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Suncast Commercial BMTCU32W Utility Trash Can 32 gal : am not going to rant and rave over a garbage can. The Suncast can is ideal for the

I’m giving it 4 stars because it doesn’t engage the rolling base very well, but it’s otherwise excellent and high quality.

There is much to recommend this trash can. It is very sturdy and strong, yet relatively lighweight when empty. I sometimes have trouble schlepping a full can to the curb, and often the can itself adds to the weight, but this product is lighter than others and doesn’t unnecessarily add to the load. The handles are colorful and large and make the can easy to move and carry. The contour of the can is good, with indentations to prevent trash bag cling. I live in a cold clime, so the jury is out on how this can’s plastic will perform in winter (some plastics become brittle and crack or break). I will keep an eye on this as the cooler air approaches and will be back to update this review once winter performance has been determined.

Suncast Commercial BMTCU32W Utility Trash Can 32 gal, White

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  • Easy grab base handle for effortless handling
  • Strengthened base to reduce wear and tear from dragging
  • Air channels allow for easy bag removal
  • Heavy duty construction for durability
  • Drain holes in handles to avoid pooling water
  • Lid sold separately

Incredibly sturdy trash can. I was really impressed by the strength of it when i first felt it. This can requires a lot of pressure to even bend it or effect it in any significant way. By far the strongest can i now have in my house, but not too heavy. In other words, reasonable weight, amazing strength, solid design.

Just perfect for all our fallen leaves.

This review is for the 32 gallon size and lid, that was bought on sale at a local home depot. Very well made, thick plastic, sturdy handles and the base is thicker in order to deal with any scraping. The lid is easy to put on and take off, also water has not yet been able to get in. Can also get a dolly for the base. Got the suncast commercial heavy duty dolly[tcudollyhd fits the base easily, once on this dolly is not going anywhere. ]

Suncast Commercial BMTCU32W Utility Trash Can 32 gal, White : I am not going to rant and rave over a garbage can. The suncast can is ideal for the situationat my home. Four adults can generate a pile of trash if they put their mind to it. Its a well made can,and the color was definitely a major selling point. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

Good trash can, but i wish i didn’t have to pay so much extra for a lid. I would have given it 5 stars if it had a lid.

What can i say about a trash can?. We are happy to have it as our other one was ready for the ‘trash’ can. . Lolwell made and came ready to go,.

I needed a trash can for my potting shed, so decided to try this one to see how well it would do for all of my potting needs. One of the best features is being able to snap the handles in place which holds the trash bag so it is not always falling to the bottom – that is a huge positive for mewhen working in the potting shed, it is nice to be able to simply toss something in the bag and keep working. I use it in the yard for clearing up weeds and limbs from trees. It is very sturdy and easy to move to the trash pick up location – no matter how full it may be. You can purchase a rolling platform to go under it for easier movement from place to place. I recommend this to anyone looking for an everyday outside trash can – really stands up well to heavy usage.

Using for storage of golf clubs and other type items.

Top drawer, does everything i wanted: substantial enough to lean on, fill full, and drag around. I use it in the garden, and would buy again.

A nice heavy duty trash can that fits conveniently in the back of my smaller suv. It holds 2 of our under counter filled trash bags.

This commercial trash can is made of high quality ‘commercial grade’ plastic and it looks and feels like it will last a long time in any environment. As an initial test, the way these are shipped is amazon places a shipping label on the can and sends it off. So it will arrive all scratched and dirty. Fortunately, it cleaned up ok and it only looks semi used instead of completely damaged. Not great if you want to use this in a really nice shop or lab. Another bummer is although the price is pretty good for this can, the will have to cough up more than $20 if you want a lid, and at least $40 for the optional dolly wheels. Still, for under $100 total it’s a long lasting trash can that should last many years. The red handles are interesting and the design is a little more unique than the standard large trash can if that matters to you. It does have a smaller bottom part which is meant to hook into the dolly, and because of that it can tip over more easily than a traditional rubbermaid style can. While i wasn’t impressed with the shipping method, it’s somewhat understandable considering the size.

Great product , i would buy again.

This is a nice, sturdy commercial grade trash can. Since it did not come with a lid (i knocked a star off for this because it seems ridiculous not to include it) or wheels we are using it to store shipping peanuts in our ebay packing room. It is nice and the red handles are ergonomic and certainly aid in hoisting the can (for the garbage collection). There are also slots at the bottom that further assist in hoisting and leveraging the can. Comparing it to the commercial grade rubbermaid brute is comparable rubbermaid commercial fg263200gray brute heavy-duty waste/utility container (vented, 32-gallon, gray) – but they don’t include the lid or wheels either. I do like the colored handles of the suncast, if trash cans can have an aesthetic quality – there it is with the colored handles. Nice can, functional – it does what it needs to. To do it better, purchase the lid and wheels along with it.

There are several things i like about this trash can. One the handles are comfortable to grip and make the can easy to lift and the can weighs less than 10 pounds on its own. There are holes in the bottom of the can that allows for vent but also make removing a full bag easier. While the can doesn’t come with a lid, you can buy a lid separately. The can is made of a thick plastic and i haven’t had an issues with the can. The bags fit securely over the rim of the can and i have not had the bags falling in on the can like i have with some other cans. Overall, the can lives up to its purpose and is utility can that can be used for multiple purposes. The can arrived clean inside so you can feel comfortable using it inside your house or outside. I would recommend getting the matching lid if you are going to use it outside.

This task can is heavyweight and hopefully the garbage men won’t crush it as they did my last trash can, from the store (cheap).

This is a cylindrical bin with practical features. It is made of sturdy material and it is comfortable to lift. You can buy it incrementally, meaning you can have as much or as little of it as you want. If you want the wheels and the lid, buy the whole package, but if you just need a standing bin without a lid, then you are not stuck with the unneeded parts lingering in your garage for years. I did not much care for the shipping method. The bin arrived a little dirty with torn labels stuck to it. I didn’t think i would have to wash the bin and soak off the labels on arrival. I would have preferred if the bin had arrived in a nicer condition. So, i would say, if i needed a bin and there is a hardware store nearby i would rather go there to get a bin.

People are complaining about there not being a lid, well read the description as it clearly states it doesn’t come with a lid like duhhh. People learn how to read before umorder something and then complain about it because u didn’t read it properly.

It’s large and made of thick plastic. We recycle religiously, and also have our kids in 4h, our kids raise funds by recycling aluminum cans and this behemoth container holds a lot.

Primode 100% Compostable Bags 2 – Impressive product

Love that they are compostable. I hate thinking about trash bags just polluting everything, so nice to have an option of something that will decompose. Be sure when you buy compostable bags that the box says ‘certified compostable’. Some bags advertise themselves as natural, but that doesn’t mean they will compost.

Sturdy bags and still home compostable, i have looking for small sturdy compost bags and we found them on amazon good priced. These bags are good for earth and the planet, practically for kitchen compost bins and home composting. Thanks amazon for helping use.

We go through about a bag every 4 days, but sometimes i’m on the road and my wife forgets to take the compost out and the bag is still a bag after 8 days. They don’t hold in all the liquid but i’m just happy not to have the veg bits fall out on my way to the compost pile. They breakdown great in the compost, though since i use the biodegradable coffee pods, i toss on some compost booster once a month. Here are the specifications for the Primode 100% Compostable Bags 2:

  • THREE GALLON SIZE: Each of our compost bags has a capacity of 2.6 gallons!
  • 100% COMPOSTABLE: The food waste bags are fully compostable.
  • BPI-CERTIFIED: Our compostable bags meet BPI requirements for safety standards.
  • STRONG & DURABLE: The compost trash bags are much tougher than others which tear and fray easily.
  • EASY TO USE: The composting bags are easy to use and just the right size,

Generous size, strong and they don’t add to the plastics in our environment. We are minimizing the use of non-recyclable plastics in our lives, so these are ideal. We live in a condo where we aren’t able to compost, but it’s a comfort to know that they are made of plants and vegetables that will decompose in the garbage processing.

I don’t use these for the intended purpose. My apartment complex requires all cat litter to be individually bagged and disposed of. While it specifies plastic bags, i can’t in good conscience use that much plastic. Enter primode compostable bags. Strong enough to hold the litter and even stack up for a few days in the waste bin. They end up in the landfill, but since they decompose i don’t feel guilty.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Perfect for backyard composting
  • BPI certified compost bags
  • Great answer to my municipalities composting requirements

Our municipality has just approved the use of these compostable bags, and it is so nice to not have to deal with wiping goop out of the compost bin. Seems like they hold up fine for the few days each of them spends in the kitchen, though a couple of them have leaked if there’s a lot of liquid.

They are strong enough to hold an entire compost pail and they are big enough to yank them out without having to push all the food waste down to get a hold of the bag. I bought some compost bags from target (you really can’t find them anywhere) and they tore immediately after opening the box.There is no comparison to the ones i got on amazon. You won’t be disappointed.

I just ordered my second box of 100 primode compostable bags. I can use them in my countertop compost container. When it’s full, i just knot the top and drop it in my outdoor compost cart for pickup. They are approved by the city and the bags help control the smell. I’m sure i will continue to use them.

Nice bag, fits my small stainless compost bucket well. Had some seepage of liquid from coffee grounds, but have had that with other brands also. Not sure how well they will compost in my compost pile since i’m just a few weeks in, but bag seems thinner than the last i used so i am hopeful. The price per bad was very good on this product. Will buy them again when i run out.

They don’t tear easily, which is a bonus. It helps because our compost pile is in the back of our property so my son has to carry it out.

Ok, but they seem to leak a bit with wet garbage in them (i use them to dispose of wet tea bags at work and it always seems that the bags are damp on the outside when i go to change them).

These bags are just big enough and just small enough for a counter-top compost collection bin. I use the oxo compost bin and these bags are definitely a little bit for it but that means when the bin is very full, i still have room to tie it up so i’m okay with them being slightly larger than the container they line.

I filled up my first one over the course of about a week or two and it held up well even though it was really full. I’m now on my second and haven’t had an issue. Update: i’ve been using these for a few months and am consistently surprised by how well they hold up. I don’t put anything too liquid in them, but i stuff each one to the point they won’t close and they haven’t stretched or broken yet. Very impressed and will buy again.

Wonderful, compostable waste bags. I highly recommend over ‘traditional’ non-degradable, chemical-ridden plastic garbage bags. 6 gallon bags fit perfectly for the trashcan i have (medium-sized, not a big tall can). There may also be other sizes available to fit different can sizes. These work for bathroom or kitchen trash. I urge you to choose biodegradable and post-consumer recycled products. We have the technology to reduce our consumption and gradual destruction of the earth. Yes to compostable trash bags.

I bought these to ‘blend in’ to our white ceramic countertop compost canister. I really bought these to keep me from having to wash the compost canister out every time we empty it (like every day – we drink a lot of coffee and eat a lot of fruits and veg) because it’s heavy and awkward to hand wash. Well, these bags look good and are sturdy enough to stuff full and carry across the yard, but they aren’t exactly water tight. There is always some fluid on the sides or bottom of our ceramic canister. I guess part of being biodegradable is that they are porous?. I just line the bottom of the bin with paper towels and toss them each time. Not ideal, but it’s better than not using the liners at all.

Our condominium start recently with food composting program for food waste they required to use only certified biodegradable collection bags, these bags are bpi certified and thick bags, it keeps our bins dry and free from odors.

The piece of mind these bags give me is priceless. I stopped using regular bags on my trash can in the kitchen but unfortunately by just emptying the contents in the main trash can it started getting very smelly and attracting a lot of flies. Now those problems are gone and i don’t have to worry about hurting the environment. This doesn’t have anything to do with how good the product is but i have to say and i absolutely love how the bags feel to the touch.

It’s nice that it is compostable. But, the bag can not hold a lot of items. Though stretchable, it breaks easily. Also, like other reviewers mentioned, liquid seeps through. So, i had to pad the bottom of the container with sheets of paper towels before i line the container with the bag.

Switched to these recently from biobag (3 ga) and honestly can’t tell the difference. This is a good thing as the pricing on the primode was much better (less than half on a per unit basis). I’m happy with the durability (we typically switch out bags 2-3x weekly) and the size.

Like reviewers have remarked on all compostable bags, they tear easily. But having been warned, i am happy with these bags. 5 gallon kitchen scraps bin with extra room to be tied off.

These bags are environment friendly, they are perfect for backyard composting and they actuality have the vinccette certificate and approvalwe had great experience using these bags they do not leak, strong bags, perfect size for our countertop bucket, and 100% compostable.