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Food Cycle Science Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Food Recycler and Kitchen Compost Container – So far, so good

Not only does this amazing machines look sleek, stylish and fit on a counter perfectly it also is nearly unnoticeable in the sound and smell that it produces. I grew up with a parent who always encouraged the use of food scrap as compost; each year the home garden was vibrant and produced robust yields of all natural veggies & fruits. The catch to this was – stinky containers that often made some of the kitchen space reach of decomposing scraps; even with tossing the scraps into a pile once the container was full. *point being, i needed a way to produce nutrient rich compost in my home without the rank stench and unsightly view of a compost container on my counter. My problem was solved with this highly efficient food processor. I can tell as to how this product was crafted that it will last for years to come. I can’t wait to use this compost to feed my garden-small load-drying time: +/- 40 mingrinding time: +/- 2hr 20min total fp time: 3hr 30mincooling time: +/- 20 min.

I love the concept and the way this device works, when it’s working. I had one that quit turning. New unit quit heating after a few months. It was replaced on warranty, though it cost me $75 to ship the old one back to them. Within 6 months, the replacement model quit advancing through the cycles–got stuck on grinding– so i hooked it up to a timed outlet and used it for initial processing, then baked the output on low heat in my toaster oven and finally ground the material in a dry jar for my vitamix. After nearly a year of doing that, i got bold enough to try again. It’s such a good idea, but spotty on reliability. Also, support is not easy to reach. Phone calls never answered, messages rarely returned.

Works great, no smell, easy to use. I had a few issues with the cycle not completed, often requiring a soak and some manually gunk removal but i was putting too much in at one time. The run time is long, seems to be 4-6 hours so i worry a little about the power consumption. It appears to use between 90-150 watts throughout the process. Definitely make sure it fits in your kitchen, that’s where you’ll want to keep it. It’s no louder than your dishwasher at it’s quietest. If the cycle doesn’t complete, toss the results. Mold seems to form around it when i put it in my garden.

I was looking for something that would mince the kitchen scraps before putting into the compost and came across the food cycler. I purchased it with my birthday gift cards as a gift to myself. The bucket only holds part of out food waste so, we do batches. It seems to work well and it is very quiet and orderless. In theory, i could put the food cycled remains directly on the garden. In practice, i have dogs that would happily eat the dried remnants. So, into the compost it goes to age.

I love the machine- it turns all the food waste into powder like/ almost the consistency of coffee grounds. So easy to use and i feel like i’m doing my part to reduce waste and fertilize my garden a little bit at the same time.

We receive this huge package, opened it and it was a very well put together and very well packed grinder. I must say it works very well, some sweet peelings like peaches take a little longer to process. However overall i got rid of a lot of fruit flies. Plus we have no garbage disposal and this is reducing our trash.

  • Saving the money and the world, one bucket of scraps at a time!
  • Expensive, yes, but amazing!
  • Not real compost but works.

This is a must have for busy folks like me who also hate to see food scraps go in the trash. I have placed this in my garage and carry the food scraps there, let it run overnight and the dry compost is ready in the morning. Over the weekends, i run it a couple of times. The bags of trash we threw in the trash bins has reduced at least by 50%. Note that this does create the traditional compost but does not create a dry, somewhat granular, output which is good enough for me. I am using it for the plants indoors and saving some for spring. ———-updating my review after almost a year of limited use. The output produced by this machine starts turning green after you put water in it. The “compost” i put in the plants turned green algae like substance in the pot which was gross.

First of all, don’t expect this device to fit easily on your kitchen counter. You will find you need to run a cycle twice depending upon what you’re composting. But i have half a five gallon bucket filled with beautifully crumbled and completely dry compost. The filters do a great job of keeping the smells from being unpleasant. The price point is up there, but this thing delivers.

I have been filling my kitchen composted every day and running at night. Each morning it is exciting to open it up and see what goodies i’ve made for my indoor and outdoor plants. It seems something silly to get excited about, but all i eat is fresh food and have a lot to compost. So without this and the ability of compost outside right now where i love, i would not be a happy camper. I have already recommended it to people i know would also love to have one. The price seems high, but for me, composting is a small part of saving the world, and it’s a small price to buy to be able to contribute to a cause i really believe in.

Update 10/19/18 – i heard back from food cycler and i am happy to say that customer service is replacing my faulty unit. I was very happy with my unit for 6 months, as it did exactly what it described it would. It turns my kitchen scraps into compost in 3-6 hours. Once i review the replacement unit, i would be happy to update to 5 stars. Update 11/13/18 – i am happy to say that customer service came through. I have a brand new food cycler, replacing a faulty unit. I am back to composting, just finished my third load. I tossed a big bucket of compost on my wintering garden.

I have had a worm bin for ~1. 5 years now, which does an amazing job breaking down my kitchen scraps. Unfortunately, i’m not able to put my meat, eggs, dairy waste etc directly in the worm bin. It either doesn’t break down well (eggshells, bones), or causes smells/attracts rodents (meat, dairy, etc). So i’ve been forced to throw it all in the trash as we don’t have municipal compost available. I can put almost everything in the food cycler, and it breaks it right down. Because of the high temps and ground down texture, i can either add this to my worm bin, or directly to the garden soil. I run mine almost every night.

Features of Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Food Recycler and Kitchen Compost Container

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  • NEW AND IMPROVED – Now with Filter Monitoring System – Never worry about when to change your filters again!
  • All in one food composter makes composting kitchen waste a snap. Reduces kitchen waste up to 90% of it’s original volume
  • Kitchen Compost Shredder Composts to a viable soil amendment in less than 3 hours
  • Odorless and environmentally conscious kitchen compost container
  • No venting, draining or additives required

Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Kitchen Composter – Easy to Use Food Composter with No Water, Chemicals, Venting or Draining Required

In as little as three hours, the FoodCycler food recycler takes your kitchen scraps, reduces them by up to 90% and creates a highly mature, nutrient-rich soil amendment that’s ideal for making your garden grow. Just toss in your food waste, and push go. No pellets, enzymes or additives needed. When it’s done, you have a powerful fertilizer you can use in your outdoor gardens and a removable, dishwasher safe bucket you can easily wash.  

Our food recycler is odourless and lightweight, so it can work its magic anywhere. And unlike colossal landfills or a backyard compost pile, it’s not an eyesore and won’t attract scavengers.

Perhaps best of all, the FoodCycler helps reduce methane gas emissions – and saves you money in the process. After all, not only is tossing your cookies a waste of your hard-earned cash, but food waste is also a well-spring of harmful greenhouse gases.

In a few simple steps, the FoodCycler will help beautify your garden and the planet. From start to finish, the whole process takes less time than it takes to defrost a chicken.

Works With:

Food Cycler can accept a large variety of foods including:

  • Beans, Seeds & Legumes
  • Cereals & Grains
  • Cheese
  • Coffe Grounds, Filters & Tea Bags
  • Eggs + Egg Shells
  • Fruit & Vegetable Scraps
  • Meat, Fish, Shellfish & Poultry Scraps
  • Pet Food
  • Chicken & Fish Bones

About Food Cycle Science

​Food Cycle Science is the brainchild of three visionary entrepreneurs who decided to bring green technology to the growing problem of food waste disposal. Food Cycle Science’s technology is designed to make the composting process easier and quicker, thus greatly reducing the 70 million+ tons of food waste added to landfills each year.  This technology serves a broad range of industries in North America and throughout the world. We invite you to join the growing number of customers who have discovered the advantages of this cost-effective, environmental solution.

Here is How It Works:

Step 1 Scrape leftover food – cooked and uncooked – right into the removable waste bucket. The Food Cycler Home will even compost bones, pits, shells, meat, and citrus rinds.

Step 2 Place the bucket inside the main unit, lock the lid, and begin processing. Agitators quietly break down the food waste into small particles, while it is heated, decomposing and sterilizing the by-product entirely. The unique carbon filter filtration system eliminates the odor completely, allowing for indoor use. The unit will automatically shut off.​

Step 3 Once processing is complete, the unit will automatically shut off. At this point you can empty the contents directly into your garden or spread onto your lawn.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The bucket is heavy and obviously very high-quality. It works as advertised every time. I put a huge watermelon rind in it and other things as well and it completely shredded it. I can’t wait to see what it does for the garden next year. I highly, highly recommend it.

The food cycler platinum is the ideal compromise between discarding food waste and maintaining a traditional compost pile. Food waste, including things like chicken bones, is dried and ground to make a uniform mulch with about 10% of the volume of the original. The removable cast iron bucket holds a couple of quarts of material. Processing takes from 3 to 5 hours depending on how moist the contents are. I’ve now processed half-a-dozen batches containing everything from coffee grounds to raw vegetable waste to nearly a quart of over-ripe strawberries. It all comes out ready to put on the garden. The results have fully met my expectations: we now put no waste at all down the garbage disposal and hardly anything other than paper in the trash. Well, the fan is a tad noisy while the drying cycle is running, and there is a slight odor in spite of dual charcoal filters. The smell is not unpleasant, just a vague vegetable-like aroma.

This is a great product for easy composting. Because it was too tall to fit under our cabinets on the counter easily, we put it just outside the kitchen door that leads to the garage, perfect place. I also put a small kitchen compost bin on the counter and when that is near full i transfer it all to the food cycler and run it. I highly recommend this product. A lot less smelly trash and my plants are happy. So far we are very happy with this purchase. I have never been one to have an outdoor compost pile, so this is my first effort at recycling food scraps.

I love it and i use it daily, but it hasn’t been doing a very good job grinding the dried food which has lead to rats digging through my plants after i’ve tilled the bits into the soil. Started using it the house and now it’s stinking up the whole house.

I am very glad that i bought one. I highly recommend this product for those who want to do indoor compositing with no mess and who care the landfills from food waste.

Love the concept and how it works. My trash is 1/5 of what it used to be and i am collecting the “composted” food for the spring. I have had this unit for two weeks and hum with happiness every time i empty it.

NEW AND IMPROVED – Now with Filter Monitoring System –

This product has cut our household waste by over 75%; instead of taking out the trash 2x / week, we now take it out every two weeks. I credit this device for reducing our waste. As other reviews have stated, the food cycler grinds and dries the food scraps, turning them into a find, earth-like material that my husband and i spread over our lawn and in the garden in the warmer months of the year. The food cycler accepts all food scraps. The bucket that does the grinding holds about half of what my compost bin collects, so i need to run the cycler at least 2x/ day in order to keep up with our household’s output. As a result, i would consider us heavy users. We run our cycler in our garage. The result of the 3-hour process is stickier if what goes in is moist. As stated in previous reviews, when this happens, i sometimes have to scrape out the bucket. It also helps to run the cycler twice when this happens, and the results are much drier.

I like this for composting veggie scraps. The only thing i don’t like is that it needs to soak to get the crusted stuff off after running a composting cycle, depending on the scraps. That is pretty simple to do and other than that, it is awesome.

It takes way longer than the 3-5 hour window in the brochure. Also, the advice that one not put in overly starchy foods should be in the ad, not tucked away in the instructions. Several times, my ‘load’ didn’t really dry out and as such, it smells strongly of the original food (onions, mostly), so i had to let it dry on trays before putting it outside in my plants for fear it would attract vermin.

I’m writing this review after many months of use, so the fact that i’ve been using it is a recommendation of sorts. The filters don’t last very long and i’ve refused to replace them because of the expense. Good thing i keep the machine in the basement because it does smell when operating. The other major complaint i have is that there’s a pretty limited range of what you can put in the recycler without the contents getting all balled up and stuck after processing. It takes major soaking and/or stabbing at the contents to empty it. Overall, i’m don’t regret buying it – just wish the aforementioned problems weren’t an issue.

We are a couple of “kitchen active “older adults interested in a “recycle, reuse, repurpose” lifestyle. We bought this product about 3 weeks ago. We cycle kitchen scraps and leftovers through it a couple of times a week. It does what it is promoted to do. We have 2 gallons of recycled material to date. Buy this with confidence that it will perform as advertised.

Every evening we have enough scraps to run it through. In the morning i deposit this lovely compost at the base of one or more of our plants.

All in one food composter makes composting kitchen waste a snap.

We just got it four days ago and have used it a couple times now. It does a great job breaking down food waste into usable compost in a short amount of time. It chew through the watermelon rind we put in there (did pre-cut it into smaller pieces). There are some things they don’t recommend putting in there: strong bones (cow), nuts, avocado and other fruit pits. Still don’t know if it will handle a corn cob, but hope so. It’s quiet (not noiseless, but no worse than our dishwasher or fridge when running), doesn’t stink, and the dry compost is also not stinky. There are some bits that stick to the side of the can, but it’s to be expected. Just run it again and it’ll come off. Just don’t expect it to come out clean like new.

So happy that we purchased this. Living in an apartment with no compost options was making us miserable, as we eat lots of fresh veggies and fruits, and wanted a way to use the good scraps. The food cycler is a perfect solution, our house plants and herb garden on the balcony are very happy with all the added nutrition. Overall we have found the cycler to be fairly quiet and scent free. Our filters lasted three months before needing to be replaced, which was great (we run the cycler at least twice per day).

Kitchen Compost Shredder Composts to a viable soil amendment in less than 3 hours

Odorless and environmentally conscious kitchen compost container

United Solutions TB0010 Rough and Rugged Rectangular 34 Gallon Wheeled Outdoor Trash Can, Good Product. Great Price.

Bought this for our 4 person small home for weekly trash pickup. Great reviews led me to buy and so far so good. Wheels roll well and like the handle feature. However, the lid is not on a hinge. It is one that had to be picked up and put aside. Not a big deal, but something to note.

I constantly have an issue with losing my trash can lid or having the garbage men throw it away :/ the lid on this isnt attached but it does snap down on firmly so i havent had an issue with that yet. The wheels are awesome (makes my garbage night much easier) and moves easily without problems and the handle helps. The size of this has to be my favorite part. Its big enough to fit about 3 full kitchen sized trash bags inside and still be able to close the lid but its not too big that the garbage men wont take my trash. I live in a city so we have restrictions on size. I would buy this all over again and will probably buy a second one just because i like it.

Good garbage can, with a good lid. The wheels make it easier to empty and transport. Large size, but not too wide. I like that it is taller rather than wider, so that it can fit more easily in many kinds of spaces. Much better than a round and wider can which i had before which had been too bulky. This can is much more convenient. And the price was very reasonable. The more i use it, the more i like it. The wheels make it easy to transport garbage from upstairs kitchen to downstairs larger garbage container and it is light enough to carry with ease, yet sturdy enough to handle being hauled around.

This is a nice little trash bin. It’s no so big that i have trouble moving it (i’m 5′ tall, female). It rolls easily and holds a week’s garbage with some room to spare. It’s good quality plastic and should last quite a while.

Ordered two, one can came square, one was round which was strange. Didn’t bother to send back the round. The round lid fits perfectly, the square lid doesn’t seal closed. Since i purchased these for outside the lid not fitting right makes one kinda useless for trash as critters can easily get in it.

(review is for the square version) paid $25solid and inexpensive, does the job well. The plastic is thick enough and doesn’t bend, enough that it doesn’t feel cheap (the lid feels kinda cheap though, but not effecting functionality, fits on tight and stays on). Stable enough that as long as there’s something in it, it wont have a chance to fall over. Otherwise if empty just putting it against something will stop it from tipping from wind. Someone got the package before me, so i can’t say for sure if it was missing the plug for the lid or not, just used a strip of duct tape instead. I expected a ‘cheap’ product for the price from previous reviews, seems some people have their expectations too high.

I hate how expensive trash cans can be. How frustrating to pay a lot of money to hold garbage. These cans are perfect for me, though. For what they cost, they are perfectly adequate – they hold garbage, roll, and do garbage can things like a garbage can should. I don’t expect them to last 30 years, but they are decent quality. For the average user in a suburban environment, these cans will do their job just fine. They’ve made it through two michigan winters so far and are none the worse for wear. They are pretty lightweight, so i would recommend using decals or spray-paint to put your address on them in case of high winds (which i would think is a good idea for any can).

Key specs for United Solutions TB0010 Rough and Rugged Rectangular 34 Gallon Wheeled Black Outdoor Trash Can with Hook&Lock Handle-Thirty Four Gallon Garbage Can with Locking Handles:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • N/A
  • Imported
  • 34-Gallon capacity.
  • Heavyweight blow molded plastic construction built to last.
  • Wheels provide easy transport.
  • Hook and lock handle secures your lid.
  • 20.75-inches L x 18.875-inches W x 35.25-inches H

Comments from buyers

, You can put your garbage in this thing
, United Solutions TB0010 Rough and Rugged

This product works fine, however, it doesn’t work for us. I wish we had a bigger trash can. This can is filled and overflowing by the time trash day arrives. It is probably 50%, maybe 75% of the size of one of the trash cans that the city typically provides for trash pick-up. So if you ever fill those up, this probably isn’t for you. Get a bigger one, just in case. My actual complaint, though, is that i find the lid to be difficult to put on and off securely. Maybe i’m not strong enough or my hands are too flimsy with the lid handles, but sometimes when the lid is on securely, it’s really hard to pull off without sticking my fingers under the lid and prying it off (and who wants to get that close and personal with their trash can?). Also, even when the lid is on ‘securely’ roaches can still enter it through the cracks. In hindsight, i’d likely just purchase a trash can from the county, one with a flip lid, so that it easily opened and closed and had a fairly secure seal to keep the roaches out.

Only ‘okay’ because it’s so very small. I guess i didn’t understand the sizing; it holds two, maybe three, tall kitchen garbage bags which are somewhat full.

Nice size, easy to move which is what i needed. Lid us very snug which is a blessing and a curse. The can is lightweight so when taking the lid off it tends to tip. I don’t hate it but is try a somewhat heavier one next time to avoid the tipping.

Works well to use large yard waste bags in. I wish there was a different handle to use when using the wheels because the hinged handle makes it try to stand up straight, causing it to drag rather than roll.

It’s the night before garbage day. Your wife yells you at you ‘take out the garbage, you lazy bum’. Then you’re all, ‘hey ohhh, lay off me’, then you can’t put up w/ it anymore so you take out the garbage. And you’re all ‘hey how you doin’. Put the stuff in, roll it out, go back and watch reruns of mr.

These are mid-sized garbage cans, not the behemoths most of us use for weekly trash pickup. That being said, i purchased these for a ‘water collection’ emergency on my patio (i have a new run off problem which can only be corrected by a little construction and these cans will serve as a stop gap solutions to prevent flooding back toward my patio grilling area until permits are issued and the contractor can start work on my place). They are easy to wheel when full which is what i wanted so that i can dump run off water into a banana patch or my pool then put these back in place for the next fl afternoon monsoonal downpour. On the other hand, the lids are beyond useless (they don’t fit) which isn’t an issue for my usage but would be for someone who wants to use these as actual outdoor garbage receptacles. Be wary of price if you are going to buy these. They’ve gone down by $8 in a week since my purchase. Maybe put them in your list and if you really want them, pounce when prices go down a little more.

Wheels on trashcans are always great. Isn’t the biggest trashcan out there but i knew that before purchasing because i read the description. The handle pulled up locks the lid on and to unlock and release the lid you just snap the handle down and lift the lid up. I was afraid that the trash men wouldn’t figure it out but they did. The lid fits on very securely so it’s not even necessary to lock the lid. Doesn’t blow over when windy outside. Yet light-weight so even if it didn’t have wheels it’s easy to lift up or carry. I plan on getting another one for gardening.

You get what you pay for here. It’s a decent, cheap fix for light weight trash items but it’s not heavy duty by any means. It’s super awkward, like top heavy or something, and there’s only 1 handle. Don’t expect to have this 1 for long term but it’s easy to clean out & holds quite a bit.

I know this seems minor but the cover was missing the plug for the hole. Seeing as the next 10 days forecast rain for this area it guarantees it will be taking on water.

Does what it needs to do but very light weight. I do not think it will hold up very long. Also we are a family of 4 and if i miss 1 trash pick up during the week ( we have 2 ) the trash can is over flowing. I also think the handle sucks, as you use it to pull can down driveway the handle doesn’t lock in place so it is always moving around making it hand to keep can on its wheels.

Several low marks were given to this product because the product was flimsy in the wind, the lid didn’t fit just right, or the wheels came off easily. That’s not been my experience. I’ve been using one of these outside for several years, and it works just fine. Except the top, which is worthless. I will buy another one when the day comes, and recommend to you to buy one if you haven’t ever had one. Besides, if you want a really good, commercial grade trash can this size, you’re going to pay a lot of money, well over 100 bucks.

This isn’t a very sturdy garbage bin, but you get what you pay for. It probably won’t last long, but my garbage guys are so rough on my bins, they break them no matter how much they cost, so i’d rather not lose money when they will inevitably break. My lid isn’t easy to put on, but it did stay in place after the handle was latched. It has survived a month of trash days thus far and still has both wheels, the lid, and the handle, which is a miracleupdate: still in good condition after several months of use.

The can is a very flimsy plastic, much more flimsy than what you would find on a plastic storage bin. The weight is awkward, so it falls over easily. Light duty and smaller than it appears in the picture. The plastic has significant imperfections, as if it dripped after the hot plastic was poured into the mold. If i had been shopping at a store and saw this, i would have passed it by. It will serve my purpose, so i’ll keep it, but i know i’ll be replacing it soon. It’s not going to last long. When i do replace it, i’ll go to a brick-and-mortar store to make sure i get something decent, even if i have to pay twice the price.

It’s light and could blow over under the right wind. But being light is also an advantage depending on where it’s stored and how easy it is to heft. The lid isn’t always easy to put on, since it’s cheap plastic and can easily be misshapen like other reviewers have noted. All in all, it’s not great, but it’s not terrible. It certainly does the job of holding trash on the curb, as long as you don’t live near large predatory pests, or in an environment with gale-force winds.

I would not call these rough and rugged or recommend them for more than a 2 person household. I have not had any issues with the wheels to date but i’m also being careful to not put a lot of weighty items into them. They also don’t seem to have much balance so if you don’t load them right they fall over quite easily. They did arrive quickly and in perfect condition, so i’m giving some credit for the speedy service.

I will make use of them for interim yard waste collection as planned, but they are very unstable. Too tall for the tiny footprint perhaps, but also they just are not steady standing. A very light breeze (or nothing) knocks them over. I bought 4 at once and leaned them all into each other to hopefully support them all when they were delivered. Next morning they were all flat out in the driveway, so many dominoes dumped over. Then i placed them each around the yard for green waste collection. Later in the day they are again all fallen over. I filled one hoping that would make it more secure, it did not. The wheels work fine, material is sufficiently sturdy, the lid is secure, i just wish they were more stable, i will have to figure out a way to stabilize.

mDesign Round Metal Small Trash Can Wastebasket – Great Quality

Very attractive small trash can; ideal for bathroom, boudoir, etc.

Makes for an excellent office can that is light and easy to empty.

All metal construction that holds up well.

It’s actually metal unlike everything else i looked at which is exactly what i was looking for.

Price was great, especially for a metal can.

It goes well in my office and looks great. I’m going to purchase the white one for the bathroom.High quality and extremely durable.

  • Excellent quality
  • Five Stars
  • Great Quality

Nice size and nice looking trash can.

They were well-made with unflawed finishes. The color matched the pictures.

Clean and simple trash can for our bathroom.

Small & discreet, perfect for my office. Easy to fill quickly, so mind the size you need. Would work for a bathroom, bedroom or office.

Just the right size for the bathroom and looks nice.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Replaced a plastic pail with this one, glad i chose metal instead of plastic this purchase. Very pleased with the item nice weight to the item but not too heavy. Resist scratches easy to clean. Color was representative of the ad item was received earlier than expected.

It was a nice design but too small for my needs so i had to return it.

I like the trashcan it self. Who ever packed it put it in a box that the trashcan barley fit in and had no packing protections. The trash can is not perfectly round now which i can notice and bugs me but didn’t fell like going through the hassle of sending it back.

Perfect size for our small powder room and perfectly matches the matte black hardware throughout the room.

It was actually a little challenging for my to fine a metal black trash can. Everything is plastic or bronze.

COMPACT DESIGN: A stylish trash can with a modern design that looks great and easily fits into narrow openings and odd spaces; The perfect size for inside cabinets, under counters, under sinks and other small spaces; Tucks neatly next to your toilet, pedestal sink, next to the vanity or other small spaces in your bathroom

. Its solid, looks nice, and holds trash.

Dimensions are as described but appears smaller than expected.

Small trash can, good price, does the trick. I have it in a small bathroom, so the size is fine for my purposes. The measurements are included in the product description, but i know people still get surprised sometimes when things arrive smaller than they anticipated. I would not recommend this trash can for a large room or a space where multiple people will be using it daily (such as an office or public bathroom), but for my guest bathroom, it is a great fit.

What more is there to say about a trash can?.

This trash can is great quality metal.

My bathroom has dark/black fixtures. This goes perfectly and is high quality.

ENHANCE YOUR DECOR: This trash can makes a statement with its stylish and unique finish and was designed to enhance your existing decor; Soft foam padding on the bottom protects floors from scratching or marring

It is a bit small, but it’s nice. Simple and classy smaller trash can that i’ll use in my new bathroom.

Only problem is the size, it is much smaller than i expected.

Great size for beside the toilet.

Beautiful little can; nice quality & has padding on the bottom, very nice & the color is pretty.

FUNCTIONAL & VERSATILE: The size and style make this can work is so many places throughout your home; Ideal for home office, bedrooms, craft rooms, dens, and any other room that requires a decorative waste can; Also great for dorm rooms, apartments, condos, RVs and campers

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made of strong steel with a durable rust-resistant finish; Soft EVA foam pads on base; Easy Care –

simplehuman Slim Touch Bar Trash Can, Great bin – bring back BLACK please.

A lot more than i thought i would ever spend on a trash can, but worth every penny so far. Easy to open and i like that it only closes when i manually close it, when i am done and ready. The lid is heavy enough: the smell stays inside. The hard plastic liner inside the main can has ‘air vents’ that lets me use the full capacity of the bag and also the lips of the bag wrap around the liner which keeps the trashcan looking nice and blend in the kitchen like another appliance. Planning on using it for a long time.

I really loved the red retro simplehuman trash can i had but, alas, somehow roaches made their way into my house and decided the base of that can would be their favorite place. I was horrified and so disapointed. So, loving simplehuman quality i did some shopping and found this roachproof model.

Replacing a similar simplehuman can that i’ve had for 8 years. Very sleek looking and easy to use. I had a stockpile of the n-sized bags and they work perfectly – like them better than the recommended size. They’re a little larger and easier to get on the inner can. Also love the little ledge in the can that lets you prop the inner can up a few inches for liner changes – genius.

I don’t particularly like this trash can, although i am giving it five stars because it is not due to the quality of the can. The can works great, looks nice and functions well. My previous trash can was also simple human, but it had a step-opening mechanism. Every time you want to open the can, you have to use the touch bar and then close it, a lot less convenient. It would be great if they could make this can with a touch bar and a pedal. I read somewhere that you can open this by pressing your hip against it – not in my experience. Also, it says that it doesn’t show fingerprints – also very untrue – i am constantly wiping the off fingerprints. Lastly, this trash can is very large in volume and would be good for large families that can fill it up quickly. If you don’t produce a lot of trash and it takes a while to fill it up, then you will have a lot of stinky trash sitting in our house, or you will have to take it out before the bag is full.

Don’t let the price scare you off. This top of the line container adds a nice accent to your kitchen as well as perfect function. It also will use any type of standard kitchen bags and the inner liner is built to prevent air pockets when you replace the liner,.

Love this trashcan and wish i bought it years ago. . Even if it was expensive, it’s worth it.

What a fantastic garbage can. I’ve had it for a while now, and iove everything about it. I like the plastic liner with slots so that air doesn’t get trapped. The can even comes with its own serial number.

Key specs for simplehuman Slim Touch Bar Trash Can, 40 L / 10.5 Gal-Metallic:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • EASY-OPEN TOUCH-BAR- Easy to open from any angle — just tap with your elbow, bump with your hip or nudge with your knee.
  • SLIM, SPACE-SAVING SHAPE – Designed to make the most of tight spaces.
  • SMOOTH AND EVEN LID OPENING – Unique dampers and precisely angled springs control the lid so it opens smoothly and evenly.
  • STAY-OPEN LID – The lid stays open for as long as you like — perfect for food prep or longer chores.
  • BIG, WIDE OPENING – Specially shaped hinge moves up and out of the way for the widest opening possible without letting the lid hit the wall.
  • LIFT-OFF LID – Lid lifts off easily for a quick liner change.
  • FINGERPRINT-PROOF FINISH – Resists smudges to keep stainless steel shiny.
  • ENHANCE YOUR TRASH EXPERIENCE – Extra-strong and durable Codes M custom fit liners fit this can perfectly for a cleaner trash experience.
  • 10.2″W x 16.9″D x 28″H – 41.5″ with lid open

Comments from buyers

“Trashcan Nirvana
, Awesome trash can, but I would have picked a different one
, Simplehuman

It has a big enough opening so i have no problem put things in it that i am throwing away. The last trash can i had the open was much smaller and sometime i would spill things on the floor instead of getting them in the trash can. The slim touch bar trash can is easy to open and being slim it fits in a smaller area. I have it beside my fridge and i don’t bump into it like i did my other trash can.

This is the best trash can i’ve ever owned. I thought it was crazy to spend that much on something i use to put trash in, but this was totally worth it. Everyone has noticed it and how much nicer it looks, and i love that i just have to tap the bar to open it. Personally, i prefer that the lid stays open until i’m ready to close it, i’m not so lazy that i can’t close a lid.

Can a kitchen waste can be secksy?. Why, yes it cani’ve been looking for a replacement kitchen trash can for quite some time and have been quite aggravated that the available designs are either too fussy or impractical for one reason or another. I never wanted to spend this much money on a waste can but i simply couldn’t find a decent trash can in the lower price range. I’m also dead set against electronics to open a waste bin. What i require is a simple design that is sturdy, with a lid that will stay open when needed and with a design and structure that won’t go defunct after a short time due to some type of cheap spring system or other design flaw not meant to last long. So i kept coming back to this can again and again before finally making the purchase. Although all our other trash cans in the past have opened from the wider side, i realized this design was a better fit for our kitchen layout. It is a nice option although they do have the same style trash can that opens from the wide side if you prefer. This can is visually appealing, well planned in the design and sturdy enough that i doubt i will need to replace it in my lifetime. So i was able to justify the higher price.

I needed a new stainless kitchen trash can. Had a simple press open and close lid. So, i wanted something similar. Found the simple human version that you press to open and it stays up. Cost more than twice what i paid for my old one, but if it lasts 10 years then it is money well spent. Has nice features that make changing the bags easier. Seems to resist fingerprints too. It is taller than my old one. I can’t keep it in the same spot because the utensil drawer can’t open over it. So, now i’ve got it way on the other side of the kitchen which is very inconvenient. I never thought to look at the height measurement.

Mainly:-hinge still works like new, opens fast-have yet to see any rust/age in the steel. Metal looks like new-have yet to even have one of the oem-brand bags break or even leak (not for lack of trying- multiple broken glass bottles, sharp-edged packaging have been shoved into these bags, whatever plastic they use, is better ime than the name brand trash bags). Has a great slim profile that allows me to keep it in a handy spot without it interfering with an adjacent high traffic area. The internal liner if the trash can is well designed, makes it very easy to remove, and if need be is easily carried to get your trash outside before removing the bag. Also designed to allow the bag to wrap around the edge so that the bag is totally hidden once you’ve placed the top lid back in place. It makes it look a lot better than pretty much every competing model i’ve seen. The top opening is also designed to span just about the full dimensions of the lid; as a result getting pizza boxes, other long pieces in is a breeze vs other models. I’ve seen the motion sending models (thinking specifically of ninestars) out there, but would take this one hands down: the spring action on this opens the lid faster and holds it open for as long as you want it, as opposed to closing on your frigging hand or right as you’re trying to put additional items in. It also doesn’t make any annoying noises, or open by itself because its poorly-calibrated sensor mistook the air/a bug/the opposite wall/who knows for actual motion. And no batteries needed means it just works and continues to work, as opposed to blinking cryptically and then just refusing to do its job when the batteries have gone dead.

Keeps the dog out of the trash. This was the nicest narrowest one i could find for the price. A little high for a trash can but it looks good. 4 stars because stickers were a pain to remove.

This has been what i have looking for forever. No more touching the trash can lids with icky hands. You can pop this lid open with your elbow or hip if your hands are grimy. And the lid stays open for things like peeling potatoes or shucking corn. To top it off, this can is very sleek looking and repels finger prints. Yes, it’s a little pricey but i think it will last a very long time and is well worth the price.

I bought this trash can to replace an old stainless steel trash can that no longer stayed closed. I like trash cans that open with levers at the top (activated by hand) rather than at the bottom (activated by foot), since i have balance problems. The only difficulty i’ve had with this can is that it seems to have been designed to use plastic bags designed by the can’s manufacturer, which don’t fit the inner liner at all unless they are stretched quite a bit. Yet, the white plastic bags from the supermarket are too big for this can. Use the supermarket plastic bags, but twist the front of the bag several times to tighten the top before re-inserting the inner liner into the outer can.

It looks so cool in my kitchen- every part of this can has been thought out- every seem on the lid is finished nicely- doesn’t diff a hole in my wall like the last can- bags are worth getting- push bar works perfectly- omg the vents in the bottom are a huge deal, the bag is so easy to get out- love the ability to rest the inner can a few inches above the rim for easy removal and relining.

I like everything about this can and the bags designed to be used in this can. I was forced to make other accommodations for my trash when grocery stores started charging for bags and this can seemed to be the best alternative for me. I don’t think i could have made a better choice. I was somewhat concerned when some reviews spoke of dents in the can upon arrival but my can arrived in perfect condition due to the excellent packing, consisting of 2 boxes with air packets between them. We had no stainless steel appliances in our kitchen prior to this can and my wife was not happy about adding one but she loves this product.

I absolutely love this trashcan. So glad i went ahead and spent the money. Shines up easily with a quick wipe. Very easy to open with a finger or elbow. Nice to be able to leave it open when i’m cooking. Takes a little longer than i’m used to to put a new bag in, but all the positives make it worth it.

We bought two of these seven years ago in black. One for recycling, one for trash, the little tab on them is easy to open the bin, and the lid makes it so your space doesn’t stink. After 7 years one of the bins’ tops split. We put that bin through a lot so i still believe these are amazing. So i went to buy another bin only to find that simplehuman doesn’t sell black anymore. For me, the black was better because it blends more with décor. Regardless, we bought a new silver one and it’s even better than the design 7 years ago. The way you open and close it is easier (similar, just not exactly the same as last time), and they built in something to keep the bags from billowing.

My son just bought his first home i am hoping to buy him one also.

Good size, tall enough to handle kitchen trash for the family, but thin enough to fit in a fairly small space. The touch-bar is a nice feature and keeps the lid closed. We’ve had plastic ones where eventually the opening piece sprung and would no longer shut. This has been working for us for awhile now (i don’t like doing reviews too soon on expensive items in case they don’t last) so i think it’s passed muster.

I recently bought a new counter depth refrigerator for my new home that is 12′ narrower than the one it replaced. This left me with what i hoped would be the perfect space for a trash can. I found the simplehuman 40 liter trash can and thought it looked simple and modern, much like my new refridgerator. When it arrived i quickly assembled it and slid it into place. I’m so pleased at how good it looks, and how easy it is to use. Shopping online can sometimes be hit or miss, but this was a definite hit.

This trash can is exactly what i was looking for – it is slim and compact, but roomy enough that it doesn’t need to be taken out everyday. The removable plastic interior is one of the biggest reasons why i chose this particular brand over others. Spills/leaks are rare because the liner hardly ever slides down, but in the event that it does, it is so easy to just take the plastic bin out and spray down outside with the hose. The only reason i knocked off a star was because it claims to be ‘fingerprint-proof’ and i was so excited about that. Our refrigerator is also fingerprint-proof stainless steel and i can’t even being to explain how awesome that it is with two little ones running around. I’m sure many families know that the bottom two feet of windows, doors, fridges, etc. Always have tiny little hand/finger prints all over them. Well, this product didn’t quite stand up to my kiddos fingerprints.

So my phone rings at work and it’s my mother in law. ‘did you pay 139 dollars for a trash can??’. And i have to admit to her that i did. She tells me she was afraid i was going to say that because she had fallen in love with mine and was now going to have to spend 139 dollars on a trash canboth of us had purchased an automatic trash can at costco about a year before, and they were like 80 bucks each i want to say. The cans held the big yard waste bags. Within about 6 months the automatic lid stopped working, and even when it did work the thing drove me nuts because it would open when i walked by but not open when i was standing in front of it with meat scraps to throw away. A complete pain in the rear. After the automation stopped working we just took the top off because it was such a pain to get open. So now i had an open container of rotting meat scraps in the kitchen. Yayon top of that, the stupid thing had a rim around the top so that pulling the bag out was difficult.

My husband and i recently downsized into a condo – while the kitchen is really logical, it isn’t overly large. The previous owner had put a small garbage can in a lower cabinet, but as a dedicated amateur chef, that wasn’t going to cut it. Partially because it was entirely too small, partially because it was on the opposite side of the kitchen from where i would be doing any prep work, but mostly because i needed the cabinet space. So the only logical place to leave a garbage can was a pass-through from one end of the kitchen into the main living area. It’s not a huge pass-through, so i needed a narrow can. If pressed, i could put it in the very large pantry, but i preferred to leave it out so i wouldn’t be touching the pantry door with dirty hands. So i needed a tall garbage can that was narrow and attractive, since it was going to be visible from where we hung out most of the time. And i also wanted it to have a slim profile so i could tuck the garbage can out of the way in the pantry if we had company – a lid was necessary to keep smells in hand. While there was a part of me that still can’t believe i paid this much for a garbage can, i don’t regret the purchase one bit. This is a very sturdy, well-balanced can, but it is not overly heavy.

This is a well designed, good looking trash can that has a very slim profile for its capacity. I had a very special application for this trash can. I had a small area behind a seating area, but next to the door inside my rv. I wanted to wall mount this unit and leave room under it for shoes that usually took up that space next to the door. I had to have a trash can with a durable stainless exterior for wall mounting and for looks, and i had to have a lid to control odors, and a durable liner for easy trash removal without a mess and i needed it to be no more than 11′ wide and have flat sides. Boy did this work like a charm. I had to wait on it to arrive for a few weeks (back ordered) but this unit is worth it. Trash is much more easy to manage in the rv, the unit looks great, the can does not rattle while travelling, so it is well built and i got to say i love the lid operation. And i still have room for my shoes next to the door under the can. This is a great can for those that want the capacity, but have space issues.

The look and quality of this trash can is outstanding. The push button and can are good thick stainless steel. The top flips open at a medium speed. And when you close it there’s a solid ‘click’ so you know it’s going to stay closed. I would recommend this style to those floor button models as i’ve had nothing but problems with them in the past. There has an inside plastic container that you can take out and wash from time to time. And your bag fits over that with an eye-hole so you can tighten your bag around it before you put your lid assembly over it to make it look neat and stylish.

We bought this trash can to prevent our large dog from being able to get into it. It did a great job with that (he hasn’t been able to get in yet), and the can looks really nice. I bought two, one for trash and one for recycling. They look really nice side by side and take up less space than what we had before. One ‘issue’ is awkwardly shaped things for recycling don’t fit as well as i’d like, but i did choose the slim rectangular design for a reason, so i knew that going in. My only actual complaint is that the description does make you think you can just bump it with your hip to get it to open, but that’s really only true if it’s backed up against the wall or full, otherwise it just kind of slides the can a little. Overall, i’m very happy with the purchase, and would recommend to others.

We have limited open space in our kitchen but do have a closet (albeit narrow) for garbage storage. I almost hate having it hidden in the closet. The easy press bar is great when my hands are icky, it doesn’t fingerprint and overall is really pretty (if that’s possible for a garbage can). The only only only thing i don’t like is the bottom/inside of the lid is black plastic and so any food that comes up high enough to the lid level or if food is dumped in and hits the plastic, the sides and crevices get gross quickly. Simple human perhaps could have made that part stainless too so it’d be easier to clean?. But really it’s a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things :)100% worth the money.

Love, love, love this trash can. I was really hesitant to spend this much money on a trash can but it’s the best thing ever. You can open the lid when your hands are full with just a bump of your hip. The bag doesn’t get all puffed up with air so things go in right away. The construction means you only have to wipe down the area of the top around the opening because nothing drops around the bag or anywhere else. It’s a great investment and looks good in our kitchen. The 10 year warranty is a big plus.

Nice can, fits our space and most importantly it’s easy to empty, even when the bag is stuffed full.

‘$100+ dollars for a trash can’. That’s the phrase i kept saying to myself as i pondered the good ole college days where my roommate and i simply used an empty 24-pack corona box as our ‘ecofriendly’ garbage container. But then i looked at the sleek lines of this amazingly crafted stainless steel-like trash receptacle and thought, what else am i going to spend my $100 amazon gift card birthday present on. Good job all lower-cased simplehuman.

I wouldn’t think having a trashcan could bring so much joy, and then i got this one. This is the trashcan everyone needs. Fits a ridiculous amount of trash without issue. A soft closing lid that ‘clicks’ easily in and out of place (without a way for little children or pets to get into) and provides a nearly hands-free experience (without all the sensor hand-waving hassle). It’s even finger-print free. I have had it since august 2017 and still that impressed by its design and quality. Seriously, if you’re debating it for the price, stop.

Nothing to say except this is a great, compact touch-bar trash can. I bought one for myself, loved it so much, i bought one for my daughter. She admonished because the can cost so much, but she loves it now. It’s a quality product that’s definitely worth the price.

It’s strange to write a glowing review for a trash can but this truly is the very best trashcan i’ve ever owned. I only had a 12′ space to work with for kitchen and this fit perfectly with only taking up 10′- it is just perfect for my needs. Really like the inner can/receptacle; very deep and seems to hold a lot – i recycle a lot so i’m not using this at volume say a large family would. The lid and touch bar so much better than the prior step lever can- the lid flew up and slammed into wall with that one but this one it’s smooth opening. Stays open if your hands are full or for scraping plates etc so far very pleased- i’m using the simple human liners that came with but won’t buy those but use regular cheaper kitchen bags in future. The stainless fingerprint free finish is as promised and seems better quality than other stainless steel cans i’ve had. I’m recommending this brand to all my friends. Well constructed and designed- worth every penny.

This trash can was to replace an oxo rectangular trash can because the top latch quit working. This simple human trash can is equivalent in size, but the top latch has a built in mechanism that slow opens the lid unlike the oxo. I really like the simple human trash can liners that came with it because they fit perfectly, and they are also thicker (mil) compared to my other trash can liners. The slim design is nice and it fits perfectly in a corner in our kitchen. This simple human trash can is worth the extra money because it is good quality and should last a long time.

Where has this been all my life. This can fit very nicely in our kitchen. It replaced a round step on can that kept moving back into the wall and scraping the paint when it would open. The top touch open and stay open feature is very convenient in a busy kitchen. Easy to remove the trash liner and even the costco brand liners we use fit nicely so that we have no more issues with some items falling between the liner and can. As others have stated, the venting does allow odors to escape, but you can easily control that with taking out the trash.

The can is tall and narrow and fits well in my kitchen. The bags fit well in the can and do not slip down because of the can design that holds the bag in place. The lid pops up with a gentle touch or bump with my hip, however the hip bump doesn’t work well until after the can has some trash in it, otherwise it scoots away from the action. This is a minor inconvenience. The finish of the can resists fingerprints, too.

We purchased the simplehuman touch bar about 2 months ago. We had the same model from oxo but the top opener failed after about four years. Not bad, but when you pay $100 for a trash can you would have expected it to last longer than that. The oxo top flew open with too much force and eventually broke at the spring. The simplehuman is built much better and opens more gently. It bugged us a little to pay $140 for a trash can but it looks like we can keep this for many years and is esthetically very nice in our kitchen. We took off one star because it’s only 40 litres instead of 48, which is the 13 gal.

Attach-A-Trash The Hanging Trash Bag Holder : updated

Fantastic product – replaced a conventional metal attached product which was always falling apart. You are only limited to capacity by the size of the bags you use and you can use grocery bags or regular boxed garbage bags.

However, i didn’t think to measure the door it was going to hang on. My cabinet door is slightly thicker so it doesn’t hang snug as you can see in the picture below. It doesn’t move or fall off though so it serves it purpose.

Did not fit any of our cupboard doors in the camper.

Works nice but now i wish i bought one with a attached lid. Sick of the top fallung into the bag.

Not as sturdy as desired so i returned it for refund.

Love it works just as described. I use it for compost and it doesn’t generally fill up to be very heavy so not sure of weight limits yet. But fits well under the sink on the door.

Attach-A-Trash The Hanging Trash Bag Holder

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Hands Free Trash Bag Holder…No Screws or Installation
  • Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags
  • Eliminates Bulky, Dirty Garbage Cans
  • Holds Up to 10 Pounds
  • Great for Kitchen, Bathroom, Garage, Camping, RV’s & More

We rigged this up to hang off my sons pack and play for his diaper changes and it work quiet well.

I used it for trash and without the bottom, it has more spaces for the trash. I can use any types of plastic bags with it so it is a plus.

I have it over the cabinet below the sink. So handy for peeling potatoes and apples.

I like the small nature of this and it’s very strong but it’s small, and i wish it held a little more.

I love these things, i have a childcare and i use it for dirty diapers, just perfect for the jog, i intended it for especially with the lid and being able to use grocery bags, so it gets taken care everyday.

This is an ingenious product, and perfect for our limited space rv.

Works well over a cabinet door and comes in handy at the sink for drain strainer catchings.

Bought this for our travel trailer works great. The cover is a nice touch if anything smelly is in there.

I agree the lid falls off all the time so had to give up on it. A bit difficult to swap out the trash bag but on the other hand it’s good that it is tight. No leakage but still wish it was a little easier to change. Use in my class b motorhome, holds great to the cabinets, brilliant easy and convenient fix for where to put the trash.

This is pretty good idea- the lid does not stay on right but it is a good deal.

This is a good idea but didn’t work for me. I think it would be a good kitchen scrap bag holder. Basically due to the design limits how much you can fit in the bag.

Attach-A-Trash The Hanging Trash Bag Holder : I really like having a trash bin near the kitchen sink, but our new kitchen doesn’t have much extra space. The attach-a-trash provides just enough capacity for meal prepping and clean-up. If you cook most meals, plan to dispose bags every day or every other day.

Never has money been better spent. This trash bin attaches securely to a kitchen drawer by my work area in the kitchen. As i cook, i conveniently put all remains of food in it throughout the day. End of day, i take the bag out, tie it off, and throw it in my kitchen trash can. No more smelly trash odors in the house even when i have put shrimp shells in it. I absolutely love it and plan to buy them as useful christmas gifts for my family.

This is perfect for my camper. Especially when you have limited room.

I have a small rv and this is a great way to have a large trash can that does not consume space. I love the fact that it has a lid and it really grips the bag even when weighted down by heavy glass bottles. The only reason i deducted a star is that the lid doesn’t clip on – it just lies on top and easily ends up inside the trash bag.

Got this for using in the camper. Perfect size and easy to use with those plastic grocery bags.

Only small issue was the over the door piece was bent so we had to heat up the plastic and manually return it to how it appears in the pictures.

I would prefer that it can come in steel frame material, because the plastic bends overtime.

Oh man this thing is awesome it saves me time traveling back and forth between the trash can and the counter when i’m cooking, just having a little bag right there by my hand to just throw things in, i’m now spoiled.

Although, i did get use to this in the kitchen for cooking, lol. Thought it would be nice to have one for our little half bath room as well.

I hang it inside of my cabinet. It keeps the dogs out of the trash. Maybe i’m doing it wrong but the bag hangs out from the top unlike the picture. It’s still exactly what i need so i love it. I don’t think i put more than 10lbs in it. There’s honestly no room for more. But after maybe five or six trash bags it broke. So this may be the first or second product that doesnt have 5 stars from me.

Super handy to have it on the inside of the cabinet door ~ just swing it open and it’s right there, close it and it disappears.

We use this in our rv & really like it.

Rev-A-Shelf Replacement Waste Bin -50 Quart, Five Stars

Perfect replacement for the originals that came with my cabinets.

I bought this along from amazon and the lid from the manufacturer. What an awesome combination. It fit into my 10 year old cupboard holder that used to hold an umbra. Love the way the cover flips up towards the cabinet and not to the side so that it can be used from either side.

These cans are as efficient as a kitchen can can be. They have right angles at each corner and are not rounded corners. The sides are basically straight (perpendicular from the floor). I was able to fit two of these into a small cabinet and use one for recycling and one for trash. They fit a standard ‘tall kitchen bag’ (e. , glad tall kitchen drawstring bags). They are much more expensive ($35-40 per plastic can) at stores on on other sites, at least when i was looking.

This was exactly what i expected, it arrived on the last day of expected time, and it was packed just right. It fits perfectly, is good quality and i love it.

Arrived quick, bought to fit wooden trash box we bought that came with small bin.

Looks great and good quality. I bought a different brand and thought this would fit. I will use these somewhere else. Can never have too many trash cans.

Exactly what we needed for a replacement.

Key specs for Rev-A-Shelf Replacement Waste Bin White-50 Quart, White:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Rev-A-Shelf
  • RV-50-8
  • Waste Bins

Comments from buyers

“Five Stars
, Love these!
, Looks great and good quality

Perfect replacement for a broken waste bin.

Needed a very specific size, and this is it, to fit inside of a sunny designs sedona trash box.

Fits perfectly in my built in receptacle.

I fit 2 of these in my drawer for waste and recycle.

Took forever to find it works great.

I love these trash cans, they actually fit in my cabinet drewer that was costume cabinets made from the previous owner, i tried getting standard trash cans thinking they would fit but slightly to big but these fit so perfect and look so sleek and nice. My husband is going to make a devider for them inside the drewer.

. Replacement for 1 of a set of 2 cans. Will order again if necessary.

Perfect replacement for the double 35 quart cans that came with my rev a shelf. Save on shipping by ordering 2 of them now.

Call them and ask for a catalog, great items.

These bins are the perfect size for the pull-out trash drawer in our remodeled kitchen. I got one for trash and one for recycling. So far they have held up quite well after about a year of use.

After several purchases and returns at several stores to find the right fit i finally got smart and measured the space and size i needed in a waste basket. This waste basket fit perfect. I could not believe a 50qt would fit when a 30qt would not. I will promise you that you will not be disappointed in this purchase.

Fits perfect in my slide out cabinet.

Lasts for years and easy to clean.

My husband wanted this for a clients kitchen. Works great, easy to install.

Heavy duty, has a small lip to help carry, a little larger handle would be nice improvement, much better than the one we had previously.

Two fit nicely in a 24′ wide pullout installed where there once a second dishwasher.

It’s a trash can, what can you say?.

Didn’t fit where i needed it so had to find new use for it.

Trash and recycle bins for my custom pull out cabinet.

I needed a taller garbage can for my new full height pull out garbage drawer cabinet. This fit the rev-a-shelf double pullout waste container series rv-18pb-2-s to replace the 35 quart shorter containers.

I ordered 2 of these to replace the cracked originals in my recycling unit. Although they are slightly different from the originals they still fit.

I wanted a large freestanding open inexpensive waste bin for recyclables. This container meets each of these criteria perfectly. Big enough but not overwhelming in the kitchen.

Shipped faster than expected and fits my wooden garbage.

Perfect fit for my wooden trash can that i bought it for.

Fits in my kitchenmaid garbage can cabinet perfectly.

Fits perfectly in the space that i need.

I had been looking for a 2nd bin for my kitchen.

We have a pullout draw next to the sink. There are various systems that involved replacing the pullout draw mechanism, but i didn’t see how to put the drawer’s wood face onto them, so i needed two bins of very specific size: one for non-flat recycling, one for trash. A lot of bins that fit in the drawer were a little short. At one point, i had one size for garbage that was taller, but because of its shape, the recycling bin had to be shorter. They fit the drawer perfectly – mostly because i measured over and over again the footprint, the airspace, the length, height and width. The only unfortunate thing was i didn’t account for the knob on the shallow drawer above the garbage drawer. So, the recycling bin lid opens, but not very wide unless i muscle it around. What i love about having two bins exactly the same is that i can take the garbage and recycling out at the same time, and the recycling bin liner becomes the new garbage bag – i just switch the green and white lids (acquired separately), and i put in a new garbage bag as the recycling bin liner. At first, i was a little disappointed there were no spring loaded lids for these. That is the part that always broke in one way or another with all the prior bins we had, and i was always trying to keep them going as long as i could with new springs or superglue. Also, sometimes the spring wouldn’t catch, and we’d have to open the drawer slowly and get our fingers to push down the spring lid as we opened it further.

Rev-A-Shelf – RV-18PB-2 S – Double 35 Qt, Got space back in my kitchen!

I get paper bags from the grocery store because they fit perfectly in the provided bins. Installation -had a problem with the water taps hitting the top rim of the top can, i removed a 1 inch section from the middle and taped back together so it clears the top now. Way better solution than notching the rim- structurally it’s still rigid. Tips:if it’s going under the sink anyone doing a new kitchen should put the taps, drainage, and disposal to one side to make sure there is enough clearance on top and back, this thing is deep.

We did some remodeling and finally had a cabinet where we could install this. It went in pretty easy and it works wonderfully. I love having the garbage out of site. These cans don’t have lids which in a way would be nice but in another way. You would have to open them every time. Now we just open the cabinet door and put things in. They are not huge cans and we empty often so no problems. I use a standard 13 gallon trash bag and it works great. It slides in and out nice and smoothly.

Anything rev-a-shelf worth purchasing just redid whole kitchen installed r-a-s in every base cabinet, pantry and slide out for tray over fridge great product.

I bought this to replace an older rev-a-shelf system that had completely fallen apart. I was very disappointed in the quality/durability of the old system, so was reluctant to buy this one. However, the quality of this seems much better. Pros: easy to install, pretty much. This is more of a $50 item than $180. Also, you may need to add risers to the bottom of your cabinet to accommodate this as the directions assume the bottom of the cabinet it flat. I’ve added a picture — i had to add 3 inch strips of 1/4 poplar wood to both sides of the bottom of my cabinet. I also bought 1 inch screws that were a tad longer than the ones included.

I love this system and can’t believe i waited so long to buy this. It was fairly easy to install (for a tiny person who fits under the counter easily). It slides nicely and feels sturdy even when both cans are full. After a few days of using this, i broke down and ordered the kit that attaches the cabinet door to the front of the sliding rack, so i don’t have to open the door, slide the rack, then close the door. I highly recommend that if you’re installing this. (rev-a-shelf heavy duty door mount kit)the sliding shelf made a huge difference in our small kitchen. No more ugly trash cans sitting out. (and the door mount kit makes it even better, especially when i’m busy and only have 1 free hand.

So this is a review from an amateur diy guy and by no means a pro. I just bought the dual-bin slide-out with door mount kit. Previously, i had just the slide-out unit behind a standard cabinet door. I will say the longevity is questionable, since this appears to be the same product that was originally installed in my home, which was completely worn out after just a few years. After installing this replacement, it already rubs and grinds a little. I even removed and reinstalled it to make sure it’s straight, but that didn’t help. Installation overview: maybe it’s just my luck, but it took me a couple hours to install the whole system and have it look decent. Mostly trial and error on my part. Install details: instructions for the door kit say the door is plenty adjustable, but realistically, there is only vertical adjustment. Double sided sticky tape is provided to assist with attaching the door to the brackets with screws.

 my husband always gets irritated at me because i buy stuff, and think i can install it myself. Half way through i always end up saying ‘can you help me a minute’ and then he finishes the job. As soon as my rev-a-shelf arrived i got to work. It fit perfectly under my cabinet (and i have an old house with old cabinets) and sink. We just remodeled and put in a new sink so i completely forgot to measure to see if the top of the trash can would hit the sink – so don’t forget that your sink may be lower than the opening of the door. Luckily mine has about 1/2′ clearance when the trash cans are inside.

Key specs for Rev-A-Shelf – RV-18PB-2 S – Double 35 Qt. Pull-Out White Waste Containers with Full-Extension Slides:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • (2) White 35 quart containers with White frame and mounting hardware
  • 100lb Full-Extension Ball-Bearing slide system
  • Removable handle
  • Optional door mount kit available (RV DM KIT sold separately)
  • Optional Rev-A-Shelf lids available, sold separately

Comments from buyers

, pantry and slide out for tray over fridge GREAT
, In this house we hide trash – just like we do with feelings- great product, well made

One bigger size and the next size down. I then purchased the door bracket to have one handle for easy access. We’re still in the process of the remodel but it’s coming together. I will buy rev a shelf items in the future.

Fits perfectly in our 18′ cabinet. I was under the impression this had a soft self close feature like i saw a review on youtube but i was wrong. That was a bit disappointing but i didn’t want to deal with returning it and paying more for one with that feature so i modified mine. 22′ soft close full extension slides can be purchased at home depot for $20. I purchased those and some bolts and mounted them to mine. Now i have the soft close feature and it took me about 30 minutes to modify them. The cage that the cans sit on unscrew and i drilled holes in the new railing and screwed them back to the cage. The mounts which bolt to your cabinet are riveted to the slides. Drilled those out and use a #8 machined screw and nut.

Once you have these you will never go back to regular trash cans. This works so well: slides in and out smoothly, holds two nice size bins, fits into most cabinets. I highly recommend getting the front mount for single hand use. It’s a separate item, and about $20, but it makes it into a one-handed-open. Works fine no matter where it’s mounted. We had this in a custom home we bought and it was a $400/option. In this new house, doing it with this kit, much less expensive and it’s easier to keep clean. Took me about 20 minutes to unpack, read directions, grab tools, and install. Took my hubby another 8 minutes to install the front brackets (separate product). You will have to bend down and crawl between tight areas to tighten screws inside the cabinet. Again, you’ll wonder how you lived without you trash/recycling hidden.

I tried several ways of containing my garbage and recycling to one cupboard. Nothing worked well and i was tired of the frustration of not having a good place to put recycling items. I finally gave in and purchased this item. I think it took longer to assemble the metal frame than it did to actually install it. 15 minutes at the most from start to finish and i’m a girl. I also ordered the brackets to attach the cupboard door. Installation time of 15 minutes does not include attaching the door. My cupboard is quite a bit taller than the wastebaskets so i was able to fit the box of garbage sacks under the rear basket. That was a nice surprise since they would no longer fit in the cupboard otherwise.

Who knew i’d be excited about my trash cans?. I just installed this so my review will be mostly based on that. I’m a sahm who occasionally likes to prove to my husband that i can do a diy completely on my own. I was able to install this plus the door attachement in one hour with my 12 mo old crawling all over me. It was really easy and made even easier with an electric screwdriver. Instructions were clear and easy to read. They were written by someone who has a complete understanding of the english language and knows how to explain things. My kitchen now feels high end. I’m glad i spent the money on this.

Most folks might want this under a sink. If 99 of 100 sinks are double, both cans won’t fit because of plumbing. (i see from the photo where ‘extra’ bits are meant to go. This is a quality full pull glider. I installed one can that is very convenient now. And put the other in a dark corner to put ‘big’ recycle stuff that would fill a single can too quickly. All in all i’m happy i bought this. But be prepared to install it ‘intuitively’ .

Who knew that moving your trash and recycle bin off the floor would make such a huge difference?. I sure didn’t – not until i got this. I installed it myself in about 10 minutes and it has been such a life changer. The only thing i would recommend is, since there are no lids – put a little container of baking soda inside the cabinet to reduce the trash smell – or get lids?. The containers are not large enough to hold a whole bunch of trash anyway, so we change out the trash bags about twice a week (family of four). We use one bin for trash and one for recycling and both are dumped about twice a week.

 speed of delivery ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ quality of the product ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⏰ minus one star because only time will telll. Ease of install ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ minus one star for incomplete directions – and i get it. . Directions are provided for just about everything else, except the final component. . The handle – but incomplete directions, just feel lazy & unprofessional. By the way putting the handle on just requires looking at the photograph and squeezing the “u” shade connector hard enough.

This worked perfectly for my location. It is made well with a very smooth slide-out mechanism. Because of the placement of the pipes under my sink, i had to make some adjustments to make it work. I had only enough room for one of the trash cans so i cut down the second one and i use it for trash bag liners, dishwasher soap, refills of dish liquid soap and brillo pads. I could have used one trash can by itself but needed the trash can to be used with the flat part side-to-side and not front-to-back and also wanted the slide-out option to keep everything well organized. This is exactly what i needed and an excellent product.

(sort of a no brainer: make sure you measure your cupboard frame before you buy this. Measurements listed on the site are accurate)i’ve had it installed for just over a month. The mechanism is smooth and easy to operate. I turned one of my poorly leveraged cabinets into my garbage/recycle and i’m so happy to have the space back in the kitchenat first i was worried about a slightly smaller trash capacity than my free-standing can i was getting rid of, but the kitchen space gained is worth it and i’m forced to take the smelly trash out more often ;-)installation was a piece of cake, just a few screws. My only advice is make sure to give yourself a enough room on the sides so it doesn’t catch the trash liner and tear it.

Perfect laundry room solution for sorting laundry without the huge expense of revamping the entire laundry room cabinetry. Very sturdy and perfect for separating just the right sized load.

Just received this, pulled out a shelf and installed it by myself. The product seems well made. And i love not having a trash can out in the open in my kitchen.

The rev-a-shelf install was ridiculously easy. From unboxing to installation the process took right at 15 minutes. And the bulk of that was removing a shelf from inside the cabinet. The slides are smooth and the unit itself is sturdy once properly secured. The cans seem durable, and hefty cinch sacks 13gal fit well. I’ve got the door kit as well, so that will be the next mini-project. I’m impressed with the design and i’ll update as needed if there are any build quality issues. So far, this is a must-buy for kitchens where a trash can placement in the open would be an issue.

I installed this rev-a-shelf along with the door mount kit and the girlfriend approves. Slides very effortlessly, but i did make sure it was all nice and square before securing the 4 mounting screws to the cabinet base. Make sure you visit rev-a-shelfs website and check the part numbers to make sure you get the right size. Most of my 15′ cabinets which fit the 35qt didn’t have room so i had to return this 35qt and use a 12′ cabinet with the 27qt trash can version of this product. One note to installing, dry mount the door kit for your cabinet if you’re using it before securing it. I took this advice from another review and it made it easier. If you install it, then use the door mount, you can’t easily get the right depth. By putting the door mount kit on first and putting it in the middle adjustment depth you can then install the actual slide rails at the perfect depth for when it closes it actually latches in. This way it doesn’t just bump against the cabinet face as a ‘stop’ point. Mine actually catches and hits the rubber slider ends to ‘hold’ the trash cans in right as the cabinet door goes flush to the cabinet face.

This little unit brought a year to my eye. It’s poetic curves, strong silent steel and a smooth glide that will leave you feeling weak in the knees. The plastic bins are trusty classics that never fail. They are elegant and mysterious, and everything that one desires of a plastic bin. I can spend hours pulling this out and pushing it back in. The sound it makes is similar to that of a flight atop and eagle with gossamer wings. I also feel like a secret champion because i got a free handle. Oh how i revel in my own personal rose tinted world. I alone posses the only handle amoung the millions of units sold. For as i peered through the amazingly detailed instructions, for which there is no comparison, i did not find a picture nor a mention of this elusive handle.

I wanted a pull out shelf for the trash can under my kitchen sink but was having trouble finding one that was oriented the direction i needed in order to get the can in without the plumbing being in the way. It comes with two trash cans. They are nice and tall, so you can get a bit more trash in them. Since only one fit with my plumbing , i’m using the other elsewhere. I had hubby cut down the old trash can to a height that would clear the plumbing in the back of the cabinet (jig saw works great) and i’m using it behind the main can. This provided a bit more storage in that wasted space and helps the can not flop around in the drawer. ( there is a kind of wire divider between the two and they do provide brackets to use to hold one can by itself but my plumbing was even in the way of that. ) it also makes a great spot for storing some of the bulkier items under the sink. They are well built, sturdy and easy to install.

We have two large dogs who are so well-behaved you’d almost think they were trained that way. But we all have a dark side, and for these dogs it’s an affinity for the trash receptacle. I tried everything, including an $80 trash can. Alas, these otherwise dim-witted animals can out-think anything with a latch. Often times the dogs forget where the trash is, and when i open and close the drawer for trash and recycle; it flashes in their goldfish-brains for a second only to out-smart them again by completely disappearing into the cabinets. It’s wonderful and keeps me from losing my cool after a long day at work, whining kids, and a terrible commute home only to find the kitchen trash spread across the entire floor. This rarely happens now, unless someone forgets to close the drawer all the way. Edit:those f&^*&^ng dogs can open this now. Still cool aesthetically in the kitchen, but no longer functions for the reason i purchased it.

This is just what i was needing for an under cabinet trash bin. I was tired of seeing my trash can sitting out on my kitchen floor. I wanted a pull out bin but didn’t want to sacrifice the amount of space for trash. Some of the bins on the pull outs are on the small size, not so on this one. And, i love the fact that this one has two good sized bins and still fits in my standard depth cabinet. I am using the front one for all trash and back one for paper only. Standard 13 gal trash bags fit perfectly in the bins. The handle on the front bracket is great, it keeps you from having to touch the garbage bin.

I’ve been wanting to order this for a while, but recently my dogs have taken an interest in my trash can so i decided it was time to do it. I also have recycling that comes each week, but since i didn’t have a separate container i never really leveraged it except for large items. I also ordered the brackets which attach it directly to the cabinet door which i highly recommend, but the rest of the review is about this product specifically. The installation of this item is super simple.I had this installed in the cabinet of desire in less than 15 minutes. It literally might have taken me as long to get the shelf out of the cabinet because of those darn clips than to install this. Upon arrival, the base unit ships in a single piece, and then you just snap the wire frames for the bins into place. I never measured my cabinet, even before ordering. The awesome part about this being a bottom mount piece is the width of the cabinet isn’t all that important as long as it is minimally wide enough. I’m usually pretty anal about measurements and installations being an engineer, but this looked simple enough i just eye-balled it.

Packaging and delivery: this product comes in a heavy-duty cardboard box. Product was ordered on a saturday and arrived 9 days later on monday. Contents: as a pleasant surprise, this product comes fully assembled. The only extras are 4 screws and what appears to be a removable handle. I was pleasantly surprised that the two black waste baskets were included. I thought i’d have to buy those separate. Build: everything is very sturdy. The rollers are heavy-duty and fully-extendable. The waste baskets fit snug, and the unit does not move or shake around. It has a well-built feel to it.

Fits an 18” base cabinet like a charm. With about 1 3/8” clearance from the cabinet carcass sides. Install such that the rubber bumpers on the front are at the same depth as the back surface of the face frame (if you have face frame cabinets). I highly recommend the adapter brackets that allow you to directly attach the door to the pull out. It gives a much more polished look and removes the step of opening the door first before pulling out the bins (and, the potential for causing damage if you try to close the door without pushing the pullout all the way back in).

I have wanted to do this for a few years, so when we moved into our new house i just decided to not wait for my husband to install a roll out garbage bin and just to it myself. I had no problem following the directions and it took me 1/2 a nap time (about an hour) to stall the whole thing including the door mount hardware. My 6 yr old son did help out screwing in the back screw attaching the base to the cabinet, but i could have done it no problem. We have been using it for the last 2 months and it has worked great. Very sturdy, we put recycling in the back and garbage in the front. So stop waiting for your husbands to out fit your kitchen ladies, take the screwdriver into your own hands and just to it yourself.

Very little assembly required. One only needs to snap in place the upper bars that keep the containers upright. Per the included instructions, you will need a drill to make pilot holes for the screws that anchor the rev-a-shelf. I’m a big guy so it was a bit of a challenge to screw the two rear screws. Please note that this does not come with covers, so when checking the dimensions of your cabinet door opening, be sure to account for the covers (if you plan to use them). Also, if the cabinet is under a drawer that has a handle, make sure that your depth dimension (from the front of the cabinet to back) accounts for pulling the shelf far enough for the flip cover of the rear container to clear any drawer handles. On mine, the back flip cover does hit the handle, but i can’t bring out the rev-a-shelf any further. This is not a knock on the product. That’s just the limitations of my particular kitchen cabinet.

Very nice quality setup for placing garbage bins inside a cabinet. All mounting hardware was included and instructions were easy to follow. Had plenty of clearance to mount within the cabinet and i may have missed the details but was pleasantly surprised to find it came with two garbage bins. I purchased the optional face mount so you can pull the entire drawer out with a handle on the cabinet instead of opening the cabinet. Everything installed without an issue and looks great.

I love that it comes with 2 trash cans and they fit perfect under my standard single cabinet. It came in a bunch a pieces in an unidentified box with absolutely no instructions for installation. It was a guessing game that took a few trial and errors to get it to work correctly and we’re handy people. It would have installed in a fraction of the time had it just come with some installation directions. I’m not sure where this is really coming from and i didn’t get an open box price if it was already used and returned. Don’t forget to order the door attachment pieces separately if you want the system to slide out when you open the door. These came in a manufacturer’s box with overly detailed instructions.

I just received and installed this unit, about 15 minutes is all it took. Seems to slide very nice and smooth. Placed the cans in the unit everything fits great plenty of clearance which was good because i purchased the ids for the cans as well. Placed the lids on and still have clearance. I was very pleased with all of this because i built the island and made sure my measurements would receive this product with the measurements i was provided. The unit is placed in the center of one side of the island with a single door and a drawer above it similar to how the company has their product picture. The lids to the containers are hinged so that it might help with odors and generally keep the cabinet tidy looking. The one container i am using for recycle and placed a green recycle lid on that, the other container to the rear will be used for dog food so i placed a white lid on that. The back container does not come out far enough so that the hinged lid will clear the drawer above it. I have the track system back about an inch from the front of the cabinet which if i moved it the hinged lid would miss the drawer but will not open due to the handle of the drawer being in the way. Since i need a lid on the containers i’m keeping all that i purchased. The hinged lid will be used as a lift off lid, but i just wanted to point this out to anyone making a purchase of these items.

This product is very well-made. My daughter installed it for me. What a pleasure to have garbage and recycling hidden from view. I should have done this look ago. I’ve bought other rev-a-shelf products to make reaching everything in my cabinets a snap. As a senior citizen, it’s a blessing not to have to kneel or bend to get to stuff.

Mounted in conjunction with the dm17 door mounting kit. This easily fits inside my 36′ sink cabinet although i use this on the other side from the sink. You obviously cannot mount it under the sink directly for there would be pipes in the way, etc. The screws that mount the back to the cabinet floor. Way too small as other reviews have pointed out. Those 2 screws will be under the most stress when you slide out the rack all the way and perhaps push down on the trash can to cram it down so you don’t have to be the one to empty the bag 🙂 i replaced those back screws with heavy duty cement backerboard scews. The wood will fail before the screws do. I recommend you do the same. Other than that, it went together in minutes.

Let me first comment on the end product: this is a very high quality pull-out waste basket system that is meant to be installed in an open cabinet with either an existing hinged door or an attached door. I had to do a little bit of research on rev-a-shelf. Com to be sure that i was buying the model that fits my cabinet, since the descriptions here on amazon are less than adequate. So be sure to cross-reference the model number with their website to ensure you are buying the right model. Further, i had to do a little research to find a model that can be used to replace my old pull out system with my old cabinet door. Rest assured, the model i am reviewing can be used for exactly that purpose. Be aware because some of the rev-a-shelf models are made only for swing out doors and are not meant to be attached to a door as this model is. Also, although it looks like this model comes with a door, it only includes the inner system itself and it is meant to be attached to an existing cabinet door. It also comes with two very nice trash bins, all packaged neatly and safely together. When all is said and done, this is a very sturdy and attractive set that looks and feels to be of very high quality.

I needed a sturdy under-cabinet mounted and slide-out trash can holder and since i had previously bought, installed & used a lighter-weight product for 5 years in another house, am pleased to report that this choice was a major improvement over that one. This is a heavy-duty, well-made product that delivers exactly what i wanted: smooth slide action, trash can capacity (at 35 qts that’s the largest plastic can that will fit inside a cabinet in a slider-13 gal. I wanted double cans since i wanted to recycle in one while using the other for more appropriate trash. It came with an extra feature that wasn’t in the sales information or even in the product sheets in the box when it arrived. It came with a 7′ long u-shaped piece of metal with black clips on the ‘horseshoe’ ends and, in spite of having no direction from the installation manual, i clipped it onto the top front rail of the slider metal body frame. It’s a ‘pull-out’ handle for the whole slider that i never had missed or thought of before since no other products i’ve seen have one. After using this for the past two weeks, what a great feature. No more grabbing the edge of the plastic can to pull the whole thing out, sticking your fingers into old garbage and it rotates up or down, as you want to use it, and then sitting flush with the rest of the fixture so you can close the cabinet door. Now that i’ve used one, i’d never do without it.

We have been using this pull out trash can feature for about a year now, and i don’t know how we ever lived without it. Previously, we had to carry trash across the room to a trash can; having a trash receptacle next to the sink is wonderful. The product is great quality and was quite easy to install. As in the picture, we’re able to fit two decent sized plastic cans inside. We use one for trash and one for recycling. I had wondered if the cans would be too small, but for us, they are a great size. In our family of two, we usually fill up the cans 1-2 times per week.

Good idea but not practical for me. I installed but then when doing the dishes, i hated to have to open the drawer and pull garbage cans out. Also, 35 liters is really small for a regular kitchen size garbage. The last gripe is that i left garbage in there 2 days and it had already stunk the entire cabinet.I ordered the very expensive garbage can lids and then realized this just added to my aggravation. Now i had to open the cabinet, pull out garbage cans and also pull off lid, then do all steps in reverse just for a banana peel. All this seems like a lot when you are trying to also clean up and finish dishes. I returned and used money for a good looking can that has a step opener. Looks good, easy to use and i can use with no hands.

Rev-A-Shelf Dbl 35 QT Top Mount Waste Container Quart, The trash/recycle cans are good sized and I love having near the sink

Freed up space and wasn’t too bad to install.

Poor instructions that could be made much easier by the addition of a paper template. Also not as smooth as i expected despite adjusting numerous times.

Takes some time/patience to install, but works great.

The ‘soft close’ is a little stiff initially to pull out/open and does take some effort. It’s worth a little extra money for the hardware to mount directly to the cabinet door, and not have to open the cabinet, then pull your trash can out. Very good design, very clear instructions, very sturdy. If you actually own a drill driver, level, mearsuring tape and carpenter sense ( without having to borrow any of these) you should be able to install within an hour no problem.

The base for the cans, does not butt up against the front door, so i had to seal it myself with some caulking. And it doesn’t close well all the way. Kind of have to give it an extra push. I like the product otherwise, i guess, i mean, my trash isn’t out in plain sight.

It took the place of a compactor. Set up took a little longer than expected, but that was not due to the product, but rather the box that it went in to. I would not hesitate to purchase this.

Would have given 5 stars but the installation directions were very weak and it’s not an easy job. My husband can put together anything but this one was difficult as there was no way to tell how far apart or high up to mount the brackets. Once installed, it’s awesome and works great.

Key specs for Rev-A-Shelf Dbl 35 QT Top Mount Waste Container Quart, Natural:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • (2) Silver 35 quart containers with Wood frame for 1-1/2″ face frame cabinet and mounting hardware. 150lb Full-Extension Soft-Close slide system with over travel. . Adjustable depth from 22-1/2″ to 24-1/2″. Intended for cabinet opening exactly 15″. Note: Top-Mount Waste containers come in many different widths as they are specific to a cabinet opening to function properly. Intended for cabinet opening exactly 15″.

Comments from buyers

“Difficult install, instructions need complete overhaul
, What I knew: My new cabinet was an 18”
, Amazing product! If you close it gently

Good product, but as others mentioned, terrible install directions. They have extra you tube video and a ‘tips & tricks’ sheet you can print, but none of the directions tell you about having to have the rails spaced a specific distance apart. I do a lot of dyi projects, and this install took 3-4 hours, with a lot of trial and error. Revashelf needs better instructions.

What i knew:my new cabinet was an 18′ cabinet. What i did not know:my new cabinet has a 14. 5′ opening and this model will not fit and must be returned for the correct size. I ordered it while the cabinets were still in boxes in my garage prior to being assembled. I suppose it’s not rev-a-shelf’s fault that not all 18′ cabinets are standard 15′ openings, so i’ll just deduct a star – mainly wanted to post a review to save someone else from having the hassle of finding the right trash can fittings.

I like the auto close feature.

5” wide but i just chiseled an opening 15” wide for it to fit (see photo). I had some extra 1/2” cabinet material that i used for a backer plate for the slides (see photo). Directions aren’t that hard if you understand basic math and instructions. The screws aren’t labeled but 3 very distinct types of screws and easy to figure out where they go. Slides very nicely and is soft close.

But, what the instructions noted as an estimated 45 job turned into a head scratching 3 hour job. Our handyman would have done better without their instructions. The first pieces of hardware that was put on (as per the instructions) were the pieces that was preventing the unit from going all the way into the cabinet. So, they were ultimately removed. Now, all is right with the world.

The description of the rear bracket installation was not based in reality. Luckily in the instructions there was mention of a rev-a-shelf youtube channel. Oh wait, this particular model isn’t found there.Well a 40 minute job took 1-1/2 hrs of head scratching and amusement. After erasing them from my mind, i was better off not referring to the instructions. With a little common sense along with some trial and error, the brackets were mounted and the cabinet face installed. The usa distributor should really update the instructions for us poor american folk. Other than that, it works fine. A little stiff on the release, and a bit of slider noise, but functional.

Took a little time to install but works great.

Shameful instructions, not the normal translated from chinese by someone that only speaks 5 words of english instructions, no these seem to be written by someone who has installed this 500 times and assumes you know how to do it and only need a bare reminder. The instructions assume you have stock cabinetry, my standard size cabinet with inset doors (not rare by any means) is not accounted for at all. I went through the instructions several times before i could figure out why they made no sense. Finally figured out the issue and went to the youtube channel it lists on the instructions to pull up the installation video so i could at least see how it should work and was just amazed to find out they do not actually have an installation video for this model, the one they do have a video for installs in a completely different way. Went to the link for the pdf for the helpful hints and found out it only discusses how to get the soft close to work after the install. Useless and a waste of my time – don’t send me to youtube if you do not have anything there for me to watchleft to my own devices, the lack of any proper dimensions on the drawings made it difficult to reverse engineer how to make these work in my cabinets, but i eventually made it work by ripping down a 2×4 to stub out the side of the cabinet. Other no-nos in the instructions include having different dimensions for different models in the same instructions – stop trying to save a dime and have dedicated instructions for this model. It tells you to use certain screws, and the different types of screws come in their own bags, but they are not labeled so you have to pull out your tape measure and try to figure out which screw they are talking about. The instruction step for screwing in the back plate did not say which screw to use at all and i chose the wrong one, leaving me with finding my own screws when attaching the cabinet door. That is actually fine, given the weight of this thing, especially once loaded with trash, i was very wary of the small screws they gave to attach this to the cabinet and went back and used better screws throughout.

This is a bit of a nightmare to install, but once we listened to the other reviews and threw out the instructions, it was much easier. Save yourself the headache and read the installation tips in the reviews, not the instructions that come with the bins. That said, these look great and have functioned very well.

Beautiful and simple to work it.

This product is — mostly — great. I am so happy with the extra space in my small kitchen. The barrels are designed to hold a 13 gallon bag perfectly. We have one 13 gallon plastic bag in the front bin, and in the rear bin i use any old paper bags from the grocery store to easily store and empty my recyclables (see picture). The reason for docking one star is that after about a year the glider mechanism no longer works well. However — i guarantee that this is entirely because my house is full of my kids’ friends most days of the week, and there’s no way i can stand by and police the cabinet, and explain that you do not need to push the trash cabinet all the way closed. It is a soft-close mechanism. So all you need to do is get it mostly closed, then it will glide closed the rest of the way by itself. But most people (adults included) will go to close it, see that it ‘stops’ an inch or two short, and instead of waiting for it to close itself (which it used to do beautifully) will push on the door and force it closed thinking they’re being helpful. So after loads of forced closings, i’m not surprised it’s wearing out.

Difficult to install, but once in – it works great.

Easy to install if you a handy person. Worst part was measuring where to install the brackets. The rails are designed to flex as long as you space them far enough apart. Instructions were minimal, poor in my opinion, and bracket placement only became apparent after i installed. No big deal, i adjusted the rails and the remainder of the install was fine. The product itself is very solid and gets a lot of use in our house.

After reading the reviews i decided to have a trim carpenter install it, which worked out nicely. The soft close feature seems very stiff. You have to give it a good tug to get it open. Overall it seems very sturdy and i’m glad i bought it.

This is a very good product as almost all rev-a-shelf items are. I ended up sending this back because i was trying to step up to wood roll out trash on a project. This application would have been difficult to make it work. We went back to our original plan and used the rv 18kd-18c-s.

Neither myself or my able handyman could get this to fit to the width of our under the counter cabinet. He ended up using some miscellaneous plywood and attaching it to the sides of our existing cabinet walls and then installing this to the plywood. He also did indeed end up using his own hardward as well. All in all it was a difficult installation, but now works well and looks nice. My old set up had three cans which i prefer since we do lots of recycling, but these two cans are somewhat larger reducing trips to the curbside refuse container. Since our old cabinet door was a swing out it had a knob on the side, but we didn’t want to leave a hole there so we just added a cup handle to the middle since it now slides out. So much nicer to slide out then to open a door and then pull a rusty old shelf out just to throw out a piece of trash.

Installation instructions were lacking but the product was very high quality and works great.

My hubby had no trouble installing. The trash/recycle cans are good sized and i love having near the sink. The soft-close, slides work perfectly with the door fully seating.

I’m pretty happy with it so far. I’ve had to adjust it twice since i installed it, and the instructions kind of suck. It’s sleek, and works as it should. Better than a can under the sink.

Directions not good at all but quality product.

Excellent but needed a handyman to instal it.

Paritually my fault for not realizing this would not work in a double door cabinet. It needs side walls inside for rails to mount to. They should provide an adjustable front mount kit so the rails can mount like the rear. Otherwise hardware is good quality and i like the soft close features.

Great product and very easy to install. Well built and will last for years.

Great 2 basket recycle unit for retrofit in kitchen.

Cook N Home 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Kitchen Compost Bin – A big improvement

I had a plastic bin for 30 years. I cut down a gallon sized vinegar bottle to fit inside, then put in a biodegradable bag and load it up. Easy to take outside to the compost bin.

I’ve tried out numerous compost kitchen counter buckets/containers and this is by far my favorite so far. It actually has two filters and they work really well. I’ve had it for a couple of months and there is no sign of rusting. I like the handle and that it has a rubber wrap in part of it. I have nothing negative to say about it so far.

It looks great and has no smell. I put my coffee grinds, paper towels and all my veggie and fruit scraps. Then i throw it into my compost. This holds just enough you don’t have empty everyday. I keep it on my counter next to my cutting board, it’s stainless so it goes with everything.

Exactly what i wanted, my last bucket was ceramic, looked nice but chipped and then busted. I maybe able to dent this one, but it will still be usable.

The charcoal filter in the top and the biodegradeable bags i purchased separately make for an odorless kitchen counter compost.

I really like this because the filter is really good which i realize because normally i have a really strong sense of smell and i can’t smell anything with this.

I put it under the sink and fill or pull it out as needed. When the lid is on, i don’t smell a thing. It really holds a lot so that i don’t have to empty it daily like i was with a smaller one i had.

Seems like nice quality, and arrived very quickly. I have been using it for about a month, right on my kitchen counter with no odor, and the unit is very attractive. The only reason i didn’t give it 5 stars is that it didn’t come with any instructions or paperwork,which being new to composting would have been helpful.

It looks good, and it is easy to clean. I prefer it to ceramic bins i have used in the past.

I have been using this bin for 2 1/2 months at the time of this review. I purchased it because i wanted a stainless steel bin with fluted sides, and this was the best deal i could find for this style at the time. It is easy to clean, lives up to its description, looks nice in my kitchen, and washes clean without residual odors (it gets emptied at least once a week). This product comes with two filters that are barely 1mm thick, which is very thin. I did not remove a star from my review since the filters should be replaced regularly anyway. I simply recommend buying extra, thicker filters at the time you purchase this item so you can replace the cheap ones included with this product as soon as you need (or right away).

This looks like a good option for a counter top compost bin. Comfortable grip on the handle which is a nice feature.

Came looking just like picture and as described in advertisement. Controls smell with charcoal filters that work exceptionally well. Very decorative and easy to use and to clean up.

Before we had bugs and fruit flys all the time. Not to mention the smell of rotting food. Nastywith this and the filter attached to the top, good to goi feel much better about composting now. Remember to pick up replacement filters. Here are the specifications for the Cook N Home 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Kitchen Compost Bin:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Made with brushed stainless steel to match any kitchen design and is neutral/non-reactive
  • Natural charcoal filter under the lid minimizes odor and is best changed every 6 months
  • Lid fits securely for sealing off smell; Metal handle with a soft silicone wrap for comfort
  • 1 gallon size holds plenty of vegetable and fruit waste and fits easily on most countertops
  • Measures: 8 by 11 by 8 inches, 2 lb; Rust/stain resistant; Remove filter and wipe to clean

Look just fine on the counter and holds by coffee grounds and egg shells to be disbursed in the garden.

No, i can’t say that i love an object.

I love it, nice size, great look, much better than the ceramic one. I kept hitting it and getting hairline cracks, not a good idea for a compost bin on the counter. This is bigger and i like the stainless steel look, cleans up well.

I love the stainless steel look, goes well in my kitchen. The tall and slender container fits nicely on my counter without taking up much space. Easy to grab and go to the compost pile. I never smell anything, nice filter at the top.

What an upgrade from a plastic slimy bucket. Lightweight, grip handle, still gets air from the holes, but no smell because of filters. Good price and overall great buy.

I was worried that saving egg shells, veggie leftovers would start to smell if not emptied very regularly. I use a very small (xtra, xtra small) trash can liner in it because the compost bin liner available through amazon is not biodegradable anyway. I can sometimes get a couple uses out of the same bag. The handle ‘foam’ is also a dark blue and not black, just in case it matters to you.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Buy Replacement Filters
  • Doesn’t Smell At All – Out of the Box Review
  • Love it! I had a plastic bin for 30

I love that my composting habit is no longer stinking up my kitchen. This sturdy, high-quality and well-made bucket is my new favorite kitchen tool. I compost kitchen scraps on a daily basis but do not always get out to the compost bin. My kitchen scraps can rot away happily in this can for almost a week (heaven forbid) and there is still absolutely no smell. Even on hot days when i’m not running the a/c in the house. The double charcoal filters are the key here. I am really impressed, and quite frankly when first purchasing, i didn’t think it would work as well as advertised. It’s been four months, let’s cook n home stainless steel kitchen compost bin, 1-gallonsee how those filters hold up at 6 months and i’ll write an update.

I’d never composted prior to getting this bin, so i can’t really compare it to any other product. That being said, i’ve been using this bin for about four months now, and it’s still working like a champ. I use it straight-up as it came with no liner, and i haven’t seen any signs of leaking or rusting. It’s easy to clean, and it really does keep the smell contained. I have noticed that my kitchen scraps tend to get moldy pretty quickly in it, but i think that’s to be expected to some extent. As long as you empty the bin out frequently, it shouldn’t be an issue.

It’s durable, and it has a thick filter on the cover, which i really like. I was worried it would smell in the kitchen, but it doesn’t. I wish it were a little bigger, but at the same time, i like that it doesn’t take up too much room – it’s a good balance, i guess.

I’d recommend getting the can liners though, the can will rust at the bottom without them.

Excellent storage for food scraps before trip to compost bin. Thicker gauge stainless steel with nice rubberized handle. Sides are slightly corrugated for stiffness – smart design. Filter holds out nicely, so far (two months of use). Nothing to rust, nothing to scratch.

I like everything about this product from it looks to its function.

I love this compost bin, except during fruit fly season. I have always used some sort of repurposed plastic pail for compost, but the plastic ends up cracking and fruit flies begin to breed. I bought this pail to overcome that issue only to discover that the holes in the top allow the fruit flies in just the same. It cleans up easily and is a good size to put under my kitchen sink, saving space on my small counter. Hope to find a solution for the fruit flies when summer rolls back around.

Lid fits perfectly, nice quality and solid construction. Recommend using a plastic bag it makes it easier to keep clean on inside.

Cook n home stainless steel kitchen compost bin, 1-gallonfirst, i was not given anything to write this reviewthis little guy works perfect for our counter top composting. I got the delivery in an acceptable time and it was a basic box with the container wrapped in plastic, one bag for the lid and another for the can. Nothing fancy but i wasn’t expecting that either. So i open it up and out comes a shiny, bright bin and lid for collecting all the table scraps that aren’t meat for use in the compost bin outside. My first thoughts were of skepticism: i was worried about smell, i was worried about bugs. But, i started filling it up, coffee grounds, banana skins, left over amounts that were too small to save and too odd to add with any other food item left, and crossed my fingers. After a few days i noticed there weren’t any smells coming from it. The charcoal filter inside the lid of the compost bin, no install necessary, seems to be working to keep down the odor. I have had it go for about two weeks straight now and can’t smell it at all. Even when opening it to put more in to it i don’t get overwhelmed by any smells that i would normally think would stink up a regular garbage can or bag in a couple days.

I keep this on my counter in my kitchen and put all of my kitchen scraps in it. I have put lots of onion and garlic and coffee grounds inside and never been able to smell any of it.

Container ieems to holding up very well to be used as a green bin. Great thing is there’s a handle. So far no bugs have swarm around the bin. I think its because of the carbon filter. 6 months from now i will need to order refills on that. But other than that i like it very much. I have used different alternatives and ants have always endeded up invading it. So kudos to this compost bin.

I read the reviews and explored about 20 options before purchasing this. Can be lifted with one hand while the other hand has food scraps ready to deposit. Two people using it and no smells or bugs so far. Very pleased with this purchase.

I use this for collating scraps in the kitchen for my compost. It’s great, looks nice, and cleans well (does not rust).

Provides small plastic bins for compost, but this little container is far easier to use and to clean. The lid pops off easily, no hinges or annoying latches. And it’s very small, which suits my needs.

I asked for one of these for like, 10 years, and never got one from my family,so i decided to buy my ownself oneit is nice looking, large enough to accommodate my compost from the kitchen,it arrived safely, and i love it.

This is so handsome and actually compliments my kitchen decor.

I’ve been storing food scraps and coffee grounds in plastic bags. This is a much better solution for recycling these scraps.

This is a great product if you save your scrapes for composting. Very true that there is no smell given off and beats the heck out of all the other containers we’ve tried.

mDesign Slim Round Plastic Small Trash Can Wastebasket, It’s perfect

I love this little purple trash can. It fits perfectly in my vanity area which has a lot of other purple decor. It’s super cute and lightweight.

It’s is nice , but smaller than i want , i’ve asked to have a return label sent back to me and haven’t received it yet.

Good price and pleased with the look and quality of product; easy to clean.

It’s a much lighter purple in person. More translucent but still cute.

It’s a perfect match for my new fall shower curtain & bathroom accessories.

Needed a lavender colored small trash can for my bathroom.

Unfortnately the smokey bottom seems to scratch easily. Other then that it is a great purchase.

Key specs for mDesign Slim Round Plastic Small Trash Can Wastebasket, Garbage Container Bin for Bathrooms, Powder Rooms, Kitchens, Home Offices, Kids Rooms – Violet Purple:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: This round can is the perfect size for inside cabinets, under counters, under sinks; Tucks neatly next to your toilet, pedestal sink, next to the vanity or other small spaces in your bathroom
  • FUNCTIONAL & VERSATILE: The size and style make this can work in so many places throughout your home; Ideal for home office, bedrooms, craft rooms, dens, and any other room that requires a decorative waste can; Also great for dorm rooms, apartments, condos, RVs and campers
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made of durable BPA and Chlorine free shatter-resistant plastic; MADE IN USA
  • THOUGHTFULLY SIZED: Measures 7.75″ diameter x 9.125″ high – 1.25 gallon, 4.7 liter capacity

Comments from buyers

“Great small cans to fit 2 under the sink. for recycling and waste
, Plunger holder
, Nicer than I had anticipated.

I wanted a small waste basket to use for my new neiko 60166a toilet plunger (also from amazon). I had tried another that was much too narrow (luckily, had another place for it), but this round one ‘fits the plunger’ exactly. I would have given 5 stars; however, there were numerous marks on the basket that seem not to have been caused by the shipping process. Since this will be in an out-of-the-way area, i took off only one star.

Smaller than thought but overall great product.

Perfect color and pretty can, fast delivery.

Hello – product as described – arrived on time – i am using them to collect coffee pods in our office for recycling – we have two kitchen and i have one container in each. I am pleased with the product and would purchase them again.

This item is reasonably priced and arrived on time.

A bit smaller than expected but looks good and does the job.

I love my little bathroom trash container. It fits perfectly where i need it to be.

Had a few scratches on it but i didn’t return it because it wasn’t critical enough to me. Others might reject it sooner.

I don’t actually use these for trash, i use them to hold my toilet plunger in all three bathrooms. They work perfectly for that.

Perfect size for a small bathroom.

I suppose i didn’t realize just how small it was, but it works out. I don’t like storing trash in the house.

Perfect size for a bathroom. Color isn’t as dark as the photo.

Arrived with some very noticeable scratches.

I ordered this wastebasket and it arrived damaged ☹️ after i returned i ordered again and it arrived perfectly fine.

It’s nice looking but just too small. One of the smallest waste baskets i’ve seen except for those mini’s they put on a desktop.

This wastebasket is exactly the right size for my desk area. It is not too light and not heavy, it hasn’t flipped over despite lightly bumping it couple of times. The color is nice but i don’t think it matters that much since it is not visible where it is and with the plastic bag inside but still nice color.

Like the color and the design. It’s just too small even for my small bathroom.

Small trash can but fits the space perfectly.

I wanted to get two trash cans under the two bathroom sinks to divide up trash into landfill items and compostable/recyclables. These for me were ideal as they are (small) 7. 1 in tall and taper down to about 5. 5′ at the bottom, so be careful of the dimensions to see if they meet you needs. There are a variety of colors, i got the teal and turquoise, one was opaque the other more solid color. They also will not rust and easy to clean. Haven’t tried putting them in the dishwasher should crud get on the bottom. I usually put a little toilet paper on the bottom for easy or no clean-up. They are study in that they are not thin and flimsy nor are they such that you would worry that they would crack (far from that).

You just can’t find these anywhere these days. I didn’t want a heavy expensive waste basket. They come in all sorts of cute colors.