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Daily Archives: June 7, 2018

United Solutions BA0109 24-Quart Bulk Storage Container – We use this to put dog waste bags into in our backyard

The handles fell off, but the lid has a tiny catch on two sides that snap the lid on. I use this bucket in the dog yard to put picked up poop in but i use a double garbage bag to line it before use of course.

I bought 2 of these one for under my desk and one for bathroom. They work great is you have the space, oh and my pets ca’t spill them cause the top grips on.

It would be perfect if the lid sealed more tightly but, for the price, this is an excellent container. If you plan plan on storing anything like bird seed or dear corn, make sure the containers are completely out of the weather.

  • Strong, holds in stink
  • I use this bucket in the dog yard to put picked up poop in but I use a double garbage bag to line it before use of course
  • We use this to put dog waste bags into in our backyard

Good product; timely shipping.

This storage container works for what i need. It’s very sturdy and the lid lightly locks without the handle locks, which is a good thing since i mistakenly broke one handle as i took it out of the packaging. I wouldn’t use for liquid or transporting anything without tying it down. The black handle locks are pretty cheaply made.

Features of United Solutions BA0109 24-Quart Bulk Storage Container with Double Lock Lid Capacity, 6 Gallon

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  • 6 gallon capacity
  • Features double-lock lid
  • Made of heavy duty plastic for long time durability
  • Made in America

Perfect size for a large bag of dog food.

Serves my needs for what i wanted.

Using them for potting soil, garden soil, peat moss, bird seed, and plant food.

Hard to find an inexpensive covered trash bin for bunny litter box emptying.

My fault thought it would be bigger.

I do a lot of camping/hiking/mountain biking and while i’m out there i practically live out of my car. I bought this to keep in there so i can be more regular about cleaning up and throwing out any trash accrued. The bin itself is the exact size i was looking for and having a locking lid was a must for me so this was perfect on paper. It worked great for the first few weeks, but this past weekend (after less than a month of use) one of the latching handles broke off. Can’t say i’m surprised given the price of this, but it was still very disappointing after so short a time using it. Waiting for the second handle to break any day now. Now i’m trying to figure out if i can somehow latch it with bungees.

Great storage container, using it for plants.

I bought these to hold my dogs food as i was having problem’s with him getting into the bag once it was opended these were great as he can not open unless someone forgets to put the lock handle on it.

Did not hold up broke after a month.

I lined this with a cloth diaper pail liner and am using this as a dry pail for my son’s dirty diapers. The price is amazing, i was really hesitant to spend twice the amount of money on a trash can with a lid of the same size. I was worried that this would be brittle, thin plastic, but it’s been holding up wonderfully, and the lid keeps in odor. When the diapers are being washed, the can doesn’t stink when it’s empty. As long as the price remains this low, i recommend this.

We use this to put dog waste bags into in our backyard, nice quality. The lid locks tight and keeps the smell contained.

I use it for my disposable bladder pads and it keeps odors at bay with the diaper pail deodorizers.

I bought this to store potting soil. It is much smaller than i anticipated. If it were larger it would work great. I still use it for a limited amount of soil.

One of the lid latches broke the second day i used it. Better for something that will not get lots of use.