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Daily Archives: November 6, 2017

Plasticplace Contractor Bags : Best bags for the bucks!

Too narrow for our trash can. As large as they say they are, they are too narrow to fit our trash can.

Product was exactly what i was looking for. Large, made of thick plastic. Only complaint is the packing style makes the bag difficult to get out of the bag. Will not stop me from reordering.

If you are looking for high strength tough polymer bags, these are it. They have many uses other than for trash. Using them for outdoor covers for varying items. Covering items in storage for dust and moisture. Although the best use was/is the ability to hold items for disposal without failing. I will buy this again when needed. I used nylon cable ties to close off the bag. I will also use this bag for storing winter down comforter in a few months.

I own towing company and when people come to get stuff out of their car, after an accident (since most of it is usually clothes) these bags are strong enough to handle the weight, and are easy to use.

  • Heavy Duty Drum Liner Exactly As Described
  • Excellent large sized trash bag, not for leaves only!
  • This is the GOOD stuff !

Plasticplace Contractor Bags, 3.0 Mile, Black, 50/Case, 55 to 60 gallon

  • Plastic place 55-60 gallon trash bags
  • 3.0 mil thick
  • Perfect for construction sites, workshops, or backyard use
  • Rubber band

Great price on these hard to find bags. . These bags fit the rubbermaid fg264360 gray 44 gallon brute utility container perfectly. Best price anywhere from plasticplace.

I have one issue with the product, a matter of convenience:the trash bags are folded multiple times, and placed in a box. How the bags are arranged makes it impossible to pull a single bag out. I much prefer that they be packaged in such a way that i can pull just one bag out. As it is, i must remove all of the bags, unfold them, remove one bag and then refold the others and stuff them back in the box.

Worth the money to handle a dirty job. I have a cat who needs a litter box with high sides. This bag fits easily and makes clean up a breeze. The litter box goes in the bag and the litter goes on top. To change the litter, i turn the bag inside out with the mess inside and toss it. The thick plastic does not rip and it’s a job where i really don’t want any spills.

It’s just what i was looking for can’t seem to find this locally any more. Only the cheap-ass 1-mil thickness bags are on store shelves here. These are 3-mil thick, and the full 55-gallon size precisely what i want and need very fast shipping from the vendor. I will certainly orden more when these are gone .

If you want big and tough, this is it.

Just what the trash can ordered. We use to get these at a speciality store, but they quit carrying them. Only place i could find them online. They were delievered on time and fit perfectly.

I just finished my hurricane irma cleanup and these bags worked great. Only a few large branches poked through but the bags remained intact, even when moving them.

Great bags, but keep pointy stuff out of them. They’re big and strong but less resistant to cutting than the sam’s club bags we usually use. Anything sharp or pointy will puncture the side. Fortunately the hole won’t continue to run. Other than that they’re great and hold as much as i or the city workers would be willing to lift.

They are awesome and hold a lot.

These end up being less expensive than. These end up being less expensive than the cheaper, thinner bags you find, as you only need one bag instead of doubling up the thin bags.

Super tough, works really well. Super tough, works really well. A little bit of a knock for the packaging (a plain brown box that i can never find in the garage) and because they are pretty expensive.

Super tough, works really well. Super tough, works really well. A little bit of a knock for the packaging (a plain brown box that i can never find in the garage) and because they are pretty expensive.

Purchased these bags because i could not find anything at our local home improvement stores (lowes etc. I have to bag up yard waste and if the bags are not 3 mil the stuff will break through sooner or later. I felt the price was a little high, but they have turned out to be worth every penny.

These are what i use for yard work. They do smell a little strong but they stay outside in my storage room. A little expensive but i they are worth it.

Spent a lil extra for the 3mm as the other bags reviews weren’t that good on the 1. I’m glad i did, they fit good and are heavy duty bags.

Heavy duty drum liner exactly as described. A couple of the more recent reviews had me concerned so i think it’s important to leave a current review. They are 3 mil thick 55+ gallon drum liners. They are only slightly more pliable than the ‘husky contractor bags’ i get at home depot. These plasticplace bags are just as thick, just as strong, and somewhat larger than those. These do not have the ears that the husky bags have for tying the top. If you don’t over fill them, tying the top isn’t a big deal with a single overhand knot, and for extra security for heavily loaded bags, a zip tie below the knot is appropriate (or a couple of wraps of duct tape). These do not come rolled in a dispenser box like the husky bags. They come in a flat box with two stacks of 25 neatly folded bags.