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Daily Archives: June 23, 2018

Primode 100% Compostable Bags : Great size for bigger bins

I was skeptical about the load of kitty litter i put in the first one. So i carried it from the top and bottom of the bag. But i didn’t need to worry at all.They are stretchy and accommodated the load just fine. I like the idea of less plastic in our environment, but i still need a bag to use for the cat box. I also plan on using them to collect and transport the compostables from my kitchen. I will have to see if i can use the in the composter.

These bags are just the perfect size for me &, they are sturdy. I also like the fact that they aren’t clear but are a light green color. My only problem occurred when i tried to remove the tape, to start the roll. The tape didn’t come off clearly & left a small hole in the first bag: fortunately, this was higher up on the side of the bag & not on the bottom. I certainly plan on buying these again.

Primode 100% Compostable Bags, 6 Gallon Food Scraps Yard Waste Bags, Extra Thick 0.87 Mil. ASTMD6400 Biodegradable Compost Bags Small Kitchen Trash Bags, Certified By BPI And VINCETTE, (100)

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  • SIX GALLON SIZE: Each of our compost bags has a capacity of 6 gallons, Measures 21 x 23 inch Extra Thick 0.87 Mil pack of 100
  • 100% COMPOSTABLE: The food waste bags are fully compostable. Ideal to use for kitchen trash bag, food waste collection bag, bag comes With A Fresh Natural Light Green color
  • US BPI- ASTM D6400 CERTIFIED, EUROPEAN VINCOTTE : Our compostable bags meet BPI requirements By the city for safety standards. Also meet European VINCOTTE requirement for backyard composting
  • STRONG & DURABLE: The compost trash bags are much tougher than others which tear and fray easily.
  • EASY TO USE: The composting bags are easy to use and just the right size, perfect for compost pails on the counter top or small kitchen trash cans

Nice, thick compostable bags. It’s more expensive than thinner ones, but i think i will stick with it.

These are working well for us. My pail is 5 gallons these are a little too big, but that helps me wrap up the bag.

The bags are great, this is my second box of 100. They’re the perfect size for a tall kitchen waste bin. My order arrived promptly — even coming to canada from the states, which is special.

Primode 100% Compostable Bags, 6 Gallon Food Scraps Yard Waste Bags, Extra Thick 0.87 Mil. ASTMD6400 Biodegradable Compost Bags Small Kitchen Trash Bags, Certified By BPI And VINCETTE, (100) : These compost bags are of good quality. Have recommended to my neighbors for nyc sanitation compost collecting. No odors noticed when bags are sealed.

What i don’t like is that these are made in china. Also that the box does not tell you what they are made from or why they are compostable. ???only industrial compostable it says on the package. But didn’t highlight fact before we purchased them or the reasons why. I would buy usa next time because it doesn’t seem right to waste the fuel and not promote usa goods if we ship this over from so far away, fuel use, costs etc. They are soft and we bought & use them as regular waste paper basket liners to help eliminate plastic use.

It’s so nice to have an option to not using regular plastic and to satisfy my environmental concerns.

I use these bags to put my compostable dog poo bags in. . Inside a 5 gallon bucket with lid keeps the smell down. So far they have held up and work well.

These are great for my garbage cans in the bedrooms and bathroom. It makes me happy using these instead of the plastic bags from the grocery store.

I really like the thickness of these bags for my compost can. Strong, no leaking, no breaking. I will be ordering larger ones for my larger trash can as well.

Perfectly fit my small trashcan. Not as tough as regular plastic but that is expected by the nature of this product.

Good product and did exactly what it said it would do.

Product exceeded my expectations.

Perfect use for our 20l / 5. 3 gallon simple human trash can that we wanted to use exclusively for food waste.

Excellent product that i use for garbage bags in the hope to help saving our environment. Also for normal compostable recycling of fresh products.

Break down quick, we like that.

Thicker than the other bags i’ve used in the past.

In the stores you can get only 3 gallon food scrap bags, however, i like having a bigger bin, so it’s a perfect fit. And they are also durable, so a bigger amount of waste is not a problem.

Very useful, please buy this, like it lasts very long and it’s very strong.

Delivered very fast quality product on time and had a very good price will be back highly recommend thank you.

Living in san francusco, recycling is very important. Because these bags are bio – degradable, they are perfect for handling compost as well as other recyclable items. I received them within just a couple of days , and the price was the best i found.