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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Rubbermaid 2806TP-WHT 36QT Open Wastebasket : Throw your trash this way

I did not realize from the description that there were 4 in the package so now i have 2 extra.

Fit perfectly in our new pull drawer.

Rubbermaid 2806TP-WHT 36QT Open Wastebasket, White (Pack of 2)

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  • Durable, lightweight wastebasket
  • Features extra-tough rim and sides that stand up to years of daily use
  • 36 qt Large Open Wastebasket
  • 14.5″ x 11″ x 18″
  • Made in the USA

So hard to find replacements for my pull-out garbage/recycle cabinet. There are plastic tabs on the outside of these that we had to cut off with an exact-o knife to make them fit in the slots – but that cld just be our specific cabinet configuration.

Had to modify the hanger ridges a bit to fit my enclosure.

Rubbermaid 2806TP-WHT 36QT Open Wastebasket, White (Pack of 2) : We purchased a trash/recycle holder to replace the space formerly occupied by our trash compactor. It came with these tiny baskets that barely held anything. These replaced them perfectly at a size that makes sense.

These replace my kitchen recycling bins, the same rubbermaid wastebaskets i purchased in 2000. I hope these last another 18 years.

I wanted to replace my original trash cans that came with my cabinets and these were the perfect replacements. They are durable and fit perfectly.

The width measurements are for the inside of the container, not the outside perimeter, which was fairly annoying, since i was buying them to fit a trash drawer in my kitchen.

Good value and nice to be able to order the exact size i needed.

Love that there are two garbage cans in the order. I use one for garbage and one for recycling.

Great size for our kitchen garbage drawer. Tapered so the sizing is deceptive—seemed too big but fit perfectly whatever standard garbage drawer the prior owner installed.

Product came fast and exactly as described.

The wastebaskets are just as described, genuine rubbermaid and new. An exact replacement for what we had.

Kinda expensive but it fits my kitchen.

Perfect match for the cans in our drawer pull out. The old ones were 22 years old. Rubbermaid makes great products.

Nice quality and fit our built in unit perfectly. Excellent shipping container. But these were 42 dollars for 2 plastic garbage cans when a garbage can a few inches bigger only costs 7.

Works perfect in the cabinets made for baskets, in fact it works much better than the original.

Narrow yet large enough to hold a 13 gallon trash bag. Good set for trash and recycle.

Arrived quickly, package was secured for me on the patio. Quality is good, and they are a perfect fit under my cabinet.

They fit in my existing pull out drawer but one cracked within a few weeks.

I bought another brand wastebaskets and had to replace with the rubbermaid since the other brand cracked with very little usage. Rubbermaid wastebasket fit perfectly into my two trash can cabinet.

AMG and Enchante Accessories Rectangular Waste Bin – Ok, smaller than what I expected.

I like it but it was a little smaller than i expected.

Perfect size to fit between the toilet and sink in a smaller bathroom.

  • Ok, smaller than what I expected.

Features of AMG and Enchante Accessories Rectangular Waste Bin, 5L Garbage Trash Can with Step Foot Pedal, WB01W WHT, Glossy White

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  • Removable inner bucket for ultra-easy cleaning.
  • Hands-free opening with a foot pedal.
  • Made of Long-Lasting Steel with Rust-Free Technology.
  • 5L capacity allows for plenty of convenient space.
  • 11″ H X 5″ W X 12″ L

Fiskars 30 Gallon Kangaroo Gardening Bag : 30 Gallon Gardening Bag

Update-01/22/2014this product works great with bio bags. I’ve been using this all wrong. After using this for a while i got tried of the bag falling in to the container during filling the bag with leaves. Here the trick that i use with bio bags. Fill container with leaves, if the leaves are in a big pile, put the container on it’s side and shove the leaves in2. Once you get about 3/4 full you open the bio bag and slip the bag over the opening of the container like a shirt. Get it down as far down as possible. Flip container over and tug up the on bottom on the container and the bag will fill up and slide down. This action will also cause a vacuum which will keep the leaves from falling out. The only complain is that this doesn’t work as well for the biodegradable bags that i have to use for leaves and lawn clipping where i live. It’s a little to big where after three bins of leaves will cause the bag to slip from the lip of the container.

I can’t garden without these totes. They are so light, i can take them in the beds to weed. Light enough to haul around. My first one died of old age after many, many years. My second one, purchased a few months ago, was smaller and got run over by my husband. So i ordered the larger one. It is still very light, even when full of weeds, and of course holds lots of garden debris. I went with fishers because i find their quality and durability is worth the small extra cost.

Fiskars 30 Gallon Kangaroo Gardening Bag (94056949)

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  • Ideal for collecting weeds, grass clippings, other types of yard waste or even toys or laundry off the clothesline
  • Folds to 3 inch for space-saving storage
  • Internal spring pops it up for use
  • Dimensions: 1.25Lenght x 22.8Width x 23.75Hight
  • Lifetime warranty

I own several of these – they are perfect if you have a green thumb & do a lot of pruning. They are so light i can easily move them around with me when i’m doing yard work they are super lightweight yet sturdy enough to handle 1. 5′ diameter limbs, prickly roses, or woody shrubs. I can pack them full with partially mulched, compacted leaves & am still able to lift it & dump it into the green-waste can. (i’m 5′ 100 lbs) the collapsing feature is great for storage once collapsed & hung against he wall of my shed, they take up almost no space. I’ve also put big garbage bags inside & used as trashcans. I would definitely recommend.

I love this thing, every once in a while you buy a product that you think to yourself, ‘dang, good thing i bought this thing because i it came in handy again,one of the best decisions i made in a long time’. When we moved to our first home in the burbs i knew nothing about lawn maintenance, little did i know that pulling weeds and stuffing them in a garbage bag would be the bane of my very existence and i’m pretty sure one of the layers in hell in dante’s inferno. Then i saw this pop-up garbage bag, and i’ve essentially used this thing for everything outdoors. . I of course use it for pulling weeds, trimming hedges, etc. I just put a contractor sized black garbage in there and then i don’t have to worry about opening up the bag with one-hand and shoving in weeds with the other. (it’s the simple things in life, am i right?) aside from yard work, i’ve used it as a portable garbage can for outdoor parties a bunch of times, you could even throw some ice in there and use it a cooler if you want to (i personally haven’t done that but i don’t see why you couldn’t). Maybe i’m blowing this whole thing out of proportion but i hate yard work so much and this help helped make it not be horrible so for that, i say thanks fiskars.

I made the mistake of going for the cheaper gardening bag. This fiscars bag can only be used for very light weight work such as collecting leaves. It rips much too easily when adding twigs and carrying and kind of weight. It also tears on the bottom if you drag it across the driveway. They do make one with a plastic bottomfiskars 30 gallon hardshell bottom kangaroo garden bag (9413 ) since this one has a cloth bottom – but the one i found to be the best is the toro bag.  toro 29210 43-gallon gardening spring bucket it is much thicker cloth and has the plastic bottom that does not tear.

Fiskars 30 Gallon Kangaroo Gardening Bag (94056949) : Built to last more than one season, let’s hope it’s as heavy duty as it appears. We use our pop up garden bag for plant debris and occasional dirt/rocks which is probably not recommended. Still, for a light weight, easy to stow, big payload garden bag i’ll just get another one if/when this one shows signs of distress. Once they start to give up their strength, you can still use these bags for quite a long time – until the metal which holds up the bag is no longer hidden in it’s channel. Even then, if you want to use it as an unstructured trash bag, it’ll work that way too.

Great addition to the lawn care repertoire. I have a massive oak tree in my backyard that dumps huge leaves every fall. This device has been a timesaver as i deal with these leaves. I bought some larger bags (it’s a large 30 gallon bin so some normal yard bags won’t fit around the rim) and was able to easily fit them over top the outside. Growing up i always remember helping my mom in the yard by holding the bag for her. With this bag holder i can do it all by myself without the help of anyone else. Keep in my the bags will get heavy with leaves (especially if they’re wet) so stop filling it up once it’s got to a point where you can’t lift it anymore. All in all, it’s a worthwhile investment as it saves quite a bit of time.

This is bigger than i expected, i meant to get the 10-gallon, but i’m glad i got this one. Very light-weight, so you can carry it around the yard as you collect gardening waste to dump in the compost bin. When i am trimming a plant, i just set it right underneath, and the trimmings fall right in. Has handles for easy carrying, and clasps to flatten down when empty. Just hang it on a hook in your garage, and it’s out of the way.

I was so pleasantly surprised when i got this. I belong to a community garden and always saw people with pop-up bags and thought i need one of those. Saw this one and was a little worried because the price seemed low but thought i would give it a try. Well, i’m so glad i did because this bag is so nice.It is bigger then any of the others i have seen, made of a nicer material, and seems very strong. (i haven’t had it long so hard to say how it will hold up- but i am optimistic).

I have had this since august 2015 and it is nice but has two issues. (1) capacity: advertised as 30 gallon capacity but it is much larger than that. First my glad forceflex that are advertised as 30 gallon bags are substantially too small for this kangaroo bag to the point that they rip if i try to attach around the rim. Secondly, using the basic formula to compute the volume of a cylinder i calculated that the actual capacity is roughly 45-gallons. >>>bag dimensions converted to feet>>>2. 27 gallons}(2) the seam that circles the metal ring on the bottom is not very sturdy in that the cloth material is already rubbed thru where the metal ring is exposed. I will shore it up with duct tape to make it last a bit longer. Next time i will spend the extra $10 and buy the fishers bag that has the hard bottom.

This is a very well made and sturdy gardening bag. It’s just the right size to fill up with yard stuff, and not be too heavy to empty. I, however, cut off the bottom and turned it into an indoor ‘tunnel’ for my dog, who is learning beginner agility. It hated to cut the bottom off of such a quality bag, but it makes a terrific tunnel for the long winter months, before we can play outside again. I might even buy another one for the yard, in the spring.

I have owned an older kangaroo container for years and the fabric stood up bravely to every demand in my yard duty checklist. Finally, i had to repair the metal ring that circles the bottom because it was becoming detached from the container. I also decided to purchase a second fiskars kangaroo. The new kangaroo is made from a different fabric. The mesh fabric is coated and very water resistant. Good if you want to keep damp leaves and muddy plants from leaking onto your garage floor. However, after two days of use and my usual dragging and not lifting the full container, the bottom was abraded in several areas. For a taller individual with more upper body strength this would not be an issue. At 5’4′ and female, i usually have to toss the filled container in my wheelbarrow to move it. For the shorter distances i must drag the container.

How did i manage without this bag for so long?. I wasn’t sure what a great help this bag is until i saw one at a friend’s garden and the many uses to which she put each one of her three, different size, bags that i decided to go for one. A year later i am still not convinced that dragging the bag around without consequences to the bottom is a great idea. Besides, it’s a lot easier to pop it into a wagon and haul it around together with the rest of the tools of the moment. The fiskars brand speaks for itself. And the quality is evident in the bag itself. Gathering leaves is the most often used example of its usefulness. But i had found it useful when mixing soil whether bought from the store or reclaimed from the composter, to adjust its contents according to the plants’ needs, or to haul fireplace wood from the shed, or to quickly collect and transfer garden stuff back into the garage at the sight of dark clouds and imminent rain in one quick haul. Whether big or small, the bag has become so useful that i don’t remember if i had ever, even once, considered collapsing it for storage.

Nice barrel, using as an outdoor trash container while camping and bought because it collapses and takes up little room collapsed. Would be 5 stars if a 30 gallon trash bag would fit properly. You can get the 30 gallon flex bags on there but very tight and not deep enough which makes the bag tippy. Will try 39 gallon size next. Also has a great plastic coating on the inside making it very easy to clean. Time will tell how long it lasts. Last brand we bought, the metal rings blew out of the bottom in about 18 months.

I purchased this product a few years ago (bought one for my father, as well), and i use it a few times a week. As a painter, i travel all over the place and work inside many customer’s homes. One critical part of making a good impression with customers is to have an organized job site and ‘shop area. ‘ i’ve received many, many compliments from customers when they see me pop up this bag and insert a contractor clean-up garbage bag. It looks professional and is just perfect for me. Unlike some other stand-up/collapsible garbage bag holders, this one has a wider base, making it harder to tip over and much more snug-fitting for the afore-mentioned large-sized, contractor garbage bags that you can purchase at any home improvement store. I accidentally left this garbage bag holder at a distant customer’s home one time. I tried replacing it with a unit i bought at a sherwin williams store. When you’ve had the best, it’s really hard to settle for an inferior product.

I’ve had one of these for a few years. I use it for hauling yard waste to the compost bin for city pickup. I live in sf and we have city provided composting with large bins. It works well, i never tried using a liner inside as my stuff goes right into the compost bin and bags are unnecessary so i can’t speak for that. The only thing to watch for is to not drag it along the hard ground, you have to pick it up to move it unless you are on soft grass, otherwise you will wear through the material at the bottom seam and the metal wire ‘spring’ will pop out. I noticed they make a hard bottom version that you theoretically can drag without this happening which i will probably be buying when my current one wears out.

Perfect size, folds conveniently. It is made of a sort of canvas/plastic that is fairly thick and strong. It is stiff enough to hold thorn bushes compacted in it. Though wood or thick branches might be difficult to keep the bag upright. I have been putting in garbage bags (40 gallon works well) then filling it with sticker bushes (thorns). I was able to really pack it down, then slide off the gardening bag to dispose of the bagged weeds. Reading other reviews (using a cut garden hose as a clamp) gave me the idea of using an old bike tube like a rubber band. Had to tie a knot to make it the right size, but then just used it to hold the top of the trash bag on the gardening bag. It worked great for my uses.

So we use these pop-up cans as outdoor trash cans for rv camping. After our last one met an untimely end due to a broken bottle, i began looking for a replacement. This looked great, and said it fit 30 gal trash bags. Perfectit arrived, and i have mixed emotions. The vinyl fabric seems sturdy, and the lack of a lid suits us to a tee, we were always trying to tuck the attached lid of the old one out of the way. It looks significantly larger than expected, so i did a test with trash bags. 30 gal standard black trash bag was clearly too small. Not even clothespins are going to make that usable. Ok, i’ve got those husky contractor bags, those are huge.(i don’t have the box to quote exact sizes, but amazon says 39 gallon).

Initially excellent: holds a lot, collapses well when not needed. Lasted about six months before the dark green cloth covering the metal hoops began degrading. After 1 year of occasional use the metal hoop on the sheath around the top rim had decayed entirely and the metal spiral down the side had come out of the first 2′ of its’ sheath. Good design, mediocre implementation. I have been zip-tie-ing the metal hoops back onto the body of the bag with good success. Perforate the bag twice, zip tie through the bag and around the hoop, and off you go for more leaves.

This is a really nice collapsible container to put weeds in other things in. However it would be much more convenient if it had even a lift-off cover. Because we did some weeding and put a lot of the roots and weeds in there and there’s no cover so until we can get rid of it it’s it’s in this open container. So it will be much nicer if it had some kind of cover. But it does work does do the job but i think they would be just as good and wouldn’t have to be cleaned. Copps if it was used for something else the store besides things for outside like gardening and reading it be much.

Some time ago, i purchased a collapsible garden barrel. It was great, but had plastic connections to hold it in a collapsed position that broke early on, but it still provided good use. The kangaroo has toggles which should last the duration of the bag. As to the bag, it is well made, durable and should provide gardening utility for an extended period before multiple use wears it out.

This a a really great product, holds a lot of garden debris and is quite sturdy. The only thing i wish was there are only two closures, as you can see in the photos when closed it doesn’t completely close down, could use two more closures, but other than that i really like this. Update 8-24-17 now starting to get some small holes in the bottom. Would be nice to have some type of thicker plastic there to prevent this.

InterDesign Twigz Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder – Spare Roll Storage, I have had this for a while and it is holding up great.

Looks lovely in the bathroom.

I love this toilet paper holder. Just one thing i wish they had done differently in making it. Where that top bar bends upward to hold the roll on, they could have bent it a bit more to keep the toilet paper roll from sliding off. In my bathroom’s cramped quarters, this sits right next to me on the toilet, and my elbow sometimes knocks the toilet paper roll off.

I bought one for each bathroom. They arrived on time and nothing was bent. The item is nice and perfect for its use.

Key specs for InterDesign Twigz Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder – Spare Roll Storage for Bathroom, Pearl Champagne:

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  • DECORATIVE STORAGE: Hand crafted, pearl champagne steel wire with a vintage look twig and leaf design.
  • EXTRA ROLLS: Never run out – store up to 3 spare toilet rolls within easy reach in the bathroom.
  • TALL & SLIMLINE: Freestanding roll holder measures 6.8″ diameter x 15.2″ – ideal for compact spaces.
  • EASY TO REFILL: Extra toilet rolls slip in and out of the holder easily – fits standard sized rolls.
  • THE INTERDESIGN PROMISE: You’ll reap the rewards of our 40+ years’ experience marrying form with function in home goods that shine.

Comments from buyers

“Love this thing!, Late post, but it came scratched which I thought , Simple, elegant & fits super mega rolls!”

It’s a toilet paper roll holder, not sure what to say. Except that it’s graceful and attractive, sturdy and just exactly what’s needed.

Just what we needed in our small master bath to have the toilet paper accessible and easily used. We are thrilled with this item.

Very pretty toilet roll holder. Only issue i had was that when it arrived a few of the side bars were bent. No biggie, i just very carefully straightened them out. So be careful in that they will bend, but probably not unless you misuse or abuse it.

This line is beautiful and strong. It’s so clean that it pretty well fits with any decor. A huge plus where i’m concerned: it fits those huge super mega rolls that none of these canisters usually fit.

Color matches my faucet and towels racks beautifully. One of the spokes had a slight dent in it , but not to noticeable, might have happened in shipping.

The color is lovely – a very light gold color that is not overly metallic looking. It sits level and looks great. I have been pleased with everything i buy made by interdesign.

Looks very nice in the bathroom, does what it needs to do, but has some style plus fuction.

Nice, good quality, fits fat rolls of toilet paper well.

I am so pleased with this toilet paper reserve especially the finish. Most bathroom accessories available are either chrome or oil rubbed bronze which is very dark. This finish is perfect for my newly remodeled bathroom. It holds 3 rolls of toilet paper and it’s so attractive.I highly recommend this item.

Fits nicely in a small space.

We bought this for the restroom in our healing center. It is nice quality and seems to work very well.

Simple and functional answer inconvenient walls.

Fit well in our small half bath. Look nice and was serviceable.

. I have had this for a while and it is holding up great.

I wish the brush was white instead of black, otherwise love it.

Late post, but it came scratched which i thought i would get over but never did. Tried to reposition it so it wouldn’t be noticeable to others but that didn’t work. Needless to say the scratches bother me so much, i’m not using anymore.

The first stand i received was damaged in shipment because there wasn’t enough packing in the box and it just rolled around damaging most of the thin metal pieces. I exchanged it and the second one came with only a little better packing but arrived with just one bent piece. I decided to keep it because although it’s not as heavy as i thought it would be, it’s still very nice and goes well in my bathroom.

This tiolet brush is quite nice. It looks good in the bathroom.

Bought this for my new bathroom. Brush is smaller than usual (i think) but cleans well.

I bought the whole matching set for my bathroom and i love it. The champagne colors matches perfectly. You can fit 3 rolls in the center and one on top to use.

Magic Catch, Trash Bag Holder Instant-on Kitchen Clean-up Tool, Zero Mess in Kitchen, Bath, Boat, RV, Laundry Room. Clean Up is a Snap, Grocery Bag Holder, Doesn’t stick to my RV countertop as I had hoped

Good idea but suction cups need to be of better material. After a few weeks they don’t stick or hold vacuum.

I found this to be a surprisingly handy item. I allows me to place it at a convenient place on the kitchen counter edge for easy disposal of fruit and vegetable scraps and other little throwaways created in the cooking process. It saves several steps back and forth from the kitchen waste basket (all the while dropping stuff on the floor usually) on days i’m not cooking much, i remove it and store in the cupboard until next needed. The only improvement i suggest is to take the branding off so it blends in with the kitchen.

Doesn’t stick to my rv countertop as i had hoped, due to the fact that my countertop is textured. I didn’t anticipate having this challenge, but we use it by sticking it onto the metal front of our fridge to collect light recyclables while traveling in our rv. Works ok–but i won’t purchase again.

Key specs for Magic Catch, Trash Bag Holder Instant-on Kitchen Clean-up Tool, Zero Mess in Kitchen, Bath, Boat, RV, Laundry Room. Clean Up is a Snap, Grocery Bag Holder:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • HANDS FREE CLEAN UP- Magic Catch instantly attaches to counter, holds standard plastic bags right where you need for a cleaner home. Anytime and anywhere. Great for kitchen recycling.
  • GREAT FOR KIDS no-fuss fast clean any play area or after a party. Simply attach a common grocery bag, and Magic Catch sticks most everywhere. Perfect clean up tool for craft projects.
  • FAST – SIMPLE – EASY – NEAT just right for every area of your house: bathroom, den, kitchen or BBQ. Wherever you gather for fun – this is the perfect pick-up assistant. No hardware + no tool installation.
  • NO MORE MESS at Tailgate Parties. Pop the Magic Catch out, stick to the side of the car and instant trash receptacle. Holds plenty of weight. Also quickly clean cat litter and toss!
  • PERFECT FOR CAR OR CAMPING dual suction-cups stick fast to any smooth surface. Great temporary trash-bag holder for car trips or camp-sites. Keep trash off the grass

Comments from buyers

“Handy for Veggie Prep Scraps, Doesn’t stick to my RV countertop as I had hoped “

Doesn’t always stay suctioned to my counter top but it works great wth light waste.

Suction cups fail even after cleaning area with rubbing alcohol. Can’t even get it to stick to glass.

This is the niftiest little gadget for my tiny rv. I can mount it anywhere, inside or outside, even on my picnic table. I’ve used it mounted flat and i’ve used it mounted vertically.

ReLeaf Leaf Scoops: Ergonomic : Efficient and easy to use.

These are the absolutely best for picking up leaves. The plastic is heavy duty and should last a long time. They make it easy to pick up the leaves. I can pick up twice as many leaves as when i used my old ones (didferent design), which cuts my time bagging in half. I cannot say enough good things about this product. The order arrived in record time, as promised. I had to wait awhile to use them since my leaves were late falling. I will probably purchase another pair to save for when i wear these out. I never want to be without these “leaf hands”.

I’d been using a variant of lighter weight leaf scoops for years and thought they were very good until they broke and i replaced them with releaf leaf scoops. The older pair had a plastic strap on the back to hold them onto my hands. This worked okay until both broke and it became a challenge to hold them stably enough to pick up leaves. I selected the releaf leaf scoops because the strap on the back is molded into the hard plastic body so i don’t expect them to break — ever. I used the scoops today for the first time and happily discovered that they have other benefits as well. The molded straps hold the scoops to my hands much more rigidly, making them easier to control they hold an incredible amount of leaves. I filled a 33 gallon bag with just 4 scoops of leaves. Also, there’s a little hole near the top of each scoop making them very easy to hang for storage.

This appears to be a well made item, i assume i would be able to use without breaking. I’m considering returning them though, because of poor ergonomics: wouldn’t this be much more comfortable if the part that contacts the inside of your wrist was concave just like the top part that goes over the back of your hand is?. Also, maybe this goes against some safety concern i’m not aware of, and it might introduce the need for some reinforcing elsewhere, but shouldn’t there be a notch (or notches so they can be ambidextrous) where i can wrap my thumb around the bottom of the ‘grip’?if this was the case, then $30 would be a fair price for these. Is there a better device out there that is of this quality that is more ergonomically designed?.

Do not run around town shaking hands with these on your hands. The stares you get are not worth the effort to offer a friendly and socially acceptable gesture in most cases. Also, waving at your neighbors with these on will draw a comment or at least a frowned stare. Do not forget to take these off before you reach for that well deserved beer. Oh yes, and these are awesome for yard work and super comfy for use.

  • Lawn Care Company Owner Review
  • The activity alone of using the rake to gather and deposit the leaves is exhausting AND hurts our backs so bad that it is very d
  • Hulk Smash Puny Leaves!

ReLeaf Leaf Scoops: Ergonomic, Large Hand Held Rakes for Fast Leaf & Lawn Grass Removal

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Oversize leaf claws – the releaf closed design gets the job done quickly, wet or dry with minimal fuss or spills
  • Protection for you – a barrier from stinging nettles, rosebushes and weeds
  • Other uses include: an extra size hand for fruit picking, spreading mulch, feeding leaf shredders, and a hygienic pet mess clean up tool
  • Intelligent uncomplicated storage – easy hang and fit together design

I do like these scoops to use for picking up leaves in the yard. It does cut my time and half. However, i only gave it a 4 because i had a problem with the strap that comes across your wrist bruising me when i use these. I will have to come up with some kind of padding so i won’t get bruised again. They are well made and stack nicely on top of each other so they don’t take that much space in my shed.

After raking up a pile of leaves, there’s nothing worse than trying to get them into a bag. With these scoops its a breeze. For me, they are especially valuable in the spring when my magnolia leaves drop. Those leaves are thick and heavy. They don’t crush up and can’t be vacuumed. But these scoop it right up and save me a lot of work.

I have small hands and arms and they were painful for me to use. I found it easier to use as a scoop vs. Wearing them as i was bruised on the tops of my arms even though i wore higher gloves that were above my wrists. Probably best suited for a man’s arms and hands. Update: the owner of this company contacted me to inquire about my trouble with the product. They were very helpful and i was very surprised to hear from them regarding my review. I’ve updated my review to a 4 star as i was very impressed by their communication and the fact they took an interest in my personal problem with some remedies to try.

My releaf leaf scoops are much better than i thought they would be. I like that it does not have tines, or “claws” – – i can scrape up more leaves and needles and not leave bits and pieces behind. It also has a nice deep scoop so i can hold a lot of material and is light enough so it isn’t too heavy and sturdy enough so it does not warp out of shape. I have seen other brands in action and thought that they were a great idea; these are even better. I can tell you have put a lot of thought into making these leaf scoops.

I have used these for leaves and i am well pleased. They make the work so much more efficient. They are a huge improvement over the ‘two rake’ method. They can be used to scrape the pile back together without having to use the rake. I also used them to remove dirt from a hole i was digging for a sump pump. The hole was too confined to use a shovel. I was digging through hard pan with a pinch bar and the leaf grabber half removed as much as a shovel full of dirt each time i filled it.

I bought these scoops to help us clean up a yard that is surrounded by oak trees, which drop not only tons of leaves in the fall, but millions of acorns. Normally, we rake the leaves and acorns into piles then using the rakes, we gather and balance stacks of the leaves on top of the rake, then deposit into wheelbarrows. The activity alone of using the rake to gather and deposit the leaves is exhausting and hurts our backs so bad that it is very difficult. I have been seeing people using these scoop tools in their yards, and decided to give this particular style scoop a try, since because of the acorns in with the leaves. I thought this style would be more effective in capturing more of the acorns (and not fall between the “teeth” of other scoop designs) well. These releaf leaf scoops are fantastic. They turned a rather physically daunting chore into a much easier one, not to mention we spend literally less than half of the time that we normally have spent gathering up all these leaves and acorns. We are going to purchase another pair for next season. A “must-have” for raking chores. In studying numerous styles of these scoops, we noticed that some of them seem to be sold as a single scoop. You need two of them to perform the chore they are designed for.

Got the scoops out of the box and promptly went outside to try them out. They are made of strong material and work like a dream. The only thing i with is that the portion of the scoop that you grip had some sort of curve to it as it “cuts” into my hand and is uncomfortable after a little while. Other than that (for me), they are awesome.

My driveway gets covered in pine needles and cones, and i thought these would be good for scooping up piles of those. I used them for that purpose this morning and they worked very well. I’m a small woman with small hands, and although these are very big i found them comfortable to use with gardening gloves. I was able to pick up the pine needles and drop them into my large yard waste barrel without stuff dropping everywhere. They aren’t completely flat on the bottom, so there is some debris left on the driveway, but i am pleased with the job i could do with them. I think $25 is a bit expensive for these. The plastic is sturdy enough for the job, but they seem like they could crack pretty easily under pressure from the wrong angle. But i chose them because i like the shape, and they seemed to be sturdier than the cheaper pointy hand rakes that are available.

Just want to write a very brief review and say these leaf scopes totally met my expectations and work every bit as well as the advertisements. They are super easy and intuitive to use, they are great for leaves and a variety of yard waste, and the design and durability is very good. Only one recommendation i would give is that you use gloves with the scoops, otherwise the plastic will cut into your hands after a while.

I finally had a chance to tackle my leaves today. These make quick work of the leaf pile, but i have one issue with them. I’m a pretty big guy and wear an xxl glove and there is plenty of room for my big hands. It’s the area that goes around the wrist that is my complaint. The top of the wrist is good, as the plastic is curved to fit the wrist, but the bottom piece is straight and rubs up against my wrist. It’s really uncomfortable, but not a deal killer. I can live with it because they do pick up a boat load of leaves like nothing i’ve used before. If the wrist piece was curved on the bottom like the top, this would be a five star review. So , if you’re built like a defensive lineman, you might think twice. The rest of you are going to love these scoops.

I have over an acre of wooded backyard, so managing the annual leaf drop is a significant job. I am always looking for products that can help make the job easier. These scoops have really been a big help. They are easy to use and great for picking up leaves efficiently. For compost piling, bagging, or loading the chipper shredder feed hopper, these scoops are great. Update: this original review was from dec. 2014, a year and 1/2 later, i’ve now bought my second pair of these great scoops, not because they wore out or anything of that nature, but because i got tired of not having my original pair of scoops when i needed them, because my daughter constantly borrows them for use working at her own home. They are a must have tool for yard maintenance year round.

I received the “leaf scoops” about a month ago as advertised and on time. The product is light weight and very sturdy. They are smaller than i expected them to be but no matter; they do the job. It is so much easier scooping up leaves with these instead of trying to pick them up with a rake. Just rake the leaves into a piles, scoop them up with the “leaf scoops” and drop them into your yard bags. I would recommend this product to anyone who has to pick up leaves from their yard.

At first, i was very hesitant about buying these. They seemed unnecessary and expensive. But, honestly, they are the best thing that i bought for leaf removal. You can grab so much more with them then you can just with gloves on, you don’t have to bend over as much so it does save your back, you don’t have to actually touch the leaves so it’s cleaner, and they act as small rakes so you can pick up the last bit of leaves and debris very easily. I cannot recommend these enough if you do any amount of leaf removal, either as side work like i do or for your own lawn.

I want to update my initial review. The scoops are still fantastic. And the customer service is just as impressive. There was a packaging problem with the delivery of my scoops. Worked with re-leaf to address and am completely satisfied. If you want to pick up large quantities of leaves and get the job done, you need these scoops. I was really impressed with the large quality of leaves i could pick up in one pass. The scoops aren’t too heavy and are easy to hold. I am not impressed that both scoops broke on the first use after just a couple of hours of use. The corner of each scoop cracked and pieces broke off.

We had been searching high & low for a pretty easy way to pick up our leaves, and when we found these, they looked as if they would work really well. When they arrived home, we used them that next week. They worked wondersand they’ve helped our backs from continually bending over longer than we should be. These pick up a huge amount of leavesty for such a great product.

I just used these and they are awsome for picking up a large amount of wet leaf mulch with twigs in it — much faster than a rake. My only suggestion for product design is that the place between my thumb and index finger hits a rather hard plastic edge (even with garden gloves) — maybe not a bother for someone with bigger hands. Or maybe i should grip them differently. But i am happy with the purchase and will continue to use them for quicker pickups. Definitely worth purchasing.

My hands are small, so these ‘mitts’ could be a bit awkward to use at times, but they have been great these past several weeks while working in the back yard. I have a mixture of thorny wild blackberry, rose bush clippings, english ivy and bamboo debris and it was great to be able to scoop these up (often mixed together) without having to worry about getting pricked or pinched by any of the plant material. So yes, the cleanup has been going very well.

These are built like a brick house, top notch quality and should be very durable moving ahead. They work great when you have piles of leaves, small sticks, etc. The reason i did not give them 5 stars is when not working from a pile and scraping from the ground the inflexibility of the product can make for a challenge, in fact we just went back to using our hands. I would definitely recommend if the use case above fits your need.

Acrimet Wastebasket – They look pretty and very decorative in my kitchen

Had to fall into the crease.

It does the job i need them to do.

I wish the paper one was bigger, as it fills up fast. Here are the specifications for the Acrimet Wastebasket:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Set With Four Selective Baskets
  • Made in Resistant Plastic
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Printed Universal the Recycling Symbol on Each
  • Different Color for Each Material to Be Recycled

I love bright colors – easy to have separate places to toss each of the designated items to do more to help keep more out of our landfills.

So don’t be fooled like i was. The bins come in a box with spanish labels but the product is in fact in english. Threw me off at first and i almost returned them without opening the box.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Moved to Hippy Land
  • They look pretty and very decorative in my kitchen
  • Fine but slightly broken

I just got these yesterday and i’m already in love. Now i don’t have to take my containers to the recycling site and then sort the materials. They seem very sturdy and i love the bright colors. The only thing i wish they had were lids just in case they topple over in transport. I’m looking forward to easy recycling.

Nice, sturdy, attractive and good price. Using for recyclables in my small kitchen.

Opened the package to find one of the edges broken. Not a huge deal because the functionality still remains but it was broken.

They look pretty and very decorative in my kitchen. The super of my building thanked me for having chosen them because they made easier his work on the trash recycle. It feels good that my lifestyle contributes other people’s life.

AMG and Enchante Accessories Round Waste Bin, Using it outside

Cute little bucket with handles in a can with foot pedal. It is a bit smaller than i expected.

If that’s what you’re going for then cool.

Size is just right so scooper fits in when dumping.

Key specs for AMG and Enchante Accessories Round Waste Bin, 5L Garbage Trash Can with Step Foot Pedal, WB07A GRY, Grey:

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  • Removable inner bucket for ultra-easy cleaning.
  • Hands-free opening with a foot pedal.
  • Made of Long-Lasting Steel with Rust-Free Technology.
  • 5L capacity allows for plenty of convenient space.
  • 12″ H X 8″ W X 8″ L

Comments from buyers

“perfect for my outside dog poo can and it’s cute , We love the size and style, Using it outside”

This can is lightweight but has a nice plastic liner can inside. There is no shortage of handles, even the plastic can inside has a handle.

I’ve seen many trash bins in my life:1-the red big plastic one in my second childhood house. I thought it was huge back then. I realized later on in my adulthood that the it just looked huge cause i was shorter than the bin. It was the first object that was carved in my mind. Wasn’t aware of the trash concept. Took me years to get that we throw things away. We used to have chickens in the backyard so leftovers would be put aside for them not the big red. 2-the metal grey one with the crooked lid. The trash bin was made of some coarse trash. Was at the house my uncle owned in the village i loved as a kid. 3-the very tall/slim modern black and white bin. It was attached on the cabinet’s door. Have no more to say about it. 4-i still hear the noise it’s lid would make everytime gobbleing my trash. 5-and the white trash bin we owned at the basement. Wasn’t that affectionate about it. I realized throughout my life that i’m not that crazy about plastic. So i that’s why i chose amg waste bin and i’m lovin it.It’s 5 gallons and is more than enough for me (i live by myself and don’t get many visitors cause i live in queens.

I bought two of these, one for each bathroom. They hold enough without being too bulky. And we love the lid because it keeps our small dog out of the trash.

It looks like the oscar the grouch trashcan ? very durable, bucket is handy & there is room to hide extra bags in the bottom.Great price compared to lowe’s & walmart fancier trashcans ?.

This is the cutest can ever. It goes with almost any decor & any room. I think it’s totally urban chic.

Perfect for my outside dog poo can and it’s cute enough that it doesn’t look tacky on my front steps.

Just got it but it is exactly what was expected. Going to leave it outside, so hope it survives the changing weather. It is small capacity but just right for what i wanted. It’s cute and there is a pull out liner that is useful, as well.

This is a super cute, well made trash can. It’s a bit smaller than i expected, only as tall as my kitchenaid mixer, but it’ll work well for a bathroom trash can.

I would give it 5 stars but it came dented so it doesn’t close right, but we’re overseas and have no choice so i kept it.

It’s beautiful, love my little retro can trash.

I love the look and concept of this bin. It is a little on the thin side (the exterior) and isn’t as heavy as i had hoped. Also, after using it one week, the foot lever is already rusting (have in in my garage to hold dog poop bags). It comes with a very nice removable interior pail and i use a plastic grocery sack to line it. The size is perfect for our small dog’s waste and it is full after one week. The four stars are because it is somewhat light – i wanted to keep it outside but i think it will blow away on windy days and because of the rusting foot petal. But, it holds dog waste, so not really deal breakers.

So far so good, has been outside as a dog waste can, has held up to the elements and done it’s job.

This can is very cute and i love the the inside come out for cleaning. The lid is essential for keeping my dog out. I would like it to be slightly larger though. It’s just a bit too small to look right and hold enough for a week between cleanings.