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Daily Archives: June 9, 2018

simplehuman 45 litre rectangular step can white plastic : Perfect Trash Can!

I was afraid when i let off the opening peddle it would slam shut, but it’s really smart. It slowly closes, really gently & there’s not a chance that fingers will get smashed. It comes with liners but i also read the we can use our own trash bags, which is what we will end up doing. I love that you put the liners under the edge of the lid where it is not seen from the outside. I definitely recommend this one.

Never thought i’d be someone writing a 5 star review for a garbage can, but here i find myself doing just that. ’80 bucks for a garbage can?’. I thought to myself, but alas, i’m a firm believer in that you often get what you pay for. I did my research, and honestly, the reviews don’t lie. Sure its a little much, and i’m a little wary of step garbage cans, but the first thing that actually sold me was that this model comes with a 5 year warranty, so that helps a lot right there. But honestly this thing is amazing. It looks nice, it functions smoothly and quietly, and its actually too good at keeping the smell in the can. A few times now i’ve let it fill up and been unpleasantly surprised by the powerful smell that comes out when i open it. All kidding aside, i know that that means its doing its job, and i’m very impressed because i smell things when the lid is open that i dont even get a hint of when the lid is closed. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is tired of buying a cheap garbage can every year or so and doesn’t mind investing a few bucks in a great garbage can.

simplehuman 45 litre rectangular step can white plastic + code K 60 pack liners

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  • Easy liner refills: Built-in liner pocket stores code K liner refill packs and dispenses liners one by one effortlessly – no perforations or unraveling
  • Neat and secure: Stainless steel liner rim flips up for a quick and easy liner change, then closes over the liner to hold it tightly in place and keep it hidden from sight
  • Strong wide steel pedal: Our extra-wide steel pedal is engineered to last 150,000 steps – that’s more than 20 steps a day for 20 years
  • Designed to fit simplehuman trash cans perfectly
  • No bunching, overhang or slipping
  • Extra-durable plastic and thick double seams
  • Tear- and leak-resistant garbage bags

Very sturdy – does not slide around. I like the bag holder inside the can. I would definitely buy it again.

I thought it was a bit crazy at first, paying this much for a garbage can. 7 months later though and i consider it one of the better purchases i’ve made. The good: bags never fall into the container (unlike most garbage bins for 13 gallon tall kitchen bags) tapered design means i’ve rarely had a full bag get struck when trying to remove it, let alone rip. The little bag dispenser is convenient, if a bit silly. Finally it just looks goods. The bad: it’s expensive, as are the custom fit bags. I could see them becoming an issue for a large family, however for a childless couple that recycles a lot this hasn’t been much of an issue. This will fit 13 gallon tall kitchen bags, mostly just at the cost of capacity.

It is the standard for this product and excellent. Caveat their bags do not meet specs for recycling. For garbage in my state you need black bags. White clear bags are for recycling. Simple human bags are of a heavy material and not clear. The company welcomes comments.

simplehuman 45 litre rectangular step can white plastic + code K 60 pack liners : Holds bags really well because the top lip folds up for bag installation. The soft close is nice although there is no lock like my previous simple human so be aware if that is necessary. We use regular trash bags (not the simple human ones) and they work fine. It’s a tight fit aground the lip, but they haven’t broken or torn so we are very happy.

I bought two and set them side-by-side at my furnished rental property. They’re beautiful and practical, and the step-to-open mechanism seems sturdier than others i’ve bought in the past. The hidden pocket for storing a bag supply is ingenious. These are great, and my renters love them as much as i do.

This trash can is very modern as well as practical for everyday use in the kitchen. I love the fact that the trash bags fits perfectly and does not slide into the can. The slow closing feature is nice also.

Who knew a trashcan could be so terrific. Unlike the steel one that we tried first (thinking it would be sturdy for longtime kitchen use, wrong) that one arrived dented all over, fortunately amazon made the return ez, this simplehuman trashcan though is terrific.Less than half the price of the supposedly sturdy steel one, this thing arrived in perfect condition, works beautifully. . The only thing that could improve it, febreeze trashbags. Fortunately i have a box of those, will use them instead of the simplehuman ones that came with, just don’t like that whiff of garbage smell when the thing pops open.

Ok, i couldn’t believe that i bought a trash can that cost so much. I had regret the second i pushed the complete purchase. I kept thinking, ‘ i’ll just return it and pay the shipping. ‘ then it came, opened the box, and it was instant love. The lid is sturdy, the materials are smooth and nicely finished. The action on the lid is, well almost calming. I felt the same way when i got my dyson vacuum. Good design does cost more, and it’s worth it.

The top always comes unattached and you have to fight with it to get it back on. Also difficult to remove the bags in the back in the space they give you to put the package.

This is a really great trash can with bag storage in the back. I didn’t want another stainless trash can because it never stayed clean looking. I was worried this would look cheap being plastic but it doesn’t. It looks great, up to date with the ‘matte’ trend. Only issue has been it shifts backward occasionally & leaves a mark on my floor.

I didn’t realize it till i got it which is no problem. A handy feature is the garbage bags are dispensed from inside the unit, all you do is pull them out. It’s kind of neat the way the top closes like slow motion. Simple human is a great company with a large selection of unique & quality products.

Would have been better if there was an indent in the top so you could manually open the top. Good design, sturdy construction and useful product. Keeps my dog out of the kitchen garbage. We dont purchase the associated bags for this product. Simply use the cheaper generic tall kitchen bags.

We have stainless appliances but our last stainless garbage can was impossible to keep looking clean. These cans are easy to clean and look very nice. As silly as it sounds, we always get compliments on themlove the bag insert inside but after we used up the bags that were included, we’ve just been using 13 gallon costco bags which fit perfectly.

Very nice, super wide opening. Had it only one day, but seems to work well. We had the itouchless before this – the lid got too dirty and was hard to clean. The opening was too small, and eventually the automatic sensor stopped working. It only lasted under one year. We replaced it with this one after seeing it at our local ice cream shop. Seems to be just what we were looking for. Will report back in a few weeks to update. 6/27/16: have now had this a few weeks and it’s wonderful.The thing i’ve noticed (using the simple human trash bags), is that the shape of the trash can allows the bag to completely fill so i find i don’t have to empty this as often as with my itouchless.

I got one of these december 2016 after seeing my sister’s can & it’s the best garbage can i’ve ever had. The lid firmly sits inside of a lip so smells are contained in the unit. Tall kitchen drawstring bags with febreze and they fit just fine. I bought this after pricing different brands at walmart. It cost a few dollars more than the bh&g brand & i got a significantly better unit delivered in perfect condition to my front door. The bag doesn’t show when the lid is closed because of the 2 piece lid & this makes for a neat look. A 5 yr warranty is nice too 🙂 if i change my mind i’ll update this but i don’t know how something could go wrong.

Oh my goodness, yes it’s just a trashcan, but this is the best trashcan ever. I never thought i could get excited over a trash receptacle but i have. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it is plenty spacious while being just the right shape to not take up too much room. This is a must-have trashcan for all households.I will be purchasing more for our house soon.

I’ve never been so in-love with a trash can. I read reviews that you can utilize other ‘normal’ trash bags with this can, i tried once, and didn’t have success so i gave up. Not sure what other people are using – but i don’t care. I love the special bags that they design for this. You can put in the compartment inside the trashcan; reminds you when you’re getting low; they’re not even that expensive.

Brought this trash can to replace the old simplehuman swing lid can. (old one was fine, i was doing moving and sell it to my friend). New one is pretty good, lid close softly, if you want lid hold in place you gonna lift the entire chrome ring up. So far i am still using the trash bags come with the can, big and durable, reach all the way to the bottom and you not gonna fill it way too full because bags hold up to 13 gallon but trash can is about 11 gal. A bit complain is it takes some effort to step on, if simplehuman can make it ‘just need a tap’ that will be better. But that may require external force to open the lid (like battery) and increase costs.

Just received trash can and love it. First ordered a black one and received a white one. Returned and ordered another black one and just received it. The lid wasn’t on but it just popped on. Put a bag in and ready to go. I didn’t really want to spend $80 for a trash can but i went with the reviews and i’m glad i did. Since i just got it i will add to review if anything is bad about it.

Can’t say enough about how much i love this design. The bag holds open and can be filled all the way, no wasted bags and no need to constantly empty the trash for bulky items. The liner refills built in seems like no big deal but it’s huge. Convenient instead of going to the cabinet for a refill it’s easy and a reminder sitting right there to just replace the emptied bag. Stays clean, smooth operating. My curious pug can’t knock it over.