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Daily Archives: June 26, 2018

iTouchless 16 Gallon Dual-Compartment, Best Invention Yet

This is truly the best touch less garbage bin i have ever had. I was surprised of how much garbage it really holds. . Very good buy for anyone looking for a great garbage bin.

I would buy another if i had room.

Love it other than it doesn’t come with the adapter charger.

Key specs for iTouchless 16 Gallon Dual-Compartment (With Sticker):

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  • This deal includes a set of 4″ Round Trash / Recycling / Compost Vinyl Decals
  • Separate Trash and Recycling with Ease – 2 separate, removable 8 Gal. buckets make it quick and easy to separate trash and recycling in the home, office, store, etc.
  • 100% Touchless Sensor Lids – Infrared motion sensor operates the lids without touching
  • Large 16 Gal / 61 L Capacity – Each 8 Gal. bucket provides large capacity for trash and recyclables
  • 1 Year Warranty includedBrushed Stainless Steel body with a high-quality, ABS plastic lid – Space-Saving design and 4 caster wheels for easy mobility;

Comments from buyers

“The size and design are very good. I can fit most things through the opening , The dog figured it out, A decent touchless garbage can, though changing bags could be easier”

I’ve only had this itouchless dual compartment garbage can for a few days, but i already love it. I don’t know how one can love a garbage can, but i do. It makes life so much simpler with the dual compartments. We didn’t have room for a regular garbage can and recycle can and this can takes up just a bit more space than my old can and it saves me many, many trips to the big, blue recycle can that sits in our garage. You won’t be sorry for buying this can and though i bought the cord to go with it instead of using the recommended four dd batteries, my friend has had her itouchless garbage can for four years and has never had to replace her batteries. Either way, you’re going to love this efficient way of separating your garbage.

Sleek, quiet and works well.

Been is use for a few months now with the use of the optional power cord:pro’s: easy to clean. Looks nicer than most trash cans. Holds fair amount of trash/recycling product. The ‘stay open’ button is really handy for when preparing meals, when constantly throwing things away. Con’s: can fit a one-gallon milk container through the top throat of the opening, but then it takes up too much room for a anything else that might also be as large. (two one gallon milk containers would just about fill the compartment). So the compartments aren’t really large, but adequate for most medium to small items. The ‘lift out’ handle for the compartments is a hassel to deal with because it closes down on the opening, thus limiting large items from being disposed of (i took them off and laid them below the two containers, inside the bottom of the unit). The only real issue i have is that of the electrical system: one set of sensors for opening the unit, sometimes doesn’t ‘read’ a hand is there for it to open. I’ve had to ‘occassionly’ use the manual button to open it, or as i’ve learned, the door can be ‘reset’ by using the manual button to open and then close the door, for it to then ‘read’ a hand for opening.

Recycling has become so much easier. Just wish it was a little bit taller to fit more in.

Got this thinking it would keep the dog out of the trash but she has figured it out, so far she runs away when it opens but she seems to be less and less spooked by the unexped motion so i fear it’s just a matter of time until the 4 d size batteries ( not included) come out and it becomes an overly complex regular waste can but for now its kind of fun. You have to lift the entire top off to empty the unit a more cumbersome operation than the old unit where you just stepped on the pedal and lifted the inside without needing to touch the top it’s not a big deal if you have convienent place to set the large cover.

A decent touchless garbage can, though changing bags could be easier. The option of being able to plug it in with an adapter (not included with the one i purchased) or use batteries is fantastic and the wheels make it great for moving it out of the way when not needed. It’s also small enough to fit under my counter. Very happy with my purchase.

This is a great product for a family who recycles. It cleared our kitchen floor of plastic bottles waiting to be brought out. Has a great finish and looks good in the kitchen especially if your appliances have a stainless steel finish.

We bought this to replace a similar waste bin with an auto open feature but this one is much better because of the dual compartments. Instead of hanging a plastic bag on a drawer handle to collect recyclables in the kitchen, we now have an attractive, clean and neat alternative. We put kitchen garbage on the other side. Another plus is that the garbage bag is below the rim–nothing sticks out so the dogs can’t get into it or pull the bag out until it tips over.

Like it very much even though the price was a bit high.

Needed to include labels for garbage/recycle.

Having one of these trash cans again is like getting back with an old love. The one that was amazing but you didn’t realize it until they were gone. We bought one of these a while back and while there was nothing truly wrong with it, i guess i was mildly bothered by the holes in the lid for your thumbs. I also thought it was just a lot more can than we needed and wanted to sell it and try to make some money and then buy some cheaper cans. We ended up with 2 cans of different sizes and found it to be a huge hassle in trying to empty them both at the same time. And they just didn’t look good sitting out there next to each other. This can has handles and one can very easily take the trash and recycling out at the same time. This isn’t cheap but it works reliably, it’s really easy to empty the cans at the same time, and it looks great.

It can be tricky at times about opening, but once you get the hang of it, i think it is great. I have been looking for a dual. . Recycle and regular bin for a while. The price was a little steep, but it is a hard to find product.

I bought two of these despite the reviews. They were just the right size for the area i needed them in and they are the only garbage cans i found on wheels, which i also needed. They both arrived in perfect condition, which i was very happy to see. However, when pushing in the wheels to assemble, they all popped into place, with the exception of one. I heard a pop and the plastic around the hole broke (the bottom of the trash can had cracked). I like the trash cans and the sensors work pretty well. They look nice, but the quality of the plastic (especially for the price) should be reconsidered by the manufacturer. If the plastic were higher quality, the bottom would not have cracked and the lids and liners would feel a lot more durable. And i would be in love with a 5 star trash can. This review of higher quality has been written for long enough.

We got this trash/recycling bin at least a year ago. It is still in nice condition. One of the wheels comes off whenever i pick the whole can up but that is rare. It is not difficult to put back in. The wheels move easily across the room. The label on the top has peeled off, but it still looks fine. The entire can is easy to wipe down and clean off. The top cover locks in, in order to open it you activate the lid, reach in and unlock it on both sides. We use one side for recycling. There is a handle to pull the bin right out.

This can helps keep your kitchen neat, in today world we have to recycle an with2 cans in one, you don’t take up as much room.

A great unit, deals with trash disposal without touching it. Had a problem at first because of the wrong ac adapter, but now all is ok.

So i purchased this 12/21/09 and i’m just writing a review because i had to come online and look for the specs. After almost 3 years, one of my motors has gone out on me. The only reason it is out so soon is because this is the side kids love to play with. Although my husband and i do not have kids, when we entertain. Our friends and family’s kids think it’s a toy. They will stand there and wave their hand over it constantly. So, in my opinion, 3 years and the motor is just going out is pretty good and worth my investment. Don’t use batteries for this thing, that is a waste of money. My favorate part is that i can easily recycle with this trash can. Everyone knows the right side is trash and the left side is recycables. Oh and now when we have a party i just remove the lid from the can. No more kiddos burning out my motor.

Love the hands free open/close operation. Useful for a two person household.

It has now been a few months and here is what i have found. The size and design are very good. I can fit most things through the opening without issue. The lids open nicely, although one of them is starting to make a grinding noise. This has not affected usage and considering i have 3 boys under 13, it gets a lot of use. The casters are great and sturdy and not too rolly. The added power supply eliminates battery hell and the cord is plenty long. The locking lid is fantastic for keeping my little monsters from knocking the lid off and breaking it. The bucket handles are very nice for removal, but the bag holders suck. I don’t what they could do to make them better, but they do need some attention.

A much better product than the original versions. My only complaint is that drips onto the black lid cause stains that will not come out.

Each side is a little small but it works great and is easy to empty.