stronger than others. I sometimes have to use two hands to lock and unlock the can.

I’m very satisfied getting this trash can for our kitchen. I was looking for something slim with big capacity. Also the direction which the lid opened was important to me, so i could put two trash can next to each other. One for regular trash and one for recycling. My first choice was stainless steel, but couldn’t justify the price, so i decided to go with this plastic one. (i could get 2 for the price of 1 stainless steel trash can. ) i actually feel very comfortable with this. The plastic is very sturdy, and after using it for a year i still don’t have any scratch or dents (see picture). The wheel on the bottom makes it easy to pull out while i’m cleaning the kitchen floor. Also having a step pedal to open the lid makes it easy to throw away stuff when your hand isn’t clean, thus keeping the lid clean.

I use this to store cloth diaper laundry. Pros:-contains odors-locking lid-fits well in small places while still having a large capacity-i use this paired with fuzzibunz hanging diaper pail and the planetwise wetbag and it fits both styles-great pricecons:i don’t have any complaints.

 i spent a while searching amazon and in-stores for the perfect trash can that would fit properly in my small kitchen, and let me say i am thrilled with my purchase of the simplehuman 40 liter / 10. 6 gallon slim kitchen step trash can, grey plastic with secure slide lock. This trash can is very aesthetically pleasing, and in my opinion, looks nicer than a stainless steel can that costs triple the price. It’s easy to keep looking clean because the matte finish helps disguise smudges. The foot pedal works flawlessly and the lid closes very quietly. I use kirkland’s 13-gallon drawstring trash bags from costco and they fit this can just fine. This is a great space saving trash can that looks stylish and modern. It appears to be made of high quality materials, and comes with a five year warranty so you know you are getting your money’s worth with this purchase.

I selected this trash can mainly based on its slim profile. My kitchen is very awkwardly-shaped, and it only had one narrow space to put a full-size garbage can, so after reading the other reviews, i chose this. It fits the space well, and the step works well. The color choices are also great–it’s nice to be able to choose something that more attractive than shiny white plastic. The reason i rate this at four stars instead of five is the price point. At the end of the day, it is still just a plastic step trash can, so if the space in my kitchen had allowed me to be more flexible with the size, i would not have paid this much. However, since i did need a slim can, and since the company offered some attractive color options, i’m still happy with my purchase.

Truth be told, what i truly desire in the deepest corner of my heart is simplehuman’s stainless steel butterfly step trash can, but i just could not justify (to my bank account) spending $160 on a trash can. Alas, i went with the plastic slim step-child, and although it lacks the diva flair of the butterfly, it’s a sturdy little workhorse that provides maximum capacity in a very slim size. I have a galley kitchen with a narrow floor to ceiling window at one end in lieu of a wall. It provides nice lighting but isn’t a good place for the garbage can, so i needed something that can fit under a sink cabinet or sit against the end of the counters and still be narrow enough not to block the entry way too much. This garbage can fits the bill nicely. The stepping mechanism feels sturdy even when the can is empty, with no wobble to it, and the top stays open if you lift it up by hand to 90 degrees, which is nice when i’m dumping scraps off of the counter into the can. The mouth of it is fairly wide and square, so larger items are easily disposed (fits gallon milk containers easily). It shuts slowly and quietly, no splattering, and seals nicely. The wheels make it easy to move it around. Locking feature is a nice touch to deter small children and pets from getting into the trash.

If you buy this retail it comes preassembled, but thankfully another reviewer described how to put it together. So i followed his directions with one modification. First put the foot peddle metal attacher through the center hole in the lid. Then turn upside down at an angle (about 40 degrees) and snap in each side separately until you hear the snap. It does require a little muscle. I gave it a 4 star because i felt for the price you pay the lid should come attached. Once you put it together right, it’s pretty much as described.

I’ve had this trash can for about two years now. It works well in small spaces – mine fits perfectly in a little nook between the kitchen, laundry room, and pantry. The wheel makes it easy to pull the whole trashcan outside to transfer trash to the outside bin, which helps avoid any leaky trash bag disasters. The foot thing for opening it works well and makes it easy to toss in food scraps or whatever without making a mess. The trash can has held up fine; i don’t expect to need to replace it any time soon. The trash can is a little smaller than the standard 13-gallon kitchen trash can and trash bags, which i love. I use 13 gallon bags with handles, and having a little extra space makes it easy to close the bags on trash day and be sure they aren’t overfilled, and there’s always extra space in the bag for the random stuff i always gather up while i’m trying to take the trash out. So, even though not being a perfect fit for standard trash bags might not seem like an advantage, that’s what i love the most.

Gold Star Kitchens Compost Bin – Premium Quality SAE304 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Pail – 1, EXCELLENT product, very sturdy and clean appearance

Im in love with my compost bin. I’ve had it a few months and it works great. It’s attractive in my kitchen and a good size and most importantly it never smells. I also found some nifty compost degradable bags to line it with so i just remove the bag when full and place it in my compost bin. I’m glad i read the reviews as i was trying to select the right bin. Very happy with this and will order another one as well.

Keeps compost smells and bugs from overtaking our kitchen. Should’ve purchased this years ago.

Composer been not only looks great it is the perfect size. My likes it so much, primarily how it looks, that she doesn’t want to even mess it up by putting scraps in it.

Key specs for Gold Star Kitchens Compost Bin – Premium Quality SAE304 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Pail – 1.3 Gal – Double Carbon Filters Eliminate Odors – Deluxe Silicone Handle – Includes 2 Bonus Filters:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • SURGICAL GRADE SAE304 STAINLESS STEEL: Beautiful brushed satin finish for a perfect compliment to any kitchen decor. No vertical ribs or “trash can” look, no ceramic to break, but this seamless material is extra thick and strong. Fits any kitchen counter top for convenience when cooking. The custom metal alloy and precision fit lid were specified by a Registered Professional Engineer (PE)
  • PREMIUM COMPOST BIN: TWICE THE CORROSION RESISTANCE (superior 18/10 chromium/nickle alloy) compared to other brands for peak performance — no rusting, pitting, or leaking. No need for expensive and wasteful pail liners or bags. No clumsy plastic insert buckets with floppy loose-fitting lids. All natural in-home composting convenience
  • DUAL CARBON FILTERS: TWO FILTERS IN THE LID (not just 1 like the leading brand). That means TWICE the air filtration of the major brands. RESULT: No odors or fruit flies. If flies can’t smell the bin, they’re not attracted to it
  • DELUXE SILICONE HANDLE: Our engineers didn’t want a “cheap bent metal rod” handle for our premium bin, but a deluxe thermofused silicone handle for extra durability and a comfortable grip — not to mention protection of the luxurious satin finish. This product is exclusive to the Gold Star Kitchens brand as we hold the USPTO REGISTERED TRADEMARK for this product
  • BONUS FILTERS: TWO EXTRA FILTERS in every box for worry-free use. Genuine Gold Star Kitchens replacement filters are ready and available now online — search Amazon above for stock No. B073DK96QT. The bin, lid, and 4 filters come complete with a clearly written Care & Instructions Guide all securely packed inside a beautiful, full-color, 4-sides glossy-photo box suitable for the PERFECT GIFT. Products and packaging are designed & specified in the USA. Bin is approx 7″ diameter and 11″ high

Comments from buyers

“GREAT BIN NO SMELL WHATSOEVER!, Great quality, looks good, no odor or flies, a great counter top size”

Excellent product, very sturdy and clean appearance. And it seems to not have any problems with rust or corrosion like some of our others have. The customer service is absolutely great. Answered all my questions and even sent me a set of filters. Great experience and product.

Item as advertised and delivered on time.

I looked at many compost bins before settling on this one as it had everything i wanted and great reviews. Looks great on my kitchen counter and is extremely convenient to use.

I’ve been using it for over a month. It is durable, the lid opens freely, the filters block out smell and bugs and i like the rubber padding on the handle. The deliver was quick as well.

Absolutely no odor love this composter.

Well made, attractive, a great counter top size, and comes with excellent customer support. Just what i was looking for.

Solid container and works and looks good on the counter.

Do not smell anything with the lid on.

It is easy to clean and smells fresh. It is large enough to handle the compost from chicken piccata dinner. No plastic bin to harbor smells. It has two filters in the lid and an extra set of filters.

I love how much it can hold. We use this to hold our kitchen compost before adding it to our larger compost outside. There is absolutely no odor (even with banana peels). We can use it for a full week before emptying it into the larger compost bin. I would definitely recommend this product for those who want a clean and easy way to compost.

Good quality, we added the disposable bags to make cleaning easier.

The bin and other orders came right on time and i really like this bin. We have just gotten a new cat who is 6 1/2 months old and the bin keeps her out of the garbage. I would tell anyone that they can and should use this.

Prompt deliveryattractive kitchen compost binextra filters.

Love this, it is the perfect size, easy to empty and clean and looks good on the kitchen counter.

Exactly as stated really nice addition.

Looks great on the counter next to the sink. The cushioning material on the handle protects the bin and does away with bothersome clangs if the handle is accidentally allowed to dropped. Filters are easy to replace.

Perfect size for the counter, looks great and no smell at all with all the peelings etc. In there for several daysi would recommend this product for sure.

It arrived quickly and i love the big size plus the silcon grip on the handle is an extra nice touch in additionto the extra filters.

Compared to our ceramic one that broke this is real good so far. Empties easily and cleans up well. Time will tell if the durability is there.

Wish i found this years ago.

Hefty Renew Recycled Plastic Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags : It’s great to recycle products from my home and even better

Hard to get over top of trashcan.

Hefty Renew Recycled Plastic Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags (13 Gallon, 40 Count)

  • Tall kitchen bags made from 65% recycled plastic
  • Tough Hefty construction
  • Dependable drawstring closure
  • 13-gallon size fits most kitchen cans
  • Package contains 40, 13-gallon, Renew Recycled Plastic Drawstring Trash Bags, 0.9 Mil

Take some of the curve off of knowing i am throwing something away instead of recycling, composting or re-using. Can’t find these at the grocery store. Thank you reynolds consumer products for making them available on amazon.

Surprised by how thick they were.

Not as strong as the ones that come in the green box but still pretty good.

Hefty Renew Recycled Plastic Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags (13 Gallon, 40 Count) : I like that they’re environmentally friendly. They don’t hold up well to rips, though.

Okay, but the previous generation of these recycled (gray-colored) garbage bags was better — seemed thicker, stronger.

Household good that i buy every month it’s a little pricer than the stores.

I appreciate having products available that are made from recycled materials. It’s great to recycle products from my home and even better to follow up with purchasing recycled products.

Ordered from amazon because local stores stopped carrying this product.

Not as durable as the usual hefty product, possibly due to the recycled materials. Seems to poke through more easily.

I like them so far and feel better about them being mostly recycled. They fit our trashcan and haven’t torn yet. They don’t seem fragile, but i won’t be filling it up to the max.

I purposely purchased these bags because they were make with recycled plastic. I was impressed that they are not cheap or flimsy and appear just as strong as my regular hefty garbage bags. I will continue to purchase them.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Rubbermaid Commercial FG295573BLUE Plastic Deskside Recycling Container : Strong, durable and just fit to replace the 10 gallon trash bin

Fits perfectly in the trash can holder that i purchased here: https://www. Com/gp/product/b01ebvnqr2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=utf8&psc=1.

I needed to replace my kitchen trash can but was unwilling to pay the steep prices that are currently being charged for 13 gallon trash cans so i decided to try this one. I was pleasantly surprised as the trashcan did end up being larger than i expected as i really thought it would almost be too small. I would highly recommend this as it is sturdily made and the price is very reasonable.

Rubbermaid Commercial FG295573BLUE Plastic Deskside Recycling Container, Small, 3.4 gallons, Blue (Pack of 12)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • All-plastic construction won’t chip, rust, or dent
  • Fits snugly under standard desk heights
  • Rolled rims add strength
  • Easy to clean
  • Measures 12-1/8″ x 11-1/5″ x 8-1/4″

For the size and durability, this trash can is perfect. I haven’t bought a trash can for a while, and was searching for the perfect one to fit my space and also was a good quality item. I had bought trash cans in the past that were less than this but not by much and were really cheap quality. What i mean by the cheap quality is the mushy,and flimsy feel that when i would try to empty the trash it actually bends. I have emptied this trash can three or four times already and even when it is rather full it still doesn’t lose it’s shape. I highly recommend this trash can, even if it means spending a little more than you would.

I know it probably doesn’t make sense to compare the greatness of a plastic trash can to the great pyramids. But i do expect my trash cans to be almost as great as a bic pen, and they must be much greater than, say, a top notch golf tee or a half chewed pack of bubble yum. This trash can fits that bill perfectly. A 13 gallon hefty pull string bag fits perfectly into the can’s rectangular body. The color of the canister is dull gray, and that kind of reminds you of the dusty sand paint color they put on the pyramids.

I was under the impression this would fit in a standard trash can, not just the recycle under the desk type, i was incorrect. Not really sure what i am going to do with it. Not really worth paying the shipping cost to send it back.

Rubbermaid Commercial FG295573BLUE Plastic Deskside Recycling Container, Small, 3.4 gallons, Blue (Pack of 12) : Although, to be fair, bosses got where they are by not taking trash from no one. So, this product takes trash like a new hire, who probably over-exerts himself to impress a powerless figurehead who’s easily influenced by a trip to the gentlemen’s club. Life ain’t fair, rubbermaid soft molded plastic wastebasket, but at least you’re by my side. Here’s a soiled paper towel.

I have one of these at work and find it so helpful that i got this one for home to use when going through mail. I tear off the mailing label and any order blanks with identifying information on it and put it in the side bin, the remainder of the junk mail goes in the larger trash can. When the small one is full, i take it and shred the items or burn them in our wood stove.

Sturdy as heck and a perfect size for it’s use.

This can is amazing, it hasn’t melted, or fallen apart. It’s well built, it hasn’t exploded or changed colors. It’s not gotten itself lost. It’s not frozen and needed a reboot. Also, it’s maintained the same gray color that it came with. It has ample power to collect garbage. It works with all iphones and androids. It works with the earth’s gravity to stay on the floor and not float away — strongly recommended.

It is a trash can, it holds my garbage without complaining. I could not ask for more from a rubber bucket.

Just what the doctor ordered. We’re using these for recycling heavy glass that bows out most recycling bags. These have the rubbermaid logo embossed on the bottom, so assuming they are genuine rubbermaid commercial waste baskets and will hold up to the test of time. I will amend this review if they don’t. Very happy with this purchaes.

Purchased this to use as a liner for a family size clothing hamper. The hamper needed something inside that could hold wet laundry and that i could easily clean. I placed it inside this hamper lamont home carter family hamper, cappuccinoand it fit well.

In my kitchen, we’ve been using an old paper shredder bin as a trashcan for at least 15 years. A holiday guest using my kitchen observed that the bin was way too small and inefficient, so i bought this trashcan on amazon to replace it. This rubbermaid trash can is rectangular and slim, and takes up less floor space even though it holds way more trash than the old one.

We have composting services through our city. But i didn’t have a great place to store another bin in the kitchen. This hooks into our existing trash can making it easy to sort items into compost. I suggest the glad brand compost bags to fit inside this container.

As a receptacle for refuse, the shape is ideal. Items naturally fall to the bottom and cannot escape. If you prefer to avoid having to hose smelly gunk out of your trashcan periodically, you can use 13 gallon trash bags as a liner, as they fit this apparatus quite well. The material and construction seems durable and resilient. I am quite happy with this investment, and i recommend that if you are in the market for a trash can of approximately this size, you give due consideration to this specific model.

As with most of my reviews, i am again going to reference price. This is not a fancy can, (foot lift lid), and so forth. At this price point, how can you miss?.

Taller than the standard ‘office’ waste basket which is good for making less trips to empty it.

I poked a hole in the lower side to allow air into the basket while i remove a full bag of trash. Otherwise, you may have to pull harder to overcome the vacuum when you remove a bag.

A well-made, ‘made in usa’ product for only $7 (price around 8/20/15). Accommodates a 13 gallon trash bag well. It’s sturdy enough for medium heavy household use. The $10 rubbermaid commercial gallon deskside large trash can doesn’t seem necessary for household use- and it costs $10 and holds slightly less (10 v.

Top opening 15 1/2 x 11 1/4 inches and height is 20 inches. It seems to serve it’s purpose well.

Although i thought i ordered white , oops, i like the color and it was originally meant for my laundry room but it’s such a good color and is really nice i might just switch my bathroom trash can for this one. Very sturdy and is really good pricing considering i bought my white one which does come with a lid for 15$ at dollar general and it’s pretty cheap.

It didn’t bother me that i received a blue version of this, but it might be an issue for someone else. I’m posting this review to let people know that the item shipped to you may not be the same color as the one shown. It’s a trash can, the bags fit it, and most people will probably have the same reaction i did upon receiving it. Well, some people will, so warning issued.

Primode 100% Compostable Bags : Perfect size for my 13 gallon compost bin

Have been using these for about two weeks, and they appear to be stronger than the competition. They do not break or tear easily when trash/compost is added to the bucket, and they seem to not dissolve when wet. So far i am very pleased with the product, waiting to see how well they survive on the shelf, since some of these kinds of products break down over time.

Item arrived on time and in good condition. These environmentally friendly trash bags work great for us. They are more sturdy than others we’ve tried.

Great bags but they need the bpi certified label. Otherwise commercial composting haulers won’t accept.

Excellent, holds a lot of trash, just don’t over stuff. Everyone should use these as an alternate to regular plastic.

  • Highly recommend these kitchen-waste bags over pure plastic bags
  • Strong and a large size.
  • Perfect size for my 13 gallon compost bin

Primode 100% Compostable Bags, 13 Gallon Food Scraps Yard Waste Bags, Extra Thick 0.87 Mil. ASTMD6400 Biodegradable Compost Bags Small Kitchen Trash Bags, Certified By BPI And VINCETTE, (50)

  • THIRTEEN GALLON SIZE: Each of our compost bags has a capacity of 13 gallons, Measures 23.8 x 29.4 inch Extra Thick 0.87 Mil pack of 50
  • 100% COMPOSTABLE: The food waste bags are fully compostable. Ideal to use for kitchen trash bag, food waste collection bag, bag comes With A Fresh Natural white color
  • US BPI- ASTM D6400 CERTIFIED, EUROPEAN VINCOTTE : Our compostable bags meet BPI requirements By the city for safety standards. Also meet European VINCOTTE requirement for backyard composting
  • STRONG & DURABLE: The compost trash bags are much tougher than others which tear and fray easily.
  • EASY TO USE: The composting bags are easy to use and just the right size, perfect for compost pails on the counter top or small kitchen trash cans

Perfect size for my 13 gallon compost bin. Also bought compost bin filters which are awesome. Rarely do i write reviews, however, this product is definitely a keeper.

They get the job done but still need to double bag to prevent leaks.

Great bags and love that they’re compostable. Also bought them at a great price.

Totally biodegradable and very useful.

Thickness was good and they hold up to food scraps. Too small at top for city receptacle. Need bigger and garbage guys prefer a green color to know they are compostable.

My order arrived promptly, and these tall kitchen bags fit well in my trash container under the sink, with enough extra to fold over the edge at the top. They are sturdy enough to hold the trash without tearing, and yet compostable–so they won’t end up floating in the ocean or sitting in a landfill forever. The price was very reasonable, and well worth protecting my planet and yours. I plan to discontinue using 30-gallon bags, and just use these. I cut a slot in the box, so i can dispense from the roll easily.

Best price per unit for a garbage bag. Very sturdy, haven’t had a leak yet.

This is the next generation of biodegradable kitchen garbage bags. There are bags enough to last a year when the household is conscientious about reducing the purchase of excess packaging and general household waste. They are more delicate than the typical grocery store purchased brands; after all, they are supposed to breakdown eventually.

I’ve been looking for a good non-plastic trash bag and i found it with primode. This product helps me to do my part to reduce plastic waste. It works great and it is well priced.

Happy to find a compostable trash bag for our kitchen waste.

We love the bags because they are compostable. They are more fragile than non-compostable ones, but i feel great using them for the earth.

simplehuman 50 litre semi-round step can mocha plastic, Pedal Keeps Breaking

We purchased this trash can to stop our medium sized dog from getting in. The lid of the first unit we ordered was not properly aligned with the bin so that it would not lock. The second one came the same way, possibly even worse. We ended up applying some force to bend the bin plastic so that the lid would lock and left it locked for 3 days straight. This seemed to have forced it to the correct shape. Now it works well, the lock is pretty tight and so far our dog has been unable to open the lid. There’s nothing really fancy about this bin and in my opinion it’s not worth $50. Even though it does it’s job.

I got this can to replace my simplehuman stainless steel one i have had for about 8 years. Nothing wrong with my old can except it is too small for my household needs and a small pain to change bags. So i went bigger with this one which was way over due. I have to say i expected the gray to be a bit darker. I saw a gray one same brand, different model at lowes, and the finish was nicer and color darker. So i ordered this one, especially since the photo looked darker, and was a bit let down. Maybe should have gone with the black to match my stove and dishwasher. Easy assembly with only the lid to attach. I read others that said it was horrible, but only took me about 5 minutes. Trick is to pull the lever up and put the lid on the lever first, then apply hard direct pressure to each attachement bar seperately. You really got push hard and directly over the bar. And once it snaps in, you are donei am hoping this one holds up as well as my last simplehuman one. Update****the handles finish is coming off fast. Very disappointing bc it looks horrible.

We’ve had this trashcan for about 2. 5 years, bought it from amazon in august of 2014. Pros: it’s been mostly great, a big step up from the basic rubbermaid we had before with no lid. Our kids were toddlers at the time and have mostly grown out of the ‘throw everything away’ phase of toddlerhood, but the lock was amazing at deterring them. Nowadays we don’t lock it because we have no pets and the kids are old enough that they know what’s trash and what isn’t. It’s nice looking, and it sits somewhat prominently in our kitchen area, so that’s a big plus. It’s also sturdy and has a wide base, so there have been no tipping over issues. Regular generic box brand bags have fit great. It’s against the end our cupboards/counter, and no matter how hard we try to keep it from hitting up against the counter, it always migrates.

Key specs for simplehuman 50 litre semi-round step can mocha plastic + code P 60 pack liners:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Secure slide lock
  • Large capacity for high-traffic areas and busy households
  • Strong steel pedal
  • Lid shox technology for a smooth, silent close
  • Designed to fit simplehuman trash cans perfectly
  • No bunching, overhang or slipping
  • Extra-durable plastic and thick double seams
  • Tear- and leak-resistant garbage bags

Comments from buyers

“Great except for one annoying thing, Stone=Gray, Not White, Beware: Recently-manufactured gray versions of these have weird marks on the top and down the side”

We had first looked at the auto-sensing trash bins (we are technology buffs), but since our bin sits next to our pantry door we figured a sensor would ‘auto-open’ every time we opened the pantry door itself. Glad we decided on this instead, since it is a perfect balance of style, price, and function. About 2 other reviewer’s comments:i read another reviewer’s post about ’13 gallon bags not fitting’ but we’ve tried several brands and they all fit just fine. Currently we buy a huge roll of standard trash bags from target for $4 and have no issues. I will say that you do have to stretch the top 1/2′ to fit the bag over the rim, but i believe that is by design because it holds there perfectly. The bags never tear at the rim, and the bags never sag into the can. Another reviewer also said the top of the lid flopped about every time they pressed the pedal down, and would never close correctly. I think this is because, when the can arrives it is already connected to the base via the lifting bar that extends up the back from the pedal. What the other reviewer failed to realize (most likely), is that the lid still has two clips on it that need to be snapped into place once you receive it. Once attached properly it functions perfectly.

This is the best trash can i’ve ever had. It’s sturdy, my dog can’t open the lid, the lid stays closed, and the trash bags are awesome and worth the extra money. My one issue is with the chrome handle on the lid. As you can see, it’s discolored pretty bad. This started happening less than a month after i got the can and has only worsened over time. I have no idea what is causing the issue and when i try to clean it off, it just gets worse. For a $50 trash can, i didn’t expect something like this to happen.

I had one of these (in black) for years and loved it. Ordered a replacement (in gray) a few weeks ago and noticed it had weird scratch-like marks on the lid and down the side. I know it’s just a trash can, but it’s really noticeable – i expect a new trashcan to not look scratched when i’m paying this much money for one. I ended up getting 3 different replacements (thanks, amazon customer service), and they all had the exact same marks, clearly due to some defect with the plastic molding. In fact, if you look closely on the image on the amazon page, you can see the marks there, too. I contacted simplehuman, and their response is that these marks are ‘normal. ‘ however, my old can had no such marks, and anyone looking at it can see that mistakes were obviously made, probably on a large scale, and they’re just hoping most people won’t notice or care. So – if this sort of thing bothers you, consider yourself warned about the gray color.

This was my christmas present for my cat. He might not appreciate it much, but we sure do. Until this came in the mail, mr. Tapeworm mcrabies (aka tapers the cat) got put in the bathroom every night since thanksgiving when he assisted the turkey carcass in climbing out of its plastic sterilite grave the day after thanksgiving and spreading its bones all over the floor even though we’d had a rube goldberg chair trap in place against the lid to prevent just that. That was pretty much the last straw for tapers vs. Sterlite garbage can, so off to the internet i went. The stainless steel ones really look nice, but at $180 for this size in metal, i just could not justify it, so i ended up with this plastic one. (and really, $50 seems like so much for plastic, doesn’t it?)i ordered the grey one directly from the website (figured it would show dirt less) but so far am very happy with it. If you order from the simplehuman website they’ll let you include a personalized gift card. Mine said ‘hey cat, good luck getting into the garbage now that it locks.

When they are new, stainless steel appliances look great. But if the manufacturer uses a low-grade steel, the appliance will eventually tarnish. And if stainless steel becomes dented, you can see the dent from a mile away. I bought this plastic unit for those reasons. It is very tough and strong and will never show any ugly dents. You can use the foot pedal to open the lid or you can lift the lid manually (which i prefer). If the lid is lifted with the foot pedal (or lifted manually part way), it will close by itself. If the lid is opened manually to it’s fully open position, it will stay open. There is no removeable inner sleeve or canister.

I thought this stone color would be white or off-white, but it is a mid-tone grey. You can’t tell from the picture, but the top juts back 2-3 inches farther than the body of the can, so it doesn’t sit flush against the wall. The quality seems fine, but it’s not a good trash can if you need it flush again the wall in a narrow space. Very easy returns even though it wasn’t fulfilled by amazon. I would buy from this company again.

I was looking for a solution to keep my dogs out of the trash. I found these, read all the reviews, and decided this was the trash can that would make my families dreams come true. The can arrived in a huge box, but i was disappointed to see that it was not assembled. Putting the lid on was fairly easy. The 13 gallon kitchen bags we have always used fit perfectly. The step pedal works fine for opening the lid, although the slow close feature is slightly annoying. Pet people will pay extra for stuff. So it was a stroke of marketing genius that this can was marketed specifically toward people with trash-digging dogs. I am not sure what i was expecting.

I absolutely love the look of this trash can, but it is not stable enough to stay in one place. As soon as someone pushes down on the pedal, it starts scooting, and quickly finds itself pressing against whatever is behind it. For me, that is a wall, which it has scratched so much that we have had to paint the area. If it was made with the bottom a bit heavier, i don’t think this this would be a problem, because as it gets filled with trash it moves less. We even attempted to make it stop scooting by adding a rug beneath it, but it still seemed to be very unstable and moved over time (though it did take longer. ) i am currently looking to replace it with something that won’t move about and scratch my wall.

I’ve owned two of these over the years, one of them is in my bathroom and one is in the kitchen. I love them exceptboth have had one side of the foot pedal break, the same side, looking at the front, the right side of the pedal breaks on the inside. It still works, still opens if i press on the left side, if i put my foot near the middle. It’s just annoying thath this has happened to two of them. I’m going to take one apart and try to fix it, the problem is the little piece that holds the pedal in has snapped. Not sure if i’ll be able to fix it, however it’s worth a shot.

This is my second trash can from simple human, and it’s fine as trash cans go. The reason for the lower rating here on amazon is that it ships without the lid attached for some strange reason. When i bought this the first time years ago, i bought it at bed bath & beyond, and the lid was attached. The picture that comes with this unit regarding the attaching of the lid is ridiculous, making it look like, once you get the long metal hook in the right slot (connects with foot opener below), you just slide the two other lid stabilizers onto the little plastic bars to secure them. Well, let me tell you, there is no easy sliding on there. You have to use quite a bit of force to get them in position. I finally just smashed them in place with the lower part of my palm, and they finally sat correctly. Next time, it’s bed bath & beyond, for sure.

The mocha color is really nice. It closes quietly and locks shut. I would like to address the issue people have with it moving when it is opened and scratching the wall behind it. There is a ‘wall bumper’ on the back of the can that swings up and locks into place (we thought it was a handle at first). When the bumper is against the wall the trash can doesn’t move and the hinge doesn’t scratch the wall. Mine had a sticker on the bumper that identified it’s use. While this is an expensive trash can it is very attractive, closes quietly, and locks to keep animals and small children out.

In and of itself, this is a nice trash can. I ordered it because i have one dog who was able to unlock the mechanism on my old trash can and i needed to be able to keep him out of the trash. I am pleased with the overall look and working mechanisms of the trash can, and would probably give it at least a 4 star rating, if not a 5 star rating, if it weren’t for the price. The materials and basic construction of the trash can do not warrant a $50. I would have rather spent that kind of money locally and bought a nicer trash can for the same amount of money. Typically returning a product to amazon is relatively smooth and painless, at least in my experience, but timing was not on my side. I will keep this trash can and endeavor to get my $50.